Independent from Long Beach, California on January 31, 1960 · Page 36
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 36

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Sunday, January 31, 1960
Page 36
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D-I-INDEPENDENT.PRESS-TEIEGRAM Lone BMth, Calll-f Sundtv, January 31. I'M Ittftintis Opp. 124 fexceptlontl butinm opportunlllti. COFFEE SHOP-Malor Garden Grov« ihopplng clr. Doing J100 Mr day on 10-7, 5W day operation. Low price, (ow dn . low rent. Terrific dial. COFFEE SHOP-The t*sl and safest- oppor. we hove had to oiler In a long lime. Audii on present operation will jhow ao- prox. $1500 net p«r mo. Xini. L.B. loc. Termi, New lease available. WATCH REPAIR-- Man averages 3 wks. behind on work, B'.iv vour cnolce ol Invent, el 25% under cojt. All furniture, cases, equip,, satt. etc.« for (ret. Illness Is reason (or sale. What a deal for it repair man, VARIETY-- Nets ftDDrox. 12m. Owner has made hlj. 10 vr. operation on mnlor street. Will adlusl Invent, to suit buyer. MFG. LITE-- A bus'neis Ihnl Is operating at about 25% efficiency net. This should g'o national w/un- llmtled Income potential. We will present all otters. TV, RADIO, ETC.-- Sales «. service. W50Q price Incl. 3 trucks, Sams, all lest equip, for BW color TV. Carpeted store, plus . . . hoar this! 3 contracts tor service lotallno 12QB per mo. at practically no cost. Present owner not a lechnlclnn. Nets approx. $700 per mo. Technical buyer could easily double this. LUTAT RF.ALTY 9091 GARDEN GROVE BLVD. G.G. JE 4-5270 Balboa Isle OR 5-0372. YEAR-ROUND 70 ss at resort cafe. Comolcic modern kitchen, 5(Kar off street park- Inn, owner's quarters R ouesl cot- l^," Rosin to- mo!*"' UP '·· "M fishlno. 20 m!n. to downtown Santa Ano. 117,000 handles. COUNTRY STORE State hlrihivav to idv'wMd. peer A wine, meat groceries, 2 DOS pumos, 7 rental units. A money maker for 2. F.P. 545.000 4- in- vcntary. 29% dn. Will consider trade, FAMILY GROCERY Successful, long-established. Ideal lor couple. $5000 handles Including Invent. Call JACK SANFORD With BLUE BANNER REALTY 646 No. Tustln Ornngc FRANCHISE Available in San Dlcoo. Miami en-l many l^rno cities. Onerotf n CLARA LANK FRIENDSHIP CENT! R, N.-ii'nnally known o-- g.inlifltion. n^lnbihhrd over 70 venri. Unlmn o'l-cc busintv,*, Wf'l Irs-: 1 ! v^ 1 -' O-vrrnlrrt on n FRANCHISE BASIS. Sult.inMal crrh rc-n'rc't WRITE r.l.APA LANE FRIENDSHIP CENTER. Hi W., Suite 310, LONG BEACH. HE 57515 GA 3-2355 GOING CAFE Excellent, clean condlflon. Located on Santa Fe, L. 8. Counter booth scaling. Oolnp 550 plus oer dav. Unlimited pofentinl, Low S100 mo. rent. Full price S3SDQ- terms or will take trade. What have you? HUMPHRIES REALTY REALTOR TO 7-3707 OUR 27TH YEAR OF SERVICE 9631 Alondra Blvd., Bellflowcr __ ClQUORTstorc"," Harbor arc.i. Estn'h" over 22 yrs. Corner. $175,000 vol, List yciir, Loe. itotk of accommo- dition procerlcv All marked nn from 25% to -10%. TerrHIc fl*t. 135,000 + inv. Terms. Books open. HARRY COY/AN 301 TIMES HLDG. HH A652.1 ML 5 IGhV T O f, 7SM GARDEN N U R S f R Y " " This garden shop, cxrellrnlly \n- r.ilcrt, do'm a orcss s.ilcs ol an nrnv. $78,000-- profitable, mnlurn business, ollcrrd to buyer inlpr- rsted In g.irden supplies. Terms, fall no*. Eves. GC 4 8567, DRUG STORE pon'l miss this excellent onnor- funltv. Finest location with oood prcscrlntion value. Aoprox. monthly oross 512,500. Priced right to srll Mil with xlnt tormi. Cnll now. Eves. GC 4-6567. McGRATH-SHANK CO. GE 9-2121 WE NEED LISTINGS We nre swnmncd with buyers-now Is ttio time to sell ynur Boat Marino Sunn! es 3 to choose from. 5S,OQO dn. m men. + mdie. Fnivi'ous pro; 1 , srtiei Don't walll Call. AH Inch CRAYNF. £079 Atlnntlc GA 3 PHI B. ·: SHOP -- NrJ. LA. ...v.U-r... CENTER Schwmn franchises, etc. C'enrs onnrox. $10,000 yr. Oper- jilOd 10 yrs. 5.11,500 incl. SBOOQ stk. Or will trade tor trailer court roAYNF. «P9 Atlantic. C.A 30911 " I-OUNIAIN GKiLL SUNDRIES 1st lime on market In 7 years. Lneked-oul competition. Gross 15,000 mo. This Is a sure thing! U cnn't miss hercl 57,000 + slk. HAMILTON'S 5430 ATLANTIC GA 9-1747 BOOKS OPtzNl Nothina conceded. thnnr 'tfirr Dirt t77 1i« ^"i In 19S) C!o*e 10 p.m., 11 n.m. Krl. S, Snt. Best EnM Side loc. $15,50D -*· stk. Rent J90. Move o-- stay! We rnn finance a ooodlv portion. CRAYNE, 6079 Atlantic. GA 3-0911 SUNDRIES STORE $16,000 GROSS Eaststdc. Ask M03 I nidso. ciJAvrii:. Mi'. 1 Ai:.viic GA :.-n?i CtirVcTAILS-tn BclmO!H"ihofe. D-d 517,000 Dec. '59. Pellcvc we r,m handle this nrofllnhle ooing vcn lure for si 0.000. Needs a oood CRAYNFH."6G?9 Atlantic. GA 3091 ·*· COCKTAllS ;: ; Name spot. Gross M.OOO mo.-- all har. 1st llmr offered. Drlno vour $ c n°v^*w KM GROCERIES B. W. $18,000 MO. Renl «25. Ask SJ950 + slfc. CRAYNE. 602? Atlantic GA 30911 BEER-- 35 KEGS MO. Machines clear S200 mo. Ron! 590. INO. 1957 PACIFIC, SAN PEDRO. £6950. S2COO may handle. CRAYNE, 6029 Atlantic GA 3-0911 """"·.-'TAXI -'-" Cab business. Nets SHOO mo. South Coast area franchise. Try 510,000 dn. 30 L. B. Blvd. LARRY HE 6-97:U Sii'.i'Ci^OLY N:-AR NLW BEAUTY SHOP. Shcppmo cenler. Rnnrn tor E coernjors. S7950. '.'i down, \vorth twice the price, non- cM'vl Cravnc GA 3 OT11; Owner GE 8-8240 BEER-- $3000 MO. 4- ninballs A nlenlv of side moncv. Inq. 6693 Atlantic. S. Gate. Ask S79M. S1500 ir.av swing II! CRAYNE, 6029 Atlantic GA 30911 ··'·: COCKTAILS ./V Oranoc Co. Gross S10.000 mo. Real live t^moino business. SIO,- ^JlO L.R. nivd. IARRY HE A-9734 Car Wash -- Shop Cenfor $3500 on wasti A clears S300 n^o. on o«. S^i'rr s.ivs iulmut .il- mont flnythlnn tooirnl. CRAYNE. 