Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 11, 1976 · Page 27
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 27

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 11, 1976
Page 27
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te -- For Sol» TO LIVE 47-- Real Estate-- For Sals 80-A. 47-- Real Estate-- For Sole LOVELY FAMILY HOME In Ihls 13 room beauty iwsitcd In »,^ ti«i. hi Itoot. Ktotf district. Over , ffi^Ml iji'S* rca ' Cal ' ' ;.:; WHEN IRISH EYES liojiw. It will be love »e First tight. Car- pfiins. tn LR and n beautiful view. All Iho extras aixj NEAT . tia.WQ, Call Sheila .McDonald 44J473X WHEN YOU CAW BUY AT THIS PRICE ' You sure tion'l need to r«H. .Heal n1c 2 Iwdnxim home v,1lh a rarport on lovely large lot Call Prarjc«* 143 3lf, I*n«i at *1S,000, GUTE COUNTRY HOME A pi-ice .lag of S12.500 wJl buy [his «il 2 hednrxim home on I acre with a SITU chicken house aivd really nlc» ifctidc , spol. Hoes lo the hicky family who HCL HwC Call Doyle Yntes (or location and apponlnuiA al 521-7*73. .,'. DO IT YOURSELF , An old. 9 room IIL ,,,,.,, nM,Ui' he a show piact. You do ih« «trk "'' ' - ana Ihe cnaim Mill follow. S'car IIPVJ Five Ilootti home -- cntio«d U'nod-bu ml ni; f I rep] ac« -- BPAU- cJttti, Fctlilc ganl«n »rs*. fiixle*n . (mil, trees, llam, Isvttlnf Shed, New [crwe arxjnd enllrc BO. Great view. Price only K5.000.M). Owner will trad* tor other properly, 50-A, WvtAoy with two year old all brfrk home-, llarn, N»sv l«i«, plenty ol Pasture and Water. Trice only «3,- 5TO.W, Gwd t«mJi. 70-A. Unimproved. Some bench land., ]oti of c*1ihllshf«l nelfhbflrhrxx). Ursa mint m, forma] dining loom, library/faintly mi, I bedroom i, 3 balh*. Urge ftncrt backj»rd. 142.000. \ Call 443-2510 10-A. Close h to Faydtcvift and School Bus. Wooded. Mai North of Lake FayelteviMe tew 3 Jin, 2 bath hrirk or rock homw. sunken living iwni, plush carr^s, awl miny other quality features. Mid thit UPS. tcrnu available. Call lor appoinUnwil, Larry Hrim^s, 736- Hrcade , . . blocks f n, for only (10,030. Do you r . In neighbor el I a favor , more Information, ti. 3J1-7473. 521-2305 ' 2721 North Phone W1-52- FnyeUeiilte. Arkartsa T/701 BY Owner tor File · ·iwrtmenl eompl" r lr»d« 10 unit 1 University, good P.O. Box 74. 1W balhj. Central hea(, c*ryt«l air. Cupel, drapes, dishwasher, dispoul, ranie. !.5M. Phone 8.JS-M73. Sheila McDonald Jojle Vales Kadlno (Miller) Yale* Bob Clieyne Nft'hry Fiakuj 443-3157 443-1733 S21-74J3 521-7173 1UXURIOUS NEW HOME vv.lh 4 bMrxwms, 2Vi baths, kj Idvcn \vi(h Island work urea, hreaklast room, - formal dining room. Skjllghted p!anl room, large stme fireplace, recreation room and w e t bar. Ivx^ted on Elizabeth Kt. In Butterfleld AddiUon. Priced LCTA 10's. Holland House Inc. 442-2740 3 bedro Unbelievable to e on HV\T. 71 wilh ;_. _ ovor \*i acre o! land. v price ol {13,500. ASBELL SCHOOL AREA 2332 HATFIELD sal, lots of cabinets, huge family. large patio. GI approved. «3-4H7. 'COUNTRYSIDE UVING" invlle you lo oom^rfl (ha itiillly rid charm of this 4 bedroom, 2 baih lome, abunda nee o! stora ge, spari to'lcftfn ar.d hu^e cablncis. TWs 1850 a , { floor plan f n s the nvwt discrlmlnaUns __,'«/. Itonie place on 1 mOIIng acre ar.d R fenced with roush oak. Has a 20x40 t. u-orx chop and 2 car s^rAg*. can as- lume a J,i6.0(iO note al 7% Interest Priced nt J23.900. Ph. 442-7788 or 442-9594 .egal Notices 1 ACHE on good inveitment location small iBodera home, JI5.00, Pboae 52H8M. Arkansas TIMES, Sunday, April 11, 1976 :. AKKANMS Honor Scholar Sallie Ann Carter of FUyol- Icvitte has been named lo the onor roll of scholars at Soufh- McLhoclist University for or high grade average. Rain And Showers Seen Pain and showers are forecast in a hand from Maine south* west-through Tennessee. Sliow- ers are also forecast for southern Texas but the Northwest Arkansas area should he fair and mild. CAP Wtrcphoto) HOUSE FOR SALE by owwr. 3 b«J- baths, forma! linufi, dining wHh ilouble Hre-^ace, douWe . Located on 23Vi ACTFI with 1 rent house*, bam aid gartten »po*, THE PHOBATK COUHT OF WASH TNGTON COU.Vl-V, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTEIl OK HE ESTAE OF SleJIa Pa In Kir HoU deceased No, F-TSCfi ^I»MTI address of decedent: KU 72701 , " ot death: March 22, 1976 IwslnjmonL dattd Apnl . 