The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on January 23, 1908 · Page 14
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 14

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1908
Page 14
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PAGE FOUR CHILLICOTHE CONSTITUTION. THURSDAY, JAN. 23, igofc * PERSONAL AND LOCAL. * * * * * * 4 A Good Name at Home" l -Is » tower of strength abroad"—and the ^' excellent reputation of C. I. Hood Co. and their remedies in the city, of Lowell, where they are best known, inspires confidence the world over, not only in the medicines but in anything their proprietors say Huffman's photos are unexcelled Mrs. A. M. Irving of Gallatin, . , , ... ., ,, . j out in anything their proprietors say who has been in the city the guest j about them ..„ Made by Hoofl It , a ^ „ Of her daughter, Mrs. Ed. Mo.SS.i "I believe Hood's Sarsaparilla the b«stall- + rr,a.A +•* li»i- linm» Tlmrtrlav 1 ronnd family medicine known today." MM. returned to her home InurfccUy. Q. D . FARLEY. 652 Wilder St. Lowell, Mass. If }'ou want a good harness. "I recommend Hood's Sarsaparilla to any „. , p T r-, '<- one -" J ° HIr B - DCFFY, 14 Auburn Street. come to Hicks & fanner for it. j Lowell. Mass. Experts On horse collars. 8OO on| "I «n> » stroneand healthy woman today. * , . . „. . i from takme Hood's Sarsaparilla, which I hand—more being made. Sjdawj keep in the house for all the family." MRS. TT T> ij -,* , \ \\i A FANNIE BALCH, 108 Leverett St., Lowell. Mass. H. B. Hewitt returned Wedne-j .. t consider H(X?d , s Sarsapmrilla the „«.,< day niglit from a business to'southern Arkansas. List vour land and city pro-! In the usual liquid, or in tablet form called perty with Bazel J. Meek. Chillicothe, Mo. .dtf Joe Powell is ill at his home 'on North Walnut street, with la grippe. List your land and city pro trip blood-purifier in the world." MRS. JEKNIB 1 i E. CABLTOS. 113 Liberty St. Lowell, Mug. Hood's Sarsaparilla is sold everywhere. Sarsatabs. 100 Doses One Dollar. pared only by C. I. Hood Ox, Lowell, Mass. IT It. -B , T « TV-, • r i ed over d perty with Bazel J. Meek. Chilli- 1 cothe, Mo. dtf -'• P - C James F. Black and L Blakes of Jno. W. McCune, phone 778, will sell you the best coal coming i to Chillicothe—prices low, weigh- TWO SLAIN AND A THIRD WOUNDED. Had Saturated Property and Placed Dynamite Whert They Were Diseovefed. ********** SOCIETY AND CLUBS. scales - tvlm the and Jamesport are in the city guests of their daughter niece, Mrs. W. M. Girdner. E. H. Lake will sell you Nov- »::ger screen lump ccal delivered at $3.25 per ton di6dt: Roy Timbrook, who has been seriously ill for the past two weeks, is still in a critical condi- tjion. Hay fever, catarrh, and cold in the head relieved immediately by Sigler's Catarrh Remedy, at South Side Drug Store. Mrs. T. G. Phelps, who has been ill for several days, was re-j ported better Thursday. 200 bolts new wide embroideries 10 cents at Hartman's. Ji8d&wiw Miss Bessie DeMasters of Richmond, who has been in the city the guest of Mrs. Ed. Moss, returned to her home Thursday. $50 Electric Seal Coats with genuine Beaver Collar and Cuffs, for $35 at Hartman's. JiSd&wiw Miss Julia Alexander of Gallatin, \viho has been in the city the --__guest of Mrs. Paul Kitt, will leave Thursday night for Washington, where she will make an extended jtfj J. P. Coleman of I'ayette spent Wednesday evening in the city with friends. L. J. Lauraucc o; Janicsport transacted business \in the city Thursday. Fortify the system against disease by purifying' and enriching the blood—in other words, take Hood's Sarsaparilla. Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Kihnan o; Chula were shopping in the city i Wednesday afternoon. The Albia Iowa Daily Tribune says: The Passion Play is the best entertainment ever given here. Prof. Nickell is a masterful lecturer and the pictures are the clearest and most life-like ever seen. This is Nashville. Term., Jan. 22.