The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on January 23, 1908 · Page 9
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 9

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1908
Page 9
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SPECIFICS. »». roa ^ . Wfirft. nrmg»Mnta, ttolle, cvrlut *a4 Wakofuln,.,* irf li.f.uu t* MMrfcM of UUMMI *nd ttrwMtwr. unique*, Uiiotw c«ii, ; *. T»»4h»rl.r, Karaxiui, Neu»l«U •. M<-»4«rlir, tin k ItwtfjutfM, V, n,«., I*. M»i»*p*O. lndiftMlli«. W«*k hi.,i« I*. <;>«•». ll'»r«.l^.uKli.l-»r>»|[IIU 14. •»!< (thrum. KruiMlxm, Kr^i-la. t*. MlMuiaiillim,"r ftbnutoalla t-i.l«i! I*. O»fcth>l»to. WMk or teftuBol C>« M. Wb»ci»i*« I vmh, t»|»*iuodl': enugl, . •I AM|MM.UI>|»«MOII, Wm. ult Mroali>lu«l •». HMiMf PiM-*M, Unr*l. (••laull M. ••MOM M. Mllir. vii»i w. ..*• *• *« «* ss »* •4* aa " i»« ! U a-ll!l,j;|. .11, I ), < ., J.s-j. | •'. Ad'.oi a!, T of prohihition in Hi, I'lMinI o| ( olnmliia an- oipani/.- n.K- Al a mass meeting that parked one of tin: largest ut> i linn lus to overflowing, ad CHRONIC STOMACH JPUBLE Cured by Dr. Williams' Pink Pills After Sufferer Had' Doctored for Years in Vain. Indigestion Our Guarantee Coupon ,, i • , i t Tin- tonio iri'nimi-ill for iuriigMlion U I li> United htak-s senator*, ) 1B vl,j K ri'iunrkable •UI-IKUM iu c.-uring started the (ami,,iiL'ii olwUii»t« I'WMW of that tlmtremiug rani- M. UrMury •<. tor* ThtttM M. Cbrwl* . W*iUn« (Mil i.l JripbtlHM' . McwIv-tuM t|( t* . ts ttl* of Pl»»nnl MM*, «l* tb» rod b/ dnggtaM, or mil <m r«Ml|>t uf irtw. l Poo* Ml fim EMoHarrcy AUCTIOMUUL I am ready to cry Public Sales of any kind anywhere in Livingston or adjoining counties. TORUS REASONABLE. Address RURAL, ROUTK 5, ChttHco- th«, Mo. oeoeeooeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee Ear N«M Throat AJUft.OCUUST I'raoitoedevnl- ed Ui Hurjfery and I>leea»ee of UM IC/e, Kar Nuee. Tliroat. Hfteolal attention given lo •urtrerv of Urn, No»« and 1'i.roat. GLASSES FITTED OnVselnFlrtt Netloeel Benk North^MDl Hit HlJ I'lMttlt'lt HHHilll thry lutvt- *hi<-h liny ••onn.l.-nlly bclii-vi- "'y*'" 1 I"" 1 "" •Jtaution from «v«ry ' '"•"*• Vl h ufr».n«r HH |jrinri|ile U that remodlei /ill ronli m rlu^iug every saloon for luiligfdtlou tlmt iligcpt tlio fwxl for ii. the Htoiui*i:li give rwliuf for only a dliort -i U , .. . , , tliua. Ultimit.l«ly lliey onflt the atuni- | illmaii of .South C aio »,,|, ui do it« own proper work, \M*\UH> Inia, v. ho was ;imoiiL> the SI ,, a ^. , tli«y malm it* lUnuwly wnnk |M>w«r still . . . , ., > w<«ker by dliuaa, wlillotlieruiundy that • is, |.;;ivi- inlvn-e which will |)iu «tnmt(lltniiH Dm Hlxmiwli niukim it, more L HIM tin- loial prohibition *'"' ««'«» ''"J**'" »'"t««"«« ih« 1 tont( i ), for ilMilf ami Immrflt lantM. A rum- . . ,- transfern-d to evt ry . «.dy that lia touto not only for tlmilom- al diMri.