The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas on December 12, 1976 · Page 2
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The Hays Daily News from Hays, Kansas · Page 2

Hays, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, December 12, 1976
Page 2
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December 12, 1976 PAGE 2 HAYS DAILY NEWS Kansas Supreme Court To Admit Lie Detector Test Dennis The Menace TOPEKA, Kan. (UPI) — The Kansas Supreme Court Saturday declared incriminating statements by rape suspect Jerry Blosser, made during a lie detector test, may be admitted as evidence if they were voluntary. The justices returned the case to Butler County district court, reversing an order that i MANN THEATRES suppressed statements made during a polygraph test. During preparation for the test, Blosser, accused of rape, kidnaping and felonious assault, told the examiner he had restrained the victim and had forcible intercourse with her. He added he had been in similar situations with other girls, but no complaints had been filed. I FOX 1102 MAIN 625-9567 IELTER SKELTER VAS ONLY THE BEGINNIN( — NOT A DOCUMENTARY — DO NOT CONFUSE WITH THE FILM "MANSON" [GUARANTEED NEVER TO BE SHOWN ON T.V. ALL NEW!! R MATINEE SUNDAY -1:30- EVENINGS AT 7:15 ft 8:45 "THE MANSON MASSACRE JAKES YOU ALL THE 1 OPEN TO THE PUBLIC New Year's Eve Dance with J Chambers & Company Featuring Kathy Dreiling Tickets Available At The Brass Ear • Crispin's Honda Prehop Cleaners - Hays Music Co. The Appliance Mart • Midwest Music B.Y.O.B. - FREE SETUPS SNACKS 9:30-1:30 single $8.00 • couple $15.00 : Ramada Inn Calvert Room ; On a defense motion, Judge Page Benson had suppressed the oral admissions as "part and parcel of the polygraph examination," which are not admissable as evidence due to their margin of error. The state appealed. The Supreme Court said it is not concerned with the polygraph results, but rather the oral statements made by Blosser during the course of the test. The lower court was ordered to determine for sure if the statements were ' voluntary. In other action, the Supreme Court upheld the Morris County conviction of Emanuel 'Lee, found guilty of attacking eight Army wives in Junction City. He was convicted of 21 felony counts, including aggravated kidnaping, aggravated burglary, seven of rape, attempted rape and felony theft. All the crimes took place in Geary County but were transferred to Morris County on change of venue. The justices held the trial court did not err, as alleged, in refusing to instruct jurors that consent is a complete defense to a rape charge, or in denying Lee a handwriting expert or an "independent" mental examination. A child abuse conviction of a Salina mother *was upheld. Margaret Smolin was convicted of aggravated battery t! Two Injured In 1-70 Accident A three-month-old Colorado boy was under observation in St. Anthony Hospital Saturday following a one car accident about one mile east of Ellis on 1-70 Friday afternoon. The accident occurred when a car being driven by the boy's mother, Sally Rand, Leadville, Colorado, struck a cement culvert, became airborne for about 20 'feet and then landed on its wheels in a pasture. The mother and another passenger, Mary Rand, 67, also of Leadville, were treated for minor injuries and released. Authorites said the boy, Michael Rand, was being kept only for observation. of her 10-month-old daughter, Golda. The justices said the mother was properly charged as a principal in the crime even though she only aided its commission. The Supreme Court said the trial court did not err in admitting photographs as evidence "merely because they may be shocking or gruesome." The child had, "lost contact with reality," suffered bruises, burns on both feet and a shoulder, a ' broken arm and leg and brain damage. The court said it was proper to admit the defendants' statements to police. In her statements, the mother' said she and the child lived with Robert Berkowitz. The most exciting original motion picture event of all time. Copyright e MCMUXVI by Dino Pe LaurenluS Corporation AK Rights Reserved Dino De Laurentiis presents a John Guillermin Film "King Kong" starring Jeff Bridges Charles Grodin introducing Jessica Lange Screenplay by Lorenzo Sem|i2.Jr Produced by Dino De Laurentiis Directed by John Guillermin Music Composed and Conducted by John Barry Panavision" in Color A Paramount Release Oiujjuoi »,-«> De Urailib KING KONG" Irani Fbcket Books Original sound