Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1963 · Page 6
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 6

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1963
Page 6
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· cat ~ ut - ·"*r»* I- · ; · . , · ; . · . . · · · , - i ' 1 , · ' . . - · ·" · · i TELLS LIONS OF POSSIBLE DISASTER ! · / · ' « · .· ... T\ ····£JL- I ll»QTT J-/I dJL I % ROBERT HEARD { jjresident ; Kennedy jn'ext month Is going to offer the a nuclear test bas I that is dangerpus '-- eyea fatal -- to this country/. Rep. Craig Hosmer 'warned 200 Lions Club mem- M/Vhere Friday. ^ .. !r And · the fault lies with fie" President's advisers, who are' giving him information colored by their own proban bias" hntrad of facts, the Long Beach congressman declared. He is the ranking House Republican member of the Joint Congressional Committee on Atomic Energy. * He used charts in his talk at the Breakers International Haiti to illustrate The Big Hole" in the center of Russia where clandestine underground tests could be con-lthe bomb must be twice is'allow us to identify a three- The advisers, particularly in the Disarmament Agency are not dishonest or.unpatri- itic; Hosmer said, but "they have a strong fetling as to what the PrcsHtnt should decide, and that feeling influences the hundreds of deci sions they have to make." , REP. CRAIG HOSMER'S hands blur as he emphasizes "danger" to the U.S. of the President's proposed nuclear test ban treaty. Hosmer detailed objections to the treaty Friday in speech to Lions Club at Breakers Hotel indigriatidn" Farcsal Rep; JJltV,^ .'Report*'on City's Bulletin Board Who posted a copy of Rep. James B. Utfi controversial "Washington Report" on the 'official bulletin. baud in Long Beach City HaU?. , . . ; · - · ·"' '·'Assistant City Manager Robert Creighton doesnt know, but Friday be ripped off the suddenly discovered unauthorized single sheet when u indignant Democrat 'complained.'. ,' - ' - , · ' . ' · The report attacks the "Ann* Control and Disarmament Act of 1961" as a -1959 Kremlin proposal." , ;, , , ^ At the bottom was a notice that copies of the re-port could be obtained from the Los Angeles Federation of Republican Women: - . : ' . Fad: Says . · '.'·' ' \ t/ -,..:' Burglar-Ring Case THESE people want th treaty to be aa effective one the congressman emphasize* but mainly they just want treaty. Their hundreds o "miscalculations" add up to one final "large-scale and dangerous miscalculation" in the treaty · proposal package they! and "manager of . a swank ley set bail for the Colemans in Formal charges of conspir-i . The seven were 'charged acy and burglary were lodged, with conspiracy and with six Friday against the 'Owners counts of burglary. Judge Lil- present the President This decision-making by the ad- 1 visers is usurping the Presi- Long Beach apartment house. The complaints, issued by] Dep. Dist Atty. Fred A. 1 dent's authority, Hosmer said. Howser, climaxed a year-long ·In a press release Hosmer urged the President to "take ducted without our knowJedgejbig as the squiggle from the'tfloton shot because the shot $te P s to overcome the "man- and therefore w i t h o u t re-"background rumbling", to betTM Ut four nujijjnfcrons ^ aged information.' derision by course under terms of the detected, and it must be "lO,^," 1 ^ 1 ^ " l . TM " "'proxy and this usurpation to 20 times as big" to bel 62 ? « « « this is not "10 treaty. HOSMER explained it this war- _ . Any underground explosion in a "quiet area" measuresjspeech. Hosmer admitted an we're going to solve it. by a bomb rated at three kilo-only five millimicrons above; integral part cf the treaty identified as a cheat shot andjto 20 times", as large as the located on the map, he said, one-millimicron rumbling. The background rumbling! (In an interview after his t*t · **j"inT*+ *^A-rft** m *-r»ciiT»r'* r^hW-T l t Hcs«rri«.» *r4mTtt«*Y *TS problem." But in his talk he summed it up this way: That's the problem, gentle- tons (Hiroshima's was 20 kilotons) is big enough to help and below the 'straight line would call for the placing AT THE END of his ad- on a seismograph and 15 to of detection devices called dress, Hosmer expressed his perfect weapons in the whole 20 millimicrons in an "aver- "black boxes" inside both the'keen interest in nuclear sci- tpectrum of nuclear anna-! age area." A millimicron is UXS.R. and the VS. investigation of the apartment. The Bahamas, at 1440 be April II. E. South St and for Ferguson'at $2,625, and for the others at $525. A warrant was issued for Kusmicb, who stifl is at Urge. Their preliminary hearing win ARRAIGNED Friday before Municipal Court Judge - J. Merrill LDley were Leslie Coleman. 