-t. Notwilh -Lvvioi 'he b<>iitiinent in favor oi prohibition, n«- nsateiial niovi hun hi-i'ii liiadt- in to «losc the .salons here, and Senator I illiiian declared that until the i oii^n'ssim-ii wire Mirrrd up Isy linn constituents Wa-jnugton \: mill n»t hi- ill y. llu House Italian propaganda (or ti iii|u nun r, which h,t> ,-nlist- • d ihr siippoit of all rhurrhi N hi M , iv lo In ener^etifiilly pushed ,iinl .1 •,, iii , of public mri lilies to dev« lop .mil solidify si iitinient Id. Should it hv found \|iiisMon of •rntimriit .- proph- ,,( |||,. ,i ( y lo pi ohihilioii JH Hot v, ,11 he |,<that an e ,011011^ ill fa v 'in aide suHn H ni lo pun mi ill, , lesjre h J'. 1 ' 1 ''' i' 'ii. il i* planned t , Im., i ai h i , 'litres sv ho ,'li(.;i hmr.i ll ppoMi ii in, opp. • i| d I ' el,'i li,,|| |i\ ,,|| || n (,,;,,,,, -• • v \\ In ii i lie Sloma, Ii, i ;• ,,i I. . I. I'lm ', l,i TV es f.;e| ,,-. i ,(' ill'' 1 ' •! ralii ahvii V - : ', I ii)' I !n t, iinai Ii, i, , -, ,1 K idiu 11 , - ikcshift. i '. • own I-1 Pi ii|'!;i- !s r I )i ;-i ,, ,s '| ; , I ill' K, -|,.|.l!;\ -' pi i v,ly |o|- iln si \v( al i | ie ujitlro n it in I tuaJtne r<H'4iv«ry from Ilia weaknuiug nffm-te of [>di«»itlun rapid and thorough. Him Oyutlifallart, of 418 K Mulberry , LM|HUIOII, Ohio, Kay* : "I wiw a vafftir«irfromitoiuaulitroiil>l» for mveml y«mr« and found no relief in dixitom" or i 1 WHEN YOU AKE GETTING GLASSKS Get them li^hi. Alwolute satisfaction in the relief of 111<'.AI)- ACHKand KYKSTRAIN. A. B. Macdonald, -KAST SIDE— JEWKI.UR AND OPTICIAN. S«t M.i4.| I i 1 I I I I I I I H-I-M-H-M. W.DAVIS K H'lXM'K Al'tTINKKIl ) Hit yuarN nk|H>rli>nm< In llilK inn I i adjiiliilii)f riiuni lrn HHtiifui-l Inn uuai-ttuUnxl Adilnit,, Itouli- I, riillllcdtlin, MlcniMiil, 01 tnln |ihnilii H|>i lii|(hlll I'titilru! ; HKf< IM HMI»MmM> I ihlcts or i.i|', . < illicitly help -.«. i, Ii : pie test Sell 1 , ••: I"">p, U'ai IIH , \V 111 I I V \ V o I t I! !! I. Sucllaml ! ••• ••• m V o 11 r i medir.liimi. MyaujKitltowas goim, 1 WM trontiM eonitUnlly by headache* oud ilieny ipell* and WM no nervoui that I wan auuoyitd and worried liy any little nnliw It WM almost liupownhle toihrap at niglil and I wan nattily tirml out. The inant bit of work made me short of breath. I lunt lu WRlght ami WM so ruu down (hat I know 1 intiit, noon flud (owe liolp or mil* nn. "While undecidnd what to do I ran arroM a uwwujmiMir containing a OHM Ilk* raiufl • urwl by Or. Wllllanut' Pink Pillf and al oue» bought a boi. There WM KMIII •ueh a dwildfld liniiroveiuent, tliat 1 routlnui'il niiliig the til 111 and wan entirely curml. Tliti bent proof of thli in Dial I have been well nvnr iluoe I cannot rceominonrt the jillli too highly." HuffiTiTH from dy«|M«iMia lu any form who linvx found tlinlr mmilltlim uurs- li«v«d or actually growing worae while lining ordinary rmimdUw, would ilo wnll to try Or. Wllliamx' Pink PHI*. Thoy an- Milil by all ilruggiKtp or illrurl by nun I ]K*l|*ii1, on riM'nipl of price, purlieu, NK IxixnN, |U no. A <ll«l book BHIll Itl'i 1,11 l'i-(|lll'Ml lotllli Hi \Villlulll» M*U*ciui- On , Heliuiiucliuly, M. Y. Mow to Avoid Pneumonia. YI-M i an avoid pneumonia ami , .: I • i 'Ml. His results fl! HI) a eo|,| I, I •• ini' l-'oley's llom'v and 'I ar II •>.,•. 