Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 5, 1972 · Page 14
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 14

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1972
Page 14
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Arkansu, TIMES, FAVlTTIVIl.Le, A R K A N S A S Sat., Aug. 5, 1972 0*f« fnm HMONAi. IWUWM WftWd* 8rtt ffa, NATIONAL HNMrMfft twrflfif Weather Forecast A \virte swath of showers is Sxnectcir through the night from the central Great Plains stales across (he South lo the Coast. Rain is ex- pected in tli'o nordieru' Great Plains states. Cooler weather is forecast for the Northeast while (he South should he wanner. The showers will also fall In Arkansas, according to (he National Weather Service. (AP \Vircplioto) Anderson Named Running Mate iSchmilz Calls For Ameicaii- Renaissance · LOUISVILLE, Ky. (AP) -Declaring "We have not yet begun to fight," American party p'residenlial. nominee John Schmitz has called for a political crusade to create "an American renaissance." Cancer Patient's Widow Files Suit Against Chrysler SAN JOSE, Calif. (AP) -- iThe widow of a cancer patient lias sued the Chrysler Corp. for more than $1 million in dam- ·ages, broke claiming down so his new car often that it hampered his getting cobalt .radiation treatment. ', The suit was filed here Friday in Santa Clara County Superior Court by Gertrude Kalish, of Gilroy, and named as defendants: Chrysler and two local dealers who had serviced the car. ·Her complaint charged that on June 15, 1971, her husband, Herman, bought a 1971 Chrys- ler'which \vas used to drive 40 miles to the Stanford Medical Center for treatment. She alleged that the car broke'down so often that it interfered with and at times prevented proper treatment. Her husband died June 25 this year at the age of 55. -^ 'She asked $1 million in ex- 'ernplary damages, $25,000 in general damages, and $3,000 in "This country is in real trouble," the California congressman said Friday night in his acceptance speech at the party's national . convention here. "This can be changed by a great new political base such as we see being born here." Before his address, the lame duck representative from President Nixon's home district .in California dramatically made an official change of his party membership from Republican to American. , ·· ; Schmitz, a 41-year-old former Marine aviator, was defeated for renominaticn in the .California primary. .He has accused Nixon of engineering that defeat.- · In his acceptance speech, he called on his followers to "get right with God," to obey the "marching orders" of Alabama Gov. George C. Wallace and to spread the word that the Democratic and Republican parties were both sides of the same coin of "socialism and total itarianisriv" RUNNING MATE The 2,000 delegates are ex pected to end the convention to day by approving Schmitz' an n o u n c e d vice presidentia choice -- Tom Anderson o Nashville, Tenn., -editor o Farm and Ranch magazine am a syndicated columnist. -·· Anderson was the conventioi keynote speaker. Schmitz, a member of the ul traconservative John Bird Society, won the nominatta handily over four other candi dates after a telephoned pie; from Wallace that efforts b .0 Wallace ,by telephone while he delegates . listened to the amplified conversation. As a number of delegates vept openly, Wallace said. "I lope this convention will honor my request..and not draft me. 1 want to get well." He urged them to carry on he fight against the United Na- ions.- the Council on Foreign delations, the Federal Reserve "lystem .and "welfare chisiers" -- institutions add' individuals yhieh Schmitz also 'denounced n his acceptance speech. Schmitz was . born in .- Mil- vaukee and was formerly" a philosophy, history and political science instructor at Santa Ana College in California. He became a California state senator in 1964 and a congressman in 1970. He is a Roman Catholic. He and his wife -Mary have seven children. special damages. Chrysler's Northern California service manager, Pat Baker, said the lawsuit sounded "very unusual" and declined to comment on grounds he was unaware of circumstances in the case. place his name in nominatioi be halted. National Andrews Ji chairman Colema HELEN HELP US Mom Appreciates Jesus Movement By ; HELEN AND SUE DOCTBU ; Dear. Rnp: - ' 1 must confess Umt I too was 'Baffled" when'our child joined he Jesus Movement us n part of the Campus Crusade for Christ, He had uKvays been a. leader. tit School, had no real jroblems, iind it seemed to me, ic .didn't need this.: all-out kind of religion. That was brick,when ["thought most young people in lib "One Way" program were :hero to get off drugs or cure some other kind of weakness. Now that I've .met n lot of, I sec how wrong I was, In oiir pity, they're the "doers," the interested, alive, involved group. More than half Terry's fellow school officers, including the student body president, are "horn-again Christians," which means they're probably . ten times more ardent about their faith than we church-goers. They aren't,.'