48, and his wife. men, and I don't know how vera, 41, identified as the --. :__ .- --T,,. :. - building owners, and Paul Edward Rollins, 40, the manager. Also named in the complaint were Joseph James De*; ment except the "Very Urgestjone-millionth of a millimeter.! (He said the eces, like the 58 · megatonrThere are 25.4 millimeters injnot be of much ' 'ence and thanked his solemn Nardo, Monroe Ross Fergu- said the boxes wouldjand attentive audience for son . Robert Ellis Heise, and hydrogen bomb (2500 timesfan inch. This indicates howiwe don't know how oftenjfor Mm to play 'as powerful as Hiroshima's)'fine the measurements mustjthey may be inspected, and^Ie in this field, the Soviets tested.' ( ___ . __________ use because.helping to make it possible[Ntcholas-Matt Kusmich. All an active be to detect underground.the Russians might run trucks "How do you think I must were residents of the apartment except DeNardo and Heise. Heise Eves in North 8 Planes Hunt Lost Aviators ' Eight airplanes from Mea- dowtark Airport jn Sunset U4 ^ »^M.-M*M.U*, ^^.0^.^, »*. Beach were scheduled to fiyi my opinion. Western, or over mountainous Utah couri- » uthentic 'cowbo" music ?_ -7!^Trirvi7^.v: ._ . . . . . , · . . , . . . , _ , · she doesn't sport a beard-^but come'of her closest associates own beautiful ones! ' ^ , v ;· VV^ '£· ,, - She' Is a'housewife, mother of three" teenagers and wife of a commercial artist--but she also teaches at two colleges!i--;^-:·{,.; .- ··. -, .%:-^x^r'fr£.^ · She is the daughter of one rf the outstanding pioneer fcDMnusic'; coflectbrj "jot An-erica-^t she'thinks'jthat smging; commercials may, possibly, become' classics" of folk music! 6V/.a'.'-" '·''·'·-' " .? -,·:' -.-, .· ~".V; --.'M- /·She is Mrs. Bess Lomax Hawes^ daughter'of Texas music historian.'the late John A.- Lomax. and sister of Alan U! inm**^ famed folk" musician, and she is a featured participant in the Long Beach College three-day seminar on folk music, ending today. ; v · ":'. .V "For one thing," Mrs. Hawes says, monologue fashion, 'I th"* the Southern California area is fast becoming the center of the study of folk music in America., - -, ."At first I thought tie increase in folk-music interest on the part of undergraduates might be just another 'goldfish fad,' but now^ Tve changed that opinion.. "College -students are taking an active interest in the musical , heritage of their country, their respective races and nationalities. "One reason for this, perhaps, is that foDc music invites active participation ... the youngsters can perform, they can play, they can sing folk music at their social gatherings. "Many arbitrary definitions of music fill into the folk-music category, in tryside an night Friday in an effort to spot fires that might have been set by two Long ? 6aJy cannot identify a three-[tectable earthquakes a year, ' kfloton blast more than 620 is six million square miles in miles away as a "cheat shot" "THE PRESIDENT says we 1 But our most sophisticated'testing. around them to foul op the feel to come back tere seismographic equipment D0t| Russia, which has 500 de- sensitive equipment inside.) findjthe Lions Chib has gone j^ 'been in county, jail for area, of which the center 23 can detect the shots," Hosmer he said. to an the trouble and expense to put on this fine meeting?" V. caul '· several months - after being it cannot even detect it. million square miles is more noted, "but he says nothing ..Constant rumbling in the!than 620 miles from any of about identifying them.*" earth's crust, which Hosmer the Soviet Union's borders. likened to static on a radio, 'blots out the squiggle on *a seismograph caused by a W I T H A special array of seismographic instruments. la a brief question period. The President does not aimed at learning his prefer- have all the facts. Hosmer ence for the 1964 COP presi- said. But he excused the Chief dential nomination. Executive's ignorance in this "I know, who is the best Wednesday oh a flight borne from Salt Lake City. convicted of burglary. * · * '« OFFICERS on March Hosmer artfully, dodged one simultaneously raided - t h e .: -- t -. t --- :__ ».:. ~.f..,- Five or six more airplanes are to leave Meadowlark this 7 morning to help in the search lpartment »ircraft three-kiloton e x p l o s i o n be-]the background rumbling can field because "he is a very qualified," he said,"and that's , TM» ?,-- Iv. _.j_.