Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 27, 1930 · Page 11
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 11

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1930
Page 11
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: l!pttblio in jJtfine, 198D, ^' by - ' W- ; 'v' ; •"•'. -'v ^Monday, j|6'ne'2,-;C.filna (Jbrstgon boat festival)* fra^. feaJestlne.^ayiid;- (JeW- lah* Pentec>st), •/. Japati (Ifokbhaftia, Kaiko-Kineftibl), eftern AUstttalia 'Tuesday, June S.' Bahamas, BarfcaV- dps; Berni'uda? tOBsfetved by, rhllitarjr and naval authorities), British Guianai British H6hdtlraj!, •Cayman Islands, Ceylon, Chim .fea'nljJn), dyprus, Dominion of feaniaa;, Iterated Malay states, GanfBlaif.CJ.ibraJtftr, Gold dbaat, H6«g . lands, MAtffotf .Mauritius* Newfound- lahd, (Obseffred by ba,nks> and 'government houses},, frew . Zealand, iNyasa- land, Pales'Uh'e, ' Persia., • Queensland, Rhodesia, Stb-m, Sierra'" •ttedne, : Straits Settlements, j Swaziland, '.Togpla'hdi THnidad aria Tobago, . TU*ks.5 aM •Caicos' islands. Windward Islands, Yukon territory (King's birthday), Iraq (King's birthday and Jewish Pentecost), Jugaslavia (Sts. Constantino and Helen, O. S.). In 'the United Slates: Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia (Birthday of Jefferson Davis). Thursday, June 6, Denmark (Constitution day), Ecuador (Civic" holl-- day). In the United States: Kansas (Primary election, not a legal holiday). . Friday, Juno 6, India (Bengal, Calcutta; Dashahara). § v»'.ay, Juno 7, Austria,-- Czecho- lua (half'dayh .Danzig, Estonia »day), Germany, Latvia (part of Liechtenstein (Whit, Saturday), India (Bengal, Calcutta, Muharram). Monday, June 9, Algeria,, • Austria, Barbados, Belgian Congo, Belgium, British Guiana, Bulgaria, China, Curacao, Cyprus, Czechoslovakia, Danzig, t enmark, Dutch Bast Indies, Dutch ttiana, Egypt, Estonia, Federated Malay states, Finland, France, French Guiana, French Indo-China, French W.est Indies, Germany, Gibraltar, Gold Coast, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Jugoslavia, Latvia, Leeward Islands, Liberia (not a legal holiday), Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Madagascar, Madeira (not an ^official holiday but observed by' most banks and 'business houses), Monaco, Morocco, Netherlands, New South Wales, Norway, Poland, Rhodesia, Roumania, Slam', Sierra Leone, Bomallland, Spain (Barcelona and Bilbao; half-day), Straits Settlements, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Syria, Tasmania, Togoland, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunis, United Kingdom (except Scotland), Virgin islands, Western Australia, Windward Islands (Whit Monday), South Australia, Victoria (King's birthday). Tuesday, June 10, Estonia, Latvia (White Tuesday), Portugal (National holiday). : / Wednesday, June 11, Brazil (States of Alagoas and Santa Catharina, commemorating notable event in 'state or municipal history), Hawaii (Kamehameha day). Thursday, Juno 12, Brazil (States of Espirlto Santo ami Rio Grande do Norte, commemorating notable event In. state or municipal history). Friday, Juno 13, Brazil (State of Piauhy, cpmmemoratlng notable event In state or municipal history), Madeira (St., Anthony's day; not an official holiday but observed by most banks and business houses). Saturday, June 14, in the United States: Missouri (Flag day; legal and banking transactions not affected)." Mpnday, June 16, In the