Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 11, 1976 · Page 25
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 25

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 11, 1976
Page 25
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/ -- Musical nUuciiuiidis* i -- Hpumnems l-or Keol 26-^-- For Sale -- Miscellaneous DENNIS HOME FURNISHINGS OUTLET STORE ·"·; Phone 443*2163 pood jumiturc. New 2 rfcre.sola and rtiilr. cood covers. Ssiv c J50 J103 Rean Unas, Hegulir f29.CC Now .. (1983 Heavy iluty vinellcs Tlockcrs, Roixl nivrrs, Only . , , , " 5 3 9 . 9 3 ITsed vriest o! drawers starting as low ns S13.W- Used HvlnB room suite starting us low as J30.». · = . · . Some Atillcjucs MAK B CM*em Furn Iture. Vt reword obcite, diliw caWnrts, mirrors. Also re-pair antliuos and Irarnc pictures. Waslicrv dryer for sale, miscellaneous. 413-53U. Ihls Inclines metal stand, aquarium light and.maiiy supplies, |00. Call 52J-OTI2. · 26-- For Sale-- Miscellaneous 177iT"lATSUN pickup; OOPPEUT0NE set-In electric range;' Wnck (ree-stan* ing- ; [ironlnc*. 1'none 4134017. BE^TLY 12 string guitar )L50. J215 liar nor bo!h lur only S1SO. rtdar chest 2x2* $40, FJione 531.36001 572, YAH AM A 175, good condition, JiOO (llrtly RJ slow crock conker, new S-l .let Co (Treasure ]Eawh) £15. Pficmo 52 4758! ; · :-WEED EATERS, JARI MOWERS LAWN GENIES . I*avi ri Genie -- Cul-s and Sweeps \VecMia5ter -- Cu!s with Vising Lm Full Year Warrsvn'y call 75UQ62, 751.-3433 or if no atisrwe call 5317071. LAWN .EQUIPMENT. SALES P. O. Box 6L1 , FayetteviJ Ic, Ark. In NW Ark. SOFA AND CHAIR SOTS SH9.95. On Lou- sofa, and matching chair this, we coffee and end tables also aval lab starting at S19,«. Cash or Terms. UF . 6 -- For Sole -- Miscellaneous c*^§ com PAWN SHOP ^!jka~ ^-a^ ^5$K ^^ Q35 ^| ^.'a.'W/ffa'.r.ssr... ·iSfiKL'rffliMS'.-fa ? rOBl IKS «»ES 7 5 1 - 3 7 1 0 INC; BEDDING SALE F«l like a king ft cur a Ix-aut if ul n! gill's rest on nn (hoped Ic kins s'ta inalt ress and box Prings. Standard Firm, Fiim and Extra vailiblc- at super savings also. Cash r Tcmis. UFS/Unilcd Frrfght Sales, lv%-. 62 \V. rayrtctvillo. Open 9-9, Ion .-Fit, Ull 6:0 Saturday. _-t (\Q4 n* ^^l#£=P4*CA' QJP .^pfeis A v* ggMj^f PAWN "^^J^ S n fl p *~*^S\ y 7 Xitkfi i^. J/^ *"^ G i r f Y o u tkt ^* Oplion 10 r *p u(tls » yS/ Spoiling Gwdl. ^/ 52 1 - 5 920 ^^ 17li H. COLltSt (H.o/11 N. POOL Tables - new and used -- Aik liilcx's only Hninsivicfe dealrr -- servcle and Bujipllts -- MI-9T70. Litlle Rock. Aik fesslonals choice. Treasure hunling sap- Flics. Call Ahe Lincoln. Itoccrs. 53ftS«7 1UG!U-;ST I'RIUKR PAID FOH OK)L USt^D FURNnURE AND APPWAXCK3 ALSO AKTJQUEa SHOP U3 roR THI BC5T BUYS IN TOWN. RATCLIFFS FURNITURE ttwy. 63 W 447-a? Now, T*o atnrei lo Eenrs TO-J- TrvDi-iiFc: IOX VIP amp |E5. Jailer I-Xrhf) Ch,im- cr WO. Mifcc MO, Snull ^mp $L3. Small tcret) cfimjxjrH'nt with several unenclosed jwators 173, rti'HK' 413^233, 28 -- Antiques -- For Sale INTIQUK SHOW. Apnl 33, Z^, 23. Civic CcntiT, Cla n: niorc, Oklahoma. Spcns-jrs SI. 1'jul'* Kiwswpal Cliujvtj. IIXON'S ANTltlUKS now locatlo/i. 915 North 71 Highway. 