Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 31
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 31

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 31
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'Therapy' for Tired Wives (Cor.tirjued from Page B-l) he say?. · . One 'of- the enemies, he saysnis'"deconditioning." He'explains: "In all diseases in which the patient is separated for considerable t i m e from his family, there is a certain aliertation in which the patient- 1 becomes deconditioned to the home environment. At the 's'arrie time the family be comts ' accustomed to no 1 having the patient around. "Since a. severely handi capped person exerts a cer tain disruptive pressure 01 normal family routine, sucl decpnditioning is easily un derstandable." Among the ways the chron ic disease sections fights de conditioning: Nurses and doctors rrtak themselves available to famil, members who wish informa tion about patients. "Families are kept sympa theticaliy, but candidly, in formed regarding the tru condition of the patient," D Modern says. As the patient improves, h is permitted to go home o .pass for periods ranging from two to,four weeks. Members of the family ar trained by the c o r r e c t i v therapy department of. tl Physical Medicine and Reh: bilitation Service. The patient himself, ! preparation for home care; subjected to intensive reh bilitation efforts, includin training in activities of dai living- such as feeding, dres ing and dental hygiene. Wheelchairs, braces an similar devices are prepan for'; the patient before di charge.. AWew program of grou therapy- has now been adde Patients slated for dischar; discu'ss a m o n g themselves and - social service trainees: their; plans for getting about': once-they leave the hospital. "Group therapy clarifies for| (lie" patient his Ideas about pnsta'.hospital activity," Dr. Modern says. Dr.' Modern puts it this way:?' "Treatment of the family deserves and equal place to treatfnent of the patient. "We must not let the patient alienate his family. We must'' maintain rapport between" the patient and his family. "We try to make living tolerable for all concerned." Brains Whir in LBSC Honor Course Continued from Page B-l) allies. Juniors ; participate .. in imall "workshops" or sem- nars, where they read, write and talk, talk,'talk, about such topics as "Why Did alileo Recant?" 'The Fu- ure of the American City," 'Aesthetics and Sense Perception." The senior, say Massey, .vill next year) "seek out a faculty member to guide Slim in a research problem." And at the end of it all. "he'll produce a senior thesis, a serious paper dealing with a serious subject." Individual creativity is encouraged, the director notes. O r i g i n a l plays, poems, essays by honors students appear 'regularly in their monthly mimeographed newsletter. As a "small, humble mark of distinction," -- Massey's words--the kids have their own private study-seminar room in the campus library. And that's about all in tangible rewards. Massey hopes and believes, however, that by the time the first class finishes next . year their diplomas will somehow note that these are honor graduates. In dollars-and-cents terms, this is not a cheap program, he says. Fifteen faculty members direct much of their time and effort to the benefit of but 87 students. It's the sort of education most professors wistfully wish could be offered to all capable of profitably absorbing it. Massey, who shares this frustrated desire, recognizes the greatest problem is "to get people to apply--and to stay in the course when easier paths through college show themselves." It's the kind of educational experience a 19th century American had in mind when he wrote: INDEPENDENT--Pag* B-5 tons l.«h, C«hl., Tkori, Mar. I*. 