Independent from Long Beach, California on February 21, 1969 · Page 45
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 45

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, February 21, 1969
Page 45
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Htlp W«*c4 IMEN) TRAILER Mechanic EXPERIENCED Body Builders Departmenta Helpers ISO ) s. C Help Wintt4 HO (WOMEN) BABYSITTER re. wk Oavs 4 ever/ 3rd Sat. Live cut. 04.4:133 BABYSITTER, Matu'e *c-rian (3 no-Tie. v.c. P.C. Hwv. P. re (2131 OT-3634, e.--i. BAB'YSITTER-iiie tisewrk, live in. Ref. Buena Par* (7M £289722 BABYSITTER, licensed, my home evenings. 433 Q5S* before 3 p.m. BABYSITTER Live In. Care" 3vr7 boy. Llle housework, Ref. 8M-31IR. BARMAlDS^-atiroclive. needed for BARMAID. "Doll HtKBf". »I3 E. IOII1 St. L.B. ""BARMAID" ' (WOMEN) COCKTAIL WAITRESS Youna, attractive, no e*:. "AGO PAGO. 131 E. FIRS! ST. COCKTAIL WAITRESS YrL-na attractive, no em nee. CIRCUS ROOM 111 L.S. Blvd. COCKTAIL waitress, vouno OS tractive. Apply. Tr-t Ha. en. ';;:- L.B. Blvd. COCKt AIL WAITRESS RM Mill, 115 Loan!. No «xp. nee. COLLECTION CLERK We're looking tor « reliable r-s- *urt laav i;nc!?r l^, v.^o rf-.»'i/ Htlp Wantttf 140 (WOMEN) HOUSEKEEPER tor Guest Hor-e, ov*r 50. Live in. J?8-M6; J39-W* HOUSEKEEPER, ttv* h, i av» HOUSEKEEPER-- lor eo-jHs. sort e coo^irij. No oTin or swo*,*. Ltv* tn. Oisn rm, batrt TV. ret. J200 mo. to start 421-2377 INSTRUCTRESS fo r F'Qire Salon for Women f-u'i pr oart timt. J?0 d»v. salar/ - bci- INSURANCE S?crelaiv, CADfriwced in tire Cisua'tv. JSfnc.' We ti^i. Salarv c o rn .-n e *i s u r e \ e 2SW Htlp Wonted 140 Help Wanted (WOMEN) IWOMCNI REGISTERED NURSE Current opining exiiti Tor « registered nur*« ro friin m trit fit'd of occupation*! hpa'th nursing for * l»adnq manufacturing concv^ Opportunity to tittr i tfimu'ating *r-d v^a 1 1401 : Htlp Wanted (WOMEN) i Shirt Pres* Operato " ' INDEPENDENT JAM) CLASSIFIED HE rS7S* I*60THeip Wanted (WOMEN) PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM)-- Lon«_Be«h._Cailf., ^f^v^Ftb^ HO Help Wanted " (WOMEN) " [YPiST CLERK i BAR MAIDS '· ! new. ! 3JcS L.3. 3'vrf " "KEYPONCK'OPERATOR 'STATISTICAL CLK. iSC 13 ' 1 * ' " " Jt D "" Telephone Answering Service Operator ' .r-r -". f '. ·*·. · ·'*·.· ! · · -· IV F. » - V - - T '. .v .- - · TYPIST TYPIST-GEN. OPC. _ _ __ t ! ?£-')S"i COUNTEP. MiohM I 3 ? o:-n. The Biinard ^als:?- 8-t'f!c-/rtr Blvd., B*!Ktow-r, WAITRESSES S rC^7AIL -- AcO'V row, f A . , f S QSSrAUPAN', B' x3"fi-:f,l Fountain Va ! *7 .. Bffwl. ill FXP. TO , , !',' 10 A-V S3*, to i -.V. . DAY OR NI1E Experienced in truck uar-r or ; heavy equipment reaair service : won; oeslred. 10 oiid hohdavi, rv-sid Insurance piogram. Gcod - worxino conditions. Call Ru;«el Kmaer 69M2S1 HIGHWAY TRAILER TRAINEES NOW HIRING TRAINEES Out to »xMns1on of our faculties m Southern California, we hsvc. Immediate openlnqi for reliable men with all tvce work backgrounds. Train at our expense. Must be 18 vrs. or over. Ne-.v cwi- tracis tnablt us to start new men from . . . $4584640 PER MO. 5omt management Millions also available to men with supervisory exoerlence. For personal Interview Call 925-5089 Fri Sat. 9:30-6:30 TRUCK Dispatcher trainee, 55-35, trucfc extier. preierred but not ncc. Snould know L.A. Basin, Oranye, Riverside San Bernardino counties. Send resume to Box A 4351 tnd. PrMS-Telenram T.v. Service man, out side. '" ~TV TECHNICIAN For servlclna hosfjilill IV tor a company. No house calls. P.iid holidays vacation. Also TV Systems Installer. 321 Ml 3. UPHOLSTERER furniture ass»,b- Irr. Sofr«n. 925-1037 Wanted College Studenis or Retired Men For Afternoon D E L I V E R Y OF T H E PRESS - T E L E G R A M NEWSPAPER ROUTcii. GOOD PROFIT PLUS CASH PRIZES. HOUSE TO HOUSE DELIVER/ PLUS C O L L E C T I N G . MUST HAVE CAR OR H O N D A . AREA BF- TWEEN PACIFIC TO ORANGE, P.C. HWY TO V.'ILLOW. CALL HE i- llol, EXT. 2i WAREHOUSEMAN -- For small oil distributor. Permanent, age 30 to 50. ApnlvlSWW. 14th, L.B. Warehouseman $500 Exp. helDful. military complete JEWEL COOPER AGENCY 11701 LB Blvd. 6387770 Water Works Main*. Man Experienced ME 3-1901 Welder Trnee . .. .$2.50 Mat hews Frnplovmcm Agency "il627 LB Blvd. Lvnwood 631-^155 WELDER-BRAZIERS Production experience VIRTUE BROS. MFG. 19601 So. Santa Ft Common JUST NORTH OF DEL A.V.O WELDERS Certified Short arc i Hel.rac welder.. ExDerlrnced in pipe weldino. Call 583-4131 Arc gas. Hi oresiurt U!DC riie- rifiicc. Call 43I-61E6 W E L D E R S 0 f. V/ Truck Equipment Co. S3 to start. FXD. nee. 500 i!. No. of Posccrans on Orange, Paramount leorn wire strandino 6 other nhrasos of cable nifg. Wontlei 'u OOP for the riaht man. Seven Strand TacMt, 1479? CliesJnut, Westminster. WOODWORKING machinist oDCr.itor Employment 155 Agencies (WOMEN) MODELS SIZPS 5 to U. 13 to 45. Married or single. Full or nart time. TEA ROOM MODELS FASHION 510 ccr show HAIR STYLE MAGAZINE MODELS 320 hr. SHOWROOM MODELS S A F E T Y DEVICE PROMOTION 32.50 per hour COSMETIC DEMONSTRATORS NA- HONAL FIRM. PHOTOGRAPH (16-30 vrs) S50 oer TEENAGERS HOSTESSES. Teen-aoe rair. TECN-AGER f ArALOGUL MODELS. All aoplicants Interviewed bv closed circuit W PAT QUINLAN Agencv 531-9420 6743 Paramount, Suito D-- l.kwd. ADRIAN'S "AGENCY 5305 'ATLANTIC * '*~ 423'-4i6 C'.l FiJK TYPISTS (mnnv ?