Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1963 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1963
Page 4
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Mick, CJM. Mr* Met* TT"'-"-'-" ; --'-STx/-i' Tfc 1 " urges GDC to Back v;' · , , , ...i . . . ' ^ Moratorium (Continued frcza Page A-l) expert ihe opposition to place them j In " *. highly "emotional 'contest or,to panderto tie cf the until inking. 1 * BROWN TOLD delegates he;hoped they would endorse In jiolicy statements and re"solutions ; "the more important liberal legislation we are proposing - in · Sacramento,' then return to their clubs and mobilize mass community support. : . . "I tell you. most seriously that what you do can spel the! difference between ghetto or a home for minority family--the differ ence between life or death in th gas chamber for a prison inmate. If we can put our bands to better work, I don't Always have been open to aH out that its devices were per- taps workable and effective o majority groups but not tOj minority communities. know what it is." Between 6,000 TOM B. CARVEY JR. CDC President UOrders to Explain Attack newsmen he would support election reform as one of CDCs highest-priority items 'or the craning year, especial- y provision for fan disclosure of campaign contributions. He said the -clearly lead- ng* contenders for Democra- Jc 'gubernatorial candidates if Brown should not run in 19C6 are Unruh. Controller Alan Cranston. Attorney General Stanley Most and LL Gov. Glenn M. Anderson. * * * * . FOR THE GOP? He said he feels Joseph C. Shell, a Nixon primary opponent, would P (Continued from PagVA-1) J ' · devtiop Into a -dangerous Soviet P r e m i e r NIklta situation." . Khrushchev said in an inter- THE ATTAdJ bright ? «?££**? fi appeal to supportjhe Presi- ^ ^3^^, The interview apparentry was granted a Brazilian newspaper sometime ago but was printed Friday by the Soviet newspaper i » . said inching toward iver Cuba. A little later, Edwin M. Martin, assistant secretary of state for Latin-American affairs, said he was sure efforts would,. be made to increase surveillance activities "to insure that U. S territory" is J* 1 " not used for such attacks, r"" 1 ^ -whether it has or not in the past." A Coast Guard spokesman. asked about any e f f o r t s Td be delighted to have these £ TM. f «?*"*;J«» and IffX), officers elected from minority communities." Mr. Rafferty (Mar Rafferty, state superintendent of public instruction) is not. entirely delegates, alternates and ob- HIS STRONG feelings on facetious. He is a very amH seri-ers Jammed'accommoda-'the matter were re\ r ealed in:tious man." . .'.: - .' Cuban premier Fidel Castro's Thursday charge tha the United States was responsible for hit-and-run at tacks on the'Cuban coast ' to against U. S-based e x i l e raids, replied: -We are study-! ing the situation with the view toward augmenting our long-range bombers and ships to protect the coast if the raids continued. 1 The apparent determination of Cuban exile groups to con inue such raids. The State Department said the Cuban version- of the forces - in Florida, but our most recent shooting incident [Jans 'cannot be disclosed at --the second in six weeks-- known. A little later the VS. this time." A DEFENSE f Department spokesman, asked the same question.' said: *lf directed to luu. »J-M*HH.