Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 46
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 46

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 46
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C.|«-INDCPf.NDENT (AM) PRESS-TELEGRAM IPM) «·«" c^ifHe'jS.V. "*· "' "" » HttoW«*t4 1M \ (WOMCNI VfO/AAN, Dart tin*, «Kur«tt ecrt- C cat work, Mwl know E.U.B. Be- twwn 11 am 1Z ONLY. «4-3B5 WOMEN: S2.2S hr to cut out catalogues oround home. Also irlends i. nabors 429.1865. WOKEN: needed at once lo handle Increase demand for Beauty Counselor Cosemetics 433-29SS before 10 a.m. wovcnmtut 1*5 / BMpW^^IMfn SCfVlCV no*. No fee. CSES. 350 Loojst Ave. Property 180 ' MQMO^eWeMT EXPER. cole *o* assistant menace lite maintenance lor large conv p'ex of aois. Salary T api. i Uiil. Adjlts only- No pets call S.C.B. Management Co- , Los Angeles 036-51?? 9 unils. Free apt. Husband em?!. ok. Adults, no Deis. Refs. Irtdf- owdent, Press-Tele gram. Box A- 1570. CRDER CPl. :o ^i,.n.w. 32 u acts Call 439-59SJ - 10 10 6 P.M. CXPER Couple (with tannly) wou d to manage units S3C-W-J Core of Children 185 THE I N D E P E N U E f ' l PRESS TELEGRAM ACCEPTS ONLY LICENSED CHILD CARE HOMES U N D E R THE CHiLD CARE HEADING. WE SUGGEST THAT REFERENCES 1B CHtCKED. LlC Nursery, Va dav, 59 week 1114 Cherry GE1 J-W» GE 9-5275 MY N HOME HA 1-2S33 Lie. Day Care in mv home. Babies wef, Lakewood area. ME 3-7860. NEW Nursery school. Hot lunch 2^4 vrs SIS wk. 1208 Rose. 599-5015. LlC. Child care, hot meals. Dlav eoulpment Lake\vood. TO 6-S802. Work Wanted 195 (WftMFNl T E L EG R A M ^COMMENDS T H A T ALL BABY SITTING REFERENCES BE CAREFULLY CHECKED. EXCEL, vouno Infant day care. Lie.. res. N.L.B 423-6154 TYPIST-CLERK-- oen. oHtce work. Call between S-12 A.M. GE 8-7733 BABYSITTING. Birth to 3 Years. Lakewood S, South. 866-4137 BABYSITTING-- Bv week-day or nitc. Good rcis. 426-2BD4. · EXPERT ironing, il hour. Pickup A delivery. 831-4754 CPU. Heavy tiswrk. windows, walls ' doors. TraniD. 591-3ES1 IRONING 51 HR. Pickup 5, Deliver. 421-5093 , TARE for convalescent, lite hskps. Live in or out. 439-2747 HOUSEWORK -- By the hr. -121-4567 GOING on Vacation? Will loke lew BABYSITTING. Near Oouplas. Rr i- RONING Sl.OO dour. Fast work. Re- iao'r. 97SJS20 re s., week days. Lkwd 867-0395 baby sitting. 432-654J : BABYSITTING-N.L.B. 422-iJOI. PHONE 435-2524 1 BABYSIT for working mother Wilson Hioh area. 434-6457 BABYSITTING, LAKEWOOD AREA Days., also weekends. 925-0399 BABYSITTING, experienced mother, nites, 1 child. Bellfl. 9253391 HIGH styling on wigs, cascades A wlalct. 7-10 a.m., 6-V P.m. 591-7776 WASHING ironing, free plckun. Delivery, HA 5-1935 or HA 4-7765 BABYSIT-ddVb, exper. nr. Artesia Oranae, Nl B. Rcas. 422-03G6. ¥ork WMM HS (WOMEN) RISIS In in* iamllyl w* havt nun- cs, proclicatj, ald«* It companions lor duty in home or hospital lull or Dart time. All employes thoroughly screened. Insured, bonded. HomemaKers inc. 432-W4) viURSE KIND, GENTLE, REFINED to care for 1 or 2 elderly or l handicapped person, days, weekends or lU't in part time. Drive. Xlnt refs. 421-3872 MATURE woman available as com- can ion to elderly or infirm. Live In or out. Ref. Insured bonded. Homrmaktrs Inc. 432-ii41 ,ADY desires day work. Neat, Clean, Experienced. 439-9211 VEEKLY Oanlng wanted S1.75 hr. B hrs day. References. 865-6714 Work Wonted 200 MEN) fAAN with pickup wwts work, ha-jl trash, deliver, move. Ladv avai.. to do hse ciiuj. 591-S504 der Scnool, needs permanent dav- VHlTE male, 50, neat, intelligenr ; desires licj^it eve. work. 43?-6ili after t D.m. '«ofeJ derk or nunaeement. Cull . mornings, 437-9414, Apl 25. MEN nefd work, exo. carponiry plumber, fence S. paint, ioi le^v SJO-7326 V.'HLbLE. Supervisor"- M vrs". exoer- All phases. Call eves. S35-3AM YOUNG man willmo to worK, any type. Call anytime 42S S750 MAN 35 WANTS GEN. WORK, PAINTING, ETC. REFS. 43/-61S6 FLEET Maint. Foreman 33 vr ex- per wants position HA 5-7W8 Neat-sober. 433-3754. FAMILY man, 49, needs steady lob. Steady, dependable. 865-6720. Swaps 21 S WILL trade 14' near new alum Sears boat overhaul 6 h.p. Merc motor for 2 trail bikes 832-0742 LOT In Hespsrla, value $2000, trade for '6i or '67 Riviera or Cad. E67- 5107. KSHN9BE 1 Miscellaneous 220 WE BUY scrap metals, iron, lunfc cars, bait., etc. Paramount Sales, 6000 Paramount Blvd. GA 3-5501; ME 3-0771 VVF BUY OLD NEWSPAPERS Independent Paper Stock Co. 510 a ton, 1401 DAISY AVE. 432-5619 1 BUY bed sets, chesis, Moves. tooli, gararje misc. 59M?4i A WE BUY BOOKS f. HE 7-6980 WAN T F D nood tull lenoth miiiK coat, size 16. -J2E-7253 YE OLDE BOOK SHOP Books Bought He 6-4-157 GA 2-336? or NE 1-2293 \.AN1 transuor^dwiig tat ORIENTAL RUG wanted from Prlv. Machinery Tools 225 HOME LITE chain saws-- chain S. sharpening. Few good used. Chain saws electric tool repair. Pacific Coast Hdw. 2485; L B Blvd. 427- MACHINISTS tools Lufkln Starrett Federal Kennedy Brown Sharp tiellos *2CO or offer affer 7:30 pm BRAKE Drum lathe; brake shoe lathe; Allen tune UD mnchinft; floor stand; BD Valve grinder, 438-4628 2241 E. SPAULDING BLACKSMITH shop eauloment, hand pwr. tools, 1501 E. Anaheim 599-1973 GA 4-6084 WE ouy sen woodworking roach! nerv S. mechanic tools. Cal GA 3-94W 5455 Cherrv Ave., NL? MockiitfYAToMi 22S MoeMntry Tooh 2ZS . FOR DUE TO PHOTO-C FOLLOWING EQUIPK MACHINES ARE IN EX G4-2, Serial -18768, Six Feeder, Power Mag. S Motor. C-4, Serial =22082. Inte Six Mold Disc, Mohr Sav Motor. Models, =61351, Feede point Imperial, Mergent'n ntertype -- 6459 Model 4 Molds. ntertype =10610. 