Independent from Long Beach, California on February 8, 1958 · Page 20
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 20

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 8, 1958
Page 20
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i'Announcemenrj 00 Announcements 00 ''.' CALVARX TEMPLE R,v. L. L. Shipley · T- 3:12 E. Stn St. ASSEMBLIES OF GOD EVANGELICAL ''ASSEMBLY OF GOD ' '·'.ncv. David D. Pearce ' Oilv» St Ardmore. Bet r. N;L.B. ASSEMBLY. OF GOD. p.ev. B. M. Richardson 53S4. Lone Beach Blvd. t CHURCH OF GOD ASSBMBLY OK GOD SO. ST. Paitor.-E. B. t Emma Taylor 601 South St.. : ' LAKEWOOD MRST ' ASSEMBLY . -- Rev. R. G. spec. TO 7-S5SO · ' 5300 Arbor Road '.ASSEMBLY OF GOD Rev. Robert M.'Whlt* · '315 E. 25th St. APTIST BAPTIST GA 4-2558. FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH OF LAKEWOOD ' Church. 8.30-- 9 .5330 Arbor Road - FIRST BAPTIST CHURCH . ' OF BELLFLOWER Rev. Ralph J. Fortune Worship Services B:30 a.m. 11 a.m... 7:30 p.m. -Sunday School . fi:30 a.m. and ]1 a.m. " . Bclmont at Ardmore CONSERVATIVE WR10LKV HEIGHTS BAPTIST ' Rev Ernest R. Johnson, serv: u:30. 11 a.m 7:30 p.m. ,,. . _. Magnolia Ave. -at 32nd St. , Pasto .m.-- 6:JO SOUTHERN BAPTIST WALUUT AVE. SOUTHERN ' BAPTIST Dr L G Gatlln · · Corner 3rd t Walnut BRETHREN -.FIRST BRETHREN CHURCH Dr flias. W. Waves. Pastor Sth Cherry EPISCOPAL '.-ST.'LUKK'S EPISCOPAL · ino n«v. i-. C. Benson BcUss Atlantic Avo. at 7tb Street UNITED BRETHREN BURNS 11EMOPJAL CHURCH Joseph A. Ryan. Pastor 17th Temple RE 9-5-145: Hii 0-OOJ6 Services 10:45 and T p.m. Sunday School 9:30 a.m. COLLEGE PARK CHURCH OF GOD CE 9-5955 Rev, Wlltord L. Demon 1901 Palo Verde AVO. GE 9-5955 PINE AVE, CHURCH' OF GOD Albert J. Kemp'.n. Pastor 1882 Pine. HE 2-0204 CHRISTIAN CHURCH , FIRST CHRISTIAN CHURCH Rcuhen L. Anderson, Minister 125 E. Sth St. FARKfcREST CHURCH , OF CHRIST Oscar Wild. Minister, and Tom Hopncr, 5950 P.arkcrest Funeral Notices 1, Income Tax CHRISTIAN CHURCH (DISCIPLES OF CHRIST) ·James A. Warren. Pastor 12-10 E. Carson EAST SIDE CHRISTIAN CHURCH. 7th and Oblspo Kev. John W. Mcsser. Minister Sermon: "A Superior Race.' Woranlp sen'.: 8:15-10.45 church School 9:30 Youth Groups 6:30 p.m. · CHURCH OF CHRIST Evangelist H. P. Cooper 112S Artesla St.. ilkwD. CHURCH Of CHRIST 11:45 n m.. 6 p.m. 6500 Del Amo-B!vd. FOURSQUARE GOSPEL FIHST FOURSQUARE Re? H Milton W. Ellltnorpe. pastor, 'lltn St. at Junlpero Aye. LUTHERAN CHURCH LUKE'S EV. LUTHERAN · HA 5-4006 Rev LOUIS F. Mertz. l-astor · 5633 E. Wardlow Rd. SPIRITUALIST CHURCH PEOPLE'S SPIRITUALIST CHITRCH C.S.S.A.-N.S.A. Rev F.tlltn M. Miles. Pastor Sunday Services 7:30 p.m. Lecture. nipsniiy« and ncullnc 7S5 Junlpcro-- East i»i hi. Bus UNITY CHURCH .UNITY C H A P E L , ' Sarah N. Switwr. Leader 935 E. Broadway These Churches Exist to Serve God by Serving You . 1242 'Pacific Ave. Phone HE · FLOWER SHOP' ^ . Phone HE 5-3SS ar HE 2-MQ1 ACUSTENBORG -- Jo.-gan M.. Pilot USAF, ace' 30. Service arid Interment Ft. -Jiosecrans Matlonal Cemetery. Local arrangements by · · DILDAY MORTI7AHY 1212 PACIFIC AVE. ANDRE -- Kenneth C.. Set. USAF, 'ace 23. Services at Philadelphia. Pennsylvania. Local arrangements by DILDAY MORTUARY . 1242 PACIFIC AVE. BOL -- Peter, Lieut. 1 Comdr. Sen-ices Friday.' 9:30 A.M.,at Ft. Rosccrans cemetery. Local arrangements by DILDAV MORTUARi 1212 PACIFIC AVE. BROWN--Bobble ,K.. T. S|rt. · USAP. n«o 26. Services ut San Bruno, Calif., Local arrangements by DJODAY SHOKTUATIY 1242 PACIFIC AVK. ' BROWN -- George W., . CPO. USN. ape 20. Funeral serv : ices at.Chicago. Illinois. Local nrrancemcnl.i by DILDAY^ 1IOUTUARX J242 PACIFIC AVE. · BUNT-IN--Billie D., USN, afre 2fi. Services Friday, 2 P.m., World Church, 123 N. Lftke, Los Angeles. Interment Forest-.Lawn Cemetery. Local arrangements by DILDAY MORTUARY 12-12 PACIFIC AVE, CAPLAN -- Irvln. USAF, ace 33. Funeral s e r v i c e s at Ttoanoke, Virginia. Local arrangements ny_,, DILDAY MORTUARY . 12.12.PACIKIC AVE. CAPJi--Carl J... ace 15.. Sfrv- icej at White Sulphur, V i r - ginia. Local arrangements by DILDAY MORTUARY i 1242 PACIFIC AVE. CONSAVAGE--Pctor P., Cpl. . USN. ncc 19,-WIIXcs Bnrre, Pennsylvania. Local arranRe- 'DILDAY MOTRTUARY 1242 PACIFIC-AVE. CROSS--Thomas D!, .USN. ace 21. services at Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Local arranRC- DIL0AY MORTUARY 1242 PACIFIC AVE. . ' DENNIS--Lawrence K.. USN. IIKB 20 Funeral ser\'!ceg at New Church. Virginia, Local arrangements hy DlLDAlT MORTUARY 12-12 PACIFIC AVK. DICKINSON--John, ace ?·!, ot I:MO Pacific Ave. i.. A. Wheeler. 2nd C.S., will OIII- ciate a.t the (tervlco Monday ' EDENHART--Frank L.. Capt. USA*'. «KO 33. Services at PittsburKh, Pennsylvania. . Local arrangements by DTLDAY MORTUARY 1242 PACIFIC .AVE. ELLIS--Edwin S.. Sfl. USN, npc 27. Services at Knoxvlllc, Tennessee. · Local arrangements ny DII.DAY MORTUARY 1242 PACIFIC AVE. ELLIS -- Thelma, airmail 1st class USAF.'age 23. Services nt Gilbert. West Virginia. Locnl arrangements by DILDAY MORTUARY 12.12 PACIFIC AVE. EVANS--Robert 1 R. Services at Haridon Heights. New Jersey. Local-iwrangements by DILDAY MORTUARY 1242 PACIFIC AVE. GANTT--Vircll, USN. ag« 2J. services at Liberty. South Carolina. Local arrangements by DILDAY MORTUARY 1242 PACIFIC AVE. FISHER--Roger B., USN. age IS. Services at Melbourne, EACH year 'taxpayers lose thousands of dollarsrin over-paymeat of Income Taxes. For correct.tux liability sno J. W. MAYS -today- a former Internal Revenue ajeni. 'AMERICAN TAX'CO. . 737 E. ARTESIA ST. Or'Call GA. .3-5828 ' . OPEN DAY'S N I G H T . '7-DAYS'A WEEK. , " HEmlock-7-2523 ... 132E. STH'ST. 1 All State^ - Bookkeeping Service SAVE $ 5 5 We Gome' to Your 'Home ·PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT GA 2-12-11 . Office S2S1 Atlantic Ave. Retf Homes, Sdnlt'mi: 20 -' -LOS .ALAMITOS-'.'· - · · : : · ' · · SANITARLUM''·· HLDERLi " PATlE.NTS-i · BBI: . AND- AMBULATORY PHYSICIANS IN REGULAB ATTENDANCE. · .·RES.' NURSE" IN CHARQE .UCEN3KT1 · BV STATE .* 'CO · . - O£ 1-5822 · -'·· ' - ' -ALCOHOLISM',"--.,,.. LONG BEACH. -SANITARIUM 1159.B. Pac. Cst. Hy. HE 5-3535 '. THE GATEWAY, TO' . "Sobriety. 'Eealth.- rTormal Life'.' person^ complete -kindly care, nurse, new hom«.nr. Garden %Grove. TWlnoakl'·3-'IS3. LOQHS " ·'"'.: .'