Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 11, 1976 · Page 23
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 23

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 11, 1976
Page 23
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J2j,OM ivlll yjry- n r e . For Infnrnii.ilon, call 41Z-727I or ex TMV rilo P.O. Hex 7;«. FaKltcMllc. Art:. pqr 0 -- Help Wanted JS^ Ol.r.OWINC POSITIONS OPEN: Sccrr- c r . Tics (Sll renuircd, experienced). Clerk a ^- f " cnosrar^vcrs (Eli rt*iuLrrd, pxpcrfpnccl). NW A wk LypiKs (cxpcri«ic«J). Qcrks. Agri- JlUiifll technicians m's. Aj; rtctiltura' ·chnifian I. Painter 1 (Journeyman and ,, m roof ol apprenticeship). PaLrulman. Hnk- ....Ini: T II t experienced). Quick nj.y operator. .i pj us(odi(d ut:-Kers. Constiucti-m tnsprc- is, (experienced end 2 yeais coilORc or iui\-alcnt.) Apply Personnel Admlnistra- nj-ptteMJlt. An equal opportunity Em- 37' A I oj-er. call TOCK HOY w-anlcd. So Fro Fabric Co h«ie 412-5115. A.SHION TWO TSVEXT\', Ik-auly Cm- t220 ultaits nr«!fd lull or part time (or ap- ointment only. Call WJ2220 between 2 p r RECEPT $459 phone, eie. fall Jan. Inei SEC.-BKKPR $500 TM k. SH, rrspwisible. Call Jo Ann *" r DST ACCT. $750 UP i 'EGO. DeRiee or etjulv, m!s. O*t nee, NW Ark. f-all Jo Ann rant or similar baeksround i'/e- 9- slochlnei. Call Jan. OOL N U R S E TO $708 rk. UN 1 . Call Jo Ann BUYER $875 UP En opt. Purchase oFfir* k jaiflOTKil f M c*. ele«ronlc oompontms. clc. !W OVl Sill Jan. NS1DE SALES $366 r. \vk. Music or sprinplime plants. .. o Ann » PT. TIME OHFICE f, I, [wfsllnp, booktiee pinx. startitiy al ex lir. Call J a n . sa a ODUCTION CONTROL g TO youns men to v TO rk S in 10 p.m. Mur Decree t*r rxper. NW Art. Call Jo Arw. veningi per m «V. Apply «rfy it s«u 7, re nmv prcwrrtty pmpl^M iviih pood SMES $8000 UP [{, urk record. Preler married men. ^hll ,\(]vertWnx, (.1C«0 salarj- comtns, C!a!! s l2L ' FW52 - Vciui . so TEACHERS! Arc "all openings, t^ll Vergil. ,?~ t! GRADE: .NW Ark. «3W up. J*? r 1'IXJ. EUr EXen, i sec, NW it Ctn- NU ral Ark. Need 0, To OR700. _ PANISH-ENGlJSHs West Arli. SVf 7 (o. SStfW up. IOME EC. NW Ark. |72rD up JK OUNTANT TO $14,500 d -e. cost accounting mfg. bnckgraurd. x \rh. (iill Jo Ann p T 1 K'J 0 1 0 EMPLOYMENT f A A AGENCY : n.TM up. " ~" £ JBItAIUAN: NW Ark, K-I2. C8100 up 218^ K Kinma Spsdlc o ·HINCIPAL: S»V Mo. Elcm. ' TM 751 - 8221 EMPLOYMENT ^ _^^_^*x_^^ AijtrjcT aiSW E. Emma Springdale ,!,,,£, U M M E R OPPORTUNITY N west Arkansas this sumn»«-, SUit 3 OPPORTUMW tor aUracllvc. r.^rf ^"aTM TMll «v " TMr. %c °^n TM X'S 'b SSEFHss »^^%£%-wsj AUCTK WEDNESDAY. APR 9:30 A GRAND ( Q U I T T I N G BU 117 EAST ILLINOrS, V t N PARTIAL US OUTSTANrns'Q Restaurant Equipment t K cwXer; 4-riead Dr. Peppct" dispenser; "3-M « If. chpsl type dfeplrew*. S*sfpm-Mafic p NCR dcctric rwlaurant cash reBJslcr ;B n reestcr rase viiih ulass tronl fc top; jcl cf irei celling light fixlurei; Underwood (n lachments; new rolihicr fc jctucbtr. R. C, IZi.OOT 31TU 1'eerlesi overhead healer; 34 stools; 1 comer booth, two doubTe booths 1 . SS n-ork table with Biiik sltdin? doors; 20 old. -I Drawer metal file rabhicl; !ced lea c. Norris milk dispenser; SS A hole Frisi*»irc chine. Cecil Ware atilomatic, colice urn. Mod fan; S It. SS Koch salad box with ^Hding warmer, 4 ' hole. 3 dih eartsi It*, ol bus I door Glonco Ouardian reach-in rerngcmor, S 6 ft. SS Thtrmodtike. 