Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 27, 1930 · Page 13
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 13

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1930
Page 13
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Wtilie ths pMt alftd, . ftS * " ^>t «• ' • \ Js 'k\' •» r \ *-•••"*% --.-.. ^.^ .. t , WA&'l4iN»t6^. K 0>, l*ay 2?, tenSte'oiJ«*iai«»K«a th'e flttal bill to„ , up the Fpfofcfefn ef'wnat to *> with it's • war .time power i Shoals, Ala. Stt SWutSt of' Irte 'seflats ' cofhmittee WSJ •; ftfepared the .tariff bill Hi its'final foftn Vif'-tot a vote bii the me'asUte ftrJW without the alteration of orte word. \' •, ^he Muscle, Shoals problem was bfbiKfMt''up in the form of a house substitute for tHe Norris *%aolutlor»> which provides fdr government oper-< atlod of the Shoals, The house; resolution;. However, provides for, private o^eratkm. Should It pa**, U-Would b« sefit to 6onference where the difficult task of reconciling the two conflicting measures would be attempted. Hearings on the Lohdon naval Hm- itatldh treaty were scheduled today b«for% the senate foreign relations afid naval Affairs committees. Senate leaders have^ decided the treaty will not be brought.up for ratification until a special session of congress to fol- loto the present one. Dr. Clarence True Wilson of the Itiethodlst board of temperance, prohibition and public morals, was called before the senate lobby committee for questldriliir today. He will be followed shortly'by Bishop James Cannon, jr. The house naval affairs committee planned today to continue hearings on tHe selection of a site, for a naval dirigible base on the Pacific 'coast. JUDY VDIARY %y LBNA L. SOHBINBERO. THURSDAY. Sue Blake had a linen shower for Joan Jaarshall this afternoon, Joan Is to be marrjed In October. The party was given at the Antio inn, an- adorable little place that just opened up for the summer. The atmosphere is one Of fun and frolic. Toy clowns in every Imaginable posture and per- formlng all sorts of antics appear everywhere. They hold the old fashioned drip candles on the tables, they offer ash trays to smokers, they decorate the walls, and they point toward the "Antic .Shopp'e," a clever little annex, artistlcaly arranged with • antiques of every description. -These are for sale. 1 think it really ought to be called "Old Curiosity Shoppe." . One could spend hours dreaming over! romances that the delightful old ob-j jects Conjure. An old Wihthrop desk, a magnificently carved love seat, a grandfather clock, and a collection of miniatures especially took my eye. Th.cs inn is rather'small, but a de- 110h(jfully cozy place for a private party. There were forty of us. We had our luncheon In the/ dining room on the main floor, and then were ushered upstairs'to the Jolly room for cards. The Jolly room Is an imitation/ of a laughing gallery. Its walls are ^paneled with those trick mirrors which make one look either grotesquely thin or fat. Here, as in'the dining room, the, clown scheme prevails. Car- toorui painted on wood form the frames for the mirrors. I kept thinking what a marvelous play room It would make for children. Undoubtedly It was just that that the owner had anticipated. In some respects wo never grow up. Everybody feels fresher, freer,- and more fit after an afternoon or overling of good fun. And what a jolly good tlme:We had! Joan was surprised and famous "flylnit comrades." Dleudbnne Co«te«. left; and Maurice Bellonte, right, have announced they'll attempt the difficult wes.t- Wrtrd crossing of the Atlantic by air In June. Holders of many-Hvia* tlon records In Eut'ope, they -ire pictured here •« they appeared on their record-breaking distance flight Into Asto. the Gr*t toward 111 ates po s f note or the third tlm* tomtlfrtW 1 *fte* a flve-day visit to SBtttil ArrWflcav „...