·'. 21A [lalnry,. Aul», urnlllif«) INCOMli TAX aervioo at your i or oIHce. Days i eves. S2 UP. A-l ACCOUNTING. ' - . 3ROR .-Atlantic.' GA Insurance 9-A FARMER'S INSURANCE GROUP Hates ouotcd. GA 1-1:27, Uays. Eves , Ed BoyC/ ^490 Anicrlcan INSURANCE Funeral Notices alroctlnc. "'WRITER--Mr. Charlej. ace 70. or *·· -1J7 W Eroatiway. Private sctv- .'··;.ic5s will be held at ''·Christensen-Pino Chapel , . - . - . 211' REDONDO AVE. · 'C-UTTH Mrs Mars' Lucille, ape "· ·'H of 5532 Maytcr Ave., Lnke- "'" wdott. Survived by daughter. i'-.'-Mrs. Donna J. · Sims: brother. : --Eldrcd McNeil; sister, Mrs. Vh- ·tan Jones: grandchildren. Ron- -··'iTia. Hntnona. Ray and Ronda. - Services Saturday. 10 a.m., In Income Tax. INCOME TAX Comp. Bookkeeping Service A. E. -Unendotl £ *."»«· 100S Arteala Place. Bellllower . T O C-3171 LET Experienced Accountants handle your tax problems. N E "Ted" Spinney. Public Acct. VsTti ATLANTIC "V^ 9 OPEN dally. cve« L Sunday SKOUSEN TAX SERVICE At your.homo. IS yrs. cxp. Fed. St. Long form ?12. HA 9-1C11 BOOKKEEPING Income Tax Service. Years o: experience: Open eves. Call for »ppt. 6M Linden Stlcall HE I-5S94 SAVE BEAD'ACHKS--SF.E US! OPEN ' Days--EVES, 'til 9 Pacific SaokHoepinK Tax Scry. 23iO Pncltlc GA 7-5Si! Funeral Notices t-- Mildred E. ' Walk. Private .··."Kdward K. '--··'Wclatlni;. "LYITTER--Mrs. Cora L.. ace SO, -.-of 317 Oblspo. Services Monday. '.-u'-lO a.m. ' , , *"Qhristensen-Pino Chapel -'· -". ' 2U REDONDO AVE. .- Funeral Directors -.;; ROSE GARDEN -CHAPEL MORTUARY -", '" ' 63S Atlantic HE 2-7529 ' - - Ned C. ChrlMrnscn . r.eorse J.- O'Tool.e Ray A- Irene McKcg ~CHRiSTENSEN-PINO . MORTUARY CHAPEL 2-U RBDONDO AVE. PHONE GE 8-1HJ B. W. COON : :-," FUNERAL HOME real tiotQ' With ,.'.- Wth atmoonuere. GE ft-f.008 HOLTON SON HK 6-9879 SMh Locunt : Cemeteries-Mausoleums 5 HILLS MEMORIAL PK. 27501 Western S Pedro TE 3-14V.J , HILLS -- lots In Cl-.apol Hill. Ph. TO 7-4100. ' Hills. 'iT^wftn* section. GA 3-73S2. LOT FOR 2. KOSE KILLS. UN 3-C127. '·Income Tax J l WAGB carneTS. ptionn lr. -L. problem. 9 a.m. to iJ P-ra. .«:' up. Ph. HE S-300G. your S2 JBOOKKKKPING, uccountmR In- · coma tax work don" on hourly haau, XEwniurk S-325S. 1*P.UDHOM. ex povt. tax official. Super tax serv GlS-l Atlantic -.; Ave.. N. L. B. GA 2-6970. INCOME TAX by nrot. Tnnr home. Call GB -l-177 ''Funeral Notices WESTMINSTER MEMORIAL tARK I ANDERSON--John W. Interment serv. sat.. It a.m. Directed by Mottell's i PceK iiortuariea BARNES--Grace O. . . interment serv. Sat.. 12 noon Dlrentcfl bv Mottell'a Pook Mortuaries STILLWELL-- Earl Hlnoj Cravealde wrv. Sat., 10:30 1 Directed" by Kottcll's Peek Mortuaries TEDLOCK--Anna Interment serv, Pat.. 4 Directed by . Brown Mortuary JfoffianfftA THIRD Anp mimtos CHflpa BERTSCH--Dorn Etta, ot 437 Obi spy Ave. Services Saturday. 4:00 p.m., with .Rev. Dwigftl G. Bcntiett ofllcliLUnc ai Trurd and Alam!tos s Chape). BLOMZ--Vlrftorin, oC 1532 E, Mh St. Survived by sons, Vv'iiltcr and £dwa.rd Al,; sister, Mrs. Matilda G. Hockcn- bcrry. Sen-Ices Monday, 30:00 a.m., \vlih Dr. Raymond II. "lrth officlntlnK at Third and JUamltoa Chapel, DOHLMAN--John, of 1395^ ·St. L,oUls. Survived 'by widow, Mr?. 'Gladys; stepsons, Harolrt and Charles Bruce; stepdfluehter, Jenotte Cun- nlnfiham; .ilstGr. Re^elna Brady. Services Monday. 2:30 p.m., at Chapol of the Palms. GALOB--Hurry Hurrtscn. of 714 E, 15th St. Survived ty widow. 'Mrs. Dulcle liJ.: stcp- dftUKlHor, Mrs. Betty Maclc; .t'Ltipsons. Wilson and Leo Barnett; brothars.. J o h n , Charles, Klmor and Enrl: sls- - ters, Mrs. Vncln ShlpTnan.* Mrs, Mar/ Carlson. Services Monday. -i:0o p.m.. ivlth Heubon L. Anderson offtdat- nt -Third rtr.d AlUmltos Chapel. HAWOHTIT -- Freda Sue, of 0702 Tllliimoo!: St., Wesimln- uter. Survived by widower, Mr. John.Haworth: dauRhter. Flnda Sue Hftworth; son. John Michael; father. Fred · Wear; crardparents. Mr, antt Mrs. John Brewer: aunts, Mra. Robert Herri?:, Mra. .Arthur Services ·Stuur- day, 2:30 p.m., with Rev. Dale Davis off.cln.Unf; at Coloqta.1 Fur.Dral Home. PLUMB--Joseph, of 338 Pino 1 Ave. SunMved bv widow, Mra. Mnry Plumb. Sorvicos Won- clnv. 1:00 p.m., w!t.h Chaplain · \Vnrri D. McCabe. USNR. at Third and Alamltos Chapel. SANDVIK--Philip Duane. of ISIS Hard wick Av*. Survived by widow. Mrs. Dorothy; sens. Diiane and Calmer; four brothers: thro slstora. Services Monday, U;00 a.m., with Rev. Alfred 0. Storvlclc otfl- elat'.nc nf Third and AJa- ralloa Chapel. ZINGG--Joseph Toney. oJ 6749 Atlantic AVo. Survived by dauchters, Mrs. Josephln* Johnston. Mrs. ".V. B. Scott, Mrs. Rita B. Nichols, Mrs. Mary B. Grlttlth. Mrs. Eve]\'n A, Dunn; sons, William, Paul and Clarence C, Zlncr. Mass, Saturday, 9:00 n,m.. at St. AthftmialUM CKthOllC Church, Third and Alamttos .Mortuary, dlrccUnj;, 5fr(','/;,c Families of All Faits £or Over a 'Half Century No One Ever Turned Away For Lack of Funds LON E. PEEK - ' Personals ·n NEWCOMERS WELCOME -to our K ef acquainted (lances'every nlte except Monday. Al Skrlp-.-,* orchestra. Admission · 50i?Av-?.^ dnncers - w e l c o m e . CLO\E_P, BALLROOM :!37U. W. Pike. L, V.JSSULT MME-BOBE.--.:., Men or ladies, troubled or lonely, 208 W. Anaheim Ave., Rm. a, 2-s p.m.-dally. Dntn. only .-for ttppt. Hi 7-9-.03. ' WAYNE: please don't slop lev Inc -me Call me will prove ' t h e y are not 'MINE I Vcd you, 1 love you now, I wll]Jo\c you always. ,, ».. ,,,,, nr ,,,..,»,, ,,,._ ·Bo "SsED Saw. Will . thoroughly clean 2-bdrm. apt. or houat once fta interest on $100. payable '" AVIDOW£R. 49. a;iL". 190 ID. , Home., car, .security. Seeks Jady to 35. All mail. Club_ 6 PRIVATE Dance Lessons $9.50 Melody Dance Studio. IS Pacific CALL NOW--HE '5-6111 1242 PACIFIC AVE. . GRAVES-- James 0.. Airman, USN. age 2S. Funeral service at La Mosa. Calif. Local arrangements by DILDAY MORTUARY 1242 PACIFIC AVE. HOLDF.N-- Ray H.. airman US Navy nee 21. Services at Wilmington, North Carolina. Local arrangements by DILDAY MORTUARY ' . 1242 PACIFIC AVE. HTJBENETTE -- R o b e r t II.. Pilot USN. acft 33. Funeral sen-Ices Thursday 10:30 a.m. 1 at Church of Holy Spirit, Monterey Park, Interment, St. Paul Minnesota. ·LOCAL LOAN CO. 206 E 4th St. Phone BE 7-4131 ·ADAIR ELDG. ' "2ND FLOOR Free parking. 