273-T2TsO. Hcr/on\ilU;. \rkansas T2712 tlLninciici rings, one jial r 0,1 r/in ss, very la rjjc. One 1 ftisc o!d very care TfcumljpriTit .-om])o(e a rwl colledor's 1cm. 1M ]Iccc soJIJ brorwo dinTicnraic. Jade and Coral and there Cine framed oil palming, Private party 75GGO1 alter J p.m. please. PJN15 C1HNA -- Jlaviland, It S Gonnany, venlr Plates. Audotioti PJatps, Plus Crystal, Cu 1 . and Depression glnss. Call 531- GH1 during the day. 30 -- Wanted to Buy HAISC nAlllJITS. Year around market. Free pickup. Now paying 42c Ib. plus annual bonus. Send JLW for 4B'paBc PHO- DUCTION HOOK. PELrFREEZ HAW- R T MH\T, ItogeiE, At*. 7273C. WANTED TO HUY \iy In 50 young ivh-lc leghrvm hens. Call 634 J2M. or v-iial have you. Phone TXJ.'tfa, WANTED in omsigninciil: Cood used cli'Idrcn's, women's, and nicn'.s dolhnlE. dile. 34-- Apartments For Rent NEW SUMMED RATES! JENNY LYNN APARTMENTS now accepting appl-ca- or unfurnished apartments (O be ready bc-Rinning .Hme. 1, 1S7G. Clow In UofA campus. Call 52 1 -7410' after noon. QUTfTT APARTMENTS! Nfce loeatinnf GARLAND CAHDENS will have wie and ivro hedroim vaoarveics for JUT-.C I, 1976 Sumnier rales available for studci 1s Caniiilclc laundry latilHies. (Jail 521-3431 to campus for sin?tc student or marriw coupler. No Ids, 4-W-SS55. aparlmenf from 55o lo S75, Fully, car prted, air conditioned. oiiJy 3 block* Jrom campus. 730 N. LevercU. Call «2 EWI. · THIS SUMMER? · ' TRY GLENDALE APIS. UNTIL MY M TAKING I/AIXIIHU APPLICATIONS 1 BEDROOM . . . SI 15 2 BEDROOM . . $134 All utilities paid, unfurnished, quiet, family atmosphere, WASHINGTON PLAZA APTS. ^^1h Wl-3073 '· I ni 1ARGE cxlra nlco 1 beilnxm furrtshet apaitmcnl. Carpcud, p.ineled. S!00 p]u PlM(ricJt4 p .-_Na pets. East 45. Phone -M3 2 LARGE -roonw, share' kildteii v,nt lo wnl! carport, nil utilities paid Sir per month. Address 5 N. West A ve In quire at 30J S. School. Gas slaiioii an car lot romor p[ Sclvxi] and MounUir ONK and IWT borfmom (uniistwl npan ments, gas and waler p,iid. Avahb noiv tor summer and Jail, Korr Inv. Co CHATEAU APARTMENTS fow laldne arjiUcallons for 1, 2. k Iwlroom .ind a£flcrcncy apartments Ava CALL 521-3313 N! BLOCK RENTALS 2 L/xraKons svilh 1 an d2 Bedroom tu nishcd tinils lo aene jour needs !. NKlTtJ-LSlllP AND FAIUCROUNr APT., 1535-3510 Xcltlcshlp. Quality uni all electric ivifh di'shwisher and il posal. J. MOBILE HOMES. Nihlocks M hilc Hotnfr 1-k. All units \vilh air. f LAHGE one bodioom. dishwasher, a eundhionlnc, nuipt complex, cal] Vic all 5 ' p m i?!.]:*! HEVE11LV A) ANOR APARTM KNT Siim/iier rates. Reming summer anil fj. 2 blocks to Cdinpus, 3 bedroom, tinfurn: Ml, Available June Isl, 413-HSO. WESTERN HilJs Apartsnionls. 2 uc bedroom furnished apartment Nu pels iult« 52* Gabbani. or phone 521-4739. While spare makes your ad s!and oul. and incrrasos readership. I. 2. 3 UEDROOM ap-irtmcnts svaila 3/ -- Mobile homus . Spaces For Rent New Two and Three Bedroom Homes OPxSV ^ffH 40 -- J-arins Acreage* pasture, 1 pund, 1 well. 1'itccd to eli: JjV) pW AC/C. 4 acics. wA UT;I, 2 pntLs, W^ In p;iMurv. Kicclknt bujtilim? silc. !j m'K-s c.ibt .'Of Fay. J300 per acrfl. -Mi!cj Vrco, al csialu-- for Suia w cstaie--ror MOBILE HOMKS Lease With Option To Buy. Monthly Rent Becomes Your Down Payment! 