^0 CO. PAYS FEE loihnr fee lobs) LEE STEVENS AGENCY 815V: L.B. BLVD. al Alomliu t3B;5I?l Help Wanted UQ ( WOMEN t R A R M A i n ' COMSULIAKT:" Eprn" j.Vor mor? D/\KMAIU wr ev ening. - jysi 'or ii3wl-«g 3* Yo'.-no, aMract:ve, r.s e*o. ne: . vttjr sTumina n-\v waroroe o; _Si_-_^eR JOLLAR 53 LS Sr.d. «.-afitv wiqs i nairpietev^ Ca t ' Apply, The Haven, 256 L?B. Blvd. · ( / 1 M5-*C52; 630-1676 : BARMAID. o c e ? i * o 3 0 . ! Iii33 Param. 55. i« !»3'j'"s.- . BARMAIDS wanted, par: 0' -j.i · lime. 1311 W. Anaheim BARMAIDS, InAxwr.. wli tron- fiame bar, 8513 F. Artesia, Beiiff. BARMAIDS, day or nlre In V/iimmo- Icn, San Pedro. 8307331 BARMAID 21 10 25. S3. oer nr. SKIPPER BEER BAR 2-iQ E. BROAD\VAY, L.E. 432-7033 BAR MAID wanted, nighit, 21-35. 7356 Stewart Grey, DOATGV, BARMAIDS 21 to 35. costume. Fiammao Bar, J3S-974K ' ° j BARMAlD,top;esi corrm., ouar. 52JO j vA., no Sun. Si?-C21J. ' BARMAIDS. NO ccsUme cr *XD. ne- ceiS. NLB. «4-?249 or 630-S467. BARMAIDS t svLirsT HFW sroi in TCV.V:;' Full time or part time. Colt Davi. _J2/ : 0232. BAR .ViAID, BiKlnl. (icrwalk. Elaine, 8ti9036. 10 a.m.-6 p.m. '"BARMAID M 3^ hr. NO *XD. ne;eiia r v 1330 V rt iitd Fe Ave., L.^._ B A R / A A l b Tor b;er Vurme .n IJow- nay. tiig'its. Va-jig i single, 2i fo 25. Cill Rd/ 31923-^030 COMPLETELY TOPLESS t,0!T10. lOD 01V. GOCCJ tiDS. NOP.V. BA.RA'.AtDS-- (lerman s o e fl k i n a warned lor new German Hottnau. ·\03lv 'o iwnon See Herman, 1490 Long aortC.'i Blvd. ,J2 9237 "BARMAlDS-BiklNi"" " V.'ork 1:1 busicil hyuss in Sou'licm Cniifjrni.i. S;00 week ouiiranice. No escerlencc necessarv. THE HOLIDAY 10715 Norwalk Blvd. Snnta Fe Springs 94J-65W 8EAUHCIAN, oart time, with (Glowing. «2-E«3 BEAUTY OPERATOR International Hair Styling Is hiring beautv operator, full time or pan time. Guarantee plus comm. Exoc- rienccd only. Call Mr. iVtahioubru, BEAUTY OPERATORS hull time. Guar. comm. PRINCESS BEAUTY SALON 11303 LOS ALAMI10S BLVD. Los Alamitos 431-2501 BEAUTY OPERATOR. Bixbv Beauty Salon, -1M Orange Ave. \ ull or part time. Closed MONDAY. GA (TEAUTY'~OPFHA'IOR. ilioti sivit B~EA~uYY (JiJJi'Jt'oir~fxtjeif!~PAifK~ PI A?A BEAUTY Salon 597-M51 or BF"A~UTY~iJoerolof~tulT"time ircl. BE~AUTY ooeratorT~G"mnv's House of Bcoutv. 3000 Sanie FR. i26-3B3S. "BKKPOTC". ""$"550 thru PS.L, also fee lobs GENIE EMPLOYMENT AGFNCY 544* Atlantic Ave. 438-3618 aradoate. 5 days. 426-2912 B S2wie§oe E helpful. «1-94J5 BOOKKEEPER lull Chare . ... .'o S550 Free, trdlnecs try us, nKo tee ioos AHA AGENCY 138J AtlantiL 591-4401 COOK i oerso/i. .'.Vs. Young, ~xts Sf\ic* MCr., PlK'.Mf HOSSH!. 17831 S. '" S£S ~" i co"f5f'""~ tnsiituTionoi cxocr'ence COSMETICIAN for Dhormacv. L.B. Marina creo. Qualified cosmetician io issumt aesi. res oonsiblii tics. 439-OV78. COUNTER GIRL-prefer youno o?- troctive merrier) oiM ior Toco COUNTEft OIRL - Exoerlenced only. Modern dry cleonlna plarit. licht scw:nQ. Aoolv !n person citv. : Park Plaza Cleaners. ! W rJ. V.'c-siern AVE. SC'i Pt v aro ] CREDIT Clk. ~ " $400 IVM a. use 10 Kev i _ J f W f L rOOfEB ACFHCY ' DANCE" TEACHER" " E»oer. necessary, tu!l cr f.o r l June. Excellent opaortunilv 'or auulifieJ i-erion. Call Mr. Arnold oi (213) « 3 67 VS. Dental-- Front Desk Girl Ai'.uit tiove V. nov.-| edce o' Deni^'i ,-, All theses. Win. 2 vn e A a e r r f n c t Tow pov, triune bciifins. Aii utf'.'r DENTAL ASSISTANT Cnoi r Sid?, exrerienced, e*ceii--.t nay Cnil 9Jl-?3?a. Denial Library Secretary v.'Oifio diCtaJion roau'. r e-. .v^a as6i for tj-'irie 1 ' info'maiioii. DICTAPHONE SECT'Y Companv benenh, iree ort^mu -.7-. · 2M-207: DRAFTSMEN See our ad under male "Draftsmen" in today's tielo wanted. U.S. Citizenship Required LOCKHEED ELECTRONICS Data Products Division A division of Lockheed Aircraft Corp. 6201 E. RANDOLPH City of Commerce Mr. Fio r ence L.B. Frcev.'av taual ODDortunitv Employer MF DRILL PRESS V.'onisn io do inacliirie driltir.g touting. dfDurnng ( i:!C puncn DreiS v.'ork. E«(ct.lf;': v.'orMng rondit'ons. AOi:!Y in per,o.T Communication Mfg. Co. 3300 E. Spring St. _ . _ U * . Engineering Secretary .'. vrs. cjioericnce, knowledge of 5i}riigue Cnalnecrlng, I?3M S. Ver- EXEC. SECRETARY Too Skills-Career Small Office, Lonq Beach Pti J26-7108 FLORIST, exo. Full time. 4350 E. 7ih St. GE fi-011? F/C Bkkor-ofc. Mqr. Recent txoen- ence. Sdldry coen. 426-55SS BOOKKEEPER: light DkKpg. some f-r,nA VV^Itr^s «er.ei-ai office tvpino, exoer. In rooa vvaiir^SS tcrvic\vs Mc-nJOV 10 AM to 3 COf-F-LE: SHOP-- DAYS 1701 Mmnolia Avp. L.B. F.'L BHktr oic. Mar. Recent exoen- GIICC Sdlorv optn. 426-5535 Bookkeeper, hull Ctargu ior Progressive construction Co. Benefits, permanent advancement. Call 564-4448 Bookkeeper-Full Charge For CPA Office. Advunc.e'n'-nt 3. benefiis. Permanent. 