Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 4
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 4

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 4
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A-4-INDEPENDENT Democrats Want June Bond 'Packet 9 Historical Overtime \LandBond fm """ OKd Bill OKd (Continued from Page A-l) of the package at one time. | SU rcs were amended in a con- I SACRAMENTO (UPD--The' Senate Thursday approved a Peronist OHicials Gutlaived SACRAMENTO (lU'l) -- A] bill aimed at using woman-| (Continued from Pace A-l) would he able to look at most draw noker reflation ni-v ^TM:TM'"'°" ^.'" ue '"J'ciin t rac t s into Californiaiword to members of hif in. I c ^ a U o n n d ^ i o l c " ^ the f*"^ JT, tnnli * ent RadlCal *"* «"' mittec on Industrial Rela-jng for "all necessary sacri' Waldie admitted, howcvrr.itinuing North-South fipht In that the have not , Democrats to farjwhich both issues are inter- won over rnougY wined. Republicans for the t w o - ) The Assembly changed the thirds majority required on Bounty-option draw poker bill both final passage of the bud- 'to apply only to Los Angeles pet and on the June bond County, in a move to meet election. mountain · county opposition The budget is expected to in the Senate. romc up for floor ilcb.itc ir. · · the Assembly today. In an ASSEMBLY Speaker Jesse cirlicr maneuver, the Demo- Unruh. D-Los AnRcIes, re cr.its hid eliminated t!ie bud- vised his Senate reanportion' pet's emergency claiue, mak- mcnt bill again to provide inp initial passage to the Sen- even more senators for Los ate possible majority. with a simple Angeles -- making it even THE EVE N T U A L twn i more unpalatable to the Sen ate. landi in California. The bill, by Sen. Ronald G. Cameron, D-Auburn. w a s lions Thursday. measure, by Asscmbly-| the ; fjcc$ » ,,, wve Argcntina , rom of civil strife, sources reported sent to the Assembly for the!TM" Tom " ane - H-Tujunga, second half of its legislative would j' 1 TM womcn to , wn , rk that the davlonc chaot'c colit hearings j up to 54 hours a week. Its lnal tne ol i° n R cnaot.cpoiit Sen. Carl Christensen. n-WITM'" 5 sai(1 th:lt because iral maneuvering that pre. Eureka, said the land to be!P rexcnt law restricted over-ceded and followed Guide's bought with the bonds is in time for wom( ' n "California's installation resulted from i the rural counties, which will: al)ilit y to pct defense con-.po^.,. struggle going on bs lose the land from their tax,tracts was damaged." roll*. Sen. Paul I.. Flyrne. R Chico. said 48 per cent of all i bar. ! . n o l h su PP° rt aml .°PlTM-'their 'linn came from organized la- the land in California already is publicly owned, lie said he would introduce a resolution proposing state-federal Frondizi, Guido and respective adherents plus the hard core anii-Pcron ist military commanders. Boys Admit Set ting Fire to School (Continued from Page A-l) teamed with Juvenile Officer Raymond Silagy. ind Detective Wally Nitz with Juvenile Officer Cliff Smith. Neither boy's record shows any serious offense prior to the Tuesday school raid. One of the boys lives in Torrance and one in Inplewood. Neither is attending school. PAUL SCIIRADE. spcakins for Local 8S7 of the United MADRID (UPI) - Ousted: Auto Workers, said that the fomicr d i c t a t o r Juan p. NEW PRESIDENT of Argentina. Jose Maria Guido, wearing glasses (center), leaves Supreme Court in Buenos Aires after taking oath of office. r , , or the l - tiin w i l l I The new version would ex- negotiations for joint use of i bill was needed to win con- Pcron fcarin S civil war ini pand the Senate to 4S mem-jf e d e r a l lands in California, .tracts that would "help C ase' Ar 8 cntina - has ordcred about ! bcrs in 19G4 with three more' , !ut Cameron said exten-'thc unemployment situation 70 ,°. f h ' s to P aides to re P° rt reruire an across- the - bmrd T, r a ""''' sivc hearings on the bonds in California." '" " m herc . as soon as pos- require a n across-me Doar(- c . ich from San D O ; siblc." authoritative sources roducnon of General hum! A ,,,,,,,,, «;,,, rr , hnfiffn .,,,,: s . ea . an . urRCM . . . . · He also ra.d that there said Thu rsday. ; Alameda. San Francisco and: n i l M o n ' c h o o I poles would pct two said if scenic and m school v , ; population reaches *'"' 7 Z" ·""·"-.Angeles and Orange Counties \£ Xrgc ntiiM iss:ie - is scheduled for Asp jm ' notnc , at in m i l . lands alc nnt hnu ' :ht now - who were being demoted or,!^ Sn""^l rcnbly floor action SMurday. fiT.n and another at 20 mil- ihvy m:ly h( ' '" St forever ' ·--·-·' -- "·- ·---··» S n l d f ""° W '" S De.iJIinc for adjoun-ncnt of | i()n ' ' Slayton Says Panic Caused Scrubbing Cain Reported in World Fight Against Malaria WASHINGTON (UPI)--Scientists Thursday reported a breakthrough in the fight apainst malaria, a disease that kills two million people a year and afflicts two hundred million more. Dr. Sanford F. Kuvin of the National Institutes of Health | said a sensitive blood test has | been devised which can chart the 30-d.iy budget n r x t T u f f d i v . T h e special session, in whirh ,,,, · ' ... hnnd issues ate proposed, can continue indetinitelv. THE LAWMAKERS. ever, are anxious to p^'t hump to start campaipning, .ind are expected to wind up the special session next week. too. amendment l)a«.e ri'apportionmcnt on Hi-; stale's popuhtion cstimat" 1 ; rather than the federal cm- «us. Tlii.s would givr S.inl.i . Clara County anotlicr senator "' in IW). Senate Votes for iMergcr of Osteopaths d e n t e d promotion bccause |W i, h p pron they could not work over- . ', time. I Among those t P« rmls!: ' on "' SPARTA. W.s. (UPI) - Astronaut Donald K. (Dcke) lhe production in human blood il "" the sourcesjslayton said Thursday that "Ignorance of the problem and ,, , i mmunizing anti bodies ing dirrursions resulting panic" caused him to be scrubbed from America's acainst ma | aria b *· ' . . . . . . . . . .against maiana. jncxt orbital flight because of a heart defect. ordered to| He indicated in letters to'" against i He said it was the first reliable blood test for invcsti- Madrid were the leaders of 62 hometown friends that he disappointment in b e i n g i g a t i o n of antibody production Albm J. Gruhn. president p cron j st w o r k e r s ' associa-hopcd future decision in Proj-i scru bbed from the next or-iin malaria infections. He said of the California Labor Fed-, j o n s and , caders of tn .' cct Mercury wou | d bc "based',,!,.,, al , rmn , wa , .. rc | ali vcly it might be used to determine eration. said that he was not wnmcn . s s c c t i o n nppnscd to the bi " hut only Peronist Party. SACRAMENTO on - The Senate voted .TM Thursday anted to amend it. fwl r, ratinn a TM" lm(; "" Hy The nn amtnoments gen- / · i /· i f . rcMricled application! L " I|M ' L 'TM ] " ^" IT WONT WORK? Don't for'n bill "paving" the'way "for lf thc l l i n - nml also rilt alltm '-' WilltT Trailc Treaty at il! Chork "Call an a merger of Californi.V-;osteo ah!c overtime to 48 hours a In other developments, tli? Expert" in Classified for a pntlis and medical doctors, Senate rcapportmnmfr.l and rrliahle serviceman. of the on fact rather than fear." i Slayton, 3S - year · old Air 'Force major, had been sched bital attempt was unimportant. "The p o s s i b l e damape the number of persons suffering from the parasitic disease who do not show obvious symptoms. week. · y Th« Amctjtttf rrrti P4 M ** h.t'H twr Drvf»-- F t»i« drwi ·-«rmarit4 THE SENATF t«. u*i 1111 frilliefl fc« tr |i«t ft f *i*»fl(» d«»H«Bw»rt ·"* ·c *n. DAo(Ki-n Ttrmifi ··t»rt »· i mtfftr ·! C*l-*»fB -* uled to follow astronaut Joh n ; causcd to ) np nat ! nna ' and ' n ' -. . 