Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 29
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 29

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 29
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P»3t 3 S--INDEPENDENT Urt IMC*. C»"- Ttarv, Frt. » Bonanza Booming . NEW YORK (UPI-Those goofy,-looking Beatles from EngLtBd.are nuking money faster thia they can count it. If the rock V n3 sensations fnan England were to call a screeching halt to their screeching they still would make, an estimated $1,56X50 per hour from royalties on American record sales alone. If that sounds h'fce a Jot, brace yourself. It's only small slice of the pie. Nick Byrne, president o! Seltaeb, Inc. (Beatles spelled backward), estimates that the Beatles will strike American gold this year to the tune ol J. r X) million -- splitting with manufacturers of dozens of Eeatle products from Beatle tuits. Beatle tee-shirtJ, Beatle golf slacks and even a Beatle motor scooter. * # · * THE RECORD royalties in January alone in this country will be more than $250,000. This Is f run the huge demand for the first Beatle album and their hit record, "I Want To Hold Your Hand." A new Beatle record. 'Roll Over Beethoven," is due on'Beatles hats at $22.50 a dozen the American market nextjwholesale and the $2.93 (re- week if the staff of CapitoJ.tail) Beatles tee-shirts. Being Records, Inc.. can get the,readied now i: a line of discs pressed, packaged and Beatles Bach shirts, tennis Nominations of Document Films Listed HOLLYWOOD CB -- The Academy of Motion Picture Arts Sciences announced Wednesday t h e s e special documentary award nominations: Features over 3.000 feet: THE LIVING Injunction or No, * · · - · , s. t/ieS/uno Is On ; ~ - . . Ey GEORGE ERES Life upon the wicked stage i Iran Bonar has been named is not only intriguing--there's production manager at the -Le MaluonVt'la Chains" * "rtain element of $uspense.'theater and Pat Brown, who (The Vine I Link and the Chain). I du Centaure-FilmarUc, Paul de Roubaix. producer. "Robert Frost; A Lover's Quarrel WBGH with the World." Kducational Funda- tion. Robert Hughes, producer. "Terminus," British Transport Films. Edgar Anstey, producer. The Yanks Are Coming." 3avid L. Wolper Productions, Marshall Flaunj, producer. little crazy in the crazy- miTed-up-fashicn of litUe the- ShNATKA LEAVES AFTEK TESTIFYING Frank Sinatra Sr. is driven from the Federal Building in Los Angeles Wednesday after testifying in the trial of three men accused of kid- naping his son for, $240,000 ransom. He told of receiving a series of phone calls, all apparently from same man during 56 hours his son was held. ·hen j originally -pras to play the roJe ~~-~j ~--w-- ».