The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 24, 1957 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 6
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jft * ft» fACT9 Rent Vacan&Untis Fctst Wftfe \ * ' - * '-'V* " • lurry Motor CARVALUES OUTSTANDING USED ftidn* 3-2761 8PE01AL12ED *d? AUTOMATIC 1955 DODGE iiuicer Hardtop, ttaido, ftutom*- matift transmission, $1AA(t iii'tone pftiftt,-whit* *MI tir«s _ IwTe? (fist 4 «s*llltV Ranchwagon,• Renter, turft IftdlcAtor, 179*9 rWlf U new paint and original upholstery .... ' -..-- — 1954 CHEVROLET '^Jg*"*"' very clean ear ._• Victoria V-l Radio and heater, auto- iati6 transmission, tu-tone paint, while-wall tires, only .-...' **t« m HI VAl^Hi fVLJ Belvedere Hardtop. Radio 1955 PLTIWWUTn and heater, MAQK overdrive, tute-ne paint. White wall tu<s. nice car ••*»«* mfLm* KM £11% Falrlarie V-8. 4-door. Air conditioned, 199O FW/KU radio and heater, automatic <01O5 transmission, tu-tone paint', whltf-wall tires — •* • * •* Hat* A MAMAS' V-8. Radio and heater, automatic 1953 DODGE transmission, tu- tone paint _. •._ :— : --__ _ _ i*/M»rt Falrline V-8, 4-door, Radio and 199O rUKU heater, automatic trans- *10& K mission, white-wall tires, tu-tone red and white !«»•»•* WE HAVE A NUMBER Of WORK AXO FISHING CARS AT A BARGAIN PRICE. wVwxx.L NOT BE'UNDEBSOLD Call tis Day, Night or Sunday ( Minter—Ph. J-Z7M K. S. Marshall—PH. "''jjjg ' T.*k Crawfetd PB. 3-3848 ai^fte&il* ™" " , v • Offer «p*lr afti CfcettAfe *f JMtt. c,, TOR COMMUTE ENQiS* tUSfi-tJf, CtbcKfNtt AKO EEPAIR FOU tOl'ft ADfOMdSltE, CAtt, Oft ftSp' «t THE LAKE NASH O.»il*t Cttelk twite < ft. T'ttli St. SERVICES OFfEftefJ M. tibJvtt F REPOSSESSED Dristie room «roup, 3 FATHER'S BAY SPECIAL- TWO 8x10 portraits and on* wallet size photo, for only _ ..- -.,.. J8.95, reg. SUM). Special FurmhllHt Ptt^ good until June S. For home BARGAINS- ill appointment Ph. 3-4*32. suits, fiifiStt* *M Kenson Home Stuaio. i room silitst Plans *trict GLOBE DETECTIVE SERVICE I Confidential Investigation,' background checking. Ship SPECIALS: tracing. Ph. t-6462, Box 224, Lake Jackson. Texas. \-isions. 212 W, Broad, ftw. port, v JJB.W LAWNMOWER RENTALS: Oe- > livery and pick-up, Ail makes! power mowers: repairs. Gor-! don's. Ph. S-S421, Clute. 3 suite, bargain Vanity with sttrt , Student desk wttlt ehtir . . . , , ...... 114,00 ) youth chairs, dttoffit plate, leatherette. e*eh , $ »,M • SEPTIC TANK _.. Electric Sewer^rodttr service reasonable. We thing, anywhere. day guarantee. $27.40. Sewinr Center, 211 «. Freeport. EiuiJll"^,*^^ EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY y 1 '. •, ' *> " ' ' Young man to work In d!f patch department of fo»t growing newspaper Prefer high fichoel graduate who It eager to learn adverting ai a career, Must hay* ear* , 1 , .;.