The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on January 23, 1908 · Page 8
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 8

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1908
Page 8
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titfsPilb )fe ^ Ttttofetgir nmtty mtvtr tuttt to •rcMMla, C»**tfoat?OA, Sick AMI ALL MS6ASBS Mblitg from * ver cad Bad Digestion The Mtml r*Mtt I* • ' ~ ly a*carco«t*d Md •asy to Take No Substitute. HI."SECTORS ELECTED. 'At a meeting of tlic stockholder, of the First National bank h>'!.! H'Y.'iH-sday morning (he follow in?; I'ircclors weic tlcctfd: A. J. li-' lick, K. Kirt, v, T. C, Heas!«•>•- J. T. Milbanlc, F. I'.. Wheeler, j- A. Field, ||. J. fceslcr, J. M.- Davis ami S. ft. Glore. The el-c *5fn of officers \v ; l' take place next Tuesday. I> fUmmatorr RbewnaUmn Cured lu S Days. Worton L, Hill, of Lebanon Ind.. «*ys: "My wife had Inflammatory fUieureatlcm tn every muscle and folnt; her •uttering wu terrible and **r J»odr and lace were swollen al- *noat beyond recognition; had been In bed for six woeku and had elgh' (Itaralclani. but receive no benefit wrtll «he tried Dr. Dalcheon'n Rcllel for RheumaUsm. It guve immedlato rr'Ief mod Mie wan abl>< (o walk about fn three days. I am sure It saved tew life." Sold by N. J. 8w«tland Drrf C* CLFi; CM/BECOMING At a meeting of the members of the Missouri University Alumni society held m the parlors of tin I.erjMT li.iit e Tuesday ni^ht, i' was decided to have the l'ni\.i sity (jler eltib lo j;ivc .in enl.r tiinment at (lie l.!ie!l;i Cran<l on tlie evening of |antiar\ ~<>. Tin n-in- 31 mi mliers in lite elnb. H he finest Coffee Substitute f-ver in:idc, has recently been pro-' diireij by l)r. Shoop of Ratine, Wis. Von don't have to boil it fv.-cnty or tliirty minutes. "Made in a minute" says the doctor. "Health Coffee" is really the clos <••-.! ColTce Imitation ever yet pro •ilueed. Nut a grain of real coffee in it either. Health Coffee Imita fi'ni is made from pure toasted /•'•real-, or grains, with malt, nuts, r-tr. Really it would fool an ex fieri -were he to tinknowiujrlv <ft ink it for Coffee. P. T. Abel!. " ,'j . I r..ilk-w of Sunnier wa- a Ijiisiites', visitor in tli< i il\ 'I Inn- i1...y. and made tin- Con Mi I nt ion ;m appreciated visit .n-nevsing hi-. • nb script ion lo H>OO. A Cure for Misery. "I have found a cure for the misery malaria poison produce-*," says R. M. James, of l.onellen, S. C." "It's called Elect ric Hitters, and comes in 50 cent bottles. It breaks up a case of chills or •> bilious attack in almost no tiuu-; and it puts yellow jaundice clean out of commission." This great lonie medicine and blood purifier RJVC- (juick relief in al' stomach, liver and kidney complaints and thr; nii-'ery of lame hack. Sold under gnaranU'c at N. J. Swetland's drug storr. .«_••» John M. F.vans of ]>awn mad> the Constitution a renewal visit Thursday. Mr. F.vans reported that Grand River was fr.i/cn over Thursday inornini;. Tal<e DcWitt's Kidney and Itladder Pills, '• hc\ promptly re licve bnckacl *• and weak back. Sold by N. J. Swctland drug company. CATARRH ... MiA lioroml»nrilouhl •lid tluorU mil IM rurmt [through dniffgliu. Hti»ll . 8lHK»t>'i <*l»rrh Cur*. km to r>.ruin. ll»t Dr. Shoup'i .... Cuntwlil brtni arliatl lutotantUl h»l». ilng MTtataij. !•••> (WvtnrliigM* ptijilc»l of tur «rtlol«of rukl.swiuliU' merit. BitttliM '"" mutt poaMM irtM merit. «IH th* trwt will ML raihw Uum nilvaniv. it lir. Hhoop'i .JtOuraUa «now wlilt". h.