Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1963 · Page 2
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 2

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1963
Page 2
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Front 9 1o 5 -L.A-C. SAYSr on TV · ;" l :i.Congressman Craig Hosner has Lad national tcogsllka because of bis insistence that this country ^·should stand out for greater testing safeguards as · concerns nuclear tests in the Soviet Union--and all ether areas of the world. As a longtime member of the · :Jquit Coagressionil · Atomic CucmiUee be Is weH '.qualified to discuss the Issue. One'may not agree with his position--but it would be unrealistic to view it as political · - . - · · - · · -·;·:"." * * * .' / - " ..** On a national television interview with Senator ; .Humphrey, .the^ disagreement was dearly defined, iftumphrey supported the President's position that we, '.had offered test-ban provisions that would keep us ·informed of any tests the Russians might make. tHosmer insists that those provisions do not provide ^adequate protection because they do not provide deflection devices on Soviet soil so the tests can be Idistinguished from earth tremors. , , . , . ' « Sen. Humphrey's stock argument Is that if our goffers are so favorable to the Russians--why do not ·the Russians accept them? Homer's reply was that " the Russians are not wining to accept them until after 'they complete a new series of tests they plan to make. ·He also observes that .the Russians never agree to ^anything until they squeeze the last possible conces- -sion from us. . · , ^ . * . . , , * , . - . * . - , ' ; · · · ; . . ' . ~ This writer has no way of knowing how effective · our proposals at Geneva may be. He knows theybave ·been greatly reduced from our original proposal that ·on-the-ground inspection be provided in all countries »to police the development of nuclear weapons. He also ·knows that reducing your original terms by half is ·accepted as a starting point for the Russians. They ·plan--and by patience--expect them to be reduced to ·a virtual zero point _ ; ··· *· Hosmer says, "If you offer the Soviets the treaty ' now being drafted--it will mean an offer by the USA ;to forgo all nuclear weapon development and as a ^practical matter, simply trust a Communist promise ; not to continue nuclear weapon development when it lean be done without fear of detection. This is exactly '.'what you are doing on the grounds the risks of not rjloing so are greater than those of doing so. In effect, ; they say it is more risky for both sides to test in the :ppen than it is for the Communists to be given the topportunjty for testing while we stop progress." :j * * * : As this writer understands the issue, Hosmer will !not trust the Russians and feels we must have on-the- ispot inspection to assure us the Russians are living up .to the agreement The President's and Humphrey's .'position seems to be that they have a greater trust in 'the Communist integrity and that the reduced safe. guards they propose are adequate. '.· Long Beach and the rest of Hosmer's congres- :sional district should be proud of the way Hosmer '.handled himself on the TV debate. He was up against one of the President's most talented debaters. There is apparently an honest difference of opinion. But it is ^probable the great majority of the American people ."will agree with Hosmer that no trust should be placed '.jn the Communists* integrity. Unless we have positive Tmethods of inspection of nuclear developments we t would be foolish to agree to any program that would I limit our own. : --LAC. PEOPLE IN TIIE NEWS WK Walks "I Just don't hive any lack. Our office bas the most wonderful bospiUl plan but · I can never jet tide." McNamara Tells Plan of: Defense WASHINGTON IB -- Sec retary of Defense Robert S. McNamari has told Congress the administration ' plans · to triple the