The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on May 23, 1957 · Page 8
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 8

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 8
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tal jJat iiitiiiiiiimn iri . Score fwo /n 7th To flreefc d-tf M* * * * * Wildcats Slip Past Ci*af Creek's 25-AA Wildcat* carved out two rtins ift the top of the seventh inning to break 6 6-6 tit and down the West Col- toss to first went WlW and Kershaw scored the game's first run, but Balkum Was' put trying to reach second on the overthrow. Eddie Joe Dore walked and Kenneth Sootte hit a fielder's . : <a 4 , A « . rkennein noone rm a nemer s Uiftbift Roughneeks, 8-6, in cho ice that saw CC make their & regional bdseball garnei third etro? of the inning and Wednesday aftetnooa. P»* tw «'* un , nert on base - TUi «.!«. *x« r"i -. r»—w,t Msroul drove Dor* honie Th* w* tot Clear Creek with ^ Secofld nn 6n stm flioved them a Step Closer another fielder's choice. With to th* Regional IV claM A A two on and two out Boone was baseball crown. No state ^, out at the plate "^ to winners are crowned in Maroul got the Wildcat* out double A baseball, only re- without too much trouble in tnnnal the Second frame while his * - mates tame back to gfnftt Cotto» started off •with * double and then scared when 0. T. tones Hoed * sta* gl« to left. Jones went to 2nd on an error on the fi*y~ aad then fa third on W. A. Waiden's sacrifice. However, Joties made tM third out An a steal at hothe. fie to HgM field, Beat fit*. &6t Td By US* Base. ' , f Two W»Vks MB a sSftgl* }«* ed the " * " ' ' fifth ft singled out to 'Then cam* the third inning iB * 8-4 tfittgin. was played before some 600 » w j fans and West Columbia's frri Roughneck Ileld, saw a Sev-' enth inning error give visiting Clear Creek the break they needed to claim the two run margin. Coach B. S. Golson's Roughnecks touched CC Pitcher Chuck Treka, who went all th* way W claim the pitching I victory, for eight hits while' the 'Necks', twosome of Eugene' Maroul and Charlie Willough-j by gave up only six but walked, several. ] Several arid a big four-run scoring spree for Clear Creek. Maroul walked the first two men in the 2nd, then served a home run pitch for fteA ...jut that accounted for three runs. The fourth run cams on a fielder'* choice after a walk and error. Behind 4-3, West Columbia battled back to tie the score in the fourth inning a* Maroul up Wh Big Games On Cord. *.. Major LL Nines Back In Action watts,* ._ A and KefSHSW «coWd »Be» Dor* laced * dfiublt uB igilntt the f«H«e. Salfcutt Sfl$«rf<i« undef Marotil's *iueeWW&lW ofcce again tie th* «su*t a "M £Lful itilufi.u' * ' ** **•* Columbia 1ft Ole U»th. ittitUflg »Bd lot three strikeout* to fiftf CC down wiiueut any Jones fetched second for wC imporUnt games A strong southerly wind blewishare the Brazoria County ijl In from right field and kept;tie League card tonight fdr ln tha .t region but I major nines « they move teck held left field had quite a workout < to the diamond after a with most of the blows going off. in that section. > Minor league games Out of th« eight hits West down the spotlight Wednesday, Columbia managed, five were with th« central spot betog