-nllnc antlautU put up la beautiful nli-knl ntptxid ilut l«n •ucb (001(11111 *f*n(« •« Oil Kiimlrptu*. il. Menthol, etc, are Incorporated • r. emm Uk* rorolatum. Imported b? Dr. (nun Burope. If Catarrh ol UM not* and ded la the «U>n»ch, then by »ll tuullj. Dr Hhoop iReetoimUr*. •, • Uvek of tetierel itrensth. .. IM. bUla«i«n«e«. bed tacU. etc tall for Dr. Shoop'i tuMorctln. nonmpHwtod cMurb mlr ol tb*noMU>4 aotbini »U«, hrMr*f«r, a**d b« and bat Dr. Shoop's •Mtol •Mel* J. W. Mecum, the man from lilack Falls River, Wis., return ed to Chillicothe Tuesday evening and will make a diligent search for John Hopkins, the man whon j lie alleges stole his wife and two (laughters from his home last l/iiijj., and who were seen to pas> through this city Thursday even- I ing in a covered wagon going in ;» northwardly direction. Mecum is of the opinion that Hopkins and li!s(Mecimi's)faniiK are in hiding near this city and it will only be a question of time until the officers wili be able lo lo cate him. Mecuni stated to the officers Wednesday morning that be would keep up a diligent search fur bis family until they were located and Hopkins was arrested and punished to the full extent of the law. Since returning to Chillicothe the last time Mecnm slated to the officers that there was a large reward for the arrest of Hopkins on a charge of horse slealing. The little Mecum boy told a | -itiftll slruy to local officers jn (he presence "f his falher, ho\\ Hopkins, one night in November, while he and his sister were out with him stealing hay. had taken advantage of his fifteen-year-old si'ler, while, he. (he hoy, s|ou<l h\ r unable to protect her. 'i In- elder Mecuni slated to the i 'Hi'-, i •-, that I lopl.ins had served .1 term in Ihe \\ i .em .in peniten- 'inv l"i hiitse slealing and that 'I'. :•• \v;i-- now a rcuanl from thai t.ite 11| S p n i fi if his at 11 -.i fi ir na|i,i!:i.; the Mecuni children. "When attacked by a cough or a cold, or when your throat is sore, it is rani; foolislriess to tak. any other medicine than Ih. King's New IHscovcty," says ('.. <). I'.ldi idge, of Fmpirc, Ga. "1 have used New Discovery seven years and I know it is the best remedy on earth for coughs and colds, croup, and all throat and lung 1 roubles. My children are subject to croup, but New Discovery quickly cures every attack." Known the world over as the King "f thioat and hmg remedies Sold under guarantee at N. ]. Swetland's drug store. f,oe and $1.00. Tiial bottle free. FIRF. DliS'TROYS HOME. .\\ all ill. |.Ill 1 •', ( Spei i.ll < . .1 I i. pond, iii i I I hr i n|i n'e I I nil boil- e Inn 111 il r-.ii 1 v M ' >nda \ hi"! lull..; . v "llle of llllil ll"l|se II' ilil r' 'i ills were sa\ e.|. I lie ilium i j.;i\ en Sal m i|a\ b\ j llle old soldjels \\a-. \\ell allelld i il \ g I dinner u as i n |. >\ ,-d li\ all. I n the allerin ion a • -In n t pi .|.;r.i!ii u,c- tendered. I I.ll I ( 'oliee i >l I ilia \\ a- in ! In cilv ami tool, dinner \\; ; !' 11a\ id Keif and fainiK . Miss I'ellier of ( ai rolltoti, \vho was a|>|ioinled teacher of the In termediatc room, cntend upon her rluties Monday morning Misses Fern ,'Pieaiiehamp and Mahelle Kcrr spent Smidas v\ith tin- Missis Haymiller. Misses 1 .ois and Slell liaymill el anrl Messrs 1'pelicer Alexatlrhl and I'red \\'olfe attended literal) at Vaughn Saturday night. Fhncr Slniger>n of near 'I ma spent Sunday evening in Avalon. I .e\\ is Cox and wife of Chilli licothe were here Saturday (tans ailing business. Mr. Cox sold hi-i proper!v to Harry I'ayniHler. Misses Hlanche Richardson anrl her sister, Lucile, are confined in tb< b. nise \\ ith llie mumps. Mi- : Mae Ketf is on t!ie si, list. Simple R :medy for La Grippe. I I .a (irijipe coughs are dangeioii';, las they frequently develop into ] pneumonia. Foley's Honey and Tar not only stops the cough but heals and strengthens the lung?! so that no serious results need be feared. The genuine Foley'a Honey and Tar contains no harmful drug and is in a yellow package. Refuse substitutes. K J. Swctlaml Drug C". Weak Little Boys may become fine strong men. Some of the itrong men of today were sickly boy* year* ago. Many of them received Scott's Emulsion at their mother' t knee. Thi* had a power In it that changed them from weak, delicate boyi Into strong, robust boys. It has the tame power to-day. Boys and girls who are pale and weak jet food and energy out of SCOTT'S EMULSION. It makes children grow, t