nation'* nuclear quick-strike arsenal," stiffen o t h e r defenses -- and . keep calling the Communists* bhif i He said major slashes in the administration's $5X7-biIfion defense budget would Jeopardize national security. And be sees the United States heading into an era iz which its nuclear might and that, of the Soviet Union vrffl mean neither East nor West could launch an attack without s u f f e r i n g devastating retaliation. ·OUR OBJECTIVE is defeat of the Communists," McNamara said. "I do not believe we can achieve that victory by engaging in a stra- _ ' President Kennedy went , for a brief walk in down-,' town Washington Friday to escort the King ot Mo-· rocco from t h e W h i t e House to the President'* guest bouse. , ,- . ·'. It was a fire minn'.e Jaunt that halted traffic for bloc!; and touched off an impromptu parade of pe- destrUns. The President, whose advocacy of hiking' is well- known, suggested to King Hassan n, that they walk across Pennsylvania Aven- · ue lo the guest house rather thaa bid goodbye at the executive mansion at the close of the King 1 ! visit to Washington. "!; It was a beautiful spring day and, according to State Department protocol chief Angler Blddle Duke, the King told . Kennedy he would be delighted because it would be the healthiest thing be hid 'done since he arrived ia the United States four days ago. , To the surprise of Secret Service agents and newsmen who were waiting at the King's limousine, Kennedy and bis visitor kept going and continued walking along" tha carved drive to the White House gate. It took Kennedy and the King five minutes to walk to the guest residence.' "We made it," the President told newsmen when he arrived back at the White House. "And we picked up" a few people on the way." tegic nuclear war. I think that kind of stalemate will become increasingly more controlling with the passage of time." 'Reluctant, 9 Evahiator of TFX Says WASHINGTON (UP1) -Senate investigators made public Friday testimony by an Air Force colonel that be "reluctantly* signed documents favoring General Dynamics Corp. three months after] the controversial TFX fight* plane contract was signed.- ~ CoL John L. Gregory .who initially endorsed a rival TFX design by Boeing Co. said bis later decision was "improvident" He denied that be was pressured into signing the TOGETHER Mr. and Mrs. Rolf Waec- kerfin, who went to Jan together for thefts, have escaped together. Held in separate cells in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, they made their getaway without leaving a due. TO MARRY Actor Chuck Connors Friday in Hollywood said he 'and Kamala Devi, an actress of Fn^ parentage, win be married April 10. '.:· CHARLES NOLAN CHARGED A youthful factory president, whose 115 employes chose to go payless temporarily to keep their financially troubled company in business, was'. charged Friday with defrauding a rank cf nearly $60,000 in Clean. N.V. 1 Despite the arrest of Charles E. Nolan, 35-year- cld bead of the Fibre Forming Corp., one employe said be would "report for work until the doors are locked." Others echoed . bis sentiment, " Dist Atty. Richard H. Dawson 'said Nolan ' bad borrowed $59,725 from the b a n k on collateral of $103,744 in accounts receivable. The indictment alleged that the accounts receivable were not valid, Dawson said. WWNER '; Jostino Diaz, a 23-year- old Puerto Rican with a wonderfully rich bass voice, Friday won top honors in the finals of the Metropolitan Opera auditions in New York. His prize was a full season's contract with the Met, plus the $2,000 Stuart and Irene Chambers Scholarship. SVRGERY Glen Gray, whose Casa Loma orchestra was one of the biggest bands of the big band era, has been hospitalized for abdominal surgery, it was disclosed Friday in Boston. Gray, 60, was'oper- ated on about three weeks ago, but recenUy returned to the hospital for more tests and treatment,' '· '· i" *£^i'' ' i- REPLACED '·_ T English!: 'director K « n H"t' w ?j has" replaced Henry Hathaway ia the movie t)f Human Bondage.'