double* While Clear Creek over ill Lake Jackion. Results picked up a triple and home found the Eagles nipping the run for their extra base knocks. I Sports, 10-», while Missions Robert Brows touched WCJoutscored the Roughnecks, 15- pitcher Maroul with a triple i 10, in the American loop. in the first inning but died on I Other scores were not coin- third base with the final out'plete. being putout. . Velasco, off to a good start game* will be played in WC tonight, which moves them up from frlda*/. The league leading Braves test the third place Giants, who stand 1-5, in conference activity. The Dodger* and Card* battle in the other part of the doubleheader, Only one game has been ffiWk with ot» 81 walked Trek* IM — filsirtdlri* hit i left field giving Tfeki * -— ontt«fl«o> U 1 j* •;§. ^ ii'i^'^ Gators Host *• ' ' i f k i%* Dallas Saturday . \ , .. - v >^ .: - : .* \< t «5y Jnpt* htl* or rurtneri en ,..'•5 Clee .Cro", H ,wa rtitt Witt *vet West Columbia,<• .„_ to tht finals of the softBall toumameftt hit I w*r* btatetf by Lake J-Iln th»- — ;; Jr, OJymoks For Brozorio * Vel«co * Joaei Creek Glut* Brav* Bratorta W 4 2 2 Clute' Oodjem X tat«tl AMuU* Braves i — Jone* Creek 2 Velisco 1 — Dodger* i Velasco 1ft — Bratoti* 1* Jones Creek 12 — Dodger* 6 fiijijgg ftiifiiis' *'s Gubl 4 •*> Bobcat* Bobcat* 4 ^ £aglel t 11) -1 RSd So* 4 — Bobcatt i earning QarMt L.tnursday, May 23: 1' Cub* «s Bottiat* , 2 Friday, May 24: 2 Eagle* v* 'Cttbl ' 1 Monday, May 21: 4, Bobcat* vs *«gle« Tuesday, May M: BobcaU vs Cub* Coming damn Friday, May J4i Braioria at Clute (Dodgers) played in each of the Angleton | Braves at Velasco leagues but the Yanks and Ro- Tuesday, May 28: tarian* are 1-0 in the American loop'while the Dodgers a in th* National. Freeport seems to have on«,T*«n Jones Creek at Brazoria 1-0! Brtves vs Dodger* at Clute WEST COLUMBIA LEAGUE WCcameoninthefirstlnn. l undrr"Eddre"plBklak, in thejof ttie hottest race* in the Braves ing to start a big rally andiB-C-V League with a 4-1 county going a* the Cub* andlS? 0 **" 1 pushed home two runs on only mark does not get into the Red Sox are going all out In Giants — u,» ™ „.. . ..f p]ay . ng Une tonl g h t but they the opening phase of their sea- Cards one hit Harry Kershaw. .... leadoff batter, started things off with a sharp double down the third base line. Eddie Balkum hit a fielder's choice, and was safe, thus putting runners on ['rst ar-i mird on th* CC error. A Wildcat tangle with the Clute Braves, last year'* winner, Friday. Up in West Columbia the Braves are ridsng over their four team loop with three straight win* while the Dodgers are in *eoOnd place. Two w 3 2 1 0 white Sox Brave* Redskin* Yank* W 4 2 2 6 L 0 2 I 4 son. At present the Cub* are { holding the top rail with three LaMct Results Braves 3 — Card* 2 Dodger* T — Giants J Coming Gam** wins against a single setback Th.,rrf.,TiLu7 5T while the SOT havl the same ' win-toss record but have been' Pjayed to a tie with th. Bob- J Th« oth*r two clubs in the Latett R**ulta White Sox 12 — Brave* 0 Brave* 12 — Yankee* 9 Redskins 11 — Braves $ Redskin* IS — Yank* 3 Coming Q*mn Q Thursday, May 23: 11 White Sox vi Braves 2 Friday, May 24: Yank* vs Whie Sox Monday, May 27: Brave* v* Yank* Tuesday, May 28: Braves