2 2 basket CE ileep I alre Ian; South Rend "Magic Ray" gas broil j r . old, }[obart ni«dd AM9C disriwashur w I t- dirty dish tables. 2 SS silverware Irays Iloureicervt ilght lixturee. Hobarl Heakmaste Bltachnicnlsf niod^eil stark oven, 1 roast meflthooks, Jopl:n Scrfi Water Water sofien portable SS sland. Magliner 2 «iiee store \\alk-in t blwver cos I. 2-5 gal. Cambo then ragaret msehlne, Ifi brnndE. 40 h. wrought fiMurest cashfer'j chair Bohnrex-Rolarj' -J^l Oandjtioiier, Lkii new. 21 II. Form!ca lo. booths. 3 new lablM. 14 match inE Rianco c (able. 20 Drenlwood rfiairs with uphal^lcrtd chairs; 216 g'a.« capadly Iworaiori -1 It. k faucet. 5 Mem MulttrrJs malt miner; 5 H caw; A T^. SS ttomya lubJc; 4 (1, SS cup J SAM ANN BRAt Another Quality Ajcti YTELL AUCTION Licensed Dial 417-3; , 1719 S. Maple, Car^ ^ corns f^4-m+*~^~-- -- -- * Sirr . . . A FEA SENIOR CITiZE OF A Something For Olc Even (hough at 67 Eloi Henderson is Hie oldest worn conducting a regular rat show, she is not overly imp res cd with herself or her show "Some call it a Dear Ab Show," she said, "but I Ihink is more like .1 Dear Gabby.' Mrs. Henderson has been radio Tor 28 years. The past i\ years she has been conductt a weekly show over WDVH Gainesville, Florida, beamed pcoplo over 50. "However, from the Ic cpho calls ami ihe mail, the sh .seems to have a wide an cnce," Mrs. Henderson sail . She described Iho show as "noslaJgia thing" but fnrtli talk about her show in Scat wide range of topics. "I interview fiucsls, work lurnlabta anrl do pretty mi what T want. Sometime. 1 ; I j open my scrnnbook and start talk. 1 ' she safd. Tiio Dear Ahhy tag came cruise she said she. is a w.i pussinfi alonp advice. "I ; jjivc Uic benefit of what T li heard or learned. 1 ' she sa is n Croat doa! which is Inst) Itonal in her Sunday morn show. "I've been blessed wMh p prateful and I Iry lo pass aTnnc,' 'she said. She wor ahonl some older people \ Rive up, She hopes sht 1 can spire them lo sec the le things in life and to see Ihe "'» JURE ABOUT NS FOR READERS LL AGES On The Air ier People se nrtunitics for older people. in "My sho\v is a perpon-ln-person to thing. Them is no formal. I lalk s- to people, not al them." There arc no records lo iiirU- jy catc just who mighl he Ihe old- il osl woman wilh a regular radio in there was a lol o[ national pub- vo Hcity recently wliich said she ng was :thus far no one has come in forward to 'dispute it. a ^ Mrs. Henderson has done, many other radio shows before 10 Iliis one. A( one period, s i e was ]"\ v doinp a different lypft sboxv oarh "· day s t a r t i n c w f t h a book review show on Monday and finishins a the wcoV- on Snhirflav with n cr live cliiUTrcn'5 show. She kepi cs t h n f .'cTifflnln for nine ve.irs. 3 Mrs . I len dc rs on ha s worke/ ^ ]C m sr.vcral nroa.s of ^Inrfrla n f l r r . leaving Athens. floAreia. ivhnrr '^ m - f f o .UK! TV \vort-_ ^Trs. ?