Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 11, 1976 · Page 24
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 24

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 11, 1976
Page 24
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21 -- Automotive -- For Sola OZARK MOTORS - .Where Qualify Comes First . . . 1974 PLYMOUTH VOYAGER 15 passenger van/ power steering and brakes, aulo- maticl fact, air, 318 VS, EXTRA NICE. 21 -- Automotive -- For Sale 65 TON TRUCK In- sued Kind it lor. ixheols 8 p!y tires- {. riwn* WiWW, MUST Firil 197*. Mociu Town CLXJ p»-, au:onuUc, ra, lin*, V-S. 16 nips In cash. I'haiio H2KS3 days «r nJpbLs and 52l-:'79ji niphts. 1971 3JO YAMAHA, good. oord'Uoa. host olfcr. 1370 KZ 11AUU 1 l«i. 12 n. bob truck with lw\i 3T-0 4 tnrnS, nc\v « ivndit'on. tan. !ia». I'hwic M7-7W5 be- loiAi 5^Cy, After 7 call M7-M2r, 75 Clt KV Y Monra, sni al 1 equity nr*l over payments. Automatic V-S, iwv- er strcrinc, power brakes and a/c. ARW 5:00 i,m. JH5773. 1972 BLAZER. 4 WD, custom. fuHy enui,-- pod. Gccd 001: dili oil i rrasoixiblC'. Call l!jro P1XTO Wagon. potter s1c«rois brutes, luxury interior. AM/KM lap*. EMMJ, 16.000 mjlw. S3.CCX). John 575- SOI. 9-3. 21 -- Automotive -- For So 1^9 PLYMOUTH VIP, rw*r . siw Factory air. radio, jwoJ. tranMvrla SJT-0. Call all« 5:W on Mcckdaya AM r.iiiio, JMPO.' Also ''73 Chevy S Van, 3."0. AulonwHc transmission, I'S A/f. A M / K M rndio. stwo ' lupo high back svMs and «trvdv«l I'lvtne 4K-I1K or 521-WR2. 1S3J chevy. iickvii, v-S, .autcniatlc, 1971 VW Suyvr itedle. automatic, roor. 23,000 tirtual nulwr. IKW si col b railials, excellent c«iditloa. Call 5:PO. -Ul-a'^S, , : : ' '. ' TJ OLIWMOUILK Tomciado, LtviiIixJ, FM, lap*, cruise iwnlrol, etc., nxilcs jvriivH c\-HiditiiKi . Also 71 Carlo^ cxci^wit car. '75 Potd Oa pc-xl sh-ipOv $550 Call 442-'Mf5 or OJS3. 1972 HONDA SL 173 3000 milRS, new -Also 1?£4 Ford Ca!a\y flsO. I 1970 A 11OOH ltd.x-1 V B , iw. 1'hone WL-mi. 21--Automotive--For Sol* 21--Automotiva--For Sot* I SUSTAX«, V-S. p-flver sltprfng. A/C VOHD FAIXX.\ 2 door j sl.ihdanl shin. I01S JUXl, ver' d^Wc. Good Hies and tcoVi. 5'Jl-5717, » CHEVROLET Clicjwuie 1 loci " el ilcX up. IJku new 1 condition. I'bone l?7a VW auiouullc Iransniireion. (L.T^G. fall on«r a;00, -VI2-6561, 1971 TOYOTA (.'rtk-a. 31,000 n\i!cs. Air KxirtiKonlne- HIM! nice. I'hoiie W4aM. 1972 I'ONTLXC GHAN PIUX, A/C. AM/ KM tape deck. ITJ» cwitrol, «il' 53395. Call 301-7352. 1971 VOIJiSWAG KN Kflrmann GWa -- rartisl5, ain/fni Eir.ick. Excellent. J1775. 1'hoiw 4-12-7413. 1973 VEGA GT Wafioi 51SOO. A/C. M.OCO nx;l(?5, real dean. 64iSlJ. IXin. \VJi VOMIAC Ventura, cxlra. ct. 1'rlccd to wll. I'hi'ne 8!5*W5 or Kl-3^l, sk lor lJti. 21--Automollv*--For Sola 1773 VW il2 W.icon, autonwtic. 1'orscho rnsrinc 1 . GooJ cnidilluii, K i H800. will cwisiiler trade-. MUST i Fhone B4 KX'I'nA rlNin 1MD Fonl Galaxy, 4 door, pmvcf and alr-rcndit Ion, one nvu- Wi Eoort. conillon, all arwind. 11033. 19T5 DOlXjES VAN, Toivt-r Mccring, Air- "licninx. slcreo. sun ivxr. cami»er. ,..^,, sell, sacriiiec. Arartment 1M S)tull Crock. 4.125147 afltrc 5. 