The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on January 23, 1908 · Page 12
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 12

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1908
Page 12
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PAGE TWO CHILLICOTHE CONSTITUTION THURSDAY, JAN. 23, Igo8 . The Chillicothe CONSTITUTION CONSOLIDATED THE HAIL AND STAB September 1st 1900. DEMOCRAT ABSORBED . Jalj lit 19OO. L. Kewland Wm. L. Watidns Editors and Publishers. Terms of Subscription: <*• Constitution guarantees to ad- *tl*en a larger circulation In Llv- *(>ton county than that of all other •Ml papers published In ChiHl- «Ui« combined. Hie price for the weekly If paid * or before the end of the year is 'l.tO, or 60 cents for six months. tatwcrlbeiB neglecting or falling to • H7 will be charged the $1.60 This rale will be strictly ad- to. Batered at the postofflce at Chll- wothe. Missouri, and admitted for transmission through the mall as •eond-class matter Office building, iff4 South Washington Avenue. Tel- ipfcone No. 10S. By Jlall—Postage Prepaid: Dally, one year $5.00 Bally, six months 2.60 Weekly, one year, In advance. .1.00 WMkly, one year. If not paid be fore .year ends 1.60 Weekly, atx months 76 T&e Daily will be delivered by motet to subscribers In Chillicothe a 10 cents per week. Any Irregularity la delivery should be promptly reported at this office. that they can enforce saloon regulations when tliev really try; why couldn't they just as well enforce anti-saloon laws? The present prosecuting attorney has shown that he can and \\ill suppress the illegal sale of limior bv driving dives out of I lawn and Ludlow. Why would !i. or any other prosecuting attorney discriminate in favor of Chillicothe? Such an intimation does the officials an injustice. Xot only that, it is to say that the citizenship of Chillicothe is not of a high enough characl to demand the enforcement of the law and to ekct officials who wil do their duty, which is altogether slanderous. If the local option law is adopted in Chillicothe it will be enforced just as well as the law against gambling, the law against the social evil or against stealing or an\ other wrong, and it would be hare to find anybody who wants to license these things because then. are occasional infractions of l:;ws against them. the LINN TRIAL ON. OHLLLJCOTHE, 2O.OOO, 1010. CIRCULATION. The Constitution prints and circulates more papers than all other local papers published in Chillicothe combined, and invites advertisers to investigate the truth of its statement. Two Buchanan County Farmers Are Charged With Mayhem A Strong Prejudice. The vote on February 25th will demonstrate whither Chillicothe has enough sense to come in out of the wet. of Anthony Comstock, New York "enemy of vice," are not reassuring. He looks like •In- might have a red nose and puffy eyes. Having challenged the Democrats opposed to his nomination to show; him that it is not desired by a considerable portion of the party. Mr. Bryan can rest serene i:r the knowledge that they won't do it. He is so preeminently the leader of the party that when the time comes even those who are opposed to his nomination probably will lack the nerve to say so for fear of the effecL^f will have ji£ir future a^fitical fortunes, be little doubt that the Nebraskan has full command of the'Democratic situation and that he will keep it. WILL IT BE ENFORCED? St. Joseph. Mo., Jan. 22. —Sam- re 1 and David Linn, father ami son, Buchanan county farmers were placed on trial in the criminal court here today on the cl.arge of mayhem. The Linns are accused of having shot oul the eyes of Mrs. Mollie Seymour, daughter of Samuel Linn and sister of David Linn, on the Seymour farm last summer in a family quarrel. A change of venue from Judge B. J. Casteel was asked by the Linns, and Judge A W. Lincoln was called to try the cjse. The rural community evinces a strong prejudice against the Linns. The blind woman who is the prosecuting witness, occupies a scat in court beside her husband. To feel strong, have good appetite and digestion, sleep soundly and enjoy life, use Burdock's Blood Bitters, the great system tonic and builder. DeWitt's Little Early Risers are the best piils known. Sold by N. J. Swetland drug company. A WOMAN'S BACK. The Aches and Pains Will Disappear if the advice of this Chiili- cothc Citizen is Followed. It is- not maintained that the adoption of the local option law will absolute!