544-4448. BURR BENCH Precision Aircraft Darts. Bxoer. Mbial Products Mfo. Co. 10iO! Midway St., Cerrltos 860-1331 CAR HOPS, expennncerf- AoolY AftW, 17654 Bellflower Bf. TO 66513. CASHIER PAR1 Tl.ME olso WAITRESS aonly 2131 F. BROADWAY 4J3-OG31 CASHIER TRAINEE Troinino oropram now o^en to nuolllicd dupliconts. Learn all Dhases of finance comuonv OD- erations. High school ornri, some Spanish helotut but not ! necessary. i APPLY Itl PERSON PUBLIC FINANCE CORP. lJfl7 V CravcnsAvc. TORRANCE CASHIER X^dtu.'t. 1 widow Diet. Adult book store (aduil novels, qiriee ! mags. nurfist oubik.itions). R»- Still bouK ^iore, riowntown L.B. ' P.-I/ or isiqht ?'ii}ts. Perm. oopo;. i for ,Tdv-mt.en:c(il. B.Tidftb'f. f.Tll P ! to 5 onlv Won. thru Fri., 437-E390. ; CASHIER: 23 to 50, exu. Lafii« '· R-adv-to-Wear. xlnt v.orlc Cond. i .V.nDt£RN WOMEN 435 Pine Avs. A L C O U N f l H G clcrft. Exr-fir. iv, V «» CASHIEK-HOS 1 bbS S rfav wk. Good co-npony benerin. : _ . ?. . , ,, ., ,_ , r,o«i slnrtlno Sdlftr.-. tti-i.'M pc*;*l r ^P- /'^ ''n^.}, 1 R °, ri ' CLERK rfxccllcnt ocDOffunitv \vi*o sryf.'iny maiiufdLturcr. £/- Dcricnce nreferred. Will train candidate with basic ·iniHurtp in arcountlns. Company retocatintj to Irvine Indus tra! Complex- Oramje Counfy, in 2 monlhs. Attractive salarv/orofit sharlno THE RUCKER CO. 3450 HO'LDREGE'AVE. LA (CULVER CITY AREA) (2131 870.9841 Accts. Pay Clk to $475 Ma thews Frnplovmrnt Aoenrv 11627 LB Blvd. Lvnwood 631 6155 Accounts Payable Clerk EXPERIENCE REQUIRED Calf Mr. f-'elfinrio for Intf-rvff.v RELIABLE STEEL SUPPLY CC!. 740 H. lllth Place I..A. 756-S'H An eoudt oDDortunity cmolov'fr ACTIVITY DIRECTOR Convalescent Hosoitol, pi. :i:r«. Ai'R"dnE~Sl£TY' $500 Grod qrtacflr.ince t oood ski'K. AIR* CAREERS AGENCY r.iSO r .Snrlnp. Si»tr ?H CATtiJiNG Oliver-- 1 stun in LF5- 'to CHEMICAL la'J socrelfliy wit!) exoe- ! rience cs fcchniciiin in aualltv con- i trol bench \vork. 427-9924. CLEANERS-COUNTER Exoer full time. ADD!/ SwiiS rteanci-s 7115 F. luth CLERICAL . , , Bright, Energetic Girf BUSY AD AGENCY. 3-5 YRS. EXP. GOOD O F T I C E SKILLS. SHORT HAND MEDIA WORK DHSIR- ,\^= Senri resume lo MART1NE WOLFSON ADVERTIS- 3450 E. Sorinq St. L.B. MKOA Mfa oxocr desirst VIRTUE BROS WFG , IvSOl So. Santa Fo Comoton Just North of Del Amo Clerk Typist to $500 f.tattiews fmplovment Agency H6?7 L8 Blvd. Lvnwooo 6li-ol CLERK TYPIST i (tVi'otnln'* Isrge- Workr.inn^ r-.^ijo.-^tj'in.i irtMiranrc rorrjer · i-.,is job o^rniiw toi ciprk t/M-.t. ! $415 TO START $435 in 6 MONTHS 1 GAL OFFICE $520 FREE F-REIE: varied duties, also fen lobs GENIE EMPLOYMENT AGENCY gal fri. recept. $400 en[ov ocean atmosphere marina per'.onnel aflencv 122 w 5th at pine he 3-6911 12 w 5lli at Dine tw 2-3911 GALS HEY SWINGER!! If vo'J d ' c YKHIS» attractive, hate gcttino UD every morning, tired of 9 ro 5 lobs, routine duties, boring eveiy day schedules business formalities ... but ... enlov war- tics, traveling, fun, music, danciiig 8, mingllno with a swinging orouu of DCt:)ie, then plan that fu'ure ior voyrself. We will train you evp- mn«s. No cxocr. ncc. ADDlv in por- *;cn 6 Io S o.m iVion. !tuu Fri. ] Io 3 n.m. Sals. W.-. Moroan. Arthur .V.urrav Studio, 247 E. 5th St., L.B. EXPERIENCED teachers ?. intt-rvieweii neetied immediatelv. Farn UD to ^S o£ f n-. GENERAL office, no r-.wrienco necessary. 3 to 10 p.m. Wed. !!ru GENERAL OFFICE 1 oirl oHirp. Rookkf*oinff fo. Necoss. Start $350. 596-0059 GENERAL OFFICE Good oc-5on=lilv. iiis tv»l:iB. Some credii cxserientc. LUT2 AUTO SALES ?H !i LONG BTACH BLVD. COiViPTON (TlTfJ^RAL OHics- tVD« SJ - ..5350 AEA AGENCY 1?=£4 A T L A N T I C 591 44CI GENERAL OFFICE Tyoe 50 wmo. Heavy filing. 15.19 w 132nd St. Gardens GIRL FRIDAY 1 sir) office Hunting- lc:i Beacii, ditrftc., pleasant tci£- ohonc voifc. no exoer- ne«ss., will train 53-iO mo. stdrt. 71^-842-7^7 GIRL 18 to 25 live In houaeheewer- siHer for 10 vr old girl. Plenty of leisure time. Room, board sala- GIRL 71-31, attroctlve, lo work in family tyce beer bar, no costumes Salary plus bonus. ADDlv In person Mr. Dkkens 302 E. Anaheim LB, Suite 200 Girl Friday, LB $500 Gd exp asst ofc mor, tvoc 604 GOLDEN WEST AGENCY 1? Pine RM 314 HE 7-OS01 GIRLS 18 to 25' S-OO mo. to start, lull time v.-crfc.. 8-JO to 5. for ordrr dent. No eta. ] .we. Col! //.r. C-rcen, HE_7-3fijl. GIRLS": 18 to 25 iniereslirm worii :r. nrtlrr dr-'A drot. We tr,-,ln no ?v GIRLS-- TRAVEL Notional concern r.ccrls 70 single : fj.'K ovsr 13. Visit New Yo^k, New Orleans., Hollywood San Franri*-.- ,-.,-) Averaae cflrninQj SI?/ iO £'·' ix-fsci art- transportation 'u r - nisr-rd. Soles or o f f i c e v^or^ SPC ML Brribo-. Kor.a Hotel /.ja E. Occon Siva 10 o.m. lo 5 n.-'i rig-*! o 5 ' ,m D:NO Frwwav- E- r#!-efT : 'ff S°i J -'ili. 3f rnv*, 1 '! i'ea^i' v.y't,. p;e"iSont sTrr^sci 1 '.?-? DAY SHlPT Ci.i to? 3M3.ntni*-nt : Unigard Insurance Group ! vol. HOSD. 230? H. Sanu Fe. L\- ; KITCHEN HELPER Woman for general cleaning A. 1 aisnwcsrier In restourcp.t. Davs. i A.m. to 4:30 p.m. -- «4-l?S5. j "?r* E 4 JrS^o"???