Independent from Long Beach, California on February 20, 1964 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, February 20, 1964
Page 23
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, --SUTI F*a^ It Cfiuc* Sun4aiW A FAREWELL AT PIER E Mothers, wives, sweethearts, and someone's little boy who came to say farewell to crew members . of the USS Bennington Wednesday gaze quietly as the anti-submarine carrier leaves Pier E on a sii-month cruise to the West Pacific. The ship will take part in exercises in Hawaii and will visit ports in Hong Kong, the Philippines and Japan. ' · Redhead, Two Male Friends Deny 'Gutter Corpse' Death Budgeters Rap LBSC - ^--^~ ' ·". _· · · · ' A ' ' 9-Story Theme Tower Analyst 'Excess' 1 Sacramtnt. lurtav Independent The Southland's M Finest Morning ffewspaper b ** LONG BEACH 12. CALIFORNIA. THURSDAY. FEBRUARY 20. Two men and a woman,, 51, was arrested the cused of killing a Long Beach same day in Pennsylvania. man and stealing $20 from Wednesday pleaded in- fore dawn J»n, 13 in a gutter at Magnolia Avenue and Bur- The three are accused of ? 8 « Street He had been 'setting up" Elwen, 52 of * the back and m the 1777 Cherry Ave, for a robbery. Redheaded Mrs. Humble is accused of picking him up at nocent to a charge of murder. S u p e r i o r Court Judge Maurice C. Sparling scheduled April 13 for the trial of a bar, thea summoning Cath James S t o c k m a n , Ronald'cart and Stockman. Cathcart and Mrs. Genevievej The alleged killing took (Toni) Humble, accused of as the four were driv- Jan. 13 robbery and murder ing around *"v; Beach ia a of Carroll EIweD. borrowed car. Stockman re- Cathcart 29, and MrsJportedly has admitted pulling Humble, 40, were arrested in'the trigger. Farmland City Asks Phone Aidi The fast-growing farmland city of Fountain V a l l e y j i Las Vegai'iajvM and'stock-j EJwetrsbody was found be-P ll 8 ue1 b y * limited toll-free;) Beach JttL Malcolm plet| OECURITY officers at dustria] plants are what is commonly called plant protection work, as everybody knows but a gal named Phyllis Schmidt. Phyllis, in order to qualify as a deputy voter registrar, had to get 20 names on her petition and for this purpose approached a gentleman who works at Douglas. He signed and when she asked his occupation he told her it was plant protection. in- 'got a letter from an outfit in in England offering to "create" an original coat of arms for Mm For $120, the English agency would not only pro^ duce the coat of arms but would have it registered in t e l e p h o n e calling area.1 Wednesday readied petitions S to the California Public Utilities Commission and General Telephone Co. for revision of| its no-toll areas. Mayor Joseph CaHens also j issued an appeal to the public]! to join in the demands, on an j individual basis with their own petitions, asking the same thing. Subscribers served by General Telephone Co. in Fountain Valley eaa call without tolls to Huntington Beach. Today in L.D. LECTURES -- 'Furniture Making in El Salvador." Sam Maloof, presented by LBCC General Adult Division. 7:30 PJH-. Ktttering School auditorium. 550 SUVera Ave. -Dow Theory and Methods of Charting," H. L. Sunshine. 7:30 pnx. Bay Shore Branch Library, 1S5 Bay Shore Ave. CONCERTS -- Violinist Arnold Belnick and pianist Sidney Stafford, 8 P.EL, Museum of Art, 2300 E. Ocean Blvd. Municipal Band, 2 pjn, Municipal Auditorium. . ON STAGE -- "Oh Men. Oh Women," 630 pm. Community Playhouse, 5021 E- Anaheim St. Take Her, She's Mine," 830 p.m. Magnolia Theater, 2400 Magnolia Ave. "Irma La Douce," 830 p-m.. Off- SACRAMENTO --The plan,, or a nine-story Theme Center^ juilding at Long Beach State, College took a blistering at mdget hearing Wednesday. Nathan B. Keller, represent- ng'the Legislative Analyst's Mfice which previously had questioned a proposed $1.8- millton tWo-building