344 or 385-Locust PRIVATE MONEY TO LOAN. . - HE 2-57S9 J School 4 liist. "FREE .DEMONSTRATION Dale Cdrriegie Course/ ' .Morgan.Hali;-835.Iocust ··"·· Thurs., Feb. 13th. h p.m. ' \\-HY VOU MUST A'-CTEND ' /.LBARN TO-BPEAIC EFFECTIVELY · · . - ' ^DEVELOP SELP.CONFI- / DEVKLOP MORE EAUNJN.^ / DHVELOt LEADERSHIP ttVSEWTED. BY ERIC SIJTTON ATTENTION: NEW REAL ESTATE LICENSEES On Job tralnlnc program with most active real estate firm In .Lakewood A Lone- "Beach. Call 'MOORE.Really HA 5-7481 -REAL ESTATE SCHOOL On. 2 for 1 Special--Save S20 900 American -HE 6-9751 Http Wanted MM - - . NOTICE 1 TO'IOB ' · · · ' · ·· .APPLICANTS:' ·; ' Thi LONVl BEACH INDK- ' PENDENT. PRESS-TELEGRAM do«s not knowlnfly accept help ..w a. n t e d advertisement* from firms' covered · by the · Federal Wati-Hour. Law . it tte ofler "less than. th« legal minimum · was* Under- *J:e law. tht legal irnlnlmum -lor -mployes ensejed : In InterstatB eomm«rc» or In the R roductlon of Roods-for commerce i »l aa hour, 'and at leasf tim« and a half, for each hour atwr . tht 40th 'In a worlc week. If you are offered less by covered-firms. or If you questions ein- ·cernlnB this'law or'Other Wace- Hour activities of- trie U. S. De- ·paKmect of L'anor.'caU or wrtt« · th« pepartm«nf» local, office at the Tnearut of the . following addresses: 215 W«tem Pacific .Building, 1031-' South; Broadway. .Los Anxeles 15, telephone Richmond 9-4711. ««nslon 839; 305 Hollywood * Western .BuUdlns. 5501- Hollywood Blvd.. Los An- reles - 2S. '-telephone Hollywood 4-11100; or 914 Times Bulldlnit; - 215 American Avenue, Long Beach, telephone HEmlnck g-R2fl1. HejpJ»anted Women 26 · ' · MEN · ' Fte'd representative. Nation-wide financial Institution Has opportunity Jor younK men who'want to go.places In tbe automotive "No experience necessary. \Vr prefer slnple men under 2S ·jvlth ' years college who wiint to start at tfce bottom and · prove their ability. This, posltlOE ,nai lots variety, Involves customer contact?, tut is not ACTUAL SALES WORK. You are provided.with RFKauto- mobile. These are permanent positions v/Itli merit Increases ftnd . incentive · proflt-.iriarinp plan. Vacations vlth pay. Free hospl- t,i]lznt!on. Planned' program Ol ndvaoctment.. For Interview nee W. V, Johnnon, Commercial Credit Corp., 2131 American AVe., L. B., Calif. · W.OHK FOR U.S. Gov't. MEN-WOMEN, lh-50. "Prepare for.comlni; Civil Service Exams. Start as'iilsh ns S310 monthly. For Ires .Information write today. Box L-1377, Indcprnrient-P.T. PAINT JOBS. 520,85 Bill's Body paint Shop 1556 .W. lllh St. HE 7-fl YOUNG man, -2U, desires to meat laity with means, 40-55. Box T-3113 Ind., P.-T, WATCHJiS expertly . cleaned and t l m e ? l 3 Guaranteed 1 year. JOE ·RO_BINS : 17 American ALONE? Write Beverly Club, Box 177. rtallflower. Cal. DU 4-34... GRADE SCHL or HIGH SCHL. .it hoir.e. Get your Diploma. FOR INFORMATION WRITE COLUMBIA SCHOOL. BOX 63 PICO, CALIF. ALCOHOLICS ANON)!ilOU~ . OVEN DAILI. Phone HE 5-5JJ3. OVERWEIGHT - Artantls-Ai'-lima Free Info. 2415 B Bdwy HB 5-024R ~CAk painted. »25. Burnett's .int. 1710 Alamltos. HE 7-2575. ALCOHOLICS Ancnymous.7^0 10:30 pm. 1543 E. 10 HB 2-B, CARD reading. J3. C l s d . S u n . l M ' 1 ^,. 12-S d n l t . 6 Cherry GE -1-7314 SOUTH BAY Club. 2135 American. Call HE.5-S283_n.fter 7 p.m. . _.. _ade to Sdcc't"colora._ GE 3-61)07. Ai,L WOOL braided rugs . order. Select colors. Gl CLARA LANE OF LONG BEAOL Personal Introduction. Hfc. s-.-il.) Lost and Pound b'!CTAGG£D POGS AT LONG BEACH ANIMAL SHELTER Location, 3001 E. Willow St. Ph. GA 7-9020. Hours S it.m, to o p.m. Monday through Friday; 10 a m to 4 p.m, Saturday. Sunday and holidays. The following doss were* Impounded and will be held for the owner 5 days from the date of Impoundment. Dops not redeemed by owner 'may be purchased. · FEB.- Cth SHEPHERD -- Crow, , female, tan. on 2300 blk. Marwlck. COCKER -- Female,, blond, at ·Hamilton Jr. HI. ·JI1XED -- Female, brown blacic, on 2600 blk. F.aust. SHEPHERD -- Cross,. male, black tan, on HOO blk. Elm- SHEPHERD -- Cross, male, tar, black Truman Boyd Manor. MIXED -- female, black, on 3100 blk. E. Willow. BE A PEACE." OFFICER Train in spare time for Jobs pay- Ing up to S4S1 to start.' For Irce Info our qualification test: Post office Box 712. Wilmington. OPENINGS FOR SR, ENGINEER exper. In field of R.- F. £ pulse application In military equip., preferably : wlth E.-E. * In excess of 8 yra, exp Salary commensurate with ]«al- erahlp capabilities. WRITERS ex In preparation of handbooks ?p«cliicatlons. S*e Don Gahlfce, ^ BABCOCK R.\DIO ENGINEER. ING, 1640 'Monrovia, Costa Mesa REAL ESTATE SCHOOL Tuition .for ordinal Lie. J35. Tutuon Jor renewal^ Lie/ i20. Property Service Co. ME 0-5991 CONTRACTORS Lie. law and «Stlm, course. Monroe Institute HE 6-2C2 AIRCRAFT ASSOCIATES Approved flight school for til Flight cround classes .through A.f.R. Long Beach. - ' · -HASKELL FLYING SERVICE G.I. Approved- for All Courses N'Evada 0-7718; GA 7-6617. L.B. MEN i women earn Si)2-5130. Gro cash meat \vrp. NE 8-4151 12020 L. B Blvd.. Lynwood. ELECTRONIC training, appr. ·eta Ind. TV FCC HE 5-5140 22-A Driving School PACIlfIC DRIVUfO.-SCHOOLS 513 E. Broadway GA 4-P733 CARRIER BOYS GOOD PAYING ROUTES Vicinity Ocean, to 2 Blocks West of Atlantic Orange Ave. to Flood Contra! Ph. HE -6-2995 Before 10 A.M MEN' "We need /ambitious men ^ good physical appearanca for _ , International Health Studio. AK ov*r 21. Unlimited Earnings " Prefer sales experience Call Bob .Kendall GE 8-221 2725 E! Anaheim, L. 'B. Pag* C-2--.INDEPENDENT Ufl| iMcH. C.lll., I«t* M. I, H51 Work Wqnt.d (Worn.) 32 . Port -Time'' Need neat'-Appear! njc lady wltb an attractive peraonaJity A ability to jn«tt- the public- to work · minimum · of 15 hours -weekly. Hours .to suit: -'Previous experience la not. needed for this dignified sales position. No collect- IQR, demonstrating ' or · dellvtr- Jnp..Car Is needed; but can work near 1 home. Much better; than AvertLR* incom*. 