The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on January 23, 1908 · Page 13
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 13

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1908
Page 13
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iDAY, JAN. 53, 1908. CHILLICOTHE CONSTITUTION. Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription IB a non-secret, non-alcoholic and most potent invig*orating-,restorative tonic and strengthening nervine, especially adapted to woman's peculiar requirements by an experienced specialist in the treatment of her diseases. Nursing mothers will find "Favorite Prescription* especially valuable in sustaining their strength and promoting an abundant nourishment for the child. Expectant mothers too. will find it a priceless boon to prepare the system for baby's coming and to render the ordeal comparatively easy and painless. Over-burdened women in all stations in lift whose vigor has been undermined by exacting social duties, over-work, frequent bearing of children, will find "Favorite Prescription" the greatest strength giver ever employed. It can do no harm in any state or condition of the female system. Delicate, nervous, weak -women, who suffer from frequent headaches, backache, dragging-down distress low down in the abdomen, or from painful or irregular monthly periods, gnawing or distressed sensation in stomach, dizzy or faint spells, see imaginary specks or Spots floating before eyes, have disagreeable, pelvic catarrnal drain, ulceration, prolapsus, anteversion, retroversion, or other displacements of womanly organs from weakness of parts, will, whether they experience many or only a few of the above symptoms, find relief and, generally, a permanent cure by using faithfully and fairly persistently Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. This world-lamed specific for woman's weaknesses and peculiar ailments is a pure glyceric extract of the choicest native, medicinal roots without a drop of alcohol in its make-up. All Its ingredients are printed in plafak English on its bottle-wrapper and attested under oath. Dr. Pierc* thus invites the fullest investigation of his formula knowing that it will be found to contain only the belt agents known to the most advanced medical science of all the different schools of practice for the con of all woman's peculiar weakness* and ailments. Dr. Pierce's Lotion Tablets and Antiseptic Suppositories may also be used with great advantage conjointly with the use of the "Favorite Prescription" in all oases of ulceration, and Is pelvic catarrh. They cost onfy 25 cents a box each, at drug stores or. cent by mail, post-paid on receipt of price in stamps by Dr. Pierce whose address is given below. If you want to know more about the composition and professional endorsement of the "Favorite P--e- scription," send postal card request to Dr. R. V. Pierce, Buffalo, N. Y., for \asfree booklet treating of same. You can't afford to accept as a substitute for this remedy of known composition a. secret nostrum of unknown composition. Don't do it. Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets are the original "Little Liver- Pills" first put-up by old Dr. Pierce over 40 years ago. Much imitated, but never equaled. They cleanse, invigorate and regulate stomach, liver and bowels, curing biliousness and constipation. Little sugar-coated granules—easy to take as candy. Have You Seen the advanced Spring Shape in neat Derby hats. It's a straight- brim and narrow, comes in a pretty shade of brown, and at the present time can only be found in Our Store, come in and get one, its the kind the city fellows wear. Always expect to find the Newest hats in our store. G. D. Brant Sc Son. — BUY BEFORE THE RAISE. Ve have been notified of another raise in the price of wagons md if you are needing one you had better buy now. We have he following wagons, "Studebaker," "Weber"' and "Columbus" yhichjro can guarantee in quality and price. We will also con- inuctogiye the 10 per cent reduction on our Buggies, Road Vagons, Surreys and Spring Wagons until they are closed out .as we intend to sell everything in that line we have in our house winter. SCRUBY BROS. C. <&, I. CO. DBS. BENNETT t WILLIAMS Vtterinary Surgeons and Dentists (Offer ilooiM ov«r MHdteton's Hardware Store. So. S. S«.) C»ll. promptly answered day or nlcbt. The word can't is not in our Office Phone No. 641. Residence Phone No. 387, OR. JAS.BEWIEm, D. V. S. OR. D.F.WILLIAMS, O.V.S. CHLUGOTHE MISSOURI OSTEOPATH Chrmte i Mir™* Dlwm PAGE THREE TO USE PROBE AT LINCOLN INSTITUTE. One of the Girls There Became a Mother and the Governor Will Order an Investigation Jefferson City, Jan. 21.