521-8450 Enlranee Across From Holiday Inn V VALLEY VIEW Mobile Home Pork LARGE LOTS, PATIOS, POOL 12 BLOCKS NORTH OF UofA 1840 N LEVERETT ST. 442-4367 CO.VE SEE OUit VILIAG C. ITS QUIET -- SELVDY AND FRIENDLY, PRIVATE 1'AH Kl Tin AND WIDE PAVED STREETS, VERY ATTR.\CT- WE 1^ RBIIIIKD FOLKS. 1CQUNTRY LANE MOBILE HOME \lLLj\GE PHONE 521-4666 United FrdEhl S-ilcs, Hvvy. 02 \V. Fay- c-tlertlte. Open 9-3 Mon.-Fii., til 6;00r Sniurriny. TO^JIAKK a profit: Take God inlo ywi bfp.-Worship vrilh us In Revival. Jlea EvDUijelisf, La try Evens al Imtncinui Haplist Church. 2i)l S. Ihincan. Fayelti Mile, Ark. April 1H8 al 7 p.m. nightly. AWNING for a travel trailer or m home, 36 It. Never h^cn used. H:ecntcn- m"al."c(flor." See al S-nes Body Shop'or call --736-3059 alter 5. KODAK .EktasiiUTid 160 morie camora. Mint. condition. For spocification price call 443-5105 after 4:00 p.m. SEW BPFCTACUIAR That's riKht the most spectacular setting machine sale Js go'.ng: on right no\v at United Freight Sales: This vvecfe only you .can bui r any \M tlTE Consolidated Inds. se\nng irw-i- chino at SO 1 ;; off the retail prircl! AH these machines carry the exclusive " YK. I'AKTS arid I^VllOEt Uuamntecl! O;her brawl available also, Eta rims a1 573.93 for a brand new zifi-zas machine, Terms AvaUahle. UFS/Umird Freigrii Rales, Itvvy. 62 \V. Fa.vclteiillc. Oper 09.-JTon;-Ffj,, Ul 6:00 Sjlmday. GUITARS, bacjoi. maodoltos, violins, viol as, rellos, DkclflPS, (late-Tj coroneU, imrapets, darnels, taxa phones, drums, ---tdjans and many othei moslcal In- iiuinenls. Real bargatiu, Rochler Jcwd- ry. 4 East Center Str-*L FFXrr black lop so:!, no debiis. no 1 , Also light iloier work J15 pel ., i'honc 442-t23. - - i 5 OOOi irril window air conditioner, 1 m6nlh $75. New Mco! batli tub, white rijiU hand, has 1 smalt chip J30. 36' aluminum romtvinatIon rioor, right hand SLAW Filing' 4I2JJ66. nt for Kil«. rh OFFICE Mathiiws- Ph bmdcd paper, ^titwtta Call 521-2312. Bowling- All your -team spo r \s. award needs. U R V I S SPORTING GOODS 2335 North College SHENANDOAH VILLA Mobile f'.ome Village Hvv,-. :e Uj-pass t'ool. lauhdijT, paUos, storage. C a l l , Today Kl-65fi£i FURNISHED 2 beriroom, nir -on'l tioj %-ater, "eas paiJ, no dow or sinck monthly, 1 HO clearing cltposif. 267- 38--Mobile Homes For Sale FOR Sal ml sales. P.O. bos «1L Phor 27--Musical Merchandise FURNISHED ONE 11KDHOOM UTILITIES. PAID UMIMJJIV WAI-KING DLSTANCE TO XWA SWIMMING POOL NIGirr SECURITY GUARD OH MONTHLY. CALL AN 1TLME M2- 6638, 32 PUT MAN. spring seniet-ltr, Skull Crcch Ap.irt- - MO N'. [jevorell, j21-270£. f O R HENT -- Aparlm«it al TERRACE MANOR. Available during summer terms. Phone 4-12-S023. ^OJIPLETTE .OOMPONF-NT SYSTEM $1-10.35. Lidudu BSR Professional ait« Himtah:e, a pair of air-suspension speakers and an AM/FM. stereo receiver with built-in B track alE for only JU3.93. Cash or erins. ITFS/lInited Freight Sales, Hivy. 62 \V. 0|cn 9 3 Mon.