Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1963 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
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Saturday, March 30, 1963
Page 3
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Crewineii (Cocticued frorn Page A-l) n»bing. They ijuestioned th* . crew, obtained 'the' fiin"' and /had .It flown to Washington ';'i*I could see"the~.wink ! 'of the guns,"'skid Jack"Nelson, .seaman who timed his camera t a diving MIG which was Jbefchirig what Nelson believed .were ZOlraiHimeter -cannon , "shells across the bow of the freighter' . · , , , . % \ NELSON GOT HIS camera and began shooting as'.the MIGs made their fourth of seven passes over the ship. , He took pictures " .of the planes came in low off 'the port bow, firing." · ."'After he saw" the flash of 'tha guru. Nelson said "the ^sound got to me." He.said the second MIG stayed.up .higher^ covering, I', The Floridian, returning to ; Miami from Puerto Rico, wis _ running parallel to the North "Cuba coast in the channel be. fween Cuba and the Bahamas Islands. _-When the attack began the 'ship was getting ready to turn ;ii$rth on.the last leg of its I voyage. Ships, officers sa« · site was 17? miles southeas [of Miami and ISO miles from ;fcey West. · J ·Norman Teeples of Dania, :rk, said' US/ jet fighters I didn't swoop in from Ke ;West unta 55 minutes afte ' the Floridian sent its' distress 'message. ; ;The ship's cook, Sidney ; Berger of Baltimore, said "w · were all angry. It took s llong for an American plane ;to come out here after th · SOS went out" ' Berger said, "Something has -Associated Frm Wlrtnheto SURVIVOR ON WAY HOME Helen Klaben, 21, Brooklyn coed who was missing seven weeks, in the Canadian wilds after a plane crash, chats with newsmen Friday after arriving in Seattle from Fairbanks, Alaska. Her right foot was frostbitten. A doctor said she will lose all toes of that foot Miss Klaben's brother ". Arthur (left) of Weathersfield, Coruu, left with her Friday night for New York. · - · - · Committee's Solidity for Braden Tentative By RONALD L PEUTSCH .. S.'kCRAMENTO W»-- Chair- "It's possible," man Hugh M. Bums, Fresno, said Friday that the · EK3KU 34UU, jmmcl I H I I f i 4AAJ. · - - ·to be done about this Fidel Senate Rules C o m m i t t e e I Castro and Communism." If tentatively had _ agreed to said' th Senate majority leader, "tha ' decision may not unanimous pending a recheck across Guanabara Bay in Rio with committee members." Ithey can do it to this ship recommend unanimously the ! they can do it to other ships reappointment of Thomas W ' _, *. .^ - _ r _ t x _ · *v_ Rmi^^n »/» th* ^tat* ?V»Tld of and to the mainland of the I United States." ' * · ; THE CREWSIEN agreed the MIGs apparently were out to the State Board of Education. Bums confirmed reports that the five-member committee reached this decision I scare the ship and not hit it »t an executive JSygmunt (Steve) OsinsU of Thursday. · ^*^ Francisco said, *"If they 'had wanted. to hit ; oy they ·could have.*! . ^ -~~- _.- · -~ session r-Teeples ~ said he dtfn't 'thmk-the* MIGs mtended to ; hit th« ship, but added, "They · were bum shots anyway." HE ADDED -that the 'committee. 3-2 Democratic, wil hold A final meeting on the reappointment. Monday a! which time · changes coulc occur before a formal made. . Call Troops £«?« Q^fitias Active^ ." ·"" . ' ' . ., * * * * * * * «»* j *» ^~..*-- 1 ..',.* f:._v*f A '··.··»'!· ff4 iii , MIAMI, rial «V--,Guer-lest fighting w»s in rilLu are ;in· action against [and M a t a n z a Y provinces! Fidel Castro forces in all six [These regions, in the - RIO x.: re. iV?-^ :'?.,DE JANEIRO ederal troops .were. ordered ridiy .: night to occupy all Friday from Ha- Bray tniountafns,- traditionally vana reported. ' ' · ;' -, V ' ' ,The informant was one* of 96 persons, including some ederal bu3ditt|S in Rio:DeAmericans, who r e t u r n e d an'eird. 