6029 AN.mln. GA 30?1) "" '"-·; "BEfR'BAR" ' : ""~ Gross S1000 Tin. Plenty Oiimc ar- l.on Trv/ s?;r,0 dn Owner -;.rk .in (. B. nivfi LA»nv HT f,-m* CAUHDERET"--'"nrosr; f .w. $17,000 F.P. " SS.OOO down. HAV.lLTOH'5 W?0 ATLANTIC C,A ?.\W BEER -- $300 MO. Inn. 1057 E. Wardlow Rd. Rent */7.5o mo. S2750 niav swlno it) CRAYNE 6029 Atlantic GA 3-0911 f? BEER BAR £ Orange Co, Over 12000 mo. + games, Trv $3500 dn to qual buvr 30 L.B. Blvd. LARRY HE 4-971 * RIGHT FOR THE FIFfYTstTF Sc-lOc-- 25c Store. «lde. $950 dn. + stock. CRAYNB. 60M Atl«nllc. GA 3-091 lire fcxchg, -- NHI 523,000 Lol 170x597. ,R«nt $175. $12,500 Incl.' stk. equipment. CRAYNE, A039 Atlantic GA 3-09 fifiteR TAVERN~)Cint. P. Sirte loc Rent $100 mo. $6950 F.P. Terms HAMILTON'S . H:1 ?_ ATl - ANTIC . ,_ GA ? -' 5 ' BAD-- Your own little bus., in A- cl«e-h E. Sirip Inc. Serv. itn Mir) cq,i 0. Lh!d. o'os^ 17VW tin.OQ.Tnn. Tms. AAorrill, GA 4-7ti DoOOR STORE with Deiicatcwn Good twines*. Books to show X'nt. R'xhy tfnolM lor.iMon. GA 2-?062 RAY A K f R S GA 3-4W {mess SHOP-- Finest shooft'io «« tpr. In Tflrrnnc^, Bin/'StocV, tic prox. $7000, t«Ke ever bai. CRAYNE, MM Atlant.c. GA 3 W Small, clew ' lew ft'verheac *-J, 6A 4.)M1, CE M144. lut Inets Off. 1 26 Like to Ee In Business for Yourself? With a Minimum Annual Potential of $15,7957 Then rut yourself in on Iht mulll- mlllion. dollar baby boom with n NATIONALLY ADVER U S E D product that's a MUST with all new parent). You will own an exclusive 'run- chlie dealership with A highly respected nnd trujtworlhy or- oanliotlon. You win cnlov lull company training and merchandising support that will develop eaiv and re^dv snles. AH advertising nnd "prc-scH" detailed work handled by our office. population. An area of 500.000 being worked by a 5-man jalei force could easily earn you a minimum $15,795 Income on an Investment of S3121 Investment secured by inventory. If you arc genuinely Interested in entering business tor yourself, write for personal Interview, Box A-!0«, Ind.-P, T. ILLNESS FORCES SALE 5c lOc store. 70 yrs. In same dntn. loc. Ann gross HO, 000. For quick sale-- only $17,500. Terms. 30-rm. hotel. Dntn. Only J7,500. Lunch stand, fountain. Beer wine He. Eait lor. Terms. General Fix-It shop. New 8. uved lawnmoy/crs Or. $20,003. Price $2.000. Terms. Bkr. HE 5 $311, ME 3-3251, HA 1-5072 FAMILY rostflurnnt In " Uownev's best location, Scats 310 people. Fully equipped with lines! equip, procurable. Compl. nlr condition. Counter booth service ·(- IDC. din. rm. banqucl room. 1P5V recelpls over VA million dollars shiiwlng steady Increase. Can be boupht on very E-Z terms. Shown by appt. only. JIM HARTLEY. NE 1-3B91 HAVE YOU BEEN TAKEN TO THE CLEANERS LATELY? Let us lake vou to this neighborhood cleaning pressing sfion wltd living space In roar show vou what 59-70 will buy. Call SltultS GA 4 0170; HE 70541 STuL : LE MOSS CO. MPTAL BUNDS Sacrifice. Owners must sell rrln 5*1^ f- flsscmtily ol mrlnl verl : cat ti'uiris-- exclusive in Long flrof,. Call nnw fnr tuts cxi-c.lrnt onporlun'tv to qol In on this inst prowino busmen!,. f;ucs. 0( i ,"5^/ M'.GRATH SHANK CO. GC 92121 ·; COCKTAfLS ··- Gross SI 7.000 mo. Downtown. Owner hflS "too many Irons in fire." Loc. parklno lot. Corner locallon where "the elite meet." Trv 510,000 dn. 30 L. B. Diva. LARRY, HE 6-W;4 GROCERY STORE-- in Orange Co. Books show W4,OOQ for '59. Drlve- In corner location. No competition. $50.000 + inventory. Terms. Cal Bill Moffett, GE 1-3989. GALLEGOS REALTY CO. 2211 5. Main, Santa Ana Kl 5-5507 HAMB.-BREAKFASTS-CHILI fr $90,000 Yr. -f 1 100 mo. on jukebox 118,500. $10,000 down. CRAYNE 602? Atlantic CA 30911 "BIXUY KNOLLS!" Dfinul limp ft sott Ice Cif.irs S.'O] mo. Clo'.c 7:.*0-ni S'lii. Owner w II Ic-i- It You Hi.-, s Jirjlc husmcrii. S. n 000 dn. Tn';c TD'n, re,'' f-t.-fr, r!r. Cr,v,tip C A 10711 Ov/ner GA 4 tiW "TOWN'TAVERN-CKTLS; Nr. Knolls Berry Pnrin f. ready tn npcn nnv flny. Probnbly rfn t;DOO 1st mo. Rent $250. $32,500, Vj rlown, CRAYtJE 6029 Atlnntlc GA 30911 WANT A BUSINESS That wilt nel you S35.000 to W).000 per year? Established 35 vr). Cflll us. 535,000 will handle. GA 3 6-1.19. Realtor. HE A ·»?_?. Gl'uCliRY store-- Bcc'r wine -f" 2-hr. apt. 4- post otllce. Good Ic.ise, Post office pnys $75 mo. rent Owner pays S?5. Gross «»· prox. H0,000 vr. $^300 -t- stk. Irlgg RHy., GA 2-1328; HE 5-755? C A S H O M A T I C 1 «iini|rnttn A rlrnninq nfifnrv Anorox. sia.COO vr. Close i:30 ft Sun. Best nil mound flrcn Ank $17,000. Submit your proposition. CRAYHE. ft079 Atlnrillc. GA 3-0711 IK1.V tn IMV vour wny 'o v^callh tlirotioli Gnmnin Rddlatlnn Surveyed Oil A GM Lea^ei. ll'i Frrr for Hie n'jXIno. Write to Gamin* Rnditii'on fiurvev^. Inc., P.O. Dox 1716/. Ft. Worth, Tcxn«.. A r .nCIATIiS-- Hnvc ln--omc l«» of- dec equipped ready in L.B. A Ornnge Co. Heed asioc. to wrllc rclurns. L^.n. prcf. No invest. Write Tnx D:v., 3540 E. -Hh, L.B. or GA 7-8113. SPORTING GOODS STORE Handles romplelc line of 1st da'.s mtlsc. J3COO gross, Incl. $10.000 stk. In sellinn prlcr, 514,500. CRAYNE, 6029 Atlantic GA 30911 GROCERY, nient, B. A W. nels 51.000 per mo. 590 rent. Clcnn. A decent cash otter will buy It. 5519 Chcrrv Ave. 8 to 6 dflllv-- GIFT SHOP. 9 11X1 MO W« PROFIT. TOP-NOTCH VENTURE N HUNTINGTON BEACH. $5,000 DN. INC. $8.000 IN STK. CRAYNO 6029 Atlantic GA 3-0911 Liquor Slorc-- $6200 Mo. Rent SBO. $17.000 (in. Incl. $5000 M*. \\'n tln-ir-ce bdlnncc. CRAYNP, fOW AllFintlr GA 30" 11 C'XCLI'MVP t'Al n"vr-RDES"EfiT'. Btilrhrr shop. ^^.lOfl mn. Plvtui'e \vi r ,e it's dr'V,ticflliy undcr- Pfkel at ^r903 ' j t'own. Crnvnc GA 3-0911: Ovn. tll r 5-7/nS on names fl. nmslr. Clo;e fl p.m. $-1950 F.P. $3?5n dn. or submit. HAMILTON'S 5-130 ATLANTIC GA 2-l?47 CKTLS. S5"666~nN. S"M.WO""4' STK. \Vc tin. bal. Ino. 10SOR S. Broad- WAV. L.A. Its Hcnance will make your eyes "BUG-OUT." Cmvno 603? Atlantic GA 3-0711 Have buyers -No sMe -- no charge. HAMILTON'S 5430 ATLANTIC GA 2-1747 TO SELL YOUR BUSINESS Call Mark Sliutts GA 4-0170 HE 7-0541 STEELE MOSS CO. SPHRTS Specialty Shop, new branch Moncv bock Guaranteed. Money maker, $?500 rc.iuircd. Write: RcitovAll, 4.133 E. 10th St. BOAT Mfo. Co.. cs'ab. Tooled tor 2^ ft (tux. slooos. Built 24 l^\ yr. 10ft M'rp Mar, Lonn Hear*i 3. Tf- 5-S'fll Eves. GE 4-P.127 r;P-rrn^'_n p. V .' \-c. 5175 dnv. Rent S50 mo. $1503 dn. + stk. HAMILTON'S 5430 ATLANTIC GA ? 