3 Ma Pot, 4 Molds, Cline Moto ntertype =7066, Mode Topp Feeder, Motor. Mergenthaler Model 36 Wide Mags., Elec. Pot. Square Base, Elec. Pot, 1 Saw, 6 Slot Mold Disc Motor. Pot, Cam Covers, No Fe 2 Miller Saws (Fair) 1 Other Saw (Sood) 1 Saw and Trimmer 1 Nolan Router (S 5--90 Chan, fu (Alum.) 2--90 Chan TWIN COAST MR. SELL 604 Pine Ave. Machinery Tools 225 MODEL 150 drill press; 5-h.p. nlr compressor, EQ-gal. tank; Rockford 15" lathe w/54" bed; IVa-ton floor jack; auto tlr* chnnoer; NEW acetylene rid w/tanlo S125. Dlr. 638-2012 or TO 7-7842. THOR VolVB Relacer, model 9501, Valve seal grinder. Black -Deck- Buildings 230 30 FT by 40 It. all metal bldg. Must he moved from Paramount Park, 14410 Paramount Blvd. Send informal bid bv AAirch 5th, 1969 lo City Manager, 1W20 Colorado Ave, Paramount. For info., 633-1SM Thrifties 265 ThrffHes 265 Thrifties 265 Tut Hi f HE MONEY-SAYING IDEA IN CLASSIFIED ADS 2 LINES . . . 3 DAYS ... 2 3 LINES.. 3 DAYS.. $3 5 LINES. .3 DAYS. .$5 4 LINES.. 3 DAYS.. $4 6 LINES. .3 DAYS. .$6 inriniM »rt id! placed by prlvitt Individuals. All Items mould bi nrlced. Total orlct ·1 III Html hi ucfi wl 550 or ttu. No limit tn number of Idi BUY ANY ITEM HERE FOR $50 OR LESS m in BEAUTIFUL Early American bopk- case, 5 fi. tall with 3 shelves 2 drs. 1 vr. o!d. Coit S69 Sac. for j 539. Call 426-7547 1 Both for S50. 921-68BO 13128 C. Ro! becrdns, Norwalk. '6* SEW Machine, portable, sews buttons, embroderies, sac, cost l "inn t£]| for S40. 435-8431. Chest of drawers, good, 515. Stove, i ccdn, 525. Small gas healer, 550. S91-7960 '68 SEW Mdt-hinc, Dortablp, sews buttons, embroiders. Sac., cost GERMAN Shepherd, male, 6 nios., nrw lie., lova kids, 520 or trade CARPET nad, rust rose, 11-10 bv 11-3, Good cond. S35. Loc. oil BAR 4 stools S23. 35mm camera . SIS. Swivel rocker 57. Coffee end ROTARY mower SI 8, Reel 1 jnower GAS stove, lUftgir. Chcl, griddle, 5 FREEZER, chest tyoe. needs gas S 1 ^. 10 gal Aauarium $15. 8W-610B LRG commercia Indry dryer, S50 Xlnt cond, 433-9053 HIDE A BED just recovcied naugh green S50.GA 3-1 HB SINGER «w mach, console, work '· flood, $20. -131-9613 18" KING O l Lawn reel owr mower used 5 tim« S35. 433-2695 : SWIVEL rocker 520. studio lounge like new $30. 423-2663 ·62 STUDEBAKER dS is S24. 2 gal MAHOG. Chest dresser, Duncan Phvfe. 525 ea. 436-2996 2 DR. Admiral rctrig. $50 i Ph. 439-2734 Ph. 830-5182 ' HOTPOINT washer, Sedr's dryer needs minor repair. 525 tor both 42.J-3075 BLACK ndugh recliner, like new Pd. S110. Sac. 543. 430 5271 cond. 550. 833-1543 SPANISH design droolcflf desk (Old; S20. 920-2024 14" CADILLAC tire retreads. 4 or S?0. 920-2U24. RUG, oval, braided- reversible 9x12, 513. Never used. 421-5316. KEN'WIORE aulomdtic washer. Good rond. 535. 531-1U8 oiete, like new 550. 8/A-S916 MAGNAVOX console black wiilte 33" $20, nice cabinet. 53 M 680 Cdll 950-2024 CHROME dinette set v//4 chatrs E25. 920-2024 B~ED S /Waitress, r S20. O'Kocfe LARGE German Sheuherds 2 at S25 each. 634-5457 '57 CHEV Body 520 Call 429-7618 TENT, large, liko nev/. Sacrifice for S39. 925-5200 CAR Top luggage carrier/ xint. con: dition 518, 925-5200 WO. 428-6667 QUART Fruit Jars SI a doz (7 doz) pint lars (5) 50c ea, 3260 Magnolia RUBY ring $20, oarnet necklace 530 GA 3-3402 HALLICRAFTER receiver, mode WR600. New cond. M9. 830 203? WALNUT buffet $35, 3 bar stoo's $4 ea. TV stand 53 428-1983 HEATER 30,000 BTU, W/PllOt, S20 Refr clean $25. 433-5216 GE Retrio flood cond MS an stitt gas range $15. 566-5598 ELECTRIC dryer. 3 cycles 535 59W BFAUTlf-'UL Zenfth TV console per tcci condllion 550 429-4910 VW Cabrloltet body. S,5p. AS15 De Lfon, L.B. 594-1490 RATTAN davenport, 2 chair, 2 end tables 550- 438-0915 . GOC.rtw^foaj, »» , ' FIREWOOD loss 16 bundles « » CACh. 866-J2JO RECLINfcR 515, swivel chair S5, rollaway 513, toy box S6, slat bench S5. boys bike S6. All nood cond. 434-6543 PWR mower sio. Olive rc-cilner chair 515, long fall, dk auburn, never worn SIO. Olive swivel bar Stool SIO. GA 2-3802 or 422-1941 SINGER sew mach In walnut cabinet. S?5. Also Zig Zaq machine. ANTIQUE: silver bowl, beautiful, unusual whirl design, needs rcplai- ing, S3S. 425-5953. C. P. P./Of fleer's blut uniform size 42, unused $30. Bridge coat, sz. 36, tike new 520. GE 4-4140 TRANSFERRED. Sar. AKC German Shepherd 10 mos. Good family pet AUTOMATIC washer, very good cond. 535. Emerson Hi-fi. S15. 428- GIRL'S 26" bike, SIO. 2 chrome re- T verse 15's, S25. Maple dining table. 515. 831-5226. APT. 035 stove, copper S20. Ige maple dining table S20, maple phone IV? HP elec motor, dnn dry type. 1750 RPM, 3 phase 220 or 440. 525. ALUMINUM sash; one ?4x32," 55, one 29x32," 55, five 31x42," 58. ea Crdiik type w/scrcens. 833-2312 stove, excellent condition $50. Cal after -J p.m. 830-4354. CHIl D'5 (2-6) unbreakable formica tbl, 2 chrs, peppermint pink, S15 597-1933. MOVING 26th. Like new twin Holly wood beos, box spios., matt, soreads. Priv. 550. 