Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 25
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 25

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 25
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History, Art Treasures of Kremlin Open to Public By K. C. THALER MOSCOW (UPI)--The once foreboding, darkly secret Kremlin is now Moscow's No. 1 tourist attraction. Muscovites and foreigners alike are entering it freely at all' times.; Large crowds of Russian and overseas tourists line up before its - historic monuments,?.'.from; which all but the. privileged few were barred during the life of Josei . Stalin. The Kremlin, described in official guidebooks as the . "heart of this gigantic, city,' is a vast complex within mighty 15th Century fortress walls! It houses not only the seat of the Soviet government but also some of -Russia's greatest historic and artist!' treasures. STALIN, AFTER moving Into the Kremlin in the !at '1920s, turned the iancien fortress into an impenetrabl · compound, guarded by gun and- an ingenious system of 1 electric warning device's. By closing the Kremlin Stalin deprived the public of the. view of such treasures as its ancient cathedrals with after taking power, reversed'.who carefully check the Stalin measure. He threw open the gates to the Kremlin 6 the disbelieving eyes of Muscovites. Now Moscow citizens are milling around in the precincts and spacious courtyard of the Kremlin, seeming- .y without a thought that only a little over a decade ago this was not only forbidden, but also most dangerous ground. · * » * BUT THIS newly-won freedom has by no means .done away with all the security arrangements of the past. The Kremlin's government offices still remain strictly off bounds. Here are the . premier's offices on whose domed roof-flies the state ensigns, hoisted on Lenin's instructions in 1918. · : The stray visitor who happens- to. wander 'off in the direction of the governmental compound/is quickly called to order by the watchful-' and ever present policeman's whistle. But no barbed wire and no machine guns are ostensibly used to block off the "corridors of power." Security m e a s u r e s are credentials of officials and other working staff. · * * * THE VISITOR who has received permission to enter has to present his credentials for verification. A second check takes place on entering the main.building of the Council of Ministers, the government's seat. An official meets .the visitor on entering the governmental building and then personally escorts him "as a matter of protocol" to the office in question. He again escorts him on leaving, right down to the Premier Alexei ,Kpsygin's conference room, which this correspondent saw on the oc casion of the recent Moscow visit of British Prime Ministei Harold Wilson, offers no visible surprises. It is austen to the point of simplicity. icon's a^nd frescoes, : or the arnVory with its priceless collection of the thrones of the tsars' and the state jewels, crowns and gobelin tapestries Nikita S. Khrushchev, soon their unique collections of nevertheless u n d o u b t e d l y DECORATED IN quie colors and w.ith matching cur tains it is equipped with a long conference table, and a set of chairs to match, a few occasional side tables and small bookcase. . . The Soviet leaders all havell moved out of the Kremlin and I now live · in villas or apart-1 rnents in town or on the Leiun[| Hills, . Moscow's most elusive district, which Red Chinese in Huddle Over World Setbacks WASHINGTON Wr--State Department officials s a i d Wednesday Red China is ap larently conducting a .broad oreign policy review after a erics of setbacks abroad. Peking has called home number of ambassadors from widely scattered areas, officials said. · They noted also that Foreign Minister Chen Yl dis appeared from public view "or a while. In the last couple of days, however, Peking has again reported .his-presence in the capital. This information was given at a.State. Department brief representatives .. o non-governmental organize lions from around the Unitet States. A LARGE number of sen ior State Department offi cials, from Secretary Dean R u s k and .Undersecretary George W. Ball down, wer listed as speakers at the two day conference. However the rules barred quotation o any speaker by name. In reporting Peking's for- ign policy review, the offi- lals declined to predict the sutcome--whether Red China will ease her hard-line policy oward the West or become even more militant.- The Chinese self-examina- ion, 'the officials said, fol- ows a series.of rebuffs iri recent months.