1 employe* bent- flta. security. Take this ad to Window W'»t tne 'Dept. of Em- S oyment, 1333 Pine Ave. Jn L-each from 9 ' t o 11 a.m. M day only;. Ask for Mr. Curtice. '(No telephone calls, please.i- ATUR-fe · .unencumbered i , refine, · ]ftdy 40,^ presently employed li »Illng. desires .parnmncnt posl tion. a*, receptionist Jn letftlvati doctor'.i or, d*ntl« office. Adaptable, versatile, ·accustomed U deallnr with public. Capable o; assuming responsibility.'A/H. billing, accurate .but. not rapid typist!: wnilnc to learn assisting If necesnary. GA 7-336Q. '\~ International 'v/Silhouette: Figure Form Studios ·W« ne*d attractive .women. a 20 to .35. Exceptional opportunity lor unlimited earmmsi, , From $200 to 5900 Sales background helpful. Will 'train for management. 17612 Bell_flower Blvd. Bclli'lower Work Wanted (Mtn, Wam«nl SERVICE CASHIER AUTOMOBILE DEALER Prefer someone .with experience on closlns' repair "orders anc handling factory .claims. Or will consider someone with auto dlr. experience. · " , Apply Service Mcj. Guy MOOTHART, INC, CHRYSLER-PLYMOUTH DLR. 1112 N.' LONG BEACH BLVD. COMPTON Draftsmen Contractors--Builders 35 ··MASSEUSE' Wonderful .opportunity, -with International Health Studios, 17612 BLFLR.-BLVD. · BELLFLOWER Executive Secretary FOR MEDICAL OFFICE STARTING" SAEARY 1100 MO 0 HRS. WK. Write BlvlnE ace experience, -qualifications, refer ences In Z!m 'latter to BOX.A2G72 Indept,. P. T. ^_ PAYROLL CLERK lor construe tlon Ilrm. Experienced. Genera ofllce back«round. Rapid typist Own transportation. Modern al conditioned offices. Comptoi area. Make .a written detaile application to Box A-313, Ind, P.-T. .12. · INCREASED AVON COSMETK BIZ, requires placlnc 3 womel Immed: Real oppor. for those wh qualify, Avj. earnings to Jl day. beglnnlnj; at once. Call toila CA 7-OB19. Exl. 67; CA 7-0171 Ext. 67. · Help Wanted Men 24 LOST--Black * 'tan beaslc terrier, fem.ile. 3 tnoa. Answers to Star. 368 Roycroft, CE S-9C55. Reward. r · STRAYED from 69 Bayshore Ave., Bel. Shore, black white Boston bull terrier,- no collar, child « pet Reward^ GE 9-123S. 1342 PACIFIC AYE. IDSO -- Ivan D.. Chief Airman, · USN, ace 40. Funeral services, Forest Lawn .Cemetery. Local arrangements by DILDA1 · MORTUARY 1242 PACIFIC AVE. JENNINGS-- D. R.. Petty Officer 3rd Class, USCC. Funeral services at iledford, Oregon. Local .arrangement!' by DILDA-7 MOKTUAHY, . 1212 PACIFIC AVE.' JOHNSON-- JUrtin Lee, Lieut. JG USN. Burial, St. Louis, Missouri. . . . .- Local arrangements by DILDAY^ MORTUARY 1242 PACIFIC AVE. JOHNSON -- Peggy D., A3C. USAF. age .23. Interment at .Ft Hosocrans National Cemetery. Local arrangements, by DILDAY MORTUARY 1242 PACIFIC AVE. KLEIN-- Robert N.. USMC, age 23. Services at Osacc. Iowa. . Local arrangements by CILDA-f MORTUARY 1242 PACIFIC, AVE. 11AINEN-- Ned, USN. nge 20. Funeral service, Baltimore. "Maryland. Local arrangements by DILDAY MORTUARY 12.12 PACIFIC AVE. XIALCHOW-- Howard L.. Pilot, USAF. age 3S. Services at Wtatvllle. Indiana. Local ar- CAT. rusty orance. altered male, lost. vie. Ospood. near: flood .control Reward. C-A 3-4605. LOST--Brown min. remain poodle, vie, Blxby.fc Chestnut. Toodle pup lor reward^ . GE 4-9800. A^--Brown, umaii white markinc-i, ans. to "Coco." lost Vie. Xlmeno and 7th.-GE 9-1243. LOST--Boy's 1936 class rlnc; ml; tlals a I*. S.: United Artists ; restroom. Reward. GA I-214S. Architectural" ' SENIOR BUILDING SPECIFICATION · Writers · 2 vacancies in County Engineers '"Depl. Must h a v e experience, i n build i n g specification writing. , GOOD SALARY ..Call Mrs. Stanley Acting for "the Civil Service- Commis'sion MA 9-4747, Ext ; -48S AUTO SALESMAN Can mttkt J100 -week uellln^ Chrysler . Imperial Plymouths on nart-tlmo' basis. Gives .you- excellent home studies and on the Job training. j SEE BILL KRUMPHOLTZ MANDIC MOTORS INC. . 1 424 MAIN ST. HUNTINCTON' BEACH ' 3EPENDABLE, -mature woma lor general of rice work: accurat typist; steady, work. Glv« name ase. exp.. phone address. Bo S-4.615. Ind\. Prcss-Telecram. EXPERIENCED Insurance book keeper for general Insuranc agency. Must be good typls HE 8-1S27. If no answer ca HE 6-2787. :LOST--Cocker spanlfl: black; male; 8 mos. HE 6-S447 _ eklncese. -Male. Please call GK 4-9146 aft. 5 p.m IF'OliND--Lndy's watcn. ad. 330 Cedar. Travel 15 12-12 PACIFIC AVE. MARCUM-- William H., PFC. ago IS. Services at Sandoval, Illinois- Local arrangements by DILDAY MORTUARY 12-12 PACIFIC AVE. MARTIN -- Donna. USAF, age 20. Funeral services at Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania. Local arrangements by · DILDAY MOKTUARY 1212 PACIFIC AVE. SIcCAFFERTY -- Raymond W,, ago 21. Funeral and burial, P.ose Kills Memorial Park. Local arrangements by DILDA-? MORTUARY 1242 PACIFIC AVE. MEDI.IN -- Billy W., -VV-FN. USN, age IS. Services Camden, Tennnessee. Local ar- 1212 PACIFIC AVE. NASH -- Norman D,. Airman. USN. ace 23. Funeral and hurlHl, Roso Hills Memorial Park. Local arrangement* ny DILDAY MORTUARY 1242 PACIFIC AVE. PENLEY-- liobcrt D., USN. age 19 Services at Dalton. Georgia Local arrangements by DILDAY MtfRTUArtY 1212 PACIFIC AVE. PIRKLE-- William W.. USN, ago 24. Services at Rosewcll. Georcla. Local arrangements b ' DILDAY MORTUARY . 1242 PACIFIC AVE. PHERNETTON -- Allen L., Corp. USMC. acn 21. Sen-Ices at Webster, Wisconsin, Local arrangements ny DILDAY MORTUARY 1242 PACIFIC AVE. ·SANDQUIST -- PTofrasor Alvar B., of 6130 Blrkdelc Ave., Long Beach. Services Sunday. 3 p.m.. at 0-Jr Savior's Lutheran Church, 3rd and Juni- pcro, with Rev. A. K. Oden officiating. No flowers, pieiise. Local arrangements by - DILDAT MORTUARY 1212 PACIFIC AVE. SCHENK-- David, PFC USMC, Age IS. Services at" lsya- vuna. New York. Local arrangements ny F-L-Y FREE LAS VEGAS On Hacienda Hotel's All Expense · CHAMPAGNE TOURS Evening in. Las Vegas $27.50 ·O'nite (ind. suite) $35.50 Wi.ender (ind. suite) $43.50 ·· 'DAILY RIGHTS FROM LONG BEACH Deport 5:20 p.m., Return 2 FBI. 