1IU Adverllsemenl) ATHLETE'S FOOT Whl Sulltr Anotkcr Minnie Even if other products failed you lor AIWete'4 Foot. Mchln0 eczema, surfae plmoje*, Imptlloo, lunole rot or Itching cars Trvco Ointment otters amailng rc- Ikt. Uied by Ihe bovs In the service-- a p:eai3n1, white antiseptic. No ilaJni. saft lor chikJ/en. Gel Trvco Otnlmenl today-amazing resuili mil application or nwnev back. At all drxwglits. WOMENPAST21 WITH BLADDER IRRITATION After 21, common Kidctjr or Bladder Ir~ rltatloni affect twice t* many vomen ti men and may make you tenie antfnrrvcmi from too frequent, buinlnj or Itchinc urination both d; and nlghl. SrcontUr* ily, Toy may loie ileip and m t f t r from Headaches. Backaehra and feel old. tired, depreued. la tnch IrrlUUon, CYBTEX usually brlnn fait, nlaxlni comfort by curblxxc iTriUllng |erm* In atronf, add urin- »nd by analKtsle p*1n rtiler. Ott CYSTEX at drufilitji. Per] better faiL "The Ideal college con* sisls of n log of wood with an instructor at one end and a student at the other." (Advirtiiemtntl Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With Little Worry Eat. Iftlk. iMish or sneeze without lar of insecure Inlse teeth dropping, slipping or wobbHng. KASTEETU holds plat« firmer and more com- lortably.Thlsplcawmtpowderhfts no gummy, gooey, piuty last« or feeling. Doesn't cnusc nausea. It's alkaline (non-acid). Checks "plate odor" (denture breath), Get FASTEETH at drug counters everywhere. Thought he'd die from ITCHING until hi found doctor's formula! · ··: Then what a change! Zemo actually · stops "urge to scratch." Speed) ,· cooling refer to externally caused · ilchingoreczcma.minorrajhes.skla blemish::, non-polsonouj insect. bil«. Desensitizes nerve ending). Kills millions of surface germs, helpj prevent infection, aids healing. "Dc- ilch" skin with Zemo. Liquid ~of Ointment. Get large size to save! ·· ..· Helps control infection ol PIMPLES!:. Liquid Zemo dries «cew oil, optfti cloned pores, resist! infection. Ago-: controls the itching and Baking, of DANDRUFF. Money tick if you',; don't rel prompt relict from the« ol other iYln troubles on Zemo packajfc 6ase Set for Jury The "murder by fright" case against three Long Beach men will go to the .jury this morning. Superior Court Judge Beach V a s e y W e d n e s d a y d e - cided to let the eight-woman, four-man jury get a fresh start when they begin deliberations on the fate of Michael J. Koory, 22, Joseph D. Lehman, 27, and Jonathan E. Stamp, 21. The. three are accused of robbing Carl Honeyman, 60, in his office at 517 W. 17th St., Long Beach, Oct. 26. Honeyman died 15 minutes later.-of a heart attack. The prosecution charged the three with, .murder, claiming the robbery, brought about the fatal seizure. Both prosecution and defense completed their arguments shortly before noon Wednesday. Judge Vasey decided against giving the case to jury in the afternoon because they would have had such a short time left in the business day for deliberations. YOUR CHILD MAY HAVE WORMS 1 OUT OF 3 DOES Fiddling, n f, » toment- d n g , n - , - nz rfctal itch are often telltale aims o( Pin-Wonns or Round Worms . . . uzly parasites that medical experts say infwl 1 out or every 3 p*r«ons examined. Entire famihrt m«y be vktiriu and not know it. To net rid of Worm», they must be killed in the large infettin* where they li« «nd multiply. Thtt'i «x- Mtly whit Jayix'i tibleti do . . . »d bere'i how they do It: Fit*t-- t tcientifis contlni c«rrie« tb« t»blef» into th« boweta before they dissolve. Then-- J»yMi modern, meUc»Ily-»PproTtd intredrtnli 10 rleht to work-- kill Womu qmckly ""Don't fcke ehaixa with thli d»n- rerois, highly cont»|iom condition. At the fint sitn of WoTrta (it «n- uioe Jayr.e'i Vermifuze-- P-W lor Pln-Worma-- R-W for Round Worms . / . small. easy-to-Uke tabletj. Spe- ci«l tizes for children ind adults. Remember, Jayce'B P-W tableti lor Pin-Worms-- Jayns'i H-W UbteU for Round Wormi. GARCIA Mitchell'W Spinning Reel fir FRESrt W*TE« - t,vo spools inclmfsd . . . ea:h spool viill hold up to 200 jds. cf 10 15. cor-ii. Full bail pick-up, pss.ilive anli- teverse. 