197i ELECTHA 2X, 4 door hard Inp. 33,000 miles, perfect coodiiion, W42o. 521- 1972 CADILLAC · COUPE. DeVlllE Full power, factory air, AM/ FM Stereo radio, tape player, vinyl roof, 'LIKE NEW. $3750.00 1972 BUICK LIMITED 4 door, full power, factory air, cruise control, landau half roof, local- one owner, SHARPl! 1974 TRIUMPH TR6 4- speed transmission, convertible, one owner, 25,000 actual miles. / 1976 EL CAMINO Classic Power steering and brakes, automatic, factory air, AM/ FM Stereo Radio and lape, white wall tires/ with' 4,000 actual miles, sales lqx : paid, two tone paint. ;1 $5250.00 ..1.9!LMALIBUL Classic.. ' laHtldU'Cbupe/'power sfeer- 1 ing";'and ·'brakes; -automatic, air, steel belted rodials v/ilh 25,000 actual miles. $3250.00 1973 CHEVROLET. Sport Van Power and brakes, automatic, double air conditioned, 12 passenger. 1974 VW.DASHER Aromatic, 11,000 miles. 1974 MUSTANG II 6 cylinder, power, air, auto, 1967 LEMANS Coupe Power, air, automatic, 19,000 actual miles. 1973 CAMARO Power, air, and automatic. 1972 CHAMPION Motor-Home 20 ft. 318 Dodge V-8, EXTRA NICE! 1973 FORD Window Van Power, air, and aujomotic, 1971 DODGE Pick-Up Power and automatic. 1971 CHEVY Pick-Up Power, air and automatic. 1974 BUICK Eleclra Full power, air, automatic. .1972 R12 RENAULT 4 door, 4 speed, air, 32,000 miles. OZARK MOTORS Hwy. 71 S. Springdale 'Next lo Burger Chef Springdale 751-503! RUSTY TAILPIPE PROBLEMS? End this expense' and worry by letting us install a HEAVY DUTY SCOTTI TAILPIPE Fully GUARANTEED as long as you own your car SCOTTI The only muffler company that guarantees both muffler and tailpipe. HEAVIEST DUTY MUFFLERS 4D · Northwart Arkansa. TIMES, Sunday, April 11,1 22--Machinery * farm Equipment 23--Livestock -- For 5al» AUCTION LATE MODEL ROAD EXCAVATING EQUIPMENT McKENZIE ROAD: SERVICE Tuns., April 20, lOiOO AM HESTAND'S STADIUM PINE BLUFF, ARK. CKAVVLKK TJIACTTOH S: Cat IWs: (2 (" DSll's: (2 eat DTE'si 3 Oal I"' EUHil W»! 0 Cat I*C's: Cat I»»i tt CaL IK. SlTsi ,ML!s Oiatmcis I L l l t l U 2i o»i Di; a DM nun ui JJ- 430,s (2) |[IC 500 C. CHAlltFJt I-OADBHS Cat 9771,: [3) CM STttll Cat »5K: 2 IIIC 330 U: I1IC TDi\ ItUHHEH TlltKD LOAUtittS: Cat F«llt 2) Michigan' Scries 3 (2 Oil SLO; Trojan 1100; 5 fiTiil cud Joaiter with backtwos. S1OTOH- GKAUEEl. 1 ?: 3J tv*l 12i Walxw CW: ") Huber JODtt; .MOTOR SCHAl'KHS: (3) Cat G J f J ; . 4 ) Cat C13: Wnbw D pull; CKAWLEH CHAPfKS: Xorthwesl 41: l21 Ruryrus Erie WR Super; Unk .Hdl «· 03; 2 Marion M65i 2) I/]rain 1^36: I/nfc Honl l.S 51: American 335: (2 Ins- Icy »! yanl. MOTOH ' C H A N E HY1nACKHOKS: lluc-ynw Enc- 4IC 4 "'" HEREFORD BULLS Horned 18-24 Monlhs -- Growthy Reasonably Priced WILD HORSE HILL RANCH Half niilo south, «w mile Enst of Boya* loo, Oklahoma. Phone 018-IW-3WI.. $12.89 Look who's. Number 1! 1968 VW, r«d, recently ovorhaw jfrxi condition, $850. 