'SAT 'DEPART 3:20 P.TT.. 8:20 p.m.. Sunday 12:20 p.m. 5:20 pm. Special Consid. to Groups FOR INFO. CALL GAriield 4-8531 . WILL drlvo your car or .want ride to Iowa, vie, DCS Molnes, 1m mediately. HE 6-SQ30. GIRL needs -ride dally to Douplas plant. Santa Monica. GE 8-8283. OKLA. City, Tuiaa, St. Louis, Chi, Leave tmmed. HA. 5-Q30S. PARTY of 3 11KC. rldo East, HA S-0308_.; LEAVING for Denver Take 1 an share. Giioneva. S-J79S. DP.1VING --Mardl eras" (Ntw.Or. leans) via Tex. GA 3-aT-tO. WANTED--A. ride. dntn. L.A.. hr» ·8-li: Mon. thru Frl. HE 7-0345 SHOAF -- James j., Corp, USMC n.pc 20. Funeral serv- ICCH nt Lafayette, Indiana. Local arrangement* by DILDAY MORTUARY 1242 PACIFIC AVE. STAKR--D. 0.. USAF, ftfie.22. I'uneral service at Smith s Mortuary, HuntlnctOn Beacb, SUMMEY--B. S., US. Navy, ace IS. Services at Oaatonla, North Carolina. Local arrangements ry DILDAr MORTUA1TC 1242 PACIFIC AVE. VICASTO -- Donald C.. ;USN. .nfio 21. Funoral service, Co- 1 Jumbvs/.Ohio. Local arrangements by . DILDAY MOIITUARY 12.12 PARTFIC^AVE. VOTAVA--Robert J.. 1st Lt. UEN. ago 2G. Services-at Amlierst. New Jersey. Local arrangements by DILDAY MORTUARY 1212 PACIFIC AVE. , Ab\ve services will bi ftr · soKatly suptrvntd by t mtm .her of tbi,Dilday Family. BOYS/ Good paying mornmg routes Torrance--Harbor Cily Loraita--San Pedro FA 8^2040 SALESMEN Few openings for hiph calibre .inlesmen In SIO.000-513,000 year hrachet, Conatruction or flnnnc- Inp experience. Call EDBew SALESMAN FOR RETAIL TIRE STORE Permanent.- Paid Vacations. In- Durance £ Hospital .Benefits. Wrlto to Box j\-l 2674, Indep." P.T.. Riving salary dc qualifi tions. · SALES MGH. . Marine Engine,· must have tiat Diesel fc eaaoUn* exper. at Dls trtbutor's level. West Coast. Glvi full particulars In ranly as · ti exper. £ starting sal. WrJto.3o: A-14BS. Ind.-P.T. _^_ · : EXPERIENCED ROYAL TYPEWRITER MECHANIC TOP PAY + COMPANY Benefits ROYAL TYPEWRITER CO. 515 -E. WILLOW GUITAR TEACHER Hawaiian steel, clasa Instruction full or part time. Best denl in town If you can qualify. Interviews Monday 10 a.m. 1-iS-i Atlantic. - . · ·EXP. route .man needed to service toy racks la markets. Salary + commission will avernRe bettei than S100 1 for'5-day week. Cal NE 1-6942 .for interview. Toy House. Different! H«re is an -unusual'opportunity for mature, intelligent men wJiO desire to *urn top money, b« of real servlct, have security with IcodiiiK local firm. Sales back- cround jiot requirw. as you wilt receive thorough training and aid. from experts. Take this ad to Window -w at the Dept. of Employment, 1313 Pine Av«. In IxinK Beach from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. Monday only. AsK for Mr. ^.Curtice. (No telephone calls, plcaae.) · · Htlp Wanted Women 26 SALESMEN "We have 3- openings for men ·who HKc to mfiet people^wlth · acme *e'.Jln£ experience preferred: Locut lone established new car firm will tr.iln you. Limited siUcs force or top men insure top 'earnings; Paid holi- pald vacations, group'ins., eiays, pa etc. Seo Mr. liberal. plan, etc. -- -Parser or Mr. Wilkinson. ,No phone culla please, Campbell Buick Co. 1RS1 AMERICAN AVS.' Hale Young Ford , . NEEDS · Experienced C r -Unexperienced Auto Salesmen Pleapfl Apply to MR. MVERS . 2641 E..ANAHEIM TV SERVICE MAN ·with ability t o - n i a n a c e 1 dept Good opportunity, estab. firm For appt, Mr. Edwards. GA 3-876. · JCAL ESTATB---MalB . or IimaJe To -take over coin;: office. '' rent. Owner, HE G-9751. HOUSEWIVES Part time telephone work from home. Non-soles. P. 0. Box Los EXPERIENCED X-ray Lab. Technician Need not be registered, but b qualified. Top salary. GA 4-4004 L. B. INSURANCE AGENCY Secretary exp. agency or branc office" bkkplng. Knowledee Flrt Casualty helpful, Perm, position Write local exp., age. salary etc. Box L-1378. Ind.-P.T. Don'f Be Late in '58 Experienced Real Estate Sali Personnel wanted. MOORE REALTY IIA_5-74S Help Wanted (MCN, WOMEN) FJtilE CLASS, starts iramed. Nee fall part .time salespeople To our deaerf subdivision. Help yo get lie. 1076 South St. GA 2-25' RETIRED couple lor rnalnt. 1 apts. Apt + · small salary. Bo A-1376, Independent. P-T. F-I-S-C-H-E-R Employment Agenc The Personal Personnel Servic 116 PINE. ROOM 603 HE 2-582 Property Monoqtnunt 3 \\1LL manage your modern apt In exchanc« for untrn. apt.-plu Be« of refer. Write Box A-267 Independent, PrtM-Telegram. Work WemUd (Men) 3 REPAIRING of all kinds. No Jo too small. Screens, window wall washing, cement wor lawn "sen,*, malnL, appllan service. GA 7-2977. · CHEF, or dinner cook..25 yrs. ex Tops on percentaEe. Wants Jo Salary or oper.ite on percenta baals. Call HE 5-2609 tor detail PAINTING,, carpenter, remodel YPING of all' kinds In my borne. ·Letters' compoaed. atenclls. ad- ^lresslnj[. No Job too small. Free pickup A delivery: Phone orders talten.HA.9-9417,^ yp!'G--Let me ao your letters, envelop* addressing-, manuscripts, etc,. In. my home. Experienced, neat, reasonable. ME 3-52S7. AKEWOOD. Baoy sitting, day- or eve. Reas: ratea by hr. or day. Dependable, e"*p. HA 9-7881. - Full-Charge Bkkpr. Part time. C.P.A. -exp. GA 2-5380 OLORED Rlrl wa-nts steady Job. Diah washer, motel or day work. HE 2-7785 mxw would like" hotel, court, motel or apt. hue. to manaji Morns: or «ve.i. TE 5-KM». KACT. Nurse. Maicrn'',y cases, etc. Arthritis, Massage, or cnlld Kovernesif HE 'C'-20S2. . URSE, care of elderly, or invalid, day or ulte, ' best references. TWlnoaks 3-4943. 33 LEANING- PAINTING, REPAIRS, elc. Exper. white ulrl S helper. Own ' equip HE 5-3482 34 IESIGN i DRAWING SERVICE Mechanical structural; also marine, l Free est. Nlte' day, CaJ TE'1-2675. . ·looring and Tile 47 iRAFTlNG. DESIGNING; ESTI- KATING. GE 4-S589 any time _ Remodeling Additions" Kitchen Cabinet: ' ' · - . at , - ·'·- Lowest Prices Free Estimate · WE DO OUR OWN WORK We Own Ou: Own " Shop and Lumber Yard Expert .workmanship. . 5 yrs. LO pay^No money down Special Discount On Lumber This Month. C. A, HALE GEN. BUILDERS 1130 Santa-Fe · HE 74229 Expert custom designed work guarantees finest construction room additions, garage .convtr slons and all types of hom« re modeling. ' 5 to 20 Yra. Fin. Lie, i lai. Free est. Security Blebs. Developer GA 3-6481 $$ BUILD $$ . . 2-BDRM. J4.295. ALSO UNITS YOUK pi,AN3 OR OURS. Level- lot -- County area, 100% FINANCING POSSIBLE Rodrick Const Co. 12612 Atlantic Ave.. Compton Mvada 6-418t NEwmark S-800 On your lot--2-BDRM. J4.S9 3-BDRM 58,505, 1-BDRM. -|7.99 100% financing. Model at 310 K. CoOltdge St All plans Includ built-in oven i range, alumlnu sliding windows .ceramic til CROOKS It ENDSLEY CONTR GA 2-1777 or UN 5-5604 ft $4350 £ 2-bdnn. home .complete on yoi level lot. Slightly higher som areas. Large DUPLEX J7.450. CRINER CONSTRUCTION C 1510-N.-Willow, Cmptn. NE 5-042 Residential--56 'Sq. Ft. INCOME UNITS--JO Sa. Ft. A. L: VAN GORDON, Gen, Co Model a-t 3310 Baltic, L. B. AD T-6362 -- NE 8-1876 ADDITION SPECIALISTS WILL ADD..MATCHINQ 16x18 room, J1895. 