Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 1, 1960 · Page 4
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 4

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1960
Page 4
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PAGE 4 T U C S O N D A i L Y CITIZEN WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE 1,*I9M WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE I, 1*60 T U C S O N D A I L Y C I T I Z E N PAGE 5 TUCSON TONIGHT, TOMORROW Unless otharwis* noted, all meetings listed In thU column are open to the public without admission charge. TONIGHT 7:30 P.M. -- The Envoys Male Quartet of Azusa College, sponsored by Noel Evangelical Methodist Church, Keeling School, 435 E. Glenn St. g P.M.--University of Arizona commencement exercises. University Stadium. (See sports section for sporU calendar.) Mao Uses Quemoy As Panic Button TAIPEI, Formosa -- l3"I --Quemoy ii a tailor-made crisis factory for Communist China. i Peiping caa fir* international! tensions to tht boiling point by ·helling Quemoy with little, if any, danger of direct U. S, re-; foliation. The United States i* not bound; to defend Nationalist China's off-' shore islands. The tiny islands hugging the Red China coast art sitting ducki and Pejpiag believe* it c*n attack without seriously risking western counterblows. · A Red attack against South Korea, Japan, Formosa, the Philippines or South Viet Nam would bring the U. S. into action under Its mutual defense treaties with those nations. The Indochina states of South Viet Nam, Laos and Cambodia lie in th» defense area of the SEATO nations, including the United States, Great Britain and France. Under its Commonwealth ties, England probably would help defend Malaya. Singapore, Ceylon, India or Pakistan. British and Portuguese troops guard th« colonies of Hong Kong and Macao. Macao. But, except for Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek's own forces, no one Is pledged to save th« Quemoy and Matsu islands. - On Quemoy and Matsu, the announced U.S. policy it that America will come to Chiang's rescue only if the U.S. President believe* that an attack against he offshore islands is preliminary ID «n attack against Formosa. This arrangement seems to be ideal for Peiping. From shellproof bunkers, the Jteds can firt one massive artillery barrage at Quemoy and ·hock a helpless world. That ii exactly what tht Nationalist Chinese believe tht Reds are going to do in the Formosa Straits soon. If the Reds want to win concessions elsewhere in the world, they can push the button at Quemoy and bring the Wes?, to its knees begging for peace, th« Nationalists believe. Tb* U.S. fired no shots and did not participate directly In the defense of Quemoy during Red China's saturation shellings two years ago. America did reinforce its "th Fleet i» ths western Pacific and give more weapons to Chiang. But it did not fight The Communists havt every reason to expect the same relatively harmless reaction if they launch another limited assault ·gainst the offshore island. D-M Bomb Wing Boasts Fine Record No major flying accidents In five years 'vt the enviable record of the 303rd Bomb Wing at Davis- Monthan AFB. Only one other B47 bomber unit In the Strategic Air Command currently has a greater airount of accident-free flight time, the 68th Bomb Wing at Chennault AFB, La. Tlie 68th's last accident was In March, 1955. The 303rd's last accident was on May 1, 1955, when a B47 Stratojet bomber crashed while taking off at Fairford, England. The crew was not seriously injured. Col. William Bacon, commander of the 303rd, said the wing has flown slmost 44.5 million miles in 96,307 accident-free hours since its last mishap, ims amount or fright | time was logged in about 12,500 missions. The 303rd has won many awards during the past live years Including the "Top Unit" citation for the May through August period last year. Bacon was given the Commander's Accident Prevention Award for 1958 and