Independent from Long Beach, California on January 17, 1975 · Page 7
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 7

Long Beach, California
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Friday, January 17, 1975
Page 7
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PRESS-TELEGRAM (PM) H ^ \ , - "' * ' ( " - T t / *, |\ ; Passed ever twice ·-, Navy officer will push ouster fight " SAN DIEGO (AP) - Navy Lt Robert C. Ballard, whose fight to stay in uniform for 20 years was aborted by the U.S. Supreme Court, says he'll go over the high court -- to the secretary of the Navy. An attorney for the 37-year-old officer announced after Wednesday's court decision that Ballard will ask the secretary to let him remain the full 20 years before retirement. In 1973 a three-judge San Diego federal court ordered the Navy to eliminate sex discrimination in ^ its promotion policy which allows only women to ^complete 20 years if they've been passed over twice "for promotion. The Supreme Court ruling reversed the lower court and apparently means Ballard must leave the Navy after 19% years of service, six months short of retirement. In its 5 to 4 decision, the court said sex discrimination is not. a factor in the Navy's differing promotion and discharge policies for male and female officers. Associate Justice Potter Stewart wrote for the majority: "If the officers who fail to be promoted remained in the service, the promotion of young "officers through the ranks would be retarded." His attorney, Charles Khoury, who argued the · case before the Supreme Court, said: "If the Navy kicks him out this close to retirement, it's a heartless thing." L.B. man charges harassment by U.S. By TOM WILLMAN Staff Writer f A Long Beach man who 3ived in Europe most of the last decade Thursday ^-filed suit in Los Angeles ^federal court charging the T'FBI and CIA with main' taining an illegal dossier on him for his political "activities. I.'' Wilbur "Burr" Jerger, 57, who moved to Long · Beach last year with his .Danish wife, asks dam"ages of $1 million in the ·lawsuit which names 22 defendants including for- ,'mer President Richard ; Nixon, FBI Director Clar- · ence Kelley and present ; and former CIA officials. ;r Jerger alleges in the · suit that his liberal politi- 1 cal activism--dating back ; to a 1954 confrontation ' with Sen. Joseph McCar- 1 thy, R-Wis.--had caused i him to become the subject ' of a "perambulating" FBI .. file which also is the sub- Tstance of a CIA dossier. '·· A FORMER phpto-jour- i, nalist and 1956 editor of a "·weekly tabloid predecessor of the Los Angeles 'Free Press, Jerger al" leges that both his work · and personal life were dis- o-capted by authorities .reacting to the contents of ··the dossiers while he lived ·in West Germany. '" Jerger asks the court in ·his suit to order the gov- "ernment to reveal all information in the any such dossiers and then to force the destruction of ;;those files. -- In a news conference on !the steps of the federal '.courthouse in Los Angeles, Jerger told report- "ers t h a t a government ^conspiracy of actions · based on the files prevented him from making a liv- "ing as either a photo-journalist or a book salesman. ,, Jerger said because of the files he was arrested on an American military installation in West "Germany and t h a t his passport was cancelled and he was forced to leave that country. The alleged files, he said, characterized him as "a criminal or subver- . sive" with a "string of aliases." Those aliases, he said in earlier interviews, actually were his father's name, his nickname and a pen name, Dun Hunter, with which he signed a few liberal political articles in American publications in the mid-1950s. According to Jerger, the charges brought against him in Germany by American authorities subsequently were dismissed by a German tribunal. Jerger also alleges in the lawsuit that he lost $100,000 after a conspiracy born out of the files caused a film he produced and starred in to be halted before screening. THE FILM, he said, is entitled "General Massacre" and is a cinematic protest against war. The story line of the film centers on an American general who has committed war crimes in Vietnam, he explained. Among other defendants named in the lawsuit-which, Jerger said, he prepared himself as a Chicago law school graduate--are former CIA Directors Richard Helms and William Colby. Those officials both testified this week before one of several government committees investigating charges the CIA engaged in massive, illegal domestic intelligence operations." Colby testified Wednesday before the Senate appropriations intelligence subcomittee t h a t Helms authorized a CIA unit in 1967 "to look into the possibility of foreign links to American dissident elements." Of all filler kin^s tested: Look at tlie latest L'.S. Government figures for oilier brands that call themselves low in tar. Bra",l D (F,!tc-'i Brand D ji/eri- Branc K (Mpnmc" Brans f) (fnier) Brand M (Filler) . Brand l"(Fi]!e_') R/.inrt V/FtlffM 1 0 0 9 09 _07 6T~ O S Cartlon Menthol 0.3 Carllon 70's (lewosi 01 an Dtanasi- 2 mg. "(if, 0.2 mg. mcolmo Warning.' The Surgeon General Has Determined Thai Cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous to Your Health. MID nt MwtW- ^ mj."