3-yr. llnanclnR available Scott Const. Inc. GA 7-642 CUSTOM REMOD?:LINC PLAN SERVICE OSCAR BECK · SONS . · Builder of' Custom' Homes GA 2-2033 IIA 9-304 orp«nt«ring OVER YOUR PATIO. lOlid-wltk open beams. ecK crte. Ate. Cou- crcte..slabs colored, etc. Reason- abl« and «p. Call GA- 3-3937. DDITIONS. · patios. Irmroinit ot llnlah. hae. remodel; patch, plas- terlng.- cement work. QEji-QSOl. CARPENTER -- GENERAL 1 Alterations day work. Reaa., Jt HE C-B55C between 8-8 p.m. JiRPBNTER--No 'Job too jmall. Fences, cement, patloa. GA 7«72g3 GENERAL CARPENTER' ·Hour or day work.' GA 4-7]7q. REMODELING, cublnets. pluter; cement wrK. OA 2-7979 GA 4-17-tf WINDOWS, doors, part, add, re- iodel. Gar. Guar. R«u. GA T-5H5 1EMODEL. repair, also new worlc. Available Immed. CE 8-4928. ARPENTERING. Repair. Small masonry. John Weber. HE 7-660ft lostering 45-A PLASTERING - REMODELING FREE work cuar. FREE' «st. GA 2-3S52 , patches, tile, ment. home repairs, trades. 2-1270. » · EPAIR plaater. Btucco. palntlnK cement work HEmlock 2-2318. 'ATCH plastering, inlerlor and «x- terlor BE a-659-l. 'ATCH plastering all kinds. Work guar. reas. Call .GA -BI70. IEILING plaster patch, atucco patch. No job too sml. GA l-26flj PATCH or . city license. .- work, any jiz«, . GA 3-7012. JACOBSON FLOOR SERVICE SAND tND REFINSH 2-hr.. 130 26 vears In L.B. Ph. GA 2-4590 or CA 5-3638 1J-:x Floor Sanding, beautiful fln- l«h. cleaned waxed. l-l«y service. Call anytime. GA 1-5932. LOW cost bathroom repair*. Aluminum or piaitlc tile. FORSUEE. Lie, cootractor. HS 2-8848. ·LOOR 4 Wall Tile. Big .asst. SHUSTERMAN'S C629 Atlantla Ceramic Tile 47-A SRAinc--Rcmmel, repair, dialn- brds..'tul)-spla3, ahwrs. GE 3-107 PARAGON TILE CO. New or repair work. HA 9-1167. ainting, D«eoroting .48 WALLPAPER 2 BEDROOMS,' »35' (NCLUDES paper labor. 1,000 samples .brouchi to your nome. BOB PRIESTLY--7 years L. E. Contractor. HA 5-7609 CE 9-3S8 . 2 GOOD PAINTERS . WANT WORK RBAS. RATES--FREE ESTIM. UN 4-8819 or UK 3-2575' A-l PAINTING Kitchens, {20 up Baths $12 up: Other painting reas. Best materials. Vree estimates. HE 6-65SQ PAINTING - DECORATING INTERIOR i; EXTERIOR Free eat. E2 terms. 17 yrs. exp. In L.B.- GA 5-4183 any time. i.NDiiPENDENT Painters--We us» your choice of paint. Compare our g -lcea with anyone. Free estlm. A 1-3656. . Faperhonging--$1 Roll - PalntlnB Lie Fre fit. HA 9-7065 GELVATEX ZOLATONE Guaranteed work. Free eatlmate. Lie. Ins. Burchfleld HE 3-1851 PAINTING PAPERHANGING-Guar. work,' Neat A' clean. Lie. 'Insured. GE 1-0528. . L. H. SPAINHOWER ' PSLlnllne and DtcoratlnR CA' 7-1093. Terms arranBed.- SPEC, kit.- wnlls 4 celllnB, J17; ba. · S8 Dutch Boy 'Paint. Ext. pot. ^GE-j-3081. GE 8-0916 eves.' PEC. Hit. walls celllnt. S17: ba. $s. Dutch Boy paint.' Ext. GE 4-3081. GE 8-0919 evea. LICENSED palntmc eontr. 16 yrs. LB. Do own wK. GA 3-4S10 aft 8 WALLPAPER REMOVING sio . WaJI washnp. palntng. GJE 3-0018 ex:, painting * paptrhanc- Richard DoJd. HE 6-5373. PAPERHAKGINO. PalntlnK. Clean work. Ren. Free cst. CA 2-S214 PAINTING--25 STRS. JiXP. SPECIAL. S2.25 HOUR. GA 7-5333. PAINTING i Contracting, 20 yrs. cxper. Ict.Ext. {2 hr. GA 4-6358 A GOOD, HONEST, CLEAN paint-, er. Reas. Free estlm, HE 9-5989. INT EXT. Gclvatex. Ext. «tuc- co, 2-br. 195 total. OE 9-9052. SPECIALIZE In enamel' kitchen. bath. Licensed. KS 2-02J5. SPECIAL PAINTING--Outch. Boy Paint. Int., Ext. CA 9-5509. PAINTING INSIDE OUT. J2.00 hour or by.]ofe_-' HE 2-6591. PAINTING' TT2 HOUR HE 3-6842 OR JOB GENERAL, repairs: Patios, block INTERIOR EXTER. PAINTING lence, painting, plastering, car- ZOLATONE. GE 9-6*17. penter work, cement ·work. Very ]VE£J. SPECIAL rates. Guar. work, reas. Call John. GE_4;j019. Free est. GK 1-7001. HA 5-7342,BUILD on this Income lot. P.iy later. 42-12 JO Anaheim, corner of Bennett. Owner, HS 6-6. r i5I. ADDITIONS REMODELING E. J. Jeppesea Lie. Contractor Krce Estimates repair, stucco, plaster, patchln cement, asphalt tile; etc. Can DA 6-S071 collect. ACCOUNTANT--Bkkr. office mpr. Full charge. Allbooks, tax rep., Jin. stmnts. 15 yrs. exp. Perm. Reasonable. GEncva 1-5283. CHEF, top quality. Hotel, restaurants. A-l refs, open. TE 3-5373. club, ADD-A-ROOM. Batl-.S. P.cmodel Free est. advice. GA 2-1500. FURNITURE MOVING--HAULING No extra for week-ends. Call BOB any time. GA 3-1944. RETIRED Navy, chelf,. c . liq.. procery retail sa work only. TE 5-1134. es. Nlte . -Registered Nurse 3 to 11 shift. ARTESIA HOSPITAL. .' UN 5-122S. ASK. for Mrs, Daupherty. . R.N., Calii. License For Compton G.P.s office, state ace exp«r,. references, include photo. Write Box A-211 Ind.FT CLUB photopraphers. Must be · attrac., 21-35 yrs. Must hive car. Above avcraee sal. to top person, GE 3-950'J; GE 4-S313. . ' ' . : " CLEAN-UP work light hauling. Reliable. HE S-1097. POHTHAIT studio wants solicitors for home portrait sitting. Exper. not neces. Guar. ual. for those who qualify. GE 4-6313. MAN 'for any kind or work. Call eves. HA 9-1198. · ODD Jobs, machine wall wash, ·paint, repair. GA '7-2514. INSURANCE typist 4 lilt flrl. __ to 40: Must have policy typing experience. Company service office. HE 6^83. TV antenna rep'd. (2. New heads J7. Cmpt.. -wind t9.SQ. GE fi-8236 LABOR.\TORY TECHNICIAN . Registered or eligible. Earrlman Jones · Clinic Hospital Ph. HE 5-1141 MAN 34 wants work after' 2 p.m. Full or part time. TO B-611S. · SALESLADY--E X p. preferred. Small dept.i store. Pleasant work- condition. Refs. required. Ins Box A-3196. Ind.-P.T. Health Aid; 18 ilXPER. operators from loca: ncnl. 2257 Pacific nve. GA 4-9270 10 to c dally. Sat to 5. BROADWAY HEALTH. STUDIO 2510 E. B-lwy. G£ 8-2081. Hours 11-7. After 7. appt. only. ORIENTAL masseuse. Open 7 days 1.O . 7-2579, French and Colored masseuses. .\E 6-6S2'J- ' GREETINGS Ics " . Aoalctte's Metapnys- 1 hr. Maisaccs. CB 3-i711- HUHKY, get the lent' mnssapi In town. IC'A Pine. HE 2-3012. FRANCHISE ROUTE SALESMEN S125 average .weekly commission. Vacation £ paid training. Small investment, required. Age 25 to 45. 5-day week. Company super- V COLDEN KP.UET BAKSRX · 2620 E. 67th St.. L.B. MASSAGE. COLON1CS. STEAMS. 803 E. FOURTH. HE B-OS2B. MARY'S massage - colocICH. balhs. New oprs, G40 E. 3rd. HE 7-4529 41ASSAGE. IBll'.K. 10. HE 6-3880 Now open G days, closed Sumlpy COLONICS. sperlal, J3. Maybelle Knlghl. 