The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois on January 19, 1920 · Page 4
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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 4

Carbondale, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, January 19, 1920
Page 4
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TEE DAILY FREE PRESS " : FHzhugh planned well in making Artie his "social valet." . After that .Monday Conference :in his broker's office he had surmised' the relations •_ tetween himself and Otis would > thenceforth be unamicable: His sur- •mlsal proved, correct when, not long .afterward he met Otis and his wife one Sunday on the drive. He doffed .his silk hat with a Chesterfleldian .gesture—and was rewarded 'for. his .courtliness .by being ignored more pointedly than If he bad been an utter stranger. ' :'.:.". Clearly after this there was but one -way for him to see Kathleen, and that ,:was by the aid...of Artie Sparkle. Fitzhugh. never required a second attempt 'to scale, the citadel of : any ' home, no matter how "exclusive" that ' home might bo. .He immediately became "the sensation" wherever he •went. -What with his distinguished appearance,, his flrtshins wit, his skill at repartee, and, above all else, his gift of adapting, himself .readily to any role and playing it with avidity, his popularity was. of a..wondrous growth. He never lacked an audience, nor did he ever fail to keep one hanging on his ' every; word. But Fitzhugh had little time to be a society pivot . Though he was become, a lion he seldom went out to roar. Only, when he believed he should see Her would he accept any of the invitations. These were busy days for Fitzhugh, .days filled with suspense and excitement and, fever. By the end of the year his entire capital was tied, up In spring wheat, which was torching and plunging like a sinking •hip; and every downward 'swoop drove his fortune upward. Though .Fitzhugh's money was all on paper he •was growing rich with galloping leaps, -•nd already he was planning a deal to follow, that might send his fortune soaring, toward the million -mark. It was in the beginning of March, •while the Metropolitan Opera company was playing a two weeks' engagement at the Auditorium, that he received (through Artie) at his club an Invitation to a box party given b'v Mrs, Otis. -' "Well, well, tell -us how. you managed it." "I told her," sputtered Artie, choking 'with mirth, "I told her I had a frightfully aristocratic fellow putting *ip at my place who was all the talk ct Lunnon. Mondays and Wednesdays ..are her opera nights,, don'tclie'r know, ..and she'd just'been telling me that a -chap \vho was to have rounded out her party tonight had failed her at the Just moment, and then I mentioned Shis frightfully aristocratic fellow,' "I Have Loved You," Murmured He Very Close to Her'Ear. "I ain • waiting for my 'answer/' he whispered. She made.DO sign that she heard. "If there's any hope, if I've a ghost of a ehan.ce, smile when you look at me again. You needn't speak. Only smile." Some friends of Mrs. Otis, making an entr'-acte call, had peeped in her box to say • "how'do," and Mrs. Otis, dimpling and gracious and stout (and watching her daughter from the corner of one eye) stood gossiping with them a few moments In the corridor entrance. As the lights came on Kathleen had leaned back in her chair, pressed her lovely shoulders against the cushions and breathed deeply. Now she very deliberately walked to the- seat her mother had vacated, and, with her back partly toward Fitzhugh, she en- giiged herself in airy conversation with Artie Sparkle and the third man .of the party, a middle-aged bachelor named Checkering. Nut once had she glanced Fitzhugh's way. Not-once did she notice his existence. ' There is one thing at which even Ihe most determined of lovers will snip, and that thing is Indifference. Imlil'ferenee raises a wall there is no scaling. "Fool! . . . I.