17J7 CA^F-- S7150 F.P. Gofd living on easy hours. Attached turn. apt. 6-194 L.n. Blvd. 0. Henry, GA 2-7312 MARKET doing S12?000. Will sell stock, fixtures K, prooerty, 58500 dn. Brady, Forest 6-2381, Joshua Tree, Cnllf. PET SHOP~ShopDing center S5000 -- tk. Trigg Rltv., Hi£ 5-7S57; GA 2-4328 Rcauty Salon. In excellent WMI- lier loc. $2500 FP. LAw 1-1203. Cl EANING SHOP, manev-nirtkcr. Gd. lease. Seal Beach, 118 Main. lift Maln._ __ 1 GA1 ^l-it^nrt tor lease, dolnrj annrrnt. ,11.000 ml. per mo. Excellent lor.fl- tion. FR 6-31W flflor 7 p.m. NUGHRORHOnD "" rrrorcrv"" Ant ir(fl. Fixtures. 52995 4- stock. P?l 1 Lime. 1 TFXAfO';nn"fnr tp-W'SciJiTl i m'-cnlfirv. /'/02 Iflkffv/oori Bivri. i GC 39010. CAFE ON THE PIKE FOR SALF. Name vour own terms. I onn lease. GA 7-3WB HE 2-9553 CAFE-- L. B. Blvd. Est. 30 VrS Bikes X, mowers, gd. loc. $3500 + MFTRO REALTY Co. G A 7-0919 LAUNDROMAT V/ell loc. 24 mach., (, dryers. Con oper. Bkr. HE 7-2533; HE 7-578J. CAFE-- Scats 29. Rent S6S "ncl. qas, water. HB$ belter not. F.P. «WO. Trlog Rltv., GA 2 4328! HE 5-7557 can retire here soon. A-J GA 6-2501; GE 841M 5JOO BUYS- furnished Real Estnte- insurnnrc office. Ground fir. Pent _onlv S35. HE 6-801? or HH 7-1098. LIQUOR" license" On Sale 'Cocktail Bar. $5300. Clean. NE 1-7781 FOR sale or Irintv-Swednh M*_ saoe with stennv ba'h',. MR 5-1P57 CHEVRON station 'for lpap. "Grand R Manchester. Bucna Park. ; MARKET for iJil hv ov/rer.' PAW .- _llcen«. !7.500 plus. HE 3 ??i? , PART TIME bus. oppor. No~scllmo _$WO. CALL UNderhUI 59703 P.M TOY A HOBnV'STORE" "~~ M.rjOO down. GA 44^15; GA 4-fm 2 LIQUOR; STORET-Gr. $13,500 mo . BOOK «, Stationery Store, Betmiin Shore. Pfirfecf ^or lady. GE 8-380 ] MASTER IMW, service nation . FOfc SALE -- Independent strvic Jtation. HE s-«r BusfntisOpp. 126 3600 BUSINESS SALES BARGAIN SECTION DRIVE-IN -- BurMfS, tacoi, Orsiiot Co. Mu.OM orosi '59. $,8500 F.P. MOW dn. Park 50 cart. BEER FOOD -- Lung Beach. Automobile row, $3500 F. P. ilWO dn. BLLR -- Orinoe Co. 601 kess Lucky '59, CocktsM ivlup. WINE, BEER ft DANCE. R« prop«rly avail. + 3 rentals. $2500 dn. Owner sick. LIQUOR STORE -- $u.soo P.P. S150 mo, rent. $5500 nx. cross. Financing available. COCKTAILS -- Orange Co. No food. No entertainment. $20.000 F.P. Incl all machines lukc box LIRUOR STORE -- Aver. $10,700 mo. '59. This is a beaut yl BEHR -- EnM L.A. V/ns dolnn no- prox. i2r.oo mo. Now closed. Submll 1900 dn. BEER-Coait area, $5000 F.P. 30 kcos mo. Deluxe equlpmt. hangout. $3000 mo. gross. 5V? da. Partners wltl Accept $2000 dn. LIQUOR STORE-- L.B. KTOO mo. oross. New bids. New fix). S13,(XXJ dn. Incl. all sto;V, In store. Owner carry bal. 575 mo. BEER-- Orange Co. Help oocratcd a yrs. Samo owner. 4E900 F.P. BEAUTY SHOP-- L.B. Nice llv. qrlrs. $2000 F.P. COMPLETE CLEANING PLANT. Fast growing r.ree. 56000 F.P. Small dn. LANDMARK OF ORANGE CO. Now ofJcrcd for sale after H vrs. samt owner. This bcdulllul bar must he seen to ue nporec'nted. F.P. S27.5CO. Piirt dn. Lono loaic. Retrlg. a.'r cond. Lois ot sonllno. loJs of parking. His nro;?od UP to 512.000 mo. This won't tost lono-- cflfl now! 3600 BUSINESS SALES 3600 L. B. Blvd. GA 6-1371 COME TO ORANGE CO. clr. Fancy foods, catering, BW license. Could put Hguor license here. 517,000 dn. SAND GRAVEL business-- 50% net on 55000 nvernac rno. gross. Estab. firm. $17,000 F.P. Lutnt Rlty. 909) G.G. Blvd. JE 4-5290 Eves. TV/ 3-1003 YOURS FOR 53000 Death of husband forces sale of this est.ib. Moncvnmking grocery Slorc. Brand new fixture',, ooctJ lornhon dntn. L.B. Unlimited POi- s'bHittcs for exp. opcrnMr. w'! tench Incip. B/ owner TE 4-1732, _ Sunday LE 9-16/0. FOO"f"~"tVnMic."~ bowiiimvn" A r llvc C.Hc. 'CO. OnlvJ?6SO. Siihmll trm*. Gfinnon GA 3 E1J6; ME J 4/53 Real Estate Wanted 128 13 separate An olHce m ench district ot L B Garden GfOvo. ^a too. can ncip vou. REX L. HODGES CO. Call your neighborhood cttlcel WANT 4 TO 6 UNITS FLINT PETERS' HE B 6-7278 443 E. Broadway TRADE for Income proncrtv or flcru.iBo, L. B. or vlclnity-3 1 /)- c^riil uuallly dlnmond ft 60-d:n- tnontl plfillnuni wrlstwatch. Wrllc Box 7193, Long Doach 7,!f. REAL ESTAfE WANTED We qyamntcp sale ot ycur homr Frc.-. (",l.rnn! RtX I. HODGCS CO HA 5-110.' W A N T TO BUY Will n.iv c-iih for your enuily. K Vis. ifimc locAhon. Humphries Really 10 7-770; 1-1? to 20 Units. 7-BU5I. property -f 2 to 4 L-nils. 3-R-4 lolf. MOORE HF 5-119A; HE 7--I55A. WANT from owner, 2-bcdroom tiom« U : .m\ (mm Oionon Icwnrd ticl- mont Heights.) Will pay cash. GE 9-9315. TO SELL OR TRADE ITl JONES 273 E. Market GA 3-3798 CASH tor vour equity in 2, 3 or 4 Ijcdroom domes In Lnkcwood-Boll- flower nrea. Realtor 10 A 7036. FOR HOME OR INCOME WfMer. 4?3 b. Ocean H! 5-4?fP 3 DIFFERENT "tamllies ready " to buv 1 or 3'BH. Any good loc. Call Immcd. Alexander GA 6-3303 FOR SWIFT ACTION CALL MAX LIVONI, Rltr. HE 69701 CASH OUT -- NO WAITING or we will sell It (or you. HOKWOOD REALTY GA V-3-i3-1 T6 TO 20 (GOOD! UNITS. Vj CASH. HAVE QUALIFIED UUYER Martin, Rllr. HE 2-2514; HE 7-5622 WISH~to buy n"r"Tr.