10S5. wa on the day ot April, J576, admitted d pjnbatB as tho last Mil of ihe above named decedent, and Ihe ur.deislgned has bttn appointed executor thereunder. A contest ol the probate of tho will can b« efreeled only by tiilnK a petition within QIC time proridcd by law. A!I p«i£on5 ha\-rnK cJalms againM thp ssiate must exhibit them, dtily vorificd, to the undersigned within siv months e date of Uw first puWioslion ot or they shall bo forever bar- 'le I 501SSS1 rit' limits on Hv-y. 45 E. Call (CO.NTLVUED fHO.M PAGE ID) was on tlie running board and the neightjors were yelling anri pointing io the truck. The iceman didn't know whether he. should get a move on or slop but 1 think his financial sense finally caused him to put on, the brakes. - , When the truck slopped, I \v as .s\v epl up by n\y cryin g mom who. as soon as we got, back in the house, picked up a willow switch and tanned my lide. The days of the iceman are just memories. Time and progress have outrun him, b u t bis days are not easily forgotten because few people who lived during his time really forget. , and preduded (mm the estate, his notice ft rat published llth das' JEWLIN REALTY CO. , ' 83E-2522 or 830-2239 West Forlt Arkan«a« BV 0\VNBH secluded email ccUa$« irii d replace on 5 j.crei with 2 Hj-fcam J2h750. «25S33 after 5:00. FOR SALE BY PRIVATE PARTY Profitable Grt acre bmller ranch. 3 rew ilcct irass ehlcfcen haaars 32'«75') Plus hcmeslla or Uaile r space with walsr well, gas w?l|, spixic lank, and all hookups. Locjled on H«y. 52 between Pralri* Orove and Farminglon. Price 573,000, ' Coll Ron Burns 846-2183 TENNIS ANYONE? Vou'U never have to wall for a court. asaia v\-iien jxw move Into UiU f:ne Hut(e-rfi«i(l Addition honw. In addition to the IcnnLs rouit, this home olfen 4 bcdrcKJnis, [ormal l)\1ng and dining rooms, and a host rrf other conveniences. Priced in the 60's. For an appcfcitment call Bob Nlckle at 571-0300 or a21-M38. FREEMAN dCBl Hartinan HoU . (Eveculor » E. Spring, FayettevilEe, Ar, TZiOl P. O, Box 1235 2 II, 19 In Air Force Thomas J, Hebcrt, son ol Mrs. Ivy Tahcl of Springdule, lias enlisted in the Air Force. In Basic Kenneth 31. Smith, son of Mr. and Sirs. Jerry P. Smith of FaycUcvillc. left Friday for LackKincl AFB. Tex. for basic (raining with the Air Force, SAVE NOW! If You Are Decorating and Need New Custom Draperies or Upholstering JACK'S CUSTOM DRAPERIES SHOP AT HOME SERVICE 751-4614 No High Showroom Overhead He leave Sept, 1 for Lackland AFB, Tex. for basic security specialist career field. Answers To Puzzle On Page 6C 521-6300 3263 N. CoJIeg* ILLINOIS R I V E R . . FARM IN SWEETBRIAR p 4 bedroom bifck home. 3 ««im system, wet bar, an : extras. IN LINCOLN 3 seres vdth 2 bedroom trailer I Gocd fenc*. Toed. Outbuildings. Phone Builder ' GARLAND SMITH _ 267-3393 . . , , , JT6 Acre river Ixniom farm split by DU- nois River, supposing 223 fit-ad caUle, ff-ncf d. rroAs-fcnred, fcshEng. hunt I ng, bcaulilul WL£! buildins rile «-ilh view. Ten miles W. of Fajettevilte, Ark. Oun- or TOli t*"kf 23fr- doisii, bal. 20 yrs. at 7?%*^, and \\~i1] lease land back fvr mtx- ·eriod, If desired. A good investment (or uiuro, tax .