'A strikebound rail- ly station and a passenger erry dock wtre quickly token ver.. · : - ' - ' . " ; · ' · - ' The. action. by __ President oao' Goulart's gwitrnment described as precautionary in the face of rising v- rest 'agitated by" contnn-ersy over a pro · Castro international conference in Brazil But mflitantly anti-Communist" Gov. Carlos Lace_rda of Guanabara State, which includes . Rk, said . the" action was designed to open the way or intervention in his state. And in Brasilia, the Goulart jovernment .was accused of "an'act of_ force" and of try- mg to protect a" pro-Castro conference that Lecerda had chased out of Rio'this week. " . . ' * - * I LACERDA declared through yention in Guanabara would not be'by the Brazilian government "but by the Cuban jovernment which would give jroof of its influence in the ustice ministry." - J u s t i c e ilinister Joao Mangabeira is one of Brazil's top Socialists and a political enemy of Lacerda. Center of controversy was lie · so-called . International Cuban Solidarity Congress, designed to step up anti- American sentiment and bolster support for the Goulart government's hands-off-Cuba policy. Lacerda'i police c h a s e d conference delegates out of Rio this week, arresting some, and .forced the pro-Castro group to meet in Niteroi. aboard a plane -'that had the site of guerrilla activities. ·"The" militia" is 'shooting anti-Castro Cubans daily," he reported. ."So-caiied ·popular tribunals - try them.; Sometimes they shoot then at the Town prisoner ransom cargo same place" they" find them, to Havana. He said the hsavi- very soon afterward." " " i»»f !»*. east; mi ; 2VJEWi;aw;jRATJEs a It' Vt -iecONE / 3 » ; P A Y J | FREE PARK * SHOP trlth Validation . .. ,i'.. COTKEO f AlUNtt'-A- rIOHCT TOUl CAI ', .* ._. ?A1K IT . IOCS IT * NO ONI EIH TOUCHU IT.;. ; GARAG . . ^ \\- WST KOILTH OE IONS IEACH UIU1T ... "- CNTtAMCtli rxKic Anl « M It '! triiiat wimtt rufff Vt £*£*" · De Janeiro State, outside La- J.Capt. Curtis Olson and'nouncement is ! owners of the ship termed the!" ; ; firing retaliation for attacks? ploded in the water and ' ·by anti-Castro exile groups' observed a pale gray smoke."j (upon Russian freighters in] Olson said the planes were [north Cuba ports. [very dark green. There ap-j | The first two passes by thejpeared to be a white or tan * MIGs apparently were dummyjcircnlar. insignia around the {runs. Olson said'15 to 30 fuselage but we could not Burn's statement was his cerda's jurisdiction, strongest-to date on wide-[ spread speculation that the 15-year-old Oceanside publisher will get unanimous lacking from the committee. With the legislature's session half over, meantime, more than 3,200 bills have been introduced. Committee agendas are becoming jammed with measures waiting to be heard." ' . " In the'Senate Friday, the first of the Brown administration's narcotics bins was passed. The measure, by Sen. Edwin 3. Regan, D-Weaver- n , «-*.-. ' UUA1U1* 14ULU « I C 3 ^t .S^^SLfS? d/« new budget ' shots were fired on the third i pass. J "They, were J shells," he said. "They could tell e x p l o s i v e but 'what make it out," Olson said. "I ex- cannot say." they type were MIGs of MIGs I COMPLETE WEATHER ' : · : ' " - ·' , roVtCJUT . : ' ' . . ' · '* IK* Hack and Wiainr: Vartat:. dmdlncn. but canty auraty today and Vuniay. H on Kan O. . - - - . - . Ua«itaw Anai: Masny turaiY today and Sunday, tut avna tow ctoudl and local tog JDWVT ccastjt aeon. Ultftrv varmer today. rMr and Bttft (Mm: Mciey cMar today and Sunday. SfrgMlr Wma-today,LM tmetrttum a to 3 meet \rnrn. a to Sf towtr ya.'ley» and fc'jtfa today «i ttnmjoer, a f l t o l t knnr yallrrt. . Srark*: 1:44: Santf: t-O. TSSSTMfafifvt (Kt at 7 ja a-nx and 1 at ttll a m. and *l fcrt W ra tm. tM. 4.1 tat at J i ajn. FIOAT-S WtATXri KErotTl CaJhrta . ^ H i. m. JllSi^S^Zu S *n»ie» M a n«woort Bcadi . M ffw 41 adlaoml xfatrs Frttav wn 100 »l wat n a t WBwfiar. vt . . , , . · . other than a registered pharmacist from preparing a prescription for a narcotic. The Day in Sacramento r AISOCUTID riiss TKC COVtKNO* Ike Urges $13 Billion Budget Cut By VINCENT J. BURKE WASHINGTON (UPI) -Former President Dwight D. Eisenhower urged Congress Friday to slash more than $13 billion from President Kenne- Cjlifonia THE SEXATE ·an r*oft: - Mvterio--Prohibits anv Mrua rifeer fen Bfcannaeu ·arm*. Mint «r cluding the space and defense programs. Taking an especially dork view of the administration's man - on - the · moon project. Eisenhower said Congress would be Iguilty of *fisca recklessness" unless it performed major surgery on this and other programs. He said ~ re being [wasted on speeded-up space (programs. Speaker of the House John McCorniack, D - Mass-, w h e t h e r prepared to see M-^^ttSlSZ'KTM*"?** 1 j" «*«, OQ ** am ami namswn intern; mOOn first. He Said SOme · 5%KSS~r t "-"^"^ jiugh Republicans" regarded , ., .