-Fri.. UI 6:00 Sa(- AVAII-AB1.E Alay Isl and Jm bedroom [urn-shod aiwrlment i versitj-, stay (or summer or J130. Phone 531-56K alter 5 TOWEK AI'AHTMBNTS. 1 fc 2 hcJroom tumishcd ni«rtmcnU. Available May 15. Summer rates Close (o University. Phone ' 12,1 or 442-^022, Now Renting for Summer CUMMINGS APTS. 1 and 2 Bedrooms ; 443-4757 12vro mobile home, exc iition. locaUd in ^[cKuit Jlannr ·cd biick -aid, ajid tililily thciJ, 521-1763 alter 5 p.m. weekdays ]2\«T 2 HKDnoOJT full rarpoiwl rumislwrd, ctnu-al hWt fc air, si-iirie lied dawn. Call TJG-iai? after 5:00. ARCADE REAL ESTATE _ . deratJ, sled ter.cjn! rtc-k, pom). With or ivithot ra, Itto b n t h brick. D^ ·722?. 7?]-Wlt. ACEtl^i on road. ITiiee mifps m Fayi-LtcYllle. P.irl in ROW! paslur rt vo"Jcd. Y e a r n j U n d creek. Esce!il (inniicins by iwner. Phrwc 521-5172) no aiiswiT 8331S2. miks tro I V K acre bon*: sites. 1'art wofxlert. ood raid /nintage.- (Tore in a n d ' F a y " vil! c schwls. Oivner Tina nee with i!l doim. rhone 521-3172; il no" answer I t-J « P FayeJir- s. Owner hor.e 521- .'t acres. Good hooce. tlarn, Small hroll- housc. Good cellar. Garage. Phone 42-5520. , $39.000. 76I-1C16. 47--Real Estate--For Sale O w Wock t'ami rfd a\d In po sprin «-kl pdn^, Need a fev/ Acres? Have Ute acres, cliy water anrt RAS. Mlcht o»ns[Jcr Jiridins Into smaller acreages. Call (or funhcr Lnlonn.itifn Murt ».eed 321-3493. 200 E Poplar Fayelteville Viney' Hrovo, anmt pasluic. gond forcing , arid 20\^0 work shop. Trra nice 3 .brfrwm ,hcm9 srith 1'luv.ishpr. nm co and h rge m. For more information .Call ? \Yo have »ve, 'priced ISUTE 2585 N o r t h College 521-3900 14^2 ,1 BRD11OOMS. «-a?her/drj-cr. dish- wTishiir, 2 complete baths. 1975 model. Siill assembled on w heelj. Call o Tier 3:3i]. .1122472. EXTRA clean 1074 Skyline. 12x60, frmV Jdtrficn, 2 bedrixim. central heal .ant double Insulated. Phone 521-IM mown; 521-51E6 evening. MAPLE MANOR Bccotnw . 442-2^71 . *js56' TWO bE ondition. Cfcnlr arpeted, room mobile h i _ . . _ L heal/air, partially and priced to Suburban Host Country Lining · L i f e Style" Ba] For The Family MOUILC Homo, 38'xlO'. end kitchei 1 bedroom, bcrttoomdlC', jrltliled. Hefrig ilor. ituvu, divan-bed in livjncr -pf led. al L new lliroirghw:!. Cont ri 3t. A/C. fiOOO Firm. See by apjx ·ni Mis. Quick, atea 501 -5?4-iS733. Starts Deposit COIN' operated laundry equipment. ers [arijc Cook Aryois, And a boU*r. Phone «2-M2a. _ ^ _ JVEW"SHJPMEST OF DINING ROOM AND DINETTE FUHNlTUHtJ We have just- received a brand new- *Wprn«il ef beautiful {lining room and dinette fuini- luro. All rty to* and sizes to choose from. Hardwood 5 pa sets -as low as $233.93 7 pc, dlreltc sets ns Lmr as J119.95, cliina cabinels J1C9.M And much nvre. E-Z 'erms A^tlsWe. TITS/IInlted Freight Sales, Hyw. 62 W. Fayeilevjllc. Open 9-9, Mon.-FrL, lit 6:00 Sittint-.y. _ USED HA1LTIOAD TIES -- frailer load mfnrmum. (4M) 321-2951, . . _ OAK shavin gs dumped rjul side yoni house for ?33 a load. Saw-dust also avail able. Phone 443-MG. OAHIKV |)1nv1ng P brush hofising, removal. On weekends. CoiiUcl bei 3 and 8, Xiociday through Saturday, 412- 7T.73 and ask (or Rick. U.SED rallnxid lifts. Afso river bold fill dirt, creek gravel, hillside gravel nnd limestone dial. Phone W2-50D6. 