8V 2 Ft. SAIT WATER "Y«llow Toil" Rod Reel SALT WATER Rod Reel COMBINATION t Ft. "Tut Klit" Rli -- Black solid . shalt, tkree nylon Mu-d 2[ guides and roller too. H Varnished wood arf foregiip, red nitber bail cap, seres tockifg reel seat. "Peii (5" Riil-Eqjioped isiUi star drag ir.t free spool. 2Vi In 1 gear talk). Herts up to 300 yds. Excellent (or bat- ta fishwie. COMBINATION "Hick Flu" - hollow glass heavy rod with 4 suites, lvo IOK waije A black nylon wndiijs. Hardwood hand!: asd cork lotegri?, PENN "25" R;el - vulli plastic spool, tses aaf sire rwclilamnt from 10 lo, test. IWds tp to 400 yds. ol 15 ft. test. PENN "500" Jigmaster Reel lirSUTWATU-iorfast retrieve ad Wer Itre action. Equipped with star drag, free spool, ad rod clamp attachment.' Gear ratio 4 to i. 11.49 Mitchell'302'Spinning Reel fir SUIT malic. tears, comiict ttK ajvaitages of cross aid le«l wbd. SMoth wide-, spsa dig adjustment. Posi-' live full pick-cp. 18.88 PENK "65" Fishing Reel MITAl Tackle Box "HjttUf- Icaatilmr tray with 3 conjartmcnts. Green baked enamel ^ _ n finish, wire hacdle, | /U hasp catch. I · I w Mtjnoii lament Line nylon lias always rereains soft and GARCIA" Cherokee Spinning Rod 9. ft. 2-piece tabular glass lod v.illi 5 stainless steel juides. Liglt action, fast tapsr. HUCK FINN "Spinning", COMBINATION easy to use. A fice line for aay tyfs reel aad every .Kti rf fishing. Fully guaranteed. lKSJJ.TWTH-Eqji?- ped w'tk star liraj a,id free ycA. Vh. t» 1 gear ratio. Holds BP h 300 yds. Excellent for bottom fishing. 10.79 Fresk Water Line test with assorted yardage. Salt Water Line % Ik. $)«!!- 12 to 40 tb. test will assorted yariiaje. 1.69 1. Fresh Water Spinning Rod 6 ft. 2-piece solid glass red with 4 joiies. Cork taidle, sliding reel seat. ' i "GARCIA" Cherokee Rod 2.98 Two-piece solid glass shalt ... 3 hardened guides wrapped with red white nylon. Cork handle. #103 Reil with 100 yds. of 6 Ib. test mono line. Full bail pickup, strong metal gears. Will hold 200 yds. of 4 Ib. test. 7 IL 2-piece tubular glass red with stainless steel gu'dss, cork grip. Medrjn acton, fast taper. 13.88 6.49 LlflUID KEP TOOTH STUN Disinfectant · Blip Chiui · teiiirizis REMOVER i| "like piatit" I i | Removes tobacco and food sUics I | . . . keeps 1 teeth cleaner, * smiles are brighter. 79e Site "Gay Bouquet" BAR SOAP Slzi-Wkit! Castile, Piik - Cold Deam, Yelliw -- Lan- OlLl. i § KURLASH EYELASH CUfiLER S« tin gtcriojs (Sffefeitcs in eye drama . . . si'ifcrJy yo'jr ^ ^_ lashes loc k bi£er, gives yocr 1 I n eyes greater entasis. ' *t-v SUNER IEFILL 75t yrnr^rriTTnMTrf-j-DnTi^-Ejoiaitjjj. 3c^as«jT=M^-ie.f».m'.T' M y-j fffWZI'KK'effK'l S2J Bubble Bath POWDER h assorted fragrances' ar.i pastel colors .,. millions of perfumed, water soltea- ir.g babbles wcpletelj ( eiimicitetibrin;. 1 * oOc "Shades Ahead" HAIR COLOR by BflECK BASEBALL GLOVES for the LITTLE LEAGUER Baseman's Mitt 3. Custom tjiit witli "Erip-tile" poctel, full gra'n ccwHJe. Raar- hife laclig. Fielder's Glove Prime leather with "sere-told P«- .ket", nylon slitcfted with ra*iide laciag. Catcher's Mitt Ojality irilt «i!h deep sealed pctfceL FiHI jrain cowWe, felly Ened. 4.95! FRESH WATER Rod Reel COMBINATION IVi Ft. "KyicM" Ml - TAO piece ho!lm glass shall, lenuled in mdille. 4 guides, fast taper. AHira'raum tipped large type onset cock hirJte foregrip. ftmll '1M" Hill - Ah- rJrjm spool loaded wiL 1 ) 10 li. tesl irfm lice. Mar type drag h tiasf.e to eliiaioale line twist; STRETCH Rib Socks "Hay Ksit"--men's slrekb nylon, comfort lined with mercerized cotton. Ass't solM colors. Fits 1C ti13 Hit I9c 2:1.00 Work Socks ten's 100% soft wtile sols for comfort. lieal for sports also. SlllsUtiU Iif.4fir1.M 4: "Aqua Velva" SKIcoie Lithtr . . . gives any blade tre silicon |He of slai/iless steel. Regular er Kenltal. 