1972 Kav dirt bike, J250. Call 751-374i Olds Cutlass; America's best selling model .. .based on January new-car sales! Includes labor Fits jnost cars. Clamps and hangers, if needed, extra. CHARLESWORTH Pontiac AMC/Jeep 71 So., Springdale, Ark, P. S. We, as a Scotti Center haven't set a car on fire yet. 3 VBilY K e n t l e riilLnB hoisea also · I b'ack rptfsicrett Atbsourj I ox TroHer Geldinsf also saddles and bridles. l'ho:ia 413-3277 days. Nights t- Sundays W6-K51. (IVairic Grove). . IS. [Killua Hcietords. Ri'slit Wg, nig- 2 years, papers furnished, lice de- · Kinzcr PolloJ Hcrefonls, Hljfhway as's'Sfjiilh. Faycltcvillc. S62GH. ^ \T STl)l -- ItcEis*ered Irfin Bray quart- rso. Hort, Oklahoma Siar, and Poco n bceeding. I'or informal Ion, call 412-6362. , . | IWI'liE saddle horses plus tack. ml 01 hyn w, r, 3)0. ton 366; I [opt h.iul 1 rucks \VTin witiwirs· ·" L " ···" d u m p trucks; £9) iani!i'ni d'inip Irucksi (8» laiidcm iruc^5 uilh landrm oujin (ralknr: (Jt (laltwlst (2t waler meksi (2) Kieasc rucks; ( U pickups; (3 mra THATLKRSs ( 2 3 a-\lc lowtwysi 3) tan dcni .into lo*ho-» «» «'111ty trailersi^ta) dc mrHilion I rrtltors. IlEI JVTKIi MKSTt Drac biickvLs; disc'plov crs;. air compressors i comraclo ders; l«-wm sccllCTii «sira losric els tliwcr blades; largo assort related loots i- shop e'luipniem. . PARTIAL LISTING For cSmrletc Drscrirtive Hrochurc wnlc ANDKHEON' [ONEERS. INC Kinney. 24--Dogs, Cais Pets EQU1P- . r hack- AUCJT- -c 23--livestock -- For Sale AR TalnlJtiB and body ' We. Free c5tinwics and i ntrcd. Thiwc 751 3£!5. ·lied. Bad driring record, DW], etc. \Vc 73 atlSVROl-ET Cheyenne .1 ion wheel iilck up. Like new vonditiotk. 1S-2765. 71 E3. DOtLrVDO loaded 52^-fl, Silver-bill! with Wue vinyl Lop, exira nice. Phoni j»4SJ3. "l£6S BUTCK RIVIE11A, S70Q. 1370 FontEiii ciipine 400 cu. in. comi'tcla c.vcopl cnrb Uss i n a n l.COO miles since i-efcjilt. 4CO Turbo Uansinission to ma1 ch, HTa both. Call alter 5-.00 p.m. -112 IZ. Clio ,, P O. Box 337, Mc- 75069 (3M) M2411 License No. T\GC76W33 JBnElt: Hood homa with Inls of room · a bMUtilul [un-jfroMn Golden re- cvvr. Wcll*ehavw! and alfcclionaie. ir (unher Infurniatlon CJll 412-1843. DOG C«M) raFni'ng al mint'- -Small lrtKls, E\iert .Miable rules. Board ing and o nvtutablc. Cynthia Johnson. 413 31-H, \KC Hc-gistetvd Cocker " kit lime Icr F-aste r *:00 p.m. __ ,_ OLD BTisllsh Sheepdog. F«na!e. 10 milhs old. AKC regislered. Phone 521- AKC Cochpr Spaniels, i Brccs, blonde [einale besutiful family pels, i According to domestic new-car sales (from January 1-31, 1976), Olds Cutlass "has become America's best seller! And it's easy to see why. The beautiful Cutlass slyling is highly popular. Its trim, mid-size offers the kind of driving and parking ease you like. Inside, there's room for a family. And trade-in value is traditionally high. You'll like the mileage, too! Cutlass got 25 mpg* in highway tests, 17 rnpg* in city tests --according to the EPA Buyer's Guide. You can choose the model to suityou; needs--from sporty Cutlass S to luxuri^ ous Brougham and elegant Supreme, The price? Within the reach of almost every new-car buyer. If you're looking forvalue, take a look at Cutlass. We have a good selection now. Come in and get our "Number 1" deal! Phir.e 1372 NOVA, iKMOr bra Us .slccrinfT. A/C, jrood tires, no equity just pay olf