Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 27, 1930 · Page 6
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 6

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 27, 1930
Page 6
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RAGGED PRINCESS A Great Mystery Story. By EDGAR \VALtACE, «f *!** Oi»W> Archer." "th« toan from Morocco XSIX (Continued) ," "The Vrot," Et*. «it Instatit he teas running down steps. A. fainting woman fell " him, but hfe throat her aside, through the kitchen and ran Stb* stairs irtiith. he ptessed, led hill. Here he came into a of three hysterical rnald-ser- and a woman who was evils* the cook, and who proved to be calmest and most Intelligible. &h She could give little informa- e*cept that she had heard shots the voice of Mr. Tonger. whcre two constables wore standing before a stout door which had neither Ucv nor handle. How Is it made fast?" asked Dick, examining the door curiously. "From the inside, sir." said one of the policemen. there now." "Are you sure There's somebody in asked Dick qulck- "Yes, sir." said -the second policeman. "1 heard him, too. A sort of thudding noise, and a sound like tt table being dragged across the floor." He raised a linger warnlngly to his H out 6r thought It ert tt« preSeftee. He the Stagnant water and down to the top landing. It wan a. small gold case and contained three sodden oigarets. In one corner was an initial. Wiping the case dry, he brought it down to his chief. Dick Shannon read the Initials. "I think we have the man," he said soberly. (To bo conUmietW ZIlTJStt BAGS. New beach bugs are oblong and roundish and fasten from end to end with zippers. They are not hard to make of fancy cretonne or hand-blocked linen. You can make your beach hats to match them. Wide-wale pink pique makes a perfectly lovely ami dainty little summer frock with' flaring skirt and double n-eastcd, sleeveless gilet. om there, sir!" A girl pointed ,| and bent llis head.- Dick listen- shaklng fingers upward. "Mr. - • • •- .,.=.._ -..-> .Bhftlt'B fttudy!" hannon went up the stairs two at fte, and, turning at right angle?. ed: at first he could hear nothing, and tlien there to him the faintest of creaks, like a rusty hinge turning. We've tried it with the ax," said that the door of the study was I steel pointing to deep gashes in the le open. Across the threshold lay body of Tonger, and he was dead. Passing his hands under man, he lifted him without nn ut and laid him on the soft. He. had been shot at close quarters- was no need to call a doctor. ath had been instantaneous. Ing to the door, he called one of , tnaids. 'Bring a policeman in here at once. Tils time the unknown murderer ntla not spirit away the evidence of it deed. fee waited until the body had been loved before" he made a rough ,rch of the study. Two exploded ills told him that the murder had in committed with an automatic. how had the murderer escape'.' A pght occurred to him, and he went msearch of a maid. When I came up from the kitchen wood, ""but. there was no room to swing. Here come the men with the crowbars." "Hear that?" asked the policeman suddenly. He would have been deaf had he not. It was the sound of a falling chair, and was followed at "an interval by a deep thud as if something was falling. "Get that door open, quick!" said Shannon. Taking one of the crowbars in his hand, he forced the thin edge between door and lintel and tugged. The door grave slightly. The second crowbar found a purchase, and as the two were pulled together the door opened with a sharp crack. The garret into which they burst was empty, and unfurnished except for a. chair which lay overturned on the lioor, and a table. Jumping onto the table Dick pushed at the skylight front door was open—who opened I above n j B head, but it was fastened. 