t t AD DrucfUl.) BOc. and 11,00. THE CHINESE OR JOSE SCALE Tliat lliis dangerous fruit tree IHS! is already present in some portions of the stale is now well known. In sonic sections it is causing great damage to orchards. In some localities methods of control have heeti .successfully adopted and fruit trees are thus being saved. [n other localities it is rohahly present, hut on account I recent introduction, fruit tree owners are still unfamiliar with iK appearance and are consequently unaware of its presence I'poii Ilieir premise?.. If allowed lo continue unchecked it is hut a tjiieslioii of a few yi-ars when \oiing oifliards, now thrifty and \igorotr;, \\ill In- practically tic >l r> iycd. 'I li.ii the larger jx r ci nt of the hull gi'owiui; area of Missouri i-. \<l entnelv free from infesta- lion h\'Ilii-. pest is pr.ibahlc. This comlitioii makes it highly important that all owners of fruit trees 1 i come familiar willi th' - insect and at once put into practice i ,i-aMires of control wherever i! i . Known to exist. 11 is to the interest of every I: ml grower in Missouri, who has an\ n.von to Mispect it possible his proper! s' now harbors lliis niseel. to send specimens of I lie U\ igs or bark which to them loi>K in any way suspicions, in order that its presence be ascel t.'lined u il Ii certainly. I'hi presence of the ( 'Ilinesi 11| .'".ill (use seal' ma\ be suspected v.l i en I lie bark of I u igs or !li" I' imk «il tt i i '• or shrubs are found 1 \ i i' il \\ ith r< ddi Ji or smiki n -.;iol'-, \\lien unnatural nddeneil • M'e.i- .He seen upon (he fruil or 'v hen llle bark beci urn S covered 1 ", ei u t'.h an .1 hen i ir gi a v colored < i n I. 'I hi-, i rif-1 ma v be scraped i 'II \\ ilh a knile. the covering coming away as thin scales. In severe cases if the surface is rub- I ed with the back of a knife blade Ihe l>ark will assume a "greasy" c. "luittery" appearance due to iTU^hiug iif the hoilies of niiint- le^-s nnuiliers e>) unnnle velluw- l-!)(liei| insects which are hetleatli tin- seale coverings. l-'.xamineil eli i- el v theM- scales \\ill he Seen •M i-.m--.iM i if \-ery small, circular. :-e;nly flat ohjeets .it a Sniitv or i.'.rayish enlur. whieh in eases he- 1 "ine su iiuUierntis as to coni- jiletely inver all parts of the tree •:l)i>ve j^romnl. I here are several native iiiseets- whieh. i,n aecmiut t>f i somewhat similar appearance. ciiijhl at lirst examination he mis taken fur this more destructive "in-, 'therefore in case an unhealthy looking tree or shrub answering even fairly well t,i the ahove deseripti\)ii is found, a piece of a lwi>,' or branch or a slice of the outer hark should he sent at • nice by mail accompanied by a letter KiviiiK details, and also the name and address of sender to the State I'Yuif Experiment Station. .Mountain drove, Missouri. The results of the examination of specimens so sent will be reported lo the sender without delay. Much has l>een written and said .if this pernicious orchard enemv. but there are still many owners of fruit trees or plants which arc- yet quite unfamiliar with its appearance and its treatment. Into orchard districts where it is causing injury and where growers are unfamiliar with the methods of its control, .is far as it is possible, spraying parties will be sent out from the Station ( .o give practical educational spraying demonstrations. It is Ihe purpose of the entomo- loj;ical department of the Stale I mil I 1 . ••, pei -imeiii Station a' Mi luniain ' u oye t. p obtain in- •Tormalion re^ardin^ the oecurV- n nee ot this ;iih! other dangerous insect pests ami to employ all possible measures t.) prevent their further distribution and serious injury 'to the \horticullitral in- ilnstr\ of the estate. F.. I'. T A VI. OK, l-.iitomnlo^ist State J'ruil l'"x- ]ieiiment Station, Monn- lam ( Irove, Miss.inri. January t I lh, i!»oX. HO wV THIS? We offer One Hundred Dollars Kewnrd for any case of Catarrh that cannot he cvred by