^^^ - LADY pension*.' i-iianacfieo to irar . ior elTpriv o?, rm. bcd'3 small saiars-. -:3J-61Cj Contact pfiO""? aeDd'*- 1 ^"* f c f intfrvim- Moi ?hr-' Friday. 8:30 *o 4:30 p.m. AN tQUAL OPPORTUKIIY t V ^ O Y E R HI-SHEAR CORPORATION 3400 Slyptrt Dti» (formerly W. :47ln] M»ln Wnnt»H 1 AQ : Mpln Wnntfd 160 BEE LINE FASHIONS : .WOMEN) Full -»r part nme. No cxper. need- cd. nee. Increase sour t e r s o - - ( Parts Delivery TO jl.03 jl wararoo* 1 ln TM' ne | 7 ,. ^ -,. 7 Watties Empiovmeni Agencv C.Vl 53c-/0i? Or ivU) ?... f - / r . 9 r ( q R ( ] n lltll . rt ^ AH-fti'.*. · LADIES '· A^nall FlpJJ f -mi-, o.-.'ir-.t -- Ip-'pn-e h.Ts lev^Ml vt'tn -.js m io ; FOB 'lN FOR. V. AT.-' I'J V.'R IL J E K K Y JOHNSON Laundry-Shirt Pressers TOP PAY. D-jtch V;M;,OP Lfljnd'v. Laun, Shirt Operator F-oerienced. I*rnd vacation J hotl- - aa,-b to S3 J. UD (jer (.r. '.",i 1 pmn . LEGAL SECRETARY " ' T o o B'fl io h i-iole ticftvv oei- -' . i-.-. : ee". 6 p.m. -,na o 35 o iv, (. i ' Y 0 s !.6^C· BF AO J ^·'.·Ji-'n'Oi Lib e c - ? n c c Lice . Pnoiic /;.rs. Hense.ina-. C7-OM1 ' LVN. P A f t T OR FULL TI.V-F i A;.', itvit. LOL Aia.-vmoi Ares. '· i31-6?21 (7141 JA 7- 1/"} · LVN. AIDS. FULL cr cart time i 3333 Atlarii'C Ave. J26-0331 L.Y.N. 3-11 i^ift Twin Palms Sanitarium £65 0271 8-S p.m. Mon-Fri. LVN. P.M. shift relief, S?6 sum. Dlui mo. bonus. Norwalk orra. 367-1761, Mrs. Clark. LVN'S California llcenit 3 f o 11 11 to 7 Full time Part time PREMIUM PAY Pionee-- Sanitarium 20717 PlontiY Blvd., Lakewood 865-2226 /.-.AfJAGER /-SSI. MANAGER Retail Urnocr/ A Domestic We Apalv or iiiiH rc'.otnejo L E V Y S. MANAGER-- full licit ir.noie v.ii'n- siorc. Exuencnced iirefetrea. '-D ply Helen C^nilie; P-13 no!'f!ow?r P.lvd.. Ut-llflo.v?: inter v i ^ w s beiwoen 'O'lO am S. I'iiO rm ^oiirirtv ihiouyfi "MANJCUR'fST" t oi Altos arcn. Ixisv snoo. S?6-16J6 after 5 o.m. MANICURIST tor Mr. Pierre's, J77 E. Market. GA 2 005? MEDICAL COUNSELOR Will train retired RN or med. asat. for lucrative, infere'-tino oosition in msdica' placement. CERTIFIED PERSONNEL SERVICE AGENCY I? Pine. Rm. A\2 Hh 6-^271 MODEL PART riKlE S!iov.T03in Tittino taslilcn otiotoara- No cxoerience necessary. Pan tim* OK. Too Pav.No Fee. Call Mr. Tvbrlno 388-710J MOTEL MAID Bayshore Motel, 5395 E. 2nd 6-ddV MOTHER'S Helper, lloht duties. NCT6plRAT"b'R'"~$4"00 lite typing, clerical duties PROSPECTORS EMPLOYMENT AGENCY 3415 E. 7th St LB 434-SJ01 for aun'! c«ll Wrs. Hltsher. 8306870- 775-121*. _Coriy. HDSD. ^309 N. Santa F^Lvn. NURSES nidi, e/Dcrienced ded= Ciitert only, for r.onuf)issc?nt hosol- tal. 633 9377. U U R S E S AIDE-- Exor-r'd. Df,v shifts. Los Aia:nitos area. ·-31 6221 (7M) JA 7-173S NURSES AIDES TO WORK WITH CHILDFJPM iniercoinmuuitv Exceotionol CiiiSd'pn's Hump ?C^i GrsnH PBX-WOMEN h-ctf-t-riceJ fait I'fie m3rr.-i:a S. ver\'., Cvl rt"-. nif'i. » -Hi A-^of i |l!LI Irl. V a.rn lo 3 p.m.. ;i4-S'. J ii JiOl. Personnel SectyT~to $b66 i RLE LUNCH. S'H 50, tvoe cO '. x!nt. beiifliti. Prercr exn. r.rt.'lL' L.VF J LOYMENT AGENCY , S« Atl.inlit Ave. 4?? -IMS PERSONNEL Fmrtn.-|dl'ulM'l see 1 '" 1 ; ^**f ·eiflrv !o: Pe^o.Tirl a.m-rn ·!··» ! Oil f i ^ . ' A a l V A-fA C.H' '·' Hi-nlev S.-i 4.-1S "PHYSICAL " THERAPY AIDE p'penenc^ and o-.vti tr^nsnorta- PH. 5470331 MONDAY THRU FRIDAY 9 A.M. TO 5 P.M. POSTING CLERK of perpetual Inventory fiourei 6i35 A T L A N T I C A V t LB PH J23-1491 OR 774-31SO Pre Kindergarten Teacher Lono Beach area. Also NUHSERY SCHOOL TEACHER Hawaiian Garden dred. Starting Salnrv SI .45 hr. Mrs. 8:30 to 5:30 weekdays. Write dge, background, ieleplione nunnr?f to Ruth Bafcpr 215-6 S. 1'ioncer Blvd. Hawaiian "^PRESST'ST'ITRT" OPERATORS for L.Krfitirv .". Linen Sunriv ol.i-it r;o experience necessary, i 0,1.- wceV. paid Hjlidnv A i-dt-dlio-ii Ho5O : ti3lizrtiiof Prot'i shar na ikPPLY IN PERSON 2201 E. CARSON ST. L B RECEPTIONIST ACCURATE TYPIST fjon Smoker S T A R SAFE MFG. CO. U/20 S. Gsrfield Paramount REC'EPfTONTST" . .... $350 f-REE FRLb ptiones, tvpe, also tee lobs GFNIE EMPLOYMENT A G E N C Y Receptionist-Typist t^rollent vnrVIng rondlHon^ H stock BroVersge (inn. Profitable carper after training. Ovtr 30. 423-0956 RECEPTIONIST win General Office cxocr. Cier'ca! work t, typing fjr cxpandino Alan- uiacturino Co. Call Mr. Macfnr- RN' 5 -- LVN's ^ull or part linie lop sdiflrv Convalescen* Hot-uital 639-5111 ·k + -k + RNs Foil time. Night shift i'o bed leacliing lioscital Full benefit orooram MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 2501 Atlantic A\tt., L.B. An equal opoortwilty emulovcr RN's Calllornia llccnu S t o l l IU07 (ull Ume oart linn Premium Pay PIONEER SANITARIUM 20717 Pioneer Blvd. Lakewood 865-2226 NURSES AIDES! RN'S Woodruff 'Gabies Hosp. [ Woodruff Gables Hosp. 17800 SO. woodruff Ave. BclitlowRr 17 E 1 So. Wondrutf AVF. Rp|:f,-.v.-*r NURSING ^ G O L D E N HAVEN CO?1VAL MS". fpr RNsV'LvVU'A Aide 1 ;. ' ^ " fTijRSES AiD^5~ATl~?hTifs C '.nvalascent Host). o56-05J4 NU?SS. L..VW. : or dav or P.M. slit;f, medication nurse /OT RN Assist. T^p pay, Downey TO ?