*M1- )C- ' 4 I was wi*h Ihp ^ l i n m ' FTornUl V s '- "PFir^'^lio ^ni'l "T rli-' fj^n id. ^n iviv iVav** r.r-ni 1 "'." A^*. TTrn- ra- ^ T flnma TTniv^rsil.v a^'l fnr- ng "^1105 lo wrHft "a :loafl*' flnw P-) u i i r t M T- m f t rim v i n , i i n f i r , ics Mrs, Henderson saul sbe hopes v 10 that through her radio siow she n- can let older people know "they ler are nol alone. Their problems op are nol Insurmountable. S 3N - : II 4, 1976 M. - ^ *AFF .Art 51NESS TA, OKLAHOMA TING miihJnps. Lacrosse SS 2 [-«R beer ur3 tape s;^1em it 2 lapcs; 31 cu, Ic floor scafcs! six 5 ][Eht \\Tought 'ffwriter : Elettro! ux vacuum i- a(XI en band operated adding machine, 1. scelion Koimioa top counter; 15 34S 1 '\4S" KoimfKi lop (sKe? ! 6 fl . Ib. SctXsman fee machine, I'A'yn. is]!«iisen ict cteani dippers; Dvuble ce cream cab,.iet; hot chocolate m a - rt FE-100. 5 ft. SK oanopy Cilraiiv S'nss eoorsi Kotpo-im clcciric Icod raa. Kkcii-Kut fnaich Iiy cutler; "2 ycrs. 14 ft. filtered canopy wilh G(n- a disposal t p^c-F-rise area. SS clean . Oveiiicfid pot mrt. -1-B ft. 2 tube. r. ler.denrer. 1! qf. Hctxirt mixer t L- 2 baking decks. SfieHing, racks er. KcciHnS Keep Kris-p. 4 Wcatevcr (er with aUacfcnier.ts. Jlicer A; d:cw. Uruch; IVi np Mills cwmprcs'wr tor ncis l)T» cotfee UTT-S; 2 btedc celling iron ^tnralive railin*; « «TtI[" ] ghl electn'c duplicator. 10 Ion l^ermoY Air counlor- 11 ieHlherette upholslerrf aiis. 6 fl. Fonnica top twin pedestal .wars; 2 SS cosumers, 2 Tom Thumb S water slation : glass storage area SS £eir-conta-n«l *alad t pie display saucer levers lor. ^HAM, Owners on Conducted By ^ SERVICE Bonded 8-7024 age, Mo. 64836 McILROYBANK EARLY AMERICAN CLUB brings Mcllroy Checking FREE MMclLROYBANK ^^ TM fWK\ tar* in *Vir-.|« t'rx« I B'1 U-ARK BOWLING LANES 60 YEARS or OVER 3 LINES -- $1.00 ANYTIME ^K^ 443-5111 orEN 7 DAYS OPEN BOWUKO NICIHTLY 532 W. Dickson --Help Wonted 17 PEOPLE PERSON patd ba^nosi dktates immediate lor a per»on «Jio enaj* 'mwdns p e. Musi te able l» w« le'er*itt;c cMJhiet PTOP!C. Much [ie«dom r.( itstlfi on this i'jti. InctMiw related abi ity, roJiormance. and exporieiKB. EMPLOYM6N1 [^^J^ A « F N r Y 8K E. Emma 751-8221 AVON or llie exciting world o[ boauty an* ?rartce, Evcellrnl eamlnc5» Malic your i h'jurs, CALL 442-9836 iN A N D WOMEN. Imrnedlst* Inwine d GecuriLy for Ihe lulure 33 Ihe whole- e dlstrtbulor. Supply Ixal safes or- rdtaitons iUDi compete line of -W duslve Items rwt io'd 1n slores. IMrecl es eVperience helrftil but not reces- ry. Smnll Invcjlment required. No vel, ] lesume and phone number lo in H a l l , 3205 North DrcKcl Ouit. OUa- -- OttE MANACi^R-- Good oprorturrilj 1 lor 55 M person. Apply in person between a r e hours of 10:00 a.m. i 3:OQ p.m. to -DEt: MART. General office, John- B o, Arkansas. Turn weal off h%iy. 71 at yfl *a Montez Keslauranl,. u 0 Irt mi!e« G )W h!Kng lor sumnver. Anplj- In perf.-n. 3 iza Hut fulfil 314 Swlli Scho^. X FFSETT Prtwnian. Good opportuniiy 2 r advancement . call Claude Mllh at 15 «i-0«ran PrintlnB 751-4W5. Tx al clinic Is In need of a tcrhnidan 1 nv routine 1 ab procediuei , X-rayt . ,d EKG's. Forty hour week. Send W. Ark. TIMES Box P 02. 