'he conidi, heals the liiiii.;-: tin- eolil from (In- M-, se any bill the ellovv pai l-aj..;, i N. h .1 mir MUST SI.I.KCT KNtilNI. HI < ii}', |,ui. l.ll I I,I'll, V !.. (• i llie clli t t In^luvay la,v, • eleet a I, SMITH-WRIGHT. M.llliii^e lii'i use wan i^MUil m ,s < it y I bniMla v ,!«» ( )| i-, Smith of 1 Iic,i nnd VViiglil of Ni-ttlcton. 1 ii 11 ^ fl! /Ill, III- II,. How to Avoid Appeiiiltijiiti Mo -t \ id mis of -ipf't mlirilis an- th" i- \\lmare hahifii.iliy i.on- emes rhi,mil- constipation by * I imnl.ii ni;; the liver ,i'iil howeN a ,il i -! ire-, the natural ,i< (ion of iln !, -Ail-. ]-otev'> (*'!n(, I ..\.\attn, 1 i|oe- tin! HHilsiat' 1 i.r |',lipv an>l i milil .mil pli'.T-M'it t . talce. •lli-til lltes. *'. I. ' Wl t T vo Unwelcome VisitorH Here i ; hi-, -i a-mi I ,a < it ippe am i : -in ,iiia i an 1 ,! 1 morr deaths r.. • ' iitMimptioii. holey's I Ion • •'•' Tar ruii's la i;iippe couj;h'- il,ai ':;.!% result in pneumonia ovi i ,, •,< I >o not rd.ii' chames \villi , . •! 1 >\ hi II l-olev's I lonev ,'iml i .n - ill <|n'n l,lv i me il . N. J. -. • ' i I!M| il> n).; ( o. The Man With Dandruff run 1,1 w l>n run,I. ll« uliiuilii buy n Imlllc uf/.I'.Mdtn-iliiy. /KMOilimtroyH tlif ilia that eiltlHe.H tlui illnottHR. lln iiMi-p|,e|iH itching hiHluntly, (ireveiilM falling l.uir uii'l li'iivi'K tlm wi'iilji in u cloud !,iii!th> conditioD. All lini({gmlH. to!.! by N. J. Bwetlunn Drug O. Ill trii«!'' I i n i ml rl;.,. This IB Worth Remembering \V lii'ncver you have a rough or sold, jn-t remember that Folcy's llomv and Tar will curt 1 it. i>o m,I nsl< \onr health by taking any hut tin- i;enninc. It is in a yellow pv.Li.a^e. N. J. Swetland drujj ('o. M.ii> I si...-., nii' POIIY5HDNEY • Will cure any case of Kidney or Blm 4^ beyond the reach of medicine. No medic Bladder Disease not medicine can do more. Curcn Backach^ Corrects y .ret;u'.nrltle^ Do not rink having HnglU'fi Disraag or Diabe-tQB ,!•• In llu' N .1 ( onstilnlion Sjictial. (. hirajji). Jan. |K.—John K \Valsh was today f id jjiniiv iri«ap|ilyti, K - the funds of the ( i .-1^0 National Hank, of which ' -••as president and principal sioo toldcr. The verdict was rendered i the I'\'deral court at 10 o'eloei this morning. Under the law Walsh will n- to prison for n term of years mr exceeding five and not less thai one. His imprisonment will be n the Federal penitentiary. The verdict wai i cached at > o'clock Saturday morning after (he jury bad deliberated thirty tnree hours. DeWitt's Oar« )liicd Witch IlazH Salve is «-opeeially recom mended for piles. Sold by N. J Swetland drug company. Sometimes a person needs a new job almost as badly as though cut of