United Stattes: Maine (Banks remain open on tWipilay), Minnesota (not a legal holidays, (Primary election). Tuesday, June 17, Brazil (State of P^mambuco, commemorating notable event In state or municipal history), Japan (Shlesel-kinembl (Memorial day of the commencement of Japanese ad- mlnistratlori in Formosa) principally observed in Formosa). In the United States: Massachusetts (Bunker Hill day; usually observed by banks in Boston, and vicinity, but is not a legal holiday), New Jersey (Primary election; not a legal holiday). Thursday, June»19, Argentina,' Austria, Bolivia, Canary islands, Chile, 1 Colombia,' Costa Rica, Czechoslovakia, Dominion Republic, Fernando Po, Germany (Bavaria, Rhineland and Upper Silesia where Catholic population predominates), Guatemala, Haiti, Hungary, Italy, Jugoslavia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Madeira (not an of- lialal holiday hut observed by nioat bank.s and business houses), Malta, MauritluH, Mexico, Monaco, Nicaragua, Peru, Poland, Salvador, {Spain, Switzerland (Lucerne, Lugano and St. Call), Syria, Trinidad and, Tobago, HOimoNTAL 1 Where waft the rctcnt prison Are? 7 Fellow. 11 Constellation. 12 Bronze. 13 To relinquish. 14Southca»t. 15 Skill, v • 16 Recent sii- pretne court appointee. 17 Animal. , IS Metallic ce- ' fnCnt. ' 10 Scabies. 21 Arouses. 25 Note In scale. 24 Verb. 25. Fortunes. 26 Sty. 27 Negative. 28 Coal digger. 29 Fashions. 8O Ached. 32 Slash. 33 Colored. 34 2000 pounds. 35 Either. 36 Performed. 37 Not bright, 38 Insect. 30 Customs. 40 Sweet viscid ' syrup. VERTICAL 1 Sen between 1 Europe and Asia. 2 Native metal. 3 Minor note. 4 God of war. 5 Wager. 6 Yon and I. 7 Combs wool. 8 To tramp. YESTERDAY'S ANSWER 9 Turned 10 tty» / 13 Title Of Eng* . ll*h Crown, Prince. 15 Tree. 16 Fire toot. 17 War flyer. 18 Satiated* 20 Circles nexfe to the Equator. 21 Diminished; 23 Sets In. 25 Mulcted*. 26 To stroke. 28 Ticks, 20 Merriment. 81 Poker stakes 32 Insensibility;!. 33"T" in GreeK* 34 Sesame. 85 Unit. 37 To accom. pllsh. 38 Like. BEING CENSORED . • , Stay ^.—Although imfty pffsdhfl Hvlttf ftbfo&d *tni fchlhk fdr- sign disialefiea! tt<m gpam ate subject to. d«ns*MSnif>, such tt not the case. Cohsorshlf) lor Spanish jifewspftpers Is riiaitJtftJned, but the government has guaranteed all fofelgn corteapondentB and hews agfetthles thiS.1 their dls- patisnes will not be int'wttfed with, and that they wftl receive all cables sent Id th&tti from their honi offices, 6* anybody else.'" This of course does not melii , that the government will not watch what Is being sent or received, in case It should feel that It would be to Its Interests to do so. • The government fOund/out that in a country situated as • Spain Is, It fa physically Impossible to maintain arty effective censorship, and that an attempt at censorship would only serve to encourage the work 'bfc. the rumor- factories In nearby dottntfles. The ^newspaper cehsorship _ continues, sometimes verjj strict, at other times very lenient. Variations also occur in the strictness or leniency froin one province to another. Thus something might, for example, be printed In Barcelona and blue-penciled Tripoli, Venezuela, Windward island (Corpus (bhristi)i Uruguay (Artlgas day), Friday, June 20, In the United States: West Virginia (West Virginia day); Monday, June 23, Bahamas, British Honduras, Gambia, Leeward islands, Mauritius (Prince of Wales' birthday), Finland (Bank