* co-starring Kim Novak and Laurence Harvey, being filmed in Dublin, Ireland.'-': . · · ' · · . \ROVTME: ' f. '·' Ladybird Johnson, wife of Vice President L y n d o n Johnson, Friday underwent a routine medidl examina- ·tson at the Mayo Clinic in ·Minneapolis. · · · · / : GRANTED^'} French novelist Francblse Sagan Friday' in Paris was granted a divorce .from her second husband, · VS. ceramic artist Bob Westhof, and custody of their 21- month old son.T'^ _ , v , -', . \ . OPERATION^ Gen. Earle G. .Wheeler, .the Army's chief of staff, underwent a hernia operation Friday'at a hospital in , Washington, D.C. . D/ES ·-·- H e n r y . Bordeaux, S3, French novelist who came to public attention at the end of the 19th Century, died Friday in Paris. ARRESTED An ex-convict sought for the kidnaping and robbery of two Whittier police'of- ficers was arrested in San Francisco . F r i d a y , - FBI agents announced. Milton P. Spragne,' 25. had . been ·_, charged in Whittier warrant with the abduction of officers Richard Eruumler and' An Schron last March 1. CLARENCE SPRAGUE »" (IA£.'« column, fcy L A. Coffin ST. tit offer coTumni, a «a ·»- *'pr»i*oa ef e»r»on1 cpimoa «nd dot* not n*ctutr3y nTItct Ifi con- "sid«r« J oc'nioA of ft'l r§«pep*r.) Hotel Fire Kills 4, Injures 26 CPKbn u rm C4) - BOSTON W -r The Sherry Biitmore Hotel in the Back Bay was a smouldering shell CARLTON I.'SLAY* - Mistreated Marines. · ;r " .''·".« · I ·- *» - · · -*1 * f...: r^. ^ -,,;-_. Marines Suspended (Continued from Page A*l) breadwinners are jobless :-whether' at borne or not" ?\ . ; The board ordered nffit raids suspended pendirs adop- Lion of a statewide.policy at its 1 zcect ' in ', Redding next month. · ; * , «.-. , _ ,^.. fThe board also adopted'a resolution conceding'that its present ~ rules and practices have fallen short of preventing racial and religious discrimination in' admissions to nursing.'boarding'and child- cue homes. EtlLson Way Cleared to Buy Power Line Southern California Edison Co, was authorized by 'the California Power Commission "«. :- · ,,'- 'i, · "r.. Friday to purchase a $375,000 (Continued from Page A-l) ^f^g transmission line be- has"a" chince to-review bis tweea Seal Beach and i «se in 10 days to two weeks.L 1 ^ 1 ^ 1 ^ ^ The case" automaScally foJ- lEdisoa system will ows a course of re\*iew and'company "to 1 serve 'customer appeal through higher mili-}growth requirements without tary courts. The final review^ " ' "" "* win be made by the Generalj jaaii of Appeal. In this court three crviEia judges preside. Sentences of three other sergeants of the same recruit platoon in similar cases have een r suspended by^ Gen. Wade. The s u s p e n s i o n s amount to probation, except For reductions in rank." The 33-year-old S l a y , whose home is in San Diego, was convicted of 13 specifications cf mistreatment and one lesser offense. · construction of new fa- offid313 MKILLN former members of the platoon who had testified for the prosecution came back to the stand as defense witnesses and said they felt Slay was dedicated to bis profession. Some said bis treatment of them, even including blows, had made them better Ma rines. He testified he had never struck any of them in anger, but bad only disciplined them as if they were children. IF NO ONE plays that musical instrument any more --sen it! Dial HE 2-5959 to not for pleasure, but to get I body was identifed as that start the inexpensive Clasri- surgkal help for their daugh-lSeymour R. Stone. . 36, of jfied Ad that brings you cash ter Maria Eleana, S'/J, who is'Cambridge. . (buyers fast awaking surgery for a con- Cause of the fire was un- 1 Need Help With Tax .Problems? TO3. LEGITIMATE SAVINGS MAXIMUM LEGAL ilfUNDS ferioijf, Etsntli fit Ccrporio* l»cemt Ttxtr ' XTHY GUESS» BE SCIE! - MAC FRANKEL, LL.B. her* a Ytirx ccn«a. mn Avaiii!