7ic tr o Sin 6.59 Ttefi/stessy-So-iionaif coloring that coven coirple'e'y, jret so softly ... just pwr it on - coir.b it tarcsigri. 9 niertei tMtt. 2.00., SiiiniiiiiiiniiirjmiiiiirmniiimiiiiiinimMiiiiiiDJiiiiiiiiiiiaiiHHiinuniiiiiiiir; SOMINEX ftr 100% Sift Sleep Hosoital-Proved... tts effective aid to tatnral-like SLEEP. , , . . litriae!irj SiielS's MiliM Sin 32'J 1.! TEFLON GMkie Sheet WEST IEHI - 15iixl2" siie. Aiirs- innra, doable coated «ilh Teflon. TEFLON 10" Fry Pan «STKM... co-stick cooking wild co-scwr - _ _ ele*i-«p! Wafait tEKite 1 CD wifi rli;. 1 «UU TEFLOK11Va"firit)d!8 KIST KM - Fraily · ELECTRIC SHAVER Cleaner Now yoo esn difKtean tti ing head of skav-;; 1.00 Size Pre-Shave Lotion Sets up your beaid for i close, q-JitX shave. l.«Si;i Cleaning Brush for Electric Rizir-2 beaded for perfect dealing of any raw. TUSSY Medi Clear CLEANSING LOTION for a Carefree Complexion Medi-Clear cleans c!eaoer than soap, deeper tfean creams, more completely than special s'tin i II. Sill lij. 2.SI keep skin fresh CARNATION Instant Breakfast . . . mate like i meal! Ckoose frm 7 delicioiis flaws-fo eijoy rot or cold. Eacfc envelope males a nutriticus breakfast or i satisfying sracV. Bui it 6 Envelopes Tobacco Smoke ·EOMtlHI _ Spray can guaranteed to te/nove state tobKca c*xi from Us air aid leate a clean, fresh afoma. He 7 iz. Sfzi 59° 63' PROCTOR-SILK "CITHTION" Coffee Percolator l.i ne# shiPiang design! Crystal clear glass bowl lilts out Mate 2 to 10 cups cl coffee aotomt- - _ .._ ically. Distativi go'd 1C QR t/im. IUwJ ti : :ia J i '3 f-'t i;"Perrna-Press"Sponge Hop; m Cove rsgreate/sarlace areas ... wringer handle t«fs! harxfs out cf waler. A.'B- ; 77 C witoxjt sliding. , . all cook A nM · 9 OQ i U.Uil] 3-Pc. nixing Bowl Set WEST IENO - Starless stesl v.itli wjtdsiJ bol- Killer-Oilier LIPSTICKS by CUTEX Seal 3 monstrous stiver if his spuie ... cake tis tiood rcn hot itd cold Witt these exciting r«r colors by Cttex. It's MORE than a toothbrush! ORM. B prstecU gums as well as leetn! Ite gentle raassage of 2500 smoo'.Mop Oral 8 libers stinxi'ale circulalicn to fcelp jti tsej IBOIS r.(n K.t hesllhy. Th» UTA ters fiolish Icet/t and cfea herd- lo-reacfi creyices. OIU.IH hlt SUt HAL Ml Mitt-JlliK 75' 75 C 1 I · er rayon yarn, fully wash ao!e. Colors. Wet Mop "Pfllm"-soaks cp ait I "lie" clasp ocp no lit-1.21 SW M««»««M««I PROFESSIONAL TYPE CHpetteS \1 TI?-TOP Cnoke of ifcuile prcr.g c-r single frccg curl clip slyli of stainless steel. Ir-e/ held ligtt, !on't sl.,. fast aod easy to use. Ass't cocot per card. 19° Rt(. 35 e 29° Ri(. 59c 4? : i Framed Pictarts SELF-SERVICE DRUG STORES I Op.ii 9 /UN. t» ID P.M. - ? P-rr» 4 W«k 1 iiniii_m't^jY a - t BM tuii:=y!!^'»?«PiViBl AD PRICES PREVAIL: March lOth UMarcH3tt - «»wi- taU-38 Art. » i - J 3 ) l IM S*i-9» ». . BM. j-iiisii.uisi. i«^ffi-6MSWsr -7915J!«KaV. '""""""wMW^teiitaSi In mil«-! - . IiriM »lllrj-Wl Snttntn RJ. Tlltil-llKf nSI_ Strong aid Long' NAIL HARDENER t CONDITIONER HEUMAKUBIKSTdN jail »UtA strengUi as jMjpoly, flare's rosti'nj, oour^tas- ant a.T/t,ijg...Potb- i:2 to la firt brush on. 3.50 .. reprodaclkus cf ce(-3ritil pjial- g ings on assorted sub* jects. llxI4" deep 1 shadow tot (race of g grained wod pattsri. \ BUCK « WHITE I Etchings I tdstirpiicu" - Assorted I sabjectsbyfanwisartists... 1 ,uc5 in a shadow s box ifesiga frasie -,-. i that is 1U14" ia QOC i si/e. DUu i Frawed Pictures I Sit if 2 mounted repoducliim I that are embossed to § simulate bruiii slro«s 1 of tUwigir3lp3 ! nUigs.

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