The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on January 23, 1908 · Page 10
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 10

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1908
Page 10
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INTERRUPTIONS WERE FREQUENT. Wife of H*rry Thaw Retell* the Narrative of Her Wrong* Before Public Audience. New York, Jan. ^o.—District Attorney Jerome began his cross- examination of Evelyn Ncsbit 'I haw at 3:05 p. in. It was admitted before hand that the pros- ector \vas to subject the witness to a merciless grilling. New York, Jan. 20.—Over the bitter protests of District Attorney William T. Jerome, who branded as "preposterous" the contention of the defense that the •lory of Evelyn Nesbit's alleged downfall at the hands of Stanford White unbalanced flarry Thaw and led to the tragedy in Madison Square Koof Garden three years later, the prisoner's young wife took the witness stand today and repeated *'*** 9 t°ry <" the jury. Sin- testified that when slir was id year* old Stanford White HI vitrd In i lo his Twenty-fourth street - hidio.osU inilily ID iitlcnd a diHin i party. She found herself alone in (In- house with him, she Miid, and became unconscious af- sht, had sipped a glaus of wine in liis apartments. Slit- (old her story of her experience there !<• Han \ 'I haw when In- a*kcd In i to l.-ei o||ic*lll^ Wile III I'alis in Hyoj. and she l-Milied, in eli'eit, tlut her story dtovc 'I haw iie-an.-. Kvclyn testified thai \\lni. IninseH believed Thau insain-, and had told her that his livali was a menial wreck She swoie aUo Ihnt '-In- had n iiiM-d i<i in U-r a suicide pact with Thaw jn-l before Ihey were 111,11 lied. tcr.Hiie al once urn-wed hi-.' motion thai tlie public IK e\ '. hided tlohi the emu In nin dm •I.;; the iem:iiiiiii|; linn- that Mi- 'l • ' 1 v n I hav\ is mi tli<' stand I .11 lli lull then 1 e-simied tile > • n HI ni M i v "I haw, ipie • I'di.iii; h.-r relat i\ < In Ihe lane m iiiti i \ ii \\ in tip- I 'ai i 1 - li. ilel i lyoi in which I'.v' l\ n \i ^-In told 'I li iw that "In titan s bun l>< can 1 --. 1 n c-1 inin ;ii t'n hand- •>' Stanioi.' White. Jerome was i-ousianllv sjniiii; intf to his feet with ohjecl,on> a-Mrs. Thaw cmiliiuied her MOM When tin proM-cnlor would •take lii- --eat. Thaw would ^a/e int -nth- it his \\ ite. \Vheii let on 1 was mi his feet Hie di-hndanl Wo !d eiane Ills neii foWard tin 1 bin. . lad MK»I e on tin- -.faud. Mrs. Thaw, a* hr-t \r,ir, con s<;uitl\ veiti rit\ -I that -he \\a--n peatin^!' oid\ \\lial slu- II.K! told Thaw ill I'.lii-v \\hill Jrlonie ol lered hi^ uliivion-,. I'yeUn w.iiild tdin tit him and in-.i-.i-- "That's Vi-li.'tt 1 told Inin, Mi', leroiiie." DIED OF OLD AGE. I'hillip VelKn. aged 85 yeafs, <Jtcd at St. Maty'* hospital Mop dav ti{ old agv. lie had hem an inmate of that institution for the just four vcar-. I he ••emaiii- were brought 1" Ihe A li : iu i.shagen I'tnlertalitnu' p»rlois when- they \vitl he pi.