-"«··« ithe first sputnik as "nothing ' - tMfwK. * KMwaad CttT. THE ASSEUtLT racau Mr weekvnd. · ' tantu SI un. Low-Yield Tesl Rrcil in ^ WASHINGTON (UPI)-The Atomic Energy Commis- EISENHOWER threw his influence behind the Republi can budget-cutting drive in a letter to House GOP leader Charles A. Hafteck, Ind, who had sought the former President's views. ' ; Eisenhower denounced un- sion said that a low-yield nuclear device was triggered specified "new spending pro- Friday at its Nevada testing'grams"--a c r i t i c i s m that ground. . ,·-' . (brought from McCormack - The last underground testidemand for a "bin of partico- ia the current series was con-jlars." Bst the former Presi- ducted on Feb. 21. Friday's dent specifically , called for test was approximately the'defense spending reductions 63rd cndergrcond test since and · .iTM-^*^^ ~ «v- , ISept .15. 1961. . i J V v ' / . i ynnr H"-jV T'*|iii.'uj.'W THERETL BE MORE RAIK today akng tbe centra] ~rA north Pacific Coast ,·· and through the rorthcrn plateau.-Cooler'in the eastern plains. -''".'· * a stow-down in the "downright spongy" space irogram. "1 have never believed that spectacular dash to the moon, vastly' deepening our national debt, is worth the added tax burden it win even- uaDy impose upon our citizens," FJsennower said. Eisenhower said the moon flight should stem from "a natural growth of demonstra- My valuable space operations," hot a "crash program." Robber Sentenced Arthur Donald Wilson, 35- year-o!d transient who tried to snatch a woman's purse last Dec. 21 and knocked her to 'the · ground when . she wooldn't let go, Friday was sentenced to state prison by Superior · Court Judge Maorice C Sparling. Wilson, who has a Jong police record, was [convicted of robbery." ' ^ magnificent . factory authorized ANNUAL on fully automatic BIG PICTURE 330 sq. in. TV ; ..-. always brings yon tbe finest pictures . you're ever seen... twice as big as 19* sets ... for only pennies a day! , Exclusive Magnavbx Yldeomatic--the only fairy automatic TV--makes all tuning adjustments for you electronically, continuously and always perfectly; to give you the clearest, sharpest pictures-day or night! Jnst select yonr program--Magnavox Yideomatic does the rest. And, only tie exclusive Gold Seal Warranty guarantees service and all parts for'one year--picture tubes for three years! YOU GET FAR MORE TV ENJOYMENT PER DOLLAR lor Magnavox330 BIG PICTURES cost you less per sq. in. than th« cheapest portable on the market today. AChrcmaticOpticaJ Rteradds realism, eliminates the causes of eyestrain. Also available with Tola! Remota Control, optional. Your choice of several styles and finishes. Tha American Colonial, 2-MV30S in cherry finish. Gold Seal Warrant/. '/? NOW ONLY '279 50 The CONTEMPORARY 1-MV322. fufy automaSc 330 sq. Fn. TV with Gold Seal Magnapower chassis, two high fidelity speakers for fine sound, and the exclusive Chromatic Optical Filter. In walnut finish. Also available in Colonial or Traditional styles. Other Magnavox quality TV now priced from only $149.90 ENJOY ROOK-FILLING SOUND FROM THIS POCKET SIZED AM RADIO NOW. ONLY $1995 EIGHT POWERFUL TRANSISTORS, plus highest standard cf performance you'd . expect from Magnavox. Exceptional 'station selectivity. Gift boxed complete with ' battery, earphone and leather carryin;.. case. The Companion, AM-SO in several sparking colors.'' " ' · ; SMALLEST, KOST POWERFUL FM/AM PORTABLE EVER BUILT! The SURFSIOEV FM-93-wiWi run* transistors, tone control. Amazing performance lets you enjoy the beauty of music wherever you go. In several colors--gift boxed complete with batteries, earphone and leather canying case.- · - I , v .ONLY SAVE 5100 ...on this magnificent STEREO THEATRE NOW ONLY '498 MUSIC BECOMES MAGIC, PICTURES COME ALIVE: Fuir/automate 330 sq. in. TV, true Stereo High FkieSry . Phonograph, FM/AM radio, powerful stereo ampCf ers,' : she high fidelity speakers include t«ro 12' bass woofers, Micromatie Record PJayer w2h 10-year Diamond Stylus Guarantee, lets' your records last a IfeSme--p!us fi« Gold Seal Warranty. The International, I-MV333. l.i French Walnut fmjsh-$525. ' Other Magnates Stereo Theatres are now priced · - ' ' ' from onfy $383 Sale ends next week! ·" OPEN THIS MONDAY UlTE UNTIL 9 P.M. · 135 I. 3rd SI./downtown Long Beach'/.. HE 6-4296

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