Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 28
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 28

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 28
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7 MEDICIN| AND 'flecr 1 YOU Screens Harmful Light Rays By BEN j A robsunc* caned "red vet P«- (for red veterinary ; petrolatum) is »a ideal iun- t burn preventive, a team cf ' resrardieri reports. The preparation is not new, yet its advantages ap- patently h a f t not been wkJely recoj- n i i e d . s a y Dn. William · N. MacEach- era and Otis F. Jillson cf t h e H i l e h - c o c k Clinic, H a n o v e r , NY. A product of the re- ZLNSET. ' fining process of crude oil. r e d v e t p e t effectively jcrtens out the ultraviolet light that could burn tens!live skin. The doctors say one application completely protects tkin from ultraviolet rays tor » period equivalent to 20 hours of Strong sunlight. All ' that is required for protec- · tion is a thin, invisible film applied once each moniing. Other advantages: It ad- herts to the skin tenacious- Z1NSER I«Wir ly and is dJficult to remove even with soap and water scrubbing. It is inexpensive. It does not become rancid. The report is in Archives of Dermatology. - ' · · · · . · · · A CANADIAN researcher lays a medication is 94 percent effective in dealing with cradle cap. a common scalp disorder in infants. The preparation, described in Canadian Medical Association Journal, completely cleared up the condition in seven days. Thirty-five of the patients were cured in four days. Four other babies experienced substantial improvement. There were only three failures in the series. Dr. Hugh R. -Erodie of Montreal Children's Hospital reports that the medica tion contains a polypeptile (a combination of amino acids), fatty acids and the' antibiotic tyrothricin. The preparation's name is not divulged in the journal report. · Duplicate Winners ; John DeVico u;!l have i game at I'M p.m. Sunday " Bridge Studio. ICOJ Cherry Ave. . . Mr. ctitf Mn. W. T. HotuJcn. Mcond. I -W. Cfft Mor»*fl-|j*Tl Jwtxson. frst; r»n II ab*rr Warrvn McDowr^ . »*«· ·nd 4*cflort t. K V. Ch*r*» ·ijmcn- J. F. Marrltt% first; Dr. I. KrTtit- **#rmii» K«nifl. Mcend. t W, Joft* Swnb»ucftL. 6 irrwb, ffnrf; *ir. »r C. W. CIOM. ucontf. j»"«n«rndeA, K-S. Btrtv Coombibor- Artfis wi«1*r. tccorJL Itt. Bm* «v.*«- Ch»r*i rborrits. first; S«n Block F r 4 Low'** I TBur»d*v ·t'«Tioorv tei wris«n Lou'l* aflorrlion.' second. R*trs * ftftrr-ion, i«wd f - W . t rtschw S^evt M*a**. firjS. Mri. Fievd Mtltt. Mcsnd. D«VICO S Stffd*/ ·frtmoBn. K S. »r»- ·nd. E-WT. frta f«lkowt7 Rictl«rd t ram^tKeniL Device's Mono** *fr«r-| noon. Cr*ct Birtiv-Oi*rl« TTipm**.' lint; B^^v CoomovA*«ln« Ir.cEiTiifi. second. Device's l^tidBV tvvnlnB. S*c- TiOH *; N S. Mr. inn Mrs. C. «. SUM ^r»t; J*v t-*u*rxow*rtf Lln*«n*n. s*c- first; Ln« HcOon*!d Dennis BUTTO* r * n«r, s«c»nd. Sctf.oH S. "i-l. L»s w»j* t*w first; tl«v9 Heawln-**:" «r Bernic*- B*?k.m*Jl. lirst; Doroltiv E*rt Mav«. f'fi1: C ».'Bm*x* Dwri« WlNfctll i*i n*« Te^io* *.