1 - T I BED Dwior'a Assistant wilh Ij-rrinS T bii;iy. Ser.d resume lo Box P'91, c/o 6 orthwesl Ark. TIMES. h \I,I, OX BANKS- Hesularly twh with c anfcers In Extern Oklahoma arid North- «· esl Arkansas esiabllshed (crril(r'i scma epula r travel , Musi have Rood life In- jrauce experience Bin! knowlcd EC, hotiCi id ambitious, Oiristian, sonw co!!eg«. alary, CX.IHJIVM!, bonus, stock crnicr- ijp, pension, benellta. Good position pre- en'L and miure wilh top rated company m-inR over 1000 banks. IVhcther you've v'cr answered an ad before, you should 'ce President, Drawer Ml, Ponca Cily, 3Wahoma 7^601. \'E NERD full lime Bijd nsrt lime em- loy«*. Daj' and evening stillls. Appb* n person Otsa Taco. Oak Plaia Shop- ing Center. , OWNER OPERATORS Ve'ntrd 3 a\!e dtrfsel equipment .1971 or icNvcr. Good drirtng rrenrd necessary. Vc provide ira»er, goal earning p*cn- jsl, weekly settlement and adm'-nistratlve lisiitance. Call 1.S0043133M £or appti- -alion 'Naiional Refriseraled Transport foe. . VAITBESS needed for evening and nlfihts. niusl be over 21. Espenerrcc hrip- BEIT.L1KK FASHIONS needs women «t conduct hon*e shov«. Kam profit plus free ward robes. Call 523 -5041. AUTO Glass Man -- rriusi bo experienced. 40 ho-jr week, year round work, lo 15 per 'hour, pi us -benefits. Send resume 1o BOM 3231, Bartlesville, Oklarioma .W003, MATOHE man or sv^man needed lor pales position "iih Grapevine neivs- [iaptr, nexiftlft hours, call jutier, 1 r-m. $8,1GO to Sart -- on ihe Job IralolnE for management Joeitlons. Tose who qualify inuit beg n immediaicjl Promotions \vi(hin SO days. Call 523-9730, lo an-ange a l me for personal interview. HELP Wanted. -- Fnl! l»me -- G days per week Hours R:30 a.m. 5:00 p.m. Must be dependable. Apply in person. Taco Itul, lS2."i North CWlegc- DOOll fcrsrm wanted. Apply In person alter 5:00 p.m. at Raniada Inn mK tnr Omnle, hours arc 4 niehts vnxai ? p.m. to li p.m. ItonW^n our* 11 P.M. -7 A.M. -Oiltl ard 3-30 IMI lo 11:30 P.S1. shift. F^perience rrfrrrtred, call 4-12 «2L1 ext. 2M or 200 for more in form ation. Washington »c- gonal .Medical CVnier. Equal Oppor- luniiy Employer. KXPER1EXCEI) Maintenance Technician TMsi(ipn new available In our rap;dl ^rwsinG hospital. Musi have Stale of Arlransas Boclor OpejTilor lioenw w be able to Bltsin. HospiLal nialiM eoaiicv ex periencc preferred but rx renuir£1 L il pe csonncl a 1 Spnngdale Mcniona] Hos »ilal. I*hnr.n 751-5711. an E"iual Oppor unity Emploi'er. E\'ENIXG WAITHKSSK5 rcrded mus w 21. Apply Sjica^easy Itcstauranl aftef UNKHRETIC young man 10 \vrnk p«n Umc at apartment compics. neterenci! renuircd. J2.?0 per hour. Call (or ar jwlr.lraenU 521-2761. WANTED Sales Lady tor lashlnn rotd \D wear Serd rcsiiTre to N.W. ArK TIAIKS Hox P-93- WANTED IJ'N full lime 3 to 11, in su ranee raid by empoyler and othc benefits. Also part time IPS 11 lo ") Call 413 5211. TJTC-Cnod hourly baie plus [nc*r.liv« paid IiospitalizBtiDn, 11-7. Full or part (Ime. OnnUcl Pam Twld. 531-4353 R.O APARTMENT HANAGEnS needed (or