Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 30
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 30

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 30
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-- r---- 1VEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE TRANSACTIONS Wednesday's Closing Prices, ^as$ - 3 88 K Pag. B-4-INDEPENDENT LSBS SHtt, call!., Tkm., M«r. 11, 1H4 Market Rally Sharpest ' "' ." *' · - , . · * in Months; Trade Light \ · .. ,· · . i.- . NEW YORK GW -- T h elnot sparked by any particular of higher yields from bonds consistent strength through- and other straight i n c o m e out the recent selloff, appar- ,,- ently on confidence aroused. y the purchase of a'large . block of. the stock-by a-Per ;roit industrialist.. . . . . . . - · * * * * ...-, (,. WIDE-MOVING Fairchild..' Camera was also among the,. most ac t i ve. The . s ,t p cjc : . ·... touched a low for the day of..,' 167 during the first few hours .. of trading but later soared : .tp . high of 178. It, '3'/2, up l l /i on the day. ,_. Blue : chip chemicalsiwere in inland .and gave a r large. boost to the averages. '.,..-· ;'," Electronics.continued,to'.be_..'. ...e market's strongest., sec'-,^ lion. IBM soared SY 2 , Texas". '' * 'laments 8^, Motorola" and Zenith 4%. .,-^ .. ,. · A i r l i n e s generallyjmet _ 3lectiye buying. Northwest' rose 2%, United'2%; Western; .. 2, American \%, Trans World/'.: and Delta 1 each, and Con-'." tineiital and Eastern % .each: f Vasco Metals, which".'ad ! ; .. vanced smartly Monday 1 , p n " plans to merge with Teledyhe, 1 ; ' ~-ined 4%. : ' "'"''·' ;\ Prices were also higher 6rv Am Iw N Ircn No Pap do of m a r k e t Wednesday kind of news. While the same n 25Vi-- 45 »'/i -K *i 671 751k- !'. o pal Coll Alk Collins Rid :°!o F 8. Ir » Colo Fll of Colo Int Cal 2 Colt Ind its sharpest rally in economic factors remained in The Dow . Jones industrial months but on lighter-than the background and the de bate about the possibility of Iss River a Kan Te P f? C C A en 1 Pub Sv 929.84, making its b i g g e s t Depending on which, aver tax cut became even more spurted · 12.36 on news that gest gain sjnce early January the White House had found 1 1» fyf* EEV rut : Iran. Co It brought good cheer to steel price boosts ac- temporarily, according to ex A Trent Co Tran W Air Tran W Fin Tranj do perts in the Street. Ravm Ini Ravonler Ravthton Reading Co 39 Reading 2 pf 4 12 30 steep plunge in the The rally took in m Ltd AI«f AmS Sua . Am«nc« xd market since it climbed to its spectrum of issues, even such 'defensive" issues as utilities and tobaccos which have been among -.the worst recent suf- Market analysts caled the electrical equipment, rally "technical" since it was ferers due to the competition vision stocks, other electron ics-, rubbers, steels and chemi- DOW-JONES AVERAGES iniriv Ltd Inlkv NV in Cam _n C«r Un Elec Rails climbed 2.07 to 255.82, NEW YORK (UP1) -- Dow-Jones closing ,stock averages: ajco Ch*m atco. : at. Acm»" at Atronaut Standard Poor's 500 stock Instruments 30 Indus. Wednesday 929.84 ;+9.86 ruesday...'919.98 i+2122 20 Rails 255.82 .+2.07 253.75 259.35 264.82 211.10 271.72 187.29 249.55 187.29 index rose 0.78 to 88.96. 141.03 140.03 139.03 148.30 160.83 163.32 139.03 163.32 149.84 Trading slowed to 7,980,000 --1.82 --3:46 1+1. + .10 lal Bkc H Can Cath Re0 CltvU --6.18 '+4.42 --1.62 onlOI do pf Cont S1I Conlrol Dafi do pf . 11? lt shares Tuesday. Month ago 995:15. t h e . 