}' prevent the sale of liquor, by men who are determined to break the law. no matter what the consequences. But it can be shown, and it has been shown by the experience of other cities, .that the law against the sale of liq'apr can be enforced so well that its sale is reduced to a minimum., and that the evi lis greatly lessened. To saj r that the law will not be enforced is to reflect on the ability and integrity of the city and county officials: to infer that they have neither the inclination nor the wisdom or courage to do their duty, which the Constitution believes to be an unwarranted assertion. The citv authorities have shown Troubles The heart may be \veak just the same as the eyes, stomach or other organs. It often happens that a person is born with a weak heart. Then again disease, fevers, over-exertion, anxiety, nervousness, itisrn, etc. weaken sjpgsart. The result is less of breath, pal- T Citation, pain in the heart, ''•or in some of the nerves of the chest or abdomen. ' The heart should be strengthened with a tonic, and for this notMug equals Dr. Stiles' Heart Cure. •1 had -LaGrippe last fall as 1 thought in a mild form. 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Any woman suffering- as I did with backache, bearing-down painsrand periodic pains,«hould not fail to use Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound." FACTS FOR SICK WOMEN. For thirty years Lydia E. Pink- hain's Vegetable Compound, made from roots and herbs, has been, the standard remedy for female ills .mdhaspositively curedthousandso Women who have been troubled with. • isplaceinents, inflammation, ulcera ion, fibroid tumors, irregularities !>eriodic pains, backache, that bear ing-down feeling, flatulency, indigos tion, dizziness or nervous prostration Why don't you try it ? Mrs. Pinkham invites all sick women to write her for advice She has guided thousands to health. Address, I-ynn, Mass. JAIL FOR ICE TRUST MEN. The Ohio Supreme Court Upheld the Finding Against Toledo Dealers. PARSON CREEK VALLEY Parson Creek Valley, Jan. _'_'.— (Special Correspondence)—The warm weather has been the cans of considerable sickness. Mrs. Logan daughter. Sadie, Clarkson who have am bee' r,iiite sick with pneumonia tevei ?.re able to be up again. M. L. Gibson delivered whea to the Chula market this week. Xove Sallee and family am Miss Lucy Sallee spent Thursday at Millard Gregg's. Edgar Powell and wife spcn Snndav at Aunt Josie Tharp's. Miss May Sallee spent Sunda\ at the home of her sister. Mrs Will Pralher. Mrs. Neva I'erry spent severa '.lavs of this week visiting he: tVther.Kd. Chapman. Rooke. Smith has been quit 1 , sick for the past week, suffering from an attack of la grippe. Mrs. Eva Iberg and Mrs. Geo Oarkson spent Mondav at Mii- b.rd Gregg's. Mrs. Wilson visited her daughter, Mrs. Perrv. Tuesday. The revival meeting which i being held at Sebago church i being well attended. Mrs. Wilson spent Mondav afternoon with Mrs. Lockhart. who ;as been sick for some time. George Clarkson and family were guests of Mrs. Eva Sundav. Ibcrg There's nothing so good for a sore throat as Dr. Thomas' Eclec- tric Oil. Cures in a few hours. Relieves any pain in any part. SWEARS THAT HE IS 136. Negro Preacher Who Claims to Have Been Born in 1772 Takes Out License to Wed. sote leather, steel base seats. T. Einnafs, 610 Clay -street. J. WILLIAMS A SENATOR. But the Mississippi Congressman Won't Take Office for Three Years. Jackson. Miss.. Jan. m.—The two houses of the Mississippi legislature today elected Congressman John Sharp Williams to the L T nited States Senate to Slices ed Senator H. D. Money, whose term expires March 4, 1911. Tomorrow a joint session of the two houses will be held to ratify the eiection. F.dmond F. Noel was today inaugurated governor. He. delivered the shortest inaugural address on Miles Medical Co., ElkharUnd | rec ord in this state, his speech Masting only twelve minutes. Frceillle, New York. Y«ur druggist sells Dr. Miles' Heart Cure, and we authorize him to return price of first bottle (only) If It falls to bwiefit you. Xew York, Jan. 22. —Among those who obtained license at the new marriage license bureau in the city hall yesterday was William Brooks Mason, colored, who gave his occupation as "minister Oi the gospel." He made an affidavit that he is 136 years old. He did not look it. though lie circulated tracts in which it is stated lie was born in 1772. and once held General Washington's horse. He said he was born in Havana. Kis intended wife Miss Ella Haynes, who said she is twenty- It Does The Business. Mr. E. E. Chamberlain, of Clinton, Maine, says of Bucklin's Arnica Salve. "It does the business; I have used it for piles and it cured them. Used it for chapped hands and it cured them. Applied it to an old sore and it healed it without leaving a scar be- Columbia. (.).. Jan. >\. —Tlu three Toledo ice dealers. R. C. Lemon. K. ( >. j!canl and 1. A. Miller, who were sent to tin; workhouse as punishment for forming an ice trust, got very little consultation in the decision of the Supreme court in their cases, today. The Supreme court holds that they should have been sentenced to the jail iusU-ad. and they are to be sentenced to jail. The received a year sentence eacli a tine of $5,000. SAUNDERS RUSSELL DEAD Chula. Jan. 22. —(Special Cor : espondence)—The funeral of th laic Sanmlers Russc'l. who die rriday morning. wa« held Satur (lay at Chula. Interment w; piruie in the May cemetery. D ceased was an old and highly ri .