E unil complev, ar.rl 70 unit complex · FaycticvOTc area. OupI«J preferred, h husljand could have ouW'rfc Job. K. peritnce 1ti nlUcc work ar.t! nwintcnanc would be helpful. Hard woilc VMlIi a I of rwixxisibilili'. Salary and apart nx plus uUlHIes. Fend cesunic to Box Pc/o Northwest Arkaruas TIMES, Fa ^6 -- Servkes Offered TITE MASONHV OONTnACTORS -Sp dali7in£ In naiivc Jione fireplace!, al concrete block. Free «stlntate. Pti« N E E D AN ELEaRICIAN? in [Ami icrvlce. N«w install at ictu, n nvxlpllriji snd repair. Fr«« estfmst Incensed 4- borxlwl . Town A- CMunl ElttHtx. nay or u-BJit. call HI ««- CAU 521-9744 1e nor rMpendaWe. Wnrlt tma ra nlet Call nar-dy Huisc. W2-1735. YARD \VORh - I.ea^«i rwnWfrt, mo Ing. irlnim!n g. llphl haulirg. rtearup, penrfaMe \"rk. H?asonabte p:(x-J, A hnndyman rrpairs; wfet-have -yoo. 8 NEED your house palr.icd? Inleiior : pxlerior p.i:ntinS. ictiabtc t Tcas^n* prices. Fre* eWJrnatej. tttli BS7 Bow ·M G1VB jmur home fl brfcU look Bpring. Call us for ymir \\1ndoM- svn inR needs, ewolh-.tu? rumi-iheil. C 35l.2SW w 7T.1 "MB. \\7LI. rV- habysSilirip In m' home J day ihru Frid.iy, rMW^Jblc r^fcs, A b.iby fumilure lor sale. Phone W3-1 or «l-«Mil. TVPIXn. ttuarvuxeed. No «rawi«i*./ imns-ribe casielir. PerswwH«fl f rript: ksal briefsj nVscellantws. Pt- R39 2£02 daj'S or evenings M srfiei Termites? Pests? Ray Johnson 521-37J -- Boats Marina 21 WANTED! 19 FISHING BOATS TM* ' S SKI RIGS A *lr WILL TRADE-IN ON CAR51 Iw GOFF-McNAIR MOTOR CO., INC 442-5321 POWER OAT Bass ri;:. Hilly Wrtcd. M Mercury. J2M. Phone 5219557. ][.P. BOAT motor, 1100. Phw.e 4-12- * » or -KiMwI. AT Dock-: - built to Issl installed nt ·ur site. Call 6M^»( day or everuTips. ,-S Sa!*s, Holers. ar's rental. Lust Bridse Marina. Fhonc 93222. P.O. Box 93, Garfield, Ac*. MAN fiberglass pleasure bnat $1115, 75 5.3 HP motor. $110. Small faatn sail ·at !«. 16 foot Ilun-a-bout, 35 Evin(le, Iraltcj, ^505. Phone UJ4263. 8 -- Camping Sporting Goods ANT lo buy. or trade lor good travel allers. We have new or used. Mangold's raved Trailers. 8 milca w t t on H Sways Z t 51. Rt. 3 Box 1(B Tnhlequali, OklA- oma, 456-3«2. ee ihe New 76 Solid Sta e APACHE Camper Trailers a t . Sines Body Shop ?425 Old Farminglon Road Phone 442-2691 'OH Sale or Trade lor caboier camper. 9' Ivi51y wl(*rontaincd camp trailer, a! so vice CT70 Itonda, 8175. Phore 4-U-1M. I FOOT I ravel trailer, Excellent condi- ion. SjirinEdale. Phone 361-29)3. [ANDGUNS, tines, sholguiu. Smilti and Vessons and oihers, also poltee supplies. 3anieo Pawn Shop W3 So, School. 41201. PAIR of rarrtper jacks. Difir* «Z- wet .· APACHE tamper, ^eeps 6, excellent condition. J»5. Cull 613-2X9. 20-^-MolorcycIes 974 YAMA1U 2SO Euduni. excellent con- d^ion f«0. Phone 751-8608. overhaul never wTcrked. K75. Man spire i^artf, Phone 442-7415. 1973 SUZUKI TC-JH. Exc«!Icnt cocdi- 1lon. Ijjs- 1 ! than 1,600 mlffj, Newly overhauled. W50 ur best offer. Phone 443-36W: 1972 HONDA 3». Exlia clean, well lafcen rare of, Inw mileage. *550 IiTm. Call £21- 5W1. 21 -- Automotive -- For Sola SELL OR TRADE lM BuIcK. Excell rord;tion for 20 year old c«r. *59i. Phone 521-8531. 