- fTuRSE. RN fo; estdaiTihed sanltarf- un, ?!.r. oonorf'jiit-. fo- growfi vvitn o-aanizaiion. too pay. Off. 1 /- ney. TO 9-097E. NURSING HELP RN's-- Full Part Time SURGICAL TECH-Exper. PIONEER HO?,?ITiL UN 5-«91 NURSES AIDE experienced, all shifts, new HOSD. Benefits 595J336 NURSES AIDES MAIDS EXPERIENCED Intercommunity Sanitarium 2425 Grand Ave.. L.B. sy 8015 Occupational Therapist Convalescent Hosp. Arts crafts, music, recreotlon: Benefits, opcor- j Office Jobs -- Temporary WESTERN GIRL/MEN ! ""OFFic'E "MACHINE" " ] Prieden and NCR. ipD'V Douplass MG.. Cc 1 ' 773-?965 or 927-1417 i MF,I- L.B Freev/flv 8. Firp^tnr^ 1 ! OPERATORS 1 '.'.nv travel? Save nioirv, wsrv !*i uvcrloc-:, orcsier. Tos wages o.i d RN's IMMEDIATE OPEN1HG5 FOR 11 P.V, 70 / A.V. SHIFT NEW FULLY EQUIPPED Coronary care unit S7d5 PER MO TO STABT WITH EXPERIENCE IN PREPARATION. CALL FOR A P P O I N T M E N T DIRECTOR OF NURSES WOODRUFF COMMUNITY HOSPITAL 3800 Woodruff AYS. Long Beach HA 1-8241 RN's fLL SHIFTS 0 B 8. STAFF NITE SUPERVISOR Carson Intercommunity Hospital PH. 835-7141 ! RN| S " ~ 0 "r~lVNr~~ i Full or ort time. AM ifii'ti 1775 CHESTNUT i RN's i f-'l'^L TI.V.F. j ) ro n -- ru : RN':. p.-.r-- i II..-P -·,'.£!:·'.? '·-OS ( WOMEN 1 RN's l! :o ' Woodruff Gables Hosp. ; 1 500 So. Woodrjtl Ave., Bci:* ·«.· · RN's :, 1 1:. ;, -o n .». . M ' ; Xv : L i.i \ I B: f,.- · ' · ' . _ · RN - LVN '"'DIALING FOR $s$ NO i X - ' i ?!: ^:t '-i ."! \ - . \ « V . 0.-.'«RA' V ; i : P. L'-. SALES Sarah Coventry Inc. H.i.-e !i.-i tn.tkna i"-ii:irv Kui: .-r i'.vt iin.f !,j ln.e=.!n L 'in, to'iec'ino O p (if.ivi 1 . / PT j^l SALCV" AVON CALLING C . L C .i--'t earning oi'i-O'ij-i t-. \Voi K niiiriillfii 01 Alter 110 J'U ii! vour convenience In \oiir ev.-i i'dgnbo'hood icHinfl AVOtJ cro.l FOR INFORfAATION Call GA 7-0471, Txt. HUM DRUM? Become a wio beautv expert. Earn xlnl. niotiey while training Jo cond;ict tuii-tvoc home Diirtics. For iniomiation call Mr. Lawrence ^SV/2?9 SALES P.irt lime Ro«ilv to Wear exopr. pieierred, bui not in-cci'.«t:v. Manv eiimlove benefits. Robert Hall Cloihes A»'PI Y IN F'tRSON V : 3 0 9 '0 I?1JI S AH.-.ntif. Lvfiwowil " LES ARE YOU aBOVE AVERAGE" ILITI HD.-IIC l.nie Into Moni-/^ SALES "fei'Rf" «Vii tinfU'v.-t-irv Ocoil s.i'.i'-v nini, 0 'T. VVK. V.OVC"'* JPWP.'ITS DOW- ··tv g/f T s 1 1 DRESS YARDAGE SALES LADIES FULL OH P A R T I IMP ttiiO be ,ib!e ; o sell RF 1 iF R D U A L I T Y DHlfb^ YAPU'^CE:. PFEIFFERS 2 1 3 5 Bellflower Blvd., LB (Los Altos Snooiiinq Ccn'o- 1 school, Mr. Weil. 426-A/54 ·SALES SECRETARY to 5 AWn. Shorthonrl or 3iwed writlfj. Ability- to comoose lef- teri Gr-od apwaranc^ person- alltv 0^^n transportation. 55 to ) WPM Bus/ telephone. Excellent Corrparv benefits. South Gate arog. 773^210 or 861-2205 An Eoual ODDortunitv Emtilover SECRETARY tor niarkcunu rteot. Mrs. Finch :?8-0770 SFCRFT"ARY XEC SECRETARY Mannqmo otficor of Sovinps f. Loan Association needs osslsfan: with too secretarial skills - cxtci sivc cxoerionce in mortgaqe loan lated business. Permanent, good salarv. new 8. morlcrn office, pxr.elienf br-nrlii program. For apD't call 597-2451, Mr. Srnilrf. AETNA SAVINGS 2 2 1 1 Bellflower Blvd. L.B. SECRETARY Growlno Boat C.omapiiv need? *f- tractlve, neat flpoeannp secretary with s''orth(~nij or st)Sedv-ri!i r ig nbllltv al'.o be able Io trans-nbc. S3 ' ar MER l iDIAN LTD. 10^0 H.w;tiiorne Imjlpvvood (213) 674-5200 SECRETARY io asslsf ddminisfrative Industrial sales ral duties reauire aoorf shor' hand £ tvomo 160 CT tier- tnc) iktHs. Exccllenr Cani nany Benefits, eleasan; workino conu'tioht. CALL PEQSOKl.TL 324-4977 SMITH TOOL CO. a Division of S.I.!. A" eaual opaanunitv emp^over Mus! b? efficient, nMe io tukc rjc Mtion 100 wum. T/U. ; rn-n 75 '.-.·[..-, Ha'd wcrK v^'nood fulur" Ai rl iif SECRETARIES STENOS TYPISTS OFFICE CLKS. CALL T O D A Y OR : COME IN VAREC INC. Call on Expert 210 Call an Expert 210 Call an Expert 210 Tfou save lime and Money Who Yo TO PUCE A N AO IN THIS SiCl Min Star in Long B«ach -- ..,, . Mm McCullougK in WHIow* Acoustic' Ceilings °'Covet c/acki i i«rm NO MF SS free Ml N. ALLOR J2^'W)9^ A f C OUST I'CAL OlllnuS A Hatch V.ork LIC. Ci-ntl GA i vi3. AU...1 in-: 1 - i- · · : - i . - j K ·. · K :.-- [, i, i,».j \ ! - . . . . ·· ! _ _ RI'VODtLING AT H'^'.LSl ( OS1 Owner Builder CcrAlm IKm c t" . KOO.'A ADlllTlntf. h't Vi " '. ! ' J ' .. --, l .U"t »«' ' i. 1 *- 1 ^' » ' Antenna's COLOR ANTENNAS ApplinniT Repairs V. A S H F R i ORYfIR RJ-'PAIRS AH Asphalt Rladtcoatinn ^l^e^i'nSu^-^^-^! iobs ov F ; e* f^' 1 ";1 ';',^ Brick Stone Work JIM'S M.isonrv-Walerfalls and P,v lloi Brick \vork. L-indscanlng. SDrlnklers. 430-WS2 BRICK stone work, Hreolacev ve- FIMt PLACES. Venrer^ Plantpri i-U. tJC Invjrrd. 4?19l/3 K i " r ? M r N ·(.-!!!, liirlinci oi C A R f ^ f - T WORK. V.'e r.ifnf W. of ronii.ict ,! ,i.-..if,l rtilti i-.i- - ii'u ii",' .!! ii-.t-iifs (.. .': -v;-, HOUR J?^ Wl Pfm':)iJi-lifM. U F'M-'''t si i\in6('.' Carpi'iitry ""You Nrimo it. I'll Build l! CftVfi rn i.'\ '· i fifiii ?. (-'··.( ' - i l Ri-.).,.ii I-i-fi- 1 \t -I'.V. J 1 - 1 - ',^PtM''ltiS rr'i'i- ! 