r JI,925.40. KM at lira E. 13untsville. LIMOUSIN SAIE INTERNATIONAL CATTLE SERVICES Consignment Sale I 1 lire Frwirti bulb, (Proven Sires): Erode, Fakir. Fanloche. -1 open fc Bred French le nial cs. one bred 5D r i, brod females percc hulls Sale day MONDAY. APIU1. lh, Time 1 P.M. I'lnce: Infomatiuna! Sales araia, 5V'j mites Earf at Paul's Valley. OVIahnma oil KisT, 19- l»r\f*i will lie ser%-C(l. Sale tlcadquaners 4 Sands West Tor catalogs or information mil 405-233- or 405-238-K11H. International Cattle Services Saks Mi m. 2, BOX i« AKC Boston Terrier ruppi-j ready lo go. Also Bassoil Plaits, 3I6SI7CI. ElklHHirid puppies. AKO los and lemalcs. Also ihetr rrnis. call -M2331 or 521- DOG GRODMNIG -- All breeds years experience -- BonlLa VlEsei HJvvay 16 E. - Phono 521^131 or * 25--Home Needs--For Sale WANTED and I'rucks ICT *Sld. L6 engine and manual transmission. Remember, Iheso mileage figures are EPA The actual mileage you get will vary depending on the type of driving you do, your driving habils, youc car's condition, and available equipment. We're dealing to .keep Olds Cutlass Number 1! JM7 VW Buji. clean v roof, nms gtwd. blue 7AJ1- 19»3 TOYOTA bar.O Ciuiser -1 viheel dnv ply tiies, TTtelat top, E*d cwiditio tS. 442-V250. 22--Machinery Farm Equipment JM.OOO. 5,4 172 MODEL Caic hours \vilri power jhif[. bmsti «it, iroc piistier. '63 International truck a Oinimitigs cnnne SL7.500. 15 ton haul trailer S2.500. Caraxi Milter, The (0 frtappyface Place -Y lUfeYelnboilnetttamcfeyouim WHITF1ELD MOTOR CO. RROILEn GROWERS. Chore Ti (ccder syslcm ctmsiEllTic o! f fc odcr linos comi'ldc vilh hoiip l i m e clock. Availah!c in ahoul I'rice S3000. Call B392J5. 1300 G A L L O N Honey Wason mowlcd wi a 67 International truck. Call fl!4"" or 824-33W. FOlt SALE John Dec nh 10 foot header, ill 1S-2297 alter 6: R Combine Modrt ^ GOOSENRCK Trailer, flatbed trailer 22 It. landom axle, (2293. Call 16139133 contact Nelii«i Hency. DOGWOOD SIMMENTAL ASSN. 1ST ANNUAL PRODUCTION SALE MONDAY APRIL 19 Bentonvllle, Arkansas AT BENTON COUHTY - FAIRGROUNDS., . STARTS AT 1:00 P.M. PUnKHHED BULL OREO PUREBRED FEMALES OPFN I'linBRRED FEMAlJiiS TB PAIRS OS'KN Ws ?i PAIRS BRED Vi's '01'EN Vi'J . Performance Tested Percentage Commercial Bulls K. K. HALE. President DECiilar, A i k . »«2 J. A. BDMONnSON, Vive PfM.. Maysv-illn, Art;, 501-251-37M REYES, REYES EIDER f?.M-ES SIGRS. AND AUCTIONEERS Phone SL2-34X3I35 SPECIAL OF THE WEEK CRYSTAL PALACE by Collins Aikman beautiful cut and loop multicolo ]allem«I shag. Six colors trom whi choose. JG.93 yd. tis!all?r! ddvance Company, Westgate Shopping Clr. FayeUcvilln, Arkansas K'm-ay 62 west at 71 Bypasj ONE irAV. RAKE nr.d mower for sale- See at Western A u t o Store. Mv.y. 62, iric Grave. I'hoen ai621^ in r r until 3 r-m. 14-16 North East Ave. 521-7282 OLDS-GMC 1L\LE Stook ant! 1 tors Harris Amo Sales. Phone 635W30 or C3C VISIT OUR NEW CARPET SHOWROOM Register for FREE Bi-Cenlen- nial Heirloom Rug ($100 Valuei to be given away in July. FOR SALE. 150 day Brain ltd Hereford calves. TJVC or dressed. .Glenn Moore- LEWIS FORD HAS A FREE