{religious, nuts.'' Their get-togethers are filled with jokes (clean), lots of singing and ~music, -sharing messages and prayers that are mostly based ; On rlbve. I think the greatest thing about them is that'they really care.for;ea_ch other, and that love .spills over to families and people in general. They're a very happy bunch. And it's this genuine love -r living the Jesus way -- that keeps the movement alive and growing. I couldn't really be a part of it, not. being that demonstrative, pi' Fundamentalist (I'm a questioner, so I can't be a total believer), but I no longer worry about our son"going overboard." He may not be as dedicated by this time ne\t year, but I'm beginning to hope he will be! -- Mother Inferior Dear Mother: A great many people share your feelings -- especially .in Dallas, Texas. After Explo-72 delegates had come and gone, a Dallas Times-Herald .editorialist wrote: ' ' \ "They're gone now, all those thousands of. youths who, for a few days in June, got to be as much a part of Dallas as the azaleas in Lee Park... "On'one thing nearly all of us agreed: The Explo-ites were as friendly, well behaved and generally as engaging: a collection of young people as this, or any other, American city is likely to see. ; · i · · Not :only did they make life easy for law enforcement authorities -- they showed a higher regard for Dallas' ecology than most Dallasites normally display.. When the 180,000 (I ': think of ; it; 180,000!) spectators vacated Woodall R o'd g e r s parkway '. after their Saturday music festival, they left behind only scattered bits and pieces of trash. ··- "It will be interesting now. to see what comes of Explo. :The oung people, though' dispersed, nn lo go right on witnessing ir their fivilH.' Whether they in for long do so .outside lhe ·ganlzcd churches remains lo e seen. Olio hopes llicy will c with the churches their arli6ular brand pt zeal and onviction for' It's through Ihe hurchdsr Ihaf most .of God's ork.-gcts done.. :, '.' ' · v "Skeptics may doubt .that Ihe res of religious enthusiasm will urn long in the hearts ot the ixplo delegates -- at least al ich n high temperature: "But skeptics hnve been 'rang before. And, in any case, lore is no doubting |he cliffer- ice that .Christ already has. liide in the hearts of these oung people. "As one of them, an px-radi al, told a Times Herald re orler, 'The Dude who won me to Christ) is the police clue i GuimisoivColo, I'had all the ndical thoughts -? hale, hate ate -- about him. I met hi slighter and she turned me on or Jesus. She witnessed to me nd so did lie. I really love im, really love him now.' "It's such love that m a y , y e eep the world going round.' Reprint from Dallas Times Herald) -- Helen anti Sue .Girls who make it" On'i NOW AT THE MALL DELTA . . - - . . CHILDREN'S PETTING ZOO i of the Most Sensational Children's Shows Ever Seen in Northwest Arkansas. More than 60 Exotic Animals. Al! Gentle, Can be Petted, Fed and Played With. ADMISSION ONLY 25c Northwest Arkansas Plaza Hy 71 N., Fayetteyille FLOOR FASHIONS By GORDON HOUSTON WE ABB LISTING HERB Ihts week a tew lips on the care of carpet . , . · Carpet pile crushed under Zurnt- lure, can be revived by holding a slcam Iron on lhe spots w I t h o u t pressing down . . . brush the denied spoli gently. 0 Dulled carpels can be brigMtned by (1) home'Clcan- ing with either a commercially made dry a b s o r b e n t powder cleaner (sprinkle H on . . . vacuum out), or (2j wet rnelhod (a . _ wcafc soltillon of neutral deferment, not soap, 2 hwp- !ng tablespoons f a gallon or water). Sponge on sparingly, dry. quickly with fan or air stream from vacuum cleaner. · All new carols will shed. Simply vacuum Sway lhe f l u f f (loose pile that works lo the surface) until H stops. BprouUng occurs when a lull rises above the carpet surface. Don't pull , Simply snip H oH w i t h other ·lulls. For other jood tlp.i on jour carpels . . slop by our showrooms . , . l{ you are in need of CARPETS stop by or give us a call anytime. CARPET WAREHOUSE FURNITURE Kt Wot ISth « Ph. 5!!.5f34 COME BACK AGAIN FOR Colonel Sanders* GREAT CHICKEN OUTING SPECIAL FEEDS A CROWD OF SIX Colonel .Sanders', Great Chicken Outing special. A