- MHi'vd fuv btirial. • - - •*• • +'I In ic wax once was a maiden young and gay, ihr'd lansjh and sin); the \\holi loin/ da \, For 1 am so happy and well, said she, N'o\v thai 1 take Hollister's Rocky MounUiu Tea. M. J. Swctland Drug Co. Miss Alexander of Gallatin, has been in the city for the two weeks, the guest of Mrs. Kitt, returoed to her home VMday. Miss Mtxtnt&tjjiju ac- •Wnpanled by Mrs. ICHtS|jUon, HindalV who >vill,vWt In GalUiHn Ulew <UiV*. ... ^ ' - ,-' i T » - "•- * ! -' *' ; - I EV. HOLLIDAY PREACH ES ON LOCAL OPTION Chiistian Peopie Held Responsible for Existence of Business Which Slays. Kxodus 21-29, "I $t| t if the ux were wont to push with his horn in time past, and it hath been testified to his owner, and he hath not kept him in, but that he hath killed a man or a woman; the <>\ shall he stoned, and his owner also shall bo put to death." Preaching from the above text on the subject, "The Old Ox- l.iquor Traffic," Rcv.O.B.Uolli- day at the Jilm Street Methodist ( hiirch Sunday night, said i.i part: "Law is a necessity. So agrees, perhaps the greater part of tin civilized world. The condition of the world before (uxl spoke, was disorder and confusion. As soon a- Divine power was displayed, oidrr came, light came, day divided the time with night. 'I he seasons came on, each in its order, bringing with il a peculiar blessing to the world, ll'-aven is I he most orderly plai e in the tin iviisc. Hell, like Ihe famous cave of the winds at Niagara, i'. inn- nl stiprcmi- diMii'dci, noise .Mil! I . illillsloll. " I ax\ is net r-'.ai \ m I he fain d\ , m i oinninnitic'., •.talc;., n.i t u m . W h;il an did \\ in Id il >\»uld In- without Liu. |i wi-.h l.iu -, had • |il,'inlid i< "..n i! |. n liniiian lilc \\ liosn -Ind i.'i III man's blood,hv man -hall ln- bl....d I,, sln-d." ' V\ Inn you bmld a li >n M , put .1 tailint; aiound lh<- flat i -ni'. ). (•I ' il' I I Ihoi-e \S ho li-.e if fiij- I'll .l-.lll. i,r -.l.-epm^ I !|r I, \| ' .1II • i 'in .1111 ill I'll) In ,IIM ,| !i,-| 1 *\ ill tin .line kind. I he let • •I "I lli, <• |,i .-, - i , i,,,{ il( ),,,, "• ^'- ; vv i- at • inidi-i .1 hii^h.-i !a\\ . that ni tin Sjiini. I In I i I . .Ml Ill-lit III n ill III i Mil I.'I u I I 11.11 ;\- .[i'l 11 I "i 1 i Ml' nl l-ii- im - • .il i.lit' .,i' ihj- Ian \\ i i, •! • p 111 • 11 Ih: i n • 111 n! i o n < s -.»! '• ' -in .1 \\ i Ita\ '• !•' ' ;• i• '•' lm-\ •. 11. i 11 • in i |||. i!,. i ., , • i -lid • I • lie i.| , .ill |H ' i|.i. -a hi |,||l . -'. end I.i II 'II 1 ' ' i . |n 'I.i II .•: II. . .;,! I, M ''.udil -land |.ii the l|.|ui.i traliu ! '«!' - the ..Id i.,. I |,•,!,,., I, ,|ln-, pn- !i \\ ii li hi- lii it n^ " \ \\ lid --h i I .-- . :I|H d ii. ,n: .'I d|o\ e . 'I (.ill 1. i .11 :i In: - >. n ei I 1 M a i II v ,\ IL i'. v, .1 e iiiL;ht il]i hi re.a man I li.-i < .Mid .1 \\ ov , I v,.,ndi i. I hd ,-u> !-.-d> .r,L. 'I 'id tin "• ]• \e-h \\ ilh In- lit .ni- si '. llu ni.inid. d I.,.die -. i; lit. > ji'tini-. -.jn :ik |i M | In •-!,-., |\ , , I )... - lln-. ..Id ..- , M- li -,., ill. |,i- lit .1 II-- I .e| | he I.n ' -| I t| i ilsi'll home--, \v i <, es. jntit In d and i ai;i;ed . In id: en i aiiM-d by drinK . b, at i. • i inn >u\ . I lue nislance. \ iiliclil \iMlilj' la \v\ei. (he pi < •seen 11 n;: allni'iii '• n! Ins comity at _•=;, capable of uaching the highest plane in the gift of the people, lite "Id t>\ gor cd liini I larmle---., lie --aid. lint di i pel and dct pel ill. IHIIII pule id In- brain. In- hie. lv,--u!i, I,mi il i -cattcrcd, \\ ile broken In ai I cd, children pushed «.tn ml" the \\ orhl I he man linn-i It i I --.i\\ bun a shot I lime a^« I a biokiiid.nvn iiMiudcr,, iins|ia\en. getting hi- lis'im: from the free lunch counter-;, the diabolical bait held out by the old <>\ to entice the llioiightle^-. Hoes he push with his horn!' Let fait* 1 speak for themselves, lie ought tu be stoned. "Docs the owner know he pushes with his horns? He is a dullard if he docs not. F.very one else knows il. If the owner