« " M v · v · *·*··*"· -- i »ww« · · " · · · · '. - - r · · OVlC5l"OH» IriTYi'J U taMCVlCXJ fcW lions ^here within a 30-mile m -Urgent Notice to Dele- Carvey said he never, has J, £,,_ the Department of De- gates" which posed the pro-'characterized Unruh as 'i boss f ease will step up aerial and vocative questions: *1$ equal but said the Speaker b a]j ea surveillance as required." opportunity enough to encour-jSingle most influential Demo-1 president Kennedy and his the-41-year-old Palos Verdes»ge the progress which isxrat in the Assembly, a veryltop* aides discussed at a mid- £ctlt? *n?inp#f- lint the *»*»4«^ t/\ «-l/\«» tV« 0*n T\»-'*wn«?^»r«Vt» TWOT»^ wilVm *V»' * V _~A?__ i\.* ~»*...l. MM CDC PRESIDENT Estates engineer, lent the to close the gap be-]considerable power within the'iay meeting the attack e Show Tubes'. Here are starting times of eatsres at Long Beach thea- ers as listed by theater mangeri: ;···: .vy'.- ' ' f 4*"«"«. : WIST COUT ··eft D*ifr»_To««rj , '-· T* L ttM -»Bfrt5«rt.- II :*..:» "fcnttafloa CmriL* 1:21 C 4.U. t. . · . , · ; j-S I IS, r^'yt-rt^iti' said, "added that 'the' MIG probably fired ; in error" and that there had been no tn- - ··}*, .»JU!»--.;. . . 4 · Dfw^ your ccv around sdntfrne tention on the part of th Cuban government to shoot at the FlorMian."_.x-- -,~ ;' WHirE* SATO these were the facts as they were then , Lewis With \- ' Y ., ;· .";.; -, : , · "· ·- Narcotics . . . " · · '· , ': - ·- * " NEW YORK (UPI--Three harmonica-playing detectives, me ·wearing a grass skirt, ar was given in the second of two messages which the Cas- tro'regime sent to'Washing- ton Thursday,night,by the Swiss. . . ' . · . . . . . r r . . '· ·· The first . message said Cuban planes Thursday after- note was dispatched to Havana through the Swiss. White had nothing to add to President Kennedy's warning Feb. 21. following »^simi- hr shooting incident -"oh" a US. shrimp boat. The Presi- force of his unopposed noml-Jtwcen 'on group and anotheriDemocratic Party, especially [the Floridian by two Soviet-1 f ^ nation to a second two-year today? And should there be in Southern California and is bulk MIGs 'in international t noon discovered what Cuban (jgat said he was giving r- authorities c o n s i d e r e d a'^fj to insure that "action -suspect t boat" flying the ^m ^ taken" against any two-year today: . term to a strong pitch for deliberately preferential treat-a strong force within/the minority representation uv men t to compensate for the party in California. high V _CDC office' and for^ck of past progress and for "purity" election reforms. · [injustices which have already , Carvey spoke at a Friday been suffered? by-laws session for creating two new state-level CDC offices-^-controller and organ- Queried at the press conference on whether he was advocating better-than-equil izatioa secretary. He would^eatment to atone for a substantiate the inference that'history of oppression against the offices were designed minor! ties, Carvey related his specifically to accommodate mswer to the CDC: minority candidates but said. answer to the CDC: "It's time to step out, do Brazilians Went Wild on Cuba Funds | WASHINGTON W -- Pur-, ported Cuban documents that MIGs'in fateraattaulf ^ E 20 ' miles north of r 25'miles northeast in Las Villas to i;^ dramatically in something, don't wait. In lhe!th e crls jj __^_ past we've been too passive, fa ^ e Andes show that Cuba open^oor pourjj mone y into a network of subversive training camps in Brazil. They also show that the effort apparently waj a total flop. The existence of the documents came to light when a Varig airliner crashed near Lima. Peru, last NOT. 27, kiH : ing a group of Cuban officials who were aboard. ·. . ··* Rep. \VUHara. C. Cramer, Ra^ made translations available to the Associated Press. He said be is satisfied