1,419 issues traded, 880 . advanced and only,, 30.7 de ' High '65-66:995.15 Low '65-66 840.59 igh 1965. '969.26 Low 1965 ..840.59 clined. There were 16 1965-66 highs and. 46 lows. . : . - . , American M o t o r s , again .» ead 17 67 : Period P «* Prooane 11 Am Mei Am Mo) Am Am News Am Am , Am Polnft . · Am Research Am Seating i Am · Am Ship wl topped the active list. It ad- OVE^THE COUNTER Quotations compiled bv thi NitTonal approximately 9:30 ajn. Bios are represi Inclixte retail markdown or comnirsslofi. A r. Cramp Know] Crew Coll 11 the American Exchange shares. The stock has shown 232 h p ^ 3 do pi l.W on of Securities ter*dealer prl Asked prices hav» been adlusted upward American;Stock Exchange;! Wednesday's Closing Prices A«E Plastlk Pa Allied Props Uncs PtaeF Plav Cd 6 31 '.', PIvwrJ 3) 43*/«-- US Rub 4 H^-f do --of d* Fin oaderan Mf0 Roberts Rogers Bros RCDS/AIkms Sawvefs, Inc Seven Up Bot Sferracln - Corp By AsMClaled Press sales in loft. LJ 11 lii Gl* Uvito L"· ' Gateway Nat Bk 9 General Browlrw 12 Gen Til 5 Pf Argonaut Ins Co 14tt o(-La Jolla. 17: ol Los Anols eklns Van S'or Biochemical Prod 7U Bonania Air U 210 v Bowalor Paoer 7W Bulfums 17 'I Aorolet Atrosol T Alaska Alrl Alleo CD wt Allied Con P£P ._ ....... ____ lerovnsMl Croc 6' . auH Elec Pwr 2114 TVi do ot Unlv stack H nlv Oil pd ptohn · 'fl'h Klmtlci corp^ Kings Bros Prod Lavn. a aowltr Ufintcraft-Gen 23 Long-Lok Cora Volkswagen Ins West Bav FW Co 1 WtianvO-Mfg ~ WlallCo M5MVJ+5 l | n n t t5a^ F ':'" 154 3*=- -Dealer* ire reoresenta- rdealer marketi or commission prices as ol approximately 9:30 a.m. In not Include nttll markup*' iperrv R td Shrs id Thom lerl Free SimiTr El Sunset Inll : Sopercrete Svnltx Cp Donner Tech Am Gen ins Cm 50 do 1.50 Pf 35 Am Hert Life SI Am Nat (ni li'i neflclal Std ^S a A I Western SI 28 ifll Svc Emo 17 mo!ned Iru onn General t Assurancn 77 79 t Casualty -54% 5 iSK'y? 0 '" l G Hltco H nil Inner Hydrometals Imp Oil InT Brew arw Electric Ino yn Bactn m Bldg Malnt rtkwa merlcan Ovptum o m PI DO Cons)ll«i 12 m RbriPlastlo Ira 15U nchor Corp 24 24 1 /! neuser Buidi Wt 47 FrwkDn Uf* Gen TVi If Re-Ins 232 215 g lens · Falls -U 45 realarnerka Cp 1 Inc Marlln Mwt McCulloch Oil Mead oJhn 'Menasco Mich S pf Microwave Mldwn Fin Molvbden rli Agro diem 3U 4'/4 rrow-Hart Hdj» »lVi 43 rrowti'd Purlfas 1714 mi rt M«tal Inc 2M 2-1% tomallon Indus 16Vt l«i 3S8PP m * abcock Elec «'i «'. amekf Indus OTA 21 Yor.k R«ct* . ' Final Wednesday " L f S 2«; m ii'/4+« 140 35 -- Vi .195 21ft-- 41A 60'/4 + 30 36 +VA It 11H 19 70Vi ircury Casually 4Vt sslon Monarch .Lf Ins National Fire 121 1M Nat Union Flra 37 37tt at We Hem Lf OT.4 atlanwlde Corp UH 1 NoAm^C^.l^ 1 1nd«mri STANDARD POOR INDEX NEW YORK (UPI) -- Standard Poofs' closing .stocji; index (1941-43 average equals 10): 425 Indus. 25 Rails 50 Utils. 500 Stocks, rra P»c Powr Drug Indus Cal Water . Union Gai Sern Brtlllno Southwest Gas w Research Prague E ec 69.04 68.37 68.40 73.67 76.87 78.20 68.28 52.02 51.47 52.88 54.61 46.87 56.32 41.06 ..-95.14 . ; .94,32 .. 95.41 . 100.60 .. 91.40 -. 100.60 -...86.43 Wednesday Tuesday . Week ago Month ago Year ago . High '65-66 Low '65-66 ontlnenl . imet Stores 7 oimodvna Corp 16 iVItaj Chwn 35 Vomrtep Ent A , w«Ktwd ir l .Voalwth Wanning do pf 4.50 ay Kendall Co Kennecott Kv Ulll SKIRTS LEFT WITH ONE Suburb Pros 35 31K+ Vi suCrest 3 Ifti " " WCTU Head Asks Crackdown on Drunk Wl Oiem ;un oil junbeam , [undstrand Sumh Bis Sunjh WJi Super Oil ~weets Co ,wllt iwlnpln ivm Way EVANSTON, III. .(UPD-- The president of the National PLACE TO GO =ourSla/TV . 4W 5*/* NEW YORK # -- Will- -] short skirts become ever'' shorter? It's unlikely, says Betsy ' Talbot Blackwell, the editor- ' In-chief of Mademoiselle" Magazine^ a fashion publi- ···' cation. ' '.