«e"B~lVd. prop" crly L.B, or vie. SmlaU'e toi 2nd hflnri bus. HIT 6-5039, GA 6-2621. HAVE ALL CASH for Inroe 2 or 3-br. N.I .B. or Vicinity. "MflC". GA 3-5442. WANfrriedlum priced hoine. HAVE CASH OUT OUYHR. JONES 773 E. Market, GA 3 -379R HAVE buyer with 52500 J Jnd T.D. as dn, on anil. home. Bkr. HE 1 HAVE hliVf-r with $1.900 r,i«,h Wants Lkwd or Los Allos home _ REX L. HODGES CO. GE 1-1371 FROM owner, model 'H,' 1 nkewooc Mutual homo. ME 3 0409. QUICK cash tor clean duolr*. NEED 3-BR. nr Doutilas. Cash to owner. BKr. HA 5-6416. NEED ~hnme~in N L B. n'ren. Call Mr. Sund^troin. NR 5-7111 ALL Ctish at once for tiny prop , nny loc. Walker. HE 7-7461. Lkwd. area. Mr. Roic. GE 6-1131 WE BUY-- VA "AMI I OTS' ~ Any flrc.i. WA 5-2911. Bellflowcr. "LISTINGS 'NEEDED NOW WOFFORD HA 5-1261 PRICED RIGHT I'LL BUY Palntmo Conlractor, HA 5-7609 LISTINGS WANTED MASKREY GA 74614; TE 3-3972 3-BDR. house with porch. Rcas. GA 7-5574, Mon. after 2 p.m. 510,000 CASH dn. tor Inc. prop. HAVE cash buyer for 2 or 3-BR. homo, Bel. Hots. GE 3-8911, Bkr. Real Estate Exchange 129 FO H'FCL 6'su R E~N EA R^s5M'~DNTor trade vour house, lot, car, trailer, T.D. or ? on 4 ricn In Norwa k. GA 2-0316 CREST RLTY. GA 3-6351 SPACiOUS belter ihd'n new" "l-br. O.Y.O. Will trade for 2-hr. den homo. Any good tocalion. GE 4-B92B REALTOR 3118 E. 4lh TRADE 1933 OR'ANGE AVE. I"BR! house, 50*135-ft. C-3 lol, ollev, $R,500. for cnulty In duolnx. GE 3-8911 REALTOR GE 68454 24 NEW U. Swim, pool, w-w. Beautifully furn. In modern, Close to shops A school. Trade up or dn. EVELAND HE 6-7426; HE 2-5173 WANTS 20 or" More "Units! WANTS R-4 on Triplex. WANTS 2-Bdrm. or 3-Bdrm. REX L. HODGES CO. GE 1-4207 CL05C IN. B furn. u. +· 3-BR. _S|ormv__Keots 1242 Pine IMMAC. new 12 unit apt, house. Choice nelohhorhood. Will trade for smaller inc. or oood T.D. STOLP REALTY CA 4-J712 SJfi.OOfl" EQUITY 'in 14 unitC'lnr 51050 mo. for R 4 lot or L.B. l.ind In build units. HE 6-.W8. WM6~"EaiilTY "2"br."~homr,~TrL;'n.', McKtNNtY. R E A L T O R . NE 1-7W7 PAiM'SPPJNGS MO"V! : L Tnrtc tor? Owner. GE 4 6524. ONE UP-ONE DOWN 5 ants. Close In L.B. Trntie no. 6 nets. Trade down. Bkr HE 5-3101 PALM SPRINGS. 9 units 8, poo . Lot. income for Lono Bench. DELANEY GA 3-3995 r-OR SALE or trade, Income property, for clour home or R-4 ot. 2167 Pino Ave. 3835 E. 1ST ST. 5-bdrm. home. Cor, R-4. Vacant. Equity for?? Bkr. GE 8-7u35 Wrioley, s.*of Hlll?*For Income. RLTR. HE 6-7901; GE 4-8836 SW03 EQUITY 4-br., Hollydale, for McKiNNEY, REALTOR. NE 1-764? 5 STORES -t 6 APTS.'l 55033"DN.? IUYLWILD RCSOrt for L0.10 Bc^Cli Income units. Bkr. HE S-WS1 5700 WO." Inc.* 10"~U. W'iirtr"a"rlft"dri A - J GA 6-2501; GE 8-B1W 11 U N I T S -- Ocenn AVP.-- for aerc.ine C.I IFF UKE.N GF. 30464 $16iOOo' T, D. 5194 "mo." Tc.vJc tor income. A-J, GA 6-2501; GE: 8-Blfii S~AN "BERNARDINO" "proD.V~wii *w.ip for | B vlr TH 3-W9 r- n TRADE FOR ??? 41 units noh downtown. WAI.LlS r -CA 3-3011. TRADE for ??? AmtroK. 4 ACRES Choice location. WALL1S, CA 3-Wi TRADE for ??? 4 UNITS, EastSlcJt UP-4 new A. units. Pr. 137,000 T.D. of Jia.OOO, 8kr. GA 4-49H Keal Estot* Exchange 129 TRADE SAVE TAX Duplex nr Douolai -- for home. PALM SPRINGS ESTATES 4-br, 4-bA, pool, (or L. Beach APPLE VALLEY , S-br, 4-ba. Clcnr. For gnlf* here. JUNITS-V1CTORVILLE (or thli area? 4-BR, 3-BA. PK. ESTATES for 5-10 acres. J4' OWENS HERCULES Twin Screw-- for home. Rlchrr.::: GE 9-0404; CE S-W5 REX L HODGES CO. HAVE Oakorifleld home w/two (urn apis. 510,000 cguity. WANT Lono Bch home or duplex. HAVE Desert Hot Springs 2 OR home, 4 yn old. 55000 egulty 15 WANT Lono Beach home or ???? WANT So. Cal. prop. Acreaoe OK HAVE nr. Palmyra, Wise, clear bio home. 540,000. Big lot. 2 gar. A-l REALTY SERVICE GE 30403 Realtors 3523 E. 2nd "527,000 EQUITY In a 9-unlt motel on 101 Hwv. or home or ant. CLEAR 21-UNIT MOTEL n new Marina section. Gross n- conie 519,000, tor T.D.'s, apis, or home. 527,000 EQUITY In oood 6-unlt stucco. Will trade up or down. MOORE REALTY HE 5-1126 WHAT HAVE YOU? ? We have 3 apt houses to trade. Eight older units will trade up. 6 new units will trade down. 7 newer units, want 2-BR house or duplex. Call us (or details. HA 5 - 1 2 1 7 -- oves: GA 3-7389 MOORE 4)51 E. CARSON, at Lakewood $65,000--5 BR. 5 BATHS Apple Valley Home; 5000 sq. ft. Full price S42,500. Excliiinne tor tnmp.imblc value on income in Lono Bench. Air Cond; Forced sir heat; automatic dishwasher; 30x19 llvlno room; 10 ft. Frpl. 2Vi car oarage. Lot 126x350. Call McCormlcli GE 9-0404; GE 9-B1 6 REX L. HODGES CO. FULLERTON Beautiful Sunny Hills Estates, V/j Ac. in avocados, 2-story, 7 rooms, 3 balhs. Aoorox. 3200 sq. ft., 2 frpis. Clear. Suburban living at Its best. Rm. to build ndd. dwellings. Trade up for commercial, residential income or larger homo. REALTOR HE 6-9973; JF 7-9776 INVEST now In Naples Convertlb c 1 or 2 Fnm. llomrs. Wnlcrfront. Will trade (or Irusl deed. OR BEAUTIFUL Belmont H Icjhh lurna, 3650 sq ft. Loe, yd for In.ramc. GE 4-7824 Londorce GE 9-7.191 REX L. HODGES CO. 50 flftii'i--H'w ,ilM!M .i'nd pasture, underground pipe 'lines, plenty o! water. 2 large b.irnj, Iraclor .intl equipment. Good home ovrr 2 thousand so. It., tenant house; oranoc treci, other fruit. Value come. Owner, M14 E. Shields, Litlo Privato Kingdom All your own, 2 Ac. Lovely ranch Type home. Looks like country cs .ifc not a well equipped, well paying poultry ranch. 59600 net last vr. Exchfinoe for good residential Income. Stormy Keats, Rltr. HE 5-7439 HAVE Bel Shore 2-BR., rear rentals. WANT 1 or 2-BR. OYO lower, nr. mkl. A bus. HAVE Atom. Hgls. triplex. Two 2- RR. R. Ifirqe 1-PR. nnt. over 3 oar nrtcs. $29,500 equity. WANT 10 16 units, oood ronlnl nrcii. 