's! "' I.'-' (· .'.' CARMEN T R Y A f.Etl Rf-fUPS. Sm.ill Jobs my soecl.i'tv i?l-7^99 Gf'wr PXl c.'iruenlrv trorti ,1 wall to a caniolelf home. HE 1-1017 R E P A I R S , rcoh. tence. Q.licy. WALLS knocked out, windows-floors. Additions, Dlaaler. 47? 4^i9 C A R P E N T R Y . roofing, u-p.ii «·} K. Mi-all inhi SHi us. '··J'/v 1 '. I K I T C ' V C A R P r N l ER",":bVrv *»·; (larpettnj; ~CR"ETs"KXEf?(LY m^taii-M Carpet-Uphol.-Coancrs " mertiod. iT'U,! t.'is* ·;· ,-lnn frsf p s t 1 m « t ^ i C.T" .in,fi-c (213) .19S-1R1S; (71.1) E-i; 0731 r-fT-t rlr-^ 1 ! ticu' d - v o-,'.ir. ·in'r-rd wort:, free PS*. 117.50 'rrj:i _ room 8. hall. .Call J24-715J REPAIRS-- Clennintj a .n^tnllatlon REASONABLE. Sft'-ASAS Ccnmiic Tile BATHS, tikhrns. i;ii'i:»-m f ID'. '"' f- .-,. rir-nl.-t.'t;,. now ici!,r.! t l 1 Cunt- Freo F-st lnti'i«.t.i{e 1 ·'*· ( r^- ?!07 ''il. 101 "QUALITY CERAMIC "HI r- V/ORK Gt". w '8CGO NEW oF 'remodel. Lge. or ^mnll lobs. C«lt anytime _ _ _ J/W6// i'1'pAf.MC" Tilt 1 " Stfttt-r it-i 1 ^ v.i.i -. lona vir.T'5 rch. J?3-6V* Concrete Work- No iob too C Mn'rt!i.' = r.4* / '.'(,· ' 14'vr'i. Vxb.'.:?7-?fM7 .iri/1lmr V sTABS.~Pnrcfiev .VfllV-,'. fdjlnsi rjo *TL" ~KTtTD V~OF ~ P P ;.'- o o"n ' i M n " "«. rOMCRETE WORK J33 7377 Bturco oatcfi. l Anv i slze. C C?A ; 2i-M S 'Sr V 5llVw77o a r"7.F)M Dressmaking Skillful. Reasonable. r fl .= p'r/i'ss-Mo'-ip *i ; :· ·'* Skillful. Reasonable ····ii iriT^'ru".*^- 1 . i".^iVr'..'. r ' w ? ^ A -!''"« t ^""-'^-- DRLSS.V.AKING M vs. exosnenw. f A M F O SHOP -- Custom 56w:no alte-5tlon. 780 A tig nlic . H E 7^5*^ "to ft In'm/ :if.n--e. ' 4'-? ir^ SH'.VING', plain or fcr.f/. c ; -,:Mre"': dresses a srcritiiTv. i:?-^-'--.._ Electricians ·^:' Master Electricians -V f t A * * - C r ^ f l * r f r f t f t i t A * Credit Flectr'c'.in. Lie., na -;ver service. ' IM Amn "/j^et'er Bo-ev 110/210 V. Plug-'n? e-i-,i'v lnsM"«! !n existing walX. F P F F - r S T 'A l.k "*Home V/'r 'i'j, "The Poor Semi r-tlre-J " L i e ~~K f erlrkfin «. -.c'.- f.'.r. W. To 5,"i JoCs. ?i r' 1 "!: ·, ',ri fir ' iii.'Iiu ; " rome w'r'no -.·/!;}·. iib'i'ji'j'e Fif *» Drotfcl-on. MTPlwr o( Betttr Trade B'jruu. S 11 " estflbl.'^'i^rf -id n The EST Ins'ant Crrd ; ! MlVe *?1- 6/C3. Don i33-9-/ki. BHI 649 ?/'.»/. L'r.vd W3-37/6. ""ELECTRICAL WORK ELECTRICIAN U f^ls)?!^^ iAris'jj U ION CAU _.. MTti M in LaV.-ood ._ Mitt Pig* in Orinqt County Floors-- Sand Kofinish Painting, Paperhangint; " E . · v' l · 1 ^- ^^d' J 'V';V- ;- o f EXPERT^ PAINTING a'.i, V - ·; . '-' '"·' "A i ·· i.Mnyin-c' Llcrtiifd Bond«d · insurvd JOHN N ( L .ioR AGOING .IIH! -- Redsondb'e Prices k[ t i WISHING old floor* like nr*. « DAYS TO P*Y "TM;^»'S'w.w,^ ^'fJferiSS? 011 rurn;ico Repair SP^OM"^"*' FXI'CR^P CLL-N i.MLv.K\\ H t l ' A . H flj.nn^ ji.isn fy tw rilrirg a ^iC, NO E X l f t A SA1 SUN t / i //J' .'J:,i -hi'u i BONDEO oaln'er. i ..fct'i-.i i ·.··! - ··.',;- R-M^oPrtble rates 43 l-l S I C i .'"· ·-/··; - .. '-A'l .«v' .i ' i'V FRONT SPECIAL linnlrn M-rv. Supply ' ^ ·'·;.;' A '" "^^,3'J^ '"'". ''· " V" .';:'. .' ' "' . . · . ' : VETERANS MY GARDENER ., ^' ,''.'« ^BJ,'; 1 :-. .Prof.'G,,,;!.-:!.- f-REE ESTIMATES · ::: ' ;;: ' ·· " ; ^ :/i " QUALITY "PAINTING ^^^·^''^M;^--' . l 7f;,r.V-, n ^ rl£ir CVI TM "' : 1 ro.-- w ^e -..u, -. -,,-.«.. !-,-.. LOCALLY 20 YEARS l IL t. \n-utcc. HA i2i5' eve, ; f.,t'ri. Lk 'BunJed-ini. 59t-M21 ' V^'' f 'c " ) ^gV^V^ 10 ^ f ' e ' l|l ° HF S T A l.iw-n t.'ifc. C U S T O M i-iwii -.ervnf, noinei, B '!) \Vceks, 10 6 f c ' x i ' F R . " G A R D K N c R , \ RELIABLE. Fre* estm GARDNER -- E"»DeripVv tvl. ,-ible^. C.i H JT,'?,W4 MOW- L- due- V.ifcu'ii Sv.t'c Al 1 ,'inji ii.i:di -n«i' 'Ht 1 ROOFING X PAIN '·l."ir; : 'i ·.! If .-·. i i" .' · - M ..;· 1, ·!· -\ ..r. ; . ,-! 1- . ' ( ·rl.-. ::-. "'1 !"-04 CLEAN UD vardi, Houses 5. iniall repalrv · furnlih the ixilnl, Free citl-nat?. I'r I'iin.i' Weckd.irt 3 to 4 P.M., 8:8-6610 , ' ' Evenlnos 832-5900 T,ii.r* ECONOMY PAINTING W03 ' Incomnnible Prlc«-Qualitv wor 422-9JJJ [ S A V E hundreds of dolliirs on hit lie.i'icn. ' ·" d e*!. of vour home gudranMrf ftrr ') \ b/ i^'Hed Journeymen Palntp-s i Ck'in ' -HF l '' 0?n ' lft * J ?6Ji Paperhcinging Pamfinc v I^'J"''' f .0."-. l.OC.H P f t . *·)?. V'j ·.y.iiFo.iDcrinu Work Cirar,int L 'e( VV 0 rL : - ^ i M T I w r . bm'..v. t.r' 'yil ^ P | ( i _ . ( 1).' i,wn w - - t t ort-t'it ooss-n 1 Tiki,- ! ''"' R T ' ' ' A l N T ' V J G '«? 5b~rrrr-n'; TING -5 ')/ nb Pn. 6U 1?W .,,, ,. .' '· J-'cii'in'i'' WIJ ' S9;o;-,' .-i M.'i' 1 PAIH'IHG ""GEH" R"EP"AIR.""A »ivi aii.v. ft32-9003;.J248317 s in V Ri'?« Plnstcring I'./ji'ino hiiiiy (io(»\ '.viniiuv.'s Old celllncis madt new. rix an' is f \ He' k-iks JV O^jo crlllnoi. No niori cracXsl Sound i _ . ^ » . s r . _ i . i i e _ n . , i h * 4 J . . u - a u hMt con , roN Move no llirnl(urt l.,l!l 4),'-6/,S) h-^JU'i MAT, v. i'i? Ic; Inys. f ,il! .iMvlini-. 631 AfJ !.(j ' :.