~. . u w«. au-.opposite Talbot has been re- dience there's a man with an placed by Kathy Davis.. Pat injunction in his pocket. '.continues as the show's di- The people at the Off- rector. Broadway Theater, wbo are a MORE VALUES from your COMMUNITY PLAYHOUSE announces its next show as ater people, had ooe heck of the comedy 'for all ages," a time getting the curtain up "Breath of Spring." to open March 6. Current show, *Oh on "Irma La Douce." D I S C O U r T T C E N T E R S LB. RECREATION Depart- It was postponed, they lostJMen. Oh Women." continues' cast and staff members and its Thursday through Satur- directors. But as is the way day nights run through Feb. with little theaters -- when'29. SHORT SUBJECTS. under you've got a major portion of 3,000 feet your bankroll already spent '"Chagall,- Auerbach Film, 011 lhe production rights tomcat's Junior Theater *pre- Enterprises, Ltd.-Flaz FitosJ 111 ' show--well, the show has sents two one-act plays for Simon Schiffrin, producer. |P* to go on or the theaterUiidrea'9 or older, at 10-.30 ·The Five Cities of June." ""J £° under, ajn. and 2:30 pjn. at Marsh- United States Information · · · · · LJJ j^^,. nigh Agency, George Stevens Jr,l ACCORDING TO the Off-E. Wardlow Rd, Saturday, producer. Broadway's Eleanor Shibley.'and at'the same hours Feb. "The Spirit of America." someboJ l r reported to The 29 it Jefferson School, 750 Mirisch Corp, which put out Euclid Ave. Admission is free. b are of to the record stores in time. i RfEance Manufacturing Co. rf Ntvr York h« exclusive rijhts to the Beatles' name ^29-95. Operetta Auditions, Dance Tryout Sunday will retail for as much as| Sunday is audition day atioperetta require a lyric tenor jthe Long Beach Civic Light'mj | vr ic baritone as well Spotlight News. Algernon G. - - - - - - - - - · - .1 Walker, producer. the film "Inna." that the Iocal| . . iv Thirty Miffioa Letters,-)*?** *TM w " »« n f /I . SOBJ «Jade"--about a stolen prince -.-itish Transport Films, Edgar ?' ^ea film stuff. The M m s c h - , -^ p^^ _Vbout Anstey. producer. !?£?,,'" 7 pTOte a , S' V*'the sister of the stolen prince. .Off-Broadway people denied ^ ^ fo £ that the show that was to . ,, ,, . [open would have Mirisch ma-1 leriaL The lawyers replied, [they were coming down to' ANOTHER addition to the ,. . I "" » rd * Theater CURLER VANITY WITH MIRROR . *1H out DISCOUNT rim 1 Toys 4 Gomes MR. POTATO HEAD TOY.! ind HTt TOOTT-FROOTY FRIENDS j ' 76! f *· Supcrrnan cast. "*****. shirts, pajamas and tight-fitting slacks. Some of the items' lhe United The Beatles' haircut has be-, 0 ?"* f « * n S«s and dancers'., drlmlti( . see--and would have an in- r r t'~ia -~"Vr- ! -·,*,rtir**. ****., *~ r.«.* ',, i ** 1 *° open t Co. 28 in Morgan' junction reaay to serve--just 1 ., ,.*. , . *. clse jHal!. is Dale Connolly of Poly Opening night the Mirisch'"'^ 1 ^ h f' · · · ' r ' ne ^ " - »"" and Ann Shea have re- frora the Off-Broad- States. JCt$ '" ""{comVwehVfad that wigi m! to fi!I ' he ran - Xl Miles Rubin, president of being produced at a rate of," 031 , demanding the firm, said that in merely 15,000 a day. Remco Indus- ^"icns in a few weeks the company hashes, Inc, has been granted "Son« sold Beatleware worth $l.4!the right to make Beatle million at wholesale prices or dolls. an estimated $23 million at retail. Wholesale orders from Canada alone in the last week were $100,000, he said. the local time. of Norway," opening April 16 in the Concert Hall soprano i Several singers are needed. Auditions will be conduct-' ed Sunday at the CLO offices. jof the Municipal AuditoriumJSIS E. Fourth St. Dancers The market for Eeatle prod-j" 1 ' 5 for * !lr S e « st of male;will be given tryouts at 11 ucts is so prornisins that Iht]TM* fe:na f t^itxn as well as a.m. and singers at 1 p.ra. already hat had' 1 ' ar ? e TM w a y Theater board ... Patt tleslty, of The Perfect Set- closed here recently. . . . . 