5ll)Cl PoHcrson. Ritr. GE 3-149i "ACTIVE EXCHANGER" 4 t.Jnllr, In S'lfiio. T.ll-c T P homo ncir Hoi AA. 11 u'llls, nfl'l-ncw Hew 6 F. R irnH h'dn. f.irhm'l. Prop, on Col. f;,v. nr. Davis D. in NULSON GI-: 9-45E9 41(1 Xli)ir;-.o "HARDWARE 'STORE" Very tip'il hus!nr?s S. IncnMon. Nrt 510,000 yr. Only 53500 513,000 stock. Ti-nrio for Wn^hlnti- ton nrcncrly. GA 3 6439 Rcallnr HE A-4477 WANT 8 TO 20 UNITS Mnvn 4 unltv 577,500 -with 121,500 cnultv tor down payrncnl. HARVEY MILLER CO. BOO Long Bench Blvd. HE 5-5651 OPEN SUNDAY P.M. Ouplcx--2 BKS. ca. 1100 su. ft. efl. Rcnl sharo. Trntie thnt house for 1his home i inc. FAE MATTHFWS, Rltr. GA 40497 F.ASY TRADES! II ?.RR Venire. Want here. 2 on 1. HnKcrsllcld. W.T»t L. B 16 unlK-Anahcim. Wnnt home. 10 .icrrv 29 Pnlms. Want units. We h-ivc mnnv, many rnnre. JONES, 273 E. Market. GA 3-379S HAVE 52003 CdUltv In nice '57 2-lir. hauie Iralicr. Fnmltv orowinn-- wflnt to exchange on 3-br. homo, Call 1 C ShStt 5 2 GA'40170, HE 7-054. STEELE MOSS CO. 62l/ 2 ACRES Near Palmdale. Shallow, soft water, ll'i chenper than anythinn surrounding. Tr^do (or property GA r °3-6439 Realtor GE 8-5705 2-OR A lam. rm. Blxbs 1 ' .. .514,500. 3-BR. -r i«nid!. NLD. s ].S'*sS 9 units turn 555.000 12 units furn 575.000 M Pclter"TM GA 3-1072 HL 6 3-192 HESPERIA-- IMMAC. 3 br stucca. n«w. Close In. 53100 cgiiilv. Trmlc lor 1 .B. ccuity, lol or house trailer nr? ? Bal. oniv. GA 3-M.19 Rnallor III: 6 .M7? ir'UNl'TS'-- L'/CST SIDE Mores R OP'S. Out ol lown owner. Tako home nr 7 In trade. $-19,500. Inr W5 mo. JOHN RtTAD Rc.iltv MA 5 M16 TRADE 53700 emiitv in 2 bdrm. house to trr.rlc tor mountain or de^rrt Innri. 57.700 (u!l orice. JA 9-1403 eves. Cb"RON/T~DEL MAR-- 3 Units" + owner's 2 Br. home. Vlcv/. Trade up LB Inc. OWNER. 514 Avocado Ave ORIolc 3-4053 Eves. Courtesy to Bkrs. 4 YRS. old. 7-br., IV'a bn. home + 2 l-br. (urn. ants., 4 gars, otf alley. Very clean 8. mod. inc. $355. Try S3.000 dn. or sub. vour CLFAR-- 7-Unlt colored residential Income Mo gross S290-- exchange for oood duplex or what? BKR. GA 7-6J65; GA_7-21fil_cve. 2-BR home, 5 yrs. old. West s'do, $9.000. Trade equity (or ?-RR- duplex Maron Drever, GA 3-8143; HE 5-7557. Trlna Rltv. BY 'OWNER, Nice. ALMOST NEW, 7 modern ur,:is in Wrioley. Trade cnuilv for 3 or 4 units in nice area. HE 5-1033. 4 UNITS R~houic. c'" trade "uri fnr rcnldcntirtl Interne. L R. Cx- chance houie. Rraifors. 5916 Naples Plnrfl. GE 9-021!. Duplexes for Sale 131 siDE~BY~$iDE~DUPrEX 6 vr. old. 2-br. en. Very nice. 52,500 dn. Prlco 5)5,000. By flppt. STANLEY REALTY GA 4-4051 FURNISHED BLAUTY yards, palio. Inc. 5215.-51 8,500. ATKINSON RFALTY HA S-7468 "N1.B72-BR. DUPLEX 60'xl?5' lot, gar., Inc. 5165. Low dn. Owner will -nrrv. GA 2-G7.10. 401 Warren, l BR. duplex, double Gnnd Income. MR?.. CROASMUH HL 5 n5/S WlNSl OW REALTY HE 5-f.n!4 NOTEWORTMVi! Price S10.SOO. Term-.. Inc. $105;,-;, t| ( 1t i V M--pr'nt It' Jonc-.. 773 E. W.irkf* GA .1 377S DIRTY DANDY DUPLEX."" Wilh 4 garages 510,500 small dn. Crabtroo Corners GE 3-491 1 DUPLEX." FurnKhPrt."l-BR^ e». Good loc. Inc. 5110 mo. Terms. HE 5-7557, TE 3-H48. Trloci RMv. LOOK! Well located CALIF. HTS DUPLEX. 514,500 full price ' GA 4-0734 Viking RltV GE PJ739 Inc. 54,400 gross. Submit dn. Cash talks. Owner, GE 1-0174 Own Your Own Apt · 132 Live In n new sv» million . bldo. nt « very low cost * STARDUST * ! 1329 E. First, L.B. « unit bldg. 10 cpis. kft ftl reduced OTfcci, i Elevator to nil nn5s. · r "t on- rntif,. Ift^'-re^ riee'ts or«ntrrt. : Pre-.tige location, np«r buses, stores, b««ch flnd pr.rks. Troo'Cfll (""fdeii. sun rictV, : lohby. Steel, cmcrcle fflunda tion hldp. l-Bdrm. from $9,950 Including eipc. kiieh., ww cnr- pcls, custom drppr*. Open 10-7 HE 5-8076 Owner, f,'.r. SflfV Duplexes for Sole 131 " MAGMFICENT DUPLEX IN CHOICE BELMONT HTS. Approx. 4,000 sq. ft. plus 4 car garage. Basement. 3 BR's each. 2 bathj. Luxurious living rms. 26x15'/j. Fireplaces, sen. dining rms,, dlnotle. Modern Kllchs. Gravity ieal carpetlnc, d.-sscrle*. Keual fft cverv detail Terrlllc financing. (15,000 down. Owner will carry balance at t%-- M3,?00. By )WSHTM"'GE 4-MU, OE wwi LARGE i-BR. UNITS Bulll In 1950. Dbl. dclAchrd on- oftraye, cinder btlc fence, icpara e yard!. CALL TODAYI GE 3-4?66 Evci. HE 5-3957 MOORE 6350 Alhorton, at Palo Verde LOS ALTOS AREA 7-BR. ca. W-w cpts,, drapes, vcr- ficol V-bllnds. Vent tan, dish- m niter, deluxe living for owner. AlleA 4% loot 1 Might trade. MOORE RC-ALTY GA 3-5441 1122 South Sf. Eve. GE 3-4037 HIGH ON A KNOLL 93V E. 37TH ST. OPEN SUNDAY P.M. Spacious 2-brs. ea, Owner's hos charmlno mod. kit., blt.-ln range oven, carpels drapes. Prest gc area ot a moderate price. FAE MATTHEWS, Rltr. GA 4-OJ97 PRIDE OF OWNERSHIP! This custom-built duplex is Idea o live In one apt. and rent the other. Nlo yard with oarage on paved alley. Mink, GA 2-1257; GA 2-W3. REX L HODGES CO. OPEN 1-4 2030 APPLETON ST. B!.K. TO BIXBY PARK (Nr. 2nd Junlpero) Spacious clean l-br. apts. Small yd. Inc. 582 4- owners. O 1 rights Included. 514,990. Terms. RATAJACK 5913 Oronoe GA 3-5469 NEAR 20th L.B. BLVD. 1-br. ea. Sm. lot. Only 510-950. Frail, aacd, out-of-town owner, Must soil. Xlnt. (or retired couple. Rife GA fi-3903; GA 4-2764. REX L HODGES CO. 482 W. Willow St. TWO ON ONE! Cast side new 2-bdr. and 1-bdr. rental. Owner anxious. Ask for BOB HENDON or MARGE LABRANCH REX L. HODGES CO. HE 7-1251; GE 3-B7H1 or GF: 3-5297 ROSES AND ROMANCE All for 515,500 Lovely 2 bdr and 1 bdr. They ncc darlings, Try 33000 dn. Ask Inr Marge LaRranch or Bob Hr-ndon HE 7-1751; GE 3-52?7; GE 3-H781 R T X 1 . HOQOL1S CO. Dol. Slioro Duplex Noor Shopi Beach Spot1c:.i tluuout-- i-OR. r a c h. Modern kitchen. Cnll today, A-l REALTY Wanted Older Duplex Trade for lovs y home In Garden Grove. Ask for Bob Hondon or rV.srse LaCrar.c:i HE 721JI; GE 3-87S1 Ol GE 15297. SUBMIT OFFER Finest condition-- 2-br. Owner occupied duplex Large living rm. 3-car oar. Near schls. 