Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 14, 1969 · Page 5
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 5

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 14, 1969
Page 5
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THE WEATHER Elsewhere By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS High Uw Pr. Albany, clear 68 Albuquerque, clear . 72 Atlanta, cloudy .... 68 Bismarck, clear .... 75 Boise, cloudy 57 Boston, cloudy 60 Buffalo, cloudy 67 Chicago, rain 61 Cincinnati, rain -- 71 Cleveland, cloudy .. CO Denver, clear 64 Des Moines, rain ... 07 Detroit, cloudy 64 Fairbanks, clear . . . 48 Fort Worth, cloudy . 62 Helena, clear 59 Honolulu, cloudy . . . 8!) Indianapolis, rain .. 72 Jacksonville, cloudy 76 Juneau. cloudy 46 Kansas City, rain .. 64 Los Angeles, clear . 70 Memphis, cloudy . . . 72 Miami, cloudy 76 Milwaukee, cloudy . CO Mpls.-St.P.. cloudy . 70 New Orleans, clear . 81 New York, cloudy .. 63 Okla. City, cloudy .. 60 Omaha, rain 66 Philadelphia, cloudy (i.'i Pittsburgh, cloudy .. 71 Ptlnd, Me., clear . . . 52 Ptlnd, Ore., cloudy . 55 Richmond, cloudy .. lifi St. Louis, rain 64 Salt Us. City, clear . 57 San Diego, cloudy . . BO San Fran., clear . . . 511 Seattle, cloudy 53 Tampa, cloudy 82 Washington, cloudy . 05 Winnipeg, clear -- 69 (T -Trace) .06 .22 AHwtMf TMMS, Mwi., Apr* K 1«M · · Army Releases Profile Of Deserters Now In Sweden WASHINGTON (API-Opposition to the Vietnam war moti- and one was a reservist th« Army said deserted to avoid; being called tu active duty. Fiftv-nine had no civilian oc-.. vatcd only a relatively small number uf American soldiers who have deserted to Sweden in recent years, according to an'cupations. while 19 had been la- Army study. ! borers, 12 had held clerical Jons, | An' Army study of the 116'one was an attorney, one was a n soldiers listed as deserters to entertainer and one a ski in- Sweden says more defected because of disciplinary problems than as a protest lo U.S. in, volvcment in the Viclnam f i g h t - ing. CASKS The report said of Ihe 116 cases, 5fi soldiers deserted he- cause nf disciplinary problems. 39 defec-led because of opposition to the war and there were no reasons for the remaining 21. Tiie study used the files of the 110 men to construct tin's profile of a typical Army deserter in Sweden: 1 "Me is a regular Army sol dier. nearly 23 years old and has had three years of high school. "He is single, had no c i v i l i a n .occupation or s k i l l , came from the more highly populated 'states, could not adjust to Army life, and was structor before military service. There was no record of civilian jobs for the remaining 23. AI1VKKTI.-EMKNT W/iy Do You Rea So Slowly? Easter in Athens Weather Forecast Rain is expected tonight from Florida to Pennsylvania and northwest to the Great Lakes. It's also expected lo rain in parts of Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the two Da- kolas. II should continue mild in the East, Midwest and Far West, cooler ill the linckics and warmer in the southern plains states. Fair and cool weather is expected tonight in most of Arkansas. (AP Wirephoto) Yiet Publisher Arrested For Red Activities LI. Gen. George Znilakis. left, the Greek Regent, cracks an Easier Egg with an Ev- /.iinu (royal palace guard) | outside an Athen's barracks. The occasion was Easter Sun- dav for the Greek Orthodox Church. The egg-cracking eeremony was t r a d i t i o n a l l y performed hy King Ccinstan- line. now living in self-imposed exile in Home. (AI 1 \Virephoto) In Commemoration of Battle Plans Completed For Opening Tebbetts House Plans to open the Headyuar-'the Washington County Hislor-|value which arc housed in the House in commemoration lical Society Sunday afternoon, j building. In Nigerian Civil War A noted publisher in C'hica-o reports there is a simple i^..- niquc of rapid reading u , u . h should enable you lo incr-a.-.c your reading speed and yet .' lain much more. Most pcopli- i ' not realize how much tney c-ouk! increase their pleasure, siieee.-r.i and income bv reading fasn-; disciplinary | lm( | m()n , ., c( .. u ,- u i c ly. I problem before lie defected. I .\mrriin" to this publisher. N A M E S OMITTKI) . m : my }WU ^. regardless of t h - i r ; The doeiimenl omitted the presenl reading skill, can use this | names of the i n d i v i d u a l defec-, simple lechnique lo imprint- Inrs while s u m m a r i / i n g the i n - ' thou- reading ability I .