Independent from Long Beach, California on May 17, 1957 · Page 8
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 8

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, May 17, 1957
Page 8
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A-8-- INDEPENDENT '··· ·""«· «·"'·· M - 1W Murder by Morphine jferdict in Nurse Death ·t«LOS ANGELAS Wi--Murder Jnn. 4, excused herself during , morphine was tho verdict of 'i* coroner's jury Thursday In ,1be death of Mrs. Susan Mason, ;!i8, a doctor's receptionist. She llvas found (lend In her nearby ·w\lhflmlirn apartment last Jan. 4, ·;.The Ji"7 ruled thnt' Mrs. ; Mason wps clvon a lethal shot ·pf morphine "by a person or i'penons unknown" some time ·.during the evening of Jan. 3, ! illor pajama-clad body was \fouml by police the next day In .'Wslttlne position nenlnst a hall' _Way wall. A telephone nearby 1jwui off the hook and a light ,»\!HS burnlnc In the apartment. ·?'Dr, II, Lee Berry, Mrs. Ma- I ton'a employer, testified that ·.the telephoned him at 1 a. m. the conversation, and never returned to the telephone. His call to police In the morning led to discovery of her body. · · · · · DK. BEKUY'S testimony that the call came at 1 a. m. was In conflict with the findings of Dr. Gerald K, Ridge, county autopsy surgeon. Dr. nidge fixed the time of death as 11 p. ,m, He alio testified that Mrs. Mason apparently died on her back and was moved Into a sitting position. Tho Inquest was ordered after three, month Investigation convinced police Mrs, Masdn did not administer the fatal morphine dose to herself. EFFECTIVE 200-300 MILES Missile Production -DOIT WITH nnniEY" FOR BETTER LIVING DOOLEY HARDWARE MART'S }7lh YEAR OF SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE OF LONG BEACH, "YOUR PROBLEMS ARE HIS PROBLEMS" R§9. Deeley's Mar. EUclrU Train and i:,« rUglna J-Bruih 1 j Floor rdllh.r j| 47.50 ] 1.J7 41.11 : CHARLES R, DOOLEY' Am*r, Hand ^ Lawn Mowtrt || 13.SI Niw '17 Liwyl I w/tlfj I 4Mi MAILS, I ond la BOX, I LB. .20 .12 V/ATER HEATERS, 20-GAL., AUTOMATIC TOILET SEATS, CHROMED HINGES COLEMANJ1AS LANTERNS MAGNETIC CUPBOARD CATCHES _4?.njljM« ».« || 3.80 ! DOOLEY'S HARDWARE MART 2075 LONG BEACH BLVD. NORTH LONG BEACH WASHINGTON UK)_ThoAlr Force ordered a production no- nhead Thursday for the new Bomarc long-range mlsille de s i g n e d to knock out enemy ixmbcrs long before they reach key targets. It awarded n S7,109,i95 contract to the Boeing Airplane Co. of Seattle, Wash,, for "production models" of the jet-propelled pllotless vehicle. The Air Force said thfl contract would be sufficient to "be- In quantity production." The 15,000-pound missile carries n high-explosive warhead and presumably can carry a nuclear warhead. It In 47 feet long with a tiny wing, which spans only 18 feet, two Inches, . · · · * PUBLISHED REPORTS have put the Ilomnrc'n range at 200 to 300 miles. Its speed has been r e l i a b l y estimated at about 1,650 miles an hour. According to- these reports, the Bomarc Is guided from the ground and also has a radar homing system which seeks out Its target. The Air Force said the Bomarc can a t t a c k and knock down enemy bombers "at a far greater distance than any other missile presently In use In air defense." The Army's chief anti-aircraft weapon, the Nike guided mis- silo, has a current rage of about 90 miles and replaces artillery as a sort of "last ditch" defense, · · · » THE BOMAHC WOULD be used by the Air Force Defense Cbmmand to Intercept enemy planes before they came within range of Army air defense commands ringing principal targets. The Air Force said the JJom- THE BOMARC Quantity output OKd . ere had achieved "superior results" In tests at Patrick Air