Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1963 · Page 1
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 1

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 30, 1963
Page 1
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t\,tti -it \ M J « ; 'FEATURES 1 Amusements f.X4'(. Death Notices' ? .O1 "'Ctar±eV*;A-7,'_» .Markets' UiW.B-S " ." OassLVtl ....C-2 ,Radio-TV'..'.-..B-7 Comfei?::..-:.B-« ;shippTni' v.i^.c-i '· 1 J t -..·*· A. i. r . _ * j~ I. . i »«^^. ""·'·'· Phbn* HE 5-1141 -- djolf.d No. HE 2-5959' · i ' " ' '^·f* *Vf ' ' - ' · 3 J- ' ' · ' * ' i^» · ' ' . - . I ' ' Independent . ,i ·, Tfte Southland's M. Finest Morning Neiosndp'er ' · . . , . . , . . . . -' · ·; t , ··· . . - . . - . . · i ' 1 l · ·' i O -: - , · i · i ,, WEATHER .' * Variable cloudiness, but partly sunny. High , today 66. Complete weather on Pace A-3. · '· v . **;. it PAGES LON3 BEACH '|2. CALIFORNIA, SATURDAY. MARCH 30. 1943 m . : : , » . By STEWART HENSLEY ' . · · 5 WASHINGTON (UPI) --The United States demanded Friday that Cuba fully explain' the MIG attack pa a U.S.' freighter -Thursday despite Havana's quick assertion .that the Cuban planes "probably' fired, in ""· · At .the' same., time. . the Coast Guard said it had under c o n s i d e r a t i o n a plan to strengthen forces ia Florida to make sure there are no hit- *nd-ron raids on Cuba from *hi* country by anti-Castro There was' some feeling in . . . Congress that the freighter ; -MIAMI l?i -- An American.incident ins in retaliation for merchant ship. strafed off 1 the exile raids. " ' · Cuba ' b y _ Russian-built jet . . · . ' . * . · fighters, made port here Fri-j THE STATE Department day. and new I ire w o r k s fired off a note to the Castro crackled over the time it took' regime soon after announcing V.S. warptanei to reach the receipt of a Cuban message - · . _ · , ifjll Lr t\iniS " ' . . . ONE OF. THE T\VO RUG jets that fired on the merchant ship Floridian Thursday is shown making a pass over trie ship during the attack. Part of ..rail of the Floridian shows at left. Photo was made by crewman on ship. scene. the official Defense" De- which declared there had been "no intention on the partment c h r o n o l o g y of P* 1 * of °* Cuban government Thursday night's incident off! 10 lhoot * r *** merchant Cuba's north coast showed ^"P Floridian Thursday, that word was received at 6: It was the first time the 'p." m. (EST). fighters were .Castro regime had acknbwl- ordered aloft at 04 and were edged, even ia a kft-handca 1 Brown Asks CDC Aid Death-Penalty Recess By BOB HOUSER i. fi rtiax* - - HOMEEOITtON -- I 0 e h Elections PurityBiU Returning SACRAMENTO «V--Act ing on Gov. Brown v s suggestion. Assemblyman Gordon H. Winton Jr. said Friday he will move to revive his purity in elections bill, killed earlier ia the week by fellow Demo crats. The biH would require itemized reporting of campaign contributions above $75, naming who contributes [precinct worker is a volunteerjcincts is not vote buying, precina worker." Can-ey said, but ,~if enough,, He "^ CDC and county money could potentially committM to ^.^ a y GERTRUDE FREELAND Benefactor S^W\t*^^\^«^Tl£tZ BAKERSFIELD - Gover-L"!K£Z? dt ? a ?'-? Oa % could potency putl^-- ^^ : Jt^^VA^^tS--fS^^^£J^^^S£^, . - -». nffiriiTc MW* *i* it Q land asked them Friday night.dub charters. . the money (and a fantastic · · . P«r\# f*iirtif flTmrt nf »*.» 5*AI, OillCZaiS Said. U1C v-O. ·* ^~ t « · · * _ i ,.· . . . · _ _ » ^ aptHlCat Capt Curtis Olson of the 'guns -Complained that U. jets arrived 55 minutes after] ne" to help achieve liberal legislative wins. i ivemor. asked the legislative to prepare amend- whjch would limit its application to only · those ' ' ' . | Keynoting the llth annual ,, the vessel put out an SOS atL O* 111 ^ MINISJER Fidel convention of the California'K, 555 p m. t 0 " 1 TM has P"* 3 "**! to de- Democratic Councfl, the gov * · ~ -- ' " :!?