of their authenticity but is not a liberty to disclose the source. even . with policy (to the problem here and we ex- times unpalatable, response. CARVEY said CDC doors WEST CO AST ^ t* MOON IAKCJUN PUKINS itecHe reason D E L M O N T D «· m ii juurmCE OMIT p*ors OP« ta Moot "TOM THUHI" BOMBl Ii "K11UR ItOFWO" COLO* CAITOOM r IMPERIAL \ JU E. CUM e PI HUGOS iitMnt P»K«S ·UACJUXUTAWAXDSI A - II « U. - OPEN dm* FO» "IMITM10I MltRAl" ITIWMT CtfMCEl ClMT Harry Bljck t III TI{r" l»,»-Fr»n«1« Lktvnu PARAMOUNT fir»L 1 Compl Ihf, Final KlilK 1D1I. "THE HOOK" -- AK9-- "THE H I . mnmr T*ftv frtuOnt -- Jam Fwtda *ft«100 Or ISrtSTKUT* BELMONT nl Jn»« CZIUK OPE III 3» II* IIIIOl, IIIMI II M i l l it--fin TWO FOR THE SEEJHf Uttf* M · » * M:3t D«M WHO'S GOT THE ACT10I- -- t.»-IM n« ntuti. i»»t Int. II-- -r«Ul* Til IITS -tu m«:r u IMHI fiTiit .t. lirt. I IB. iisiiit *»ci If Hum i WAIT "SON OF FLUtiER- ELVIS FKESLET "GIRLS, GIRLS. GIRLS" waters Cuba. .The ship's captain said in Miami that the MIGs fired| at least 30 machine-gun bursts^ across his bow. i There were these rapid fire developments in Washington, doscow and Havana: · Russia threatened in Its third note ia. three days to take -appropriate measures' o protect its Cuba-bound ships. The Soviets charged that Cuban exiles who attacked the Soviet freighter Jaku in a C u b a n p o r t Wednesday were "under the protection. o f ' American aa- THE M E S S A G E asked whether the ship was flying the VS.. Flag legitimately, and said a Cuban naval ves- vessel or aircraft attacking a VS. vessel or plane in the Caribbean. AT THE SAME "time, the Army announced that antiaircraft missiles moved into Florida in the October mis sel was sent to the scene to site crisis would be kept there 'clarify" the situation. A little later. State was received. It said the Cubans presumed the vessel sent to the scene had turned back. Between the first and the second Cuban messages, according to the State Department, w o r d had been re- ested rock' *n roll singer immy (Baby Face) Lewis Friday on charges he sold narcotics to musicians from Broadway to Hollywood besides making such hit records as 'Tm a Bad. Bad Boy." Lewis thought the detectives were musicians looking for a ob and let them into his twank Manhattan apartmen' because he liked their music. When they flashed their badges, he called five hunting dogs from another room am ordered them to attack while he tried to grab ' a loade shotgun from a virtual arsenal of deadly weapons in the apartment. - MglitHQ for Rocky Shut Down (Continued front Page A-l) Rockefeller can be elected President, and we feel that if se 'win become a candidate he can bring unity." The Rockefeller promoter appeared unwarned by the Fact that Rockefeller himself had shown no enthusiasm for as part of the Southeastern De- Air Defense^ The Army said partment spokesman Lincoln there was no connection be- White said, a second message tween its announcement and THE DETECTIVES confiscated $180,000 worth of narcotics, equipment for cutting the maneuver. 'If he were a candidate." said Knight, there would be no purpose for this committee." · . . · · · · HE PREDICTED that Rockefeller could beat President Kennedy in 19S4 by three million votes. The ex-governor, now 67, denied he had any vice-presidential aspirations although newsmen noted his support- the Floridian incident. . Meantime the owners of the Floridian, 'the South Atlantic Caribbean Line, Inc, with headquarters in New York, asked the President to supply airplane protection for its Caribbean operations. £ot!cj the drugs, xnd an address | read book jwith more than 100 -54; names in it. displayed a sign which and Goody in . Before the detectives left, Benny McGuire of New York, a 37-year-old drummer, arrived at Lewis' apartment carrying a bag of cocaine. monues. The state department rejected as "totally unaccept- ible"" Russia's demand that the United States pay for damages to the Baku. cefved -- and announced -of the firing near the Ftori- diari. The Cuban government, in the second message." White If this cannot be done, the owners asked the government to place antiaircraft guns on the Floridian and a sister ship, the New Yorker. Music of Grandeur Given Great · * ' - . ' *. . " f . . ' , i Direction. Cellist Relier Cheered - ' v ' ' X f : ' ·; · v . · was arraigned on of possession of nar- having deadly It 'was Knight's first political activity since he was forced by illness to drop his campaign last year for a return to the California governorship. · w e a p o n s . McGuire ' w a s By RAOIEL MORTON (depth of feeling in' an that of the Overture to Wagner's · e ]he did. He was enthusiastic--The Frying'Dutchm an." THE DOCUMENTS Cramer released say Cuban funds for subversion were spent wildly by Brazilians in charge of the training camps; they bought farms for three times what they were worth, paid local laborers five times the local going wage and their activities were no secret either to the countryside or the Brazilian police. One character, according to a report sent back to Havana, had to be expelled for converting hij camp into "a center for orgies, gambling, etc. 1 " It was'good to welcome]' bade as guest conductor of" the Los Angeles Philharmonic O r c h e s t r a Hans Schmidt-, sserstedt in the concert given Thursday night in the Phil- happJy Meet Candidates Coffee hours are schedule* so voters may meet loca school board candidates a Auditorium. He is ning. Kurt Reher, is first as the horns blasted ia the cellist of the Los Angeles angry sea, seething and surg- -,,, r. «_v..._ "-'jug. The wail of the tost sou! Philharmonic Orchestra- He conducted with the orchestra ast year. Bom ia Germany, Schmidt- Isserstedt is the conductor i the Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra "and chief conductor of the North German Ra dio .Symphony Orchestra · in Hamburg with which orchestra he has recently been sue cessfully states. He held the orchestra in tv» played the Concerto in B Mi- of the mariner and Senta's · ' ' * song .were the only brief calms in the'wonderful, 5 tur- a p p y «« .T nor for ceto and orchestra b y very f i n e performances he nerfomi- received.' * THE SOLOIST of the e ve- Schmidt-Isserstedt wielded a strong arm and a steel baton charged with possession of narcotics. Lewis had just returned from Boston benefit show to aid in fighting juvenile delinquency when the undercover team raided his apartment. Lewjs. 30, Is a musical director and muse publisher as well as an entertainer. " He directs his own band. He formerly worked as one of the Ray Charles singers. : DO.VT MISS the fine selec tion of home values offered to you in 'Homes for Sale' in the Classified Section 139. Dvorak and a nobler performance by orchestra and performer would be hard to ima- R K E U J O O D HA S'2530 *i»i i- et OPEN 11 AJ4^--CONTINOOUS 2 OF MGM's IEWEST COMEOT SUUT10IS BOTH II COIOH. . . . bulent music. in great contrast to' the tempestuous passion of Wag- After the long introduction, ner came the austere Nordic Reher drew his bow and thejmusic of Sibelius'. Symphony warm tone sang in deepestJNo. 