„ ahd storage of . .. shortly after th* ship .. _ at 8.63 ft. m. xe.89 a. ft. fi. S. f.') yesterday after 1 Its return from a flight to Itio De Janeiro. Th« work cOn^ tlnued throughouf the day, ahd late in the aftdrttoort tit. Hugo BckeneV, commander, afiAbuneed he would start .early -tomorrow." Two new Americans Joined the five . L fWm Pernft«i!«]l«B tf) Tgftvaft*, ft dfUlanfje of aflpfrtftlWrately- 3,606* Jrlfl*B, for * Bttef halt btfore .rjreeeedlng tr> Idtkehufst, N. 3., another 1,800 mile* tiff tftfe Atlantic Sftaboftfa. After, refueling at LakehurSt, If will Cfbss the Atlantic agaltt to Seville, and fly thence to Ffledfiehsh&fen, Germany, Its /home ipbrt. • > LOCAL PHILATELIC MEtf SEND LETTERS VIA GRAF A number of Altoona stamp collector* have seBt letters on the trip of the Graf Zeppelin flow in progress from toledrlchshafen, Germany, to Pefnambuco,- Bra*il. Pot this trip, the thrilled to the .point of .tears. Molit of us arrived at the inn at 12.30. Sue's cOusin Mien Is visiting her, and Sue, on pretext of entertaining her cousin, Invited 1 ' Joan to accompany them to the new Inh for luncheon at 1 o'clock. Joan never suspec/ted that the luncheon tfas to be In her.honor. And what a Shower of linens I . Table covers, bed spreads, bridge sets, towel sets, and baAh mats I H got her a table c)oth and napkins tolmatch, and was a wed bit annoyed to think.that I wasn't very original. There were three other sets just like mine. Sue Is a charming hostess. The menu was more than satisfying. There was melolt cocktail, fried spring chicken with all the trimmings, honeymoon salad, and Ice cream In individual molds of cuplds and hearts. The color scheme was pink and green. The center piece was a bride and bridegroom (expensively dressed dolls) holding a huge" basket of pink roses. There was a pink rosebud at each place and green maiden-hair fern was spread on the cloth In the center of the table. The place cards had darling little brides with tally backs for the bridge/game. I won first prize at bridge, a beautiful little china desk clock. It came as a "pleasant'surprise, because I had no Idea my score was so high. There were eight tables of bridge, and Sue had four prizes, besides an elaborate bed spread for Joan. The second prize was n pretty little shadow lamp, and the third prize'was a whisk broom with a Dresden doll top. The booby prize was a box Of soap done up to represent bon-bons. Alice won the booby prize, and being very generous, offered m£ a piece. "I love chocolate," said I, as I picked out the large piece in the center. Oh, the sensation of biting into a piece of soap with the expectation of a toothsome bite of sweets! Ugh! I can still taste 'it. Everybody had a good-laugh at my expense, "How is it that Judy won flrst prize when she doesn't even know the difference between a piece of candy and a piece of soap?" remarked Fan. • .. ' "Add up my tally, and/see If there wasn't a mistake; I can't believe myself," I' replied. j ' "They have all been verified," said Sue, "and if someone hadn't taken a For the GRADUATE Startling Values! •" v , Blue-White DIAMONDS S Up to $1,000. See our big selection of genuine diamonds, designed and engraved to draw words of admiration froni| every one. & BULOVA WATCHES and up For man and women, Bulova watches have no equal. Jewel movements, flexible bracelets, choice of clever casea. We carry all nation ally udvertl s e (1 Amor 1 u a n Watches — Elgin, Gruen, I 1 1 i n o 1 s, Hanill ton, Howard, Will t h a ni, AVest fl e I d, etc. EASY CREDIT l^AVE' J.KUUNG CttUUlT ilKWEI.KIl enrn' *TIflT61 bite of that soap, the booby prize wbuld have been a failure." "Let's have a kiddie