'Glenn into space until he was ternat.onal confidence m our! The test also will be used 'scratched in a surprise move," 13 ""^ s P ace P ro R ram IS o f ito test effectiveness of ami- PRAGUE W -- Cuba and by the National Aeronautical R reat concern, he said. |malarial-drug treatment and Czechoslovakia signed Thurs-'Space Administration early . . . . I the reactions of antibody-pro;nid prohibiting f u t u i e liccns-i . . . . ^ ^ supplementary 1962 this month. S L A Y T O N told William .ducing human cells. ing osteopaths by the state. | COMMITTEE members re- traJc protocol for substantial, . . . . Normyle of the Milwaukee] ~ Sen. Stephen P. Teale, D - f u s e d the amendments after increase in exchanpe of poods.l HE SAID at Houston, Tex.,'Journal by telephone fromifratemity" on his physical U'e.stnoint, author of the bill. Bane called them "nit-pick- t |, e o f f i c i a l Czechoslovak Tuesday that he hoped to bc Langley Field. Va.. that he condition, and an osteopath, said mem- inu" and s.iid they were inn c ws agency CTK reported, icleared shortly for future had not expected the letters Those who ruled against hers of the state medical and.tended to emasculate the bill ]t ^ Cu ba will import in-'space flights and was plan-!to be published and did not the flight, the Journal reporter ostcopathic associations could,and kill it." dustrial equipment, means of ning nn taking part in the mean "to found so strong." 'quoted Slayton. "aren't as effect a planned merger if the; \ V n m c n w o u l d b e a l l n w c d t r a n s p o r t a t i o n and malt in Gemini and Apollo moon Normyle quoted Slayton as^lose to this whole program .legislative proposal is a p - i , o W(llk a maximum of 10 exchanpe for supar. coffee.:shots. 'saying there was an apparent.'as Hill Douglas (the .istro- piovcd by the voters. Gov. hollr ,. j n rnc d i y _ nr 5) hours ,, )1)arro nlcs . f r u i t an d con- 1 Slayton wrote Sparta Mayor understandable "difference of nauts' special doctor) and the ,,.,....,. .,,,... Brown backed the pbn. ! ()r six days a week. sumcr goods. Ralph Oshorne that his own opinion among the medical others." · Iruw --Urtn e*««II«ti^ §r rtj | Some OStfOp.lthS haVP COm-lrrrr-- -.:-- - --±;TT; --· - 5«l?'^J»i*« c *Ji«"'*"ri7i' «i«*. plained the legislation wasl ---------- Day in. Sncramcnlo fitftl ftf · S f+r f** 1 * f«f i«t« wtrlm rftrt«(ii*t 1« SI. I »ft« D Hcr*mtnf». i *tf«ft»- i f »«f Aric R»»i« Tr*niif I ACAI. UitfkN. D Ltt At«ti«t. ttllt, Mili«r, DMMtmti i Bit!» Amn»d»«: ... .. -fwrmtl SMf« Cl*'i tttifi*l t P»l*f-L»mi»i |H«| «t ttv»i»f ww , - - · --r- · ·*»r DMirtti.i. )»«· k*««i *.tn it ( tt« 4 ««tM!r*« M»tr fc.ii u i*^^ | C ai| themselves medical doc-1 lcpislalure tn abolish tl-c state ' o s t c o p o t h l c board when Anniinh nctpnrv1ltl« icrf* tn .enoupn ostcopatns anrce to ThtpnttM, R S«n K d» l.*»t« fw f*n rr*vit »-MM' !*'·*·» irwCfj ICR Altt, DtL«M». Dfrrtn*. .hmtritiM «f l tors - MiPfUj'AiiT I T°M C wid his bill would '**"'. ' p e r m i t the legislature to change the mcrRcr kRisIation c . i u « * . j 'HMii, DftMCVII't. M^h..t t at "*· AC HI*. "f Hie to permit dis- fo alter the merger. ALL SPECIAL TYPE STYLES Hundreds more from 17,95 lo 39.95 All Makes--First Come. Firsf Served MANY MORE LIKE NEW MODELS AT DISCOUNT PRICES Special Group SMITH-CORONA ELECTRICS New mi Modcli With Wide Carriage limited Qtoritifr All Electric Pica GotMc ftpt. 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