complex . at LBSC. asserted the theme $V plan "includes excesses." ' " ' " · * · · KELLER testified the tower phase of the project win cost $28,000 more than the state |' regularly spends 'on multi-1 story buildings--70 cents a - ' square foot higher thaa the usual building outlay. Chairman Tom Bane, D- North Hollywood, of the Assembly Ways and Means subcommittee, also quizzed witnesses whether the nine-story t h e m e involves earthquake SOMEBODY JUST GOOFED Justice Is Not Involved ui Lawyer Going to Jail By BOB SCHMIDT Los Angeles attorney H o w a r d Meyerson was a guest of the County of Los Angeles for about an hour Wednesday. He didn't think much of the idea. Meyerson. shortly before the noon recess was called in Judge Maurice C. -Sparling's Superior Court, asked a bailiff if he could confer with his client. · The client was being held in a cell in the Long Beach courthouse until ' his case was called. ' Meyerson was admitted to the cell, the door was locked behind him, and the bailiff departed. _L: tviT?.rds, "HOW LONG has the architect lived in California?" asked Bane. Harry Harmon, chairman o! Facilities planning for state colleges, replied that architect Ed Killingswprta of Long Beach is a native California: from a firm of catibna prominence. 'My point was that Long Beach is on a fault line .. Court in Santa Ana that she was concerned for her I wonder if you aren't creat-' Judge Sparling called his 11:45 calendar, some prisoners were brought into court and then removed. Judge Sparling concluded the court's business and went to lunch. And so did the bailiff. When he returned, an hour later, there was Meyerson, still in the cell with the prisoner. For the fuming Meyerson, the day's frustrations were not over. He raced from the courthouse fa an effort to salvage a one o'clock appointment. On the way, his car broke down. 141 Housewif e Claims Medic Got 'Fresh' Mrs. Pat Noga Wednesday testified in Superior Broadway Theater, Lime Ave. 211 Neiv Plea Permitted in Killing A San Pedro man awaiting trial on a charge of murder Wednesday was permitted to plead guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter. · Billy Mack Evans, 30. of 492 W. OTarrea SL, tf as ac- 1 classrooms for 106 "students sion and abortion, became[fluence of the gas to stop «» s «d °( "^f the death of land 210 faculty offices--and "overly attentive" during his the doctor from continuingp"?*/ 1 V. Stickler. 43. during involve one three-story build-Physical examinations, and HJ iSeged perverse acts. She'* fight July 2 at a Long Beach jjing problems on the campus,"i safety after Costa Mesa society physician Dr. Samuel Frazier "became fresh" while treating her for a preg- j w o u l d include language-art declared Bane. Under legislative fire Is a nancy. plan for a two-building com- She testified that the 36- ministered as a pain killer. Iplex facing Seventh Street. It year-old doctor, charged with! sht said she made feeble 17 counts of rape, sex perver-jittempts while under the in- 'ing phis an adjoining cine- j story structure that would medical manner. tower over the campus. "--·-- .v. _ ·THIS IS the last chance "conducted himself in an un- Under the cross-examination of Frazier*s attorney, Donald McCartin, the 21 ' for the LBSC campus to be!y e . ir - ol l Garden Grove house' tied in with a theme." said wife reiterated her charges j Harmon. He noted that siml- that the doctor_ sexually as* I · ii f . _ ^ _ «_ j « . - - _ mTtesI V*T ^x."