< JL , x > - , , : - r "• ^JiV*! if^W , y J ^ 4 * Good salary, hoipltoUxatlon benefit!, tar allowance. perion t« adveritiln^ manager >r, aft Bft fc Park FACTS Praoport P»te MurshMl—Ph. 3-24«4 «,-,-, .tpiinson—Ph. 2'2S5t PAINTING : Exterior, Interior. Sheetrock work. Varnish f^»,^rii,-i-.i= — •„. Guarante.A L. O. 0)lliam,f POR TABLES:* Two Ph. 3-1894 or 3-4947. night, shoes Feather- YOUR BABY'S own bronzed from pure metal. Ph. Shiger Center, 411 £. Park, Freeport. MALE HELP WANTED JHANIC: First class me- lanic wanted. Excellent orking conditions. Vacation .nd sick leave. Hospitaiiza- on and life insurance. Must :» No. 1 mechanic, honest, •ber, and prepared to stay x Beeves. xJLESMAN for Singer Sewing ferred. Salary, commission, or vacuum cleaner skies pre- and bonus. Excellent opportunity for good saleman who will work. Apply to manager, Singer Seeing Machine Company, 211 E. Park, Freeport ______ 35. MALE-FEMALX HELP . ARTICLES FOR RENT 'NT a sander, spray pipe tools, etc. Waynes En- •.crprises. Hiway 288 Clute. j Ph. 8-2012. ._.. _. ;! \. ARTICLES WANTED j BRING your unwanted items I to Old Colony Trading Post, i Brazoria, Texas.-We buy anything, will pickup. Ph. 3353. : WE BUY USED FURNITURE; and Appliances. Or ttaJo,' sell or buy anything of val-! ue. Wayne's Surplus, Highway 288.. Ph. 3-2012 i more » utomtite( more; deluxe automatic irtw- er. like new, S95. PH. 3^1220. 14'* G.E. portable TV with free antenna. Reg. $139.98, . new. ,.$119.98 17'' Westinghouse table TV, 21" G.E. TV, 1987 wod'el with arm chair control,... *1»».4S 21" Motorola TV We have openings tat two «ssr**ire ttiestnen t* round oiit our salts force. We art looking Jet toj> M»ht «»lMrrton ta sell thk'hoUett line* in th« Industry. Our men hatt dettbn, suatort furnished and Are paid?the .highest Wmmlsston*. If vou hafc » proten sale*, record uMt are flat satisfied to cam ie»s than |10,000 per iear. we would like to talk to you. i 'He W. U Clartf Jr. OLAUK BUIOK 00. IU W. SeeMti St. L Tntfort, Clean Cotton rags.' Brazosport Facts. i WANTED: heavy galvanized awing set.' Ph. S-4T8*. , • - - Admiral Radio-Phono .com-FOR SALE: Bulls, ., binatlon. Reg. $89.95 . ,1 Registered, Brahman 4 now;«4St.»i registered white 1*C> ?bu Norge Washer. Reg. $149.88 ' ' "' now 189.98 1988 G.E. automatic electric dryer. Reg. S209.98, { new ... 314118 1937 GJB. electric dryer. Reg. S199.9S ' ' now ,.. 3131.95 1938 G.E. 14 cu. ft refrig- Now assooiated with r \RK2B MOTORS UN- COLN-MKRO0BY of Freeport u a new and used car . ——salesman is W. D. SLOAN, I 7«. FEMAtB HKLT WANTED who ha* worked in the area for the past 20 years in the automotive field. The Sloans llvo it 3Q4 Redwood in Lake Jackson. Mr. 31oan In/ites all his ' friends and people of this area to call him for that new of used car. Day Ph. 3-3M8, at ter J p.m. Ph. 7-2378. BARGAINS: 1980 Plymouth 1931 Dodge; 1951 CMC Pickup. 213 W. Broad St, Freeport. •_ CHEVROLET: iwriilairi. 4 door, one owner. 23,000 actual miles. See at 804 Ave. C, Velasco or Ph. 3-1454. TORD: 1948. Mechanically perfect. 378. 908 W. llth. Ph. . 3-4873 after 4 p.m. MERCURY: 1952 hardtop. In - good shape, Will finance, •Contact Texas Gulf Finance Co., or ph. 3-1919, WE NEED a good, insurance WOULD LIKE to buy used ga- sollcitor. E. L. Sauer, Ph. '7-; rage, 10' wide and 20' long. Arnezer. McCoy. Ph. 3-1171 _g_8j877...... S. GOOD THCTOg TO EAT ! ROY'S BAR-BE-QUE: 406 E*. ! 