!«'. 0 3 mj. nieotiM n.prrcigwtit. FTC Report 0*74. «lll..Fri.,j»n.»,m» , ( - ,-. ···fcTtT COLSON t^WYER DOUBTS DEAN STOM ^ *** .*s , . i i*. * _ _ . « ' · ' » _ «..i». totfA ·' ILK WASHINGTON OJPI) The lawyer for former White House aide Charles W. Colson questioned Thursday whether Chief Justice Warren E. Burger ever directly told President Richard M. Nixon that a suit to obtain the White House Watergate tapes would fail. · Ken Adams, a member of Colson"s former law firm here, told UPI he had talked with Colson, who is in prison, by phone for 15 or 20 minutes about allegations made by former White House Counsel John W. Dean m in a television interview Tuesday. * * * · Deaii.'just freed from 'Prison by 'U.S. District Judge John J, Sirica, said Colson had told,him of a conversation he had with ·'· Nixoi,.-in which the former President said he expected .the Supreme Court to jet him him keep his White House tapes secret. According to Adams, Colson said he talked with, Nixonvpn Dec. 18, 1973. This was the period just following the nationally televised Senate Watergate hearings and the Senate panel's attempt to get 'some of Nixon's Watergate tapes. Colson had resigned as * * * Watergate case jurors say pardon up to Sirica PHILADELPHIA (UPI) -- Three members of the Watergate coverup trial j u r y said T h u r s d a y w h a t e v e r s e n t e n c e is passed by J u d g e J o h n Sirica on the four defendants found guilty Jan. 1 w i l l be all right w i t h them. The three were here Thursday taping "The Mike Douglas Show" for national t e l e c a s t - b e g i n - ning Jan. 30. The f o u r .defendants convicted were f o r m e r U.S. A t t y . G e n . John Mitchell; John D. Ehrlichman, former White House domestic affairs adviser; H.R. Haldeman, former W h i t e House chief of staff; and Robert Mardi a n , a former assistant attorney general. All served u n d e r former President Richard Nixon. The two women jurors on the show also expressed shock at the language they heard used by Nixon on the tapes. J o a n n e Williams, an alternate juror said, "The judge gives the final deci' sion. If he decides to pardon them, .1 think he will base it on sound things t h a t he f e e l s are justi : tied." JUROR Roy C a r t e r said, "As a group we really have to be objective about the whole thing. We're not the ones that pass judgment; we find them guilty or innocent. It's not for us as the jury to decide whether they should be punished or not. This is up to the judge." Anita King, the other juror said if Sirica pardons the four defendants, "He's justiified and it's all right with me." Ms. King said that it was with great surprise that the jury heard the presidential t a p e s , adding, "We thought nothing of this type could really Deloy^OKd on Senate seat case WASHINGTON (UPI) Senate leaders Thursday deferred for nearly two weeks a decision on the seating of New Hampshire's junior senator. In an apparent stalemate compromise, Assistant Democratic Leader Robert C. Byrd and Assistant Republican Leader Robert P. Griffin jointly announced that Jan. 28 had been set for debate to resume on the seating of Republican Louis C. Wyman, certified winner of the election by only two votes. THE DELAY will allow state officials more time to determine whether to hold a new election between Wyman and'Demo- cratic contender John A. Durkin. Meantime New Hampshire's Republican Gov. Meldrim Thomson, backed by election officials, asked the Senate to return a certificate of election issued to Durkin at one point .in the dispute, the closest election in Senate history. Wyman had appeared the winner by some 400 votes in the initial count a f t e r the election, but Durkin was declared the winner by 10 votes after a recount and given the certificate. Then a review of disputed ballots by a Republican-dominated state board reversed that, declared Durkin the winner and he too received a certificate. h a v e existed...obscene' language and our leader taking these steps." White House special counsel several months earlier and had,re-entered private practice; According to Adams, Colson said Nixon had reminisced: "I think we'll really win to. the Supreme Court. Burger thinks this whole thing is a disgrace." The remark referred to the ; Senate Watergate committee's .attempt to obtain White House tapes, Eventually, the U.S. District Court as well as the U.s; Court of Appeals overruled the Senate suit. But Special Prosecutor Leon Jaworski 'filed suit in April, 1974, to obtain a much larger number of White House tapes for use in the Watergate cover-up trial. The Supreme Court sustained Jaworski in a historic 8-0 decision the following July. Adams said'Colson did not say whether Nixon had spoken directly with Burger. · . Dean's account implied that Nixon had received the assurance directly from Burger. Colson passed on his .account of the NDton conversation to Dean at Ft. Hohbird, Md., federal prison a month ago. " ' Colson remains t in prison. 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