«"« H"w ««V ar^ernoon. N S. Er'a D*vi»-r. I Beftn, l;ril; Ptt H*Ti» Frank f 00*'. - , . v.'tOnniUv *vntnr Km^n, N S. M^M t*4 FIT Awrnn. finr; Mr. «n* Mis. Wiir CftHm. **conO. C-W, M*ry I'w*- 1 ttjn Mod ChiTtvnOcn, flrrt; fV^-, *nd M/v Oavifl Folloct, wcand. Doro!tiv't Triursi«* »/«nrfia. « J, P^I* 4**at«»- I n *i*it- t.rif; irnv Coombs Fril F«i- «» tx- w^and f W, Y/m«m 1 dn V Antnon* Mict'1, first; ttr. i-^d Mrv - noonT^l'sT B *l° Ow«^s **n*c* Yownl | »«9fd. E W, Wr. and Mrs SJr" · o^t t E w! Tfcelm* C*r«*lh»LO\i' ·nd ' «r("w S'ud* ».ll f«m*.« ai OF THE ORDINARY AND INTO ...TBC »!IOt TF*T I F ) r « TO': »v 51 t r » I I H Term's n i r \ r , t i'-fvrx J'.I.n V I V r n t I/ralK'-r *rrl 1 rr"!'! I'alf dr ir-n; ard i "] / mil \ Vf s it li'gH fi.-T.!«. As al«i irovTJ4 ccstcm fit iivl * Air Slep fmmg. 1 -V9S Long Eeach. 3rd L«re*cxxi Cerfer. 5031 Haze'farool Avc. De! Arro Cer.fer, 21924 Hjwthorre ^^^t-7%F r ~^ . ADO TAX TAXAB1C flLMS-HlCK EFKCTIYI T HUtSOAY TH*U SUNDAY, FEB. 10, 21,3112 : : Ml'.UUHSStOKS C32=SSi WS KSUIU HOUSS «-^"^-' SIT, HI. 72. Sea fad* $1.00 $1.00 $1.00 STORES IN TOWN I il., wrawT BE SURE TO WATCH fOR A BIG STAR ON YOUR CASH REGISTER TAPE AND X":;»,C ^ ~ 7 ' ' "x. » r-^« »**»**.·*.* VALUABLE BOOKLET IN YOUR MAIL M .98 ! IN DINNERWARE LEG GROCERY COUPONS! THIS IEAUTIFUI FOU* fllCt NACE StlTlNG . IN AUTHENTIC CUBBIERMYES DINNERWARE ASK YOlit MANAGER fO* DETAttS AMB THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS WORTH OF PRIZES '* WITH COUPON AND $5.00 rUXCHASE SAVE 16* A L B . D I A W i N C S EACH WEEK f O t T E N W E E K S DEAR 'ABBY rnw · FILLET OF PERCH fi»et CPMOOt '· ' ' ' " . SALMON STEAKS CERTI-FRESH FROZEN BREADED COD 3 '·" BREADED PERCH 3 ««" BREADED HADDOCK 3 "if- GORTON'S FROZEN · BREADED SHRIMP FISH STICKS 3 FISHCAKES /jtjji* A GLORIOUS TEN-DAY KlrfcWi SOUTH SEAS HOLIDAY -·?'. VIA the "\VorId"i Most Eiperiencrd Airline" STAY AT I1NIST HOTHS-tNJOt JREATHTAKING EIAUTY- V1SIT HISTORIC SITES-SHOP FOR EXOTIC UEASUUS. FLY IN SUPREME COMFORT AND SAFETY ABOARD A LIBBY'S TOMATO JUICE WIN ONE OF THESE GRAND THIS BEAUTIFUL 1964 BUICK SKYLARK WITH THiSE FEATURES: AUTOMATIC TRANSMJSSION-SEAT BEITS POWER STEER1NG-RAD1O-TINTED GIASS REMOTE-CONTROL SIDE-VIEW MIRROR- WHITE SIDE-WAIL TlRES-V-8 ENGINE- BUCKET SEATS (Soles Tax end license Included). UMY'S FRUIT COCKTAIL 100 · · PLUS HUNDREDS OF HUES WEST WEEK FO* TEN WEEKS, INCIUDING A M A G N I f l C E N T O'KEEFE t MEMITT GAS CONTEMFO, CAUFOENIA'S OST WANTED AUTOMATIC HANGE-A HAMUTON GAS IOTHES DRTEI-WESTINGHOUSE fOKTAElS DISH-WASHER NO WANT, MANY MORE. JEGISTE* EVERY WEEK - OIHING TO EUY - NO CASH EOUIVAIENT - NO EX- HANGES ADUITS ONIY. FIRST DRAWING FEBRUARY 23. " « I5'x30' SWIMMING POOL BLUE HAYEK WORLD'S LARGEST POOL BUILDERS WITH THESE FAMOUS FEATURES: ·; Marine Spin Filter · Heater · J «-hp Sto : Rite Pump Motor · 7!j' Slide · Underwofer tig^t · Marine Sterl-Filfer · Automatic Slimmer · Automatic Clean-Sweep Pool Cleaner ROAST LAMB BREAST LAMB NECK LAMB SHANKS GROUND LAMB RALPHS COIDIN PREMIUM U.S.O-A. ORADID CHOICI IIIF BONEUSS BREAKFAST OR BUTTER STEAKS