Mall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CI I ANEY & CO., Toledo O. \Ve, the undersigned, have known F. J. Chauey for the last I", years, and believe him perfectly honorable in all business transactions, and financially able to carry nut any obligations made by his firm. Walding, Kinnan & Marvin, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh Cure is taken internally, acting directly upon the blood and mucous surfaces of the system. Testimonials sent free. Price, 75c per bottle. Sold by all Druggists. Take Hall's Family Pills for constipation. OFFICERS INSTALLED. At a regular meeting of Chillicothe .Camp No .V>)-', Modern Woodmen itf America, held at Fraternal hall Tuesday evening the following officers were installed: 1. F. Watkins, consul. < I). <"hase. advisor. |. II. Mc( ormick, banker. F. ( . Kabrick, olen\. I'.lv cr t tit rv, escoi t. ( i. A. Cr. miner, watchman. ( i. A. t 'ravens, sertry. Managers, |. T. l-lnglaiid. Ii. F. I hoip. < >. S. Moore. I "h vsii-ian-'. I'ts. Dowel, 'iiaee, I'eirv. At tin- clo>e of the installation services the member: repaired t" Hie lleger re.sianrai.l where re freslmienls \vere server!. safely 1 v , , AH of this can however, by the use of Mother's Prtood before baby « great liniment always prepares the body for the strain preserves the symmetry of her form. Motber*a Friend ov danger of child-birth, and carries the expectant mother i _ _ Oils critical period without pain. It is woman's eremteat" Thousands gratefully tell of the benefit and relief derived nse of this wonderful remedy. Sold by all druggists at $1.00 per bottle. Our little book, telling all about this liniment, will be sent free. FriBi FOURTH YEAR IN CHILLIQ RELIABILITY By doing good conicleBUoar Wott. caring the curable and to treat the Inennklr DR. PRETTYMAM Has esttabllihed a repotettoa *» ingaton County, that large practice In the fetal* m\ always had In the pwt HIS NEXT VISIT WJM. CHILLICOTHE, MO. SATURDAY. FEB. i, AT 0:00 ». m^ to S:M |V ttfe RETURNINO KVBRT VOfOI ..Dr. Prcttrman !• a the college of Phriid geona, New York City, 09* moat notable InstltntloBi The Doctor has had special study In EVE, EAR, NOSE, THROAT, CHRONIC and NER "'imTln Unlnient remove* Hard, Soft or Callouaed Lurnpa and OlemUbcB from horBftn; aluo Blood Spavins, C<irbR, Bptlnts, Bweeaty, Ptnic non<», Rtlflog, SwcIIon Throatii. |CouRhn etc. Rave )50 by the use of one tinttln. A wonderful Blemish Oiiro. Rohl by Iho N. J. Swetlanfl I Drug Co. . ES, !ti the great Bcllevue and Charity Hospitals of New York City. HE TREATS:— Catarrh. Ringing in Ears, Deafness. Dteats* Eye, Ear, Nose. Throat. Lungs. Stomach, Heart, Uver, KldBey* awassspi and Bladder, Nervous Diseases, Epilepsy (Fits), Rheumatism, BkM< 4JM|f .j Skin Troubles and all Female Dtgeasos. ,? Young, Middle-aged or Old Metf Bufforing from Nervousness, Dizziness. Confusion of Ideas, Society, Defective Memory, Nervous Debility. Sleeplewnew. and Exhaustion treated by the latest methods and cared. ALL CHRONIC and NERVOUS DISEASES TREA1 Consultation Free; Confident Correspondence solicited and symptom blanks on application. DR. PRETTYMAN, 41.10 Indiana Avenue, Chicago, IDteola. 1,1 -BUY BEPORJD THE RAISE. We have been notified of another raise in the price of and if you are needing one you had better buy now. the following wagons, "Studebaker," "Weber"' and 1 which we can guarantee in quality and price. We wiB tinue to give the 10 per cent reduction on our Wagons, Surreys and Spring Wagons until they are as we intend to sell everything in that line we have in before winter. SCRUBY BROS. C. A L CO. Have You 1 Seen the advanced Spring Shape in neat Derby hats. It's a straight- brim and narrow, comes in a pretty shade of brown, and at the present time can only be found in Our Store, come in and get one, its the kind the city fellows wear. Always expect to find the Newest hats ia our store. G. D, Brant & Soi

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