-QO! that I wns-ever to imagine she cared! ... A girl like her—whsit Idiocy!" lie determined that when the act ended he would 'excuse hjmseif on some pretext and rush into the streets, and T saw her prick up her ears "and! and "' alk and wnlk . as n ? had walked before I left she told me to bring him ° D - thls Sam6 aif?ht t!lree years °S°along. She. . doesn't know, don'tchei He that. did not look very far beyond Only he. repeated to himself know. It's you, and she'll .be drwi- ^Vi- • • M^ '° h ' mSe ' f .fully—- ' " c - U ' CBU that for him everything was over.. All «"-~ - •• — • his ambitions, all his dreams and aspl- "Her daughter will be there?" "Oh, yes, indeed. She was In the Joom at the time. She'll be dreadfully surprised, too." •'.o"-No-. dsubt Sparkle, you've got the ; train of a .Napoleon. Going home/ Then I'll take you out In my car." ' They left the Union league club to. and entered Fitzhugh's new 90-horse power automobile glistening •t tie curb. - The perennial, favorite, "La Bo- Jietne," ..Tyas sung, that evening. In •pite of Mrs. Otis (who had borne Artie's "surprise" with commendable composure, sending only one terrifying glance at that rash joker), Fitzhugh contrived to sit near Kathleen, amd by.the.time "Eodolfo" and "Mimi" lad chorused "Amore". he was subtly making love to her, saying little bj ( •word . of mouth but speaking volumes with eye and mien. It was nenr the end of act two, and te did no't know whether "Mimi" waa making merry with the Bohemians in the Quartier Latin or dying of starvation in "Rodolfo's" 'attic, and he did . not know whether Jirs. Otis was watching him or discussing with the • Jady nert her a corset display -in Michigan avenue, that his hand found Kathleen's and smothered, it in a burning pressure. "I have loved you," murmured he, - very" close to her enr, "for three years. Today, in fact, is the anniversary— the second of March. Three years • ago today' I found this"— from under j his cuff he slipped a dainty handker- ' chief of 'exquisite lace and dropped it in. her .lap. "I loved its owner then. J love her now. I have always loved her. I always shall love her. Everything I have I owe to her." • She picked up .the bit of lace, bent her eyes on it. The war^u color had crept from her cheeks, leaving them, if lie could have seen, as white as -her arms § and shoulders 1 — an exquisite, . fine^grainied white as "plire .and as. 'beautiful as the petals of a m : ilk-whlte ' " '' ' ' ' rations had gone for naught. He thought of Esther. But all at' once he sat up very straight, and his deep-brooding melancholy slipped away from him. His sinewy fingers spread, then clenched quickly—his familiar battle sign. Was he, Daniel Randolph Fitzhugh. to be lashed into oblivion by a girl's indifference? He was 'not aware act three had closed until the roar of hahd-clapplrig apprised him of It. Automatically he Joined In. As the lights came on he heard Artie's voice: (To be continued) CHEST CLOGGED UP WITH HEAVY GOLD? Don't give it a cEance Id "set in"—^use Dr. King's New Discovery . ... . .. . .. . ._, The act was Bearing its close. The ««giBof melo<jj had touched htgb tide. T HAT dangerous stage where a cold or cough or case oi grippe might get the better oi you may be nearer than you think. Prompt action with Dr. King's New Discovery will avert a long siege. For fifty years it has loosened' congested chests, • dissipated tight- packed phlegm, broken vicious colds .and coughs.' Give it to the youngsters—take it yourself. There will be no disagreeable after-effects. 