1339Vs Pine. S20. Priv. ntv. 1339V? Pine. UTIL. trailer, 4x8, good tires, low good buy S50. GA 3-1138 BICYCLE 10 speed, Man's, nearly new w/extras, 550. -J26-1083 MAYTAG gas range, clean, ·«*! cond. S.SO. 534-2725 ARCHERS Bow 6 target arrows S25. 847 Kino Ave. No. 3, Wllm. Gale, Long Beach. 437-4357. AMERICAN Rifleman magazines, '5, to date, 3 binders, 520. 833-2312 BUNK bed set compl. white WO di 21' SECT, needs recovering, $10 Frinidalre refrio-. S30. 630-1169. KLNMORE stove w/rotisserie, $30 12' bike rack, SIO. 630-1169 Rossmoor 431 «05. HEAD skis, 205 cm. flood cond. w th APT. size Weslinqhouse refrio., flood REG. male Siamese cat, 520; res. DOUBLE door rclrig., 535; viny 30TROP,C p AL.ish i2 25c 1 o S lca. f-RIGIDAIRE Extra clean 525. 448 Osgood H.L.B. 422-4701. MF1AL htichen base cabinet, no sink, too 10' long, S35. 425-0020 '61 RAMBLER 6 cyl. eno., excel. cond., 550. 869-327-1 '61 RAMBLER standard irans w/overdrive, excel., 520. 869-32/4 TAPE recorder, never used. Cost 565. Sac. 532.50. 434-6058 3 M Copier nr. new Cost $75 Sell $37.50. 434-6056 1 WHL trlr compl $19, VW car top carrier, watcroroot SIS. 597-3454 21" RCA BW TV. Mod. Walnut console cabinet. S50. 433-8154 ILLUMINATED display case, ap- pro*. 7x7' 135. 434-5486 10 SPD. bike $25; walnut table $10, 15 dresses $15 425-0746 ROSE beioc couch. $40 appro/. 9' Good cond. 433-5B06 POODLE male 7 mo old, mln. brown hscbrkn AKC $50. 428-6594 RUG, Anolo-nersian, taupe rose lux)3W, frlngod 540. GE 3-1938 SCHWINN Paper Bike, Stinorav 520 I.M. old vanity J10. 428-5501 DINFTTE set, formica top, w/i rhflirs leaf, 545. 597-1 Wl 2 END tables, 1 coffee table, Danish mod. walnut 530. 597 1991 AUTOMATIC watlier. 2 speed ate model. Excel cond. $35. 591-4891 PLATINUM VflO P^ 4 e69 U 3SS8^ a " C.F refrig., whllt xtnl. cond, $50" Phono 631-5992 B Serv IZ^stlvcnvart $20. GA 2-1303 ANTIQUE lighting fixture. Comb gas elec. SJO. 591-69/8 BABY tropical fish for sale. 25c 6342651 UPHOL cor brktst nook tables, good cond. S25. 630-1903. FREE to oood home mixed beaole DUD, 2 German Shepherd 2000 W. 16th St. L.B. DUNCAN din. table, 4 chairs, sturdy lamp, S5. Ph. 421-3548 VACUUM cleaner, (tank). Like new $15. 9' boat, SIO. Portable TV $20 GE 3-2149 '57 FORD, new tags, excel, mech rond. Needs body work. S50. 428 5716 BLT. in Oven, clean, cas, copocr tone. Gd. cond. Gaffers. $39. 865 9'10" CHUCK Dent, S35. 2-- IV Chev chronic rims, S15. GA 6-578J '52 MG-TD, side curtains. S50. 425-715 barrel, S3?. $91-?794 oil. 9 a.m. GULD couch T Lawson, good cond RFF ; RIG. fias. act size, clean, 510 439 2735 dflcr f p.m. 43J-2/35 after 4 p.m. woman or child, SIO. GA 6-3698 FREE puns 'o good home. 6 weeks old. 428-2357 rotisserir. S45. 634-5924. CLEAN solid built hdwd barrels 1 at S4ea. J77-1150 . 5' WESTERN lyne bar $5 Call UN 8-2450 tion, 540. Phone 634-259 '55 CHEW 6 «ngin« compl. 550 ENG ONIY. Call 866-324 19" TV EMERSON PROTABLE GOOD. 535. 632-3774 $50. 833-1543 '56 AUSTIN Healy ennlne parts head, curbs S35. HA 9-5686 TWIN mattress set, $13. Taffat BEIGE naugahvde divan chair 55 good cond. GA 2-8B68 AKC Scottie Terrier, female, years, black, $35. Aft 6, 429-2384 IVORY twin beds, mattresses bo spring? W. 860-632 20" HOFFMAN console 550, 423-8510 iffii) No Price Limit VVAN1LD. '54 Ford 2 door. Stick A o: V8, Good cond. Liltle or no WANTED porl.ib.1e TV Ga* drver. WANTED Qood cheap UanDort.itioii WANT 8' Alaskan Cnmoer trave trlr. 426-2269 r.r J35-4W7 LAI fc Model ouiboard motor under 15 H.P. W7-4309 recorders. 866-8916 mips No Price Limit TRADE 2 ton Ford flatbed truck value $1200 for boat, prefer Inbonrd- ouboard or runabout 426-2269, 435-1957 CAMPER shell cab high 6Vs' Jac bit. excellent iwap for motorcycle 436-4913 chest W/S60B In tocls for car. 598 2273 JAP Nambu machine nun (deactivated). Sell, or trade for ace|v en RCA color TV console 5175 or trade for litigate, camper for truck or ?? GA 3-1138 model 42 Win. or ll-JB Rem. 478 W".L TRADE 28' PALACE HOUSE Trailer for 19' to 22' Tr.ivtH trailer. 423-0230. ENG'S 392 Html '58 Pont. trans, lor cash, suns, cycle, 860- '59 PONTIAC. Xtnt cond., cash or what- inve-vou. 860-2949 lai in car. 436-?325 m SALE IMPOSITION, THE rfENT IS AVAILABLE: CELLENT CONDITION Mold Disc, Mohr Saw, lift, Elec. Pot, Cline type Feeder, Elec. Pot. i, Cam Covers, Clins r, Elec. Pot, 1 Mog, 9 aler Motor. C, 3 Mag., Elec. Pot, gs, Topp Feeder, Elec. r. C, Elec. Pol, 3 Mags., --59817, Mohr Saw, No Feeder, Motor. dargach Feeder, Mohr , 3 Molds, Ouadder, re Base, 4 Mags., Elec. eder, Quadder, Motor. (Stereo) tereo) il length Mags. Splits NEWSPAPERS -HE 5-1 161 Long Beach, Calif. Coins Mumps 250 irii SPECIAL! -:* OPEN HOUSE SALE Sat. Feb. 22th (9 to 5 p.m.) - SEE OUR NEW LOCATION FREE CHAMPAGNE · Proof lets 1955 __SM.5t · Prool sels 1954 .- 515.50 Mint sets 63 or M «.K ·Ore HalVM 53P _ roll S55.00 Circ Halves 53P each S2.90 · S p Ift7»rr rhnlr* «13 m · 19695 Pennies B.U roll .60C · (1 per customer while they last) PACIFIC COAST COIN Exchange 3520 LONG BEACH BLVD. LB. (2 blocks No. San Diego t-rwv) 426-9379 US horeiqn stamp collections. 