·shelter, or prercnt occupan- ny. Contact Austin FiUgerald, Ttia Stnn- \rn Company P. O. Box 1089, Faj-elte- ,rk Ph. 501521-TOO. N'OTICE OF A PUBLIC HEAniNO NOTtCS IS HEREBY GIVEN TO AM. PER.SONS CONCERNED OF A FUEU.1C HEABENG TO BE HELD BY THE FAYETTEVILLE PLANNING COMMISSION AT 4:00 P.M., MONDAY. A P R I L 26, ]3T6 IN' THE DSRECTORS ROOM, CITY AnMINlSTJtATlON BUILDING. FAY- ETTEV3IXE, ARKANSAS, "he purpose ~ of the public hea ri ice 1'Ja. '(Appendix C, Article I Sc-;«on E - FaycllevHIe C«rle ol Ordliii res) to provide thst lesser slrecl ris- iI-n-Ky derficaUons bj- Ihe developer ot a tarpe scale development that Indicated by the Master Street 1 .Miall be fiibjecl to approval o/ the Bi oJ niTCclors; (o amend Ihe appeal procedure prescribed by snlrl ordinance and for ether purposes. A copy n( Ordinance 2K)2 and thi propoied amendment are on file In th Offiee of City Planning, Adminfa tralion Bull dire. Faj-cttcville, ArXansas. AH intcivstcd iicrKins may appear nnd be henrrt nl ssirl time «nd place. FAYETTEVILO-G PLANN1NC! COM MISSION S-Rlla Davii, Secretary itc April I E COMMBIldAL properti- «\303 feet fX) £ q . . ( t , bus! bulMing on 71-R In BentonviEJe. Call 636-1018 or 233-3441. SPECIAL TERMS Mimst new 3 BR, 2 bath brick b v-ith CH and A, onerstwd living room nd fireplace, utility room, end much more;. Sl.OW dovn and. assxune loai pproximafely f32JCO-00. For arpomtmenl (n inspect, call Larry Holmes Ke-«311, 531-K06, ' | .-.-,-.1 Phone ; J* Fayctte ^1 72701 iUe, Arkansu NOTICE OF A'FTJBLIC lIEAltlNti NOTICE !S H E R E B Y GIVEN TO ALL PERSONS CONCERNED OF A PUBLIC HEARING TO BE HELD BY THE FAY-;; PLANNING cosL\ns- SIGN AT S:00 P.M.. . M O N D A Y APRIL J6. 197S, IN THE DIRECTOR; R O O M ; CITY ADMINISTRATION nui LDINC, FA YETTEV1U.E. ARK AN The purpose ol (fie public hearing ts to consider an amendment lo Ariii «, Section 12 ol Zoninu Onllnance 11 (Append :x A - ZoivnR, Faictteri CoJ« of Ordinances) tn amend requirements lor Planned Des'clcpmei (PUD) in the City ol Fa$et(evil A copy of Ordinance 17J7 and Ih proposed amendment are on Tile In Ih Clfire of Citr Planning, City Admlnislra lion Eluildinf, Fayetleville, Arknnsa All jtilcrested persons may appear and fca beard At said lime and nlnce FAYETTEVILLE PLANNING COMMISSION Everything (CONTLNUEI) FROM PAGE ID) wanted la ,be remembered 1 Mrs. Ford and asked qucslioi like;'"Do you Itko books?" "D you like children?" "Do yo like your work?" "Do you Hk lo visit with goorl friends?' 1 A very informal approacb was lakcn by Gregory Goodwin. "Howdyi. L work at Rays. You arc my buddy. I lovje you." Kris Hannigan tells the President about · her t r i p to (he nation's capital. "I like you as our president. Last May we went to Washington, IXC, and saw your home. \V saw Washington Monument. It was 1 very till" We went up in it. How are you? 1 ' Damn Todd Harris, who has conquered the mysteries ot cursory writing wrote: "My writing use lo lie sloppy But now I hope you lik/i it." Homo On Leave Seaman Tony Lee Goodman, son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Goodman of Route 1, Springdale, is home on leave from the navy. He has completed basic training in San Diego, Cahf. He will return to Sari Diego for training in electronics and electricity. · 1976 150 Commuter, 400 hours, $12,950. · 1975 Cessna 172, 1FR Skyhawk II, 1,000 hours, $18,500. · 1974 Cessna 310-11, Loaded, including Deice, hot props. . .1958 Cessna 172, Solid, needs paint, $5,995. Cessna aircraft sales in excess of $300;000 last year. Try us, we are easy to do business with. Superior aircraft maintenance. Annuals,repairs, engine overhauls, PT-6 Hot Sections, Cessna warrenty work. · Call toll free 1-800-332-9098. John Slade or Paul Jones. Skyways * Drake Field * Fayeueville, Arkansas SAVE NOW with ULTRA STEAM CARPET and F U R N I T U R E C L E A N I N G Elcara lie Living Sleaiied R d De and odor Hall red CALL NOW $19.95 Ph. S21-3620 Dillard's . Nort*iW9Ext Ark. Rlaza. · Abuse OPEN HOUSE 2135 SWEETBRIAR (off Old Missouri Rd.) SUHDAY, APRIL 11 2:00 lo.5:00 Beautiful new contemporary, 2100, sq. ft. heated space. 