GIFT FOR YOU! Now you can have your family in a full color portrait captured for all lime! When you purchase a new or used automobile or truck from Lewis Ford, you will receive, absolutely FREE, a beautiful 16" by 20" full color portrait of you or your family. This full color portrait will be the focal point of your home and a source of pride and joy most highly treasured. This offer is for a limited time only. NEW '76 FORDS CARPETS Home Ctr. 521-4500 "FREE ESTIMATES" A LATE model Krrby va attachments. .Mini condition. E Or Filter Quwn vacuumi lik Call 521WI5. - 1376 Pinto Pony MPG with whilewatl lires. Bright Orange color. 1576 Pin(o MPG Runabout with 4-cylinder engine, Criiise-0-Malic transmission, whitewall tires, wheel covers and radio. 1076 Mustang II COBRA wilh V-6 engine, Automatic Transmission. Power steering. Power brakes, air conditioning. $3068 $3523 $5488 1976 Maverick 4-dotr sedan, loaded with extras, 302 V-8 engine. Cruisc-0-Malic Irans- mission, slccl raclial whi(csviU tires, Power sleeping and brakes, front and rear bumper guards. Air conditioning, Interior ami exterior dress up groups Radio and Vinyl roof. A beautiful light green color. SOLID OAK REDROOM ^^5 Thal'a tijht you can buy a beautiful oak bod- mom set at a low S290.W. Thrac bc^uiiful all \i'gjil st'ls inrtuile a larRe clicsl. dresser wih niRlrhing framed mirror, and full nl ifuccn size hfiidbauil. Hurry 1 -Supply fimilcd. E-7 Ti-rnvs Available. UKSyUnilcd Fct-iKht i!« liny, 62 W. Faycllcvjllc. Open 99 Mon.-Fri., lil 6:00 Salurday. C E f A I E t reclirwr, S3j. UnTinisifccJ tat»Ii* (cps. J15-f-». Clirsl nf drawers 117. Bnok- rase !23, Buston r«I;er. $22. Thonc 4425330 or 442-ZTwi, $5130 1976 Mustang II Stallion 2 plus 2, Silver Blue color wilh whilcwall lires, 4-cylimIer engine and radio. I07G Maverick 2-rioor sedan, while color with economy 6-cylinder engine and Cruisc- 0*Malic transmission. $3422 1976 LTD 4-door \vith V-8 engine, air conditioning. Cruise 0-Malic Iran.snit.ssion, Power steering and brakes, whitcu-all steel radial lires and radio. 107G F-150 Explorer pickup wilh 360 V-8 Engine, Cruise 0-iMatic Transmission, Pow- or Steering and Brakes. I97G Ranchero 500 with 351 V-8 Engine, Cniise-O-Ma(ic Transmission. Power Slcer- ing anil Drakes, Air Conditioning and Radio, Tan Color. 1076 F-2M Supercab pickup with Cus- torn Decor Group. Red and While in color, SGO V-8 Engine, Cniise-0-Matic Transmission, Piwer Steering and Brakes. Air Conditioning and Radio. FORD IS THE TIME TO BUY A NEW FORD -STOP BY TODAY! LEWIS FORD 3373 North College 442-5301 UNFINISHED FURNITURE SPECIALS Bookcases-24" Width $19.50 30" Widlh $23.50 36" Widlh $27.50 Deacon's Bench $34.50 Desks $39.50 $59.50 Corner Cabinets $29.50 up China Cabinets^ 3 door $129.50 Gun Cases, 12 gun..$11 9.50 Secretaries $99.50 Night Stands $17.50 4 5 Drawer Chests-4 drawer $29.50 5 drawer $34.50 Telephone Stands .. $13,50 Door Chesls $79.50 TERMS AVAILABLE GG DISCOUNT FURNITURE 2262 SOUTH 71 HIGHWAY (1 mile ioulh of Southgatc Shopping Center) PHONE -443-5756

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