CINTH CUTS * -SHOULDER , .CHOPS -· ROUND . JT Q * : 'BONE O7 RIB EYE 63- 98 RIB 7Q« ft CHOPS / V IARGE ^U« IOIN IT" SMALL AO LOIN ~O ROUND STEAK RUMP ROAST 67*-"si B " 79* BROWN" ; N SERVE s:^' »«'49 t ORANGE JUICE $100 i.e; · EiBB LIGHT CHUNK TUNA CHEDDAR OR g NATURAltsf SWISS CHEESE LB. SAVE TO 20 A ir ALL STAR RALPHS SUPER*--4H ZIP! FllPl DIP! CARTONS ^~ KRAFT UiiT'S PEAS 51 35 AS H A T U B f D OM HIV, CHAMNU II -T^.A$ HATUIIO OK KTTY. CHANNEl 11 EXTRA FANCY ANJOU PEARS LARGE SWEET NAVEL ORANGES 725 545 CARROTS FRESH HAWAIIAN PINEAPPLE REGUIAR LOW SHEIF PRICES mcurcii i on* TOMATO SAUCE CATERING ICE CREAM SAVE .PW2D J ^ t ,^, PRUNES 1«UST NON-CHOCOUTf CARA COA DRINK CIRCUS PEANUT BUTTER.' r, J *« " MAZOLA CORN OIL . IOT1I CMCCOUTI. STIAWUItT. rOCIT OAD , CHCCOtATI CK1F ei iHUisx tome HALF GAL. MESH PICT rionn CKDI t RED RASPBERRIES DELAWARE PUNCH flCnwIET IIBIIH COOKED . SAVE lOc VELVEETA CHEESE LOAF 2/9 SAVE 19c FLEISCHMANN'S MARGARINE SQUASH ncn»m nan* FRENCH CUT SAVI GREEN BEANS CHERRY eoml WHEEL CAM GOLD MEDAL FLOUR ROYAL GELATIN in rws-wrm tt SAVt c LIQUID BOWL CLEANER l$CHERRY PIE '*.s CHERRY ANGEL FOOD LOAF CAKE 'Vtl APPLE OR CHERRY TURNOVERS "* SAV£ 6e SLICED PASTRAMI ""'39* CORNED BEEF ».». 59" l l » l I M CREST OQ C TOOTH PASTE %.? M 29' ,$100 «s B SCSTT PAPER TOWELS CxiC-l LV CMCI» PET SAV DINNER "' JONNY CAT, CAT UTTER 10 "· 69* Save MORE -%we WAYS MORE -%W WAYS at /(ey to Anger Is in the Answer DEAR ABBY: Would you get mad if someone asked if you were wearing some- Ihing false? --CURIOUS DEAR CURIOUS: Only if I were. . ' ; .. · · · « DEAR ABBY: I am on Ihe verge of losing my senses. A ; neighbor of ours tus become a pigeon ' f aider and he is literally criving me i n s a n e . Those birds are so dirty I .can't even h a n g ' m y Uundry out- --' side. And 1 am forever hosing d o w n my sidewalk. Parking my car in my own driveway is out of thi question. There niast be 50 or 0 pipeons, and this man and his wife feed theia pop-' corn and bread all day long. 1 just can't take it any more. I have heard that pigeons carry disease. Il this true.' Is there anything I can do? I hate to be a poor neighbor, but this is too much. --PSGEON HATER DEAR HATER: It ha» been established t h a t a harmful fungus (Cryptoeoc- CQS neoformans) is found In pigeon droppings. Health officials everywhere are waging a war to rid cities of pigeons for this reason. There should be special breeding ground where pigeons are kept under control. Call your local health department. · · · · For Abby's booklet. "How To" Have A Lovely Wedding,"* send 50 cents to Abby. Box 3363, Beverly Hills, Calif. Let's Explore Your Mind ITS ECONOMIC PRESSURE THAT SENDS WOrV£N TO YJOfcK.' RIGHT D WRQNS D By SYLVAMJS AND EVELYN DUVALL It's economic pressure 2. When are men most apt that sends women to work! «o be happy? cr.M Wrrm. Under 39 Over 70.... R,ght.. \\ror,-.... Undcr ^ c{ Right. One out of every lccordin g to , «,,{ pUot 10 families in the United stu( jy by the National Opin- States are headed by worn- ion Research Center. Dr. en. Many if these