6th. Opening Saturday, May! 11th. Open for pick up and go. Also parties. Ph. 3-3939.1 UNDER NEW MANAGEMENTS Buy 'em by the sack) Ace'* Hamburgers,, 19 So. Ave A, Velasco. Ph. 3-9279, earter freezer, 4-year Aeg. I/ grade whit* face Bullsl S U GtrtrUdU bulb! Bralord bulls;' all in good •condition; all ages, readjr for service. Frost Ranch, 80S EspersOn Building, Houston 1 Texas. Phone FAlrfat 3-9391 or ranty, 7161 or 3-J107. COOK WAITRESS General Kitchen Help NEEDED Reg. J489.95, now , its. I For Dew Hotel. Contact Ftrsenml dapartmaal. runt B. ta per***. SI. MISC. FOB MALE BABY SITTER and light housekeeper, 'I days. Mrs. Martin, Ph. 3-4311. COLORED MAID: Full time, Si days a week. References. Ph. 7-8182. 1964 Star Chief CLERK-TYPIST: Between 181-- -r Hydro-malic, 2- to 25. Must be a good typist.!PIANOS: Have one piano In PONTIAC: Catalina. tone, new tires, all extras. Excellent condition. Anderson Auto Supply, Lake Jackson. Ph. 7-8379. WAITRESS WANTED: Experience necessary. Apply in person. Port Cafe. Naw Galvanized Pipe %" — Heft. Ooe« plrweod flihlnr teal, metal trailer *nd motor-Sin Practically ntw * H. P. Cosh- nun meter seeoter-llM. MANY BARGAINS IN TOOLS OLD COLONY TRADING POST BKAZOKIA WILLY'S: 1951 Station Wagon. Very clean, no rust, 4 new tires. $3(3. Ph. 3-2558 or 77388. PACKARD: 1955-400, 2~tonei . power brakes, radio and heater. Low mileage. $2700. Ph. 7-8015. CHEVROLET: 1954 2 door sedan, runs and looks good, $895. Many others to choose from. Friendly Service Station. Hiway 288. Ph. 3-9277. _ CHEVROLET: 19JO" T "Tl8tbed truck, li ton. Excellent condition. ph. 7-7271 on information. I, MOBILE HOUSE TRAILER: Liberty, 48', 2 full sjze bedrooms, full bath. 1988 model. 8800 for my f3SOO equity. Ph. 82228. Contact Mr. Null 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.. 212 W. Bioad, Freer port. WANTED: Female help. Apply in person. Dairy Mart, Freeport. WANTED: WHITE HOUSED KEEPER—5-day 3-2991. week. Ph. 3*. WORK WANTED. MEN A!* EXPtOBKR On a trip would like to go, Hut in order to do this, We've gotta make dough, If you have any add job* we can do, Just call for equadron 303 Ph. 3-1133 or 3-WIT this community, will sell for balance due. Looks and pjays like new, special discount for cash or terms to reliable party. Address Credit Manager, Hugh's Piano Co., 1701 Main St. Houston. WRECKING AND SALVAGE: 1938 G.E. Deluxe Thinline 1- ton air-condltioner, 4-year warranty. Reg. $249.93 ' r now. i ««74.M 18" power mower, Brlggs- Stratton engine ..... 334.93 Goodyear Service Store, Ph. 3-2228. if- \ SPORTING OOODS $399.93. BOXER PUPPIES: Opening: Soon! '•••; PATB - OUTBOABD SHOP Scott-Atwater Motors BALE! and SERVICE Speed Liner Beet* •, gURFStDI ROAD BOATS, MOTORS: ' Will sell New and or trade. Term*. 230 West 8th. Ph. 3810 after 4. ^ COMPLETE RIG: Cabin cntt»- er, electric starting motor, steering control* and trail* 1988 ' Mercury' ' Electrw 30 HP motor. Like new. . 