6 parks. MILDRED ROBINSON GE 4-7J07 Rnaltor GE 9-6317 $2300 DOWN! ! ! Coniparcl Uniouc Opportunity! In Naples, Near new Mar Inn. 2-nR'i crrh. Uhnnsais. dbl. gar. Xlnt condil'on . S27.VOO. MOORl: GE 40-16J; GE 9-1991. nn.MONI HUGHTS lif.w ; IvJrin rni/. tilt-In k !·'·.-!. n r l-j;-- 1 ,. Heir ' I.'''" -1? Cil'l /-'.I'. ' S r l - c r c r - ivr r. fi 4 "' '.7 f-'- r,i AT H SHANK TO. OH 9 "!?' C 1 ' Af. 1 os Allos / (5r. en D(~,n 0" Alley W/w IMC. SiFO. T r y 55.000 dn. Cnll R-iv Crowd 1, HE 7-1251 Fve fin 3067?. REX L. HODGES CO. Ranch Provincial 2-on-l New 3-bdr. l-',i bAlh on V, ncro. C c"ii Sh.irp. You'll like IhK RICIIMAH GL 90-OJ; GE 8-4925. REX L. HODGES _CO. Fine Corner Furn. Vented Heal INC. J12-S SEP. METERS ASK FOR Sl.iuohlcr HE 7-1251; GE 86889 REX L. HODGES CO. CHOICE DIXOS' AREA Deluxe home rental duplex. 2 BR R frplc W/ca. W-w cpts. dr.incs, large patio. Rcdurr-d to 537 503 Owner movlrn. Corner 37lh R. Llrnc. GA 7-14*0. 5-1500 dn. Soundproof. 2-br. Ofl. B'i-:i 'i/. Rnomv. Tile Hrfwd. 7- car. 51£0 pn. Inc. Oillcl NLH. 1 -Sanders GA 2-133S; GA 4-6072. $1.500 DOWN 1147 E. 70111. Onen 1 1o 4 l.iroo l-br. ca. Garaoe. 5140 Inc. Ruby Potorjon, Rltr. GA 2-3318 NAPLES DUPLEX Nr. nav R Mnrina. 2 BR. apt. 4? BR. ctcn .for owner. C-l Tone. Rm. to huild stnre or olllcc. PRICE REDliCED~~tO~SELL 3-DR. r«i^c KC OR (HCOMt£ S17Q + Vacant 2-Br. stucco + 2 rentnlv Good area. Immcd. poss. 519,500. AL RUTZ REALTY HE 7-3567 "NEW" DUPLEX-- OPEN 1-4 4946 - 48 VIRGINIA AVE. (2 blks. W. of L. B. Blvd.) RATA.IACK 5913 Or.ingn GA 3-54M BY OWNER-Bcl. His. brnnd new daluxc 2-E1R. cac.;i, F.A. ho-il, lilt-In stoves, nsh c.iliincls, colored fiKlurc 1 :. across (rom a^'l course Open 10-1 rl.ii.y -l-O 7 L". 6( " ""SHARP BUY! 2 tlR , priced 513. :oa-- incornr $151. -Lol R-1 SftxllP-Cnnsiticr Irtirfc. Sll.Om-1-BB., 1 SOLE.. S'-MB Df 5120 mo. tn'... Owner. OA_?-7W.T OwiTYou'r Own Apt. 132 $5500-- FURNISHED Pleasant, close In slnolc. UDkecn S16.S7 Includes ntll. GE 9-JIS1 WRIGHT HE 6-6569 HUBBARD Bltlo. Furn. Sols, corner, slcani heat, unkeeo 516.81. Solarium Across (rom Lincoln Pk, Civic Bligs.. shopping. GE 3-MO. S6SOO. Sml. Sn. Nlcciv turn, ilnglc 2nd lloor. Corner. Quick DOSS. Uo- keco SI3. Bkr. Hfc 5-4317 HE 2-S2S7 Biq Lowor $5,400. Owen REX L. HODGES CO. HE_7-iaj NEW "lov.-cr front. FA Elec! rannc " oven. VV-w carp. Ov/ner HA9.1W',. NEW I-BR. " on fc. 1st St. frattc cnuilv for car or 52-iOO dn. H/i 9-3765. 361n"FAST 2ND NO. S Lovclv 1 BR., compl. (urn. 512.TM STEVE SF'INDELL ME 7-7«l fTEAR NF.W 7-OR.r'ccmnletelv (urn. nesl location. 515,953. Apt. Eleven, 9J7 F. Oroadwav. $1500 DN." NcnrTv nev; slnolc. Furn. Dbl. oarape. Downtown. ROBY, Realtors HE 6-2519 DWHTWC LOC.-- 3 3 a " E L M "No." J Immac. 1-BR., 1 vr. old. STEVE SPINDELL HE 7-7«l OPEN 1311~E. 1ST BARGAIN I-BORM. LWR. «. GAR. HE 21030 RLTR. HE 2-6W1 735 CFDAR --"Open S~tmdrW. 1-BR". Lower New furn. MRS. R1LEY. HE 20537 Barton, Bkr. HC 2-558! 1575 Apr/eton. Choice 1-hr." SacriSite for ciuick sa;e. AAcKetlliG-hullt. Owner. HE 2-0317 2 BDHM . IVj hath. Wnlklno d s t^inre 'n lown. Fn'.t r i[!e ^pi|;no ronard'csn. Ntorrlll. GA 1 76W. A STTA1 1 2 1 MRS. f;. 1st. A;so"7 1-11R',. 7 hlks. ni!f(uns nark. liVEI.ANO HG 6 7126, HC 2 517S ST."ltrGIS'""a"ot " 1030 U " Ocean'. Smolc. S55SO. Call HE 7.405( VVILLMORE Apis. Mod. furn. slno'e. V;anf nulck snlc. Terms. HE 5-1238 OPEN daily-ins E. 3rd.. Apt. id! Lo. l-br. S9750. Ov/ner. HE 4-0-131 Own Your Own Apt. 132 921 Pacific Pacific Crest Apts. Brand now, 5-- 2-HR!.. 5-- 1-BRl. Includlnn newlv dpsloncd studio apt. wllh fircnlacc f patio. Featuring: · Fiigio.iirc-- fully equlppod eloctrlc kitchens · Oullslan I00»i wool w-w carpellnj · Radiant oleclHc heal · Qiialilv plus onn D.viv 11 lo 4 w Terr"- nnr.c'! a!r Pn r SO-. p ,!on .O"J» x^ f^OA\ tzz . . ^a Medallion Award ^im^m^ F.xcr-llenrt Barton Barton HE 7-6519 Own Your Own Apt. 1 32 BREATHTAKING PANORAMIC OCEAN VIEW ELDORADO MANOR 21-- 71H PLACE South of I2U E. Uiean Blvd. READr FOR OCCUPANCY 5POCI3US 7-bedroom 2-bath Luxurious V-bdrm., den 3-ba 2 complBtely decorated models oy Lloyd's ol Long Beach Elevator to' beach-All 4 doors Medallion av/arr' for electrical excellence ODcn 11 a. nvi o m. Harris Rogers, Builder Ow-- Your Ov n Sort mllst HE 69371 GE 9-00« THE MOANA IMPERIAL 1235 APPLETON B10LK. SO OF 3RD ST. 70 unlls - Wide central (roplcal pallo Sep. lonals pallo$, elcc trie kitchens, FA heat, select birch robs READY ABOUT MARCH 1ST Finest Custorn-Bull! Apts. MEDALLION AWARD FOR ELECTRICAL EXCELLENCE PAUL F. McKENZIE JR. THE QUALITY BUILDER VM% RlsropHER - fiVSSi !! EXQUISITE !! We can't tell vou of Iho loveliness of this 2-BR., 2-balh opt. YOU MUST SEE ITM Dcnutlful draocs wuttcrsi marble vanM'cs in the dollgtitful batthrooms. Gorgrnus v/allpiiners; Pu'ldown lamps. AND so MUCH MORE! ! ! See This One First ! ! HA5-I2I7 Evrs: GA 9-6924 MOORE XtSl E. CARSON, at Lakewooti. VILLA RIVIERA 1-BR. Nicely furnished act. Cor- ocous view. Good financing. NEW LISTING Lovely single npt.-- Includes stove, refrlu., carpets drapes. Reasonably priced. MILDRED ROBINSON GIT 4-7401 Realtor GE 7-6996 OPEN DAILY n beautiful Blxbv Knolls. Deluxe ?-br. Live wlierc vou fed ST(C. ? deluxe hrt'li^, FA hC'it. lovely w-w carpet, dianc'.. tilcctr;c kitchen, dlshw d f l i e r , d'sp. Mc-ir cvcry- thlnti Garnar. Must see to .np- prcclflte. 