*·*»· ··** * i »-rJ* r* ·**«»* +yv *W*' « · _ * _ _ · . * * COAST GUARD involved) "W"""^ TM. «"/ "*«e CDC PRESIDENT Tom B. there would arise a question^^^J " cme for con - Can-ey Jr. conceded the issue of who might have a mort-| stltutl . , ^ is rot -an open and-shut gage on the D e m o c r a t i c ,,,, VrFRcrn n .- npr , t stated what he felt Party" t 1IIE MERCED Democrat 1 said the bill, which had ap- United by to Welfare NightRaids Suspended LOS ANGELES tB -- The elective officers State Social Welfare Board said it received the SOS at 523 and relayed it immedi- ately'on "hot lines" to the T . . .-. ,s_ [mg to Associated Press. said Castro had i to - cash it is easy forldistricwhich . f***TM?- the man with cash to change Democratic but is Probate Reveals ; Charity By BOB SCHMIDT) -. A quiet Long Beach woman who lived in an unpretentious four-family dwelling her last 30 years bequeathed more than $750,000 to four Long Beach organizations. Mrs. Gertrude Freeland. who'was SO when she died last Tuesday, named Long Beach Efts Lodge. El Bekal Shrine of Long Beach and Long Beach YWCA and YMCA in her win, which was presented to Superior Court Friday by attorney M.; E. Lewis Jr. A PROBATE hearing on the : , estate, valued at more thin strongly , I i « « « « «"*" ' ^AprQ 22 before Superior John McCarthy. It the door comment). have « of the b (^gress. S^ate |cr»"c leader Mike Mansfield, « ^ alternative? Were the '.Those pictures--movie and ( MonL, said it appeared that'candidates to forgo a last-day 35 mm stills--were being "the latest shooting incident,canvass of Kgh-lcyalty dis- studied by intelligence ' ex-j-^j, -^ retaliation- f^. raMj tricts simply because' the crab perts in Washington. \ m Cakl by jntjx^stro exiles caovement--the mafrr source . Navy Intelligence officers-based outside' the United, 0 ' volunteers--had little or no boarded the Floridian before States."-Mansfield expressed' re P resenta ^ oa "" I ? anT of she docked in Miami Friday concern that the raids might! 111036 districts? Obviously not I [And just as obviously, · t -(Continued Page A-3. CoL l)j (Continued Page A.-4. CoL 4) 'only substitute for a V^t^Tfctive offices-governor. neu-lance under the aid-^needy.!TM JUOge J0m M *^?- ineuinereis. * governor, attorney children program. ' ' Mrs. Freeland specified that secretary' of state.) Welfare workers have paid the **** Lod ge was to receive ·,, c o n t r o l ! er and surprise calls on such fami-J on *-? n » r t«' * the estate for superintendent of public in- lies at night to make certain os f " *t j cerebral palsy cam- Marines Instructor Guilty SAN DIEGO, Calif. March recruitmg'ahd to provide for fufl disclosure ^-r - {that: fathers ,who .were sup/ He said he would "ask the posed to be away from hone Elections and Re-jwere actually gone. This was of sources and amount ofj Jmoney used. ( Gov. Brown cited ob}ec-|amendments and reconsiderlbreadwinner had a b s e n t e d ' lives needing support _ from the measure. Three RepuWi- himself. ^VlX T\r*i"iv*f+ lfrtt~rrf**J\ nn r*rni*'^^.._ _ _ J y* *. « _ j' pa-gn. · The Shrine also is to re- ^ceive a one-fourth share, to club precinct doorbell ringmg'cans and one Democrat voted'. as inchzdiBg, besides the,for the biH last Wednesday,) Across the Nation .Fire Kills Grand Ole Opry 'Star' NASHVILLE, Tenn. (UPI-- Texas Ruby, a longtime country and western music singer on the Grand Ole Opry, burned to death Friday night in a trailer-house fire. Texas Ruby was the wife of Curley .{limit Ttlinun ft Crnte Fox, a star fiddler on the Grand O!e '"'"I" 1 * llrnln g L,rOSS Opry. She had been a star with the Opry BERKELEY IB -- Three teen-age during the 1930s and 1940s. She ap-.' boys admitted Friday they, planted a peared as a guest last summer, but did burning cross in the yard of Dr. Fred not rejoin the troupe. She and her hus- Commit t e e done in cases where aid was be used by its Crippled CmT- Wednesday to adopt the.sought on grounds the familyjdren's Hospital in Los Angeles. The Y\V and YMCA each will receive a one-eighth share. « * * *. RELATIVES of Mrs. Freeland arid her late husband. John, win share the remaining quarter. THE BOARD acted after death-penalty moratorium, the ( but the other six Democrats Miss Alice Overton of ~. right of a Negro family to Irve.jdlled it by refusing to vote USC School of Social Work in a home of its own choice;| either way. testified that such rai * * ' * "a futile cat - and - mouse AFTER SHARP Republican "game." paid court-martial F r i d a y con-'f* 41 ^. 