4308 1»83 Seabee, 21 HP motor ............ |Ui Palmer* Sporting Qoods, Ph 8-2418, Chile. MOTOR SCOOTER: Rebuilt Complete line of used auto parts and accessories. Highest prices for scrap <ron of OUTBOARD MOTORS: scooter. 143 W. Clute. Ph. 8-5294. Orchard, any kind. Todd Motor Sales. Ph. 5-2821. Lake Jackcon Road. WAR SURPLUS: 1001 differ, ent items. .Wayne* Enter prises Highway 288 Clute. Ph. 5-2012. Open 7 day* » ' 1998 SeaBee, 25 h,p, w«h electric stwt and remote eon* now h, M. WORK WANTEP, WOJflOl BABY SITTING: Mrs. Mamie Carr, Surfside, Re|erence*. Pti. 3-1238. 54, HOMK i!IFS8f ;! !• -I trol. Reg. $350, 1958 SeaBee, 1 $341.95. now 1936 SeaBee, 3 h-p. $203.93, now $174.99. $3»9, Re«. Reg, Goodyear Service Store, Pfc 3-2228, GUARANTEED H-I Hods, 35% off. Also ail type* of camps in« and fishing equipment at discount. Wayne* prises, ph. *-20l2. CHILD CARE: In my home.] Reasonable. 839 AdWe». Ph, 7435*. ' reg- ex- istered; good cellent bloorl .m«., Jarvis Trim Shop, next to Surf Theater oft Hiway 288. Ph. 5-5411. '•-;•'"•• ^ •''•• ••"• itt. ttopfaa ytm BAiit 3 bedroom home. Carpet and- Cyclone fence. Ph. 3050. f run BAUt YOU OAK OWN A S IP YOU EARN $333 PER M^ Brick Homes 30 $11,000 v 4 0.1, Loans *SA f «ms $26 Eftfneit Money. * ; Mov» la With Credit Approval \ • * !•« taf«f»au»j cwi - , Mrs, Violet Luke Miss Marilyn trifay LOST 'PtIP: Black and white Beagle,.iri the vicinity of The Stlght Spot and 19th St., Velasco, about 3:30 Thursday eve. May 16, Reward, Ph. 3-4651 or 1-2681. HTWAt,288: rwitttage up to 400*. Also large ttfeu near hi- way. Beaeroft Attiiv. P«. a. New i Expressway CHICAGO — OB — The strip ~— -, |between the two sides of Chi- Beacroft Realty, Ph. 3-;cago's new Calumet Express- ifioKWAV 288:~> l «wSS~C^r.. *•«»**• nesildtR<,wlin§ftl»lty'! rU lM',. A *^ rd ! n ? t6 the Ame PUnUtlohBr.^. «J& 1M .«Ulte».l Association the American Ul. LAKB Title Match On Mat Curd A Saturday nljht title match, with the Brass Knuckle drawn being on tht line, will be unreeled at th* Brazwia County Fairgrounds main building lib Angleton. Bull Curry riwlll lock horns with Ey Medico in ;the main event, which will be the title match. El Medico,'the champ- Ion, Is donaldered one of the top gropplers in the business while Curry is ah old veteran. In a semi-final bout It will ; be Coon Froberg against Larry JACkSOK: ty tor tutur.e J* he *>« r « of headlights, act u square foot with 16 year " » n(>w (en<Se - Prevent tt-turns bonded l«ise t New building tt b* comultted this y*w Otnetti Re*l estate, Ph, ?_^ ULTRA Hp?tt! On.148' «'xl20', 1SS corrter lot Ph. S-2W5. GLUTS: 3 roorn and bath, 24'x 24', cle«n, needi no repair. To be moved from lot $1200. Ph. 5 ? »i«5. CLUTZ: 417 Bllllrigton, S bed- Opom home, with J- baths, and ^utilities., Lot -totfitiSfl.; Me* ihada treer Ph. 5.J410. L _ t CLUTE: i bedroom home, very, desirable* reasonably priced. H. J. Davis Realty, Ph. 3- BOXER: Female, 1 ye»r old. Has had shots. Ph. 7^39. SIAME3E CATS: 814 Oardenia, Lake Jackson, between hour* 7 a.m. to 10 a.m. ,, ^ ell located dow town Brazoipott Area. Ctm be used fofr several type businesses. Presently used as Auto Dealership. Good inves- ment , tor Investor. Additional !