Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 11, 1976 · Page 26
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 26

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 11, 1976
Page 26
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47--Real Estate--For Snle WEST WOOD AVE. SPRINGDALE PRAIRIE GROVE WEST ·" ILLINOIS CHAPEL ROAD 9Vr ««··», **ri4u« «i(f fi.KC w/Krmi OLD FARMINGTON ROAD P.7 IICTM with ciAtx hwif* 531, WO *'/ te-Tiu. HWY 265 SOUTH Vnt IM« with rider hWM WI.W3 w Mmu. SULPHUR CITY ROAD SI «cr« wti pprfni (H fish FWd SH.' SULPHUR CITY SOUTH ftcreff »ith tprrf f*d rfrpwn MJ, 47_R«a1 Estate--For Sal« LOSSING REALTY 267-3200 if busy 267-3337 . LowLns 1/visiog Vnn 1!«1L Bnu-t HAIL 1 UO OT gravity ELKINS EAST with I bedroom bous*. spring/ GABBARD REAL ESTATE 8IS-29I5 615 2913 52t-91M OVER \l ACRE AND NICE HOME R-£vl) Ttiis raw* p 3 Bdr.. 2 bath, Brick homo )i A d-irnlj! In Faj eUtv-!I disuicl v^ilh bus it dew and cm paved .HHWI. Trice Irrfudcs ra^sc. refri ccratw. \\iR(3cF«' Ri r cvcidi tinier, rhai Link I«rce and the price? Only KS.WJ- d L Ann--to SN lh : ^ now home Loke S FAYEnEVIlLE-- 3 BDR. HOME (R-2J7) Across the Jlreot (mm th ri\a!n link /« awl a price JWJ cm Jr. Itiph . ganLRe, bu2t-li\s. f fotd-- -fUl ,500 -- Cif Lillle for A Lot o| fp*f«, Beautihi w«*fcd -M acres with in 30 minutes ot Fay «Uwi!e. Small dwn P*im«it. CaU Murt 200 E. Poplar Fayetleville PRIVACY ON OVER 1 ACRE IRJ55) ot JandR-aprf land ^s^^h Chines holly, pee, »i(J mapVa IIVBS. Very tractive J Bdr., 1 bsih nv*l« han? iv-i cikiff. dnipti, Dbl. door ivlripc . and built-in range. Also include 3 s!2* metal r.oraje busHing on cr*l« slab. Natural ga^. clU' water, only 5 men. to Fait lie wile-- In a gco location. Prtrcd at onlyt! H.WO, Ca Jrfil S«-291i or ofttce K7-KOO. PRAIRIE GROVE-- 2 BDR. R-W5) Large trees, lO'.sl-V shop buit( frage. efodnc ran^p. wall a^r-conc, port carpel, !oss Uun 1 cturvh t- Main St. 1SS Kate Smith SI On!}- SIS.OCW. GREENLAND-- 2 BDR. HOM R-i451 1-irge Irw*. !0'14' shop bu-1 n£, carpet, lunlt iia. Owner nil! finaii near BOTto with wlj 1 HO' |w mo. pi mwils. TTw oriw? Onlj- IL7.MO. 521-3900 NEAR CITY HOSPITAL L*irge corr.r loi, F\v« PLXKUJ and t o mani floor, 3 nwms and baih in asement. Priced at only (17.5(0. ppointment. CALL HEINEY REALTY CO, Hwy. 16 East 442-923 EXCLUSIVE AREA -- By mvn monLh oZd custom built, all eJprtric hom on 1 Rcre. 3 b«irocms, 2 full bathf, grc room, dfrtrig room, brcakfest nook, «i room, chased 443-4335. , t-ar tfarase. fU,90 7-- R«ol l«ot«-- For Sat«r 47--Real Estate--For Saf» NEW HOMES BISHOP ADDITION SEVERAL UNDF.R COXSTMUCriON Itrdroomi, 1 rail twLKj. carrct. dbh- sbic. dlspOAAl, electric