spread.that feeds six hungry people for than $1.00 each. Here's what you get · 15 pieces of finger lickin' good chicken · 2 pints of salad of your choice · 6 hot, fresh rolls · 6 fried pies · 2 Quarts Pepsi-Cola No substilutlons. Offer good Ihru 8-13-72. Everyone Loves What The Colonel Cooks Tte finger lickin'good·, 514 N. College 2768 N. College (Got a problem! Or n sub ect for 'discussion, two-genera on style? Direct your'questions o either Sue or Helen Botte! -- r both, in care of Northwes rkansas TIMES. ' ' The TIMES is The Best Buy For, Your Advertising Dollarl For Jane Fonda WASHINGTON- '(AP) 1 -- Tho louse Intornnl Security Com- nlltoc 1ms ln'cn uskcd lo sub- lounfi Heiress Jiuic Kondu I'oi luoslioning on her recent Irlp .d lltuiol, She says she's cagei lo lulk to Congress. The subpoena refiuest was liindo by committee membci ilep. Fletcher Thompson, H-Gn He said F r i d a y ' lhe panel's- probe of "allcmpts lo subvcr tho military would not he com ileto without thoroughly vestigating Miss Fonda's propa ganda broadcasts directed (· American service personnel ii Southeast Asia." . In n statement-Issued.'in J.o Angeles, Miss Fonda' said, "1 Congress wants my views o the war and lhe details of mj trip, I am eager to share wlm Nine-Year-Old Has Date With Raquel C l I K H U Y HIM-, N..I. (AP) i dull! with Un|U»l WoiTM -won ooy Hnmlln's jirlxe when lit conti'llnuud $200 to n- (loud ro let lelolhoii lusl mimlhi So Jncy timl Kuquol liiu ,unch loKcllioi' In n Now York I'cstiuirnnl- this. week, ehtip Droned ly the O-yew-oliI lioy' tumlly. "1 WHS going to Utd on n pal of sknlcs," t h e Cherry III hiltle Leaguer suUl, "hut whc they said I could gel u tint with Ranuel Welch, I clgangcc my mind." He said ho raised Iho' $200 by saving his allowance and gifts. ' Lawsuit Filed , · · Nucur Corp. o( Cl i 1 a pi'] n ml,', 'ex,, filed null hi WiiBliliiKton Clmncory Cmirl Fi'ldav lo ro- rlovo $16,7611.115 Iron) IwS, Inu,, iiiRitodly duo for mnlorlnfa used In conaU'iiclion menls, Also listed In Hie suit \vcro Wal-Mart Pvopcrllcs, Ine,, and Waltoii Enleipt'isQs, Inc., t h o properly owuui'S who contracted IWS, nml Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Grcenway, whom the plalnnffs. said iiiiglit claim some Interest as mortgages. The nlalntlffs ask tlial Uieli* I have loomed." , A Justice Department spokes- mun said the department is reviewing statements Miss Foiula made in North Vietnam to see if she violated any federal laws. ' · · ' · . , Hen on the eight acres involved in the project be declared para-, m o u n t . t o lljnsc of the o Hi a r parties involved. ' · · · · ' I PERSIAN ANTIQUES (all authentic) 807 2nd SK N.W. Bentonville, Ark. itOTXnWWWI Redeem This Coupon at the Fayettevill» or Springdols PIZZA HUT WITH THE PURCHASE OF A N Y . LAUGE PI2ZA Coupon Good Thru August 3rd Limit One Per Pizza Not Good On Friday or Saturday or Delivery FAYETTEVILLE 2325 N. College Phone 521-2992 Explore Fayetteville's Original Cellar SPRINGDAU Hwy 68 West . (across from Dillon's) Phone 751-8400 Serving Northwesl Arkansas' Finest Pizzas WE WELCOME FOOD STAMP SHOPPERS SUNDAY SPECIALS! NEW 1GA ON 62 WEST NOW OPEN! 405 North College ; ·Evelyn Hills iouthgate . ·Westgote We Reserve The Right To Limit .. We Give SH Green Stamps ·INFU^ATION FIGHTER 1 INFLATION FIGHTER Kraft Flavors MIRACLE WHIP Quart Good Value FRENCH FRIES 9-Oz. Pkg. 10 Rainbow PEACHES l-Lb., 13-Oz. Can 29 INFLATION FIGHTER Good Value SUGAR 5-Lb. Bag 57 Peer CAN POP 10 12-Or. Cans INFLATION FIGHTER -. Purex BLEACH !/2 Gal. Frozen LEMONADE 2 Van Camp PORK BEANS 6-Qz. Cans l-Lb. Can 17 TV Frozen ORANGE JUICE 6-Oz. Can 18 LI). Can 19-Oz. Box H Or.. Each 18-Ois. Uox 75c OVER 6,000 EVERYDAY LOW PRICES AT !GA Crisco !' ' ' '' SHORTENING _ _ _ _ _ IGA Layer CAKE MIX Morion CREAM PIES - _ _ _ . Corn Flakes POST TOASTIES __. Detergent LIQUID JOY Gootl Value CATSUP 3 Folucrs COFFEE Carnation Instant BREAKFAST IGA Laundry DETERGENT _ _ _ _ _ _ IGA TOMATO JUICE __. Del Monfc GREEN PEAS Z';o I.nwFnt FRESH MILK _ _ _ _ . . _ INFLATION FIGHTER U.S.D.A. GRADE "A" FRESH FRYERS Value Priced Whole Lb. BnttlD EO-Oz. Dollies Can G-Plt. Box rannt Box ·ifi-Oz. Can i ·!-(. Can 38c 57c $100 Half G i i l l n n 35c 24c 55c Del Monte PEACHES _ Del Monte Fruit COCKTAIL D u n c a n Hlncs CAKE MIX. Del Monte CATSUP ,, 13-Oz. Can Armriiirs VIENNAS- IGA--All Flavors FRUIT DRINK IGA Crlsn 'n finml SNACK CRACKERS _ _ _ Chnrmln Hiilhroom TISSUE Can , 19-0*. nox 1 !·(/. I'olllc 5-Oz, Can ·Ili-Oz. Can Il-On. Ilnx ·t-Uoll 33c 28c 42c 25c 28c 29c 29c 42c U.S. No. 1 Russet POTATOES 5-lb. Bag 49

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