—Governor Folk said today that he would direct the Board of Regents of Lincoln Institute, the State school for negroes, to begin a thorough investigation of conditions at that co-educational institution. This determination was readied by the Governor as a result of the birth of a child to one of the students Friday night. The Governor said he expected the Board of Regents would begin an investigation on its own motion, but that if it failed to do so. ie would direct that a searching inquiry be made into the relations between the students, members of :he faculty and the students and he management of the institution, Especially the guardianship of the natron over the girls living in the liormitory. Rumors Involve Instructors. There are many rumors regarding the institute among the ne- groes who have taken an active nterest in the school. It is charged that more than one of the ustructors at the institute is involved. Dr. Cason says he has informa- 1011 that the roommate of the girl vlio gave birth to the child was sent to her home Sunday by the chool authorities, and that another girl was recently sent away. His information, he said, did not justify him in saying why the girls were dismissed from the school. Became Student in September. It has been established that the girl who became a mother Friday night was not a student at the institute last year. She came this year in September from St. Joseph and remained constantly at the school, supposedly under the eye of the matron in the dormitory, until Christmas, when she went to St. Joseph to spend the holidays, n turning a week ago. The child was born Friday af- Urnoon at 5 o'clock. An effort to conceal the child in a trunk is alleged to have been made, but its -erres^becaTne-so^ewd—th at- the at— tcntion of the matron was attracted, and he mother and child were removed to St. Mary's Hospital in Jefferson City. Weigh Yourself *nd then after a few weeks weigh your- selfa|ain. If you are losing weight take SCOTTS EMULSION. Breathe fresh air day and night Eat simple food. Try this for a few weeks. Then weigh yourself again. The experience of thousands of men. women and children is that Scott's Emulsion increases the weight. It contains a power that produces new flesh. This simple treatment often cures consumption. AH Dranhto; SOe. «nd $1.00. LESLIE M. SHAW RESIGNS "Slight Differences" With Found er—Possible Political Aspirations the Cause. NEWS FROM NORVILLE. Norville, Jan. 21. (Special Cor respondence)—The Walters bro thers are loading a car with corn Mrs. Edmun Jones, who ha been sick for some time, is nov getting along nicely. Mr. Clay McVey is here visit ing-his brother John for a fev clays. The Herriford Brothers an. baling hay. Ed Herriford and wife spen Sunday in Ha,le. Raymon Brown of Chillicotht spent Saturday and Sunday witl his uncle Will Price. Miss Julie Johnson of Kansas City, is visiting with her sister Mrs. Rose Herriford. Will Price and wife spent Sunday at the home of Frank Gorman. Rank Foolishness. "When attacked by a cough or a cold, or when your throat is sore, it is rank foolishness to take any other medicine than Dr King's New Discovery," says C. O. Eldridge, of Empire, Ga. "I have used New Discovery seven years and I know it is the best remedy on eart'i for coughs and colds, croup, and all throat and lung troubles. My children art subject to croup, but New Discov ery quickly cures 'every attack.'' Known the world over as the King of throat and lung remedies Sold under guarantee at N. J. Swetland's drue store, soc and $1.00. Trial bottle free. Those ills which falc determines man must boar.—Theocri- tus. A Well Vnown Fact That no akin disease, whether from internal or external origin, can long withstand the two powerful germicides, ZEMO «nd ZEMOTONE, they destroy the germs that cause the disease, they •Iwajicure. Writeforsample. E.W.Eqse iBteiellit. HOW'S THIS? We offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHANEY & CO., Toledo O. We, the undersigned, have known F. J. Chancy for the last 15 years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions, and financially able to carry out any obligations made by his firm. Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price, 75c per bottle. Sold by all Druggists. Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation. A caterpillar's daily food consumption amounts to twice its own weight. A tickling cough, from any cause, is quickly stopped by Dr. Shoop's Cough Cure. And it is so thoroughly harmless and safe, that Dr. Shoop tells mothers everywhere to give it without hesitation even to very young babes. The wholesome green leaves and tender stems of a lung- healing mountainous shrub, furnish the curative properties to Dr. Shoop's Cough Cure. It calms the cough, and heals the sore and sensitive bronchial me'nbrane. No opium, no chloroform, nothing harsh used to injure or suppress. Simply a resinous plant extract, that helps to heal aching lungs. The Spaniards call this shrub which the Doctor uses, The Sacred Herb". Always demand Dr. Shoop's Cough Cure. N. J. Swetland Drug Co. Trenton Republican-Tribune.— Mrs.'C. H. Smith of St. Louis, formerly Miss Belle Tracy, af Tsenton, came here Saturday night and will visit with old frfends for several days, before going to Chillicothe to see her Danger in a Cold Because you have contracted ordinary coldf and recovered from them without treatmen' ol «ny kind, do not for a moment imagln* that colds are not dangerous. Not only pnea monla.bnt also the Infectious diseases such as diphtheria and scarlet fever start with • cold. The cold prepares the system for tin reception and development of the germs ol these diseases. Take our ad vice—cure youj cold while you can. Chamberlain's Cough Remedy to Its remarkable cures of colds has becomt itanle'article of trade and commerce. Itii ;ltls«ffectnal;!t.!srellable, :.,:,•;:,--•••"• Sold by N. J. Swetland Drug Co. The Baltic sea is not salty enough to sustain the life of the oyster. Eczema and Pimples are quickly and permanently cured by ZEMO, a clean liquid for external use. <5EMO draws the germs to the surface of the skin and destroys them, leaving a nice clear healthy skin. Write E. W. Rose Med. Co., St. Louis, Mo., for sample. All Druggists sell ZEMO. Sold by tbe Swetland Drug Co. There is no wisdom like frankness.—Beaconsfield. Simple R;medy for La Grippe. La Grippe coughs are dangerous, as they frequently develop into pneumonia. Foley's Honey and Tar not only stops the cough but heals and "strengthens the lungs so that no serious results need be feared. The genuine Foley's Honey and Tar contains no harmful drug and is in a yellow package. Refuse substitutes. N. J. Swetland Drug Co. The best doctors in the world are: Doctor Diet, Doctor Quiet ai d Doctor Merryman.—Swift. A Cure for Misery. "I have found a cure for the misery malaria poison produces," says R. M. James, of Louellen, S. C. "It's called Electric Bitters.. and comes in 50 cent bottles. It breaks up a case of chills or * bilious attack in almost no time; and it puts yellow jaundice clean out of commission." This great tonic medicine and blood purifier gives quick relief in all stomach, liver and kidney complaints and the misery of lame back. Sold under guarantee at N. J. Swetland's drug store. SAMPSEL ROUTE 2. Sampsel. Route 2. Jan. 21.— (Special Correspondence)—Calvin Bills is sick with pneumonia. His daughter, Gertrude, returned from Kansas City Friday to take care of him. Mr. aad Mrs. Morgan returned from Pattonsburg, Friday. Reece Gibson is very ill with an attack of pneumonia. Miss Lida Miller returned to her home in Gallatin. Miss Bertie Patton, Marie Johnson and Messrs. Everett Morgan, Willard Larimore and Harry Johnson were : guests of Laura Boucher. Monday evening. Mrs. Elizabeth Boucher is confined to her bed with an attack of la grippe. New York, Jan.'21.