rang*, wntrsl at and Air, all brick, fireplace ortlonal. uWe vrocd ptaeled doubls £»iase, $28,500 to $31,200 VA Loan-- No down p*'ra*nl FHA Loan-- Lwr down pij-mcn* BUTTERFIELD SCHOOL DISTRICT rn wtsl at South *£d« of Drive-In Tba- ter, U«y, 71 North. U mil* "**t Int ddHltti. WADE BISHOP -- BUILDER 521-6569 I A R G E WOODED LOT Vith this 2 berfruom lake hsn«, dc«« o Sprircdftte. A honic buflt with leJa m mirvd. Priced al only *».OM. ACREAGE IN THE CITY Jovrlopers ! Build in th« trws in iorthMAt. Z«ifd for a to^nhous^ of PCM. Check with us today. Call Frar cr locaikxi and pnc«. R O O M n tfui brit-k honw 1 ri th« Stre'.V'bc Hill AddMion, Four bedrooms. V ba*ha 'ormsl LR a/id diiiin^. Co a los'ely com er lot. Pdccd at fW,900. Call France Langham U3-3157. 521-2305 M73 N. Collesa (Acrow from K-ViUt A ROOM rnnoAe!«d house . Has Bai Franklin fireplace. b!oc age building, steel siding. Lot trees and Dowers. Some fruit trees, lar Harden spot nith some berrie. lik* Jn the tountQ-, j-et a block fro Past OtB , and store. *. Pric 33 ACRES ar Htchland View. 2 btxlnxini h.wic. Ullj 1 rcinocfdcO. and 1 room ^wst sc v\;lh twlh, Cr,xxl outbuiktinbs, IIV.TC ait hall lii sra«. Prlrfd At S-IO.OM, Call HEINEY REALTY CO. wy. 16 East 4-42-9236 47--Ron! Estate--For Sale REDUCED PRICE - A VA APPRAISED Jiiivthry A-FmiiK- loosUil In Blu rinjis Area ,thl5 lovely Iftkfl home has cr 13M rt. ft. of healed and cooled \icv. CUnvlrd Unwushtiut , it has a ucJOTUi Ux'inR room with (irrpli"' and \ultcJ crtlijujy. three Imlrwim. and tiuled on n lovcb* lot v*ith :i garden rea. Call today -- Qadj-s Sooncman J16C1), nlBMs 4424533. H-2». GARDEN AREA - PLAY A R E A ted o nWooliey 3U«rt, this home ontains ovre 1600 sq. ft. o( hoatrf ace. wilh two bixlnxinis, large living om an drornul dining room. Oooveiiiritf schools, hospitals arid shnppins- ' f^tiutitt on sn arra lot cuilnble [o rge ?»rrten w r'^y ni*a. Onll todji; -- Jo Anrc Stanbecry 531S611. nl«hli -633X H-Z93. Lindsey Associalcs '^i^XSi 3i33 N. Ccllesc 521-6011 "Developers of Hyland Park" SPLIT LEVEL !BW 3 11KDHOOM -- H(XT SCHOOL -- MlUrH HEN ON l«\VK.Lt 1,KV- EL ~- Siiacioui itoubl? jsaM^e -- 9i'xl«' ot, IMertl al ml)' fJl.SOO. C.\iH C, H. Hate* 4-U-1JLK lr W1-G3V), DEVELOPMENT U\NU WITH AUj UT1MTIKS AVAIIr- AlU-K OVEH \'i n)!Lu on existing blacklcL 1 roar). Terms'by criVTier, Call FUyxl rolliast 4434316. PRAIRIE GROVE HKDIJCEO Pit ICE ixi Lliis -i bedroom honk- with almost 30M S-], U. of h«tlcl space. Extra large t.iitiity iwm viih nucilbuintri; fireplace. Call 4434316 lor nrrolnlnient. A LOT OK SPACE /or the rrlw. 21.33 ACRES ON HIGHWAY Ifi next lg 1MMJS- THIAI. 