2 APARTMENTS for HJ per month ai;d $65 per i Hill. FURNISHED · Oldtr lady or JS5 plus utilities. Inquire MID 30's--ROOT SCHOOL Th ; s like new 3 bedroom Is located on dition. H (uaturcs ,a larfc kitchen, den ih fireplace ar.J sliracUre LiirwJscar Call Georfi* RcLb, -J13KOJ. or Bob Ni -· M,m or 521.KMO.' K-I«0. - 5 2 J - 6 3 0 0 K63 N. College LOSSING REALTY 267"-3200 if busy 267-3337 ' HWT. 6!. Farmingon " , PRICE REDUOcD ; (R-2-(S) 513. io» \nll buy ih;i Ucae 2 Bt£i\ horr.t on arprox. 1',: acres.' Located jurt 2 iliks. alf Cato Sinniiss Rd. Call for an i FPOintment tofl.iy. Cal! Ann 521-9184 or' office. ; $15,5001 s hcus? is i r the Euuund mcrUi uiy, has Led aE my associates in Li sirs and Filts (or tfie month of March, hanfci Doyle' 521-2305 THIS WON'T. LAST LONG SMI On the market, we mean.'A "to 1 bdrm and den, 2 bath brick ar we juu Listed. Hnnsje, DW, beautiful- cartels, drapes, with built-in storage, 1- h garden SINK. Bettor hurry to ; at S-3H,IW. it's a buy! ustcd by .'Owiick. 521 yyy. ML-TOST eves.- A . I N D U S T R I A L : · ' . · [ Ife\ Lllc's Indust. Pa r.k. abwt xid frent,' water; pas. sewer by. Lightly noodtd but lays well ft.r r i a l development and piice .-xt JUST por acre. Will con-sidsr se31ini* or part. Listed by L'. ],- Kiamnn, S21-8 LAZY F I S H E R M A N ? (910) Lite to Jish but hale the hassle of towing your boat and dragging it back a f t e r dark? Man. this is (or you. 3 bdrm., 1 bath brick li^mo'^-alhitnj dls (ance lo lafco (few hundted lest) i n - 1 h c perfect , jnn-nf married · . 2' Fdri.. en a nly. oil Ann fcr love] 1( hy Wilm: CVC3. NEAR (Sol) old apis.-, 1- Mfrtivsy ill t lai 3073 N. College (Aci NKAK NKOSilO MX ick hunro wiih wa!k rfCics, -Ml in sras= DOWNTOWN AREA Off: 521-8-.CIO. Ties. 5?I- ' IxKh h *P I Ln COO 15 *) 1* Coo: FARMINGTON 3 BDRjHOMB cu 1 ct «1Ui cha-Ln 1 ink ~ fcnc»ri bncfc yard. Kilchtn IKIS b u i l t - i n ' dishyashtu- and range. IXiutte carp-cri, lot's'ot itur- ntrc. FaycttevlHc StfiQcLs. A real buy for" only £19.930.00. f PRAIRIE GROVE-4- LARGE .2 BDR. HOME ..(Tt-262 ibis nice nldur honie'Eili-on * I n r e c - l o L with lots nl tree's and 'a great faiden .spin. Fully carpeted, central heat, io-jni and fl'sia' ''storage' 1 b7iidin3 Located at-112 S. SummHt S(, 518.500. HOME W I T H AN INCOME! ' IMOa Only 3 ml. from Facttev!lle in 1 rw t country 4Uin3E. This race 3 Bdr. brick mid (ramc home has a lot tr olfcr--carpetins,. drapes, central he'ati IS'xlS' rov-LTcd paLIo. ai:'d ' a (K-Uchcd double fiara?c'with a, 3 ri»in apanmen o crhead tbat* for $100 a mo or pc- (crt Tor j-o r college 1 d w t AH ,ni3 J acre fit good level laud end ful laudcapifl^ for ONLY!!!-.