Force Base, Flu. It said the Bomarc Is launched vertically by a rocket motor and cruises with power supplied by two ramjet engines slung beneath the cylindrical body of the Interceptor. Women Reporters Lampoon (Continued From Page A-l.) ter Dulles WHS pictured as "Mama Fostorla · Dulles," an Internatlonally-known tluhtropo walker who "walked It In Gcnevn, teetered In Indochina, slipped In Cairo and fell Into Iho Suez Cnnul." Koitorlu sane, to tho tuna of "Shortenln 1 Drnd": . "Call up the Arnbt, call tip the Jcuii "Mama's gonna' make a little itartlin' new*. 'That ain't all »ho'« gonna' do 'Mama'* gonna tcara the Rut slant, too. Mnma't on tha brink but the won't Jail over, ..." .The wife of Defense Secretary Chnrlcs E. Wilson appeared as a lion-tamer and sung to the une of "Can't Help Lovln' That Man of Mine": 'The chief can snj/ "yes" u7icn he really mean* "no" 'But what Charlie tays Is flag~ rantly so Can't help lovln' that man o] mine 'Though I'm a tronian mllii 'I can get uw/ully riled 'In fact, I go limply wild 'When Charlie it maligned, .." A trio described as "Edgar Elsenhower and his friends--the ast of the Republican Old Guard"--serenaded the Cabinet to the tune of "Whlffenpoof Song" which featured a closing chorus of: 'Liberal itatenmen, you all try to be "Ltirson't lingo nauseate* me, "Bright new hope o[ the GOP "Bah, bah, bah!" When the dreaming Dwlghtn went to a White House rcciip tion to jar her out of her Toxic, There's No Place Like dreams, she encountered Mamie Elsenhower and Pat Nixon who think It would be "Oh, so lovely not to shake a hand unless we care. No receptions. Making news with everything that we wear." Two Democrats, Speaker Sam Rayhurn, and Senate Majority Leader Lyndon Johnson also at tended the reception) and sang, to the tune of 'Together"', , "Wa run tha Hill togethef "Kill every bill together "Keep Congren on a tether "And \ve bath pretend, it will never end. ..." Sen, John L. McClcllan, chairman of the Senate Rackets Investigating Committee, appeared with two of his wlt- I?S80S, Big Helen and Little j Helen, The two women sang, to the tune of "On the Street i Where You Live": "We have o/jm been through tho mill be/ore 'But ifo never had to travel to the Hill be/ore. "It's a fin to land on the «.!!· ticjj stand , 'Far away from the tlreet where we tvulk...." Former Ambassador Clare Boothe Luce attended the re. ceptlon to sing: "Be It Ever So Rome." , And Sen, Estes Kc. faiwcr, 'complaining that the voters elected "some other guy," sane to the tune of "The Man on the Flying Trapeze": "I'm Enlct Kcfauvcr and I am lorlorn "Just like my olc coon-cap, I'm tattered and torn. Trujillo Reelected CIUDAD TRUJILLO. Domini, can Republic W--Gen Hector B. Trujillo was rcelected president of the Dominican Republic Thursday for · second five-year term. Left in tht Senate to grieve and to mourn "Betrayed by the people I love," Sen. John F. Kennedy CD- Mass) sang that "with a little bit of luck and a lot of poppa's bucks, I'm the one to beat the likes of Ike," And Nixon and Sen, William F. Knowland sang a duct to the tune of "Mutual Aspiration Society." Dwlghta decided that If "all these people want to be president, maybe I'm not so sick after all." The skit ended with Dr. Mary Mlltown telling her she "has Junt succumbed to the most prevalent disease In Wnsh- ngton for which there li no Blue Cross has an INDIVIDUAL Health Plan too! 2161 Ptelllo A»i, Lin( Buch, Cilll. HEinlock 2-8407 EXTRA QUALITY OCTM VALUE EXTRA SAVINGS 113 E. BROADWAY PHONE HE 7-2231 New York Cleann Up NEW YORK lL'.l:i--"Operation Big Sweep" got under way here this week. Some 38 persons Deceived summonses for dirty sidewalks, littered lots and over