knew it, and the ox gored a man, not only the ox, but the owner was to be killed. The doctors, phstologtsts, Scientist*, . lawyers, Your Duty is to be Well. Bat yon cannot be well U 700 Bqrteet taking Hood'* ttampBrlila when ymi know you should take It. Impure blood, poor appetite, headache, ncrvouineii, that tired feeling-by tuew and other algni your «yi- tern demand* Hood's, Get a bottle today. Glow of Health-" My i>ln<xl WM very poor. Hltici, luting llcxxU S»r»ap»rltl» I nave more eulor In mv fwn, *l<H<u and eat ll, and work Is » pli-Muro." MKH. A. A. >, Taunton, MM*. In Worst Form-" I hod catarrh In the •worst form and wn» ailvlHeil to try Hood'* Hanaparllla, I took Hpviiti )>uttl<w and am n»w In B<K«! health, 1 ho[Ki pvorrona woo IIM catarrh will elv« lln.ul'n a fair trial." MRS. WIM.IAW Mc-reALT. I'arknrford.I'a. Always Praise-"! first look l!o<xt'»8ar- aaparilla 13 /i.»ri uirn. ami ulw»y» apeak In favor of it." II. COWLXU,, 237 I'erry BtrMt, l/i well. MtuiA. llnod'n Sar»n|iiirllln In sulit everywhere, In the iinunl ll<)iilii. or In tablet form called •arsatabs. mo Doses oiw Dollar. Prepared only by C, 1. Hood Co.. Lowell, A(o«». judges, teacliers,mini.sters, testify to the fact that the old ox gores. Last week the circuit judfjc pu- rolcd a young man funnd guilty of highway robbery. What was his pledge? That he was to abstain from intoxicating liquors. Why:' Because the judge knew and testified that the ox was killing the young man. Docs the owner know it? Four thousand employes of the Chicago & \orlhwcstern railroad take the pledge. Why? Mecausc the railroad said lives were in danger from men who were gored by the o\. Does the owner know il? < iod pity him if lie does not. "Who is the owner? I expect it will be hard to find one who will claim the ownership of so diMvpntabh- a beast. My, what an old ox he K. ",\sk the dramshop keeper. I do nut midi-flake to excuse him, he is in a poor business; but ask him. Ile points to his license, and sa\s, 'I'or -.(, much money I ha\.- immediate charge.' Ask the In en~e, and u e i;el the reply, 'I ;uii the result nl the law.' Ask the law, '.\'nl mine,' Ask the .-,!> conned, '\o not mine. 1 Ask tli county court, 'No not mine.' V-l. Ihe I .<-j;islaflor, '\o not mine. | am doing tin- \\ill of a ltr,dnT bod\ .' I he ownership '••• > •'• ' MI ln')'.i.;iiiKt W In i is the . \\ lie I .' " I n a mmi.ii'elu, it might )n!'-.- Is in:.;. I n a I 'emocracy. il is 'I |.. uple. I ehai i;e tin- 1.1 uple, Methodist, I re-.b\ lei i,m, Uaptisls, etc., as beini; ill. • 'Wilei "\\e 111.ike councils. courts, I i ;4i-!alo|-, l.iux \\'e own him. ' \\ e .Hi-hl to kill him. If ,ve '»'-.:'l. Il, v-.lll kill US. ||e j.; fas! k dlniL; n - m iw. I'm bini mil of -. Si. him lo ilealh, 11. >\'» I '\ . >nv ballots. ' 11 e, e il-. ni it, I iod will -.end IIIIMI h.-a\ en upon us in the last ila\ . "K'nl vonr-.e|t' nf such owiier- s'np Kill II'.- di-repntahle old OORTELYOU RESIGNS, \ew N oik. Jan. i;, T!ie New N.ii'l. \\"i ifbl today prints the fol- I-tsMii", -lm\' ''I Sccie(:M'v * nr- t '' T - i'• • u;natii .n, nnd'-i a \ -. .1 -111: i;.; t. i n < I a I e line : Serii I,ire ( 'orlclyoii ha-, i e- i.: m M. I lie siorc current is that tin- presidency of the Knickcr- !i"c|. ir trust ' 'o. has been offered (.