'jam* Tops" in Hollywood ... 'Jim .here. lead to go to court to get a block' of restraining orders against' TOTAL sales included 2.000,-bootleggers" making prod- uctj without obtaining permission. These manufacturers have been · branded "Bcatle- leggers.- Le;d LISTON-GLAY FIGHT TICKETS ON SALF NOW! Wot Coajt HE 6-4209 CHOICE SEATS NOW SMCIIHEPS ROXY OPEN U.1 K1CHT JCtIT LEWIV-CIW LKf «.M -ROCK1BTE im- Jadi« O.E1SOX-- *nnaif OUINK Miaty HOCNCT-- Jgltt HAIRrs "Ft(iiin (or I HiiT/wtitlP Jfmn 1TEWAIT-- «. WIDMAKX "TWO RODE TOGETHER" going to use that hot injunction? Are we] safer ' | Lawyer "You're safe and the show is delightful! Same! charm as the show in New! York. I was surprised at thej professional quality. I came; to this theater on business;! CALL BOARD: Tryouts for next time it will be for p1eas-, c ommumty Playhouse's April u r e - production. "All for Mary,*' « « » · !by Harold Brooks, will be Here are starting times of! TOM LLOYD, recently ap-^eld M a r c h 9 at the Play- features at Long Beach the-pointed stage manager at the,* 101 "^ S 021 E- Anaheim St. atcrs as listed by theaterjMagnolia Theater, where heThe farce calls for four men managers: 'curT»nt!v ii clavinz the ruve- and two women. choms. [ All non-Equity performers roles in the' tre invited to audition. Show Times ·'Mertlw Janrj." jcurrently is playing the juve- .Inile lead in "Take Her She's LB. R e c r e a t i o n Depart- --TO*H» iMine," starring Lyle Talbot. ment's Junior Theater holds m«*ihi''s» ? e!rYi M: * "*"*'' ""'* comes to Long Beach from'tryouts at 4uJO p.m. Monday ' 'the Alley Theater in HoustonJand on Feb. 27 at Colorado l Cid.- · 11 -ii OKI «t TOMORROW · 8:30 P.M. · LONG BEACH · MUNICIPAL »UD, · TICIHt JJ75, U-li, · j»a, it · · BKPIII1TS IDtIS -- · Hi i. r m *gsii CITI tiiiittl · · U IITIll I I r l l t l T I ItllCtL »1ITI mm · unrniTi igut. · mici if ii»um. in. 0 Been] *tT DlWf T1 "SWORD IN THE STONE" VO4.1AM I^LotH "THE LION*: i»n N c.w PALACEm won itrr Gl CUKS- E F l A U f He's got movie credits in ( Lagoon Clubhouse, 5119 E. Picnic" and "Strategic Air,Colorado St, for "Little Red H««£ Command" and has appeared Riding Hood." to be played in ,,'with Howard Duff in TVs'April. Junior and senior high ."Dante." 'school students art eligible. ' l id , I 31, 11.22. ..TIC Turn Tr*e.~ · t-.n. ALL NEW! GOLIATH --NOW-- MO m SINS Uiitil irtiiU 2i7i.oc». HI7-i:«7 COMING MAR. 4th Crill "CHARADE" MOtWtlt llllltl. li.^i it I K.---mi riiiiiTi i -n«:u ir 11 ILL- nw iiuut. ·····r l i lift i r.*. · inm i jiitt tjtu- igLiin i in mi it umu- · 11*111. |V|| til Ull t »-·--loti'i "PIIILII mil-IT SII 1I1K- _ t-». » _ ii tint lt«Bt»-- H 1B* TBI Till" ·IBK ·'!