'either the girl nor any of her fel- 3 knew. The door had been open m they erupted from the basement, uperflcial examination of the house him nothing, but one clear fact irged. Malpas had a confederate, if either escaped it was the sec< ri man. That Malpas was in his 1 »se after the murder of Marshall he certain. l>ick went back to 551 to continue search there. Every room had in investigated except one on the floor, which defied the efforts of police to enter. (The door must be opened," said ;k decisively. "You must get crow's. I'll not leave this house till ev- i * room has been combed out." JSMe was alone in the black-draped JbAm where Marshall had been shot was speculating upon the e.xtraor- ry character of the disappearance jn he was conscious that some- ly was moving behind him, and he around. A man was standing! jjtbe doorway. The first view of pi Dick Shannon had was the gleam Ofihis spectacles. It was Brown, the limping lover of London whom he had «t«a that night in Portman square dHB who had been so interested in dia- Ajnds. A suspicion shot through SfHbnnon's mind. IjHow did you get here?" he asked JjThrdugh the door," was the bland * "It was wide open and, being i. member of the crowd bolder than tfct others, I came in." «?«Isn't there a policeman on duty at tft* door?" **If there is I didn't see him," said ,tik§ other easily. "I'm afraid I'm de Capt. Shannon." afraid you are," said Dick, [it you won't go till I discover how got in." be elderly man showed his white in a smile. iiMDon't say that I'm suspect," he said , Mockingly.. "That would be too bad! 99 be suspected of killing my old lend.Lacy Marshall." tJlck did nol like his sly smile, saw ' ding of humor in Ihe tragedy of evening and as he accompanied man downstairs his mind was The constable on the door had seen him enter; swore, at any tote, that nobody had passed him While he was on duty, •ifWhat does this mean?" Dick look- Wat the visitor. ""It means the constable is wrong," the other coolly. "He will per- ig remember going out on to the ilk to move the crowd farther e man admitted he had done this. VYou might have seen that happen the inside of the hall or from stairs," said Shannon, unconvlnc- •aw it from the outside, but I understand that if a man is fool- nn enough to come into a place where £ "murder has been committed he has himself to blame if he is cted." berp are you staying?" am still at the Ritz-Carlton. I remain here if you wish, but I i you that the most heinous to my discredit is, in this in- 4Wnce, an ungovernable curiosity." "tttick had already verified the man's {tement that he was a guest at that hionable hotel, and the intruder sent about his business, it|I don't like it at all," said Shan- joe to his assistant as they went %Mtk to Malpas' room. "He may have qpme in aa he said; on the other hand than likely that he was in • house when the murder was com- Jted. How long will they be open- that door? Let me see it." i followed Steel up the top landing, At that moment he flashed a ray from his hand lamp upward. Staring down at him, he saw, through the blur of the grimy window, the outline of a face. Only for a second, and then il vanished. A long, pointed chin, a high, bulging forehead, a hideously big nose! CHAPTER XXX. THE CIGARBT CASE. "The crowbar, quick!" he shouled, and attacked the heavy framework. In a few minutes it was open, and he had drawn himself up onto the flat lead-covered roof. He stepped cautiously round a chimney stack, and then: "Hands up!" called a voice, and, in the light of his flash lamp he saw an overcoated man, and remembered thai Willitt had told him that a guard had been set on the roof. "Are you Willllt's man?" he shouted. "Yes, sir." "I'm Capt. Shannon from headquarters. Have you seen anybody pass here?" "No, sir." "Arc you sure?" asked Dick incredu lously. "Absolutely sure, sir, I heard f noise of somebody walking before I heard the skylight break—I suppose it was the skylight—but that came from the other end of the roof." Dick hurried out beyond the opening, taking up the opposile direclion, until he was broughl lo a slandslill by Ihe wall of Ihe nexl house which wan a story higher than 551. He threw a ray up to the coping; it was impossible that anybody could have climbed that bare face. , And then he saw, hanging over the low parapet which inclosed Ihe rear of Ihe roof, a knotted rope, its end secured around a chimney stack. . He peered do- . into the darkness. "If the fellow went that way he certainly moved," he said, and went back to interview the sentinel. The man said he had heard nothing except