-_, .- -- _-n:_: i man,'and must rely on my wife, but she says to me visers." · (she's not going to run." . yond a range of 620 miles. |be reduced to one mUIimi- The squiggle caused byjcroa. But even this wfll not his advisers.' parts-cleaning plant in Van Nuys which is owned by Coleman. Drugs and goods reportedly worth thousands of dollars were confisticated, officers said. Ask Council to See Anti-Vandal Dogs " ' By GEORGE WEEKS City park coounissionen something that win help us haven't given up on their control the growing vandal proposal to use dogs for ism in our parks." sak patJblling Long Beach parks Kolyer. Break Ground at Ncw'T Ground-breaking ceremonies for the new Los Alto: YMCA building and pool at Bellflower Boulevard and Ather ton Street will be held Sunday at 2 pm Rep. Craig Hosmer R-Long Beach, will give the principal address- Actual construction will begin on the $225,000 building and pool April 15. It will b« completed in the early autumn A second story wiU be added later. The contractor is O. L Dahl. and the architects are Jones. Poper 4 Lockett. The Los Altos YMCA includes 130 dubs. :. · Moore Misquoted A report cf his speech at Altos a board of education candi-| dates' meeting Wednesday night incorrectly quoted Arthur P. Moore as saying the school ederal · against vandals. I . fa- a letter filed Friday. ·President Clinton KcJyer.of · the commission icouncilmen to invited city witness ; demonstration Wednesday of ' German Shepherds under con- ttrol of a well-known trainer, JChet Kinnamon.. . . -.- ·' ; . · · . · · · · · J; "WE ARE SURE you wul ' find this demonstration of in- JtitresL and it may prove to be '·" 1~' ·Fpur Firms ;1 Dfemand Oil : Tax Refunds The special dog showing is set for 930 am. in El Dorado Park. 2760 Studebaker Rd. City Manager John R. Man- seU, who blasted the dog-patrol idea when he first heard it last September, said Friday he hasn't changed his mind. · · · · *TM STILL against putting dogs against people in parks,"" he declared. | Mayor .Edwin W. Wade ialso was unconvinced. "I want it to be explaied how they are going to con trol these dogs," he said. Kolyer and some other com missioners favor establishing man-dog teaat to curb an estimated $8,000 annual loss in city parks from vandalism. I Today in Long Beach OX STAGE--"Sweet Bird of Youth." Off- Broadway Theater, 211 lime Ave, 830 pjn. "O M i s t r e s s Mine," Community Playhouse, 5021 E. Anaheim SL, 830 p.m. The Most Happy'. Fella," Community Theater production. Convention Hall of Municipal Auditorium, 830 pjn. CONCERT -- Municipal Band. Exhibit HalL Auditorium, 2 p.m. ·'.' Four oij companies Friday j ,»demanded refund of $66,693i · ^ in city oil production Ecense ·; taxes they paid last October '.- under protest. ; Tie firms filed claims with · 'City! Treasurer William Ramsell 'for referral to the cityi j^ ^^^ ff 4rt named for i move that P^'-m artist took off Friday after- (^Rauroad Co. noon m a * rirst ootalto P ^sought the largest amount flight from Long Beach to .'$52,356. paid both as an in-Valencia, Spain. · C dividual producer and as unit j t ^j ^ SoroIIa, a Doug' : {rict UCer Sathe harb ° r d ' S " Ul ******* Th " 5 ' 00 °- mae ··^OOier claimants were Long,TM?** »»** «Mi«nr of the Beach OH Development Co. fifth DCS to Iberia Air Lines -$7,403; Signal Oil and GasW Spain. ;GX. $5,711. and Texaco IncJ ^ Spaniards are a people s t a t e m e n t was : that the schools could ask federal aid, but he is personally opposed to it. Draws 5 Years Joe Dean Hattabaugh, 2! was sentenced to state prison Friday after being convictet of rape, burglary, robbery and grand theft. " " Hattabaugh, of V e n i c e , broke into a young woman's apartment m Long Beach last October, assaulted her and took $80. He was later, 'apprehended and while out on bail stole a car. His sentence,' imposed by Superior Court Judge Maurice C. Sparling, is 5-years-to- ilife imprisonment. system . should