1AHK. 7JG' frvn'.agc lowd light indtistrl nl or heavy commercial. *£iOO ixsr «»fu. Listed by Haskell UlK-j 1 441-4316 or tfs. 4126011. J. W. Gabd Vemon Tan'er 11 T L«vb .\nnt? Kanberry Jlal Mc-il-n l^-nn Clrusc llrani BK»1» .531.570) «28613 5ai4UW 7--Real Estate--For Salo 4 Bedroom Dolighl · Beautiful homo « lew sn. n., a . Imhs. living room and 1 dining TOOIII, spa iS DOS t!e» with Jirerlace, and a kilchm \v1lh all Iho extras. Choice In' baUoii, ' ItuHcrfio'ld school rtlrtiid, 1 Northwe'st Arkansas TIMES, Sunday, April IT, 1976 6D FAYhTTlSVlLLK AltKANNA' 47--R C nl Estate--For Sals KK T..OT located al Vi'.ir KaBle (We, nle vk-w cluctrtcilv nnil w-Hvr avail- e, rt-iwiubly iniccd, pliotio 412-2U3. 47.-- Red EstoTe--For . For i ap- Mil Polly BcOl 75I-79M. 200 E. Poplar Fayellovllle 521-3900 FLORIDA LUXURY HOME Would you like a second home in Florida? This one, l» fourmonlhs young, 4 bedrooms with a privole pool.' totaled In Winlorhaven, Florida on a private lake. Owner will consider trading for acreage in Northwest Arkansas area. For more delnils, contact Gallery of Homes Relocation Director Ann Marlin al 521-7272 or 521-8490 otfjer hours. i BOSS COMPANY, INC." THANSFBHHEIJ to IVssis, iiniM Jiol bedroom. sunft«i Uvlng room IMOO di and assume Igw Inteivrt FIJA Icon. J157 moiuh. Phone evenltifis 412-9183. day; New B Unit Town House Apart menl.i -2 Bdr -- Irt balha -- Private Patio -- Ui;hwa *er, Rt ore fc Refrlgc ralor -- raper. Good lenm. Priced fit *1M.O«. FREEMAN OPEN HOUSE SUNDAY, APRIL 11, 1976 2:00 P.M.-5:00 P.M. GANN ROAD New 4 bedroom, 2 balh homes on 2 acres. Family room with beauliful native slone fireplace, fayelleville SchpoLs. City waler and gas. Price $42,500. TWO LOCATIONS 2332 N. College N.W. Ark. Plaza · ' A *reat way to male house paynw ftiy Ibis loveiy Dtttfex, live in cue so* tnd rent the other. This Brick Duplex hex tw bedrooms ar.d bath on ftsrii K4e and a in txcdlen*. CKidflkn. Domes '. with nmgea and refri cewtois. Priced . * orol S25.000. Cafl Ted al -KI-0317 cf 1 t-bfdroom frame Hid oative itoc^a home : Hu den with ti replace, a!ao central h^at ' ftnd air. L/££led on large lot in Farmliig- tcn. Priced al 534,500. C*lt Sus-e far - j more inform a loo. . - 3-bedrocon trame home in excoi'enl osv AUoo. Sets to aimoat 2 acre lot In Lin' «rin. T«al Prio- 117,500: Oill Susie. . Older 3b*dixum frama borne uilli 7* - " 4cre* in lYiarie tiiwve. Priced «l 119,/ aoo. For more info, caU S*s!«. ·' 1-bed.noora, IVi bath Bricit hom* ii LfecoTn. StOflUd on ?