party out here some evening,!' suggested .Mary. "Great!" chimed in Helen. "This is the ideal place. Do you think we can get the men to dress up as kids?" •• "Sure," answered Sue, "My man will do anything I ask. him to. And so will Jimmy Raleigh." '. "I'll have to look into this," 1 laughed. > We helped Joan pile her lineps on the back seat of Sue's 'Car. Judging from the space they occupied, she will have to buy a new cedar chest. , Pain Comes Two hours after eating What many .people call Indigestion very often means excess acid Irt the. stomach. TheVstomach nerves h'aVe been over-stimulated, and food sours. The corrective v is an alkali, which neutralizes acids instantly. And the best alkali known to medical science Is Phillips' Milk of Magnesia. It has remained the standard with physicians In the BO years since its Invention. One spoonful of this harmless, tasteless alkali In water Will neutralize instantly many times as much ado, and the symptoms disappear at once. You will never use crude methods when once you learn the efficiency of this. Go get a small bottle to try. Be sure to get the genuine Phillips' Milk of Magneste prescribed by physicians for 50 years in correcting ekcess- acids. 2Sc and BOc a bottle—any drugstore'. "Milk of Magnesia" has been the U. S. Registered Trade Mark of The Charles H. Phillips Chemical Company and its predecessor Charles H. Phillips since 1675. . tt* 155 cifiRtUrf the e^c%fll irtimp to t tn« f£«B stamp * let- fart IHfr *«? the «1.3> t» th* tetitt 0a*t of trie way, *r,«s% StHtffw wet* ftdt supplied by the ltfca.1 tMBtofffe*, belftfj on sate In nKiy six crtflSS ft tt» riatft. ana Or* re- nlalhlng S6pte* ttWfmtendeii fb b* de- stfoyed Immediately after the flight Is completed. An «HtM«l stamps were recalled front vsiidtt* postdfttces about the country td Washington immedfdte- ly after the Grafs* start. of rtveral hnndw« jwuntf* MToUt at th««8 «*« fcihtottbtftiiy mat ft? eeittet;- tott and philatelic o*fcani*«tfott#. Collector* dedlrtftf ft letter to Tw Vettt by a csMatn rbut*. Jltrch M thM, »t4mp omi addfewi * lltt» W th*rtr«^e*; thin letter they put flltm anotfki* «n- velope or "cttver," fttra addfe** It to the jWstmiMttf *t tft« pMtrvtfle* (torn or to which the tfh> is b*Hig mad*. The peRtniMter h«» It opened, and th« Inslda letter mailed back to the sender. tm Ifote • ekMfiV ***** •f f ortli fttiitn f rk«l * * 1432 Eleventh Avenue SIMMON DS The Last Two Days Of On* Anniversary Month So Prepare for Memorial Day Now FROCKS * i Featuring (Chiffon and Wash Crepes —Featuring New Flowered Prints —Pastel colors—Black and White —Navy and White. Starting at $19.75 1432 Eleventh Avenue Frocks Small sizes only for Final Clearance $8.95 & $13.95 "For Latest Fashions Visit Simmonds Daily iRm^^t^m^WjS^^i^^ FOR PEOPLE WHO, AREN'J OF NEW IDEAS THE NEWEST GASOLINE modernized by Vacuum's Process for the cars of this generation f . • ' By the makers of Mobiloil S OME folks shied at four-wheel brakes. JNow everybody wants them. Some folks were doubtful of balloon tires. Now every car has them. Motors, too, have changed in the last few years. That's why up-to-the-minute people are switching to Mobilgas. It's modernized by Vacuum's Process of distillation. It's by the ( makers of Mobiloil. Try this brand-new fuel. It's mighty well thought of by the thousands who have already switched to it, and it costs no more,, INDEPENDENT OIL COMPANY Inc., of Pennsylvania flftww^A SWITCH TO MOBILCAS FOR JUST ONE WEEK AND LET YOUR CAR DECIDE!.. HERE'S WHERE YOU CAN BUY ITI *T«nk Dow, -1141 FlMt Avenue . W. 1. FMnk, 700 Fifth ATenoe Ooyer * O'NelU Company, 400 Ptonh KoM ^^^ IndepVndent Oil Company, 18th Avenne »nd l«h Street independent (HI Company, Ujriwen, Heckler'* Serrlee Station, 5th Avenue and SM 4. A. Kelly, IJy»wen .' __ William Kepple, Qreen Avenue and 7th Street Stephen Klnch, Bnckhovn Road Mainrle * Gosneir, US Chestnut Avenue Street and ISth Str«t W. H. * t. C. MeFaAand. 