^Tl* cV^ U'9l said she frequently told him to stop "fooling around." She said she did not realize completely that the doctOT| was allegedly performing an projects have been bar. Stickler, of 18I8-B Olive Avt, died without regaining consciousness after the assault . through abortion on her at the time.!" 0 TM*! Meyerson, asked that and later admitted that she' 1 * ** given psychiatric help. suited her while she was ^'approved for other campuses.lTM*'"' U 18 influence of Trilenel. i granted immunity by the [ i office from Superior C. Court Judge Fair Leader Calls Mecl California World's Fair ex- Concluded Harmon: "We £"- .5 do not feel the costs are ex-, cessive." The committee s t u d y i n g Gov. Brown's $3.66-bilIion proposed budget took the LBSC and other education wa * bein S * d ' prosecution for abortion. budget items under advise- some special records, with tWestminster, Midway Cityjecutive Committee will hold ment insignia "unique and acthen- Co sU Mesa and Corona del'* 3 important meeting at fair In conference, $100,000 was ticated to the individual - - - - - bearer of this name." Assuming no B-C reader is that hard op for a status VU^t-t» *A-^.^4Z «UH^ \»-V* VMU UVl T -- -- ··---^ -- - - -- -- t I J «* I. * · · Mar but pay tolls oa calls t o !head! ! lmteri OT *· Fourth st - ^. cked °" **« ""^ MIT, DUI pay urns oa cauj 10 ,. , -- ..,,,«_ ,,« _» mfllion outlav Dronos« . . ^ aft ,, ^ u ^ mfflion outlay proposed Garden Grove, most of Santa Kenneth HemphuL. chairman. ^ LBSC building compli Ana, Orange. Anaheim. Ful- A -screening committee" . . . . t__*._^ T»..---. T* t. _--. · _ » ' v^- j ..« i *» «_ -TI « , _ ·_ THP T T"f^Ht.ATT\i^T" minion outlay proposed for ex. have kindred interests," said Phyllis- *Tm a member of the wilderness society." symbol, I won't bother to ilertoa, Buena Park and otheriheaded by Hemphill has been E1VC t^C Tt^Tn* f)f t?10 British *^---- -- - *~ ·*·-- ----- irvficfi^»r^nT t rA^f-rvwfw^n/^'*- firm. Just an item in passing. °«8e Ccrat y ««· | PEOPLE can this desk ' with all kinds of ideas, | some of them pretty wild, r Yesterday a lady tele- · phoned a suggestion that the newspapers, and others. [ start identifying individuals I by referring to them as -, Swedish - Americans, G e r - j man-Americans, S w i s s } Americans, etc. Her motive I seems to be to do away with f any offensive references to i race "r color ia identifica- '· tions. ' Well, for one thins, iden- j tification by race or color. occurs rather rarely ia the press, and it usually is done 1 only when it has a significant bearing on the news , Involved. People are more sensibly identified by address, occupation, age, etc. 1 . But there's another practical problem. After the first generation, the national origin lineage ia most cases begins to get pretty diluted. For instance, I'd be called a French - British · Scottish · German-American. That gets pretty cnwieldy, and moreover, how ia heck would you run down »3 that info on people popping up in the news! ·I suggested to the bdy that she turn her active and well-intentioned musings to something else. OPEAKING of Ii.ieas*. do you have a bantering for a ccat of anns, an your very own? ! You woUda't believe this i but A! FacgM.of our town TjK)R the record, this dept. is cot disdainful, indignant, annoyed or otherwise emotionally disturbed by the invasion of the Beatles from Britain. They look like a bunch of nice young fellows, they sing sweet lyrics, neither their beat nor their "action" offends me. and their hair, while different from current style, has some authentic precedents. Mrs. E. H. Speckmaa recall* that the famed singer. Ish Kabibble. member of Kay Kayser's band, wore hair like that and so did a m e m b e r of the Three Stooges." A recently filmed story about the period of King Arthur and the Round Table. " P r i n c e Valiant" showed the hero wearing just such a mop. The Beatles have succeeded in parlaying a few unorthodox but not too astonishing features into a storm of publicity that's worth inn- lions, which is legitimate even if it does make the VS. public appear a little gullible. Those squealing teen-age girls look idiotic, bat the best way to promote a continuance of teen-age idiocy r .j to try to stop ft. fm sure a girl can squeal at the Beatles and still go oa to be a good wife, mother, voter, member of the PTA and Cub Scout den mother. Let the Beatles have their fun -- even if it is at our exptnie. MAYOR CALLENS said that most of the calls orig- a recommenda- [ticn oa a successor to Fred i Hall as executive vice president of The fair, and this committee may make a report to- 82 DEGREES You Can Cross U.S., Keep Cool after two days on the stand. The next prosecution witness is e x p e c t e d to be Dale Bitchelor, the boyfriend of cd Dr. Marcus Crahaa to examine him before he is returned to court for sentencing March 17. He will remain ia custody pending his sentencing on that date. Evans was acquitted in 1962 of a murder charge THE LEGISLATIVE Ana- Camp Pendleton Marine. I The trial, now in its fourth day before Judge Howard C. The thermometer was high'Cameron. is expected to last Wednesday in Thermal, which 1saore lhan four weeks. tied with Palm Springs as mating are to points outside day. it win hold a luncheon the Genera] caQing area. lyst's Office did OK a plan, to hottest spot in the nation at spend $104,000 to equip the^ dezr ,« new LBSC physical educa- oe S rees - tional building--$5,000 more' than the governor originaDy,in Lon£ Beach, where maxi- ·"· '·' But it wasn't much lower mum 82 was recorded and Jan. 25 of this year, while he was at liberty, after posting $16,000 bail in the murder case disposed of Wednesday, was arrested again when his wif* complained that he had beaten her. Evans Tuesday pleaded innocent to a charge of assault with a deadly weapon, and hij trial on that matter was franchise netted a cash pay-]scheduled for March 31. His City Gets Top Tax Payment The city's most lucrative A!so crior to the execu ! Also vte Legislative Ana-S^*" the forecaster prozn-ment of $4-12,720.75 Wtdnes-^-ife Kathcren, 30. had testi- _ . . . . . ,, , .;... -__,,;,,». ,,,,:,,, 'lyst's Office droDued its ob- " e »n g l today. day from General Telephone fied that Evans attacked her The aty. m asking General u« comm.ttee session. j.*^ ^ ^^gf^^l jhe continuing Southland'co. ' (during a party held at a expanding the; w ,, « .. for a new Orange State Col-|' vrinter k" 1 wave '* expected. It was the highest tax bill neighbor's house at 814 W. to consider expanding the ton-free area, backed the demand with a request to the PUC since it controls the service areas and rates. Residents in the west Gar dea Grove subdivision known'Ave_ Wednesday was electedj as Garden Park Estates had chairman of the Los Angeles -~- Water Pollution Control Chief Picked Paramount City Manager jy_-' M. D. McKeown. who lives in* Long Beach at 330 Grand lege cafeteria-- slated to have to bring Santa Ana 83-degree ever paid by the firm onderjsanta Cruz Ave.. San Pedro. ~ - ~ - ~ the '"· elt for the s e c o n d day, terms of a franchise yielding - 1200 seats. Previously, Cliartcr Organized project was "opposed aV'cost- 1 ,* 10 "? with northerly winds'Long Beach 2 percent of net · - 'up to 25 miles an hour in Or- revenues originating within' The California state col- ange County coastal canyonsJlhe city, plus aa a d d e d leges'first chapter of Sigma Enrollment Up Enrollment at Bellflower! forecaster. "It's a pretty good santana'amount ia lieu of free mtmici- Alpha Eta, rational speech building up again," said the'pal telephone service. |and hearing professional fra- · ' - - - - - ' -- total, covering lastiternity, has been organized at petitioned General for ;sion of their caning area. The The Pollution Evening High School has! For anyone who wants a year's operations, was a 6.7 Long Beach State College. | climbed to 1566. Principal Ar- change, the other corner of percent increase over the Robert Busby, Westminster ' number for three thur Simpson said. The school the nation is