work. Take a Constitution want ad. for an ally in your quest A tickling cough, from any cause, is quickly stopped by Dr. Shoop's Cough Cure. And it is so thoroughly harmless and .safe, I bat Ur. Sboop tells mothers everywhere to give it without hesitation even to very young babes. The wholesome green haves and lender stems of a Iting- healing mountainous sliiul,, fuel i^li the curative propi i lii-, lo Id. Shoop's ('oiifji (.lire. It calnii I lie coiif'.h, ami heal-, the .-. si m.itive hiom-hial me \'o opium, no i hloi, ,i, n i, ing liar.sli ir-eil |,, ii,|iin- If. »n«r mini i wo-tblnlt *f • IIM •odol. roll cm hnn<ill> ttf U DM i Koiinl lodmr on ihli iWru'l** FUI* •jioth* (ollowlnr, I»«MNI It ie lb« i' In* ilin< ol puichiK, II ll diUloi r.iuro Hi* 6oiil< conulolot oMHhltt * ll m.rflcln. to UK ,l»l.rlron wboci h, tad w« wiii rtluail four mottj. •l(ii bit*. pi e'-' ; r-impl v a i, ,111,m • eslrai I, that lii Ips lo In al a, hing lmi[;s. 'I lie Sp.iniiitils call I hi.-, sin uli u liieh I In- I), ici'.r '"I In- Saei'-d II, il,". Alv.,us il, maud I >r. Shoop 1 -, ( 'miijli < 111 e. V I. Swctlanil I Miij. 1 . ( o. De\Vilt's Little I'.aily J.'i-.e|', are the best pills, II. : ' ild li\ N. J. Swi-tland ding company. Mrs. I"i anl. I!p • ect..< i of Kan -a-, i il v i > \ i ii in... Mi. ai.,! Mi -. J. I -. lilesri-K,,-. " IF C1IILLICOTHK PICOl' knew tin- nniii.-, ol ill,- Texas Wonder they wonM ne\ei ^nii'r with l\iilney, I'l.i,hit r ami l\hen- matism. Sold li> all ilrn;;L;i Is, 01 two lnoi]|||., (| eat melil It', in.ill for $1.1 m. Send tor Mis-omi Testimonials to .'i) ''< ( ;li;, -ire-.'t. St. I .oiiis, Missouri. Mrs. 1\ l'\ Man lu Id s ill at In -r home on Dickeuson street with bronchitis. It Docs The Business. Mr. I-'.. I', Chamberlain, of Clinton, Maine, savt of liucklin's Arnica Salve. "It docs the biisi ness; I have used it for iiilest and it cured them, Usi-d it for chapped bands nnd il cured them. Applied it to an old sore and it Jieal ed it without leavi'ii; a scar behind." 250 at N'. J. '",''.: ind' 1 ! store. I 1 !-; AC 1C. ,i'i'-!.i\ af .,!,,' Ml . •i i'., , ii \. |, i no, ni an, i , ,! 1. 1 , m i , impl.iiut ,,i Mi I , i •. . h . I M',; n- .| : '' '\ , |, H ill- I III lilll" I 'I' , i i •, |, moil ,.-a \ e In in,! in I : i . and- in I In- i om i , 'I '' l.n ' \ \ e 1 1 1 1 1 v , I , i \ , I a i ' " . 1 1 < ' . ' -' ' ANOTHER BIG CUT ON W* offer our entire line of Cloaks- LMO of them at ABOUT HALF PRICK. We are determined to sell every Coat ami Suit in the store. Last year we carried over 3 Lad ion' ('outs this year we will make a clean sweep of it. $10.00 Coat will •» for |6.00; $20.00 ComU for $10.00 and Suit* the name way. Liig line of Silks and Heatherbloom Underwkirts sample* at aboat half price .We offer for the next G days 50 bolts of Hope Bleached Muslin at §c yd and thousands of yards of Embroideries and Lacea at wonderful sale price*. - » ..... Digests WhatYouEat And Makti th« Stomaca Bwtat ' ! SWETLAND DRUG CO. FREE Stovtplpc •ltd Soot Cb«Mr _* Ceo. Rupp & Bros. Co. MMMM356 - 71* Bta ft. Ull'llllltl Mlw Margaret E. Avtry ArtlM «n4 TMcbw— Htudlo and 8al«> Rooms over Ounby & Wort -Front Room* I IIHH If I til I M III»»MI" Eczema !