Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on April 11, 1976 · Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 22

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, April 11, 1976
Page 22
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Northwest Arkansas TIMES, Sunday, April 11, 1976 F.IVKTTEV1I.LK, AHKAXS.1S CHIEU HANH's ORIENTAL FOODS : , 1911 W. W a l n u t , Rogers (across from Konatizn on iliivay 71) A complete line of imported oriental foods. Fresh dried seagoods nnd Chinese vegetables. EVERYBODY WEICOME! Open Daily from 9 AM to 7 PM The University of Arkansas Monttay - Tuesday April 12 13 8:00 PM ARKANSAS UNION BALLROOM ADMISSION $1.00 Free Nalure Film Scheduled For Showing At UA Tuesday U n i v e r s i t y o f Arkansas students nnd area orn'th.Mogisls are Invited to scf is dcs cribcd ns "an c.\crilcnl'' Free i i a t n r c film at 8 p m. Tuesday in ttie Science-Engineering Auditorium. The EUm, "Pelican Kiyway" is tiic result of research by LJA visiting associate professor, Dr. Ktnil Iv Urban, and Dr. I,os lie II. Brown of Nairobi, Kenya. The sound and color 52- niinutc production was filmed by Snmval-AngHn Television ol Great Britain, which also pro duces ttie "World of Survival Series" shown on American television. "Pelican Fly way" is (he story of a major breeding colony ol great white pelicans and other water birds in the Rifl Vallc of Ethiopia, where Dr. Urban spctit the past 11 years. "As many as 30.000 pcjicans nest each year on ttie isl-int in the secluded 8 00-Toot-deep Lake Shala and feed al nc*_' boring Lake Abiata," Dr. Urban said. "The lake . supports a flourishing .bird life, mchidhu, beautiful flamingos, herons storks, ducks and shorebirds." Dr. Urban joined the Biology Department of Haile Selhissif No. 1 Univ ersU y (now A ddi Ababa University) in Ethiopia in 1965. Shortly after hi arrival, he and Dr. Brown dis TELEVISION SPECIAL SUNDAY APRIL llth KTUL - TULSA 2:00 P.M. A NEW WORLD FEATURING: DR. LARRY BAKER AND THE ONE ACCORD PRESENTED BY FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH Foyetteville, Arkansas Leone To Speak Af Honors Day Convocation f o r m e r l-lncta 'aycllcvl Abbolt of covered tlic colony of birds an e s t a b l i s h e d a research From the 11-year st'jdy. Or. Urban has to his crcdil 50 mbli cat ions, including a hook in thr» "Rtvrfs of Ethiopia." The studv includes research on the vaU?Y birds of R i f t Valley. "As part ol tlie studies, (he movie was nindo," ho SEW!. Tile nature ilm has been shown on national Tlie 36th annual Honors Dny Convocation will be licld al the University of A-rkniisMs hero April 20, with Dr. Chillies A. l.oonc, vice president-provost for the VayeUcvillc cntnnus, as the speaker. The ceremony will be held * 3:30 - ,pgi5lalhc \VeeV la * 10:00 - atn levision id in Britain, Africa, several tiurojjomi countries. "A short version of the film called 'Air Lilt' was shown recently in the United 's in the '\Vorlrf of Survival Series'," he Siiid. Dr. Urban, who has been visiting professor in the Department, of Zoology here since August, has taught classes in a n i m a l behavior, natura history of the vertebrae ant ornithology. He will leave at the end of May to assume "he chairmanship of the Department of Augusta College in Augusta, Ga. t 3 p.m. in the'Arkansas Union Ballroom. At tluil time, honor, awards will be presented to move t h a n GO students for nut standing schievcmciiU in scholarship during (he past year. Leading Ihe list of honors will be Ihc presentation of (lie coveted Senior Keys, which are p r e s e n t e d - t o the top graduate a, 3, s, s, j, B, ID, i?, ie :0:15 -- CliS Nrus 10 uid IJborty 5 it 10:30 - 2,3. 6, 16 * 11:00 -Pop! Goes Hi e iiry Vanneman Tesliiies In Africa Hearings Vlewponil James Rubin MJI P Pop! Gofs The cou * 12:09 - , S-icicJ Heart * 12:15 12:30 - eme Theater .......... ARC Neivs ................. lN'im' HORNING 6:30 - SMSU Korum ............ D r . F associate professor of political science at the University of Arkansas, testified i in recent hearing of the fs at Washington, D.C., Tniled States Senate For- gton, Sena · 6:-10 :E V:50 -- " fr 12:15 -- ircl 1'arker if 12:25 -- evva . , Jahoma Gardening .. o[ our Lives ,, liyme and Reason . Tlie World Turns , * 1:00 "0.000 Pyramid . . . . Service Teaching 1 ic 1:30 - tbc Bank »clors iK Llclit TT 2:00 ?T World enrral Ho.' II In the Fa in By t 2:30 - ;|pctrtc Company ne Life Lo Lha CnlcH Game Somriset Erfge OI Night r ttofeia - fill (fin Dinah! eign Relations Committee's Subcommittee on Africa. Dr. Vanneman was called an expert witness on . Soviet policy in Southern Africa.. The Subcommittee hearings : ricall with the interests of the great powers in that area. This is an area of specialization for Dr. Vanneman and he is currently researching 1 a hook ,that will deal with S ovlct and Red Chinese policy in Southern Africa. Professor Vanneman lias worked for, the Ford Foundation as a management analyst in Ihe Office of the President of Tan zania in 'East Africa, and he visited Angola. Rhodesia, and S o u t h Africa tor s i x weeks last year, talking with government, officials, guerilla leaders and others. * 6:55 " lents ol Meditation ., rcSit With Mariyoe ., ·k 7:00 CBS Ncwi Good Morning America John Chick -, Today · · ' *7:30 " nine Show Cartoon Circus ., Captain Kangaroo ·k 8:30 A.M. OUihonu .. Pdcc Is Right .. Sesame S1rc« ... Cckbrlls 1 SvveepsU JJovie 9:39 High Rollers ... if Ifl:00 In Service Tcaiiiing Program UTicel ol Fortune DAILY PROGRAM LISTINGS KTEW, Tulsc, Ch. 2 KYTV, Springfield, Ch. KOTV, Tulsa, Ch. 6 KFSM, Fort Smith, Ch. S KOAM, Pirtsburg, Ch. 7 KTUL, Tulsa, Ch. 8 (Chactifl 1 en Table 1n FajFtlerlllc) 3 KOED-TV (ETV), Tulsa, Ch. 11 KODE, Joplin, Ch. 12 , 6, 10, 1 . . . U- », a. 5. * 10:30 - Lore Ol LIfi Coffee Break H:00 ms Chronicles .................. Mary Hartraaii, JTsry Hartnun ...... Wagnlflcent Marbla Machlna ,. 3, !. Let's Mike A Deal ........ " 6 , Ite Youris and Resiles* ...... 6. 10, 11:38 Take My Advice .............. 2. Search For Tomorrow ...... B, 10. Phil Donahue ................. All My Children ................ 8. Melody Matinee ................ O N D A V AFTERNOON · 18:00 -· hat's OxiMngl of Life 2," K 7, "12, 16 2, 3, B. 7 . . , . I. 12 , . 6, 10. IS Ve My Advlco :same Street Uncle Z«b if 3:55 - c!s« Wilh Martyc* lunsmoke Mickey Mou» Club [Jin ah! FBI ate 1C To Bea\er :dy G r i f f i t h icy Show Qonania ;rly Hillbillies Sllllgans . Island Eleclrfp Company S:00 ~ ins Ito-rxB eacli of the University's ollcccs and schools. Dr. Leone will bQ n U n u l i n e is llrsl H o n o r s Day Coiv oealioii since bpin^ named to is position last August. Dr. Mary Cotton, ussocialc professor of home economics ind chairman of the Convouu- ion Committee, said that irar n(s of honorccs arc being is lied, a special Invitation to aloud the ceremony this year. Wins Wings S e c o n d U. George T, .lai'tmic, son of Mr. and Mrs Villi'am Marcnic of Fayet ovillc, IIHS received silvci ings following his gradualioi ram pilol [raining at Vance AKB. Okta. He will now fly B-52 SlraloforU-css with a nn: f the Aerospace Defense ;ominand at Kinchcloe AFB Mich. He is married to tbi Yellow Submarine The delSflh'f u l animation classic. In which the Beatles embark upon a tune-fllled voyage to Pepperlctnd, "whoro rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies." Only a Blue Meanie would call this one "nostalgia." (1968) 649 W. D1CKSON Show Time 7:00 9:30 ADMISSION $1.50 * MIDNIGHT SHOWING of Fri. Sat. Features ONE DOLLAR r" ( i Adult AcHon- First Run Back Stage Heat Fit I.-SUN. 7:00*9:40 SUN. MAT. 2:00 2, 3, 8. 10, 16 Family Alfcfr 7 Inside OWahonu Educallon 11 NEWS . 2, 3, 5. 6, 7, B, 10. 12, 16 M O N D A V EVEPRNC * 8:00 Eve nine Edition with Martin Apronsky 11 News 3, S, 6. 