- a remurk- ( n r m a t i i ) i i from the files oi each able degree. \Vln.-lln-r ruadum one of Ihem. stories hooks. I'-chnira! mMK:-. A n n u l s t h e d i s c i p l i n a r y prnh lems. i n v i i l v i n g c i v i l i a n and ]V:l! ' i t a r y orii-nscs nlhci- t h a n deser t i o n . w e r e repeated AWOL. drug abuse, indebtedness and steal : i n g . of the l l n t o t a l , irj u e r c regu lar A r m v men. T.', were draftees SAIGON (AP) -- The publish er of Saigon's oldest and largest English language newspaper; has been arrested "for Commit-1 nisi activities." a government cr Odumcgwu Ojukwu wants a Qjukwa Calls For Cease-Fire LAGOS (AP) -- Hiiifran lead spokesman said today. The publisher is Nguyen Lau. v i l i a n s in the government are seeking a way to start negotia cease-fire as the price for at !lions and have persuaded Ivory tending a peace-seeking meet-j Coast President Felix Hou The TIMES Is The Best Buy For Your Advertising Dollar To acquaint Ihe readers ol tins nt-ttspaper wilh Ihe casy-lu- fellow rules for developing rapid reading skill, the company I) is I printed lull drlails of Us inlen-sl- · Mm S r l f - l r ; - . i n l ! H : I l l e l l l n d ill a I H - w · l : i « i k l e l . "How lo Head Faster ' a n d R e t a i n Mure." mailed frit-. .\n Send your name, ·address. and 7ip code to: Iteiid- IlirJ. ft?-"i |i:v-rsey. Dept ^t.YBH. ICliicago. li(Hil4. A posteard will 42. w'ho disappeared'after leav- ing o f ' t h e Organization of A f r i - j phoiiet-Rnigny to act as a go b - the ing his office Saturday. His w i f e ! can Unity. Bui Nigerian i n f o r m jlween. The sources said began a search for him and n o - ' a n t s say he is not likely to get| Nigerians privately have i n lined poliee of his disappear-; one. i feral an amnesty '10 v i r t u a l l y all Six A f r i c a n heads of state are learned of his ters of the 106th anniversary of the Battle of Fayettovillu wen: completed at a" called meeting of ance. She later arrest. The government spokesman declined to go into detail on the ANALYSIS ANONYMOUS DETROIT (AP) -- Analysis Anonymous, a new service of the Detroit police department, has been called a success by Commissioner Johannes F. Spreen. Under the program, which began March 5. parents are encouraged to send pills or other substances they find with their teen-agers to the police department for analysis. Spreen said 33 of the first 60 samples proved to be narcotics. "This program can provide great relief if the capsule one takes from his teen-ager turns out to be nothing more 'than a headache remedy," he said. i! !i iii it a in ii ii.ijti i isiiiiii HiiHHiraiunf n ni Ct 1 O U U I C L V O U l l U t l . v £11 11.1 U W U l l . 1.11.111111115. U U U H M U U IU K 1 -* "111' UI I C 1 I I U l l 1 1 I I . The antebellum home of Judge I Feathers reported a brick wall charges against Lau. He said Jonas Tcbbctls will be open;had been constructed from the j the government has not yet de- Friday. Saturday and Sunday ( u t i l i t y company's p a r k i n g lot to;cidod whether to close down the lo mark the anniversary. Tour i the west door of the house. The Saigon guides will be members of Ihc.bricks came from an old build ' circula iexpected lo attend the OAU meeting Thursday in Monrovia, Liberia. Nigeria is sending si.\ member the tup secessionists except Ojukwu. Daily News, w h i c h has a - { l i n n ' o f 8.000 10.000. H is Women's Civic Club and direc- j n g being torn down by (he one of three F.nglish-langiiage tors of the historical society. Garrett Wrecking Co. ADMISSION CHARGE j Flj/u; 1OLE Tom Feathers, president, re-. A n . |g po , c U . M , K , el . eclpd delegation, but the the meeting i s j not expected to pave (be w a y ; for a settlement in the N i g e r i a n ' civil war. Nigeria's m i l i t a r y ruler. M a i . ported the society's Board of Directors had voted to assess dailies published in the capital. Gc|1 Yakiibii Gowon has puhl- and generally has a moderate.' idv st;|(c(1 ,,,, w i l l |)Ursuc ,, ,, ,,., K ,«,,, ,, ,, , JL ,,,,,, u ,,,,, wlit " i : Kl1 P" 1 '^'- W l t h occiis , lonal : " m i l i t a r y solution." But govcrn Ihc grounds to fly the American ! criticism of the government i m( ,, lt sollrc( , s sak | i..