700 IT. CAR50II, APT. 7 A PLHAr-AMT VMl.K n Hi\vntnwn "hir-i nj, rlujrcllT. A o^.m. Tti's snntltius upncr 2-GU wiln ood!o". of closets, w-to w Af| 1 NU 5 'HPL / L"GA 7-376U; GA 7-99-17 STEELE MOSS CO. Bachelor or Bachelorette $7500 ClOSE IN NR. OCEAN 12x?? LIV. RV Vt'Vt. HV.' FLP; Birch Kit. Oho. Bkfst Area, Tile Dressing Rm. Ample Stompe. Call Stfiuahler HE 7-1251; Gt 86889 REX L. HODGES CO. CLEAN-- Redecorated-- Bl -In oven ft range. V/-to-W carpeting-- Quiet patio-- near stores-- very reason- S'rvffinw HA 9-4030; HE 7-0141 STEELE MOSS CO. "ORLEANS APTS- ill 'ELM Aye." RIGHT DOWII TOWM. DUE TO ILLNESS. YOU CAN HOW liUY THIS LOvri-Y ONE BEDROOM Al'1. FOR OIII.Y $9450. TO SIT. CA! L AT 109 L'l M A V r . CP :!ONt: HE i ^"P7. FIT-IN, i n c . '·-· n:k (fit 1 1 Or"-v r »··· IT rjfl-.v tijwn r'n r ^ '^ li-n K r l 2- D'lt'l '·' ! 1 "' : C.owcli IIT . 1?SI; OA .IO.V7 RtX L. HOUSES CO. KflLI.MORE APTS.. 3rd nnd; nlr.olv furnished slnolc wllh .T I'nr Octnn View. Tho price Is rlglil E V REED, Rcallor HC 5-4QB/ ROYAL P'ALMS . Chnlcc Solos 8. Dbls. HHA lorrn^. VvliinlrTn HE 7-1JSI; HI: 43771 REX L. HODGES CO. 408 E. 1st SI. DE LUXE EXTRA LARGE UPR. FRONT CORNER 2-BR., 2 DA., DIN. RM. THIS IS DIFFERENT. EAST OCEAN BLVD. Nice 1-BR. Modern nttrnctlvc. With onrnoc. Low unkcrp. $11, MN. ( .'trim, Bkr. Ml: f B768. Own Your Own Apt. 132 GARDEN GROVE OPEN SUNDAY 1-5 Luxurious 2-BR., 2-Both 1180 and 1260 Sq. Ft. SWIMMING TOOL ·(f Forc«d-Air Heat ·JV Sliding Glajj Througnout ^j* Plug-in Phonei ·S All-Wool Carpet: Try'jout -i'r All Deluxe Build-ini '·fa Private Patiol Balconies ·fc Garage The Royal Villa 1 1052 BARCLAY DR. LEhiqti ?-5248 OPEN DAILY THE BIXBY CAPRI 1763 APPLETON 2 BLKS. TO BIXBY PARK DELUXE 1 2-BDRM. MEDALLION AWARD FOR ELECTRICAL EXCELLENCE OCCUPANCY FEB. 1ST S. G. WRIGHT GE 9-2151 BUILDER GE 8-WB2 THREE VERY LOVELY NEW I-BDRM. APTS. LEFT TO CHOOSE FROM IN The Beautiful Cherry Garden Apts. 728 CHERRY AVE. Make 1960 vour most ntorlous vcar bv Investing In one of these UD Jo-dale apis, at discount. Maintenance 51A.59 A 517.50 per mo. OPEN AFTERNOONS GE 9-5422 The Barcelona !905 E. FIRST (50 YAKDS TO BIXBY PARK} ,' 2 BRS. from 59.500. ,' Hcautilul vard B. patio. \' Large rooms, lots closets, i' Modern kitchen, disposal, tile. / 20-car subterranean garase. HARVEY MILLER CO. HE 5-5651 Open House 1-5 D.m. HE 2-2830 1400 E. 3rd -APT. 5 OPEN Charming T-BDRM. "MARRON BUI LI" Apt. Carpeting draperies. Miinv exlra fC'TTurcs. Gn- rnoc. Ncnr l£bcll Woman's CUv Club. Beautifully 'andscnpcd palio with luxurlnnt folloqc. MARJORIEHiGI-IT GE 8-373? " ""SUBMFf C5!=FCR'! Owner anxious lo t-cll- I aror new cln-.? *n slnrj'c nr:n 1 .'i 6?^ CHESTNUT. APT 13 ME 15J3I; IIP. Will CALL IIALSLY STEILI: MOSS CO. '"VILLA RIVlERA PANORAMIC VIEW Charmlna 2-br., 2 Balh +. AHo l-br. corner lovely sglc. joan- nlo Corlln's ok., Vllln 1st lloor. DELUXE 2-BR ONLY 114JOO Onon Dcam Ceilltn. Indirect llohtlno. Custom D apes. W-W. Snnrlous Rms. Sin shower. LOVELY Vlf-W ASK FOR Slarahlcr HE 7-I2S1; GE 8-6839 REX L. HODGES CO. " "OPEN DAi'LY"i"-4:3b 1738 E. 4TH Owner rlrl3cr,ite 1 DR. Xlnt cnncl. GcSoW 1 ' McCRARY OR HTO1 TP'JLY A "LIT l I: I 1 !/'" 1 " -·,- iric-'i-. ·} ilr. r fi:'rv In Orc-m V-ol \vw. HW C'S. Inirc'l fl.r. L:'("- Kll I ivrlv noc:nr. A'.h Inr SMUOIItcr IIIH M23I; OL : C ME? REX L. HODGEb CO. OPEN DAILY 1-4:30 1738 E. 4TH nwnrr must sel 1 li'rn. 1-DR. Too cond. .liJl-.i7?5( L _P.'Lr., GE_9_.(»4I. 3901 LIVINGSTON DR. Dlx. ?· DR., I- 1 ! balhs, dec. kit./ oar, OCPiin view, Nielsen. HE 5-7057 Bnrlon, Bkr. HE 2-5585 SOVEREIGN, APT. 1107 S. C. cxooEuro. Lnrno tlv. rm. !Btl"ut W vlc*" Owner, HE 2-J03F. FKICCD lor Oulck So!c ( bv wmer. Lnrgc single Own Your Own. Ground floor. Clean. HE 6-5M7, n.m. 'Ill noon. Own Your Own Apt. 132 Own Your Own Apt. 132 0 Gremd BIXBY e 3 1 CHE Two bullri'nn* hii'll Spacious I-bcdroom Apis. Al Each with d^*k Gen ' M E D A i ^!l^ ELECT '"Fnitu-" BEN p. MA The br«nd narr HE 5-7354 r9 Opening ° -ARDENS ^RY AVE. around pardcn nfltin. o 2-bcdroom Apli. tosf frond orlvale palio. uino Ceramic Tils LION AWARD APTS. FOR RICAL .EXCELLENCE RrtON CO. e ,n apartments. ^ ^^ OwK Yew Own Apt. 132 READY FOR OCCUPANCY ALPHA MANOR 1IIOE. 1ST ST. Elevator -- Sub. Garage For the buytr who won't lettle for «veras«. SPACIOUS M BRS. COMPLETELY CARPETED. CERAMIC TILE KITCHENS !. BATHS. RADIAMT ·SoKE^RANgl^OVEN^lFRlS: I^SEffiaSi'iSc^iPeE FURNISHED MODEL It dooin't fllways cost more to havo the boft. WILL CONSIDER YOUR PROP. OR TRUST DEED ON 2-BR. JIM PICKERT, Aaont HE 2-769! HA 1-3224 HE 5-9728 HEARING COMPLETION THE FALCON PARK 1404 E. 1ST OPEN 1 TO 4:30 DAILY 1 2-BRS., 2 BATHS. PRIVATE DRESSING ROOMS. CHOICE OF COLORS AND PAPER. DELUXE IN EVERY DETAIL. 40'x57'' TROPICAL PATIO GOLD MEDALLION AWARD FOR ELECTRICAL EXCELLENCE MARION DAVISSON 218 ATLANTIC HE 6-4619 OCEAN BLVD. 1-Br. W/w carpeting. Newer. Ex- ehanno lor Belmont His. home or 2-on-l. HARBOR VIEW Deluxe Ocean Irnt. apl. Will exchange for new · duplex Belmon McCormlck GE 5-9-10J; GE 9-8116 REX L. HODGES CO. OCEAN FRONT? OF COURSE SUIccn 36th Place CLIVE GRAHAM CO. COO E. Ocean, Realtors. HE 2-3761 3 8 1 1 Livingston Drive VISTA 'DEL MAR APTS. 15 Exlra quality, extra laroo 1 fi 2-QR. Arjts., 19 aaraocs. Ocean view - elcvalor - pallo Complete built-in elcc. kitchens. Custom decor, to vour taste. TERMS-- TRADES CONSIDERED Barton, Owner HE 7-6519; GE 4-78M 38 ALBONI, PL-- Open Vi blk. E. of Ocean fc AlamMos. Nrwlv deror. 2-br. DKn , vent. inn. Lois of tile, idea' lora'lon. OWNER MAY TRADE1 Mickey Bomis GA ^.4444 5175 L.R Blvd. five-,. G A 7-5-187 FURNITURE 1599 3 Rooms compicie. Sec our model rliMilnv. LONG UfcACH t-URN Cm tier 6lh f. L'ino Beach Diva. "PENT HOUSE" O.Y.O. Close in I-Rr f 2 pull-CJn. fordi. S. E. CORNER. LOVELY VIEW. TUP. Din. nrcrt Furnished. M-m FINE TERAA1 ASK FOR 1 Sliiuohler HE 7-1251; Gb' 8-6BB9 REX L HODGES CO. READY. WILLING X. ABLE 10 LIST II TO SELL!! "ROYAL PALMS" APARTMENTS. ASK FOR Slaughter HE M251; CE 8 -68B9 REX L. HODGES CO. MUST SELL QUICK! MAKE AN OFf : LRl Owner III. Ideal (or retired couolc. 