7, IB. 13 Concentration a ITognn'* Heroes ...; 16 if 6:30 Dialogue "itti Jerry LilLon 10 Oklahoma In Review 11 L«l'« Go T\ The Race The Most Devastating Detective Story Of This Century. BEDFORD/HOFFMAN mTHEPRESIDENT«Eif H E L D OVER 6lli W E E K FKI.-SON. 7:00-3:30 SUN. .MAT. 2 (It) No One Under 17 WINNER OF S ACADEMY AWARDS BKST PICTURE · BEST ACTOR - BEST ACTRESS BEST DIRECTOR - BEST SCREEN PLAY KUHI, Joplin, Ch. 16 ajetleville) Programs subject to change without notice WED. THRU TUES. STARTS 7:15 P.M. MOVIES ON TV \AARNERCABLE 3, 3 5 7 All In The Faml]j , C, 10, 16 ·k 8:30 -- 10, 14 9:00 Oral Ttobcits ,Mfrtic,il C«mer . 6,00, 16 Rerf, \\Tiitt! and Wow - . ' . . 7 Jissaw Jnhi 2, Anyonn for Tennyson? 3:00 pm -- Ch. 8,1 2 'Ihe Slory of Dnvid" ( 1 976-Part 2) Keith Michell, Jane Seymour 10:30pm -- Ch. 1 "River of Gold" (1971) Dock Rqmbo, Roger Davis 10:30pm -- Ch. 3 "Barabbas" (Italian: 1961) Anthony Quinn, Sllvana Mangano 10:30 pm -- Ch. 6 "The Trouble With Girls" (19(59) Etvis Presley, Marlyn Mason . 10:30 pm -- Ch. 14 "Charlie McCarthy, Detective" (1939) Edgar Bergen/ Robert Cummings ol FayettevllU 103 W. Slounlaln St. -- Phone 521-773 Complale Home Enlerfoli»mem Cdale Service BURT REYNOIDS CATMERirtC- DEflEUVE NOW SHOWING FRI.-SUN. 7:00-9:25 SUN. MAT. 2:00 All Area Televislun . . . FM Radio Time - Weather -Special tvenfs Monday Nigh? From the devious mind of Alfred Hitchcock, a diabolically entertaining motion picture. Mathias Discount Stores Inc. 10:30 pm -- Ch. 6,10,16 "Blov/-Up" (1966) David Hammings, Vanessa Redgrave NEXT "PHANTOM OF PARADISE" SUNDAY MORNING 6:00 - ihe Fence Paity Una 6:15 With Thi 6:30 Today's World , 2 Grwvte Goottes , 12 UNDAY AFTERNOON Weilern Booh Bj Tony Lama, Jaitin d Nenn Work Bools By: R«d Wjjig ('eT £ Be Sp«d*liilnr in Western Dalits tobe- D:35 ONLY and CVCTV man nants lolv There's no body in the family plot, H E A R I N G AIDS SALES SERVICE KAREN BLACK · DRCCE DERM · BARBARA HARRIS WILLIAM DEVANE-- 'i, VCIUi QNNINO WARDS HtARING AID DEPT. EVELYN HILLS PHONE 443-S591 NOW SHOWING FRI.-SUN, 7:00-9:00 SUN. MAT. 2:00 * 7:45 Hymns of Inspiration 8:00 - CARPETS CLEANED in your home or place of business by Von Schrader dry-foam method. No fuss · No muss N'o odor Call today for free cslimafc. TRIPLE A CARPET CLEANERS 521-7355 The Farmer's Daughter r-xBreakhearl Pass /^ was the end of the line. i Frienrl .-. 1 ,3 S i c c n t e n n f a l In Oklahoma ,., 11 if 4:30 - Sw.rfay ! OuWoors « M h Ju! I us Boroi 2 5:00 -- nsfiip Fi*h-i\2 3, 5, 12 Gtert He avens 3 CHARLES BMNSQN in ALISTA1R MACLEAN'S "BEEAKHEART PASS" A Showing of Styles · Tuesday Evening, April 1 3th HAPPY HOUR Fashions from Trumbos The Town Country Shop ry Fal*el3 ..................... 13 rald Of Truth ... D:30 .Mr. MaJrit ............ , 3 p.nn.-7 p.m. Mon.-SaK Enjoy Ifc* rtUxInr «fmoiph«r[ ol oor New Bark fdforloe ftmtt, fiptd muilc and our H E L D OVER 2nd W E E K "DINNER FOR TWO" $9.95 for 2 World Press Can 11 Macaroni ens pfcwj ......... WiM Kin^dcnn ..... ...... ....... \ . I NBC SUNDAY EVENING Revival f'Jrej 10:00 - r^ll Tht Doctor Fl*lii{kfU5 TWATI Hall Jerry faJwell Faith for Today J)ay America S:ns« The Working Class Hero 21 N. Hlock 1-9 Mon.-Sal. SAT. SWJ. 1:30, 4:15, 7:00 0:45 . . . will feature Cornish Hens Wild Rice TheUue story thai has caplivflled over 8,000,000 readers. , Swisi Family T Mr,ut» World of pjSTiey Aria mx Oi ronlcl EJ if 7:00 Sonny ar«i (Tier ............ 6. Ifl. 18 Kleiy flrj«n ____ . ....... 2, 3, 5, Six Million l»IUr Mia .......... I, 12 Don't Lo.sfi business because of an unanswered phone When U rings-- We answer! Note: All regular menu. items are always available Monday-Saturday. THE HIDIHG PLACE FAYETTEVILLE TELEPHONE ANSWERING SERVICE, INC. 442-9827 Reservations Ar« Recommended JULIE HARRIS · EJLEEfi MECKAItT · ARTHUR O'CONNELt. . AWoild UVdr tttlurei rtlcrtie TAMI .1 lAmcnCE ItOLBLI Johnson Road between 71 Bypss Township

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