flowing garbage cans. NEW RAYCO STORE HOURS for Your Convenience Monday thru Friday 9-9, Sat. 9-6 OPEN SUNDAYS 10 to 5 SAVE IN EVERY DEPARTMENT ON WARDS GUARANTEED QUAUTV MERCHANDISE! ONLY AT RAYCO! Clear Plastic Covers with The New Miracle Ingredient Now for the first time . . . clear plastic covers that filter the ultra-violet rays of the sun, SUNGARD prevents clear plastic from clouding, stops upholstery from fading, So strong, so lone 1 -wearing'-- they're guaranteed never to ·crack, never to split. Unlike ordinary clear plastic, Rayco's [Vinysan* Covers never wrinkle... stay smooth as new for ithc life of your car. Only covers granted the U.S. Testing Co. seal. A wise buy for new car owners, because new car fabrics do get dirty. But, Rayco Clear Plastic Covers act like an invisible shield. Food, mud, grease never reach the seat, can't mar tho car's beauty. With Rayora trim as illustrated.. · "PARAMOUNT" MERE tamplitf Ml t!7.9S value ' 95 12' for moit tan Inexpensive way to new ear sparkle. Choose from '57 decorator patterns. Flattie-coated . for longer wear. 3-PLY. 8-LAYER "CALJFORNTAN" CONVERTIBLE TOPS . . 34 9S tSO valut Built to tak« all the KJW and dovra. Guaranteed not to leak, track or peel. Guarftntew! to look and fit M well as your original top. .ALL COVSBU CUSTOM .FITTED AND INSTALLED TUKS IN JUST M M1NCTM. LONG BEACH AMERICAN AYE. HEmkwk 5.9998 Jut Nertk ef ««lflt Ceait Hlghwey TERRY CLOTH COVERS Wash like a towel $5.95 ·AST CRKDIT TERMS. A U T O S E A T C O V E R S RAYCO C O N V E R T I B L E TOPS ·' /I ATE _ 3M3 ·· IWSTONI ILVD. -- 10 7-7211 **'* I E 1 ILOCK EAST OF LONO IIACH BLVD. INBLEWOOD LOS ANGELES STUDIO CITY VAN NUYS BLVD. ROSEMEAD PASADENA MinehHKr Vin Ntu ri i.*747 eiynile t MM W, MjurU OR IJ444 11511 Vintun Bl, 6961 Vin Nuyt Bl. 8141 E. Villir Rd. IS70 E. ''liml'l'VjM 1 *""·" . n " m " Wl ' v I|M| * M| " PO 2-2100 IT 70414 ||XH Ikiniii Wlf . i ¥···»· $T e4ffl AT MM3 UP Se. li Iru . ,WI J-7IJ* , AMERICA'S LARGEST CHAIN OF AUTO SEAT-COVER AND CONVERTIBLE TOP SPECIALISTS VH it «!«»'· ST 1-7S44 COMPARE Wards 13.2 cu. ft 2-door refrigerator-freezer with name brands at $450 and more! SALE 299.88 I $10 DOWN 15 monthly en terms | StralghMlne dailgn glvei your kitchen a "aiirom-bullt* lookl Many outitonding featurei In thli new Ward com- blnalionr itorage door In true-zero freazeri refrigerator hat roll-out ihelf, 2 quarter fold-down ihelvet, crii thelvei, egg rack In itorage dooc · COMPARE the exclusive combination of washing features in the deluxe Wardamatic washer SALE 199.88 | S5 DOWN 10 monthly on terms | Jmt let your Wordamatlc and forget Itl Pudibuttoni control water temperature, Eaiy-to-read dial handlei full cyclei wathlng, 4 rlntei, ipln dry. Swlrlator. wathlng action In fiberglai tub gelt clothei really clean! Matching gai and electric dryers available. i^V',:v -';\ ! j ^ V ' " - * ^ * -«·;?* *i^^ COMPARE Wards 30-in. gas range with famous nationally advertised brands priced at $60 more! ************************** * · * * · * * * * * SALE 149.88 $5 DOWN $7 monthly en terms 23' OVEN COOKS » ENTIRE MEAL » Beautiful In your kitchen *· and a |oy to cook onl New * Micro-jet plloti light In- » ttantly, ute Vt leu gai J than old type. Clock hoi * 3'/i-hr. timer to ilgnal when J cooking It done. Robert- *· lhaw Iliermoitat maintains ££ accurate oven temperatur*. ^ Smokeleu broiler. * * If * 17' PORTABLE TV- FRINGE RECEPTION safe 134.88 | *5 DOWN Monthly Terms [ Moil lemttlve funer, plui powtr* chauli glvei reception where meet portable! fall. Big 17' KT yet let weight only 34 Ibt. if '* » » jL 1» X- ASK FOR A FREE DEMONSTRATION-WARDS SERVICE IS NATIONWIDE!

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