1075 SCOUT 4 wheel drive, 6.000 miler, deluxe mlerior a»d irim, mud and ST.OW tires, a/c, lork out wheels, heavy bump- c»r, mtiit s«CI. JS.lsO. Call M3-5631 or 196! IJNCOI.N ~ (lillertor's car. New engine and trar.smtsswi. Phora 4^62233 --Automotive-- For Sale )ED CAR SPECIALS THIS WEEK 73 Olds Cullass b u p r e m e prvwer aid air, new litw, vinjl top. 36,000 Ideal one er.vwr miles tJIM 73 Dodge Dorl Swinger ·EJlotnailc, po-rier s-.ocring, A red uty srith only 43.000 milM .. S3150 1 973 Mercury Marquis ox! one o-ATicr w.(h a!l the poMcr and only 41,0« miles J»^ 1966 Molibu wr ha Jlop. sinali V-8, slar.dnrd shitt^ KM m :lcs on ovc rhaul«l engine JW-J 973 TOYOTA CORONA DELUXE Wagon, nice c l e a n ; iltle cor wilh air condi- loning nev/ lires. KADA Relail $2850 OUR PRICE $2150 YE DON'T BRAG ABOUT SAVING YOU MONEY ^ WE JUST DO ITI BARTHOLOMEW Motor Company 521-7871 BLUE VW -- Ncsv Interior, new en e. J5I5, cash. Hwrw 53)J2i2. 1 -- Automotive -- Far Sale S( ·a fi U lock ae mall B« GTO- Ind'y, car c 3 :HOOL STREET : ] GARAGE 1 03 S .School Si. ·" SED CAR SPECIALS Tiwks-1062 Ford 4 y^rrt -*x2. !0*» liXSfi DodM 6 yard jx2. 11100 ks all lour wheels, £et' up [ra j Ww.^ CHEVY .includes Headers, )d shocks adn mil bars. - 19M STortel with LT-1 ClLEV\ r . 39G, leller roin roller rocV.ers. THW rsioiis, tranche! a Intake with TOT · Four si*«l aiE\^ T 3.a5:l 12 holl ; r^J runs in 11 seiiwid B.T. bracket 24 HOUR ROAD SERVICE ON TRUCK TIRES ' ; CALL LARRY WADE 51-9608 442-6621 ^^^^^WW . .. / //? ftT/i^ijrv»,r«u lyii GUAND Torino Ford. Pwer- brakes, po^er siccring. air condttlminit.. 443-5437. 1972 1'ONTIAC Botir.e%-ille. 4 door hanl- top. Aulonwlic, power and «ii c- 5143^Phone 83S-3173. - r LEASING : POR A BUSINESS, PROFESSION, OR JUST AN I N D I V I D U A L : ur Pontiacs and Cadillacs are equipped and tailored to our needs, whatever they might be. Why lease f ronr^ a arge leasing company? They' must purchase the can om a dealer. Leasing from us will givs you ths host nsslble i n leasing prices a n d service. . 4 HATFIELD Rental Leasirvj, Inc.. : : SEE HERBERT HATFIELD, 22 East Meadow ; Fayattevills, Ark. Phone 442-2303 · WHOLESALE SERATT 30-DAY OR 3,000 MOTOR - T R A N S M I S f during Ihe first M days or 3,000 mile iccurs in 1he motor, t ran? ml S3; m. o erall Motors under this agreement ar iechan:cal deled 1hat ex=»«l al tlic ir«akrtoun ^-aa not caused by tho biiye crau MoLors hereby agrees lo fiK \tn chicle /com the buyer at the same r PU HCI1ASER VEHICLE PURCHASE PRICE SERATT 103 5. Corner of Sch FoyetJevIlfe, , T ,-501- We finance 1960-J970 mo you obtain financing for OPEN AND RE 7 to 7, 7 ^__r :r-_^~-' ".AT vii-i:__' ^. c M( M 510 s, wlilc r diCc d the rs negl defer rice .T .. Ml ...DA ..SE, W Sch ool a Ark 62T- d e l s c 971 ADY DAY RETAIL ' DTORS LE WARRANTY. N - DIFFERENTIAL hcvor oonies Erit, a rtujor brekdofiMj i renUal ot a vehicle purchased from malluncSrnn was caused by a'^xn-ered iho vehicle was purchased, 'and said ' t tree of charge or to repurchase th« · i!d, less reasonable alio-.Viao^.- Tor [ti LEAGE ,,....»..»..«...