$32. CHATEAU APARTMENTS 521-3313 ·UNDER NEW MANAGEMENT Efficiency Shag Carpet Disposal Dishwashers Furnished or EiOO.M lunus entianre. unval 35--Duplex For Rent 1 BEDROOM duple? lir, vashor and drj'e :Arpet throughout. Phone -H2-1733 after 2 TtEDROOM unfurn 1 ONE bednxim liiIi', fenced yard, iui Ihvy. 16 West. Bedroom 2 Bedroom 3 Bedroom Central Gas Air Conditioning Unfurnished Two Swimming Pools GG Discount Furniture GRAND OPENING IRTISH En two t and ivalcr paid, Investment Co. 521 . ishcrf with srtf d . c^rigoialo:, draiH.'s bath, shag carpet -\viJh ·asJic 51 M ds Vout Choice 521-7200 D Drive nt lo o'der people, per nraith. 53S So, couiHc. Xo [els^ quire nt 3-W W. , Gla N.' Colk^c. paid. 521-43 Is from /aixn-tiiiL-nts. utili- 'year £"L ^ \fatfe. 3 h«i« 321-1704. Rent - - connections. Sfias garbage disposal. :30 p.m. 'ihcd except stovo. quiet location »f: nUi. Phone 2t7-3223 room duplexes, gas ·Mlablu now. Kerr l!wy. 43 E. un USED MOBILE HOMES, 10x:J5, cooii \ Uit sell. Casri oTfer. Call 321-8434. Villa Mobile Hoirc ParK. MOBILE HOME SITE IVfe acres. Tree covered. Paved streets Central water syslem Bfst of term 443-2465 39_Offiee Space Buildings For Rent rilWATE garaff space for rent. Kicc- Iricty pa ; rf TMJ\30 S50 mnrithly. Phone 521 %W. APPKOX. 700 sij. ft. (3 nns.) ollsltcel parking, util pi. except efcc. Lrtc.itcd 4J! Kt Oolip^o. Also 1 rrn. off. ',a ba. a/c, ulil. pd. P!wne 442-.W51: ' FOK rx^asc 1,000 :iu:ue (oH build in?, ideal for ollicc and .shnwronm. rmlral and nir, c.';c!}!i-nt traffic now. J'iioiie 413-2G«o Tor further infomialfo:i. OFFICE space located '.it 2734 N. Col lc?f .1 roams nuil b.itb, tip it and ilr J150 per nioniJi- Call 521-T013 or 521-S369 ,if[er b:00 p.m. 60x40 BUSINESS BUkDtNG For Lease, wrellenl loradon. Wcstgalft F^r^r:-5 Center. Wd(e lo Bo» P^9 C/0 N'ortlmtft Arkansas TIMES, P.O. Draper D, Fayetieville. Ark. 7270L pa rten 1 u t ir wd c-\ hnn h c rpctipg b l t m o i e n d i a c U s poMl 42 -00 c, n r ; a n" Call 417 4 1 D WHAT A LOCATION A quiet, well-kept family oilontcd ro ^fi b ri hood hlfLh on a hill In Hoot School diilrltl, (masting «n 1EX» sq. it. 3 liwl- itrm batb horrw . with centra! . heat/ a r rcnc-d b Ic aid d ck th'a c greenhouse too! Call Susan today at 52J- a038. SUMMER SPECIAL Overlooking Bi5ivcr l^ifie theru's a ?f. KCOJS Four bydrooni. \^o ,iud one. lial iatli hnnso that His on nine rolling :icns. The pMms aro too numerous lo mcnlion. Evcrj thins S'li^li ar^l Juxuiious. J'riced for -those mth expensive tastes. , : , , . EDMISTON-: PREWITT 18 E. Township f ra l -»^ { U? f Atf^ 521-3933,,. Jeremy Hess , . - · 521-7357 Ray At/ord -'442-0966 Claud Prewitt 521-5598 Joan Ucss 521-7357 ALL BRECK SPANISH-^' ROOT SCHOOL - ^ Ja fl#rnivwt' li^j ms v 521-8500 19B5 N. College WIN WOOD ADDITION Ncv.- 3 bedroom, all brick homo. v.a to K-wt School. 1 Full hath e c d - kilphL-n with unusually jnc-tly set ot ca Inets^ . Paneled den vvilh a bookcases, dinlnp room, formal livl rvTrtm. i'omblnation utility and wwi room, liirpe 2-car garage. For * (am lookh^ for. a quality. mAinlc-nancc fr hnnie In an area of- prcsiipa -homes, )' iliculJ investigate this wie. Prio« r«luc 11,000 April 1st lo {38.500,' The neistilK hntxllvvLll assure rap-id -LDcreAiO in val ot this "home. ' . _ AS.I have 3 bedroom native sio:ic a Jrnmp under consiruclion in West Foih ^i avic 'tot. Stono fireplace." central ho and air, plpctrfc kitchen, etc. Priced ?3 500. r^ree 2 stoo' Imima, 2500 sq, ft. natt slooo -1WJ acres, all electric, 10 roonis nli; -! 