-'" "In all honesty," she told " a fashion show in New York : · Tuesday, "I rnuat say'that skirts have no place to go but down. -' ' : "I am not, however, pre- :dieting that they necessarily · will. But wouldn't I t ' b e . lovely--from a purely busi-" ness point of view--if-they did?" - · ·'.- ance Union urged President Johnson Tuesday to expand allon M« Co pi rach S ran AIrw r1«JS St .it dv;avHaleSir kJvn U Gas ro'fVnSnaro rown Sn 3 3ST.4- 3 4?y4-»i 84 173'A-HVi 115 16 1614-- Vi 24 24H-- W co Pnxnjdt 117 Travefodoe Cp t^a, T5 Utah Const:. Win ler Ire R Warwick Eledno a "A,, 0 " bis program for safer auto mobiles 'to include provisions v? SII pr D( 2 78 --VA t. If Va 11 10'/+ H for safe and sober drivers/ "There can be little Improvement in highway safety until the cation and its con Pacific Coast Exchange Treasury Report stt .mtal. Uall«j Iowa Beef pack If ex Cora Andrew Jera Jerrold Corp Kaiser stetTCM PF :ell leystor.iCslFD WASHINGTON (UPD-- WlWrawa!) and u o s l t s In treasury account ~ caT.v*ar_ttirouch Marcti 4 c drinkers and drunkenness a the wheel," Mrs. Fred 'J Tooze said. Closing Pricey For 3-}4i Sa INVESTIHENT TRUSTS Hearings on SP Plea to Cut Service Set SAN FRANCISCO lumH Came R Lk Soup Can Ory Can Sou Rv Cdn Brew Cdn Pac Canal Rand Hearings \vill_ be held next Foot* C Bdd Pools M Ford Mot, -.eel Poultry and Eggs WEDNISDAY month in four cities Steer Talks to Bosses CASPER, Wyo. Southern Pacific's applicatioi San Francisco -. Los Angele ' Carborun Cerev Pnll arllsle aroCO aroPAL caro TeiTe Carpen SI] a Wyoming Farm Bureaueoh One William St. 15.03 15.03 Grain Market run, and reduce service.m'th 'erence, Stanley Steer. spoka on the cattle industry. . San Joaquin Valley. The California Public Utill CHICAGO (UPI) soybeans closed oais fractionally M ard of IVhea -- Wheat, rv* and xed od com and V/eoVvesdav on the radt. to off Hj com urv oafs unoiar.oea to and Pfonter Fund MM 12.74 Prte. .TR Grlh " " ties Commission has set hear t waa up ctianoei lo uo up U: rvo on 1 off in to up . Santa Barbara on April 6, Lo Angeles on April 7 and Bak Iran Gen AnTRna en Bak en Bane Chrus Market ersfield on April 27. Com fnll Inv 15. 15.54 Eoultv -11.12 12.15 lected Amer 12.16 13.16 rehl Tr Bos 12.04 13.16 Shares Am Ind 20.87 22.80 Arichnewflavor...amild new taste. Half and Half,;Filter Cigarertes.Th6'' ; :..' secret? Pipe tobacco' does it. . 105 ANGELES Ml (FSWHI -- Lemon nd flraoefrull prices unchanged fooav : Te Most Active Stocks chanoed. COMJI vly temofes lit ora* aporox 24 IDS colossal and For 2JO-3.00 St-nklst Growers reoorl reoreiefllatlv NEW YORK W) - Th« 15 molt actl stocks W sld Fund [nc I vest Fund Ine Fo steady. SurkJll, first gradi 2s 3.W1 88s 3.15; 1I3« 3.15; 1 3.W. Choke, second oraifi 2.93; do 5 of do p/3.75 Gen PCem i. y 0 Sir K avsJW aylag MCA Inc T«TM om^ enl Br Inv Cent Inc BS Fd of can Unlltd Funds: Accumulative 17.92 Gen Prec do of 1.60 Gen PubSv Markets at a Glance NEW YORK HV-Sloclu-- Higher; acllve trading. Bonds-- Mixed. CclJon-- Irregular CHICAGO -- meal--MJxed; tale rally 52 y.-ii\ Knlckrbck Gr F ».« HJO JfJJ'Larinf Fund 17.25 17.50 '!-S' Lexnoln Inc Tr K.« 11.95 IS? Life Ini inv 7.S4 1st Sovbeans-- Easier; Imoroved lale demand Ho«--SO cenl! to »l_.25 lower; loo !o.!S .. Dividend Sfirs Dow fh In-/ Ffd Drevfus Fund El Ion i H Bal "alon t, H SIK .30 Ii » MVii. H 2? 33S41- " 4 35*4 + II Wfit- 13 72 NEW YORK (UPI)-Dun BrwJifred all/ weighted prlca lnd« McLoulh SIT McNeil Corp McCkiay N MeJd Co

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