* sere let. Price ' tU.QX. Call 9ua* on *:·- 2585 NoHh Ceflege 5213121 S-J* C*rt*T RlJTTTOWl IjO K!I Oadbr /V\ L 0 multiplies your , opportunities for a belter sale or purchase at no additional cosll The odds of finding a qualified buyer for your home is greatly increased through MLS. Although MLS isn't a guarantee to sell your home,_it does meet the market intelligently and completely. No sales plan or person can do mare. FAYETTEVILLE MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE Zoned C-2 on South 71. 5 BR. home, could be business and home combined. Across from EPC. Up to 7 cWes could be purchased. Separate entrance to upstairs could easily be rcnled. Good inveslment properly. House Land one acre--$43,500.00. 5 wooded acres overlooking Lake Sequoyah. Good buy at $5500.00. $1,000.00 down, owner will carry. Between Foyetleville and Springdale, 3 BR, 1 BA, raps 8 and refrigerator included in price. Springdale School,: bus es to door. Fenced front and hack yard. Reduced to $22,000.00. Large assumable loan. 11V4 acres, pond, fenced and in fescue. Good building sites OR IlW acres with new 14x80 Mobile home. Owner will sell/or divide, whatever you wanl, with good terms. One of Ihe prettiest lots you've seen, many gorgeous Irees PLUS a 2 BR, 2 BA home, apprbx. 1500 so., ft. Cenlral heat and air. 'CM our "FRIENDLY SALESPEOPLE" for an appointment! Residential -- Jan Henson, 521-6509, Evenings Commerciol -- Howell Trumbo, 442-5167, Evenings. Investment, Corriiriercial--Bob Whitfield, 521-6019,' Ev*. HAPPY BIRTHDAY 1202 N. College, Fayetleville, Ark. Phone (501) 442-5351 M U L T I P L E L I S T I N G SERVICE TRUMBO CO., INC. 908-A Rolling Hills Fayetteville, Arkansas 72701 501/521.6800 Looking For Land? l tnde IV) Acres far hoUM. d Gnu« M3-CMO. Ncsd A Few A c r e s For A Home V railM out of city limit*-- cty wifsr-- Ct!I Btl Grtit 4* S-WJ-- Term« aviiUe. Need Intome? l MmlBOTtcry 52J GT7S7 for U» n tt«M rental oraU. Good re- CaH MiJs Km laying Hen Business ruv» rapai( j --fialoma'ic equipme M Aciej of laiid--Four rcxun bou 9U.OOO.OO. CWI -Btfeye Da1s for 10- ·OTM · tour cf the property. Duplex or Four Bedroom Home BMtRifuU; t«',aMj*«l extra Urge ft ·d yu4--JFcl ri«hl lor lemity Inin MULTIPLE LISTING-SERVICE On April 15, 1975, Ihe Multiple Listing Service of the Fayelteville Board of Realtors was born. It began with 19 participating real e s t a t e companies, 85 salespersons, and 164 listings. Now, one year Inter, it has grown to 29 companies, 189 salespersons, and over 450 listings. During this period MIS has processed over 1400 listings through the system. Our buyers are happy --our sellers are happy. We are happy. We look for MLS to provide an even greater service in the future, as the public becomes more aware of the capabilities and as we broaden Ihe scope of Ihe system. Congratulations and Happy Birthday, Foyetteville Multiple Listing Service. AL