—Leslie'ij Shaw lias resigned the presidenc} o! tlie Carnegie Trust companj which lie assumed last March on his retirement from the treasur portfolio at Washington. In ex r-laining his resignation tonigh -Mr. Shaw said that he had "smai differences'' with Charles C Dickson, the organizer and chie owner of the trust company. O his future plans he would sai nothing definite beyond this state ment: "I may shy my castor into the political ring." Mr. Shaw is a receptive candidate for Republican nominatior lor President, hut he would not say that he had resigned to make the race. YOU FARMERS We would be pleased if you would bring us your repairing oi harness, collars, saddles, etc. within next 30 days, as we will be so busy in March we can do little in that line. Sjdsw Hicks & Tanner. OF VITAL IMPORTANCE No other organs of the body are so essential to good health as the cidneys. Foley's Remedy makes the kidneys healthy so that they vill strain out the impurities from the blood which is constantly passing through them. Commence taking Foley's Kidney Remedy at the first sign of danger. N. J. Swetland drug Co. From the hawsbilh. turtle of the Caribbean sea comes the tortoise .hell of commerce. It is very important and in fact t is absolutely necessary to health rhat we give relief to the stomach promptly at the first signs of Touble. Take something once in i while; especially after meals; something like KODOL for dyspepsia and indigestion. It will enable your stomach to do its vork properly. Sold by N. J. SwetlanddrugCo. The man who stops to dissect :is pleasures never wears a glad ook long. English 'Ipavin Liniment removes lard. Soft or Calloused Lumps and Blemishes from horses; also Blood pavlns, Curbs, Splints, Sweeney, Ping Boue, Stifles, Swollen Throat*. Coughs etc. Save $50 by the use of ne bottle. A -wonderful Blemish !ure. Sold by the N. J. Swetland Drug Co. Too manv cooks may spoil the •.roth, but .they can't hurt the jreakfast food. John—"What kind of tea do THI like best? Priscilla-"Go-tces, ome. but Rocky Mountain Tea best." IJohn—"Why Hollister's ^ocky Mountain Tea best?" Prisilla—"It speaks for itself, John." Makes lovely complexions.) N. . Swetland. With some women, housekeeping is but a question of doilies .nd scents. Why Vinol Is Better Than Any Other Remedy to Restore Health and Stre Because Vinol is a real Cod Liver Preparation and does not contain a single disagreeable or harmful ingredient and is not a secret fox'mula. Because Vinol contains all the medicinal elements — the soothing, healing, strengthening and ilesh creative properties of Cod Liver Oil — but without oil or grease. Because everything in Vinol,—except the tonic iron and a fine old wine,— is actually extracted from fresh cods' livers and their oil. Because Vinol is deliciously palatable and agreeable under all conditions. Everybody likes it. Because Vinol tones up the system, strengthens every organ, nerve, muscle and fibre of the whole body and thus overcomes weakness by thoroughly eradicating the cause of disease. That's Why Vinol is altogether different and better than any other remedy for Coughs, Colds, Bronchitis, and all Throat, Lung and Wasting Diseases. That's Why Vinol Restores Health and Strength to Delicate Children, Feeble Old People, Weak and Sickly Persons, Nursing Mothers, and Convalescents. WE RETURN MONEY IF IT FAILS TO GIVE SATISFACTION CLARK'S PHARMACY Advice to Mothers: Don't let our children waste away. Keep hem strong and healthy during lie winter with Holiister's Rocky lountain Tea. It is the greatest rjnic for children. Pure and armless, docs the greatest good, Sc. Tea or Tablets. X. J. Swet- and. It is always a good plan to try :> make it unnecessary for your •lends to give you the benefit of ic doubt. Eczema is Now Curable ZEMO, a scientific preparation for xternal use. Stops itching instantly nd destroys the germs that cause skin iseases. Eczema quickly yields and is ermanently cured by this remarkable medicine. A11 Druggists. "Write forsum- le. E. W. Rose Med. Co.,St. Louis, Mo. Sold by the N. J. Swetland. It is,best not to try to get the cst of vottr best friend. . FELL 280 FEET. Webb City, Mo., Jan. 21.—Af- or dropping 280 feet in a hoisting .ib at the American I'.eanty mine \ : o. 2 here this morning, William .iler, Andrew Uodine and John lumincr escaped with their lives, ach suffered a broken leg. OR. HUMPHREYS' SPECIFICS. Dlr^lloni 1,1th *«ek Till In Tlte nglish, German, Spanish, Portuguese and French, FOB P* 1 " 1. Feven. Congestions, Inflammations *<J 2. Worm.. Worm Keter.orWorm Disease.. £3 3. Colic. Crying and Wakefulnesa of Infants.25 4. Diarrhea, ot Children and Adults ^a 5. Dysentery, Griplngs, Bilious Colic ta 7. Cough.. Colds, Bronchitis J» 8. Toothache, Faceache, Nearalgia fa 9. Headache. Sick Headache. Vertigo..... Z» 0. Dynpepiia. Indigestion. Weak Stomach 8? 