— Guards of the Ha'yes-Sbrg tobacco factory at Clarksville shot and killed Tony Allen and Walter YVatkins, negroes, and are supposed to have wounded a third negro, who attempted to dynamite the factory last night. The negroes had saturated the door of the factory and placed four sticks of dynamite ready for the torch. When discovered they ran. and the guards fired. When the bodies of the negroes were searched more dynamite, in quantities sufficient to wreck the building, was found on them. The Haynes-Sorg factory are trust buyers and represent the Italian Regies. Since the night riders have _..,- j 11'cH.V.II, II' : you secured your tickets, 5| lan kli n Passion Play Friday, Sat-} ... teaf } O f of yards White visit. Thousands Goods, embroideries, and laces, at sale prices now at Hartman's. JiSd&wiw Ralph Campbell of Mobcrly is in the city visiting friends. Learn Spanish, German or French at home by the - famous .Phonograph method used by the International Correspondence School. Call at Richmond's barber shop and listen to the languages demonstrated. of similar press comments and it means something to secure tickets today. |. Heslop of Dawn spent Thursday in the city with friends. Have for the f,rday, Sunday and Monday nights? If not, get them today. You may never be able to spend the dollars that a trip to Oberammergau would cost and here you see the original play reproduced life-like and hear a most thor- jough lecture describing it in detail. making it as realistic as tl-ough you saw the Peasants act- i been abroad in this section, the factory has been closely guarded. Negroes Bold in Their Attempt. The guards usually lunch at n o'clock, and shortly after this hour, when Ed. Shanklin was making his roundsj he noticed -three men standing in front of a cioor of the factory. They were hold in their actions, and Shanklin at first thought they were g-ards. One of them struck, a match, however, and when he dici asked wh.o it was.. In- replying, the negroes broke and ran. Shanklin followed '-and fired three times at the *********** Mrs. Thomas AIcNally will entertain the Bridge club Saturday. » * • Mrs-. Andrew Leeper entertainer a large number of her friends Thursday afternoon in honor .of her guests, Mrs. Lisle and Mrs. Ide of Lcavenworth, Kas. * * * Mrs. J. C. Minor will entertain Fiiday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Lisle and Mrs. .Ide, who are in the city the guests of Mrs. A. Leeper. * * * XIX club met with Mrs. Carter Wednesday. Subject for the afternoon—Chicago. Mrs. Moss as leader, began the lesson with the "History of Chicago." "Enterprises/' Mrs. Darr. "Libbcy-Ca- terer-World's Independent Packing Co,'' Miss Huffman. "Association of Commerce, and The Commercial Club,"~Mrs.Dunn, "Parks and Boulevards," Mrs. Henry Miller. "Public Buildings," Miss Mansur. Roll call—noted men of Chicago. * * * . The Chillicothe Culture met Wednesday, Jan. 23, Mrs. Tracy, hostess, and club with Mrs. NEW OFFICERS WEplB STACKER FACTORY STOCKHOLDERS MEET. H. S. Smiley is Elected President of the Wright Rake and Stacker Company. Say It If yoar doctor says this a all right, then say It oocr ano t Headacnes. Biliousness. Constipation. Ayer's Pills. Sugar-coated. Easy to take. Don't forget. neau acnes. Biliousness. Constipation. Ayer's Pills. Sugar-coated. Easy to take. Don't forget. Headaches. Biliousness. Constipatidh. Ayer's Pills. Sngar-coatea. Easy to take. N B Wheeling, Jan. 22.—(Special Correspondence)—The stockholders of the Wright Rake and Stacker factorv held a meeting Mon- dav and ejected the following officers : H. S. Smiley, president; J. O. Brigman, vice-president; J. H. Robinson, secretary; F. L. Smiley, treasurer; J. R. Wright, general manager. J. R. Wright, J. O. Brigman, C. X. Weckniaii and J. H. Robinson attended the Implement Dealers' convention in Kansas City last week. Mr. and Mrs. W. Colcman are visiting in Kansas City. Air. and Mrs. G. W. Shiflett Chilliicothe ing out the parts in far-away Germany. St. Mary's Hospital benefit—City hall. Admission 25c. The condition of Mrs. L. V. Hart, who is very ill at her home on East Polk street., is very serious. Harold Lankford arived Thursday morning from Spok.ine, Wash., and will be the guest oi f'Lathrop was ajhis parents. Mr. and Mrs. T. H. usiness \isiior in the _ New line shirt waists at about half price at Hartmai'.'s. JiSd&wiw Remember ways That We have a Hue of Gas Cook Stoves that are the best on the market, also Weisbach and Block Gas Lamps, and mantles for both. All of the above articles are made especially for our gas and a better line than has ever been sold here. If your lights or stoves are at any time not satisfactory let us know. No cliarge for putting such things in order. Remember to buy Gas Goods of the gas man .L, M. KALKINS, Supt. Peoples Gas & Electric Co. Lankford, for several weeks. Mystic coal §3.50 per ton, cle- Lvercd. L. E. Fullerton. 