«' lot adjacent. to build- , goes with deal, This prop- and absorb traffic noises. They also wilt be beautiful, the assdofttion added. A rt«*r'w*if«n ihovi* hat so manr saloon aeenes In U, «* K* *««»led "Foam ili« Range, «n the ._ . rram\wlll get under- 0 p.m. from the alf'- cooled .main building on (he Brazoria t County Fairgrounds in Angleton. < Top Boxers In Analefon i *uy.-- iumdi»d.«,aeeeiiia>y;, setters Realty ;'Co/ Ph. day* 3-3591, right 3-2228. $400 DOWN buys nice home on ,. . rtfeet. Ne'er school. Itt. ACEEAGK Foil BAU5 WILD WtACH I 3 acres. Ph. a-28 it Co. of Houston NOOK CALL 1«SOO. Rowland Realty.-,^103 \ ^Plantation Dr. Ph. 7-8543. Fenced yard. Total pr)eeii(«,;JUAL ESTATE WANTED SHETLAND PONY: 2-ye»jM>td stallion. New sadlle and brl- dliv Child's horse, broke to ride. Ph. 2178, Sweeny, -i PUPPIES: Freer Pick up at 3M 'tt »nd. Freeport - M.TBAHJU LOT MNTAL8 OAKS TRAILER COURT: Hlway 288, Clute. Study h>U, all modern park; Dealer in anchor awnings. I'JBU 8-2«?0. , .._. r ° <> ""^ ,}B?rr«M We«t »1h. Large room over garage. Ph, FREEPORT: My without the "furniture.-1118! for ha\ Tom ^lineup of am- ^.-.^..JJ-tbl featured lda> night .tflght card in Artgelton this week, which will get started at 8 p.m. from the Brazoria /County. Fairgrounds. ? ,' •; The hosting Angleton e^ub' .Beth St«I ...--- - -- 47;will send Jerry Tallas, Dusty iAm Vel&M „-- -'178 7/8(Rhodes, Lloyd Vineent, Ken.. dsitway Stice* ,-.- - - 72 1/2 neth Vincent and several oth-\ ._-__ 23 9/8 6r». Into the ring while strong ^febiS::-:::-:.-^ 1 ^ 7-2010 or Chrysler . 3 bedroom home. 2 air conditioned and double garage on 8S'xUO' lot. Shown «rea. ; as 1/4 . ._ -77 1/8 .24 3/4-28 1/8 _.. __63,8/8 .7 7/8-8-1/4 team's are due -from Freeport, Sugar Land, Galyeston' and POrt Arthur. ., --,! The Anf leton Optimist Club will handle the cold drink by appointment only. Parke* U*. IKBORANCK Realty. Ph. 7-8331. Braz- Duncan Coffee . C Realty. Pa.'Freept Sul - - .- ..109 1/4 j _. , Gen Crude , . .37 1/2-89 1/2 the; County Fairgrounds, 1 'Gerber's . - - - - - - ?i '1/11 _ The ofi!iclali or the Anglelon stand at the main .building on FBEEPORT: 1018 W. • — *--•- -•----•— bedroom home, from t to 5, Ph. 3-lin; ,-. ACCIDIENT BAGGAGE insurance. Sauer. PH. 7-7781 or 3 Gen Mot ..,. _ _ 42 8/8 Gulf Oil - - H7 1 Gulf SO. _.«„,.-- *0 ,3 bedroom house, fenced back,' rard. Call 7-8M7 after 4:30, QSKV JACKSON: 2irBlrofl" 1 'brick veneer 3 bedro»m and; hol«ei Anonym ' on Alco«, dial /•] ""sEvicT'i « - ^ Humble oil . -^ _ .. . 12» Int Bus M .-.___ 302 3/4 int win r:n ' 30 , ffi ah« ------ "40 1/4 f^^y --- ..... *° ,, 3ta Lake S* 1 1" ~-.'t9\/t Boxing .Club are hoping to have 1 at least IS bouts on the Friday card. Admission will be $1 for adults and 25c for- children. Speeding Charge Dropped After 18 Years : PRIVATB 1 ROOM: 602 W. 8th. OenUeman only. Ph. 3-3227, !4Tlf, and batti r . -J Two young 'adleito share home. Private room* with kitchen privileges. UW W, 9th St PRIVATE ROOM: Air Uoned, board, laundry awt tefevision, Dow employee only. $3740 week. Ph, f- tTTI. FROEPORT: *« W, 4|hT . room partment. Couple only. OYSTER CREEK: 401 Landeri Rd, t rooms furnished. 