71 1; 527-1219 JEW STAMP STORE ODC-n at 409 L.B. Blvd., new issues, albums, supplements, fftc. Cameras, Supplies 260 Pre-lnventory Sale ( Photographic caulpment, pho o- praonic supplies, tape recorders. MANY MANY OTHER ITEMS CITY PHOTO 1719 E. Anaheim 591-5631 CAMERA Repairman On Premises. NEW LOW-LOW Discount Prices on all Famous Brand Cameras and Projectors. FIRESTONE CAMERA Rr Ht-Pl CENTER. "The Purple Buildlnn" 949-i Fireston* Blvd., DOWNEY. WE BUY, SELL, RENT REPAIR Lakewood Camera Cntr. 630-31?9 Mercury Camera Cnlr. 432-4471 STUDIO COUCH - opens to bed $25. CalU39-3411 ^gSESl 1 U3t Neighborhood 270 Garage Sales BEDRM sel, chest, refrig, davenport, bed frame, tble chrs, many mtsc Hems PCS of furniture, Feb. 21st, 22nd 10 to 3, 101 ROV croft. Bclmont Shore. STOVE: bedroom set; drytr; dinette set; beds; desk; coffee table. Misc. Reas. Call 925-5637 10349 Monterey, Bcllflower MOVING to apt.-- 6 laying hens, stove, refrig., washer, window fan, ladder, vise, tools, flagstone, misc. 1662 Harding NU 422-7855 LOTS of mtsc. stuff. 5c up. 1 Item or Sdt. Sun., 10 a.m. mower, etc. 1237 Taper St., LB. Sat. only 9 AM to 5 PM. tools, misc. 6712 Racarro LB oil Studcbaker Rond. GE 1-1128 BACK YARD bale Sat Sun, 9 - .1, rnisc items. 1/619 Grayland, Artesia. Haze, BOX A10965 Ind. Press Tele- chairs. 431-WOS. Rossmoor Lakewood. 860-1598 LB "a little bit of evervthlna" for Sale HOT OR COLD "WE'VE GOT 'EM Forced air furnaces all BTU's 1 to 5 ton air conditioners Baraam 23" COLOR TV A-l cond, stereo AAA-FM, Remington noiseless vpe- writer. 831-9540 JIM Beam bottles for sale. Nice selection at rcas. prices. Call 7U-- 629-2385. 1-H.P. AIR COMPRESSOR, sml. tank. S135. 1 Aro lub pump. Dlr. 638-2012. ELFC. Whirlpool dryer. Perfect cond., 2 vrs. old. JS5. 866-0522 POWER mower/ rotary, Brlaos stratton ena. 638-1421 BOOKS, records, tap«, never used. Sdl reas. 434-6058 12'2" wide, MS. 430-1749 TV 19 ""J^jjJJJJ, co " S UTILITY trailer, 2'/7X? tt. oood cond KIRBY vacuum, like new. Sacrifice. Ph. 47I-6695 Xlnt. cond. S7S. 8W-6334. PH. 436-6738 Coast RUOJ. 1835 Ctierrv. 599-1270 585-IOM alter 6 D.m. dn. Will finance balance. 423-5371 BLT INS, gas Elect, several brands, low prices. Olr. ME 4-4002 bLECIRONIC Surplus Sale. Top CEDAR WORMWOOD, 1x12 UN 8-2J50 DAVENO, dinette, sewlno machine, misc. Apt. 1, 46 Chestnut. SI 29. 925-3772. Belf. BI. 8, Artesia Fwv. 925-7415. E. Broadwav 439KM6; 438-6614 dlr. COMPLETE Cafe equipment. 19041 Norwalk Blvd. Artesla 865-8725 WOOL rugs, 11x14, 8x10, 4x4, 4x5, 2x14, 2x5. All for S125. 591-3-I28 CARPET LAYER HAS CARPETS Call 431-5098 SINGER comm'l 2" table V ho $95. rcadv to sew. 436-4913 11TH EDITION of Encyclopedia Brittanica. GA 2-7B59. NOVELTY snop showcases, store Natures, slock 422-3984. CL[;CTROLUX vacuum, S100 Ph. «1-30!3 GAS stove S40, rclrig. S40 couch S20. 42I-06J4. DELUXE model rclax-a-cizor like new, S150. 431-307!. CARPET, gold, Ilkt n«w, 55 yds. ESTATE sale, turn gnrage Items, 5827 Hunldali, L.B. Weekends. C, other Menu. 435 0029 HuiiMIMi 271 for Sate UPHOLSTERY FABRICS | AND SUPPLIES j 1.000 Rolls of Fabric to Choose From FOAM rubber POLY-ioam CUT ANY SHAPE OR SIZE Owntutt* cuth!#», r«f!IM with loam-- ) Oav's service. ACME Mattress Factory 3425 E. Anaheim Discount Plumbing Center VAill heaters 25XKW BTU manua $37.95 with Thermostat M2.95 DISPOSERS- New 1949 Models Bus Boy No. 30 5)3.95 insinkerator No. 333 11O5 Waste King No. 3000 $33.95 · NEW WATER HFATERS 39 Sal. $37.50 40 031. $42.50 Also Re-Built Water Heaters 20 gal. $19.« 3Qgni $21.95 MARK'S PLUMBING SUPPLIES 15S3 W. Willow* L.B. 42^9962 PLYWOOD ALL TYPES 4 SIZF:S ALSO CU1 UNO DELIVuRY L.B. PLYWOOD CO. ISil FREEMAN Gc 4-/^S ! 1000'S OF ITEMS Oitice turn. ules, (.anva^. made to order, shelvino iron, pior. Cu^- iers, Gl trucks macnlncrv many other itrms. Pardmouni ' Sales, 6COO Paramount Blvd. j GA 3-550); ME 3-0771 | 25,000 BTU 532.95 Wilh THERMOSTAT $42.95 WATER Heater-- 10 vr. guarantee! 30 or 40 cat. class lined, your choice $42.95. Atlas, ME 9-4011 CHAIN LINK FENCE Go v. 22C rurmlnp ft. Complete stock of vinyl coafed chain link in colors. Gates reduced. ATLAS. OPEN / days. NE 94011 Coldspol retrio, lop freezer. Good rf-nd., studio couch, boys bed compl., 2 maple end tables, tge 15' viny couch. 425-9320 BcAUllFUL desert rocks, idea! tor home tandictipiny, tlo.ver cactus beds etc. $45 ton delivered S25 ton your PlcXup. For informal on TE 5-2313 Swimming Pools 14x23 BUILT-IN. COMPLETELY Hoover Spin-Dry Washer RFHT or BUY $2.50 a WEEK OVtRlURPS FUHNIIURb S65 E. /th St. 432-W01 ^ : TRASH CANS £? 50 gat. apt. slzt, light wt. $3.45 Tihres S1.50 no. Free Delivery. BB Sales. 5301 Cherry 433-4613 CHFRRY Frnnch Prov. gold rii.i- niond tufted headboard, never u^ed, 75. 21" AAagnavox IV. ^1 rend. ^60. ^7-07ia COPPER10HE Hoiooiii: r c t r cj., . tiblc. bed, svtint) set. riiiftfs uldt- form rcckcr tnke. -121-4^21; 3-W9 Voik. Hi-Fashion on Low Budget CELtrnRiTiLS APi j ARrt 1233 E. 4th St Lonq flcach GRANDFATHER clork kits. 50'i compt. Free Cataloa, Mastcrcratt. 714--823-6081, 8J52 Katella, Stan- COMPLETE din. set, compl. camo- IIB outfit, owr. paint suravcr, dozens of useful items. 6130 WALNUT, NL8 4M-4272 SEVERAL complete sets of hardwood ore-finished kitchen cab nets. Will sell wholisata (714) 83S- 1288. portable, used ve r v little. Moving cast, must sell. Call 43B-34G2 any- WALL rANELi $2.88 Pre-Flnlshed 4'xS 1 Mahog. All perfect, no seconds. 634-5143 TRASH CANS DEL HAZEL HESS OREINTAL rug. Very hrautif tl. Room si2e. Never used $65. 430705 CARPETS-- Contracior nas surplus CFiroet several colors. Will sell a QUALITY King Bea, c o m p l e t e w/beairtiful auilted matt. Never us-ed $98. Worth $250. 