*· : ;g fm 4^i.uiiimai7»'tn" J · jj _ _ ; (.M 1 ,,^^! «"·«*¥···» OTORS 30 Si. nd Mountain insas 72701 ?600 ,. : ·-:' md work very hard to help 1975 models. FOR BUSINESS ' ; 5 A WEEK1 rj-.^^^' 1 - f,. ^^ --^m.33 SPf| SERVICE DIRECTORY^ ; [ ( " * » " ^ * * * i « . * * ' * ' " * . * ». iH fl^. A « t iK.1-- ^ -- Air Conditioning -- FOR AIR CLEANERS, AIR CONDITION ING, HEATING AND RUMIDIFIETtS CALL RHELTON SALE5 AN1 KRU^CR 4J2-9340 : SVHAT'S " lie«l pumpl Call Paschal Air Conllllonlnj!, 751-019A- Commercial R*» idenllal Sales Seryke. aU make* FUnNFTURE RESTORATIONS by Stcv Darts. RelinlshtaS, repairs, experience* touch up. antiques. 303 W. Kekson. 521 r 5976. /· --Asphalt Work-- . PARKING lols and flrfve»ATi bnill o - repaired, gravel hauled Motor grade 0 work. 'TomLLnion Aiphalt Co. 521J179. 0 -- Automotive -- t RADIATOR REPAIR ENGINE REPAin, Brakes, Tun I uns clectricaE. Bob Majes Aulo Serrtci 5 21M N. Garland 44MM7. M2-«350, Bob ( Martin Alayw. ^. -- Bulldozing -- ·- DOTING-- Top S«!-Orav(l-ExcaTil:oB naeklioe «rfl Tractor Work - Landjei Ing - Levrilfl^ - Oumptuck Work c o «e° HUAUTY ttx^k on addHlocU, rerrwdelin c\ie ilor and Interior) roofins, Etor work ar^l lireplares. Call Joe Hen zne (09-2,128 or Tim Du*C »9-2M9. -*· CARPENTRY. ROOFING, PATVITN r? Paneling, stieet rock, aluminum «!d Ar.d wher siding. Windows, dooti, » tlons References. Ray RigfdaJe, «I-7 or 321-7370. IF you ace INTERESTED la the B J" Inc. or TEXTURED CEILINGS call * "*· R37I. REMODELING, carport addillom - p J os - liousfl leveltnK - roofiHE - pa ^ In*. Phone 4W-40T6 or 521-2713. Jy " -- Carpet Cleaning -- nd SPHI.\G W.EAMNG-? CftC I'rofcsstn We Oaip« Steom cleaning at ihe lov. en prices In Area. rhcei« 442-W61. his (nsisl on Ihe Van Schrarter Ilry Fo 'h. [JeKr^er. Fan Drylny, Call 521-735: xiH -- . ^« Pillofi Driveways, n*winmg Walls, 1 ,|g QiuLity W«lt CaU IV*by lxnj(, xii-3932. V,IT XWCK MINER Concrde Oonsirnrt ,,,, Pallo, Driveway*, Rftalnlns Walls, B ,TM menls. Drainage. No jt* loo imall. ^" anytime 443-1315. 521-*M9, " « U HEED - WM DO COUSTTRUCTI carpenlry, Rflalnlny willi. dralMge DOB ammermju *- 9wtt Mine* 442- 443-31U De[«DdaU* Strvlc* -- Dirt, Grovel, Top Soil-- 45U CASE Crawler «ith IrwiKnd lo. fc S I'd. dump Itack. Sc-me ol Ihe \t\i s-xl In NW Arkansss. 4424223, TOP SOn, IJMKSTONK gravel ar.d Q rleliveipd. for hi re , oxilra«oM t \ -- DM, Gravel, Top Soil -- STEVE Harris -- Backhoe work -- Top- C swil. Ban* and creek grave], f i l l ttrt, :* wplte tank and laleral lines rnsiallrf. ^ -JIJKKM. -- Ditch Digging -- DITCIWITCII Irer.chinS tor «"alcr, ?as, ; fertile, drainage. Me. Narrow, 21" rtctp r Undsey. «2-2.)!8, l BA.CKHOL". and Dump Tnie* Wort John -- Exterminating -- . HAYES TEK.MiTE !i TEST (»NTHOL : Elxrcrifnfrd Service for quallU' conlrri. * Call ~«£514. -- Fence -- FARM FENCING, corrals and loading rhum PTM tnimavi (tali Tack tVe*t- irook *' 151-7530 01 151-7323 ^ -- Garden Plowing- .. GARDE-N Ho-Mng. JiaTTov\-in«. brush juaranlwd. quick servlco. Phone p. -- Garden Tilling -- liOS- W- mo-Aing'- Varoo »nd smaller. Mower Sendee. Hauling. 