3-1033. Ph- HOCSES LAKE JAC!KB01ff rooms and bath. Ph. 8.TO88. home, fcreened porch, Hurri can fence. Equity $2,509 terms. Payment* $83 monthly. Rowland Realty, 108 Plantation M, W4NTEQ TO KENT 1985 Scott Atwattr, HJ» J8S Evinrude Electric, 2$ New motor guarantee TWO bedroom with .. ., room or S bedroom home. Will rent or leaie- Call Mr. WeUs, Ph. 7-8823. HOME OR CAFE: 5 or 8 d»ys 198? Eytarude. «S Hp, pletely, overhauled . . Johnson S-B/IO-HP a week. Want stetdy work, Ph. >3*W. BUILRIN0: Fpc rent or tease, tt, 1N8TBUOTIQN «. ft., Gulf ¥ d.. V*iWANTED: General housework, BUSINESS COL- THREE BEPROOM HOMEfl in Pwae BJU Plunwnw, |8 days week. Ph. 3-3908. Oaring speclaUzed the Like Vackaoj) and Jonaa ««« E. Oraj)ff $(. WILL KEEP CHILDHeN, age*, in my fawn*. Ph. 2334. OK Avery Farm Tractw, oujr ' " tiy»tor and nlanter. V-P C«*» wift sulttvijtor WILL DO WOiroG at my Pto. j-r}w or 3-597*. and u<*4 fur- tee Jrby's new, clean, and sanitary bu_dj[et bw«! Irby's Horn gal} -lfW,- »M esU mate* gladly *£y*g. Moved to «ci9M frpn» tic*. ' CONTRACT Plus warranty and iwUUa- CH LAKE JACKSON: 433 , way, 3 £7-8174, bedroom" home, ;,,,-,-> of Christ, Vala*co JT High School, L>KE JACKSON: 3 bedroom equity in Brazos Qaks. Feoc- ed yard. Only 1978 total down ta move in. See Tom , Carter, U Plantation Or., ^Ph, 7-2010 orjt«823. JAKE JACKSON < 2'bedroom home, need* painting. Equity $430 total down. Only $80 month. Immediate occuptn- cy. See Tom Carter, 111! Plantation Dr., Ph 7,2010 w 7-6823. ^ LAKE JACKSON: * bedroom' home with screened preen, I way, Central heating, Veter*! an* only $375 total flown, in* eluding closing cost 8*e Tom ^-..»l?lant»Uon Dr., WAYNES ENTERPRISES War Surplus Store. Open 7 days » wwjf. Weekdays from • to •:»0, Sunday 10 A. M. to I ft* 1 '. ^?? WI ' r **•• c »»<* Ph. SrZOJi. 'Mo Pae . -'. 40 1/8 .PhiliPet .. « PaRR . ,i. 205/8 Suriray OU , .'., 21 3/4 Ten O Sul , , ^ J7 3/4 Texas Ca. .^._,1»,i/4 Woodley Pet , , . 7« MOTOR — -• Picked u! ***«?. whieU """"• US Steel UnPac , so i/a Singer M*nn - -.. ~ ___ 44 ' stf'Chem , , Life In» „ " ~ " on Mtway 332 way 288 and HU'Llfe In* VTrg eward of 323 (or Line Nat Lift •ISt WwmStton. leadX «• "*E u _W'e CM .: 2 „ 288.287 til If recovery. Ph. 3-8078. •WTG'ant . 34 1/4 NATICK, year • . old speeding c h a f »ev. agaiiut' Carl Altman, 88, of Lynn, was dUmlas»d by Judge H. Howard Soow.fqr lack at prosecution. Altman learned of the violation whan applying for « Massachusetts, driving license. He told the court be had tan * residing in Florida fur (| ?*y?ji°* fc ?» w "wjW"* « «» Infraction, Judge Hnow toj»*4 the MI* out when police re- h»d fer«e 18 year* ago, Thcyll Do It Every Time .«•,.,«»», Bv Timmv Hatlo

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