593-5156 A.I.R. reading aid lesson records, tracfe for power tools or freezer. (714) 847-1407. UPHOLSTERING" FABRICS--" CUT Yardage $1 up. 6558 Orange NLB GA 2-8369 56 YARDS used wool cdrpet'g 8. pad. Big Bargain. 310 Euclid Gfc -4191. CABANA, frt trlr 11 ft x 8 ft, \v n- dows S. door, never used. Cos $185, accept $100. 531-8757 Asphalt Shingles $7.88 235 Ib 15 vr. ouar. «J-$i« box, deli, freezer, cash register, s ock avail. 865-9750 MUFFLERS-- Glass or -tock, installed. 1 vr. Guar. $5.95. 883-1 Alcncira E-'vd., Bellflower. 630-6546. A"T. refrig., stove, 12x14 nvlon rug j ic. dining set, $29 each, ches CARPET 117 yds., aold nvlon. $300. Set on floor 10 to 2 p.m. 2301 Golden Avc. FKEE Booklet FREE Facia 59 ALAAAITOS Ave. HE 5-9370 working Hundreds to choose from. 1609 E. Anaheim, dlr. TRAILER HITCHES Star Equip. 6511 Orange GA 3-8459 NAUGH. Sofa $55, Formica dinette 530, occ. chair $12, 4 ft. bar 530, tires 14x7:35 S3 ea. 591-6273 BUDDA STATUE $75 Life size, 300 IbS. 596-0092 21" MAGNAVOX TV With stand S60. Crib with mattress $30. both I ke new 1115 E. 7th, Aot. 6. PLATFORM rot-ker $10, 7 PC Cflrn - val water set $20, butter dishes, carnival bowls, mist. GA 3-3402 AIR COND. like new, unit for Don Kadetto, orig cost $350; will sdt. $175 cash HA 9-9433 American Home Draoerv Factory. 3138 E. 10th , L.B. 433-0362 reuuholstor now rcas - 591-05/V - ree Estimate p ickup Deliv. dress. Bah^itenw^niisc. S67-3605 9500 Arkansas, Bellflower. en chairs. Orcoa concert organ. Misc. 2100 MjgncHa Avc. BEAUTY shop equiment, calf allcr 6 FORD Skip loadert-- Good condl tion. 831-0324 Misctlloncous 275 for Salt BUILDING MATERIALS ASPHALT *_.. SHINGLES *f '/4"4'x8' $JJ59 PLYWOOD *3ea. 1st quality -- no seconds GARBAGE DISPOSALS #333 Insinkerator $24.88 #2700 Waste King $24.88 Pre-Finished eg* a a WALL PANELS *2eo Isl qualify ~ no seconds WATER HEATERS 30 gal '36,88 40 gal '48.88 Clan Lined 10 yr. guar. 12"xl2"Hex .-STEP STONES 25ea. 3/16-4W f59 HARD BOARD lea. 90 Lb. $A 8 8 Roll Roofing * eo - LUCAS BUILDERS MART 14037 GARFIELD (CHERRY) PHONE 634-5143 Hours Doily 8-5:30 Sol. 8-5, Sun. 9-1 Master Chargt or BankAmericard hifnihtr* fw Srfe 295 Fwnlhirt for $«» 295 'if MODEL HOM A COMPLETE H 3 Rm». ol Mod«rn _$4M 3 fans, of Spinilh J5M 3 Rnu. e( D«ni»k _.._.$3?9 7' Sofi t lov. s«tt JIW 9«I2 Nylon Rugt _..-.$ 39 10 tu. ft. Rtfiis. $124 21" Philw Color TV $279 King Si» ntiitrtu »i ....f 99 No Previous Credit Needed .if LONG BEACH F E FURNITURE if E, A ROOMFUL OR ; OUSEFUL Autora. Wishws JIM 30" Delu«« 6« Rttig* .$134 , 5 pe. DintH. S«» .$ 39 ' .5 pc. ledroom Set $ If 8 pc. King Site Bedroen Set Conitmpoftry complete. Reg. $4?9 _ »2» FREE DELIVERY ! URNITURE CO. * Open Evenin9 'til 9, 5«t. 'Ill i. Closed Sun. Miscellaneous 275 1 Furniture for Sale 295 for Sal* POOL TABLES NEW 1969 SLATE : $695 Value-- $295 Fice tJble !enn!» top or Corning ovcn-A-are sel -- Value J89^0 with pure idsc ot genuine sldte table. Z3 MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM Special $1 29.88 table NOW $59.88 SECARDS 4007 SO. ROSEMOAD BLVD. PICO RIVERA 692-2101 or 692-4 167 REBUILT ELECTROLUXES Complete with attachments NhW HOSE CORD. $34.95 · HOUSE OF VACUUMS 1-1! Cherry Ave. 591-3715 Open 8 to 6 Sun. 10 to 6 ADDERS-PRICE WAR! Rest electrics! S24-S39 (cost S385J Royal elec. lypwrs. S62 (reg S225) Manuals 510. Portables 516. Guaranteed! MR. TYPEWRITER 705 L.B. Blvd. -m-0?33. fharoe it. Hre 9:2(M:30; PAA o.ik Thurs 7-9 RESIN CLASS Tuesday dilernoon or cvcnino startino Feb. ?iih. F I B F R t A Y INC. 2053 Snnta Fe 4?5^3U BEAM BOTTLES ConHiidls, Execulivcs. State, Kdt:, Civil Wars, Troohioi, !iu .. ' Stack Dice, Stoves, Lux,,rdos. 591-79?; SPECIAL SALE. New slices, men's A childrcnS. SI lo SJ. Other misc. items. Sat. t-cb 22nd. Bcachcomijcr Center for Hdiiui ' rapiX'd Thrift Slion. 130" f.'.ihr^nM FRO.'A wall lo \\-n\\, i\Q soil nt all, en dirflds cleaned with Blue Lustre. Rent Gleclric shaniuooer $1. Inioe- rin Hardware. -137-Lono Gcach Blvri. Looking For Folding iables? Poker, patio, etc. Calf 436-7327, MJ E. Broadway SPANISH bed set, college desk, maple chairs, tables, twin beds, braided rug, patio set, spd. bikP, tape recorder, nice clothes, cheap! REDUCING TABLhS. RENT-- BUY Stauifer Relaxaclior '/ibrator. Belts. Salon visits. Ztloler Facia Exerciser. HE 5-9870; GE 9-3187 CARPET Lover has 501 Nvlon Carpet. Sacrifice $2.95 vd. Free pad or entree tile w/purchase. BOB CUSTOM MADE DRAPERIFS An QUO satin, SI. 49 yd., labor Ind. Min. 72" Free home estimates. two J's Draperies, J2-I-55S6 POOL TABLES ·4x8. New GenuFne a.i" Slate i450. 634-134S, Dlr orrjan, S150. Record player $35. chairs. Metal storage container lor car or truck. 1036 E. 6th. '/ALL, paneling 4'x8' W thick pre inished, all Kinds or colors. Facto ry direct sales 54 55. Days 6392944 after 5 5. wfcends. 866-09J5. Also ige German Sheaherd, male, house^rol;(; n 923-2326 Bicycles 280 '67 HONDA motor bike P-50. Runs great. Stock ^8101. $;u, dlr. Ph. 537-2804. 1 GIRL'S Slinqravs; 3-26. hii:c5, boy'b 8. girl's; boy's Stingrays. Ph. 370-AOJO, Torrance Jewelry 285 DIAMOND-2 carat lady's Croten wrist watch, exnulctilv designed. Appraised 51603. best Otier. 