3. Croup, Hoarse Cough, Laryngitis V3 4. Salt Kheum.Eruptions,Erysipelas ....33 5. Rheumatism, or Rheumatic Pains -a 6. Ferer and Aeue.SIalaria ---a 7. Pile«. Blind or Bleeding, External, Internal.23 19. Ophthalmia. Weak or Inflamed Eyes 28 19. Catarrh, Influenza,Cold In Head.:... 23 20. WhoODtag Cough, Spasmodic Cough ... ...-.> »l. A«tbina,0ppressed, Difficult Breathlns«....-3 VI. Kidney Disease. Gravel. Calculi -» 88. Kcrrmu Debility. Vital Weakness l-OO 29. Sore Mouth,FeverEoresor Canker... •£<» 30. UrUary Incontinence. Wetting Bed »t» 34 Sore Throat, Quinsy and Diphtheria -a 35. Chronie Congestion., Headaches^.... .5 77. Grippe, Hay FeyeraadSamnier Colds.---25 Medical Book Bent tree- HOXPHBEys 1 '!' " f lUJan) «H Join C CO., Cora* OAK GROVE. Oak Grove. Mo., Jan. 21. (Special Correspondence)—The four clock passenger train on the \V abash, set fire to a meadow Monday evening and burned a arge rick of hay belonging to Charles Herriford. Mr. Herriford was not at home at the time, but leighbors turned out and saved i number of other stacks. O. D. Jones deserves a Carnegie ntdal. While a number of young peo- )le were skating on Dayton lake iunday morning. Mr. Jones and i girl companion were skating to- ether when they struck an air lole and both went in. Here Mr. s proved himself a hero by lolding the girl up out of the vva- er until assistance arrived. For- unately the lake was not deep md thev escaped with nothing •.ore than a ducking-. The Cliiilicothe-Bedt'onl Tele- hone Co., held a meeting at the csidence of Pat Slattery, Mon- av evening. Miss Jennie \Vaugh of Oklaho- 1:1. is spending the week with her oiisin. Miss Goldie Gates. Flan Israel arrived home from Kansas last Tuesday. .Air. and Mrs. Fred Found of ieadville spent Sunday with Mr. nd Mrs. Charles FIcrriford. Ur. Swope and wife of Wheel- ig spent Sunday at B.F.Head's. Floyd Sninmervillo visited ames Stewart, Sundiy. Misses Margaret Childs and layme Smith of Chillicothe were nests of Miss Bessie Israel. Sun- ay. Mrs. Henry Cravens of Chilli- .nhe spent the latter part of the eek at the home of her brother Villiain Coberly. Mrs. O. V. Lair and Mrs. Adam lillerof Chillicothe visited at the nine of John Stewat, Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. George Ytomans >ent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. jhn Yeomans. CLARK'S PHARMACY, CLARK'S PHARMACY, EDISON PHONOGRAPH 'VICTOR TALKING MACHINES No use to send away for a grapnophone, keep your money in the community, we sell you an Edison or Victor gra- phophone as cheap as any mail order house in the world, and on easy terms. Machines $12,50 to $40.00. Eight inch Victor Records 35c, ten inch 60c, Edison Gold Mould- ed records 35c, big stock to select from. Graphophone needles 5c per hundred. Send for catalogue. CLARK'S PHARMACY Henrietta Bldg., Chillicothe, Mo. -i-r-K-X-H-I-H-H-H QS-TE-OP- I'ho drngless remedy for the roller of the suffer'n«. Is .-acidly winning favor with thinking people. For further Information Bun Ovei Gunby A West, OHILLtCOTHE. MO. DR. T. G. PHELPS Consultation and .Examination Free, Phones: Office 141; Res. 208. J *frH-l I |.».H'M'H"I"!"I"I"H-I-I"M"!"I"M 1 l"f'H 14 :i Mil II MEINERSHAGEN FURNITURE CO UNDERTAKERS. PHONES: NIGHT 153, Mat McUride and Miss Dora Murrav called on Miss Julia Johnson. Sunday. Miss F.ura Bate visited Chillicothe relatives, last week. Miss Lucy Fitzpatrick spent Saturday night with Miss Kate Slattery. Theodore Israel gave a party Saturday evening in honor of his 21 st birthday. An orchestra composed of Homer Israel violinist. Floyd Summerville. mandolin and Miss Lucy-Fitzpatrick at the r.rgan. furnished some excellent music throughout the evening. Refreshments were served at late hour and the guests retained to their homes after wishing their host many happy returns. Those present: Misses Anna Summer- vIMe.Kate Slattery.IV;-rtha Kayloi. May me Smith. Maggie Quids. Ruby Coberly. Jennie Waugh. Imo Coberly. Maggie Slattery. Goldie Gates. Fffie Pursell. Grace \YalCers. Luc Fitzpatriek, Tv'er- n i Fiate. Bessie Israel. Lulu Mate: Messrs. Theodore Israel. O. II. Jones. Jim Stewart. F.arl Israel. Charlie Stewart. Frank Hill. Xate Kester. Baxter Kent. \Vill W ana- maker, Cleve Kissick. John Ho- gcn. Flovd Summerville. John. Frank and Mike Slattery. Jesse Hate. Homer Israel. Howard Smith. John Israel. Jonas Walters, Mr. and Mrs. \V. F. Israel. MT7 OLIVE NEWS. Mt. Olive. (Jan. 2r.