60c. and $1.20 a bottle. At your druggist's. Give it a trial. Bowels Become Normal ' —liver livens up, bile flows freely— headache, - biliousness, tongue-fur, stomach-sourness, disappear when Dr. King's New Life Pills get in their natural, comfortable action. Purgatives, never pleasantly corrective, • sometimes hablt-formine, ' should not "be taken to rack the system violently. Nature's way In the way of Dr. King's New Life Pills—gently but firmly functioning the bowels, eliminating the lnte»- tlne-clogging waste, and promoting •v,n .«„=,. ^ratifying results. Cleanse • &»wwSf "aefcttAu DUCK RAISING /ON " INCREASE Long Island, N. Y., Contains Large . Number of Commercial--Farms— There Are Three Classes.. (Prepared,by the United States Depart•'. . ment o£ Agriculture.) According to tlie census of 1910 there were ;2,90G,525 ducks,-in the Onited . States'^ -valued at $1,567,164, showing a decrease in 'number of nearly .40: per/cent as compared with j 1900. It should be stated, ^however; that the animal census of 190Q was taken June 1, and that-of 1910 April 15, which fact would considerably re^ duce the ' above percentage,' although only fowls-three months old -or 'over were reported-on only 7.9 per cent qf the farms in the country and nre most numerous In the following states', arranged according to -their, production : Iowa, Illinois, New York, Pennsylvania, Missouri, Tennessee, Iiidiiinii. Kansas, Oklahoma,' Arkansas, and Ohio, the number ranging from- nbjml 225,000 head in Iowa to 100,000 in Ohio. New Tork is the only one of hese states- which shows an' Increase n the number of ducks, while nil the ithers show a marked decrease. Lons Island, N. Y., contains a number of large commercial duck fcinns ' which' apparently are .quite, "successful. It would appear, therefore, that commercial duck farms are increasing somewhat, while the production of ducks on general farms as a side issue is. decreasing, especially in the middle West. ... There are 11 standard breeds of ducks which have been admitted to the American standard of perfection. These may be divided into three classes: (1) the meat cla,ss, including the Pekin. Aylesbury, Muscovy,' Rouen, Cayuga, Buff, and Swedish; (2) the egg class, which includes the Indian Runner; and (3) the ornamental class, composed of the Call - • i ' the Crested White, and the Black Bast India. The common or so-called "puddle" dunk is kept on many farms In middle. West and South and is generally of small size, a poor layer, and an undesirable type of market duck. Excepting.the Muscovy, all of our economic breeds _of_ ducks are said to Large Duck Farm on Long Island. -' ottglnfttM Trom tlie Maiiaru, oi- common wild duck. . • A boost of 25'to 30 per cent*in thef price of food is anticipated by. restaurants, so will -someone please tell the man who is getting alone now on co£ fee going TOO WEAK TO DOilTOING A Serious Feminine Illness Remedied By LydiaE.Pinkham's Vegetable • : Compound. Cisco; Wis.— "Afterthebirthbfeacb of my. children I had displacement and' ................ ll " 111 """ 1 " wa : s-sp. weak I 1 couldn't do anything . I .'found a book laboutLydia E'Pink- ha'm's 'Vegetable Comp.ound: so thought I wouia'try it I soon felt better. . That was fif- 1 teen yeari ago and: !1 have felt weifl ever. since except that I ^•^•^•wuiMSiSKiiiHHHHi iift9 • jff 'Shfenf settles of- tH» trouble: some tin»«goand took Borne more of -your Compound and was soon all right, again^ I always' recpmr mend your medicine arid ybu-niay pab- lish my :t^inHaifl for 'theT benefit of «therwotnRii i <'.J--'Mis.; JULES BEKO, Jr., R. l,;Box 99, Casco; Wis. ' ""' ' ' ' .Lydia E. Piifldiain's'Vegetab'le Co:«i- S' The 18th St. and . St. Louis A Refined Hotel for Your ! Mother, .Wife and Sister" Single Xoom' with Private Bath $2.00"' $2.50 • $3.00 : Double - $3; 00 $3. SO - $4.00 ' • Room -without both.' imcle, $1.50 Room without b«th. do»Wc,?2.00. $2.50 .ers contains no narcotic or harmful drugs, ^nd today Holds the record of being the most successful