411-I7. -- G r i n d i n g -- 8 ' OZARK GMndlBf Ssrvlct, 65J HunlsvllTe 5j Rd 531 3090: Carbld* Is t\lf*-spt*6 tool*. * ffirden loois, chain saivs, hand saws, (cUsori, paper cuttlog taiive* r j -- H a n d y m a n -- M CABPENTHY - Palntlag - Roonnjl. fencing - lire - hauling - ir«« iriin- ·H Job). Excdl*nl ctltitzttt Ktn R«£«r»- «, -- Hauling -"' TRASH HAUUNC - THEE TimrMrsG- Garage and Atllc QearJn? Call bt/ort B a.m. or a f l c r 7 p.m., «3 IJOIT hauiin? mid Ta\sTi mnvntg nsl UetJ, shrubbery removed, hedge rsl mint. Re!lab!« and reaionab!*, 511 -Mtt. Small irim r«rvk« , 1R i ETave track A Hock tack. Fou nmr l \Va h*ul H. ReasoMbl*. 443-2173. Before 7:00 p.m. ~* e ECOLOGY ENTERPRISES INC, tins the opening ol oui wholew s;on, W» a r t spcclalWn^ In ftt ^»' lo your ipecitlcallonj. Opt a ft ni,j Moad»y iKru Friday Phone 521 cubic [eel vtrmlculile. 13.50, 4 eu . perilil 4 p.ia S cubic fool sp* OS. r^al mosi. (7,50. 100 Its. homii Ml. OJmJort Boad and Rapple 7209 -j ; --Landscaping-- - CAHDE1N L.\j;RSCj\PING. PL«nn ^dcr rncrdaJ and ceildmtlal, Sprcka rvst rock (fsnlens ar,i waierfsHj. 521 ani-- l» 8 p,m, wr^l frililiriTiB. sliding. s*fdaK, lr« Xiva .nd removal. For [r« ^stim3 Vf'ayne, SQl-We9. annourt e divl nx to » S 9670. lc foo agnom is pa* Lana. mg ar . Con tint r,y » prunin fipj! [[4 U --Lawns Gardens-- · ·OMI'LEIK lawn find -ard care senlea, lowing, edsing, iriniming, an1hing. Gatt 56-2557 or 466-aiU, ask for Chuch Ogla. ; -- Paint ft Paper-- UALtT\' IIou5cpainl1ns Infzd a antf out, ; ills f actlo/i guaranteed. For free «stl« rwte, call Collcci, Lincoln S31-5673. | .XTERIon palntins, reasonable rate5, cfocenccs II nredcd. For (ree estimate all -H2-2463 or 521-132-1. stl mates. Work guaranteed. Jeff Barker. 21-3039. "at rical loo and Di il rtbirllon. All iyp*i f plastlra Proiol-pcs made o your spe- -ICicallons. Special orders Free consuiia- ton. Mountain Plastics. Inc E21J979. SPACK WOULD COST ONLY S17.1B PER MONTH -- P l u m b i n g Service- ran 4434PM TACH'TT'S PLU.MBING CO. CinCKEN House cleaning retvice. U{* ler spread- 751-5460 or 739'ZMJ. -- Roofing -- estimates Phone 751^63 Bob Eub?*iks. -- Security Guards -- A R K A N S A S Armrf Guard Stale and !*s ally Licensed unlforraod ^turds. Available [ramedi a1 eljr "U hour s« ntf ». --Sewing Machine Kepair -- \Vt: service all makes. Free ptcfcup ai;4 df livery- AU \-oik iruarar.K* d by your aulhoritM Viking, While, and SwcW dealfr. Phone 5216731. Tlie Sevillqua. --Tra dor- ran afier 5 p.m. 521-512-1. PAUL'S TRACTOR SERVICE PHO.NK 21-2K3 TRACTOR SERVICE PLOWING, dlscins. brushho?Blrii. Usrsa or cnull Jcbs. Cj!l S2I-6U7 alter s:30 p.m. -- Treo Service-- FOR comp!etc {IK Si slump iwnoval, Irirnminj!. shsplrs, shiubj Irimnwd. ca; Hay'a Trrc i- Stump" Service, WcM Fort. U9-3S19. (N.W. A i k . ) ' A AND A THEF, SPECL\USTS * All phases Ire* shrubbery care. Over · ID Kara experience. -W2U3. Freo csti- ^^YERS TREE SERVICE - Trimming -- Topping - Removals. FoJly cquipiwd. 12 years experience Fr«e eiU vl TO PLACE AN* AD IN THIS - SPACK UOULD COST ONLY I, SIT.'O PKil SlONTtt C CAU Gaha Coper for cbmplel* U venettan W!r^ ten**. Phor,« -H2WM.

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