01011 V e s : .'"^criticisia. Brown said he was -Parental guidance of chil-' victed and sentenced drffl V 6 * f ° I ° e j"" 1 curriculum disappointed in the commit-|dren is a dual job for both the John Freeland, who died sergeant Carlton L. Slay forf an ^ and an _end to de, tee's -action, but said he father and mother." she said, in 1953, invested in real estate mistreating recruits. I segregation in schools;!would back an amended bflLl"Yet aa unemployed father in his later years, a family Slav broke down .nd' 100 ? ^ ^ C ^ L' "^i Vllaton »"* *** rwised often begins to w o n d e r spokesman said. The Free- slammrf Ss iJoveTon Sie ^ ^*r standards of measure should take care of whether the highest utility to lands accumulated their estate bltoe Km" wh^^^f^^^^^^^l-Tf"^ «««*»». M. hard-up fa^Iy isn't for through real property dealing oeiore mm ween tie ,*» ,iA, r iv [particularly theu- balking at him to be absent so the wife'and through early invest- heard the verdict. His punishment includes a bad-conduct discharge, for- BROWN SAID tackling con-'legislators. troversy and flying the party's feiture of all pay and allow-colors proved itself in 1958 ^r Kenntilv in i\ Y i -You cannot scare these ances and confinement at'and 1962 amcag Califcrnians' , ;,, · J '----^-S^^.-^ . --hard labor for three years.'who were at the same time) 'or Private V isit Slay has been reduced to the'weighing .the Republicans') W A S H I N G T O N rank of private. jfirst team, polls favoring the Slay's wife, who was in the,GOP, majority newspaper sup- ram. broke into tears. ,port for UieGOPacdliysteri- After hearing the outcries of the John Birch band, who claimed the title "world's chimraba fiddle player," often performed as a team, though Ruby also was a soloist. -i It was the third time that tragedy had struck the troupe within a month and Rnby was the sixth person to die a .violent death. ". Four members,of the Opry died in a plane crash near Camdea, Term, about three' weeks ago. They were Hawkshaw Hawkins, Cowboy Copas, Patsy Oine and Randy Hughes. i' Two days following the crash. Jack Anglia of the "Johnny and Jack" singing team was killed in aa automobile wreck while on the way to a prayer servic: for Miss Cfine. THfwlKWffj TUCSON HV-^At least six persons were kuled and 32 injured Friday in an unexplained explosion at a downtown Tucson cleaning plant. Rescue crews continued searching the rubble late Friday evening. -, · \ y ·· ?; .·; i . ' ' - . · ,' "The victims are: Martin Schwelmus, 52; Cecilia Aros. 19; VedeEa Kingrey, 3.1; rarmea Tovar. 32; Francis Edward Couyers, 41, and John E. Nichols, 23. an ofjucson. (Pkture on Page C-l.) · WilsonA rrivcs £~:'^; ·'- 'WASHINGTON (UPI)--Harold' wi sotCliew feader of the British Labor Party, arrrrrf tere Friday m a'pt-Cd caDy buoyant mood for his first t«Tks .with President Kennedy. . . · S. Stripp, candidate for maytr and advocate of an anti-discrimination housing ordinance which also comes up for vote Tuesday. : f ··.' · ' 1 T ! . . The boys said they lit the gasoline- soaked cross, made of broomsticks, Wednesday night while Stripp was attending aa electioa rally. They were charged with malicious mischief. $190,000 Burglary · MANHASSET, N.Y. WV-Borglars took about $190,000 worth of jewelry frora the Long Island home of CBS Board Chairman William S. Paley, police reported Friday night. Slay said he stin wanted to Society"--and that was the weekend with President Ken- be a Marine. .happiest part of the victory. ~*" " *" IV " J '·* "' · · · · · | ."You can't take the posi- "I CONSIDER MYSELF a,t«ons I have on capital pun- dedicated Marine and I am:ishment, '. or academic free- more than willing to go into dotn, or fair housing 'and not having such a bin apply to|and children can qualify for!ments in IBM stock.