Irack album and lapi's on Reprise Records [ ft VAItlbU *" WT II SUUKf IV m lltMUHl 4Q> ''f^f^ MANN THEATRES Cf\\l 1202 MAIN 625-9567 STARTS FRIDAY! DECEMBER 17, 1976 . Electoral Votes Cast Monday 'ALWAYS BATTUE FROSTING FIRST, JOEY. .."mEN, NO MATTER WHAT HAPPENS, W ALR&ATJ/ HAD THE BEST Red Tape Chokes Romance DETROIT (UPI) — It's been some honeymoon for newlyweds Dale and Louise Schnebelt. Their romance has been choked by governmental red tape. State government officials, once apparently determined to play Scrooge this season, decided Friday, to turn into Santa Glaus. Even so, the Schnebelts still have a way to go for a happy ending. Dale, 23, a quadraplegic, and his wife and nurse Louise found out even before their wedding that state and federal regulations could make their marriage impractical — if not. impossible. When they married in August, they immediately lost eligibility for much of the financial assistance Dale received while single—though his needs have not changed a bit. The couple met while Louise was caring for Dale in a nursing home, and they fell in love. When Dale moved from the nursing home to an apartment in Flint, Louise quit her job to care for him alone, and they married. Dale had received $270 a month from the state Department of Social Services to pay for his nursing care. The state ruled the couple ineligible for the nursing care funds since Schnebelt's nurse had become his wife. Then Social Security officials informed them that if they continued to receive the $270 in state aid, it must be counted as income—requiring that their federal benefits be mid amei slashed by more than half, from $192 to $91 a month. Friday they won a partial victory, with the state deciding to make an exception in their case and keep state aid coming. But they still have a fight left to regain the federal benefits. Mrs. Schnebelt said that under the circumstances she and her husband were "just making it," with virtually all of their money going for food since they do not legally qualify for food stamps. Their lawyer, legal services attorney Mattie Fordham, appealed to he state and federal Auto Theft Investigated Thieves entered the garage and home of Don Volker at 2100 Ash sometime between 12:30 -7:30 a.m. Saturday and escaped with a white 1974 Buick and the contents of a woman's purse. Authorities said entry was apparently gained by opening an electric garage door by hand and then entering the house through a rear door located in the garage. The vehicle was removed from the garage by opening the door with the electric switch, police officials said. The missing purse reportedly contained $40, credit cards and keys to all the doors- of Wilson School. The vehicle contained about a half tank of gas when it was stolen. officials to reverse the cutoff of funds on grounds it was unfair. • "If people want to get married they should be allowed to get married," Mrs. Schnebelt said. United Press International Meeting in such places as the governor's conference chamber in Florida and a high school auditorium in Alaska, 538 men and women gather Monday to do what 80 minion thought they were accomplishing Nov. 2— elect the next President of the United States. The Electoral College, a peculiar institution of the American political system, will make the election of Jimmy Carter official in separate balloting in the 50 states and the District of Columbia. The votes will be sent to Washington to be opened, inspected and counted by Congress on Jan. 6. Twelve days later, the new President will be sworn in. If all goes as expected, Carter will receive 297 electoral votes, 27 more than the majority needed. President Ford will get the remaining 241. But there have been surprises in Electoral College voting in the past. Some state law? require electors to cast their votes for the candidate who got the largest popular vote in the general election, but others rely on precedent and tradition. As a result, some electors have taken it upon themselves. . to cast their votes for other^ candidates. That happened in 1972, when'• Virginia elector Roger MacBride refused to vote for the", popular winner, Richard''-. Nixon, and cast his ballot toK John Hospers, the Libertarian Party candidate. ' MacBride is the Libertarian, candidate this year, but he is: not expected to get any', electoral votes. The Electoral College is arr, original feature of the govern-: mental structure created by. the Constitution. It provided for election of the president