23Jd6t Hope Bleached muslin for 8 cents at Hartman's. JiSd&wiw R. W. Markham of Dallas, Tex., was in the city Thursday the guest of Karl Sherman. Mr. Markham is en route to Grand Rapids, Mich. $30 fur coals $15 al Haitmaii's. fleeing men. One of them dropped dead and the second ran about /o yards to a negro tene- ic-ut house, wheie l.t fell dead at the door. The third negro is thought to have been wounded in ihe leg. as Mr. Shanklin heard yell, but he has not been captured. One of the negroes killed is the same who started a false re- r.ort several months ago that night riders had struck the town. The other one killed had been employed in the factory for five years, but was discharged about one week ago. It would not pay a merchant sons, her that Hugh her Mrs. Sam Larr left Thursda\ lor Kansas City in response to a telegram- from her and Joseph, telling husband, who was hurt there recently in alighting from a street car. was in a serious condition. Jno. W. McCune, phone 778. will sell you the best coal coming to Chillicothe—prices low, weighed over city scales. i Take DeWitt's Kidney and ! Uladdcr Pills. They promptly relieve backache and weak back. I Sold by N. J. Swetland drug company. . . to advertise unless ho could make it pay you to read and answer his advertisements. Nowadays people do not speak 'loastingly about ''never reading Uie ads.'' any more than they vould of their inability to read it all—if that were their handi- :ap. Someone is wondering how best t» invest a sum of money large °nough to capitalize that venture u f yours — and. most likely, is vatching the Constitution want ids. Perhaps there have been times vhen you would have sold some- hing at an enormous sacrifice in order to raise money quickly. Some of today's Constitution classified advertisers feel the same way. Milbank, leader.. Subject—Hamlet. The following papers were read: The Plot Structure of Hamlet, Mrs. Ceo. Gordon. The Literary Qualities of Hamlet, Miss Catha Wells. The Use of the Supernatural in Hamlet. Mrs. Robertson. Hamlet on the Stage, Mrs. Wigelv. The Soliloquies of Hamlet, Mrs. Morehead. Mrs. Wikoff traced the course of thought through the isililo- qtlies in order. Mcsdames Ide, Lysle. Fulton and Tanner were guests of the club. Miss Milbank was reinstated an active member of the club. The hostess served a delicious hot luncheon. Adjourned to meet Jan. 29 with Mrs. Heger, hostess, and Mrs. Gunby leader. * * * Sorosis met with Miss Walsh Wednesday afternoon. The lessen. "Botticelli," was led by Mrs. Griffin. Besides the leader, Mesdames Sheet/, and Botsford took part in the program. Misses \Yalsh. Knapp and Sherman gave piano selections. Miss Englehart was a guest of the club. Mrs. Hawlcy gave a talk which led up to the presentation of a prettily c'ecoratcd basket filled with interesting packages tied and labelled STATE TO TAKE APPEAL. Hadley Prepares to Fight Judge McPherson's Corporation Decision. appeal preme Jefferson City. Jan. 22. — Attor- i.ey General Hadley will file a motion Saturday before Judge Smith McPherson of the Federal court at Kmtsas City taking an to the United States su- court iu the case decided . the state by Judge Mc- Therton . a st Monday. This suit involved the validity of the act of the last session, foiv bidding railroad corporations op- crating in Missouri, from removing suits of local concern from the state to the federal courts. Judge McPherson held the statute to be invalid. were shopping in Monday. T. L. Mace went Iowa, Tuesday. There is no change in the condition of Airs. J. B. Walbyy who has been seriously ill for the past j month. Mrs. Fay Hawe^ will conduct the public installation of the officers of the Royal Neighbors in the Woodman hall January 29. She will also deliver a lecture after the installation services. ITIZENS RATIONAL DANK, Capital Surplus & Profits $185,000.00 Deposits - - $400,000.00 UNITED STATES DEPOSITARY Want Ads; Classified Want advestising finds employment for ten people where "pull" and "influence" helps one. FOB KENT. ! For Sale—Choice building lot,. For rent—Furnished room for U^ht four blocks from square, and one housekeeping, all conveniences. 