Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 5
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 5

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 5
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·ras- Navy Secretary Bans Officer-Wife Ratings WASHINGTON W--Secretary of the Navy Fred Korth announced Thursday he has ordered elimination of i section In I'fitnns report that would rate officer-wife teams. Korth siid that. after reviewing the form:' "I have concluded that the proposed report will not produce the Information needed and may unnecessarily hurt the promotion chances of some officers who are exceptionally well qualified for sea and other duties not requiring special attention to the suitability 'of dependents for such assignments." Korth undertook the review neatly two weeks ago after there was a critical reaction to the section of the form which the Navy^aid was designed to provide essential information on the effectiveness of officer-wife teams at "representatives of the Navy and the nation on foreign stations." · · · · A NAVY SPOKESMAN SAID an effort will continue to be made to gather information on officers, but only on a case-by-case basis, by personal interviews written comments from commanding officers and like approaches. The fitness form for assessing the conduct and work of officers has been standard in the Navy for many years. When the new form was prepared recently it had been expanded to provide for comment by senior officers on the suitability of wives as well as junior officer-husbands in a team. Some Navy wives reacted indignantly and there were objections from Congress members. President Oral Polio Drug Is Hopeful n«. en*. "*«. «·" ·»· »·« INDEPENDENT--Paijt A-S on Berlin Gets Top Priority WASHINGTON OT--The Public Health Service pave top priority Thursday for us? n' "Ml polio vaccine in areas WASHINGTON WV-Prcsi. dent Kennedy Mid Thursday'threatened by epidemics. , 30th the Soviets and the West | Surgeon General Luther L. new full course cf the oral lave handled the touchy Bcr-.Terry said the Sabin oral vac-1 vaccine, lin dispute "with a good deal cine a especially valuable in 3. Other group* that have of care," He voiced hope forlcombating n epidemic be- not been given the Salk vac- 'a very happy solution" if'cause it can be taken by cine such as older population this keeps up. |mouth and quickly gives some'groups and particularly young Kennedy tempered t h 1 s protection against spread ofladults and parents of small optimism by reporting no the disease. 'children, agreement yet on this "diffi- n e sa jd widespread use of I The recommendations came cult situation" In which he both poli° vaccines "couldl w ° days after licensing of said miscalculations could'| ca d t n ear |y elimination of ! T 'Pe "' oral P oll ° vaccine for bring unhappy results. He| (ne disease." (manufacture. It was the last ivelcomed continuing U.S.-So' viet talks. Other priorities announced°' the series of oral vaccines in the long-awaited PUS rec-!^" 1 TM 11 for protection against types of polio. Assessing cold war issues'ommcndation for use of polio · at a news conference follow-;vaccine--both the S.ilk needle-1 ~ ~~~ ing Secretary of State Dcanjinjcctcd and the Sahin oral--j T r u f f l C l o l l Rusk's return from 16 days,were for: of East-West talks at Geneva.) 1. Routine Immunization of Kennedy further reported infants, b e g i n n i n g at six that: I. Rusk has not mentioned a summit meeting, which Soviet Premier Khrushchev Musltrals Add lo Flood Woes MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa: troublemakers who like to 011 ~~£ IU J krat ! and b , e , aver ?W- on the plastic material have added to the troubles o f i . . u ,. V . ··, ... this flood-threatened town. |P laced ^ skind.vers inside the. Armed men were patrolling!dikes to plug leaks caused by the dikes watching for the| the surging Iowa River. outset of the Geneva disarms^ mcnt parley. Kennedy's posh weeks of age and completed in one year. 2. Immunization of all preschool children not yet piven successfully sought at the the full series of Salk shots, using either completion of the xhfo Salk vaccine injection or a lions remains as before--that!" CHICAGO (!P--Traffic accidents took 2,440 lives in the United States in February, a 7 per cent increase over February. Safety 19G1, the National Council r e p o r t e d February was the fourth consecutive month tp show he will go (I) if the negotia-jthe West says arc necessaryjan increase or no change tors make enough progress'for a workable nuclear tcst ! f r n m the same month a year (2) If needed in a serious; trcnty. Kennedy renewedjearlier. crisis, or (3) if it is in thesis desire to sign an "effrc-j For the first two months U.S. national interests. 