financial aid. for Harry Ross, 48, former mayor "of Seal Beach, and Wallace Halsey, 43, a Seal Beach electrician, . · · ·' · . ^ ROSS AND Hilsey left Salt Lake City Wednesday en route to Sunset Beach in Halse/s red and yellow Piper Tri-Pacer. Residents of Enterprise. Utah, said they heard "Very around 10 pjn. High hills south of Enter- ask prise have treacherous down- His drafts, and the area is known' as "airplane graveyard" because five a i r c r a f t have crashed there in the past few years. a smaU plane flying low" W e d n e s d a y Arrangements Pend for Drowned Boy, 5 Funeral arrangements for between the boy's school and five-year-old Bobby McCrimmon had not been completed Friday. The boy drowned Thursay as he explored what ust have appeared to him. miracle -- a lake where Before had been a baseball eld. The body of the youngster was found late Thursday ght when waters receded rom Hamilton Bowl, a catch isin for storm overflow. iis home. It filled quickly with Thursday's heavy rain. and receeded IBERIA AIRLINER NAMED FOR ARTIST DCS Leaves L.B. for Valencia ;$1.255. deeply conscious of their cul- T IN ADDITION to the con-, tural heritage and the Iberia rstitutiona! grounds cited inline names tu planes for ;the original protest Unkra'artists. Joaqoin Soroila y ..Padfie raised a r*w .·covered by the claim-June-,!* 11 "* 100 years ago. That TAog. 1962--it already had a city is celebrating his centen- : ;pre-paid license to do busi-Vial this month. The artist ·ness in Long Beach. U^j :- 1573 . ·cense ordinance spedfied that," 00 · pro rata amounts of th*,Wade to Lord Mayor Adolfo $50 annual license Rmcon de Areflano y Garcia of the aircraft for the SorotU | fee would be refunded or ap- ^ Valencia. ^4 , scale model · plied to the new levy. The \ production tax is three.cents . Schools Slart :g Vacationa'April 8 · · t Spring racitkio week wiU 1 start Monday. April t, at aB I} Long Beach Unified District :«*cfccols and Long Beach : State College. Classes wul resume April 15. Valencia. Thirty guests were aboard for the maiden night cf the $6-miEion plane designed to carry more than 120 passengers. CapC Luis DarUa was The Iberia line links Spain to Africa, North America and South America. urn to his home at 1335 Wesley Drive at 1130 ajn. He was the son of Mr.'and Jrs. E. S- McCrimmoa. j Hamilton Bowl, a recrfa- tka center in the summer, «* -.. .,· ». -*~: · . --HOT PBoli JAMES B. EDWARDS (i), directoi of international . sates for Douglas Aircraft Division, presents a model of the jetliner Scrota to Frandsco Igfesias, Vice president of Iberia Air Lines, before the DCS took off for Valencia, Spcin. slowly. Mother Dies as Car Skids. Into Truck A Long Beach mother of two was killed Friday when her car smashed into a ZYi- ton truck parked at 9925 Ar- BOBBY was a little late tesia Bryd, BeHflower. eaving kindergarten Thurs-1 The victim was identified as day morning and he became Mrs. Patricia Jane Trogdon, * object of a widespread 27. of 3119 Karea Ave. The :arch when he failed to re- $6,187,000 Paid by Taxpayers in Long Beach Long Beach property owners have paid $6,187,000 in ity taxes since- the 1962-63 collection period opened last ctober. Treasurer William Ramsell reported Friday. Receipts so far amount to 71.07 per cent of the $8,705,061 levy -- about the same rate reported a year ago. Deadline for paying . the second-installment city tax bins is 5 pjn. April 10. After that date a penalty of 3 per cent on the unpaid balance wfll be assessed, RamseD warned. The county tax deadline is the came date. Second-msUB- oent delinquency penalty for county bul* is 6 per cent. ! Bribe Case Delayed Six former state Alcoholic accident occurred at 2£5 » m She was alone in her vehicle and reportedly was returning lorne from a friend's bouse. Deputies said evidence at the scene indicated Mrs. Trogdon's car went into a skid ami cashed into the truck. The 1 impact forced the small car under the larger vehicle, trapping the woman. . · · · She was dead by the time a county fire department rescue' team was able to extri- " . . -. even singing pnglesT --StafT Photos bY Sk^» Shutnm authentic 'cowboy* music, of course. Mid-southern or hillbilly music, racial music, even some early rock 'n* roll, are an outgrowths of the living, changing music of this nation. . , . "I ten teachers--watch and listen to