2 in D Major, a work no emotion. The Adagio, with its less inspired than Wagner's throbbing accent of melancholy, was poignantly pressed by the cellist in r beautiful beyond words. but more controlled. There powerful c o n t r o l and his sweeping gestures were all- .- - :. . _ _ the Sam Lobell home, 7090 enfolding but never flaiaboy- Eastondale Ave, at 10 aja. ant. He is a master ^Tuesday and 7:30 Thursday.'and there was sincerity his cello; he declaims, he communes with soul-felt. intensity and he dazzles with an was solid grandeur in the music and there was grandeur ia the performance. A gigan- Reher really speaks through tic work, it. was masterfully handled by a master of the baton. TONITE 8:30 MGM WHEKE 6009 FRIEIOS HEET, EAT AID DRIRK Ei EMa UtKtitntt it Mi(ie EttMt bsufm i» Mix Wrt Rj Uftn r» 'Giirmtl Gtrmu J«rM|t BEER ON TAP fnm ii HIT Bi vuU. : MAX'S STEINER »M E. AJUHIIB, UIC 1UCR STIIII iTMi.i IB. ri 4«i UTK91I Vt 111* 1141 *.». 1 *UI II WIIITI" II I1IIH3M" T I W I I . l l l l k L I . I M . I l l - l i l t UTIIKI ta lie* n not cUi»-ini 1 lit ttlUV lcii»»«« n -«nrt«- atttlH CIOTI a i-iitl ui TI iiiiinr* ·Muiiii n uoiitt- WUUJNSTON (titi(Utii) nuni SJNT4 ITITt 1IT. -ruili -ttu mi ii ·t III Mil iinit.tnni.Ttwi n m i ·MTIITIIII «r i iini in* -TII itsiFn lumrr- . U B1IIII I*Ur» TwHtmt II H i r r "jsitr* *rnii* TII iiTr* -lil «l« I" -TII IM_I» '!I}J imui liiiivi. in «. *iai»M viirt -·nil «n» -··IT immi n HIT »n- rwiim tiimni n iiitii ritiii- -win i IT TII ICTIII- tots DAY JWMT DURANTE --^ i OPEN NOON In* OW MX CONMIt FIANCIS "FOU.OW THE BOYS" ^^ a ma Ting technical virtuosity, and The audience recalled · him 'again and again with shouts and braves. * · * · . THE PROGRAM opened with * thrilling perform a nee 'PALACE a M rwt »VI^-FHO«m KC MOT TICN1C- "OCIAM1 II~T\*mm «l Ha C*«spaty~ IN COLOR sfofring ROBERT TAYLOR A BOY PICKS A BRIDE FOR HIS DAD! M-G-M i- --- ' . *!* Courtship OF Eddie's father GLENN FORD- SHIRLEY JONES ^ PJMAV131OI .»" MtTROCOiOft 'SENSATIONAL ADULT PREVIEW TONIGHT 9 P.M. IATVS3AT CIO INOtt 1 P. M. ART j "AlAKAZAM" . Jt'iSS^i "Earth to the Moon" 5********* - »OT« M cotet - PM. HEY KIDS! Special Matinee SATURDAY-OPENS NOON i-ALL THRILLS ALL ACTION!! *·"·£ - ·' · Donald O'Connor A S bftt loff-Riot! N; "FRANCES , D : . IN THE WICK OHi 5 - NAVY" ?···*············» OPEN NOON UNITED ARTISTS 2 I T t OCEAN HH25J XL ART 1 ACAUCMY AUKO KOMmll f) "DIVORCE ITALIAN STYLE"} "TERM OF TRIAL" -tiMOiii OMMUmTr PLAYHOUSE JCT E. wmtu* MISTRESS MINE" THVIIOAT. ON STAftt OFF-BROADWAY THEATRE "SWEET BIRD OF YOUTH" 111 UUE BtlB UILI:M inn fi ruol f«tf«r»cic» To.^Jrf at IJI The Most Happy Fella loif ttctVt firaatnl TWatiical AckimBCtt tl ******* * * * A A f t * * * * * * A * A A A A A PACIFIC THEATRES I*.n.. »»* jii MATIHEES TODAY *;ilr 1 TOWHE, STATE, BIVOLI ITITI t. uni-- JL niuij . ; lent t Tun -1 win f* i4iiiw-t a T-MJI -wnmiii ««i'l H2« i«-»nit nt* r ; ·wilt iimm TI HIT JIM- PACIFIC DRIVE-IN THEATRES UUWOOO i. Miit-«. rtinn tvui, titan 1 KM U 4-IJJI US JU.TM ·*** »··»· *M'I1 irutlTI U S-7I]1 ·¥».'· lit n« linn* tots tuca Klri a , lltft Fl -" Tf I-IUS If Ithr nif. iitiiin- ««tmi niirrt- lui ni uniii U1CKI latt H I Kit ' iii»it unrr- -rum M JI4I ! uiuu n O. *42H WIIMT II lire ·in nr- ·»m*nr rf In Ii I lur IratoXtei . ·tin ir win i i:«tr* ILI ti woi inr VUKl Winir W. tl ft-Wtj M, TI TI5SI . 1* ||T« »i«1 'n««i» IrM laf tnAt*a it rjtMjv U4I KI iiniu luj liaci, Uicili, Winer NOW! jl.50 pir Carload ^ A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A A -J trirf- Tl BREADS . - . - , k r * . · - « _ ' international i Cl t-OCZAli ilVDL

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