available, where'HH,937.49 paid by the com'" "" **"*' ---- '" """" "TM~~ ·-"-- ' : - matter is now coder study.'years, McKeown s u c c e e d s operates 59 classes at seven the thermome graduate student, is president. General officials said. Hearing Set in Girl-Case r Accusations Dr. Bernard Gruber. a Long Beach chiropractor, Wednesday was arraigned before Municipal Court Judge Max Z. Wisot on three counts of alleged abortion and one of soliciting an abortion. Gruber, 45, of 4S01 E. Pacific Coast Highway, was arrested Saturday after he allegedly accepted $250 from a police sergeant and agreed to perform an abortion on a policewoman posing pregnant girt Judge W i t o t scheduled Gruber's preliminary hearing for March 1, and allowed tun to remain free on the $345C b- poitid aTter his arrest. ;otmty Supervisor Frank G.'locatior.s throughout the dis-iTown, Me, onelli in the chairmanship.'trict 'grces below zero. ometer at Old pany for 1962. The Utter fig- Dr. Bernard A. Landes, assist- phmked to 7 de-lure was a 3.02 percent gain ant professor of speech, i$ · | U 4 C *· a J ft «».Vi. £^.tv«.Mb J,»**» ·**« ^»v«»,*jv* «, 'over the previous year. ' faculty adviser. NEW TRIAL AT STAKE Key Slaying Witness Could Save Trio By BILL DUNCAN" The man who helped convict three men for the 1959 shotgun slaying of Anaheim restaurant owner Leslie Simpson may well bold their lives ia balance again today when he testifies before a State Supreme Court referee in Los Angeles. Appearing as a prosecu- tioa witness, 26-year-old Michael P.osoto was the key witness during the original murder trial and is considered a key witness in thii proceeding. His testimony may determine if his half-brother, Joseph R o s o I o, and codef endants Frank Vlahovich and Donald Franklia win wia a new trial. The tearing was called after defense attorney* filed a petition for writ of error based primarily on a tape recording which purported to be the voice of Michael Rosoto retracting bis testimony ia an Orange County Superior Court trial that linked the three men to the slaying. Young Rosoto was in the court building Wednesday guarded by tilf a dozea sheriffs deputies wto had sealed kirn in a locked room down the corridor from where Judge Clarence Kia- cai4 was Uking testimony for the State Supreme Court. The defense contends Michael Rosoto gave perjured testimony in the original trial because he was granted immunity oa a pending robbery charge. · The defense nai also implied that Orange County authorities knew the testimony was false and had rehearsed the witness on what to say before the trial. The defense rested its case Wednesday afternoon after calling seven witnesses -- three of whoa testified Michael Rosoto had admitted to them that he lied on the witness stand. The state's case barely got onder way before the cocrt recessed for the day. Its first witness was Michael Rosoto*s mother,Mrs. Frances Barlo, of Seattle, Wash, who testified (o what she said was a "concerted campaign" by her stepdaughter, Delia Rosoto Wine, to force Michael to change testimony. She was brought cnder a severe barrage of questions oa cross examination. At c=e time Rosoto'f attorney, Sam Rice, forced her to admit sh« favored her own ion, Michael, to her stepson. Joe. Franklla's attorney, Paul Caruso, introducted an affidavit signed by Mrs. Bar- So in 1953. in which she swore that Michael was at a dirner party at the time he was alleged to have been robbing a Los Angeles market. Caruso introduced testimony from court records, which showed that Michael later confessed to the robbery. Caruso told the court Mrs. Firlo stould be impeached because it has been shown she lied to protect MichaeL Mrs. Barlo. who had to be admonished by the judge, blurted: "But this was all Joey's doing. He arranged for the affidavit."

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