HUGHES AGENCY FREEMAN REAL ESTATE POTHAST REALTY CO. ARCADE REAL ESTATE CORP. FRONTIER REAL ESTATE CO. SCHULTZ TAYLOR, Inc. BAKER 8, ASSOC. REALTORS GAB6ARD REAL ESTATE SHERWOOD CO BOSS Co., Gallery of Homes KINCA1D CO. . BRYCE DAVIS 8. CO., inc. LAZENBY REAL ESTATE CO. = nKCV[: K C A ^ »iAit LU. EDMISTON/PREWITT Realtors LINOSEY ASSOCIATES, Inc. STAGECOACH REAL ESTATE FAUCETTE REAL ESTATE CO. MARTIN, POLLY REAL ESTATE THE STANTON CO., Inc. FAYARK REALTY, Inc. COMPANY THE SULIIVAN AGENCY FIDELIS INC: REAL ESTATE MIXON REALTY CO. TIMBER-DE Real Estate Co. FRANCES LANGHAM REALTY MURL STEED REAL ESTATE TRAILWOOD REAL ESTATE COMPANY EXCHANGE TRUMBO CO., Inc. SERVICE IS OUR THING MEMBER OF HOMES FOR LIVING 'NETWORK 2243 N. College 521-1180 A, J-CCfflLV PTOGDEa O\«r^M Atvfire VaUtjr Jast M( Hwy. ftft, Uvi , older fcoir.e -*Wt Wtfdin? on ideal cw*nU, Coll Devty Sf-uHfxk, 442M9 Edlorbefl A LQKC! Brofcers ** 4^3-4541 or S21-2S55 WOODED HOLLOW RENTAL PROPERTY t* a ivA \Tfnrrjt p««*rty. Wrh 13 ui- II., this h«iw ha* three bwlrtwir. stpArtl* diranfi room and ?.ra£*.. fs tfAny tor an apprA-XmcW, Vemcn Tarv Hl-7611. n!gbU 521-SW7. H-SOO PRICED TO SELL tn t}-,« IO-A«T a/i, enjoy quiet, ownu iMfijf In the West Fwfc area, Moan n i taree frt, tivj; home t/fei* three brfrtwma, 1W balhJ arxl garage Lindsey ' Atsociele* /. W, Cibt! Vtnro Tirv«r £. L. Lr^if J« Arf.e Srar.b*rry ffil M^llr ESTATES Hv/y. 1 1 2 Norlh l'-7 Milas North of 71 Bypass Beautiful Shaded Lots Underground Utilities Hard Surface Streets Priced $6900 and Up Plat in Office Come see us, the Dogwoods are in full bloom. S H R I V E REAL ESTATE PICK OUT YOUR LOT Owner Will Build fo Your Plans and Specification* Hwy. HI N Faye(!*viUi U3-91M D A V I S RARELY CAN YOU F I N D . . . A medium priced home so veil rtcme, 3 BE! lii baths .wpArotc dinine, built-in klttten. f23,500. C*l Twila Meiloi 531- MANY OF U S . . . Wanl tiie beatrty of IrAditini anil oon- vcnic-nce or loday that ihwvs in this 4 PR, Zii balh cWonial. nournncL kflrticn, 2 FP'B. dal] Katherir.e Fiscr al S2l-!3t3. VA APPROVED 3 BR HOME 1 ACRE wrpet. drain jVjLu l - C a l t Kalh- emie F(s«r CLEAN CRISP Take a lock al this real neal 3 BH, 11 j bath brich lowurd in Springfl^e. SISivOO. Call Twila Mellon 5118H3. WHERE YOU B U Y . . . Is as Important as what. Chech Mil iFiis lovely 3 BR, 2 balh homo 1n Sv\eetbriar. Call Dave Fuliwi W2-2S1. BE AN EARLYBIRD . . . hid! 6 UK. 2 extra larfe baihs, evccl- !eni repair, m pond nc:shborh»jd. Call Twila Mellon 521 K-13, OUTGROWN THE BIG H O U S E ? . . . Htf. still need "(InfcerJr.g" room? Call us aL orce abom Ihls cozy Z nR, lac^e Mi, all rarr«|*d. On'y $18,EW. Call Kaih- erine Ffser S21 -1503. A