> him at :\ salary of ^''lo.iv-o a year. A a matter of fact, the best ill- lormaiion obtainable here is that Mr. (ortelyon icsi^nicd at Ihe tl.i-e of a stormy private session \Mth i're'-ident K-io^evelt, follow- in^ a Cabinet mectiiij» some time .IL;' '. A CORRIJCTION I', I Mailni'S e;db <! at the Coti- -tiintiiiit ollice Monday and slated lll.ll lllis paper el lei) in nK'll- ti>itnni> that his brother-in-law, |ne 'lolheil, \\as coiifmeij (o his honic in llnnlsville with coii- snmpiinn. Mr. Malloiy stated that Mi. 'I'olbert had been ill with fever, liu! was rapidlv recovering. UNDERWENT " 5PER ATIO N. Dr. A. ). Simpson, assisted by Drs. Barney and Gordon, per formed an operation on Miss Kale Pom! nt St. Mary's hospital Friday afternoon for appendicitis, The patient. \\a^ reeling nicely Saturday. BUT REAL DEMOCRATS' MUST DO THE SHOWING PLBAWCD GUILT GLAKY. a Number of in Jfrrpfcaon T May b* Stnt to Nebraakan Makes Proposition to Those Who Are Opposing His Third Nomination. Washington, Jan. in.—I'rovid- ul they are "real Democrats," it will not he necessary for a third of the delegates to the Denver convention to protest against the nomination of Bryan in order to secure the withdrawal of the Nebraska leader from the 1'resi- dential ciMitcst. Hryan has written to supporters in Washington assuring them lie wiil retire from the race for the ['residential nomination "if any considerable number" of real, honest Democrats among the party leadership indicate to him that his candidacy will jeopardize the Democratic chances, Iwcrybody knows what Bryan means by "real 'Denuicrats." 'Ihey are the Democrats who stood loyally by the party in |8<X> and HKX>. If i| lt? Democrats m Congress speak their minds in I'.ryan's presence, as they do when he is away, they will give him Ihe information which, under the conditions he has mentioned, will cause him to retire. Would Support One of Three llryan went even further in his letter than to sa\ he would re- lire ii protests \veiv made from "real Democrats." lie says if he i- Miown thai a stronger candidate can he named he will give his support In one of three l)eim>- . rats. In this connection he named i .ovcrnor Johnson of Minnesota, i lovcrnor Moke Smith of (ieorgia and Senator Cnlbcrson of Texas. I'ryans letter was written in n MIOIIS-e ),, ann.'Uncements that I jeinocrai ic leaders in the Kav ;ml Sonili have determined to !i»u him thai at least a third oT the convention will Ihe op- p. >-,ed to his nomination and that this opposition will be based upon Ihe conviction that he cantioi be elected and his selection r- Ihe paiU leader will lend |,> jMvaier deiii. n li/at ion of the party s '. I e 111; 111. I'.rvan i-- to be m \\'ashington lanital;. _>_•;. are lieili^; made |o|' a series of con feicmes I.i be participated in hv inlhieiilial Democia's represent- in:; all Ihe diliYrcn! sections of t!'•'• eountrv. It v..!s tlte .1! the lender-: ai ti\ e in ihe nil e v einent to -.hi <\\ b\ Ihe lest'iiioiu of Urvan's m\i' hieie's tlia( parlv harnionv can l-e pi. itiH'led hv hi - eliminal ii m aid that il \vi|l In imp. i -ihle in the evcirt ..I his , Mididacy. Bryan Willing to Step Aside. Mr. Hi \ an. fullv in touch with ihe Dcniocialic ••< nl inieiit. has I... pt liimseli informed concernini' the \ar\ing alliludi of ditVercnt leaders, and is prepared, it is mt- lUlstood, to meet their challenge and abide bv Ihe decision lhe\ reach. It is no| expected that Mr. I'i'ivaii \\ill surrender without a ^ti'u, r ^l< x . lie will insist upon a full explanation .if the motives irompliun (hose al the head of the movement against •him. Ib- will demand (in- most posj live assurances thai the effort to defeat him is not in (he interest of a reactionary candidate. lie will want to know exactly the character of the Dem-icrat* who \\ill oppose his election. but would stipoil Johnson or one of the oilier men he has suggested 1'Jryan has declared with em phasis that he cannot be expected to stand for another campaign such as was mado for Alton H. Parker, lie will not relinquish his own ambitions in order to hint the Democratic party over to the conservative clement. Hut His Hands were a Solid Mass, and Disease Spread Ail Over His Body —In Four Days the Child was Entirely Cured— Mother Strongly RECOMMENDS CUTICURA SOAP AND OINTMENT • • ' • "One <tajr WB noticed that our little boy w«j all broken out with itching •ore*. We fint noticed It on hU lltUa OMid». HU hsmh were not M bad then, and we didn't think anything •eriou* would rwilt. But the next day w« heard of the Cuttoora Bemedl*. being jo flood for kohjm ion», etc., that I thought I would «* them. By into tlme^he dUeww had «pre«d all over-hto , .and ht» hand» wer* nothing but a solid mam of thfa» Itching dbeaw. 1 wont to the dm* »tor» and pnrchaMd a box of Ctitioura Soap and one box of Outtcura Ointment, and that ntcht I •tripped my little boy aarf took the Cutkmra Soap and lukewarm water and waihed him well. Than I dried Um with a Mtft bath towel, and took tS* Cutiotira Ointment and nibbed him thoroughly with It. I did this e>ery evening before I put him to bed and la three or four nights he wa* entirely c '"Ef ,. X? u u have m y pwmtaaion to nuhll»h thi« baoaom anybody who wt- fered I aa my baby did ought to know of the Cutlcura Remedtei. I will »ur»ly and gladly recommend the Cutlcura nnmndiM, for they are a godnend to all Buffering with *kln tllwMUfW. Mn, Frank Donahue. 208 Fremont St., Kokomo. ]&d., Sept. 1«, !»07." ' PIMPLES And Blackhead* Prevented an* Cured by Cutlcura. Onntljr gmear tho hen with Cutlcura Ointmwnt, the grout Hhin Cum, but do not rub. Wash off the Ointment In flt« minute* with Outlcura 8o«p and hot water and continue to bntho th« t*e» f r«»ly for tame minute*. Ifopeat morning and Awning. At othw tlnvw UM» hot water and Cuttmn* Soap for bath- inn tlie face an often n» agiwtable. <»mpljl« EtMrtul and Intorral Tm Errry Humor ni Infant*, chUdrro. fionnUU of (Mlleura oimmmt 1 . &«."« I'MuTSo. per rfef at Ml) in Puri , »>ld thmiMliiitit the wnrM. Pattn Itns* Com., f-ili- from,. Bwrtrat, Mu «r-M»U«l I'm. cuthmm Book oa Mta Tttoun. * WANT AD. COLUMN. ***** + *« + *« WANTED TO RENT To Rent—I have three clients wanting farms to rent—200 to 51x1 acres each. See G. T. Kinsey, KYal Instate. ir WAtfTBO. \\'aiue<J—At once to list 5 or 6 small farms, 20 to 100 acres. G. T. Kinsey. rc-al estate. j6d&w2w Notice — I want to list three or four largo farms — 400 to 800 acres i-.ich. G. T. Kinsey. Real Rstate. I'iyar Salesman Wanted. Fvx- perict'cc unnecessary. $ltX) per month and expenses. Pecrh ss Ci:;ar (.'<>., Toh-'do, Ohio. jt6d&wiw \\ anted-— To trade 4(X>-acre farm for a --mailer one or for I hi!- liiolhi" citv propel'! . See t /. 'I'. kinsey. JOJdwlW i the<e conservatives arc willing in accept li-ikc Smith oj- ( Jovvr- nor |ohn>on, or Senator ( Hlber ..n. he \vill regard that as evi- i|e|.ce nf tlu-ir sinceritv. 'J'o Fledge the Bryan Opposition. I !i< men who are working luirde--i for liyran'n eliminutiou ;•!'. .claim their ability ti> meet all hi-- requirements. They say they canot onlv show him that a large and inllnential portion of the party i< against him, hut they will pledge the support of the whole I'irvaa :oppositi.