• Now Curable HKMO, » Mivnliflc prepwrsiton lor •xt*rn»l uw. Htop» itching Inttaatif Mid destroy; t)i« gcrmn tb«t e«OM akia diMMM. KGMIIUI qnlekhr yMta MM! to permanently oared by tbb remarkable m«dtnin«. All DroBrtatn. Write (oreain- plfl. K. W. Roeo Med! Oo.,B». Look, Mo. loM fcr the N. J. Sherman p»' the Leeper HctMe »«|rje% arrested Friday roerotnf by Sk«i>; ilT George Yeonutns on lion filed in the ty circuit court by Attorney E, C Orr, ktttfiBf Stnnsbury sold Hqnor license. The time it it aJlefed bury committed this offeiM* WM» on or about the first of NbvtaTS* ber.. The new tew went btto «§• kct November ftrst, ghrinf UM State jurisdktkm over the SB- loons, while a number of the toot dramshop keepers were not granted license until November 18 The case will come wp at tbi* term of court ". PUBLIC INSTALLATION. At the regular meeting of the Ladies of the Maccabees Friday iii^ht, the order presented the retiring l.ady v'ommauder, Mrs. F.. M. rainier, \\ith u handsome s \ ei spoon, as a token of their appreciation of her faithful work \\lnle in i,Mice. The new inein- ln is were to have been installed I'liilay night hut owing to a mis rmlei standing it was postpone*! null! llie next meeting night, v. hi, h will lie the first Fridav iiifjil m I'eln iiarv. It was decid id al the meiiiiit; I inlay night to have a pnlilie installation at tin next meeling at- which time a I'.nnpiel u ill In ser\ ed to tlm | lev.-nt. A lunch was enjoyed l,\ the members alter the rcgu! I- rnla\ me-ht. lei. .i..l twu.lifto II." h.!r. 11't .(«» ii lii«uti»xt gruMtli. Ni'w.'c tnll. to M..lor. ()r«r II ur tu it. Ymtlhful Color. 'V . ,. v r . .!•»».•* h»Ir i«llu>g. ...... ...l 11 m ui \V. M. Smith ol Cameron was a business \i^itor in the city Saturday. KOI>()1. is the best remedy known today for dyspepsia, indigestion and all troubles arising from a disordered stomach. It is pleasant, prompt and thorough. Sold bv N. J. Swellnnd drug Co. K. X, Mason of Hannibal wa-. n ^aluidiu lm*-in!css visitor in the eii \. Eczema and Pimples aif> quickly mid permanently cured by /KMO, a cltmu liquid (or r«t*rn»l uoe. ''.KMO ilruwi the ferni* to thit nurf»c« of tlm Kkin and drutrovM Ultra, leaving •i nice clear healthy •kin. Write K. W. !{,*.• M(«l. Co., Ht. 1,011 i«, Mo., (or riuin|ili<. All DritKKiftti exill /KMO. Hoi.I liy tho HwDtlaiiil UIIIB Co. *»• - • .