- the ( aid-to-needy-children pay-spokesman said. mentl - ' ' Mrs. Freeland did not belong to women's clubs or other civic organizations, the saftj but con- Jacqueline . Kennedy . is ·'faSnST.ndSSJ 11 "^ K Jt3t«« herself iTrecent' New York on a " p r i v a t e ,._;t.. -t--t^fi-J _; .T'ihy visit: visit" and day in time to s p e n d the combat," Shy said. Slay win not be until his, commanding of r icer, Maj. Gen. S. S. Wade, iContmued Page A-2, CoL 7) Peeper watches her new 'twins Friday' at SL Louis Zoo." They were bora Thursday. It is believed to be only multiple birth of -Inppopotaml ia captivity. *,, at Camp David, Md. "Andrew T. Hatcher, acting White House press secretary, S" ?£'i£L JS^cMo^ flew to New York Thursday night aboard the family's pri- (Continued Page A^4. CpL I) vate plane, the Caroline. TRIES TO EAT UIS Tf/iY OUT FALMOUTH, Mass. (UPI) --A mongrel dog dragged himself out the door of a local · supermarket Friday when the store 'opened for business. Police took him to a veterinarian. Authorities said the animal, locked in the store overnight, sampled seven different 30-pound bags of dog food. : socia always .Miss Overton said social^ workers "do "not make good detectives." SHE SAID aid - to - needy- should be of her companions were aware of her weahh, · · · · THE IBM stock the Free- lands acquired years ago now extended to families whose i$ worth about $500.000, the Knight's Booster HQ · - * -' . i ; · for Rocky Shut Down closed the Rockefener" headquarters (Continued Page A-2. CoL J«P**s°aa "^- Other hbld- ' ings raise the total value to more than $ I minion. -',-·_ ·The win says simply that the estate is valued "in excess of $10,000." The Farmers and Merchants Bank was named as executor. The heirs win not receive their bequests for from six months to one year because his involved, Lewis ment. abruptly Friday. It had been governor added in a' state-'our open only two uays.' ' ' ; Knight said the move followed a telephone conversation with Nelson Rockefeller ia which the New York governor urged him to can off the early, promotional effort on his behalf. G E O R G E BURNETT, whose testimony in court and a national magazine implicated WaHy' Botts, former coach of Georgia, and Alabama coach Paul Bryant, takes second lie detector test and pas3£K Soe Sports Section. telephonic conference took ace Thursdjy, adding: this week that he "deplored" opening of the heaoVJuarters in Los Angeles. He has maintained that the · Republican Party should concentrate*.at this time on uniting forces to Knight told a newsman that oppose Democratic President convention which is fully representative of aH the Republicans of Calif omia." Kennedy next year, and that talk of potential GO? candi was the first tinve 1 had talked dates was premature. with"Km about it" ' j "· »-·',.« {The former CafifornJa gor-j SAID KNIGHT: The CaE- eroor' said Rockefeuer was fornians lot Rockefeller ~ "warm and friendTy" through-'not contmue unless he out their discussion. · comes'a'(preJdentiaI) caadi- i**" daiite and then well all co- 'W ALBAVY, N.Y, Rocke-jopente and .work for him." feuer caOed Kmght'f actkai "Gor. Rockefener appre- "a significant contribution to ctates there is strong support §7,500 a Monlh to Mrs. Coopcr- LOS AXGELES (CNS) -The widow ·' of actor , Gary ' KNIGHT declined to reveal Cooper Friday was a warded exactry what Rockefeller told!* 'aoothry allowance of $7500 hnn, saying the New Yorker for the next six months. would isaie his own stated Superior Judge Clyde .C. JTrqlett authorized the. '«d-' sharp l ministrators of Cooper's ment bur.'· was in The nood contrast to Height's high | estate W contiaae makfcg the spmts when he opened the payments to Mrs. Veronica Wednesday co'cRocky) Coot*f. - M ***** ****-} Cooper died May' 13. 1MI' He told a new, conference froo « nc * r ·»*· »« e « w . at that time: "We feel GOT. (Continued Page A-4, CoL 8) and kft the bulk of his $33- miBkxi estate to his wife and their daughter, Maria. ; ; - ,-

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