'bedrooms.' 3 baths! OualiU bui 2, years old, excellent condition. Pric McBROOM · CONSTRUCTION 000. COUNTRY-CORNER BA 8!2 1C acres of vacant lajsd. Aborrt rre.5 .ol .HOTM! pasture. 6.seres mxd. Cc-iwty read JrosilaRe. 2 ponds, som- rtng." Good locaiien. . 920 N'ire 52 acrx-s Jccated close · (o /hway 6S Wen. Springs, stoetf : pohd i excellent foncin?. Beautiful buildln^ a linn h n tural gas and electricity i_al;le r more ·Infnniutlon.-caJ] -531-1200 or DUFpEY C.\mER =21-4122 K f N 1 tNDLI OS 52irj JAMES W. BAKHH. BHOKER BAKER: ASSOCIATE'S-' '- REALTORS - »-' · T 6 1 8 . N . C o l j e g e , . - . 5 2 1 - T 3 0 0 " VE WORK HARDER] j. WE GKF HESULT3I ' , , shag carpet -\viJh a ritck. Dc- juircd, arailaKc April -15. Phone 5213378. 36 -- Houses For Rent rtivi childre 1 BEDROOM htiuse furnished, air diliorx^r, !50 plus utilities, !M flra . drpu?ii, couples preferred, no pels. Phone ,500 SQUARE f e e l - f o r lease for p fessional pIHce. Ehovrrooni.'or.n-aTehou vi-ay B2 West.!ries may lo P.O. Bos E13. Fayeltcville. fo Ren* or lease CxccLlfnl condition. 3 bed- raoiTis. 2'.f balhs: (a'mJty ' room ' FP, ijt'cli.-'cil A- Alr.'.OvVr 2.0M sq. [t. poll Jjlic-t" Eaves 1oJay ' t o r «n - appoinlmwil to see this house. 521-6300 or 442-72C2 F-1233. 227 SU.MM1T 2 bedraim ' StOO depcrtit, SIOO rr Call 521-2761. M A R C H 29 Of Our New Store Location at: 2262 South 71 - Fayetteville {1 m i l e south of Southgate Shopping Center.) We take used furniture and appliances on trade or we'll buy outright-one piece or a 1 f OOO M! *+*++« TERMS AVAILABLE w******* ATTENTION , RENT-A-HOME POLICY OWNERS Listings Wil! Be Given By The Great Man Dala. 4^3-4656. 45--lots For Sole 2 ACRES raid --wat CO-A! pl Gcod ter Tree coi Wood a. 3 BTinnoOM brick, CH/CA, VA bath. Double aara'Kc, ciiipei. stcu;i1y dcposft. per month. Incfiled in Sprins ; Firtc. 4I2-4338. oom moWlc home, varyd(d, nci!. all bills pa-d. SSK mo-.-th, . .Vo pots. 412-4371. THHEB MeroOTii mobile ho lrror.dlUoned. all (tills pnid JO deposit. Xo pels. J42-8S , airrmrti1h:on«1, all tills, 3135 n WO deposit. No ptHs 412S3T1, ' «1lb central water eyii ar.6 best of terms Wcdington 443-2465 521-6300 323 N. College Wild but asscsibk- by Rood er Ml! rnve-hea uii fu! t ce lo build. 20 mjiulfs Ed Torbel! Land- Brokers · 4 4 3 - 4 5 4 1 o r 521-2855 46--Farms Acreages THfU'R private aci - fllh. hrick hom r. Kist of Sprin 751-722.'. 77g4M BIG PRIZE GIVEAWAY A BRAND NEW DRAWING EACH WEEK! Each Week's Drawing will be made from only those names entered that week - so slop by each week to reregister and have a chance- at all of these valuable prize!!!! OCCASIONAL CHAIR WIN "A ROCKER STK WEEK DRAWING: . Saluufay - May 1st 3 BOOK SHELVES 6TH WEEK DRAWING: Kiturday ~ Mff 8lh 2 BAR STOOLS 7TH WEEK DRAWING: . Szlurday - MlY 15th FULL SIZE SET MATTRESS BOX SPRING No purchase necessary. You need nol be prc- sml (n win! Colonial Arms 1211 N. LEVERETT/521-2110 poot IAUNDRIES STORAGE ROOMS DISHWASHERS BAICONYS CARPET AND DRAPES WATER' AND GAS PAID (Heat and Air Is Gas) TENNIS COURTS AVAILABLE $25.00 RESERVATION DOWN PAYMENT WILL HOLD APARTMENT FOR JUNE 1. Ken Claire 1900 GARLAND/442-8981 A ACHES cxrollcrjUy located for com me re:."