4291633 3 ,4 KARAT diamond rinq, white aold. S300 cash. 15325 Ordnue Ave. Spurting Goccii 2VO Gun Special Double barrel shot guns, 555 243 w/scQoe 45 autos. 3H.4" 22 BUNTLINE, 22 MAGS. CHRISTIANSEN GUN WORKS 15923 Lakewood BI. 53I-8W5 Handauns, rilles, sholquns FIRESTONE GUNS 9J94 Firestone Blvd. DOWNFY SEVERAL HUNTING BOWS, 1 target BOW. Excellent shape. 634-4156 or 634-2451 METAL detectors, Aurora Prosoec- tor j ; Supplies, 6281 Beach Blvd., Buena Park. 714-521-6321 210 KASTLE giant Slalom skiis wilh Nevada toe 8, tvrolla heel, best o fer. 597-1992. 2 HUNT, rifles, 2-22 auto oistais. 233'S, Colt 45, 32 auto, 2 K-22's 2205 Fanwood, 1 B. 596-6639 Mde 9'B". 597-4229 A N T l Q U b ouni. qood cond. trom COIN Oorralrd Bov/lino oamr. S100 or best offer - 42S-8987 PGA pro model golf clubs. Ren. D .t comol. sino .t23-2/n/ INDEPENDENT-PRESS TELEGRAM Classified Home Furnishing and Merchandising Advertising Code Any advertisement which con 1,1 ins misleading copy is not accootable. Commercial a d v e r 1 1 s - er must include the "Firm Name" or word "Dffller." Personal distress claims and personal pronouns are not acceptable from commercial advertisers. Phrase or c'nims Inferring merchandise is consigned are not acceptable. maple w/rull size bed, triple dresser, chest, ? nite stands. Cost S650 sac S275. 714-897-3864 NR.-NEW refrig. Ice maker, din. se w/buffet, combination stereo TV, 9' beige sofa, chairs, tab es, (amps, br. set misc. 633-7023 FRENCH dining bedrm. solo, vc vet chairs, stove, refrig, desk, dishwasher, misc. 595-1488 1 BELT massdger, maple bunk beds, 2 maple step tables, 1 coffee Ktb e SAC. nr. new Eflily Anier. liv. set. Spinning v/hce' rco*tcr chain SLEEPER SOFAS $99 LM-DRGUM suilc. ton-crlone re- ··'g.. 6 piece di.ici;c sel, like new, . r " "A" W. Pleasant. 5 PAA - 8. QUEEN" Ann Br., king size Br.. sof.i. dining set, drvcr Nimns. Wanted girls white B-. rm. 431-7547 BEDS b.irs tools, curst, tblcs, sier- co, painfinns. 5V77202 WOVING-- (.O.ViPl ETF H O U S E FULL OF FURNITURE. 436-2346 HIDE-A-BED, LIKE NEV/. S80 COPPER COLOR. 596-4674 MAPLE twin beds Scaly malt. amps, Inrno tblo. £67-76-14 FRIGIDAIRE 13 r.u ft 2 dr. nr. new 598 misc. furn. 436-2996 MASTER BDRM. SET with ' dresser S100 4268507 DUNCAN Phyfc buffet, able w/Ieaves, 6 chairs. GE 9-5670, IS V V IS IS LOOK MEDITERRANEAN NEWLY ARRIVED DECORATOR GROUP! Elegant King sized bedroom set ! wilti matching triple dre-^er mirror. King lze bed 2 commodes. Distinctive living rm. Includes 3 It. sola with matching love seat (quilted). Spanish oak square commode (with doors), hex commode (with doors) heavy male bed cocktail table, A decorator lamps. Stunning dining rm Includes eleoant Spanish tablt 6 c °TM" y E p L^w'sifir RE $697 Your Home Can COME ALIVE . . . with Our Glamorous Decorator-Cot related Package ! ! . . . Will secarate Out-of-state credit OK Servicemen Welcome O. S. PETERSON 5390 Long Beach Dvd. Cor. L.B. BI. Market GA 2-7OT5 D.lilv 9-9 Sat. y:306. Sun 125 · · · · · FINAtJCE CO. REPOSSESSION NEEDS RESPONSIBLE PARTY TO MAKE PAYMENTS 5 Rms. Furn, Appl. FULL PRICE $173.88 Will sac. equity free. 5 nns. Inrn. £ appliance. Full bal. S171.S3. Pymis of 51.99 weekly includes 7 pc. living nn. set with tabtai nmos, 1 DC. dinelte, 2 bedrm. setSi refrig. range TV combo. Ask for Lot No. 1*4. Out of state r.redtl OK. Free Delivery. Se* uailv 10 a.m. lo 9 p.m.. Sat. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sun 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Aik for Tom. Dlr. GA 3-0421 1639 E. ARTESIA BLVD. LB. iAKc ON PAYMcNI;) 1 need someone with or withou* previous credit experience lo take on payments on the followind "never used" model homt ond floor samDle mcrclianciise. Ju5t oav the sales tax and assume these payments.. 3 rms. ol MODERN M-1.42 mo. 3 rms. of DANISH _...S13.03 mo. 3 mis. of SPANISH S?1-M mo AUTO. WASHER S8 51 mo. REFRIGERATOR 18.3? mo. ! or "over the ohone" credit approval call 437-7633 Mil 9 o.m. Ask for Credit Manager. Service families Invited. SPANISH furniture returned from model homes. Savings up to 70%. Sonnish nuilied sofn A love secat, 3 ook living rm. tables. 2 living mi. lamps 5 Spanish painting, £1 Prcsendcnte king-size bdrm. suite, o£K triple dresser mirror, king htvdboard, king-size mattress box springs, 2. commodes, 2 boudoir lamos, 6 oiccc Spanish S467 S?fl do'.vn A S4.50 weekly. F.asv Credit, ^j" Wcslminstfr- Ave, Weanist. 1714) 894-4-134 daily 10 a.m. to 9 D m. Sat 10 to 6 Sun. 12 to 5 MAPLE FURNITURE II vour money was my money 1 would check prices before l bounitl. We specidliie in nidple furniturf and don't think anyone competes with us on price. Try "LARRY'S MAPLE SHOP ?195 Atlantic Phone 591-A323 mode draoes. Plenty of wall to wail floor to ceiling sizes. Deep nut! The largest stock in this area of King Queen guided custom quMted spreads, at cu prices. Al Greenwood 39-16 F. 4th ·133-9552 ESTATE SALE Furniture, anliaues, pictures, bric- a-brac, hand craved pieces, iiv no. rm., .dining rm., bedroom, misc. Good rond. Reas. Leisure World. 430-8393 or 437-0421, Mr. Reilly BOX Springs mntts.-- used. 55.50 en. up; new king sets, 312 coll. drawers new 515. Jack's Commission House, 1433 E. Anaheim St., Next to Bekins'. WEDGEWOOD Fulura-Matic stave. Nome Customized refrig. Kcnmore gas dryer; portable RCA TV; Iqe. Bdrm set, many other articles. Must be sold bv March 1st. Call after 10 a.m. GE 4-411? CRUSHED velvet 96" snfa delivers to Decorator in vjronn co'or. ^300 value, must sell at -M30. Mntchina cfiriii SdO r" m r it china lovr; sea avnilahlc. 