-These included he anti-Communist upsurge n Indonesia, the India-Pakis tan settlement, arid the anti Chinese developments in · number, of African countries ' * * ' · * ' * AS FOR American policy toward Red China, the State Department officials took 15 sue with some of the criti cisms that have been voiced at the. current hearings before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee headed by Sen. J W. Fulbright, D-Ark. The officials said those who have been talking abou improving U. S. relation with Peking ought to answe the question of what to d about Nationalist China. This is because the Com AMY INDEPENDENT-Page A-tf Una HKft, CJlif., Thun., HIT. It, )M4 "I'll certainly bt glad when I grow out of thi» stage of fighting boysl" munist Chinese have/insisted that before any other issue can be solved, Taiwan must turned over to them, the officials said. They, said Washington and Peking have had many talks --the 129th U. S.-Red Chinese ambassadorial meeting is scheduled in Warsaw this week--and in 10 years these discussions, the Chinese have "always started with a demand 'for Formosa. And without Formosa, the Chinese Communists refuse to discuss any other matter, they said. call uillacje Witirfiont Unrulier, Am . 0¥tT 44 wttwa ttWM-*MI RUI -- Dltllncttvi Rtsraurann) -- Enler- W !nmt»nt--tfartar Crutm -- Waal* ·ktlnf. Ko »d«hsl4H ir P«rU t Ghtrti 0»in DillrV 11 A.M. AT THE END OP THE HARIOR / WANTED 12 HOMES THAT NEED PAINTING LONG BEACIt, Calif. -- At ·nsl twelve home owners in his general area will be given ho opportunity of having trie new Alcoa Aluminum SidinK applied to their homes' with pec In 1 decorative work st a very low cost. This new amaz- ng product has captured the n t e r e s t of home owners :hroughout the United States vho are fed up with constant painting and other maintenance costs. It carries a lifetime guar- antec and provides full Insulation, winter and summer, as veil as fire protection. Our ne.w iroduct can be used over every ype of home, including fratYie, concrete block, stucco, etc. Dt comes in 6 different decorative colors and has not been obtnTp- nble in this nrea prior to this nlroductory a n n o u n c e m e n t , Your home can be a show-place In your vicinity and we will make It worth your while if we can use your home. For appointment, please write (including name, address and phone number) to Aluminum Siding, P.O. Box 2602, Long Beach, Calif. Our rcpresenlatlve will call without any obligation. graduate-School Study Award Winners Named : S i x s o u t h Los Angeleslfrom the foundation. = County 'residents and. Orange! 'The six area fellowship win- County residents are among 1,408 s t u d e n t s to receive graduate school study awards designed to prepare college teachers. Most of the winners of the Wood row W J l s o n National Fellowship Foundation grants to be announced today are college seniors. The winners receive one academic year of graduate education, including $2,000 for expenses and additional allowances for their depend' ent children. The graduate school each tight and tough. To enter the government compound one passes through J^uses the "government's"^' a narrow entrance under one cept j on center f or dis-|| of the Kremlin's towers tinguished visitors, guarded by security officers V i s i tiri g hea j s o f state are put up in the Kremlin in a special palace. here that the shah of Persia was housed during his Moscow visit, as well as the king of Afghanistan, President Abdel Gamat Nasser of Egypt, and Kwame Nkrumah when still president of Ghana. On his latest visit here a week ago the fallen Nkrumah was .quietly, driven to the reception area on the Lenin Hills for the less iustribus. THE ROW of houses in the Kremlin where Stalin and some of his close aides used to live have been pulled down to .make way for Moscow's glamorous' Palace of Congresses, a "modernistic build ners and their undergraduate colleges are: James David Estery Jr., 826 Valencia Mesa Drive, Fullerton, -Harvard University;.Steven Dale Belasco, 1927 Valley Drive, Hermosa Beach, Claremont Men's College; .Jerry L Cromwell,' 3579 Pacific Ave nue,' Long Beach, USC;- Kath erine'Brown Free,- 113 Paseo de la Concha, Redondo Beach, Marymount College; J a n e t Elizabeth B a r r o w , 236 N. Goodhope Aye., San/:Pedro, UCLA; and James Norris Dan- zi'ger, 22645-B, Na'dine Circle, chooses also receives a grant torrance, Occidental College. ing that Khrushchev had constructed inside the walls of the Kremlin as a permanent and impressive meeting place for party and similar giant congresses. $SM£ V Bone-Softening Cut by Sodium Fluoride 'CARLOAD MEAT SALE! 1 CiHtU. 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