1123 of the finest locations in the city. West Webster street. jijdtf Douglass Stewart. on Barney bldg., phone 131. | For rent—Brick cottage to Moulton, W est Webster street. Inquire of For 'sale-Seven room house IJ. E. Watkins. Itf and lot for $ 70O> within f our blks. For rent or sale—Six room house, in good condition, with i pantry, closet, city water and I smalt barn. of square. Douglass Stewart. Barney bldg., phone 13 h I block west from For Sale — Eight room AT S. M. E. CHURCH. | Mrs. Nellie Burger, who is to tuake two addresses in this city j- riday in favor of local option, will speak in the afternoon at the WEATHER FORECAST. Fair tonight and Friday. Kis- ir.g temperature. Fall into line and f.-.llow the ambitious crowd to Richmond's barber shop. See the educational results of local students of the In- U rnational Correspondence school Special discount for members of club now being formed. 22J3t They for a 'Mrs. A. U. Campbell.;' proved to be furnishings model kitchen, which Mrs. Campbell. received with genuine surprise -and unmistakable pleasure. The articles were of the best quality of porcelain.nickel.granitc and tin and will long serve as reminders of the club's best wishes ami appreciation of Mrs. Campbell's good qualities as a club member. Miss Walsh, assisted by her mother, served a luncheon which was contributed by the club in honor of the day. A fine paper, "The Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood," was read by Dr. Singer. smd contributed by Mrs. Susan Moore of Kansas City. Mrs. Moore \vas a charter member of the club and the first active meeting was held at her home in 1900. Mrs. Botsford read magazine selection from "A PreRaphaelite Mansion." The next meeting will be with Mrs. Hawley. Jcnkin's Haystacker factory, cor. watgr and -r i- - • 1 1 ~\ T !._._ C J.— !•-. ° Herriford and Madison Sts. Inquire at 400 Elm St WANTED f <5 RENT bargain i£ taken at once; 22jdiw 7dtf Douglass Stewart. Barney bldg.; phone 131. To Rent—I have three clients wanting farms to rent—200 to 500 acres each. See G. T. Kihsey, Real Estate. FOR SALE. .^^^W/WVI^XA/WV^ For sale—Nine room house with Kim Street M. E. Church in the I. water ahd bath and five acres of ground. Inquire of D. Stewart. Sunday school roon, which has EH entrance on Elm street. In the evening Mrs. Burger will give an address at the opera house, and special- music has bv.i-n prepared by two choruses for the occasion. Everyone should hear these lectures. Barney bldg., jiodtf For Sale—Four room cottage, with closets and pantry', in good repair at a bargain on Jefferson St jr/dtf Douglass Stewart. Barney bldg.. phone 131. For Sale—Three MONEY EASILY MADE. Boys and girls, and grown per-Jtages on Edgerton street, ma kc first-class condition. Sold on easy 4-room cot- all in sons as well, can easily money by soliciting subscriptions for the daily and Weekly Constitution. 1 This payments, ji/dtf Barney bldg.. phone 131. Douglass Stewart. paper extends liberal UTIIIS to agents and wants so- : ^.oile licitors in every township in the g OO j THE TWO MORGANS At the Electric Theater. and we are prepared to make FARM_LOANS! at Five Per Cent Interest MONEY FURNISHED AT ONCE This is no idle boast We can do as we advertise. Write us RYAN FARM LOANS AND INSURANCE. BARNEV BLDG, «*»** TWO CHORUSES TO SING. At the Local Option meeting to be held at the Luella opera house Friday night, when Mrs. Nelle Burger will give an address, a large chorus, composed of singers from all the churches, the Normal and Maupin's colege, numbering sixty, who have been ably drilled Mrs. A. E. Simpson, will render several selections. There will also be a large children's chorus.which has ben drilled by Miss Jennie Williams and Miss Evans. The music for this occasion promises to be very entertaining as well as the address by Mrs. Burger, and there should be a good attendance. WITH MISS~YOUNG. Springhill, Jan. 22.