•> I I i Mi Mil, n of Kansas ( us v a-, lure Salnrda\. en route t i I i ii a lo visit his iiioilur, John '!,. Milieu. He won- a Tafl bill ("II, and expressed no fear ot \', eaimg it into the Democratic Moli^hold of M.iou'sville town- A Well Known Fact That no nkln ilineuMi. whether from Internal or external oriKin, can long wittmtaiid the two i«>w«rrul genuMlooe, /KMO and SSKMOTONK, tliey deatroy th« iterinii that caum' th« tllueai*, they alwntnonre. Writefor»nmvl«. K.W.Kose Mod. Co., Ht. LouiH. AUl>rnugitt»§ellU. Hold )>y N. J. Hwetlanri Drug Oe. \\iliy Flliott of Uoute I, au ,|d Irieinl of the ( onslitntion, called Thursday to renew I is sub- i iption to the daily. Doan'g Regulets cure constipation, tone the stomach, stimulate the liver, promote digestion and appetite and easy pannage of the bowels. Ask your druggists for them. 2|c • box. DOUBTS CANNOT Iiwe.tig.tkB Wffl Only feme*- en the Proof Wt Qfvt to f HowcandotibtaextetsiB tiMtfaoi of such evidence? IUa4 jMft dbi endorsement of a repreMBtathW citizen of (ChilHeothc; J. A. CotKh, Kvfaf at 337 Jav* dan street, CbUlicotbc, Ho, "Off and on for the pan a 1 have had trouble from a pain in the back. It would ca on suddenly when stoopfaif straightening up and whilt severe enough to lay mt of very annoying and distrcMtOf. 1 knew it was from the kidney* b»- ing out of order by the way the secretions acted. 'Fhey were SOOMk times scant and highly colored^ then free and like water. I a box of Doan'a Kidney which I got at the N. J. Swetiaarf I >i nt; <-'o.'s store. They did me a lot of good, relieving me from that aching lameness in the back anl regulating the kidney secretiooa. I think they are a fine mediciav and I have no hesitation in recooa* mending them." For sale by all dealers. Price yt cents. Foster-Mllburn Co., B«*- falo, New York, sole agents for the United States. Remember the name—Do»O*» nnd take no other. M. I.. Aye ,who has recent^ returned from a trip to Bento* Harbor, Mich., tailed Saturdfcg 10 have the C. iift'tntion »i»-)t t» lim at Wheeling. 11 is very important and in fad t is absolutely necessary toheaHB 'iat we give relief tc the stotnaal promptly at the first sign* af. [rouble. Take something once while; especially after me "onu-thing like KODOL for ,. l/epsia and indigestion. It m| enable your stomach to do Mi work properly. Sold by M. £ Swetland cirng Co. t A BABV'BOY. .\iiuouncement has been received by friends in the city of thr arrival of baby boy at the home it Mr. and Mrs. Kay Shepard, ia> San FrancNi-o. (.'alifornia, SiU»» day niornin;,', January 12. MfX. Shepard wa* formerly Miss Kth«l llutV of this city. A Higher Health L«vtl. "t have reached a higher Icvdl since I began using Dr. Kmfjb New Life Pills," write* J»«* Springer, of West Frankflav Maine. "They keep my stomadt liver nnd bowels working jaat right." If these pills disappoJrtl you on trial, money will b« aa>- funded at N. J. SwcUaiMft store, ase. ^^^ _ Mr. anil Mr». William of South Washington street noutice the birth of a danj Thursday. TaCNmCMil Take LAXAT1V* BBQMO Tablet*. Drntaliila U falto t* ear*, m W. toea«a*taa. a»«4 FAZO oumanrr is enre any ess* et liters et

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