*. ^ , . w n *.., **, j * *. ,.,,. I^n,-, nul-ilic if*,- nf t h n , . *-. The TIMES Is The Best Buy For Your Advertising Dollar ANNUAL MEETING Northwest Arkansas Memorial Society UNITARIAN FELLOWSHIP Cleveland Oakland Street', Fayetteville, Arkansas Tuesday, April IS, 1969-7:30 p.m. All Interested Persons Arc Invited Confederate and state flags. A ] Lau has been publisher nf the an admission charge for lours siffll c i cs ' ifinaUnK \ lle house' as | Daily News since 1%(i. The pa of the house after May 1 lhc |ho . ldcillm . tci . s for the county so-'Pcr was begun in l%.i. fees \vil be 50 cents for 10 cents for high school and all children under be admitted free. It was also deeided that or ganizational be held in i- adults; | j , v w i l , students' ,,,.,, · ,,,,,, also be erected on the I close to G o u o n fear c i v i l i a n s military victory wnuld give the a r m y an overwhelming role in the peace making, and this would prevent l , j UL '"Vi · grounds. Just A Memory reconciliation wilh R i a f r n ' s Tbn ·· Other renovations completed \K.\V YORK (AP) Spring tribe. includes roofing of both the gar-1 has brought flowers to Central These i n f o r m a n t s said the ei- agc and small brick house at! Park, but flower children arc tlie rear of the house. A pine I just a memory, the city's parks laken guard by the Bo tiie items Singer Weds BURBANK, Calif. (AP) -Mickey Kooney Jr.. son of the actor, has married Mercy Mon- lelco. a designer and seam- slress. Rooney. 21. n member of a rock music group, and Miss Mcntelco, 21. were wed Sunday in a ceremony attended by close friends and family members, including the groom's father, who has been married six times. H was the first marriage for Ihe younger Rooney and his bride. He is the son of B.J. Baker, the senior Rooney's second wife. Poison Eggs CHEYENNE. Wyo. (AP) - Chicken eggs injected w i t h ; i ) v and m-- commissioner says, stalled by Tom Lavender on August C. Heckscher. who has this building. 'organized "happenings" in city Following the business scs- parks, says "senseless, tlcstruc- sion old pictures and recently live' youths now visit the par' strychnine--brightly dyed labeled "poison"--were distrih- uled Friday lo landowner?, in outlaying areas around Cheyenne. The mnve was part of a Stale Communicable Disease Division effort lo cut down Ihe skunk populalion lhat has been posing a rabies problem for Cheyenne. discovered accounl books of Madison County were inspected the 2, ! j persons present. instead of last year's crowds, who "had a kind of innocence EXPERT WATCH REPAI* 7 ^w w -V V jt' V SWIFTS a North ninrk St. ADVERTISEMENT-BACKACHE TCUCIAM SECONDARY TO ICNHUN KIDNEY IRRITATION Common Kidney or Blaflrtrr Irritations make many men and women feel tense and nervous from frequent, burning or itcliinjr urination n i p h t and day. Kecondarilv, you may lose sleep and have Jicadachr, Backache- and feel older. lircd, depressed. J n sucli cases. CYSTEX usually brings relaxing comfort by curbing i r r i t a t - ing germs in acid urine and quickly oastnK pain.Get CYSTEX at druKCisti. are there no bugs' in our mothproofing Sanitone Certified MastcrVrycfcancr Matter of fact, wo'rfi so confidenl of ils effectiveness, v/o guarantee this free service with our Sanitono dryclonning. As your Sanitonn C e r t i f i e d Master Drycloaner, we're proiifl of our reputation and our work. Colors como lo life, fabrics (eel softer, garments look better nnd InM longer. Soo us for Ifoo guaranteed Sflnitono molnproofinfj. OZARK CLEANERS Main Planl-101 N. Block 442-2361 LAUNDRY Branch-730 leveren S? 1-2271 SALE Reg. 1.35 Reg. 1.50 NOW 1.15 NOW 1.29 3 pairs 3.25 3 pairs 3.75 PANTY HOSE Reg. 3.00 Now 2.50 2 Pair 4.95 Open Mon. Thurs. Til 8:30 · HOSIERY Street Floor IN A COLORFUL LIGHTWEIGHT KM-ili-n.i'i.i '·'· I 1 - 1 '' 1 rn .-iinI si' Mri-u'li'S- !,"· d i!:i -s v iMi iljmllr - ki:l tRC QQ large i I'll.-n .Mid p.iii-iii ni- . ml i' i! H" :i'\Ui:i d i i - ' i - n M / c i l l o l L 1 . ·pJJ./O Cool ,-eiil jus! i u h : fur i-.oy ! : \ M : I ' . . . | i - \ i : i i , ( ! linen ;n 1'Kr. r.iyon. ^OQ 00 Ciillai'-il. sli-i-M less w i l l , a l i . le. Si/c II I" I I . ·££/. 7O ni:rn-:i; FASHIONS -- SKCOND KI.I

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