-.peeled citizen, and will be grea iy missed l>v his familv an friends .His widow. i«vo sons, an a daughter survive him, all \.lioni were at his bedside durin his last illness and death. Mrs. Ezra Chapman of 1'uebl Colorado, is visiting her inothe Mrs. S. Russell. Mrs. J. X. Ballenger is suffe ing with la grippe this week. Mrs. X. C. May. who has bee quite ill for the past two week is now convalescent. Little Curtis Dav'.s, who ha been ill for several weeks, passe to rest Saturday afternoon. Fin eral was held Sunday,Rev.Hoove conducting the services. Bun;: was made in May cemetery. 11. J. Phillips visited Mrs. > C. May Saturday and Sunday. Mrs." A. K. Hawman of Chilli tothe was here Saturday to a lend the funeral of Curtis Davis Mrs. Dodson of South Missoi ri. is visiting her sister, Mi's Stephen Davis. Mr. and Mrs. Owen spent Sun day at L. C. Pence's home. Misses Hattie Hooker and Jen i:ie Cascbeer are on the sick lisl Mrs. F. F. Ward ai;d daughlei Flossie, are among ihe sick thi wxck. CHICHESTOTS PILLS *f*-~*. THE ItlAMOM* IHlAJiD. A tidlMl A-ky<>iir»ninl9lfi>r nils In Rril aivi (iulil n.- Tolo 11" o<l.,''r ' lliiy'iir J I>ruce1»t. A-k-f-r rll!.<'IIi.. ._ IMAJIOVP CKAMI PIU.S. f. 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I lomer Warren transacted business in Chillieothc Friday. Louis Ciould of Chillicothe was the guest <>f his parents Tuesday. ludgf Reeves of Illinois i-. here ooking aft<T his real •..•state interests. Felt of near Chiliicothe visited T. U. Hendrix and wife last. week. Frank Warren of Oklahom"' Lily was here last week transacting business. lohn Harvey of Meadville wa* n town Wednesday. W. E. Beat and wife enter- .ained a number of young folks at their beautiful country home Frilay night. The M. E. Church will be dedicated February 9. Miss Clarice Gould came home Tom Meadville Sunday, where ;!u- was the "Goddess of Liberty" n >y the members of the Church. Roberta Beat and Lena TENNYSON IS HELD. Is Charged With the Murder of His Father Which Was Committed in February, 1906. Maryviile. Kas., Jan. 21.—At the conclusion of the introduction ••f evidence by the state in the preliminary hearing- if George Tennyson, charged with the murder of his father.David Tennyson, whicl occurred at the farm home near Frankfort, Kas., on the night of Februry 27. 1906, the defense sprang a surprise by refusing tc place its witnesses on the stand After brief arguments by counsel Justice Armstrong concluded thai sufficient evidence had been submitted to warrant holding Tennyson to the district court, tinder a bond of $10,000, charged him with and formally murder. The bond was furnished by 'Fenny son's relatives and th..: young man was released. Late this afternoon Tennyson accompanied by his young wife and his mother, left for their home near Frankfort, FAIRVIEW ITEMS. Fairview, Jan. 21. — (Specia Correspondence)—Will Goff am family spent Tuesday in Avalon the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Chas Goff. Miss Grace Hoyt spent Tuesday night with Mr. and Mrs. Jno Hoyt. Mr. and Mrs. Barnhart visitet Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Brooks Sun- da3'. Mrs. Johnny Hoyt visited Mrs John Hoyt, Sr., Wednesday. Will Dowell delivered hogs in Hale Saturday. Miss Edith Haynes is visiting her sister, Mrs. M. J. McKerrow this week. Miss Carrie Hoyt called on Miss Adda and Ida I'erry Sunday aflernonn. M. J. McKerrow is sawing wood in this vicinity. IF CHILLICOTHE PEOPLE knew the merits of the Texas Wonder they would never suffer with Kidney, Bladder and Rheumatism. Sold by all druggists, or two months treatment by mail for St.oo. Send for Missouri Testimonials to 2<)26 Olive street. . Louis, Missouri. To boost our January Sales, we offer a few warm ones PRIDES! 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Ralph Gaines of Hamilton visited his grandparents here the latter part of last week. Mrs. G. A. Bernard sustained | office and Residence, 504 Wash- Dr. Fraices H. Singtr OstMMthic Phvsician ,r two ribs broken, her ankle bruised i ington street, over by a horse Vunniing away and | throwing her from the buggy last Wednesday. Mrs. Lewis Dice is visitin friends in L'tica this week. otj Mrs. Homer Kirtley was a shopper in Chillicothe Tuesday. Drs. Barney and Gordon Chillicothe and Drs. Fiske and Gibson of this place, performed an operation on Miles Reddick. a voting colored boy, Tuesday morning. I. flammatory Rheumatism Cared in 3 Dmjs. Morton L. Hill, of Lebanon Ind.. gays: "My wife had Inflammatory Rheumatism in every muscle and Joint; her suffering wv terrible and ber body and face were swollen almost beyond recognition; had beea In bed for six weeks and had eigh' voysiciana, but receivea no benefit nrtil she tried Dr. Detcheon's Relief for Rheumatism. 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