schoolchildren on the playgrounds during their recess hours. What do they sing? What are "the sing-song melodies and the lyrics that they remember? Perhaps even a singing commercial, if it is good enough to last, may become classical in the true sense of the word, once it has lost its commercial significance. "Another thing! Too many people tend to identify folk music with beard, with beatnik, with beach- bum etcetera, etcetera. This just isn't true! "Folk music is only 'different' to. today's culture because it represents a change in the source of music that we're used to. Formerly, most of our k music was produced, created for us. Music has long been a commercial venture in . - : this country and a group of people on Tin Pan Alley created what we came to know and like. ~ . "With folk music, we are simply enjoying a form of music that we ourselves are creating, and have created, back through the years of history. "Commercialism has certainly entered the folk-music picture. Popularity demands that performers and singers coine forth to fiH the void of communication. This (commercialism) c a n be good or bad. but. on the whole, I think it's having a good effect. "For one thing, commercial performances allow more people is come to know the music--and.' for another, it puts some money into the study of folk music .., and that's certainly helpful! . · · ,; , "Yes, I like folk music! I guess 1 inherited my likes but Tm not a 'purist' in the sense that I want to limit myself too closely." Bess, as she prefers to be caned, teaches courses in folk music at San Fernando Valley State Conege and an aduh extension course at UCLA. - 0 She has a lot to say on her favorite subject, as you can see. A°d * «?*' il w * a **** ** *? 1 fervor. ;·; You could almost set her words to music... but that would probably be cheating -- to some folks!.; £ , music IS being created" Clerk Saves $40,000 Being Scared at Right Time f _ . - . - - , o - « A would-be bank robbetithe note, which said: "Give ned Friday afteVa clerk, t* else." then Her husband. Benjamin, is' a partner in a Fullerton paint store. She has two sons, Benjamin Jr., 7, and Michael X the Steel Plate Falls, Damages Vessel A large steel plate being loaded Friday on the 10,000- ton SS Aristea at the National Metal Steel Coqx's Terminal Island dock fell from a gantry-crane magnet into No. 5 hold and cut a gash in the bulkhead five feet below the water Ene. Tony Rancich, a Nationa Metal superintendent,: sad Beverage C o t r o I agents, waterline. spiracy, received. a ance until April 3. caDtinu- of rightened and left the man iteraDy holding the bag. The man walked into the Bank of America branch *t 2000 E. Anaheim St at about ,030 a-m. and handed a sack and a note to Mrs. Becky THE MAN .stood there'for a short time." then walked [out the back door and *tcto A · woman customer told police she 'saw the dark comptexioned maa leave'the the bank. Mrs. Shedd said she Bavarian Stale Official to Talk Dr. iBarvana'j state service for po- walk north epithet She said they strode po|JM a tf se / dHf i ng down the alley, qnickeVied their pace and disappeared. POLICE gun .was seen during the ; holdup 1 ? at- Ktoher, -chief of tempt » ; . ; · £ The 'would-be-bandit hid a ' mctu ·»*·»'" "*"""". . MTMi - scrap sted in No. 5 and otherjlitkal education, win speak at very large nose and was wear- holds was unloaded, and more t 6 pin. Thursday a*. Long ir.g taa trousers. They : «aid of the ward to lift V»«9 IjUUKMLUC^Ij AUU MMM C i V y.aifcj · fcfc**fc JM»J · ·. m*wi ·»· »* vr%»»v* '»· · "*-J *tt«* · scrap was loaded for-|Beach State CoOege in Lecture he was.ia bis 20* and .was to lift the cot above the^HaD 15!..;. ;·.- * . tan apd slender. - '. ·; \\ ine. ,: . '» 5 t Krob-r, a prisoner, of the '.The" bank manager, .L? D. scheduled to be arraigned in Rancich said welders would.U. S. in World War n, beads Haarer, tokl police he.wuat Soperior Court . Friday; on complete repairs early, today.! tn agency .which has the pur-jaware there hid been a£ at- charges of bribery and con- The* Aristea, a Greek-flag'pose of inspiring Bavarians tempted robbery imta he was ship, is scheduled to sail forto become. responsible citi-Jcalled by an employe in .the : Yokohama Sunday night. 'zens of a democratic natioa.sire deposit section.

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