2 blks. to pftrk A shopp no flrcn. GA 44/21 V l k n o Rllv. GA i 073-1 EAST SIDE DELUXE 1-BR W-w. drnncs. HV/ llrs, Dlrch Kll. BKFST AREA. GAR. ASK FOR Slcunhlcr III; 7-1ZSI; GE 8-6889 REX L HODSES CO. ROYAL PALMS Lovely 1 2-Br., also splc. nnts. STGVE SPINDELL, Snips Aoont. 726 E. Is! St. Hb 7-7431 c'iTo'i c E~LO WRRTw7w"c PTT R FRG! STOVE. CLOSt IN ON OCEAN BLVD. Only J7500. Shown by npDt. Cnll DcMots, HE 7-1251; HE 2-BW8. REX L. HODGES CO. OPEN-- 433 ATLANTIC New 2-br., owcr front, w-w, driipcs. All elcc. Reduced. HE 5-7057 Barton, Dkr. HE 2-S5B5 $5375-- FURN. lower front slnnle, file baih ft = r.k, hd-.vd., vented . heat, low maint, $1150 dn. 1071 E. Brondwav. Owner GE 4-2767. WILLMORE -- $7500 LrToc (n r n. *.nnl. Lnrgc closets. STEVF SPINDELL HE 7-^31 Own Yew Own Apt 132 Btautiful J««cn-Fron» Apartmtnti AvtiUblt In OCEAN HOUSE 1200 E. Ocaan Blvd. Corner «th piect Singles from $12,000 1 Bn. from $17,700 Brand New! Electric Kttchons, Prlvatt Patios Two Furnished Modolt Opon Noon lo 5 P.M. HE 2-8877 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. BOO E. Ocean, Realtors. HE 7-3961 bPEN~DAILY'10 ib~S THE TRADEWINDS 801 E. 1ST (AT ALAMITOS) New 3-storv building. Elevator, lobby subterranean garage. Comolelc electric kitchens, forced air heat, wall-to-wall carpeting. MEDALLION AWARD FOR ELECTRICAL EXCELLENCE RALPH B. SAFFLE HE 7-A359 REALTOR HA 9-7770 PARK ESTATES MANOR 5390 Oleia Sf. in Park Eitatos at Intersec. of La Pasada St. Most exclusive residential area. REDUCED PRICES Owner on Site Daily 1*5 P.M. Saturday Sunday 10-5 P.M. Phne before 9 a.m. GE 8-X260 PAY LIKE RENT OWN YOUR OWN APT. BcaulUul OCEAN BLVO, Ocean side. 5 bdrm. ent: . Furn. or un- furn. Includinc utilities, taxes all normal expenses Pav only 1 vr.'s. Imoounds down, bal. Ilka rent BEAUTY BEYOND BELIEF! Delightful single, in St. Regis. Furn. 1st floor. Facing ocgan on 2 sides. HAZEL MERRIAM GA 8-9373 CLIVE GRAHAM CO. 300 E. Ocean Realtors HE 2-376} Lots for Sale 134 BIXBY KNOLLS R-1 LOTS 65x115 .,,.$! 1.500 7dxl50 _ $16.000 BELM. HGTS. 50x127. R-2 lo . 15-ff. pnvcd allcv. SI 3,500. S5.000 down. See 260 Qulncv. Call Acme Rltv. GE 8-1129 GE 3-13*0 EASTSIDE -- 80x125 'R-4. 513",5M. Wrtqlcv R-1 50x95, 511-000. Terms. Near new hnsnlU. 50x130, $8500. METRO REALTY CO. GA 7-0919 MARINA SHORE 7 lots on n hill wllh ocean view. fiflxlOO. Terms. Submit offer. GE i-7407 REALTOR GE 9-A31/ SPECULATORS!! Coast Hwv.-- C-3. 58500. Try low down payment. JONES, 273 E. Market GA 3-3793 MARINA SHORES,"lar 00 corner will hdo finance tmd consider trade. BKR. HA 5-1251. R-4 -- 2 full size. Reasonable. P. L. Williamson, Rltr. GA 4-7107 DOWNTOWN R-4 LOT 40x156 to 10 fK alley. Price 510,500 BKR. H£ 6-2935 or GA 4-0219 PARK ESTATES, 65x130. Next to 5552 Olela. SK750, terms. Will subordinate. Owner. GE 1-319B. BUILDERS," "lnvcsl6rs7~R-4~5yri5b"' Broadway to ScLond St. Bargain, Owner. GE 9-0981. C-3 «. R-4 corner, L 0. B vd. fl, Plfltt St. 1W hlks. from Doolcv's. XV.II build. HA 1-S200. GA 7-19: 1 ; ATTENTION BUILDERS: Fl''e C-l Int. WrMO on Rcthndo Avc. Sea owner ,it ?/· Rcdondn Avc. COR. R-2 LOT "on En$y.~35x'ilO l"o n'lcy. Exrcl. dunlcx site. 54f.nn. Slc.irns 13?. 1 ) V;. V/lllow. GA 4.39."i3 ONLY' 1500 ON. F. p~. isoooTM M-2. 40x60. 1-BR. Mnc. GA 7-8133; HE 5-7557. Trlgg Really. N E. COR'NER a/tn bnrdcni.i. Owner says icl'l £0x118 R-1. Bo sure to sec this. Rltr. GA J-44J4. SWEEPING panoramic view of Long Dcacti Pacific-- (or future devrl- opmonl-- $7500. Morrlll. GA 4-7604 DOCTORST'CHURCHES! 5~ncrc'i S. ol Community HosDllal. C car -- or 50x136 R-4 WITH very nlco home on renr. Nenr new hosoltnl. Idrnl fnr units. Call nowl Bkr. GA 2-444-i. R-d LOT, 50x144 to nllcv. 5m«l! liomc. Sec It at 445 Bonlto Ave. Rv owner. '"R-1 .....LOS" CERRITOS.'MxlSO R-1 niXDY KNOLLS. 85x140 GUSTIN, Rltr. GA 7-5J09 44x100 M-2 -- StrnteoicnMv lorntrd nr. Willow. S4700 cash. NE 5-0U-1. C-2 LOT, 45x150, to alley. Wrlclry district. Choice. Rltr., HE 5-8314. ATLANTIC AVE. C-? bus., 5100 b!k. Gd 5 rm. house. 518,500. GA 6-4340 BUSY'N'E. cor/Alnmrtln fc/iWrce. M 1 zone. 53,000. GE 4-3-145. 48xl03-L05 CERRITOS'l.OT. Bfisl buy ot week. MORRILL GA 4 7604 1320 E. 56TH ST.-- 40x127." R-1. "Sell or trade. STROH. GA 4 5262. ALAMITOS'HEIGHTS-- 50x164." Zoned for dplx. Trms. thle, bkr. GA TWa 100x283' with 2-br. frame home. rented. MLB. BV owner. NE 5-3277 'R^4 lol 60x135. Ideal loc. GA 2-3613 OWNER BEAUTIFUL 70x180 lot on Elm. 50*100, C-2. Ant. slip 5650n Subordinate. Tms. nkr. 'HE 5-8311. R-4 56.850 nr. Java Lanes. Bkr. GH 1-0154 DOWNTOWN R-4 LOTS Rnhy-- 7th Cedar HE 6-2519 Vas^ ; '·SjjS^^S^ » j Clip Me! Mail Me! \ f USE THIS HANm i 1 V ] fo Write You: Ad ... i i [ [PLEASE PRINT CLEARLY j 2 1 1 3 r COUPON TODAY! li I/RITE APPROXIMATELY 28 LETTERS AND SPACES I PER LINE - BE SURE TO INCI UOF A D P R E S S ] AND/OR PHONE NUMBER IN YOUR AD. 1 (l rrp INSURE ACCURACY] | I 1 1 A · .iimnr- 1 ' " 1 5 _ _... | 4.; _ _ _. 1 1 1 NAME _ ADDRESS I ! TELEPHONE CLASSIFICATION START 1 1 { Payment Enclosed [] Send Bill Q Run Ad _ l 1 1 YOUR COST WILL BE: MAIL T( | SIZE OF AD 1- DAY 4 DAYS 7 DAYS | 2- LINES | $ 1.18 $ -l.OB $ 6.58 - Independent ; · j 3"\INES~| 1.77." ~ 6.12 9.87~ p ress -Telegrc i 4 LINES | 2.36' 8.16 13.16 1' ' 5 "LINES -|~" 2.95 ~I0.20 " ~ I6.45~ ^h M. flnd j '. . 6~LINES 1 3.54 12.24 19.74 Long Beach | : SPECIAL WORK WANTED CLASSIFICATION RATE 30t p«r lin», p« ilsy -i . checfc or money order wiih copy! t ' 1 _ 1 1 1 " 1 1 . . . I I I i li 1! 1 1 ji 1 AD ! ·,, Days )| j 1 im - . I P : ns Ave. | 12, Calif. i 1 mutt lubmit . J

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