« *· vtar found tor comutt*tiaa *nd atfvlc*. - *» Trml » * ' roWgKT L0c**«^ to Scrvt t OT*IQ» Caunty / ·I«L .. MM I TIT (it t OWcw CanvwiJntf GrNTtr tes Arsefn O BEILFLOWER . (BIT AlMdra lulncrj : (Just Crtf Bf Llhcwood Klvd.| ^ WAbat S-221I O GARDEN GROVE . 123JJ Ckapmn Ai«n« l^int Kid of tUrWr Blvd-l On. U!» Sovtn a CMncvtvid - JEffcrui 7-2002 OPE* t TO « CVtRT Ar-- KCL. lATVtOAT StmOAT *rrO!XTM£KT» HOT MICZUAIT LOTEST STAND.ULD FIES ic Hl£E ESTIMATES * IT'S NOT TOO LATE FOR C O M P E T E N T P R O F E S S I O N A L documents but said he later!* five-alarm fire thought the r'afrng for Gen- claimed four lives and injured era! Dynamics "couldn't stand *t least 26. a close scrutiny." | Nearf y 10 ° guests were led The pro-General Dynamics' down ladders by firemen in 1 documents were preparedithe pre-dawn blaze which Feb. IS at the request of Air swept the sii-story hotel. genitaj^ dislocated hip. They determined. which wife. Lola, 34. Friday night in the wake of W£ re Fabian Jijon,safand his * fiv«-«!*rm fir* **4*Vf«'.~:r_ t..!.. tt Among the rescued were members of the cast of a road Sefcna Hyman, 50, a legal company of "The Sound of secretary who resided at thelMosic." An escaped and put hotel, also perished. A fourth'cn their show Friday night,- INDEPENDENT . . _ . .' tcept ton · Xilth tt. nd Pint AM., ·Eeick O. CaUt. Cncrrd «l · cuu tnnter Uar. V. 1M3. «1 Lc»a ·pcrlcr Court. LCI Anaetcfl County. ·Oct. I, IMt. Occnl No. C-lCSa. '« ftr Per Month Y»r Carrier . . : tj» n.oo B3't Copy Record Set for §10 BUENOS AIRES ISV-A de- Force Secretary Eugene Zuckert and submitted to the Arts Aide Retires . . WASHINGTON IB-- Presi- held op three perfume shops of an evaluation board which dent Kennedy announced Fri- °* t 11 * ^^^ chak within a originally recommended that day the retirement of David tective has credited a world Robert S. McNamara. record to a lone robber who Gregory was co-chairman Among the victims was a young couple from Quito, Senate investigtions subccrn- Ecuador. Their trip here was mittee as the basis for questions by Defense Secretary M °n» Yar av oatfytr, . - . p-a »g.oo six block radius in 7S min- Boeing be awarded the $6- E. FirJey from the Commis- .w.utes. The masked ganman got billion contract for buiMing sion of Fine Arts, where he [away with about $10. ' the supersonic plane. lhas served for 20 years. mi niHt i nus TI 01 lUUKUtCUO CLEARANCE SALE! MEASURE, Uff, FAD, EISTAIL ANYWHERE CONTINUOUS FILAMENT 100% NYLON PILE Closeout-20 Rolls NYLON PILE UNDETERMINED FIBERS SO. YD. $6.95 VALUE SO. YD. S4J5 VALUE SO. YD. $195 YALDE K«VC«f NYLON 9x12 RAYON VISCOSE PILE TWEED RUG HEAVY WOOL PILE : REMNANTS ROLL ENDS PHONE COLLECT FOR FREE ESTIMATES-OPEM DAILY 9-9, SAT. 9-6, SUN. 12-6 LOS AMGELES v * ;. AX l-Mll ·' ^J! S. VESTERI ANAHEIM M Mill 7IJ E. CEITEI w SAN DIEGO (TMIll III*. WEST COVINA LOKG BEAGK HE M71T 1171 L AIAHETM . T8 Mill lit S. H I*, t. ·! Or, tut Friday Hours 9:30-9#0; odier days 9:30-6:00 "Just say charge it P R E - E A S T E R S A L E HERE IS THE REASON: To mimtam cor IeiJersbTp « the VOLUME CLOTHIER HABERDASHER we ire* offering specticulir' SAVINGS co «pi% siats, jport ccotj ind slicks, etc Shop eirrr to'insore our FREE ALTERA-. TIONS bein^ corapletej before Eistn. " · -· ' Open a Charge tf PAY NOTHING DOWN TAKE UP TO t MONTHS TO PAY OR USE YOUR BANKAMER1CARD j , , . x . . , x · · . . ' : . - · CUSTOM DETAaED SUITS ; '^ Imported 'silk ind wotste^ incfult blenis, worsted fT^ntwT^ iicron ind wool, etc. Hind ^^fitT^i ' · Origmillj- to $3) - '. - . - now $49 · Origmillj to $95 _ - __ new $59 to $110 . Ori£ini% to JI15 . bit ft r«[[r : ·' .* ' · Cool, AdatiWe,- ind docIe-bmsted^a benfj yon won't hive to pamper. Pirftt-E^it "*^P eed cram" Dacroa wuhei iaj drip dries prifTinlr/ bj itself. VThite Tith «!TM ¥ r"^"* ct jicy bine Jtripa. 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