bjk states, which were given the. same number of votes as they, had seats in the House and: Senate. That formula still stands; 1 ' with 535 of ,the total 538 votes representing the 100-membef Senate and the 435-membef; House, the extra three votes' were given to the District of Columbia by constitutional- amendment before the 1964 election. Ann Landers Has An Answer Lovers' Burden Sun Mat 1:30 |B feet of gut-crunching man-eating terror! Evenings 7:00 No Deposit 8:30 Sun Mat 1:30 WALT DISNEY 1 PRODUCTIONS' onii'osn i\o RETURN Dear Ann: I'm a high school junior (17) and so is my boyfriend. We have been going steady for five months and I'm sure this is true love. Ken works Friday nights and Saturday afternoons. Our only chance to be together is Saturday night. Ken doesn't have a car so we can't go anyplace much. My parents know all this but instead of cooperating they hang around the house every Saturday night and watch TV until the last show is off. Ken and I enjoy TV, too, but it's no fun when the place is crawling with relatives. Do you think this is fair, Ann? I've mentioned it to my folks and all I get is dirty looks. A word from you might help. Please say something. — Too Many Eyes Dear T.M.E.: If you two 17- year-olds can't think of anything better to do than sit in front of a TV on the one night in the week when you are together, I feel awfully sorry for you. So Ken doesn't have a car. You have feet, don't you? And what about buses? Young love is beautiful, but it shouldn't mean the rest of the world should drop dead so you two can be alone. Get with it, Lovey. The burden is on you and Ken — not your folks. situation that must irk thousands of job applicants. I've never seen it mentioned in all the years I've been reading your column, and I think it's about time somebody complained. When a company advertises employment and proudly uses its name to. enhance the ad, why can't they show a little courtesy by sending the applicant a short letter thanking him or her for the resume and giving him a yea or nay? I feel if I show an interest in a company and take the time to write i a resume and a covering letter, it should at least be acknowledged by somebody. One company that failed to respond lost a longtime customer. I'll never.feel the same about them. Maybe if you print this letter a few highly respected (but inconsiderate) companies will wake up and smell the coffee. Sign me — A disgusted Applicant Dear App: Seems to me your complaint is valid. As a matter of good public relations all job applicants should receive an acknowledgment and a thank you for considering the company as a prospective employee. Get on the stick, Somebody! Dear decided change Ann: I to make atid recently a career ran into a Dear Ann Landers: I would like to say a few words to the guy who signed himself '"Fleeched." He complained about office collections for brides, new ' babies, retirement parties, get-well flowers, etc. I know this type, of cheapskate. I work with a few. Just let someone come around with a punchboard, a football pool, a hot tip on a. horse or a chance on a lottery ticket and Big Mouth is the first one to put his hand in his pocket. I work in a large office., When I was in the hospital last spring, the gang sent a beautiful bouquet of flowers. I will never forget the thrill when the nurse brought then) into my room. When I read the card I almost bawled. I never complained about chipping in for office remembrances, but ' after having been the recipient once it gave me a whole new understanding. Please print this, Ann. — Ada Dear A: I'll bet this goes up . on a few office bulletin boards around the country. Thanks for writing. There is a big difference between cold and cool. Ann Landers shows you how to play it cool without freezing people out in her booklet, "Teenage Sex — Ten Ways to Cool It." Send 50 cents in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 1400, Elgin, 111. 60120. Walt Disney's "CHRISTOPHER . ANDREW. RICHARD •p GEORGE PRINE JAECKEL ' TODD-AO 35 • COLOR by Movie Lab [po] mall cinema 2925 Vine 628-1211 2925 Vine 628-1211. I SANTA'S AND I PHOTOGRAPHER'S i HOURS 11 a.m. - 8 p.m. (Except 2:30-3:30) SUNDAY 1 p.m. - 6 p.m., 2900 North Vine Hays, Kansas STAY NICE AND WARM WITH OUR ELECTRIC HEATERS AVAILABLE AT THE SNACK BAR! open the window TELLY SAVALAS PETER FONDA-HUGH O'BRIAN Q.J.SIMPSON-MAUD ADAMS M (CHRISTOPHER LEEl takkrt WAS THE END x OF THE LINE.

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