v* White Sox - B-S-D-OC LEAGUE T«*m W Sweeney J Brazoria ' 2 3 yeffi tb« B»llas n!n* played threC ie«Ju« ift their 1 ' •"- "-" *-' two- I and if unbelief and art 14 in league Gatw* will,put tttelr wk'ofi'the line.against > daflgetou* Dallaa clu»» lummer «n May W. t . $ i Wdrktote'teraB* ' Wasoft bf-Mek' iv««t» win get staged <rff Tueiaiy, June m, with drill*, MUM 'for eieh _ *4ftbali A small be*t wilt abthj gate for thi* twittbilL Jffel, Mladenka ttaney and will handle chore* Dink the take Et ^r -c tl i-> -T *• •», ifc w Jksen In the double set with Dillas. ttaney Worked with the DjlUui team last year but joift- ed'the Gator* after taking a job in this area. With Haney and Mladenka going against Ward and B*»- *pm, it shape* up M quite a doubleheader. Jim Seherdta and George Koennlat win be (harinc! ciBchfntf ch-er'W fof wWH L*ttf U SUrt M firlt, will tit-tt You'll Always Find * •&*»«* ftel metmt ^L SEAFOOO-Brwght in "V tra Tuetdajr «tl JWd Last year fielded one of the .Hfongett t«m« th* ttite fli t««. Jnnibr Dtympic prbgfartt aM-W«f» jeaten only by powerful A«i* 6 Th* yenr'i «r»t m**t wit b* over la SoWiBeri and will be for gtrli wily. Thil AAV event win include (irli up to 18 yt»r* of *ge. ; ITiofnl* also announced that work i* going od M Brttorla to get trie ground* in good FRESH TASTY RED FISH,,4St vr ._ SHRIMP •'.,.Bwuglil In fttot OU&' REDSNAPPE , tfctatt r*OM I' ' i fM BOAf* ., LB, i 0 CftAM , • OVBtm* « WkOO LtOi •EUt<mox of notw IKA BRAZOSPORT SEAFOOD CO. shape fOf the iurrtmer the final Olymtas meet will be held in Mouttoh at the end of July, W. tlGON f*r COtNTt TREASCRBR P«M Potltkal MT. BRAZOSPORT FUNERAL HOME 138 LAKE JACKSON ROAD PHONE 6-2611 third and fourth place*. The *.._ Cat*, last year's champion, T * have a mark of 2-2-1 while the Eagle* have yet to win in four trie*. Viv* homers have been knocked over in Freeport, Scotty Smith offhe Cubs has a pair whtl* John Adam* of the I Bobcat* also hat a pair of rouadtrippan, Ja'm** Bullard! ho* the other homer for the Red Sox. ; league race in ( th» unbeitta _ _,. top with four 1 win* against no defeats. Th* leading Freeport Cub* arj in action both tonight awl Yankees 1 Rotarlan* 1 Red Sox 0 Klwanls 0 Lateet RMulis Yanks 6 — Red Sox * 23: vi Rotary vsRadftox (HaHonal) W Dodger* 1- Tailtwi*t*n 0 , •t Galloway Old Ocean panbury Flay game* on Monday and Friday night* LAKE JACKSOK T**m « cat* tonight and then go Brave* ag»in»t the Eagle* Friday. Cub manager JY A. Rawey win ;>•»• one of hi* aci*. Jam** McGuire, on the mound in one of the game*, Ralney's Cub* will lock horn* with th* Red Sox of C. . Hovard and J. F. Bullird o» ^-yar, May II, in • head. line attraction. Sweeny i* riing on top of th* standings over in th* LL at the far end of Braioria County with a 3-0 mark while Brazoria is in second place, 21, and Old Ocean and Danbury follow. L 0 0 0 0 1 Lal**t Rtatilto Dodger* » — Brave* 2 Legion 4 — Tallfwisters 4 Coming Own** Friday. May 24: Bravt* v* Tailtwi*tcr.i Legion v* Dodger* LtTTLt LEXOtre STANOmot MAJORS American • .