~>n to any other candidAle that I'ryau may name. MAY FORCE GENTRY OUT. JetiVrson ( ity. Jan. 14. — On ac- c.inni of a controversy between Allot ncy-( ieiieral Hadley and his a -Mslant. \. T. ("ientry. over the camlidac\ of (ientrv, fur the K< • publican nomination /or attorney- i;, it i* reported, on what is considered good authority, that (ientrv will, this afternoon, tender Altoinev-tjencra! lladley his resignation as an assistant in his office and will make the race openly for the Republican nomination. < Jem-rat Ifaclley took exceptions :it (lentry for making the race without consulting him. lladley preferred that Assistant Attorney- General John Kermish of Holt count v make the race for thi? nomination but Kennish liai declined to enter the contest. Walter Jones. tu robbery hi the in circuit court Monday and was sentenced to in the penitentiary, was unable to tell the of the boy, and if it is "udge Trimble that thi der age he will be sent to _ vilie to the reform gefeoat, iiiiljijr of the penitentiary. ? , Jones was convicted of ^ a number of farm house* is son township during Other proceedings were a» fc|> lows : John Neibarger v». Latttra Kei- barger; cause submitted to (fan, evidence heard, JtrfKMnMfcV plaintiff for dirore* a» in petition; all as per decWot^ Mary Belle Waitace vs. if Id A. Wallace; cause to court, evidence ment divorcing plaintiff rnwtiHR bonds of matrimony coottaded^ with (fefcndant and car* and COS- tody of infant child, Jesse \Va;IT»ce, awarded plaintiff. Jennie O'Malley TO. C. B. _ R. R. Co.; contmned by agreement 1 . In the matter of the ship of Harris and Brigraao, p«- «$ fition filed for jaccourrttng and appointment of receiver and catttt orderi'il docketed and ordtrtd that summon* issue for Harvy Harris directed to the sheriff «f this county. Lucy Leavell et al. vs. John S. f.eavcll et al,; Kitt & Taylor, turncys (or plaintiff allowed fee of $450 to b» taxed as costs and -: further ordered that all costs m "* this cause be paid by the parties in this suit in proportion to their respective interests, the same to In- a lien upon the land. B. B. <ii!l. guardian ad litem, $25 guardian ad litcni fee to taxed as costs. On motion of A. P.. Davis, it was ordcrc-d by the Court that Harry J. Libby of Shelby county bar be enrolled as a member of the Livingston county bar. The case of Henry Butts vs. \\ . J. <"rimby. et al.. for unlawful toitversjon was caliVd Monday afternoon. A number of witness* were examined during the af- tcruoou. HOGS 5c~T6~ioc LOWER Kansas (ity, Jan. ai.—The liv* ock market for totlay as report>.»' by (.lay, Robinson & Co. is as •»V^. Cattle receipts 13,000; yiarket steady to toe lower. Hog receipts 35.000; market 5c to loc lower; bulk of sales $4.30 to $4.40. Top $4.47 i-a. Sheep receipts 8.000; market slow to stcay. Chicago—Cattle receipts 5,000; n.arkct stow. Hog receipts 30,000 market weak. Sluep receipts; market weak. MRS. Hale, Mo., Jan. Correspondence)—Mrs. D. J. Mecum died at the home of her son in Kansas City Friday. Th* re* mains were shipped to this place Saturday and interred at th* Hu*> rican cemetery Sunday. She was the widow of D. J., better known as "Unrlc Jackey" Mecum, who died several years ago. Mrs. ^fect!m was 76 years old. V H. H. Shields'dcliv eredlo head cf hogs here Friday 'hat averaged 231 pounds each, IT. 55. H^rter of Brookfietd attended circuit court here

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