371-9577 nr srr it 16S07 Hawihorne Blvd., Ln\vnd-ile. Dlr. 07. SOiini'.'i dinino Set. scwinn m,i- i.'iMi", nric'Jl' 1 ! runs, picltirccs, l-.-nos. etc. Til excellent condii on. i B'IRK^R 7 it., ouiiica .SOM. Used : Jim.: on TV show. AAjrt p e l lothv S.'-n- Coll -ilinr 11 ,t n. 0«c- ornlor, 16307 Itav/ll-orne RK-J. Lnvncldlc or call 371-9577 SPANISH DINING ?OOM: hetirr tur.i'iiv tiuffets, chinp?, tables UlHi'S. UP to 50 t 'o Off. ' OMG OFACH FURHITUHr CO. /Bankrupt Salt) 50°i o(f on all Home Furnlshlnos Tovlor Maid AVo. 6518 Oranqe GA 2-8369 or 631-2293 BIRCH Twin beds, beauty rest, box springs, mattresses, commodes, (Irrsser, bed snro=irls, lamns. Excel cond. 5250. HA 1-3S96 HOTPOINT refria-freezDr S5^. Aot. size stove, chronic dinette w' chairs, reas. GA 7-7249, Feb. 21 LEAVING arno. Wcstmtjhouse elec. r-intje S25; frost-free rcfria. S35. Lir-T- new orern rpclin^r '·hair S35. tables, 9 (o 5:30, 426-1076 lovcseat, coffee end tables, M mps, 8' naudiihydc sofa, hide-abed. Call 975-76AA. DELUXE LIV. RM. DEM FURN. Access, galore! Wool snao indoor, outdoor rrpt. Drapes dmpc fabrics. 1754 Redondo -14 KITCHEN table formica top, 4 chairs, couch love seat - fiAcd. Gold, call after 4:30 P.M. 634-1949 SPECIAL OFFER-- 8' couch Love scat, auilted fabric, choice of co- ors. $785. 639-0308 dlr. 4-PC. manle bedrm. set* almst new Inci. FTiattr. box springs. SiiO. QUALITY Kino Bed. ConiRl. \v/bcautiful ouiltod malt., never used. S9S. V.'orth \750. SgB-SlSA NAT FRANK FURNITURE 1M6 Gpviota 591-4426 MAHOG. dininq table, 6 chairs, 2 end Iflbles, coffee tab'e, lamo la- l)lc. S100 lor all. 633-25?8 D E C O R A T O R 'S goof, brooide drapes, moss green 8. ttold. Win- FURNITURE, antiques. Oriental ruo many misc. 638-2744 Pnv plv. BOX SPRINGS R MATTRESSti ot S6.95 ea. BF, 1131 Gavlota COWPL- home turnishlnns Sat 9-3, 13J Covln^ Ave. Bolmt Shore. Furniture for Sole 295 Furniture for Sale 295 WAREHOUSI YOUR BE! Mattresses $14 Dinettes tn Lamps $. J Tables $ · Occ Chairs $ 5 faBffiSST( ST BUYS!! 3-fc. ledroom Set 583 C Desks $15 1 Chest! $26 / Single Comer Unlt....$4S , lurks -- Complete ....$73 / REPO-- 3-RM. GROUP 1 t-Pc. ledroom. 5-Pe. Dln.tte $ 1 OOOO I 7-fc. Living Room-- All for " «"· 1 ·_····« FURNITURE 10ZO PACIFIC COAST ] HUB HWY., LONG BEACH 591-8711 J ^·**"n«iTM«^ 1 "'" 1 ' "· " TM TM " ^^ rVuftar* ftr Sri* WNmrtiir* for Sok _WJ AUCTION EVERY WEDNESDAY * SATURDAY, 7:30 P.M. BEFORE CREDITORS TAKE OVER STOCK WE WILL SACRIFICE $80,000 worth of new and used furniiur. .frf^?? " BONANZA FURNITURE APPLIANCES Don't mm this opportunity! Money tails Bring your truclc, trailer or what have you! PARTIAL LIST,h.m,dii«rranean.modern maple.French-Prov.ncial. Good quality brand name furniture. Couches, lo.Meats.nioe-.-oM. occasional chairs. Spanish and Mod. end » coffee »abl«. Lamps, pictures. Starter i. cuilom styled bedroom sets. lw«i. full i King size new i used mattresses. Remgerator, was:«r- drver, sto.e. freezer. Color S BiW TV stereos. ALL MUST MOVE IMMEDIATELY AT COST OR BELOW COST We finance with good credit Also BanUmericard. FOR INSPECTION OPEN DAILY 9 A.M. TO 7 ' f M- BONANZA FURNITURE APPLIANCES C o r n e r o f 3 l s t l S d n a f e A . c . 424-2910 * ¥ * * * * _* .*.-*-5,j hirniturt for Sole 295 | Furnifure ior Sale 2».» STORAGE OUTLET Modern Living room set ^89 Dinette Set, 5 piece S r *9 Mod. Bedroom sets . $55 Sprinos 4 mattresses ea. 5 / Bunk set, comol. w/mattr. .... J39 Stove, guaranteed -S-0 Hide-a-beds - «9 SPANISH SOFA LOVE SEAT ilW NEW MEDITERRANEAN Down to earth orices on old world furniture-- Special Group includes S-ft. sofa, matching love scat ! Soan sh oak cockiail Idble 2 matching lamp tallies, oiir of ovc y lamps, laroe 9 drawer dresser plate mirror with matching commodes and Headboard, bed frame, ipring Mattress; also unusual wrauahi iron d iiing room set. $477 BUDGET GROUP 3 complete room* $245 irRHS-f-RLE DIJLIVtrjY 131 GAVI01A. L.B. 591 ;6."i8 i OPEN DA1I Y 'TIL 5:30 i NEW FURNITURE Slighly Damaged S F TRANSFER A Spanish bedroom i*t* 197 12 S mmoni Orthooedlc 7 Kino sin br. wt 5 dice ,,. sw 10 inod*rn bedroom »tt4 558 4 dinette sets _ .,......_ ...S39 l!S^^^=S TERMS RS ^ YGR TM psGA1 .n« 5921 ATLANTIC, L.B. Daily 9-9 Sat. 9-5 Sun. 12-5 model homes on sale nt less than wholesale! 3 rooms $488. includes 8' quilled sola miili-hing love spat, 3 Spanish oak livinn rm tables, 2 decorator lamps, pdinting, massive kino-size 11-oc. hdrm. su te with box springs mattress, al king-sue linens, bdim. lamos. Spanish oak A-PC. dinette. Ful price for everything, $399, pay S20 down, S3.99 weekly. Will separate or Quick sole. 20th Century Furniture, 9772 Garden Grove Blvd., in Garden Grove. Ooen dailv 10 a.m. to 9 p.m.. Sat. 