• . ' t •. w Indian* 4 Yank* f - -'• 4 Bed Sox - ' 1 Whit* Sox 0 LatMt RwuU* Indians « — White Sox S Yanks 11 ~ Red Sox S Indians 7 — R«d Sox I Yank* C — Whit* Sox 1 Comlaa Otme* T.Thursday, May 23: 0 Indian* v* Yank* X Red Sox v* White Sox Tuesday, May 28: • Tailtwlitcr* vt Dodge., Legion v* Brave* /HEEPORT LEAGUE (Majon) TMUB W L Cuba Red Sox BobcaU Eagles C.mi UUNSIl DRAWK INttlilOH OVLN L!GH( tfJUNflR bAlANCl'U UUOK AUTOMATIC OViJN TIME CONTROl. %::.»K4 ,^Ar5-7'"-'CC'..'wi''•--•, -'••,.• •t-fjtfsj^i&g&t-t PAT AJ LJTTLR Aff * 2 > Aft«r Down "nm*w Prizes Ready For Fpt. Jr. Teen-age Opening FiMperr* Juaior T**n.Af« nuamt baMbaO •*•.. «T«m »*t* the KMX. light Moodar M4 m«m i«tf actimi wttfc • *tegl* «UM en tap for UOM n*U. TieiMtt will b« tiven to all •dull* who attend DM opMiag dMh a«4 two fit camm •utflt. will be f<T«« away (?•« to th* luckr numbw. koldwi. Eraiu Prut and WUlwJwaw-* Pkamwr a»» flVtaff *• two gift*. The a«4 §•« »» w R*4*Uu ai* « «th*« in At T;W l**tr which will go to uibff (• flu tor *<Ml M.Jer TM».AO* na«w (or tk« u*a. A *i**U S*UP IM* M«i» at Woit Columbl* whit. Uk« J»«k«m will *•*•• «»»r t« ffwytvi «. Tu**4«r mifbt (w tMf fint •«> tus* osi the card. M.|«r T«a.A|* wkilt l#k* J*ek**w It foinv «o Al*to. Monday, May 27: 'Red Sox v* Yankee* Whit* Sox v* Indian* National TMJ» W L PnUUc* 4 i Cards 2 2 Brave* 1 2 Dodger* 1 3 . Latest H*eolt* FhiUiM 12 — Brave* 7 Dodger* 4 — Card* 3 Brave* S — Dodger* - PhiniM 2 — Card* i Comlnf Qamtt Friday, Hay 4: Brave* v* Card* , Philli** v* Dodger* Tuesday, Hay M; Dodger* v* Card* • Brave* v* PhUli** LAKE JACMON MOfOM MAY 22nd T*. SPOT* Eagle* Roughneck* W 2 1 0 0' .L 0 4 1 Doe* Not Include U«t Night Oamt* T«*m Exporter* Oiler* Buff* Cat* Saturday, M»y 3«: Gttor Tleid — 9 i.m. Ath. ktic* v* Senator*; IQ;« «.n>, OOllE IN AND BEOISTEE ?OK DBAWLKO T 8 ATTI»D AT, (TOO KUD NOT: MC PKEIBNT TO WIN) BE HELD 8TH FREE PHIZES JIBHT PBIZI: 38" (JAS RANGE, 1967 MODEL SECOND PJUZE: 18" DEABBOEN WINDOW FAIT THIRD PRIZE: 12" HUNTER FAN CHECK THESE OUTSTANDING BUTS-NOW BEING OFFERED W 1 t o a DOM Not Includ* T*AB1 Senator* Tiger* RedUg* Athletic* N«w LAUNDRY n« 8 fntm ROYAL-TONE Wi Gives you; aJieet*, pillow f tc,, more body wiiHh ever seen, 3b|)rj;f, ufliformSi ftftd »li ottief of JAundry ar« ^ypu thi§ Boygi-Toiw 70 Try Thil Vtw Procftw Kow 6 Y«w Warranty $ | Q A 96 . Beg. 1289.96 J only 107 tftw 1907 Serval Etfrijpratori, (ievw«4 to ohooat from) Up to $190 off of regulwj; price. NO TBADE N10E88ART f V New 40" EGA EaUte Gap Eaogo, fully auto- matlc. OP Beg, $399,95 only New 30" Hardwick Bang*, OP with clock. I Beg, $219,96 „,.„.„„.„. only New YouugitowD DUhwa4Jwr »»d itnfc qow- bimtton, ^^ " r$M9.95 „.„,.., U«ht, Maytag Automatic waafcer $ A/n 90 Bbth For Only 407 . Now 24" Window fun, heavy duty motor $rn90 Bog. $88,00 only , *>7 MANY OTHERS TO CHOOSE TROM Vied wrlngor and automatic wMibion (8 to obof« from),, , $|Q95 A8 IOW W, <HH.«miiy>"?i.. ,..,„ 9m V« j HoorJfePppJin Pemomtratori; | , (9 yejur warraoty) 1967 (If ow) Zcaitli 19WjStwTli ^WrlpS'nfyl I 00 New Vent A-Hood, « ;; , with bj*wep W d , . -$C4^ f,|9i«eO ftM (», onJf (N»w) aw Whirlpool Dryer $ WWTWlHii •••if"(.«.(i......,)n" W - - ^.y *| ew)048 warranty jdftwjW V'^f'*f** M *tf*^t l^tr , New mi Whirlpool Wwfeir aad IW Pair $ (19 y«n* wifrwto) 3 ^^.^ IW Mi«io730ii! <i jtiaKwiP**'-' OTHBM TO 0«008I FROM YOU MUST li SATISFIED WITH THIS NIW PROCESS ROYAL Uuwlry & OM^

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