2. The negotiators are "at a real impasse" over Red re-|sume U.S. in-the-air tests if rent gain from the 4,910 fig- jection of inspections whichlthere is no treaty by then, lure in 1MI. tive" treaty, but did not back|this year, 5,070 persons died down from his plans to re! in traffic accidents, a 3 per , ,, STORES COAST-TO- COAST SAVE *I50°° UNCONDITIONAL GUARANTEE TRADE-IN GUARANTEE ·« *4 HCT» jot M purclwM price e/ »ny far mttw Atmond. ·UY JEWELERS ,,.., f . HOI UKIWOOD IIVD. or 31» PINE AYE. I *ere« to f»y V AOOM! on_ TON 1 B*vora_ omn«eer l/'j fait ond easy to Shop by Mall Sod No MMty--Ordif l Affr»it\ FOX QUICK PHONE OKDEDS DOWNTOWN --Ht t-tlU IAKEWOOD --ME 1-0727 319 PINE AVE. DOWNTOWN LONG IEACH OPEN MONDAY t HI OAT EYES. PHONE HE M24I 5208 LAKEWOOD BL. UKtWOOO CENTEI OPEN MON.-THUIS..HI. EYEt. PHONE ME 1-07I7 PAIK mi M ff Plrt t t«* ( »f»^ ttrn t* Frw P COLUMBIA 2 DAY MONTH-END LONG BEACH ONLY friday And Saturday, march 30 and 31 OPEN FRIDAY 'TIL 9 P.M. fabulous -- special purchase ACETATE JERSEY DRESSES sizes 12-20 and l4'/2-24'/ 2 just 3.99 edominating colon are lilac, gold er tangerin« irreer. fleer vith all C4th purchairt In our long beach store CLEARANCE OF BETTER DRESSES-- street floor sizes 10-20 and l2«/ 2 -22'/ 2 included street and dressy styles, cottons, jerseys, wools, linens, dacron b l e n d s brocades -- early selection advisable. 8 reg. 17.95 ........... ...._ ...... . ...... _ 9.00 15 reg. 19.95 ________ ........... ....14.00 26 reg. 22.95 ... .......................... 15.00 19 rcg. 25.95 ..... ..................... 18.00 16 rcg. 29.95 ______ ..... _______ 15.00 12 rcg. 32.95 ................. .... 16.00 22 reg. 35.95 ...... 1 8.00 9 rcg. 39.95 3 reg. 69.95 now spring WOOL COATS -- LAMINATED TO HOLD THEIR SHAPE 24.00 SIZES 8 TO 16 light as a feather all-wool coats in spirit- lifting caster parade colors, street floor budqot shop -sportswear -- street floor rcg. to 13.95 cotton Capri sets, assorted styles, 8-16 rcg. to 14.95 2-pc. cotton print Dresses, 8-16 reg. 12.99 Corduroy Suits, sizes 10-16 reg. 11.99 Jaclcts, assorted cottons and rayons ... reg. to 17.99 wool Skirts, assorted styles, 8-16 ·odds and ends- 5.00 and 7.00 reg. to 7.99 Blouses, Slirts, Capris, Shorts, Bermudas, sires 8 to 16, now 2.99 ea. lingerie -- street floor rcg. 3.99 Baby Dolls, long and waltz length gowns . .. '/J off Cotton/Dacron Blend Batiste, Small and Medium Only rcg. 6.99 nylon tricot Half and Full Slips . - 4.00 white and colors, slips 32-40, petitcs s, m, I reg. 6.99 cotton print Mu Muus, s, m, I . ..... 4.88 rcg. 11.99 cotton print Lounge Sets, sizes 10, 12, 14 7.00 rcg. 2.50 white cotton, famous name Bras, assorted sizes 1.88 young world -- second floor GIRLS' DRESSES -- 23--reg. to 8.99 girls' School Dresses, broken sizes 2.99 6--reg. to 4.99 girls' Toddlor Dresses, size I only. 1.99 rog. to 15.99 subtcon Party and School Dresses.. 3-99 to 7.99 rcg. to 2.99 boys' Shirts, assorted sizes and styles _ 99c 13--rog. 2.98 boys' unlined Jackets. 3, 4. 6, 7 1.99 27--reg. 5.99 girls'Slip-on or Cardigan Sweaters 1.99 9--rcg. 3.50 girls' Sweat Shirts, sizes 8-14 1.99 17--reg. 7.99 girls' Skirts, wool and wool blends . 3.99 15--rcg. 7.99 Trundle Bundles, assorted styles, s, m, I 3.89 16--rcg. 7.99 girls' Car Coats, sizes 8, 10, 12 4.99 odds ond ends table rcg. 59c to 2.99 jr. teen Bras, Blouses, lnoc-hi Sods, Slipper Socks. Topper Sets, boys' Athletic Shirts 39c to 99e home furnishings -- second floor 300 PANELS reg. to 1.99 -- dacrons, acetates, voiles 45" to 72" lengths - 5 9 C very slight irregulars, early selection advisable 50 RAYOH/COTTON DAMASK SETS- reg. 4.98 56"x76" Cloth, 8 matching Napkins reg. 5.98 60"x90" Cloth, 8 matching Napkins . .. . reg. 7.98 60" x 102" Cloth. 12 matching Napkins . 2.49 3.49 5.49 ·118 DECORATOR PILLOWS' reg. 3.98 and 4.98 -- beautiful colors in vat-dyed pure silk or acetate 2, n ,S5 rounds, oblongs, puffettrs, tri-inglci 37_ rC g, 5.95 Chatham acrylic blend Blankets .. 2.99 72"x90" size, nylon bound 63--reg. f 0 9.95 better quality Regal Run; . . up to Vi off 90--rcg. 2.98 fringed Cotton Rugs, foam back ea. 1.88 30"x60" or 24"x66", assorted colors 150--reg. 59c kitchen Terry Towels, absorbent, lintless 39c woven checks in blue, red, gold or pint sorry, no p^onc, mail cr c.o.d. ordert, all t*Vi fnal pacific at 1st, long beach

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