a sound which might have been the skylight being opened, and there had been no violent noise of breakage until Dick's crowbar had got busy. "You're an American?" said Shannon suddenly. "Yes, sir, I'm an American," said the man. "I've been doing this kind of work on the other side. There must be some other hiding place on the roof, but though Dick spent a quarter of an hour prying and peering, even hammering al the solid brick chimney stack, he found no place of concealment. He lowered himself down to the little room, leaving Sleel lo complete the invesligalion. Sleel's search was leisurely bul Ihorough. With the. aid of his hand lamp he began a systematic exam- inalion of Ihe lead. His first discovery was a small brass cylinder, obviously an automalic shell and one recenlly discharged. The second, and the more important, find did not appear unti he had almost given up the search It lay in a little rain gutter running on to the parapet, and it was the glitter of its golden edge lhal belray- tmk Spring Is the time to have evafy- thing In you* wardrobe cleaned. Sort out the. \vlntcr things frorti the summer and get Ihern put away' before warm weather comes," TO STOP ITCHING QUICK, use co6l, Invisible 2enio! Millions depend on cooling Zemo to banish summer skin troubles. 1'or 20 years .this safe, invisible antiseptic has relieved the heat, and pain of sunburn. It soothes rashes and ' ivy- poisoning, brings relief to itching, peeling toes. See how stubborn pimples and blemishes disappear. Thousands say It has banished dandruff. Healing Zemo liquid is wonderfully soothing after a shave. Any druggist. 35c, 60c, $1.00. know inconspicuous? Y OU can't imagine what a relief it is to know that your sanitary protection is inconspicuous, that it is Jashioned to fit correctly, leaving no revealing outlines under the closest- fitting gown. Made of wonderful material Kotex is hygienically safe. It is made of Cellucotton (not cotton) absorbent wadding. The advantages of Cellucotton are so great that 85%. of the leading hospitals now use it in preference to fine surgical cotton. Cellucotton, remember, is not cotton —but a cellulose substance which has 5 times the absorbency of cotton. Kotex Company, Chicago, 111. KOTEX IS SOFT ... l~Not a deceptive softness, that soon packs into chafing hardness. But a delicate, lasting softness. 2—Safe, secure ., . keeps your mind at ease. 3— Kotex filler is farlightet and cooler thancotton, : y et absorbs 9 times as much. 4-DisposabIe, instantly, completely. Regular Kotex-45c for 12 Kotex Super-Size—65c for 12 Ask to see the KOTEX BELT and KOTEX SANITARY APRON at any drug, dry goods or department store. KOT6X The New Sanitary Pad which dcodoruei why wait Why bother to "wait your turn"? Telephone ahead to the oculist, dressmaker, Or dentist and make an appointment, It saves time. TELEPHONE WIDE ANGLE LENSES «n or Tllljer lenses give you lull to the very edge. SOU. bunting or driving they are cs- Uy fine, at 12.00 per pair above the regu-' rorio lense«. | M Macdonald's Spectacle Bazar *J Altoona, fa.. ;:S. M, Griffith Co. [» If WAUL PAFJSK AND PAlMb '* 90S Green Avenue Clothes on Credit /LIBERAL 1507-H- AVENUE . UALITY IKNITURE CO Ate. Dial 2-835U • UUlo Out of tbe But Lett to 1'uy" METER JONA//ON & Co. 1226 Eleventh Avenue. Phone 6145. 3 Sports H a t s Of Rough Stratus, Bakouette, Toyo, Stitched Crepes and Taffetas, and Other Materials Noted in the Smarter Hats All the thrilling new Spring colors arc here and there are scores in blat'k. A wide variety, too. of clever, youthful and becoming shapes—all sprrially purchased and priced lor this remark- aLlt- holiday twiil al S3.75. Small Mrdium and 1-argc JlouU.iiii-h Third Hour —- 1226 Eleventh Avenue. Just in Time for Decoration Silk Frocks >»* Ensembles Planning to golf, filay tennis, or spend the weekend visiting? ... Wondering what to wear, tooj aren't you? See these dresses, and stop wondering. • They're guaranteed wash- b 40 ^^ "7tt a ^ e ' l ' ie c °l° rs are I'skt ) ^ £^» i +* and deliciously lovely... i fW Crepe Senoussi, Mallm"* ^^ son's Pagoda, Shantung .Jonassons, Second and Rajah. Sizes 14 to Floor — 46. 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