-: «J;i ' -.0 i if---M 'nVji'mc"." i": v-,HD«i A GARAGE'S. ; liaultn", F.xpr KA'H.lf.'G- CTragi*- · iui r- ups. RCTIOVC t'tn. s ^irt, bKick too ccmen 1 tor retnodelVig, i wretk Call BOB «l-310? tr HAULING SAVE 10*,; disc, on wiltten prn-tmt ( lOiinuo trees rcmove'J 4?l yt06;'fi BY" ORffEHTAL-- Hauling. va^d rle.TnuD. txr"-t Allowance on salvage. Guar l 'c. -'7^-lCTW o' fff FURN. MOVIf I'Prf'lno (or ninblr from tnni" ^r y\rw f, TP-'.H ]-;j.i'..i'_ ''I (.) ii-i F"i 'PO '.fi'?! LITE *i,iu!lnrj, rcnson.ib'e i-iy'ii'e. -n7-?:HJ S'ft-lW GFN. H3-jl!no. tlemoli'^'iT L ITF hnullno. fMrnlturr ,irr», R -line Pc.i--.. J?4 ! ; A:-r"Tr.,.;- 'Jr.-p trlni.-r. (T r.if.,in-jf^ ·'! Rf- A S O ^ A B L E tuullrig, ;. ·"." i "'(/i!.j ?. hi'ilin Aixc.i-,i[i^(r r-urii'iure r Home MfKli-rnl7 A \er Siumo*cl^ I ! lt ^i e son l . r A C C O U S I 1C CrillngSoeclali-jt. Parr i ;.r o m :-:-,tf. Ho iob roo «.m,i!: L.-t · i c'l* ' M Patching Spocidllsts rANl'i'i's '''""' JOM - - UC - S ° n 4 / U/S '-"^ ' t'l.^STrR celling SDCcIallst -- Pate ·.Vip'*! tlc ' ' ° av servlce - GA 4 - 1S4S P,' ^ STUCCO REPAIR · Piaster Pnteti 434-3930; GE 9 841 rubs iCv P I A "nR and PATCH worv, an fear out ; kintjj a vear1 e)(Der - 59I-074 Si5-6W | _NO JOfl OVCff S50. 975-37* EsHmate. ! Plumbing, Heating OtS. B.T.. . "- ,-. M ~ r . "i" V " ""* 0-1934 · , , · f T) t V I h osrage 4 ' 0 ' he.itlpy reyolrs, remodetlno! KU'S'' 531-7870 1-W^ _ .'··e- Estl'iidte. Quick Servke 1 if li".i,'r.t rr^ilit. L.B. f. ^urrountJlii" NV.-7 ,ir,-,i Ho Extra Sat. or Sun. ,nei M,' p| urn bing. Heating Repair rt. |r- . .'.J' 1 G.i.i'Jntesti' SD^flS.-c i - 3 ' ' | J \ -'ilio'rn. LI-' 4?»-8A?6. ^"'"" PI UMBING PROBLEMS cihr.irtii C.iH a Licensed Plumber! . lop-, W HO'JH *"ALL 735-914J -·Vijv'.i " V A T ' P S ' S S ' P E R HR. iio TRAVEI ^ · flf.'.E fMAPOt 4?9-n?5 . V - . N T C D Koooages f. sfn olumb'n ,t . r.ii , ' O::K !ic f'onihff. HA 9-7737 flt "' Cn ' (Vi.vmuG fontr«tor. UC. Live ! ^ 0 -; e - t ~ i -ft llvearr.zes. J38-777 M/ . Roofing r;V flnn " "WER'LE" ROOFING" cb nos. .w . ,-. · t vce , r ,,,) ; reoairs. Deal w' ^'··'. ^:;,!c.l'or, 597 =;iW; 637341A !* r A3--Fi £ BLT WELL ROOF CO. Est 1936 ): 471-7 V.9 WE GIVE BLUE CHIP STAMPS. M fj.r.vw dn navmt. Bank ttrms. All tvc* -w recover. (24 Hr) UN i-7S66 '.ov-i'j · COMPLETE ROOFING SERViC ;-· · - · ' · Fre* estimate. Blue Chlo Stamn · . JM0580 davs; W3 4019 eves. -- -.-. . ill tvixi of roofina. Snov/ cs'jtif .,,otfcls J uots. «3-19ii DJ) .« r . ^.j j-, xes Mosr Lea(cs IlOUSCClCanCrs · * will reroof «7-2W9; 434-80 rT'hiVir/i'i i~iv;;vrnCT^ · ^XPER ENCED ROOFER MEED EARL S WALL WASHING WO"?*. M 3 lob IM small. Fr«c Kltrh. hath. 115 Fl« D.ilnt «· . r ' mi «.«- R§f.S_ONA^LE M3^ V i rooni tlS*S?b Flr^n A · £:xt'j : 9r r ;s"rT f"L ! 430 4902 Sprmq Hou^ocle · 'pr'-F'.t'er. i-3 v' r s. l'B Ll' . GE 3-8666 or GE : " A - l HOUSECLEA ·'i walli 01 J c\?sn : til',--. w.x'-.I. *,».arr,;-co AKo \!es\ floors Polntlno h'er./e»'r. L'C -525-6535 or 42b- : i ' · · :··'. F T h ' n T . - r ^ l , _'V · ' J V ' ("iori'l /cw" I i ; ··· rj" f [n M A'V'I A . ' "·, Linoleum Linoleum Tile V.^TRi^L A,'*D OR Vinyl Linoleum -- Sa 1. NO. LU.'.'. S!_i', vj' i ir ji'^a, '.onim P. Pe'-identidl SiO-S'l'' 1 iG^'nlno Root Zcr-t 591-o3' 1 ' , r.'F.V KOOFS .' REPAIRS Cwan aninq ' 1 '1 n nk T « rrn '- W-«03 cic.inioa Sandblasting int : nc In .'.·:, ' ? ! ' f'c^ir.rj Social San-jb'a ins A ·· j?-jrco. 1 '« est. 59^-1664 c 1-5308 ,prr,A['- s ;,- rdb , a , t - i - r «.-; c MCD's h: i? 0 l f a Be o low ns V.bQ wlivlOfti, : ^tNQBLAST RE-STUCCO^ Free Ei' ^ A f l D i J L A S r -- Reiturco. Reas. LI lOnr In-, Free «T. HA 5-7674; 4?1'U *".. ; Sheet Metal n - ^ r - f e FANS, blowers for ventilating re- ·/I'jnnti. ^m?% bides. K tc'e I'.DO.,- , s'ntts and hooh, stainless sit ·../· work, B-jttirrs, conductors. Heila - ; weidlno. Marlnt Jhetl m*tal tr reo-iT wort. - -. . . MacCLOSKFY SHEHT A A E T A L ayer 1315 V/. 11th St. HE 6-4MI " A P P P RA1H GUTTEPS, SHEET MET* \*tl ,, «'»«. SAVE S« GA2-05- /e 40 0/ Termite Control 3 : i r 0 f r \ f c O V ^ T E S ^ND ROACHES 123-03 ; . ' '(- ^":- Jcrtn L/nn. S;i: i -^,!.- r ljr Tree Service S----.X- vnj insM'l raTM-e ei-'ll · L. COLE i SONS ·· iir * vrs t/rrr. 413 6917 . r e e S e ' v c e . Accounts Receivable · accotmt n*vab!c, n-~.yro!i, NE'sV Cif aOKNCY EXP. IMPCRATtVE MRS. WEAVER. Phone 426-7301 BARYSITTER for workino mother. 530 wk -f rm R board, o 1j ler \vo^v j an nref. ^31-3W1 aft 6 p.m., Los . Alomltos. ' BASYStTTER, live fn, nriv. rrn., ? hoys ? tr 3. 1571-1 Oranne Ave.. 'Apt. 230, Paramount. Apply after 5 BABYSITTER furnished. Live In. salary. Car GA 8-MW - N . . nd t-coi'r 1 benefit- Ar-nl . j , t r* U f. t'.itizc-.s onri ADDlv In pftrsjn * to 4 p.m. LV^ILL COUNTER \\oman wd^itfo i wor(: aavs In Downe/ Drive In jjgsjriuranf 923-1313 Mr. Bloom Grocery Checker Exp. B c l H I . . . An eauol ODDortunitv employe "COCKTAlT WAITRESS BABYSITTER lite hoi/spkoentna, 8 to 5, Mon. ttiru Frl. 5 children, ref- prgnccs. L^kf/jvoocl. 667-0143 BABYSITTER needed-live fn. '. scnonl aie rhllrlfn IM(* h^Voini. Soanish sneaking O.K. 865-070^ ! BABYSITTER, MMiire FuiMlmc. SJO wk. Live in Smnish ok. refer- i *"--.»·.. Lvnwood. 