!! dc vcJopment al Interred i S.H. IS anl al. Onncr wants l nrAv. Wa-t Ixmcslrcet, 207 S 12»h ilarl horr.c .mda. 715-17. Phone DI8-27-33*' 3 11EDROOM, 2 b.ith, larse utility room 2 car farage, firoplare. On Hi ^crc I.nrpo workshop. WxJO. Call Johnny U'edinjrira \Vo«U. 4!3 Wfi5. Beacon R 3 BEDROOM B R I C K l ; 2 BATH ' · ' 100 Illock\vnod Slrcct, Sprinsdalc. must s e . ." IJnJov U .Vnth nrcp n waHang 0, Hill aeries he Sulliv , this lovely, ins; in a larpe Family- ace. JLiny "morfcicxirns. of .aU schools. Today for Appoinlir -Muncy -- 4I2-*H* an ..... -H2-125I UNDER CONSTRUCTION ick your own colors -In this 3 nil, 2 ba. frk in Hoot Schtxjl . Disl, Good - only Gal- ·AULIN E McKIN SEV at 32I -1JCO nitc-i. ca\I 521-1^9. .. JAMES W. OAKEK, BROKER BAHR ASSOCIATES REALTORS 1618 N. College 521-1301) WE WORK HARDE RS - .; ,| Q3 · -^ ^^-^ WE KET BESULTSI ! ' f c S i / £ ^ S ROOT'SCHOOL; ·:· s'o. Ifol TWs nrder'4 ·bodnJotn". 1 hart! lomr is ^ i l u a l t d CKI a . faciutilul tree ilnded ]ol. This 2 story home has a ba]. rcny nnd also a Iront rrwx-h. 1[ yru lifca. he lan.'«r" and ; oWcr' : humgs this could K j-ours. Tries is only $M,bOOr Cori(ae(. 1 Ward for more infcrmsticn a f t e r ' hoars at 411-^00- " · -'· " · " · ' ' " ^ PLANTING .TIME No. !Mj G r o w - a l l . Lh2 vcgciabics needed en Hiis 1/3 acres.'while living in Ihii Icri- of Homes 521-7272, 25.6 ACRES, No. 16J1 for tftc tow price - of ^6=m. This land is mostly wopded wilh a crc?y ifi on throe s:d?5. 13-miles."from :;iy T ls of FayeM'cville.'A'tJOOD 1NVEST- VENT Call IjX!-Ward for.more Iriforma- loTi-at 4*l«W"'afLEr. Jsours. ; .. ·': · : A REALLY,:/ BEAUTIFUL LIFE No. 1626 for «n1y, Sp.X). An e.'tccrlicr'it- nv .vnor: 1530 .Mission, 8 Ixdrwmu h-iih. AH ached g?rncc, heal ai air. WHlMowall c.irrol. Phono f-21-HfH 6 ACRES. . Land laji Ul-«:Ii »f C«*on. wtl At wily 56,600. ca!l;Lce Ward al ' YOU'RE INVITED.. . OPEN HOUSE 2519 ELAINE ST. SUNDAY, APRIL 1 1 1 PM to 6 PM d Pramc boauly is sp lion, solid Ash cabinets. llr H.inpc lltxxl, dispose L Di STI \l\xnl -Burni ns FireFl.icc, Dctp into cnr- i\xwn' hrtfiis, M.nWp Vanitys. Central f.i(. Tv^o-rar B^rajrc. Qii.iJiiy material -- PTknvimhip, T a s l f K H I y iti'iMrai cri. Clo^e licld Sthnol Sr P j m d i f e Go1t Courac, \VL!! plc.ise you. - ar Ming new, s. llreaVfast ashcr, REAL ESTATE COMPANY [ml , 1015 N. 521-6700 TS 521-6700 Member HomDfmd 1015 N. College 111-1100 niter . hours. ROOT SCHOOL $31,500 15fi ..... Pool or l*-nK Ton? anjwip! r rec-ro^rn \rith builin rcCre?h- bir. Call Oailciy of Homes 521- Hotter hu rry on th is me Sports Tuo Local ion 2333 N. Cdllimo TOWMHOUSES rfts -- 2 boilny^ms. it A i r . Kiicr.c i ba1h.T Onr- s have (li?h- FREEMAN

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