the 303rd won the Air Force Flying Safety plaque for the first six months of j last year. i Direct Train Service, London To Moscow LONDON--UPT--The first direct LendM to Moscow trail service kits been opened. The Journey will take about 10 Vaytr* Iw ly't frsfn tft Harwich EaglancC steamer to the Hook of HoTlwd «»1 a through train to Moscow across Holland, Germmy and Poland. Twenty passengers ·Mtde tt first trip. TlntS! SAVE! ROEBUCK.AND co Millions of Miles of PROVE* "DRIVING .SAFETY.In. All SEARS Guaranteed ALJLSTATE TIRES Fleet TOM oil Over and Over Again on HOT Deser* Koads.... COLD, WET and Rough Highways! \ ALLSTATE ! TRIPLE ! GUARANTEE i I 1. tifttisM Guarantee against nil defects I in material ted workmanship pro-rated oa tread wear. 2. Timt Scm'c« Guarantee against ad types of road bused* prorated on tBOQtJH WMd. S. Satisfaction Guaranteed oc your moo«f back. All adjustments an based on tat cwrent price without tnteVia at *SM of letMM. EIIIUffllHNIHN Fully Guaranteed from Coast to Coast POWER-GRIP Safe-T-Treads NOT Factory Rejects or Blemished Tires. Brand New Fully Guaranteed Tires Tongh KibHar Rwww mohled in. tad** noU fib* ajMK, grv* tne IHM, fight til Tihtatjaa* *» twtaw 'scMecli and bowl! Hook-Sfaa^ed ^ipM* h«h» iwhct daaf a«ow skids, forward or dan- gerott* side slip*. They dig in to bring ear to safe, sore stops. TYREX* ALLSTATE Blackwall 6.70x19 Tube-Type Wide wait Each M. M Mrf «W Rugged and Tough Economy Priced · 'Emulssmiz' rubber · Cushions against impacts TyiMt it tkt ctititicMJea «uk ·! Tyiw IK. fer vucew tjir. eo*ri. NYLON ALLSTATE Blackwall 4.70(11 T«b«.Typ« BUdcwill £»ch Safety Plus Durability x · Strong aviott cord · SMO tiding Whitewall ALLSTATE Tyrex* .70.15 Tulwt-Tjrj* YhiltwiJl, Eich Mil *M ya*r cu ""Whitewalls that p Stay White · Made with Dupont HYPALON synthetic rulSher. DRIVE NOW PAY LATER No. Money Down When You Trade-In Your Old Tire Use Sears Convenient Credit Plans 6.70x15 or 7.30x14 blackwall each I. Tac.sjrf OffYovrCm ALLSTATE Silent Guardsman Gives You Up To B0% MORE ROAD MILES ·ni in reTenc, «·*. Extra tractiM ednis st« ta the treei ·2 Ike tire. · This is a Scars retnaded fall cap tire. · Only carefully selected eatings are used. No Trade-in Pay Only d» Afrit*!I Prka. W* tooni aW Old Tire 0« Yonr Car Regardiaaa of Caarfidon. · New rut tnad deptk for extra wear. rpe ,11 Tube-Tr HUckwi K«ch plus Ux And Old Tire OffYonrCir SidkwiM TiMltOM to left »r right H»rft*d edtes grip ih* r«Mid...l* help prevent twayinf. SIMILAR LOW PRICES ON ALL SIZES NO Money Down Yo*r trade-ia tic* is jrwtr DOWN PAY- MENTwBMye* buyoaSaan EasyTma. FREE Tire Safety Plus Check on Check B«nerf · fa* Belt Brakes · Water Praa Bittety Cables · Saner StAfpiiif Traeliesi with deep treid, rubber Knt- loni, Irtetion edget, f»r bei- ler riding tafety. Blackwall 6.70x15 7JOxl5 7.60x15 Fnoi wiuMMt raae-ImEwii PlwTsx 22.45 24.75 26.75 Price 'With 17.88 19.88 21.88 Tubelcsa Blnekwall £ixe 6.70x15 7.50x14 7.10x15 8.00x14 7.60x15 Price Without Trade-In, Etch Pins Tax 25.45 i 27.7S 29.75 Price With Trade-In, E«ch Pin. Tax * 19.88 21.88 * 23.88 TUBELESS WHITEWALLS ARE $3 MORE 30% MORE RUBBER 30-MONTH GUARANTEE The outstanding quality and performance of this great tire has been tested for thousands of miles in blazing desert heat, mountains, «now and rain. The extra deep tread, 30% more rubber than original equipment type tires, and new low modern profile gave extra driving comfort and safely. Strong Tyrex* eord construction. Buy a set today. ·TYREX isllic cerlificilion mirk of Tyrex Inc^ for viscose tire cord. r TTEXTIOX '2-Ton. » t -Ton and 1-Toii Truckers Truck Tiro Sales and FREE DELIVERY AND INSTALLATION IN TUCSON AREA "GOOD" The EXPRESS 88* "BETTER 3 The EXPRESS 55 m 88* tV: "BEST" Strong NYLON Cord 88* No Trade-in Needed ^Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back Oft* Duty 9 u.-5:30 p.*, Mon, * Rt Uaffl 9 p^. 412 N. 6TH AVE. MA 3-4751 TUCSON 6.50x16 c*ch 18.88* 7.00x15 «*ch 23.88* 1 Good Reasons to MOMIAIW B^ Yo«r Track Tires ^«£*£ ^^^Mh^^ C^^*#*tt tjf* ^^^ .nil noat oc»r ^ K ...?"