· minim -jtoti tiitr "ITII ir »n i iiiTt n i lilt i.,,,-« "*nui mil-* ·mill i in mil ·:itin- MrllMINCTOM mm* .i.rtr.t ktn n »ni · i~r'i -»mr« jtm- -tl»llllf TtHH" T O l N C f IIITIIIITISTl III · IfM. 171 1» -·nit 111 iii tn tin* ti in i in*, in mi lit i tin IMIT- inn »ii ni w. 14 ii t nil -IFFIII ir in ssii* ^intiiT u»ni" rn ii n mtib WH lain inn tmr«»» n, ri Mil i.t~i-i -inui ntii- · HI '·ift iiiiui IM sriiir in S'im »j -TII run" u nun imfcm, rmfM ii mi 'i ii* tut ir iif -ni'i ir in til" nuiinr jnufinrt. 11 t«m IM^--III ««uin- TUI nut n i nuin- iSIIICI IH«. ·nttirw t "IIIII- ·II tin ii null* in in /tMniitiiirf ··kill nuiin i 'Til Ifllll" nun nun. tr*f n ·trim iim- -JtMIT IIIL* ^ . J A C K t E M M O K ****+**» ; ATLANTIC 5 ""«'« lk« Yam Tarn Trei" * "" * · Jinanf* m. s*vn * USJIDV UftnV^^ + Ot I 5 * : c« IJIAI *· MArilf MAn! * r M. " * ·*»»»«»»»*»»* Cll»:f ETXO.DS-*«T M OWT * - - « « M M « ·'""""·"Who's Minding S!ort?"J**^J, w t "" T F t t V LWll t IVMl V B t U B T * * TM"' ** "Fun in Acapulco" ' OE I ££?* * * » * * * » * * - 1 J 6:30 J ; * r-M. * %+***»***» THE MAGNOLIA THEATRE ,,«, LYLE TALBOT i» nv« Miljnvtrt F»m*»v C*in*tfv TAKE HER, SHE'S MINr Tr?r.^i^r« 1M I Xl.llln.u* I OFF-BROADWAY THEATRE I I I UMI HI 7-1371 FRENCH II MUSICAL cv«rn IT in n iiict IRMA LA DOUCE If ML O.M-UT. CX-IWC 1171 Mt« Al 10.Ji .) (ten. Act». F.n! -- $1M VUUl- OUt DISCOUNT HtCt PLAY DOH COOTIE GAME $152 by SCHAPE« JIDO VUUf GUI DISCOUNT ACTION FUN1 I BAZOOKA BALL m · 1.1 Ktk W. *· Jkr-O»kl l.^-t JI 00 VAUJI '--z OUI 8JSCOWI HICI CATIL\RINE CREWS and Tom Lloyd play juvenile leads in Magnolia Theater's "Take Her, She's Mine." 100% VIRGIN WOOL YARN AM«^W CaT*ri. »tJ1 VAIU1 out cisco'jvr riict.. C ) 99 KING PAK FOOD CONTAINER 4'»97£ I 3* Y»IU« OU« HJC9UNT HICI T * · · ^X^GftltM f·» ... !··»· H«4 fwh *i4 T«tty. aOTSTSESIT. «, Pure Cellulose 0-CEL-O SPONGES UG MACK FKG. «· . -out DISCOUNT riici 29 Auto Supplies PKEUJOOD HA 5 ?5J3 JSOi I C*flSCn OfiN »:!(--«tl rAUINS Now Showing SAFETY BELTS » n C H P. W»' *3 ''^ISnEY'S CAR POUSH $ 1 47 . j iij»Y«iui _ out tisceim: nici * j Hiram's Pharmacy . ALL NEW! NEVER SEEN! GOLIATH ^ AID TM* SINS \ COMMUNITY PLAYHOUSE Hirim's teonomy Prtwripttcni trt ef rf« Knett Qeilit/ J · rd Trtptrtd tta ind EfficUntlf t» Yevr Doctor's Orders. COD LIVER OIL OQtf * 1M v " 0| cc * ,7Cc / O* low DtSCOUNT PIKf / 3* rnn tami out tow 1121 t AKAHUM "OH, MEN! OH, WOMEN"! tiur, Ki, r«io«r. i a . .. BJ* -- ureteir, in ... TIWK c*»iri IIT51I PACIFIC THEATRES inis i yjt-i »w tanans WIN tiuir'i -»tn.n rein- 'VHtl MUCUS TNI (Ttlir rut. · (STITt omiSKOo^ W*W Mnwt PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES IKS oriict cma I aoxi. tnai Uljftt Orel* JUS UTIS iK^fa^* 1 ' uitwoei -»cx»JHrf «i|T-l UICH.I DCX/8LE -DAR1WCUDI E' SHOW I PINEAPPLE 1 COFFEE CAKE 18" CHERRY PIE S(Reg.73c) ^ THIHSOAT, Ht. 19. THIU WIDNtSDAT. HI. 2i ^ AT LEADING SUPERMARKETS % 5? ** LOW PRICES ON HEALTH BEAUTY AIDS available at all Lucky Stores J and J BABY POWDER i; URGE SIZE CAN ·lc VlLUf- evt IXSCOUM iti · r,*w t J. I 45 J and J BAIT SOAP 28r ni UlT MUC WAVE rtrmintnl i L-) '. m Tjun _ on BISCOUNT na * "*· i 0-TifS COTTON tAUS n Tiuit cut HKOJNT ncs 100 ASPIUN TAEIHS !*· »»u.t cut »ncouMT NKI -- BKCKM hpvDwrt inn O«l»n uuuwooo '* IONGIUCH * i UKUADA * (ASTU» carrot

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