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Sunday 12 noon to 5 P.m. (/M) b33-S24Q. Free delivery any where in So. Calif- WANTED Resnonsible onrly to make nfw- inenls on 5 rooms of furniture inc udina stove, refrig., sierra A IV. NO down payment. Pavmt. S12.50 per mo. Bat. 5229. ALL FURNITURE LIKE NET'// Eastern Warehouse Furn. 2074 Santa Fe 436-426! WE ARE MOVING HIDt-A-BEDS, SOFA-BEDS UNBELIEVABLE LOW PRICES Over ISO brds lo clioosc from ALL STYLES -ALL SiZES Fabric-Naugahyde or Vccira SLEEP SHOP EASY TERMS 501 Long Beach Blvd. GE 7-3097 SERVICE FAMILIES Contact S/Sut. Mel Read (ret'd) for all your furniture, IV aoul - ance needs. A lost unlaue household furnishings clan designed for miilitnrv families only, no ot-Wl. Furniture for Sole 295 USED FURNITURE BARGAINS Zenith console color TV set. Written guarantee. Pay $085 little as " wk. Apt. size 905 $4089 range. Rccond ^* Maytag Automatic Washer. S99.95. J| PAY 1 wk. Frigidairc SOO95 Refrig ·"*' Hyde-a-Bcd with innerspring $AQ'$ mattress " * Platform $I/U9 Rocker 11 Twin siie innerspring mat- tre« and $1Q89 box spring · * King size mattress with 2- pc. box spring. $TQ89 Good condition.... * * 5- Pc. Dinette Set with extension $ 1 ft 89 leaf I" -No Money Down-Hundreds of Items McMahan's FURNITURE STORE 1 895 E. Anaheim Long Beach Sol. 'Til 6 P.M. Furniture tor Solo 29! *********** Mediterranean Spanish Groups liy How at Dlsce»irt! Ind. Win il» «rm. ut, IrjDlJ inner, mirror, 2 te«- com- iota » loveital, 2 ??""·. JTM t«bl«"l Ije. Si"":..TM 1 « '", MC { t biau Spnn. tnblc lnmpt ^ bdrrn M 'Tam«! 1 lovolv We. 5 A;;ia% «; NOW «4». Ouf of Sf at No Down Payment MJ.B. Disco 5318 Long Be D,ll,..A. M ... Su » n P.M. GA 2 bpanisn MEDITERRANEAN Old WORLD ELEGANCE 4 COMPLETE ROOMS Returned irom DeLuxe Model Homos. Sell all or pan Laroe new 8 J bora and chair wilh exposed c.irved wood, with matching deca- ni tor tables, Large decorator lamps and oil osintint), 5-pc. Bod- room Suite Includes 72-in. dicssr; and mirroi, huge nite st.inds, full Q-- king size headboard, twins bedroom suite with chest and a ve-w attractive 5-pc. dinette was priced at HOVi. Will separate. $595 Terms to Flf Your Budget Best Buy in Long Beach EDWARDS FURNITURE IM9 E ARTESIA, L.B. 423-0421 H'v .'.'.pi. !nru Hi 10 ·! '». ln ' l\nl . Srfl. 10 i.!!i. lo 6 pin.. S":i. 1 1 d.m. to fi n.rn. Returned From Model Homo 5 ROOMS all new furn. + appl. FULL PRICE $179 NEED RESPONSIBLE PARTY to assume Equity free, 5 rms. turn. aoDllancBS. Bai. $1/9 pvmti. S1.2J wfclv. Ind. 9 pc. llv. rm with tft- bles lamos, 5 DC flinetle, 2 complete bdrms. -f stove, refrio and washer. Out of slat* Credit OK, See daily 10-9, Sat. 10-6, Sun. 1V-5, 5374 Atlantic, No. Long Beach Ask for Lot ^M or Call Bruce. 422-0989 f-OR RESALE 5 ROOMS OF NEW FURNITURE PLUS APPLIANCES Left on lav-awav 3v customer Payments of only $10.83 Mo. Their loss your gain Cfnslsti of livlna room set, 2 bedroom sets (1 with twin beds). 5 r"".. dining set stove rttrlBcra- tor. May be se*n daltv at Roy's Discount Furn. 6086 Atlantic, L.B. 10 a.m. to 9 o.m. Sal. Sun. 'til 5 D.m. Out of Stale Credit OK Nothino dowrt on A.C. FOR THE Discriminaiing Buyer MOVING MUST SELL DUALITY FURHITURT Bedroom, dinette and dining room sol, living room scr- licnoio, occasional loblcs A- Iritnyb; sume thina. JI9J Del Mar Ave (Los Ccrritosl GA -1-9729 sttcr 10 ii.m. BARGAINS GALORE Stoves Rcfrlocrolors Llvmy rms., bcdrms., dincllei rugs, chests, lamns, etc. SS SAVE Si Leonards Furn. Whse- 5588 ATLANTIC TERMS COMMUNITY Auction. Twice wkly. 15010 Hawthorne Blvd. Wed. 7 p.m. Sun. 10 a.m. The AUCTION that SELLS BETTER GRADE FURN. R APPLIANCES. WE albo Buv DO PAY more (or the BF5 f ! SP 2-1771 or OS 6-3127 F AND P A (U.S., Stdte, City) L G (Foreion) f S (Church Soeclal) S T A Y L O R SONb, INC. 1501 OREGON -135-5691 · COUCH, chair, Rirrh dining set, cot- fee hoxaaon end tables; chest; . dinette. Kino dbl. hertrm.sels. Rocker, twin maple bdrm. set. Rc- t liner. Kino, miccn, dbl. tv/in Antiques 300 SPECIAL SUNDAY SELLING ANTIQUE Art Glass, furniture ICM I' Gttr.ine s.iir r.t 'rrs. RMC Ruri/cS'*. PCQC'ihlo'- ni'Thcrs, cut nl ··".·,, cliina, unus-tr 1 n-.rirhlf IOD l.irtic'. oak jif'c ijotirfi rockrn, tolled ori qryuo of tinned roie- ville from Sl.OO. Sun.'onty (Fph. 23td) 10:00 lo 4;0' \vcek dav* 11 '00 in 5:00. LIPruN'S SURE FIT,: .' 533 Long Reach Blvd.' . JU-SI H. OF SEARS AMPLE FREE PARKING Market Street Antiques Sunrlivs Mondays Oocn 11-8 dallv. GA 26967 m 13-10 E. AAdrkst Norm L.n. MAMIE'S ANTIQUES 2192 Pacific, 1 .R. 597-3925 Qocn 11 to 5:30 Closed Sundsvs antinurs 1512 \V. file. Lo. Hivy (bclw. Western S- Normdndy) 7 ! ddVb 12-5 pm ANTIQUE SHOP WANTED ANTIQUES CASH 1'AID 422-9321 7 ANTIQUE buds; Minors, beveled 9732 E Comolon BI. THOMAS organ, wrod stons, toot pump, liaht o.iK finish, aood cond, $250 Oish. TW 3-25-IO b. Br^n^way. L.B. open 3 to 6 v.k d'ys. A 1 lo 6 P.M. wkonds. 1909 RCA Viclor victrola 8- records. 6*1421 105-1 Morkct. 428-6144 Oncn Sun. ! ANTIQUE siiicbaud, onlkiue jurni- · luic, nine. 925-B33? LOVE sn,it 2 elixirs, S200; record ill v.-r ^o. 531-9767. i WE'LL HELP YOU ' WRITE ADS FOR QUICK RESULTS ,HE 2-5959 » Furniture fcr Sate 295 rtHHHHHHHHt** 5-ROOM GROUP Must sell deliver to responsible party All MW furniture olus stove, refrlfl., washer, dryer and TV. Also Included-- 2 Bedroom sets* 1 with twin twdi; llvlnn room furniture complete with 2 tnd tables, coffee table, tamps, pictures, ruo* and dinette set. $7.50 PER MO. Full Price $214.84 e Credit O.K. Terms or Cash unt Furniture ach Blvd.. N.L.B. S.Murdny 10 A.M. lo s P.M. 1 lo i P.M. 1-8002

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