537-3638. i BABYSITTER, Dirt lime, wnc | houscvvork own transp^GA 7-JJ7fi. ; tiomc NLB area. ^23-flWJ " wt?r i noon BABYSITTER -- Davs 8-5, no weekends, one I'j vr. old bov. Mv home only. 2432 Pasadena, LB 424-3488. HARDWARE Store Clerk CXD. TO 7-5Qy3 N D j HOUSEKEEPER $350 ! Bev. Hills, Pnlo« Vtrdes MBC Agency 432-6444 1S4 E. FIRST ST. LONG BEACH HOUSEKEEPER live-In or out. Adults. C-E 9-44^? or HE 6-3476 HOUSEKEEPER, live in. S dovi. ?rlv. rm., TV. S700 to 5t.irt. l.or.11 rcfs. Pernvinent Dosl'lon lor re- S!:O:tsII)le l.ldy. Exccoti RIO TAN, 39 ung Beach Blvd. SI oilers UUI , i 'r, L r!i"« l The Hir.cvmo"ner, US L.B. Blvd. Jttt .PIovroom_24l__E 1 _qceon I Cocktail Waitress ] HTKrFi'wna'w MO. 3 .M«^n n, 10 F. i Ov.- 30 V old. L.lkC- tariWunil- C c1 C .T?infM ' """" v "''"" ""^ "· loul lounor-^^.enrncM , H - 0 Js rK[ -.=;p ER: - F . J rch»7ie".'Tor Rlva LB . BuSifieis counic f- 1 scnool ag-. 1 MR. PRICE ; c?iild-en. Live-In, want mtMurc V(iTfpF«--inN['\ I lad v Intprfiteo In 0001 oerm-infnt .'! A 1 TR I-.^ S ,T V'i N ' b hnmo, room A boflr.l £67- BABYSITTER, live In or out, care ? f.hlldrcn. 63Q-7597. BABYSITTER, live In. Weekend^" off. Prlv. rm, talary. IU7U3 Nor- C O C K T A i L li'Hl I rt': JJ -- i.niii j · h/.mi FERN-SJ JS3 E. «THST_. LB. l jifif''^!,- COCKTAirV/AlfRESS SEE MR. ROMEO 10 'M io N.Kjn or .Iflcr ? PM Cocktail Waitresses ALIBI US LONG BEACH BLVD. FLAGSHIP 113 W. OCEAN L.R. 6 P.VI.--421-J5163 COLE OF CALIFORNIA Southgate Sportswear Div. OPERATORS Immediate ooenings for single nee- | die occralors. Some sv/im wear j exp. desir.iblc bd) not necessary. . F«^ellent cnmoanv heneiils. Con- j R a y : Cooper 773-8391 ' 1 1 1 0 1 Palmer, Southgate ' OPERATOR--Sewino"~m«Ti1ne7 txo.; i n Ct'ii i i; o/O'ioc".. Mngie icc- · die. l?Jl E. 41 n St. _ ! PART'T'IME-MILITARY WIVES : Prcmotion_i)dy. Call !^770B "PART TIME WOMAN ' HOU^ 8 to 1 Won. thru Sat. ', Counter and asscmDiv wor* in HoUydalt *rea,. \ APPLY ALERT CLEANERS j TOGO E. ROSECANS COMPTON ' ^··D-:AL-SUR:: NURSES AIDES M O S P t l A L F X P E R l f c N C E O N L r 3T011 MEDICAL-SURGICAL LOS ALTOS HOSP. 3340 Los Coyotes Diag. 421-9311 TASK FORCE ".VA! L JOSS Tt *OJH'-;: _ Cn · 'or KX'1 E'»!.!-l; - ^ . P ^'..mTtp-. Sp'vi'es Re L''.cis.d X33- '.": ; Moving "i9? Lakewood Bl ney 869-3033 Dow - / M - SECRETARY ! 'Ding, general office duties. | General «cule hosB, ^lahclrn | SECRETARY. EVcc. airline.' rr fl area. E«cl fm^.ovee benefits. 3-11 ! Dr j v ,i GorxJ -nnrtn-.nd ren Rn, shift avail. Exocr cniv need anpiy. 5543 ind , Pre,-Toipg .^5? TMr« W . P -°: . B ".""- '· " SECY" BOOKKEEPER i!an ^ yjjiaWjiH SERVICE CALLS. 770 smslf lotrt. Free Est. Lie. E'ec 59717? LICENSED eieclrlrlsnj d-slre week, tnd work. F'M «!._ 471-4027 : S'^wfRETIRED"" "?30" 133 860 Ui8 Fencing ~vvobb--CHAIN L i MK-"BLOCK" Pric«J rlohtl Gun^jnir^fl worK rri^--Trr"-- : " BAKER'S* MOVING R E = SERVIC . vi^s--L.B. i Vlc'rt'-v 4?3-7015: S31-," 1 :* F A S T 4 REASONABLE. ,' .V.L 3 7«o 7 Days 633* OKN C " wnvi'Nr, P' j _LiA- _Painting, Paper-hanging P£ i NT 1 NG""£~ostCTroia"s ; tnng~Co^ I rels. P'.v^nable rjtes. Frer ; _«timate._PrornDt ?erylct. TO 7-11W I LOU'S *A-1 Pjinlln'g T9EE SERVICE _ T r m_ Rsrncve. Reas rale. 429-9211 TREE trim", "rtnribve, d«ar» UD Lie |nv 63MI79, 537-4724 IClS^Ff^ttr ' W rm *sS44S i TV. Radio Hi-Fi "Service R.N. Nursing Supervisor r .. r ai M'.Qifig oosit.o^ avai « i *y R N'. A-i:h | A D M I N I S T R A T I V E A B . L l T Y ' Sijpervljp rr.eijicfll nsslMonti in ! raoidly srowng Medical Clinics. (.ontact: IftO tot'.. «xt. 31 'SECT-STATISTICAL TYPIST Long BfrKP C . P A i.-- , iis n-rned ooenmg for Evo S i c - ' et.irv. Excel. orouD bcnefus A .o'kmg toi'd. TOD salary. Se^ resumt in confidence Box ' Flooring Tile FIBERLAY INC. Floors- SELLING mjch op«r Exwr 0/iocv \'nolt nwdle, wwcinl rmch. U3( i Cota Ave, L.B. 432-9*73 , "UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT" n-c t'"s ·..-'· ''.o.!!'' ,-! 4.'' · '.'I ° P A I N T I N G i P A ^ r W H A N G I ' I G ?'i vn. f «u*r. Ftre ost 591 75"i2 PAPEPfNG. Mv spedaMv 71 years Pnntlno iniide. Eitni GA 3-J£60 INTERIOR t. E X T E R I O R Pfllnt.-.s. _BA_RGAIfl_PRICE! _JI6 72J4 PAfNTTNG i PATCHING, -nt'er. i extcr. y/orlc ouar. GA J-S567 KE-P-'-lh" ii , v j' ''i.rne SS r-ln. /··"·i. '.JO « » · ' t.trt, J, i.ilior. C.oi- '»'' or B A V. ' / j 0-SO T.V. Serv-ie. free transItpr raj : o ,vl!(i 3 ,'J or color ser/ict cjll ··- · - ·.;;.'. TO i r.t$ _^ I F L t V I S i Q M "" SERVICE, color', M.i/k A v.i'e. flntennjis A · " 20 .-s L. a. cxi*r. Upholstery "~osnu oc ixcnnisn .^.^.. ..^. ^ .u..., xj...-v^m p^MDuYiTcYcfD" ,, 1--m--ri e "-- PROFESSIONAL odlMlnu. Reliable", i e , j , r , - ' Campbells Floor Scrvico | _^i.._NMt._re«{eiMbie;__G£!.«80 ' "'·"·- Cl ^1^0. Reilnls.1 2 fl"^. W-'. L « / ' P A 1 NTHIG 1 Br Apt ComDIet: \79 I'oo-i !. the. i»-J!41; 43J !"« ' Eve-ylhhj lurnlsntrj. 419-3809 37tli Anniversary Sale RB U=HOL5rERING SPECIAL 40'. oi*. Free Esr. Tavlorma J asii Oronpe Av. G* i-iW; UI-I ,J

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