^ "^ 6.50x16 «*ch 23.88* 7.00x15 Cftch 26.88* ""^ "^S. 6.50x16 etch 26.88* 7.00x15 etch 32.88* ~K»3 1H1EU fl SMC fit* WS 1BK. ejM-" ef MUTATE _ », IXTRA t. INSERT MtXAKEM ALUTATl «M written fee STATE MK. Sheinwold On, Bridge By ALFRED SHEINWOLD You must sometimes double in pponent for lack of anything xsttcr to do. When you have a trong "defensive" hand, there Is M great virtue in making an of- ensive bid; double the enemy to ee what your partner thinks about defending, Hast dealer North-South -r\iln«raw« NORTH 4 K 10 9 4 V J 10 7 4 · S « + Q 10 9 KAST 4 A Q J I 5 ' 4 , 7 3 4 6 2 * K 9 5 4 A K Q 10 9 5 * 4 3 ** garth W«st North * 2 + Doubfe AH Pass Only a fine player would consider doubling two diamonds with the West hand. West doesn't have * trump trick, but his penalty double is very shrewd. West can afford this kind of double when he has a fine partner. East should accept the double with two or more cards in the enemy's suit, but should take ther double out If he has extreme shortness in the doubled suit. This style of doubling" works best when me doubled contract is two diamonds or some lower bid. Even if the contract is made, declarer will not score a game. If the double goes four, it won't cost too much. South Is badly hurt If the de- ense ii accurate. East wins fh« rst spade trick and shifts to th» ight of hearts. West wins a fi- e»se and leads his other spade. East wins and leads his other icart. West leads a third heart for East to ruff. East leads * low dub to the king, wins the club eturn with the ace »nd then leads a third round of spades. By this time South'* hand has »en picked clean and he it down o his six trumps. He cannot shut out the jack of diamonds and the opponents, therefore, collect a penalty of 800 points, less 100 lonors for South. East and West are glad to get 700 points net, especially since, left to their own device*, they would havt played the hand at a part score contract. Even if the defense slips slightly, they should still collect 400 points net. Thii would still be belter than t part score, Tht Hfcht penalty double payi big dividends when you can trust your partner to accept the double or take it out, depending ca the nature of his hand. QUESTION Partner opens with one spide and th* next player doubles. You hold: Spades K 10 » 4, Hearts J 10 7 4, Diamonds 8 «. Club* Q 10 J. What do you say? Answer: Bid three spades. This jump, after a takeout, promises good trump support, but very little *U«. Rev. Beltman To Join In Church Rally The Rev. Dr. Henry Beltman if leaving Tucson today for Los Angeles to join the 25th anniver- j sary celebrations of the Classis of California, Reformed Church in America. The Rev. Dr. Beltmaji was the presiding officer when the elassia (district) was organized June it, 1935, with five small churches. Today the Classis of California has 33 churches, including the Tucson Reformed Church of which the Rev. Dr. Beltman was the founding pastor. The 33 churches have more mail 10,000 members and an annual benevolent budget of $170,000. The Rev. Dr. Beltmtn also is die only remaining charter member in full active service. He win preach the anniversary termon on June 8 at Bethel Reformed Church of Belfflower, Calif. Also next Sunday there will b* a pulpit exchange arnoog_the 33 churches. The Rev. ur. Bracmui will preach in two Los Angeles churches. In the Tucson church the speaker will be the Rev. Arthur Benoink of Phoenix, formerly professor of philosophy and religion in Central College, Pella, Iowa. Accompanying *e Tucson pastor to California will be Mrs. Beltman. Teacher WiU Attend Institute Samuel LoMaglio, Amphitheater High School teacher, IMS been selected to attend a summer language institute at ft* University LoMatSo, French and EngliA r, is among ID A atteiKi the na iMtsta, to eft* Juan H, » By V]fe rHnfOMn D^ ** 4

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