LfTTLE IMAGINATION . . . Could rlo a lot for thii 2 BR. 1 hi(Ii hafgdfci Tray. $7,500. Call Pave Fullon 412- 22JI or Twila STfRon Wl 3449. AN INCOMPARABLE RESIDENCE 4 DTI, 2',-i bjUhs. KR «·/ fi re rf.irc on' Manor Drive. Call Kathc-r^c Kiwt Ml- 4»3. fHlS HOME WILL VA DON'T PAY R E N T . . . Wirn JT*U can huy ihJs H UTI. I Eiaih lrr m!y (IS.fiOO. fxicaled on Salem road rn a ',j pins acre lot, Call Tviila MHtM 521. D A V I S THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENT IN SELLING YOUR HOME linn St. Ca SPRINGDAIE T A I r\ jULu u v w " brick, rani- led oil 521-5305- MAXIMUM EXPOSURE SERVICE WE SEU REAL ESTATE . . . LOTS OF IT! We would like.lo have Ihe opportunity to help yoil sell your real esfate. GREAT L.OOKSI GREAT PRICE! 3 BH, 2 baihs, FH w/halive islor.s liic ph co, £c paral e iU:jl us. built-in kilch w- cvnLra! H/A, B U n d r c k , 2-car . garage. rr.ccrt in the |30's. Call KathnHnc Fiser 523-l3ti3. t. BOMBSHELL FXplfrdnS v.Hh v;ifuc. A BR, 7 baUw d*n,' kilchen vv/app! n nets, carpe*, drarw. centra I 1 1 /A . P rcrrl in the I M's t\\ Wave Fuli'cn 412 2»1. ^*- SPRINGDALE ·£' 3 mi, "i baths,, dtr, kilchcn «7 Hiir-lianccF. tiicpiace, 2 car Rarasfe. Es- wllent. 533^00. Call T\\i!a Met (on Kl- A SPARKLING HOME... In arplcpie nnlpr. 2 nn. 1 hsth older rramc 1 . New palni, plurabinK /·· rtcviric. Only S16.MO. Call D.ive Fullm W2-2S). ARE YOU A HOBBYIST?' A suLmmer, a linfccrcr? This 3 BTl. 2 bitTi biicfe h^J a healed prcmhcusc, a Kathorinp Xiscr 52J 1103 today. ' POSSIBLE RENTAL \ 2 Tin, I t,iih isrfip I.n t ltt rff Ilivay 16 EiM nn a l.irffo SW\200 !«. Otrly 4151- WO. Call IJave Fu:i«i J12-Z3M. SPRINGDALE 3 Hll. t baili, brick with n:c* LH, kit- tim. C^ill ETetly Utlc 521-4K7..'' PLAY GOLF?' '·' The BoH Cf-urfe is JiisL armind t h p cnmor fnmi Ihii Ini-cly 3 BH. 2 b ^ l h home ur^Icr rcnsiruftion. Rny IKAV »hHe fiu e^n still p!ck your cnlors, clc. Call Xalherne Fti*r 521-130,1. MAKE MONEY Buy I his [r.\ en (n nch'sed la Bt f txxl imlilicrl btii'cr. Faj,t ·pa'b^('l, sclihif pc'.v le.ue, business ft cjuipmen1. C.H1 Hrjce na\1s W2-Bflr71 (or nvirc Inrornu- licii. INVESTMENT PROPERTY Apartment', complex. Twelve I-mi »x 2- JtH_, buck in icry B*1 contl.llon. dnlf TWO BUILDING LOTS nlfrt on OrcWM*xl. B-j(h rtmer 1 vS.Ti sr,d 160XIR5. Call DAVC Ful We have several choice building sites, a|so, call us about our other listings, 521-8660 PIEASE FEEL FREE TO CALL US ON SUNDAYS EVENINGS KMJCtt LI ,,-i jmo r-?T J "fe! BUYING or SELLING YOUR SATISFACTION IS OUR RESPONSIBILITY CO., INC. 1617 N. College -- Olfice 5 0 ) - 5 2 ] - 8 6 6 0 AMERICA'S NO. 1 REAL ESTATE MARKETING NETWORK

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