1152 'tl Bdwy HE 2-5133 MASSAGE STEAM--9 to .9 C16 E. 7. HE 5-0213. Open Sun. EXPERT massage In. your .home byi appt.' Nevadit. 6-7280. PHYS. Therapy--Dally 10-7; Sun. 11-4. later. by appt. NE 5-4579 3 j-OR 2 SPECIAL H5 Atlantic AVO. HE 7-3SS7 2 FOR S3--Colonies, with adjustment. 532 E. 7-.h. HE 5-l.Pj3._ Rest; Homes, Sanit'itis. 20 CKESTVVOOD -- 24-hour nursing. - FOR COUPLE 1775 Chestnut ME 2-8467 CHEERFUL, comfortable rm. In Nurses' Home for- elderly lady. Good cooked food and nursing care. LIcened.'HA 5-0049. PIONEER SANITARIUM 7 Elacrlv ladles, btd ambulatory. TV recreation room. Inspe-ctlon invited "PH. UN-5-2226. Artesla. NURSKS care METALLURGIST DEGREE PREFERRED Manufacturing and/or treat experience- required. 'Contact John Kaufmann NE 6-0911 ' ' WESTERN GEAR 2COO E. Imperial Hwy.: Lynwood EXPERIENCED . COSMETICIAN. Personal · applications only at 1942 E Anaheim. -Interviews between 10 C Kon.. Feb. 10th. HSKPR., white pref. Live In. Motherless boys'. 8 '* 11. Call HA 5-4743 art. 6. all day Sat, tc Sun ACID CLEANING TECHNICIAN At leant 3- yrs. experience !q all types of refinery .St Industrial equtpt. Send resume station qualifications' to Box C-4676 c/o Ind.. P.-T. Don't Be Late in '58 Experienced Real Es'.au Sali personnel wanted. MOORE REALTY HA S-74S1 WANT exper men to .build .trailer cabinets. M. A B -Cabinet, 10123 E. Washington (extension Compton Blvd.) Bellfiower. ' · ; ^SALESMEN Sell by' appointment only: J200 week easy, · . · . 10238 Rosecrans, Bell flower PORTRAIT studio wants solicitors ror home.portrait slttlnB. Exper. not neees. · Ga'ar. sal. for those who qualify. GE 4-8313. . . WANTED. J. men, music registrars, L. B.- Compton area. Foe appt., KI 3-63S8, Atn.. Myers,'·collect. R,E, SALES PEOPLE--Top comm. Dntn. Fullerton 'Commonwealth Co. LA'5-4738;- LA 5-3259 ve». AUTOMATIC trans, i. tune-up ex. auto rep.alr.. write e/o Ind.-P.T. pert. Estab. auto STRUCTUEAl, ENGINEER-Aircraft stress exptr, ...Open hours. Monthly . rate* OR ;lf« membership. Th« Easier HomB. -. 1015 N. Broad: way, -Santa -Ana. KI 2-351 1. ATLANTIC GU1IST HOME ' Complete car*, for. vted. W« ln« vlte · vour inspection, 5927 Atlantic Ave. GA 2-9103.- PRESSMAN--1250 MULT1. Must be thorouithly exper. HE 7-0478. ACROSS from Blxby ik.--Pleasant nurroundings. Good .· food.- TV, · aeral-prlv^ rm». . · HE .2-8097. VACAUCS~for .Ond or Mither In fine licensed harmonious · bom*. 1626 Ohio. GE -S-9077. TREWEEKS A|;«ncy. HE 7-3563 MKN, full or part time to circulate petition. Good- pay. 1 HE 7-0497. lisa, sell blnkets.. gsn'f'llnt ._ Kds.. H-H. gd. opp. M15 -L.B. B; BUTCHER .-wanted--to Iea«« fully uippe.:'-meat.dept.-.OA 4-3821. SERV. BTA. Exper.. 1 Full Ac part -. .time. Mobllfaa, 1100 .aosecrans STEADY WORK-- GOQD HU1IOR ~^?,' urn w. isthiat- . · GUITARIST-- Electric -or JJl»!n.__N CAKE slderly. 8453 Maple jiemTr. GUITARIST-Electrlc'or plain. No ^TO^T-4128 TO 6-310T .ix:3:!. Bltlr Western. GE.8_-963S or GE 3-J5UJ ANTKU--Full or part lime Tup- penvar* demonstrator. Call your local authorized distributor for nppointinent MEtcalf Q-3042. Work Wanted (Worn.) 32 cashiers posltftns. Apply In pcr- 'son Lakewood Theater. 4501 E. 1 Carson. MODELS wanted, age 18 to 25. No experience necessary. Send snap. shot Info, to Box D-4701 Ind, 1 , '·P.-T. WAITRESS. Mexican girl pre- 'erred. Over 21. Call after 6 . p.m. GS 3-9580. 7C 1 booklceoper, accountants .01- flce. Corapton area. Permanent. Under 40. Car nee. NE l-«424. HOUSEKEEPER, white pref. 2 adults Prlv. · rm. Good salary Sixty Knolls.. GA 7-5935. COMPANION for. elderly lady. Run. board, exchange lite housework. Lkwd HA 5-4072 eves only LADY'pensioner as companion to elderly lady.- TE' 4-3056. 1434 McDonald Ave.. Wl'.m. WOMAN ~over 50 to care for stmi- 'Invaliil lady, alone; llv» In; mus! drive. HA 9-1618. HOUSEKEEPING, child care, Uv« jn,. call KEystone 3-3453 after 7 p.m., all day wlc ends. Collecl BARN I!2-Jl.iO Oro. cash It meat wrap. 12020 L. B. Blvd., Lyo- .wood. See ad cl. NE 8-4151. CALIFORNIA licensed, beauty.op- -erator specializing : In tints/* manicures. Ph. LEhigh 9-114li\ SICK pensioner needs Christian woman to live In. .Homft · somf pay. Ph:- GA 4-7604. · WOMEN,'full 1 or par: tlm« to clr culate petltn, Cd. pay HE. 7-0497 EXPER. .SALE _ music store. TO 7-4979. MASSEUSE, wanted, good jalary, Phon« LQ 1 7-2579. CREW mcr. solicitors for photos 143 W. Octan ' ' HE 6-1"" HOUSEKEEPER A child care of ' · small children. Live In. ME 3-2403 EXPERT operator on Ladies Sports. wear. 225s Orange, HOUSEKEEPER .to llv. in, 3. chll- . dren. Whltt pref. CE-1-0072. BEAUTY OPERATORS. Phone HE 6-9»89 MASSEUSE^W ANTED GE 9-5735 HE 6-8320 .WORKING mother needs lady to · earn cillia.5 d»- yfc GA. 7-7603 BABYSITTER 1 days'week. Down town area. !LE 5-2382. MID-AGE man. Non-drinker or smoker, to help cook or drive llcat truck. GB S-1297. O convalescent It. .housewk. Dry or br. Mon. 'thru Frl. HE 7-0066 'RACTICAL nursing light housekeeping. Experienced. R ercnces. Call UN 3-3545. lAKPENTER--Remodel free est. Any size job. L. B. TE 4-0695. -MATT POSNEY _._.· Build' !344 Orance GA ROOKING WOHK -- ANY KIND FREE KSTIMATE3. GA 2-5854, Lie. · Building Contractor ~ 2-7970 G 4-1747 LICENSE Concrete Contractor -Driveways Sc (specialize In coloreu nation--C. AMBROSE. HA 5-4229 Uv IT'S fiuilnatilv ,w« oullJ it J; P .Tcioe« Pen. Unst, GA 2-S05S Electricians 39 iTLECTRICAL .WORK ANY KIND FREE ESTIMATES. HE 4-7403 ELECTRICAL work.' Highest qual. ^ow rates. Rose Elec.. GA 3-6461 Cement Brick Work 40 PAINTING. INSIDE .-eap- Neat clean. Reas. GE 4-1154. Roofing 47 HOOFS repaired. 1 Any time. Reasonable. GA 7-0647. . ROOK repairs coatings. Free est. Reas. ratea, HE 5-3896. " ' Furniture RefinishTng 51-A FURNITURE piano reflnlshlnr. Guar, expert work. Reasonable. Free estimates. CA 2-4947. _.Upholstering 52 PATIOS--Plain or colored, driveways, walks, foundations, etc. Exp. workmanship. Free est. S-Z terms GA D-44C3 any time. SELECT your 2nd hand and. antique .furniture In our store;:-w« will reupholsier at cost of labor materials from our complet* stock of new fabrics. .. . Veterans Indus. ' 21S Lofeust EXPERT upnol. 