402 B. Ben Avenue .National Motor Car Company, Plank Bowl W. S. Painter, Wehnwood __ Fenwer Servhse Station, 7th Avenm and ttm* Street T * yUn0 St. ft Pleasant Valley A»e. 8. A".' Weanter," Altoona " J. W. Wertiberger, 1BS8 4th'Street C. A. Wlnslnger, Altoona. • Vacuum Oil Company, Altoona R. E. Wilt, Junlata Metro Service Station, Greenwood II. B. Stewart, Alexandria R. f. O. It. C. Samuels, Alexandria C. R. Mallory, Atlanta Crownover Brothers, Bald Eagle Mammon ft Dallurd. Btdford Swarts Motor .Company, Bedford Hellwood Sendee Station, Bellwood •John T. Nelson, Bellwood/ C. F. Wertz Oarage, Bellwood 4. A. Sehmlttle, Bellwood Carl K. Edmlston, Blandburg C. K. Marti, Blandburg K. D. Mash, Blandburc Wm. S. Reynolds, Blandbnrr '— K. H. RichardHon, Blandburx Kyler Harare, Bakers Summit J. P. Hershberger, Cessna I'aul Gazxara, Claysbnrc Llnienfelier Garage, Claysbur* 8. P. Maulc. Claysburt Square Deal Motor Car Co., CurryrlHe .1. F. Wlneland, CnrryvOle J. Vocolnsky, Coalport VVelker Bros., Coalport J. A. McGnlre, Coupon (ieorite Ventorla, Coupon Ventral Garage, Clarence H. M. Snowbercer, Canoe Creek G. L. Seanlon, Chest Sprints Cresson Spring Service Station, Cresses A. C.-Shettlg, Cressoa . Arma Uuey, Dlx -' Allison Service Station, Ouncansvllle Valley Forge Inn, DuneansvUle \V. H. Wyermaa, DuneansvUle , Mrs. H. B. Crl, R. O. No, 1, DuneansvUle W. A. Rhoades, East Freedom II. S. Kepbart, Frederloksburg M. J. Itussel, flshertown Glen White Coal Co., Glen White Orchard Filling Station, Geeseytown lieeseytown Garage, Oeeseytown H. B. Noel, Fallen limber 1. R, Campbell, Gallltiln J. S. Glass, R. U.. GuWUIn W. K. Meyers, GnlllUin 1 I'ederclnl ft Errullanl, GalUUin Wayd« Reynolds, Glasgow 4. Hamilton, Hawk Run' Martin SCallch. Houtxdale A. J. Raker, llollldaysburg 5. U. Fesaler, llollldaysburg Fort Fetter service Station, HolUdaysburg 4. T. Gallagher. Hollldaysburg K. J. Glide*. Hollldaysburg Uiuver Motor Company, Hollldaysburg Guyer ft O'Neill, Hollldaysburg George C. Taylor, Hollldaysburg Von Motor Company, HoUldajisburf K. W. Turley. Irvona Guy Mollierabaugh, Janesvllle C. It. Hamniel, Leanieruville \V. S. Wlneland. Leamenvllle, R. D. No. 1 Horseshoe Trail tiurage, Leamenvllle H. S. Stalley, Loysburg Hanhbergers OaragB, Martlnnburg Irvln Brothers, MountaUdal* Walter A. Hung, Mlieshnrg Hoover Brotheni, Newry Montgomery ft Statler S. S., Newry Ueo. K. Kloti, Mew Enterprise .tieorge Mank, Mew Knterprlsn George A. Croyle, Osterburg C. E. Albert, Oaceola Mills V. T. Helm, Osceola Mills N. Motf, OHceola MlUs I'emi Supply Co., Osceola Mills Wilson's Oarage, Osceola Mills T. E. Huston, Petersburg P. A. Kalsely, Uueen lllck's Garage. Roaring Spring Keith's Gauge, Hearing Spring .Nonnun B. Snyder. Rouring Spring Stewart Servlco Station, Rouring Spring R. D. Nu. \ Sproul Garage, .Sprout H. .1. Humphreys, -South Utkemuut Mirk & r'ickr*. St. i lain*vill* W. R. Hosterman, State Cullege W. F. McTlellau, State Collefn (i. M. NerhoodT State College Morris, ShaversvUle Sandy Ridge Garage. Sandy Bldge Beale Service Station, Tyrone J. Uavls, -Tyrone Keystone Tire tt Supply. Tyruae lohn N. Koeuer, Tyrouo R. J. iJindb No. I. Tyruiie I'. I'. MUlrr, Tyrone U. K. Turubaugh, I'yruua 1'ran Colaalal Garage, Tyrone felern BruUivn, 'I'yrouc Tyrone Auto Salvage 1 S. 8.. T>'uu« N. A. Shaw. Tyruae H. F. MoCit * Son. Tlytuo 4. H. ScanJan, Tiptun M. I. O'Shell, I'luhviU.- iJuilj'i Guragc, rulunvUIr 4. B. McMuoauiy. Vau Orute.r Iue Alulse, WUIhuuakurg fcv. ».•.•:;•.•.•..•.•-• <$&?K-$®$t$

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