—(Special Correspondence)—A pleasant day was spent at the home of Miss Bulah Young. Jan. 19, when a number of her friends took dinner with her. Those present were: Miss.Grace Nothnagle, Miss Ella West, Miss Ethel Prager, Miss Lena McCarthy, Clarence Prager, Alexander Wert, Louis '" Noth : nagle, Opal Ekvia A|v4 'Mast. ,<• -•• - - IF CHILLICOTHE PEOPLE' knew the merits of the Texas Wonder they would never suffer with Kidney, Bladder and Rheumatism. Sold by all druggists, or two months treatment by mail for ,$i.oo. Send for Missouri Testimonials to 2926 Olive street. St. Louis, Missouri. county. Sample copies sent on I application. Hero is an oppor- I tunity to make some extra money with little effort. Terms can be obtained by writing the Constitution, Chillicothe, Mo., or calling at this office. d&wtf HOGS IDC LOWER. Kansas Citv* Ian. -'3.—The live stock market for today as reported by Clay, Robinson & 'Co., is as follows: Cattle receipts 7.000: market steady. Hog receipts 19,000; market me lower, closing strong; bulk of sales $4.25 to ;?4.3O. Top $4-35- Sheep receipts 4,000; market steadv. For Sale—N"inc room house, jdern in every respect, with barn and large plot of ground. 2 blocks from square, at a bargain. ji/dtf Douglass Stewart. Barney bldg.. phone 131. For Sale—Seven room dwelling on Jefferson street, in good repair. First class property at a bargain, ji/dtf Douglass Stewart. Barney bldg., phone 131. For rent—Two front rooms iti Page building. Douglass Stewart, Barnev building, telephone 131, ' sijdtf For sale—2 good milch cows. Phone 30 W. J23d&wiw WANTED. Wanted—At once to list 5 or 6 small farms, 20 to 100 acres. G. T. Kinsey, real estate. , j6d&w2W Notice—f want to list three or {our large farms—400 to 800 acres r each. G. T. Kinsey. Real Estate.^ Cigar Salesman Wanted. Experience xinnecessary. $roo per month and expenses. Peerless Cigar Co., Toledo, Ohio. " ji6d&wiw For Sale — Three-room cottage. in good repair, on Brunswick St., Wanted—Tc> tnule 4oo-acre farm tor a smaller one or for Chillicothe city property. See G. T. Kinsev. 2ojdwiw Wanted— Two young men to Electric Theatre! F. B. Markee, Manager. TO-NIGHT Two Morgans Comedy Sketch Team. Chicago. Jan. 23.—Cattle receipts 7.3000; market slow. Hog receipts 44.000; market siow. Sheep receipts; market slow. $25 Tailor Made Suits at $15 at Hartman's. JiSd&wiw opposite Jenkins Haystacker fac- travel and solicit business. Good proposition to right parties. Call at once. C. N'. Livings, Luella hotel. J 2:j < l2t tory. ji/dtf Douglass Stewart. Barney bhlg., phone 131. New Motion Pictures. Polite Vaudeville. New Songs. Ralph Markee will sing the Illustrated Songs. Shows:—7—8 - 9—prompt. DR. ARTHUR J. SIMPSON SURGEON AND.OCUUST Eye tar Nose Throat Practice devoted to Surgery and Diseases of the Eye, Ear Wose, TBrostr^ Special attention given to surgery of the Eye, Nose and TLroat. GLASSES FITTED Office in First National BonkBMg. Northeast Co Sa. Phones 88»nd 212' "BETWEEN THE ACTS," on outing trips, and in every idle moment it's quite the fad to indulge in Chocolates which fare known to be "standard" as to purity. That granted—and who will doubt the statement—what more need be said than that Farrington supplies chocolates tograti- fy the most exacting taste? FARRINGTON'S Phone 288 Owing to the large number of pupils, I have decided to open a studio at my home 339 South Dickerson street, where I will give lessons in voice and song interpretations, harmony and oil I painting. Will be glad to see anyone wishing to study any of this work. Mrs. A. E. Simpson. ji6diw $65 A1MONTH The Santa Fe railroad, Woodward, Okla., has employed Ralph Hoyt at $65.00 a month. Maupin's School places every graduate. Enroll this month. , DOLPH MAUPIN, Maupin's College. Chillicothe, Missouri. ALBERTY & POWELL SHORT ORDER RESTAURANT AND OYSTER PARLOR. EVERYTHING FIRST CLASS ICE CREAM.CONFECTIONEBfl SOUTH LOCUST STREET. G D Burckhartt of Hunts.- ,ille is in the city the guest of friends. ANOTHER BIG CUT We offer our entire line of Cloaks-210 of them-at ABOUT HALF PRICE. We Suit in the store. Last year we carried over 3 Ladies' Coats-this year we will make a clean sweep wUl "O for $5.00; $20.00 Coats for $10.00 and Suits the same way. Big line ot bilKs and Heatherbloom Underskirts-samples-at about half price .We offer for the next b days 50 bolts of Hope Bleached Muslin at 8c yd apd thousands of yards of ^Embroideries and Laces at wonderful sale prices. -

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