2 pieces 530 labor. Free estimates. HE 2-578B Dressmaking. Weaving .53 A. 1. BKICK, BLOCK i CEMENT work. Patios, drives,, fences, etc. Free estimates. GA 4-8979, FASHIONS made to order. 2-day service also ironing. NE S-4097. 6916 Long Beach Blvd.. WASH kit. baths, wax floors, clean windows, etc.. HE 2-265ii BRICK STONE work, fireplaces, iVeaeers. planters, all types. LI- censed contractor. KA 5-5935. Cleaning. Rugs Uphol. 55 CEMENT--Slabs, Walks, Patio. Porches. Free est. GA 3-153C. 7REE estim. Satisfaction fruar. .patios, drvwys., etc. UN 5-1504 CEMENT work Plaster patching. No job toij small. GA 7-263J. POOL DECKS. Piltloi. driveways, etc. Free estimates. GA 5-4954. XP, cabinet maker, carpentry, painting,- machinist. GS 9-5798. JOE S. EVANS licensed cement contractor. Fr«a est GE 1-8305. CHEF working, wants chance. S ber dependable, TO 7-9509. PATIOS, drvwys.. foundatns., blk. walla.' etc. Free est. TO 3-0498. SEMI, tractor driver, lease for local, long hauls. ME Q-B102. YOUNG family -man, desperately 'needs work. No sales TO 7-S372 FULL charge bookkeeper, all of ' flea . detail, no shorthand. Mln. ' »75, T G A 2-8084. WILL do ironing in my home or yours. Will pick, up it deliver. 952 E. Veraon. OA 7-1938. HOUSEWORK BY'DAY · NE 8-7680 ' EXPERT IRONING IN .MY HOME. QARFIELO 3-6503 ildg.HomeCleaninq 56 "AMILY man wants bulldlnic elcatilnR, floor .waxine. etc. Bonded. Insured. NE 2-7583. CEMENT WORK. CEMENT FIN: Fre« est. GE 8-21, r iS. FATIOS, Driveways. Block Walls Masonry work. T06-850-- C,, RAY LUNDBLADE, cem. contr. L. B. III!. Free est; GA-4-4325. SEERY CEMENT CONTR. Free est. ME 3-MOO: GE 8-4721 BRICK A stone work, any klnd- 30 yrs. exp. estimates. GA 7-2450 Fence 41 EURROW8 7 l'enc« Co. ^^29- Ctierry Redwood, block, crtaln-llnk. Installed. No dn. FH A.' OA 2-337 REDWOOD fBccea Ihsulled 65e to 11.75 ft B-Z terms HE EXPERIENCED waitress . -would llk» worn. HE 5-23-11). jPlumbing, Heating 42 HOUSEWORK wanted by day, . pftrienced. HE 7-52BO. HEKPQ.--Permanent, 'live out for bach, or employ. cpl». HE 0-2100 tEGAI- SECWSTARY avn.ll. for part time -vacationg. JE.7-658. r j . Baby Sitting. HE 2-4522 PRACTICAL nurse capable oi any case. Gil nt«. By Kr. COOKING--Mala or Catering: HE 6-8884 TYPING In my home, dcnendable. «2 PlxleAV.. LKwd. HA 1-7981 BXP. child can Lkwd. -area. your home. ME (M265. WIDOW wantirdomestic work tn good homt; Best reis. NE g-2955 EXPERIENCED dlcner. pastry or iry cooK. Avail, row. ME 0-123S CHRISTIAN lady to houaekeep for elderly lady. · GA 3-6804. COLORED wom»n desires day work. 11.25 hour. HE 6-0345. Trouser alterations. 1643 Cherry HE 6-4505. sewrX. by bour/ White. Xlnt. Rell. HE 0-42CO OfFICE-'WOKK. W.ll- eyperlenced.. mature. HE 8*4087.' Ironlny. WORK wanted evenings. Ph TOpaz 1-7737 after 5 p.m. BABY SITTING--K«lUble * Jjp. BXMl. r«f»; HA 1-5316 HAND LAUNDRY Ph. HE 8-2235 . *trok« cases; local day or iveca. HE 7^7146. BABY iltUDi;. nl Exp. H«fs. K. ,___, week-ends. IB. OA 3-760_9. TYPIST--Young attrac.. last iccur 60 wpm Norma HE 7-0497 IRQNINO-' In my · I tTcle. OE a-6918. home, loc ar- Mri. saehae. BABY SITTING -ANY . GA 7-3079. klTCHEN · .WASilED.. COMPLETE k S6.- Own. Equlpmtnt. GE 1 8-5823. HIGH' Bchool_ilrl de ivtnlnti. HE 7-8689,- i . typln» or baby.ilttlnf wantid. · ' HE 2-1889. - -' - . ' " PRACT. nurw. Hivo car, doctor's ref;. ilvi hypo. GA 3-6807. PLUMBING .35 PER Hh. No traveling':Jmi -charge. Stop. paice · repairs, - Licensed contractor since 1935. GA 2-6947 SINKS, disposals, not water heaters, bath fixtures, general re- modellnc. GA 7-7727. HE 8-2211. HENRY'S WEAVING SHOP' 331 E 1st HE 2-1568 CAHPKT cleaned 5c sq. · ft. RUM furniture cleaned In home, plant. Housecleanlag. Guar. P' A / Cleaners. OE 1-5323. -;. WALL ivashlDK palntlnp L Reasonable. Phone TO 6-0562.- Garden Serv. Sup. 57A LANDSCAPING. Rototllllnc, leyel- IQK, fcrtlllWnK pruning: yard clean-up, cutting edclnp by job or mo.;_ reliable. GE 4.-HTO. 45 CHOICE" plants, planted . yarii deslpied to blend, with your home . . '. $95 .'In", labor. Call Lawn Service KE 5-?571. TOP-SOIL^FILL DIRT Lawn Service (S Clean up · Reasonable. GE 9-0781 . TOP SOIL FILL DIRT GA 3-6066 CA 3-6575 EXPERIENCED JAPANESE dener looking for a. Job. Cltaa up or by month. HE 6-276B...'. XOW Is the time to prone, clean a fertilize your yard. Mow Xc . edge. NE 8-3310. ~HEKMOSTATS repaired. Installed. T.l»*n»rf ' * HA 7-. r lR1.1 Carpentering 45 POWER trimmer, power-trim 4X6 trailer, complete rar: equipment. HE 6-S713, U3MODEL.-KKPAIR, New worlt - W. H. Meyer. HE 2-3308. CUSTOM \VOOD"TUIt?liNG GA --69Q7. after 5 p. .m. (LB OWE repalrlnc remod Call J. Romalne GA . -35 tome ModernizaHon 37 "WANT 4 moro- lawns to mow-and edpe: monthly ratea and power cqiiipment. GA 4-2290. ' COMPL.3TK LAWN-CARE REASONABLE. Ph. HA 3-9772. QUALITY Lawn Service, by wk..or mo. HA 5-QS73. HE 6-1496. SPECIAL I Wiik Only! Modi'rniz* Your Kltchin , Howl We will replace your old fasnlonea KITCHEN OR BATHROOM : window by InsiftllliiK H, modern · · 100% VENTILATION window 3x3'It. $29.95 : HO DOWN PAYMENT ' . Payments as low as K PER WEEK Optn 7 days * wtik The Paiio Shop J»!5 S. AtlMtlo Compton HEM61I - NIII06J GARDEN AlAINTtDANCE LANDSCAPING. PM. HS 9-6504. ARTISTIC landscape malntensncn. Oriental Garde nlnn. GA 7-9.100. COMPLETE or partial carden service. HE 5-4Q51, alter B. ' JAPANESE GARDENER E ' FLOWERS, TE.5-1833. LAWN SERVICE -MONTH. GE 4-4232. LAWNS--Yards plowed, renovated. Made ready for seed. -ME 0-6364. ' MOW. EDGE, prune, plant Ken, clean-up. Reas. GA 2-8568 LAWN maintenance serv. A Und- caplnic. Rny McCla'.n. GA 3-4998 SPECIALIZING In tmlimt; prun- Ins. trees. HE-7-2281. CLEAN-UP, mow. Ic edllng, trim, prune. GE 4-1704. KOTTOTILING 4 lawn cut. Reasonable. Pb. OA 3-1214. LAWN SEKVICE--By week or mo. Free ostlm. HA · 1-7EO. HAULING, clean-up. Any; area. NE CLEANUP JOBS monthly maintenance. GA 3-3314. M O W . * EDGE by tie Prune trees * shrubc. __ month. OA 4-'6232. MOW A edRe. -General- malnteanct. Wit, or mo. GA 3-627H.- · SPRWKLER system innta'led mi .lawn planting, ME 0-8014. CHRISTIAN deslru Jiwo mainC. clean up. GA 4-8719. JAPANE8E T »Mdin .nryjcj- cjk after 6'p.m.-: T0rr«y T-4852. ... CLEAN up- Jobi. mow * «d«;i. Heas. r by wk. or mo. Hh j-456S

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