tenie'dy ''for female ills in this ,country;-'"an'd' thousaiids'-bf voluntary testimonials prove this f a'ct. If you have the. slightest doubt that Lydia E. Pmkham's Vegetable Corr,pound will help you, write to Lydia E. '- ee and n roll for h™,]rf»<*• h " t, i i f" 11 *^- Medjcine Co." (confidential) ee ana a roil tor breakfast, now he Is. Lynn, Mass., for advice. Your-letter oing to retrench? * . ' j will be opened, read and answered by a woman, and held in strict confidence Eagle Brand Polishes surely clo. produce a better shine and a more lasting one than any other polish you 'can use. This is because of the hk?h quality of the .materials, the know- bo '.v in- making, and our determination to make only. the best: Black and Tan Shoes For a brilliant waterproof shine t!'.i>-.e polishes have 'no equal— and they are positively beneficial t;> r'he leather. S::--;-shine comes 'in black only. . •It removes' dirt, scuffs and' gray S|.;. ..s Eiigie Brand Paste Polish c:::. -.,'•- in Black, Russet, Ox-Blood. r:r.;.l Brown. ; ' T!-!=&;-. polishes-do not con- t..;n '":c\d~ or spirits—npth- i:; : biu the purcGt wax and Th;-y will not injure' 70^ r dealer for Eagle *•.: Polishes — there's a •.•':.•; for ev3iy shoe, and uenza Promises to recur with added violence Suggestion for Prevention infection Don't dope yourself with medicin is thru NOSE and THROAT. Used as a gargle several times daily and as a nasal douche at bedtime, Ma-oze Antiseptic Powder Meets the requirements of one of worlds most famous medicaj organizations. . ' . Get MA-OZE from your druggist while it i obtainable. 25c 50c $1 MA-OZE CHEMICAL CO, 202 South State St., Chicago LAURA E.SWARTZ 08TEOPATHIC PHY»lCIAH '{ .... . . . ^.y • . . ' Chronic Di«es»e« a,.«pecl«itv ' Office In Laudir-Nfeholi Bid* i W.^. HAMILTON Coal and Ice MACKEY COAL OFFICE Phoin* 204' HAMILTON & BRADLEY Attorneys it Law Phone 282 K -. Suite 112 : 11B New Hamilton Buildln*- DELIA CALDWELL, M. McANALLY BU4LDINQ . 211 West Main Street Office Hours—8 to 19 A. M.; 2 to 4 P. • CARBONDALE CANDY KITCHEN Home Made Candle* 'and lee Cr*a-a Telephone (44 Y ECONOMY COAL YARD J. B. WOODS, PROP. Wathed Nut, ECO and Lump ,' Phone 149 K. HENRY BAIN TRANSFER GET OUB -PRICES " Phone 4W I. H. O. HALL & CO. FEED, COAL AND POULTRY SUPPLIES ' .. Phone 233 W. A. BRANDON, M. D. GENERAL PRACTICE AND TH« - . •. lYE Eyea Teated Qlawea nttetf Virginia Bld B , Carbondale, III, DR. J. W. BARROW NEW HAMILTON BUILDING Heura t to 11 A. M. and 2 to • P. .. PHONE 88 F. L. LEVGLE, M. D. • -General Practice Special attention to JEye, 'Ear, .. .aa4 Throat ' Olaaaea Pitted ' < ' Phone*: Residence S30-2, Offbe S*04 Virginia BulMIng . . A,V; SCAN .-jHOil POLISH CO. "Hie Mark of~Quality~ •s rHci>/> a , Vr5<:i;/j7.)flr every shoe u>;a.i*f this trade-wafh: All arc the highest quali'y. i •-aid fry thz Following Dealers: Rldgeway 'Grocery. C. 3* Nelson. • Wm. Kaiser; J. H. Haley. A. T Floyd & Go. I. C Batson. W. ~E. Bush. Gem Grocery. Wilson's Grocery. 3. D. RuaMng. at -our ri«It . WITT'S DRUG STORIT For- SUBSCRIBE TODAr It's Easy—If You Know Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets Thesecret oflteeping young is to feet young—to do this you must watch your hver and bowels—there's no need of having a sallow complexion—dark rinrc under your eyes—pimples—a bilious look m your face—dull eyes with no sparkle. Your doctor will tell'you mnety per cent of all sickness comes from inactive 1 bowels .and : liver. - ^-pdwards, a well-known physician.' in Ohio, perfected a vegetable compound mixed with olive oil to acton the hver and bowels, which'he pave to his patients for years . ' • . T Dr. Awards' Olive Tablete, the sub- *"inr ralfTTuJ' OTU nnn4.1. !_: j.i_ - e, e su- s; OT calcKnd;. are genHe.iri their acbon-yet always effective. •«•«•—••--•

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