women Norman B r a d b u r n found were forced unto this role fewer o l d e r men r a t i n g by the death of their hus- themsrives is happy than bands or by divorce. Others did men under 30. T h r e e are the sole support cf their times as-many men over 70 aging parents. Hundreds of said they were "not too thousands of young women happy" than did the men who have left home and under 30 in this study. Unmoved to the city to get happiness increased w i t h jobs and find a husband. wind up only, .with their work. Most women are in age. We wonder if maybe older men are more realistic about their lives? Or per- the labor force for the same haps they have given up reason men are--to earn a hope anJ lust touch w i t h the living for themselves and for ihinjs and people that bring their families. happintss. Oswald Jacoby Puts Loser on Loser Befgirs can't be choosers and while r^i one l:kes to play a game contract \vith a four-card trump su;t in his o\vn hand and only three supporting trumps in dummy occasionally is necessary. If East had simply restrained his impulse to bid his six-card heart suit and passed every time it was his turn there is a good chance that he \vuuld have had an opportunity to Jead it out against a three no-trump contract. H-id he merely overcalled with t.r.e he^rt hij opponents mi«ht ha\r stopped short of gsraf. but East was a despersdii and crowded the buiMmj with a jump to three hearts. This put a kt of pressure rjn South but. rtfusing ti be shut i«Jt. he bid three spades. North dsd r.jt like to raise to fcrur. but he assumed that South') bid cf three spades was furcin;. fncidentaQy, it was. S North raised to f./ur spades and West opened the seven of hearts. MOKTI! O J A A J 2 J l « J T S 4 A K I I WEST 4 »: 4Q1M A . J I S SOVTH A K Q J i « A K O 4 J L T J I Nor-Ji »nd Sou-Ji rulr.ertV.t V.rU mt $«tk Kelt 1 A I Y 1 * F 4 A Pa»i r»« P Opfnlrt Ifii-- T I WHITERTEETH for the wliole family ti*on KI I loncco nun! ·oiiconi rims · CDitstim root r»»i to ·!« . . !·* «· »»«*v« r* *** ir 10TH CHERRY, LONG BEACH DEL AMO PARAMOUNT, LAKEWOOD FAST CASHED l«u heart! and Ifd a third. At this point Svuth h i J an f.xccllrnt charce to bfcume a goal. All he had to do tu lose lf;e hand would be to ruff thjl third heart. If he ruffed k'.v West would overruff. If h« ruffed hi?h West would discard a diamond and eventually make a trump and * club. However. South saw tKit he would have to lose a club sometime and decided f Jose it then ar.d there. He discarded one on that third heart. Now it did not ma'- irr what ?nd West did. South was sure to pft t h « rest of the trick!. Step-By-Step: Strawberry Satin Pie This truly tm^v fit is futured on the cover of the Nfirch hsi:« of Bet:er IJ omit . GtrJrj mittt'me. 1heeJitorsi»y,"'Oiie loot, oste delicious bite -7- jou'll ( f«{ct al about mere Kra»- .htiricj »nj This pic is a 'diMer!"" YouTl |rt illustriteJ, fp-b)-str? ir^tAT^fcns for the AY crust, ihci the trunciy nrr cf roasted almonds. »tr«- berry {Tj/e anj creamy_%anil3»-

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