—(Special Correspondence.)—Juanita. khe little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Haines, has been very sick. Miss Emilie Allen has returned home after closing asuccessful term of school at the Black school north of Springhill. Mrs.-T. T. Williams left for Gallatin Saturday -for * • few weeks' visit with her daughter, Mrs. Arch Thompson. Jonatfian Dfyd'erij formerly of The Man With Dandruff can now be cured. He should buy a j bottle of ZEMO to-day. ZEMO destroys | ._ • ^erm that causes the disease. Its | usestops itching instantly, prevents fall- ng hair and leaves the scalp in a clean lealthy condition. All Druggists. Sold by N. J. Swetland Drug C. this neighborhood, but now a prosperous ranchman of Oklahoma, was visiting relatives here this week. Died, January 15. at the resi- mce of Robert Williams, Josephine Irene, the six months old laughter of Mr. and Mrs. John Cochran. Interment was made Thursday morning in the Curtis cemetery. Miss Minnie Starkey entertained a number of friends Sunday at j the home of her sister. Mrs. Chas.) Ratilie. i The rivival meetings at M!t. Olive are still in progress. Rev. Carl Davis is being assisted by his brother. Rev. Flail Davis, of Gallatin. SUPER'S LAUNDRY The only country town Laundry in the wcrld using a Troy No. 5 Collar anil CutT Ironer. The only country town Laundry in he wo"ld using a Kennicott watei softnei and purifier. The only small town Laundry in the world having its own water and ga,s plants. The only small town Laundry in , the world doing city grades o* work \ at country town prices. ) Our equipment is very extensive and; expensive,and was bought for you.) JSHMAEL S ALLEN, Successors to J. 8. MeNally Bus, Baggage, Dray and Transfer Line. Office at the same stand, opposit Leeper House; phone 136-' Leepe House phone 22. Call? -miswerei promptly day or night. ** I M-* t ** I •: 'H I'** I I H-H-I-* !•* We are never so happy or so unhappy as we suppose.— La Rochefoucauld. When the baby is cross and has you worried and worn out you •vill find that a little Cascasweet, the well known remedy for babie- and children, will quiet the little one in a short time. Contains no opiates. Sold by N. J. Swetland r.iugCo. Mosl people pay too much for le things they get for nothing. DeWitt's Carr-olized Witch Hazel Salve is especially recommended for piles. Sold by N. J Swetland drug-company. A PRAIRIE FIRE. Sparks from a passing engine set fire to a large pasture on the \Vabash railroad west of town: Tuesday afternoon. The damage bv the fire was small. ]. W,DAVIS| T —LIVE STOCK AUCTINEER— '.'. ]" Six years experience in this and ,, .. adjoining counties. Satisfaction •• •f* guaranteed. Address Route 3, " \ f ~ Chillicothe, Missouri, or tele-. • phone Springhill Central . ,; •I-I-H- r-t-'i .M..X..I..H-I-K-I-M-M-I-M- • DR. J.E. CALL A WAY Does a general practice. Gives special attention to treating all Chronic ailments, and more especially any diseased condition of the EYE, EAR, NOSE and THROAT. Otlico well equipped with latest, improved paraphernalia. Cull and in vestigate' Olficp of :i rooms l/va- Kir.-.t .Vtitloual Bank Kulldlnv, I' K. Con; i- smuir* OMUlcotlie, 3to. Residence Phonn No. O'Hco 57, CATARRH Ely's Cream Balm Is quickly absorbed. Gives Relief at Once. It cleanses, soothes, heals and protects the diseased , membrane resulting from Catarrh and drives away a Cold in the Head quickly. Ec- stores the Senses of Taat» and Smell. FullsizL-Ui ets , atPnig- by mail. In liquid form, 75 i*nta. .ers, 56 'Wiureo Street. NewTork. Wabash Time Card. 'EAST BOUND TRAINS No H— Atlantic Kxprosa, 8t. Louis and b«-yond 12::aan: No. & Mail and Express, St. Louis aad Intermediate Points J:58 p m No "0—Local FrtMecht, daily ex cept Sunday 12:30o m WEST BOUND TRAINS. No I—Pacllle Express. Counr.ll Bluffs, Omaha and for points beyond 2:17am No. 3—Western Mai!and Express 4:00pro Ko. 71—Local freight, daiiy except Sunday U:SOm All passenger trains ran dally. The Wabaah via Omaha, makes the quickest time to San Francisco. Portland, Salt Lake City and Intermediate points. Nrun- e r 6 make good connections at Brunswick o r Kansas. City and points west* W. R. STEPP, AGENT. O. W. 368 MO. Meet second and fourth Tuesday's each mouth at the Forest, Mllbank bulldln?, north side sq. "Jlsada Bradford, 0. 0. Oehler, Olark.

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