holiday), Latvia (Midsummer day). Western . Australia (Prince of Wales' birthday and Coronation day). I TUesday, June 24, Dominion of Canada (Observed by courts and government offices and in the Province of Quebec by English banks situated in districts where Catholic population predominates), Estonia, Finland, Latvia, Madeira (not an official holiday but observed by most banks and business houses), Malta, Newfoundland, Roumania (Courts accept protests of bills), Spain (Barcelona and Bilboa; half-day) (St. John's day), Portugal (Oporto, municipal ^lollday), Sweden (Mid-summer day). In the United States: Florida (Second primary election, not a legal holiday), Porto Rico (San Juan day; not a legal holiday but this day Is generally observed by banks when agreed to by the clearing house). - ! • Wednesday, Juno 25, In the United States: North Dakota (Primary election). Friday, June • 27, Madeira (Sacred Heart; not an official holiday but ob served by most banks and business houses). \ \_Saturday, June 28, Jugoslavia (Ko- sovo day). Monday, June 30, China (Cadton and Peking, summer holiday), Guatemala (Revolutionary tr.lumph in 1871), Mexico, Salvador (Bank holiday), Slam (half-year), MAV BAD HOG MONTH. BAST LANSING, May 27.—More hogs die enroute to terminal markets during the month of May, , than any other,,month of the year, records of the condition of live-stock at the.terminals show. A grealt deal of this loss can be eliminated if the. proper precautions are taken when the hogs are loaded and Weatherstrips EDGAR SAMS 2127 Boale Ave. Phone 8U57 Awnings, Window Shades and Linoleum Drcsd Up Your Home This Summer WM. W. BABCOCK Home Furnishing*) 1313 Twelfth Avenue Busy Credit Terms DR. 1. EISENBERG Optometrist und Optician Eyes Examined; Glasses Fitted 220 CENTRAL TRUST SLDG, Hours U to 6.80 Sut. « to U spralnvtf ankle f Sloan's Liniment' , A A Excunion I«UUNEXT SUNDAY . »nd Memorial Day Pittsburgh EXCUKS10N TRAIN Lv. Altoona , S.45 A. M. Retonilnc Lv. Plttsbunb 7.25 F. M. PENNSYLVANIA RAILROAD FOOTWEAR In White Smart new styles in a full range ol sizes. $ J.95 $0.95 2 |0 Smart New Color Vogues to match yuur aummcj: costume, including Whites, Blues' UreeiiH, Blondes, Beigea, Patents and Shell. $0.95 $9.95 We Specialize In Children's Footwear HEM DOOR TO GRANTS 1410 -llfh. AVE, *r, ft <a<s»tt, T thft paper Of thftlatt PWBW> d« Hlvefa, fteVW ffioWA pttfi*** «««" satthip during the dJeltlofflhft/ but now has mu6h of lit matte* Wllw*. i* Nation frequently fills Its censored space, with the word's "Walt until all the truth may be told" «n big letters. ,.^ *f!/ S tod A S C ifcf&ly, «*,«** MM»r <sut «wt tft*W Abyt, «* they Ate ttio«sti*fity iwoUWelrteml Aftd Mrong auftpottef* ot Ihs ptearent government. Thu* ft to, lh»t thi reade* hi JUon- dUn, >N#fr Tdtft, BuftftoB Aires, Berlin, 4t6., geto ft«tt« ne*» M «t>aln than the Spanrth *ww*|i*pOT reader. 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Ill Buy from the Dealer displaying this sign or from III 111 your local Electric Light and Power Company. \\\ Westinghouse A D J U S T - O - M A T I C THE IRON WITH THE BUHT-IN WATCHMAN Ollendorff w S«r it with an OUe»4orff Watch. Let ronr congratolatioitf keep ricking through a lifetime with the "Tim* For * Lifetime Waleh." --' An Ollendorff is truly a worthy gift on Uds most Important occasion Vault appreciate the value in Ihit fine Olttndarff wmtch. 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