16x20 lofl Mailer Sulle or family room, office or sljdy. COME BY AND VISIT WITH JAN HENSON. SEE YOU SUNDAY. TRUMBO CO. 908A Rolling Hills Fayetleville, Arkansas 72701 501-521-6800 MOVING? Hare's How To Save Tim* TroubU I LET ONE CALL DO IT ALL! CAU. 521-9030 TODAY FOR FREE BROCHURE Nationwide Finc{-A-Home Service doesn't charge you a penny for this referral srevice. AREA REPRESENTATIVE Mm. A G E N C Y 1 BURBAN PLAZA - Suite 4 \765 N. College, Fayellevills Ofe. 521-9030, Res. 443-3295 (CONTINUED FROM PAGE ID) Ihere Is impairment in either a person's emotion aJ or in- lelteclual Tunctinning. Many people referred to (he program lor counseling do not have clinical- problems, the newsletter noted, that stem from their drug usage. These persons are often referred (o the other counseling services available at the Center. The aims of the drug treatment program itself include the evaluation of aclient's nature, degree and history of drug dependence, formulation oi treatment plans^ (o help Ihe client deal with drug and other problems, development of skills to aid (he client in coping with stressful situations, and voea tional and educational coun seling. The program emphasizes the need for clients to learn to f i n d 1 legal, responsible ways for meeting personal needs rather than illegal ones. Commenting on the effects of marijuana, Airs, Cromwell safd she Ihmks one way m a r i j u a n a js h a r m f u l lo a feenager is that its constant usage hampers (he adolescent's development of social skills. Tc en s \vh o dep en d on marijuana to relax, and consequently are "stoned" most of the lime, do not receive practice in learning how to relate well with other people when not "stoned.", Because the Center's program d e a l s " with drug abuse prevention a s - well as drug treatment, public education lo the problems of drug abuse is a major program concern. Besides helping lo identify drug abuse anri abusers, the program is aiming lo develop an effective, referral system between area agencies t h a t provide social services, and the program. . T o do this, the community needs to know about the problems and! the program. Mrs. Cromwell said organizations wanting informative lectures or workshops related lo drug abuse should contact her at the Center, 219 S. Thompson, P.O. Bos 728, Spriingdalc, 72764 ) (telephone: 731-7052). America's largest networkof foam insulation specialists SAVE MONEY FAS? Rapco-Foam Insulation SAFE EFFICIENT EASY TO INSTALL EDWARDS INSU1ATING 751 N. OWEN BOONEVII.LE, ABK. 575-417:1 Your "Home Supermarket" VVe'io your friends just around tho coin or. Shop In a relaxed almosphere in Ihe cornier! of Tandy's home building center--at your convenience, V/e'm open 'lil 9:00 eveiy nllc, except Salurday and Sunc/ay. Let us show you vvliat our bag of vafues can oHer.-Your lol or ecreago will probably mako (no down paymonl...wilh easy paynionls up lo 30 yeais. Soe your (rfendly Tandy Home Counselor and modal display at: SrRIN'GDAtK, A R K . i ^601 SO- Trwimpsnn H*y, 71 6 62), T.O. TtOt 331, TJifrl. SOl-TKCVItft Mall loi f r a a l)r«fnjf«, p-r Lou Taylor designs the big, beautiful spring bag . . . Priced from $35 to $45 Always exciting! Lou Taylor now creates bigger, deeper, softer fashion bags for spring. All expertly detailed with facile frames, multiple handles, pockets, gleaming fittings and, of course, his trademark, the gold swivel mirror. In white, bone, tan, copper, block or navy. Handbags--DILLARD'S £Vjy jJ4S'!P'V | 9P tJ- ^fZy^LfffaS 1 i J i^L i ^^^^^^^^2^:^2M:'£s^SSIt North*** MftM« TUw -- Open 10 a.m. t« J p.m. Mofiojf throw;

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