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The Daily Free Press from Carbondale, Illinois · Page 1

Carbondale, Illinois
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Monday, January 19, 1920
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Carbondale--"Athens of Egypt." CARBONDALE. HJJNQISj MONDAY. JAN>19, 1920. Oft With 500 In Distress at Sea- S. ForHelp Radio Message Says Passengers Will be Transferred to Liner Cedric "as Soon as Weather Permits." BOSTON, Mass., January IS. —The army transport, Powhatan, with 500 passengers aboard, sent word by radio today -she was in distress about 500 miles east of New York. . The .boiler room was said to be flooded, with the .water gaining and help from .the pumps -uncertain. ' - The steamers Western Comet, and .Cedric, which replied to the distress 'calls, were asked 'to stand by. ', 'Capt. Randall, who signed" the message gave the position of the Pow hatan as latitude. 41.05 north, longitude 62.01 west. BOND ISSUE ROAD IS LOCATED ALONG I" EAST SIDE ROUTE CAJRQ,. Jam 19:— The route of the Bond Issue ' road^ between Cairo and Anna "will !be along the east side or Illinois Central route, according to the statement of B. H. Peipmeier, construe tion engineer of the Division of .Highways, who addressed the Retail, Lumber Dealers' convention on tag subject. of road construction.. Mr. Piepmeier was asked the question, at the conclusion. -of ,his talk, and he stated that the decision had been made about a -week ago to locate the road on the east side. . ' "It will take^two months to GOODENOW FUNERAL HELD At ST. LOUIS TODAY The body of F. E. H. Goodenow, who died suddenly in a hotel here Saturday was sent to St. Louis Saturday afternoon for burial. The funeral services were held at that place today. .It was first thought-that relatives r would come to Carbondale and accom- p-3,n.y the body to St. Louis,- but word, was received Saturday asking that the body be shipped to St. Louis. Trainmaster J. D. White of East St. Louis was a visitor here today. Miss Eva Taggart is spending a few "days in St. Louis on business. Henry'Brohm,tea'cher in, the Fairfield high school,, spent the week end at his home here. Mrs. Rex Cook and baby have returned from a visit Sikeston, "Mo. with relatives in the survey," he stated, " and 'the work will' begin soon. The road will not follow any present road all the "way, hut will touch Dongola, Wetaug, Ullin, Pulaski and Villa Ridge. Whether it will go through Mounds or be located between Mound City and Mounds with a spur to each town, has not been determined. ' It will cross Cache about .the location, of the present Cache •bridge." Miss Pearle Blackwood of Murphys-. boro was the guest of Mrs. Ree Drury today. ...;• . ' J 6 ' Commissioner J. M. Anderson has -eturned irom Chicago .where he at- ended a session of the I. C. Joint Protective Board or Executive Committee of the Carmen's Union. The meeting was , held at tne Mayer Hotel in Chicago. Commissioner Anderson visited the Chicago I. C. Hospital where he GRAND JURY INDICTS PERSONS ON SENSATIONAL CHARGES Walter Wiffiams,Negro Held For Alleged Attempt to Kape Here—Morgan Dope Fiend Pleads Guilty to Robbery of. Local Physician's Offices —DeSoto Man Held on 13 Year Old Girl's Charge. Intimated Other Indictment Will, Include Sensationa Cases—Murphysboro Phy sjcian, Alleged Dope Ped dler, Not Indicted. The findings of the session Jackson county 'circuit grand jury a Murphysboro were announced, Satur day afternoon, although not complete include many sensational indictment, in the county. > Following the indictments Judge Butler took the docket to the court room to arraign the jail prisoners • Some were to enter a plea of guilty The sheriff advised-several indict ments be withheld .from publication for a few days, pending', the action of authorities which promise to reveal sensational stories within a few days. Among the indictments are: . Dr. Bair Not Indicted. It was stated officially today that Dr. Edward Bair, who was held by the coroner's.jury for the grand jury underwent an operation last October. Physicians there expressed satisfaction at his recovery. Opening for Appointment to U. S. Naval Academy There are at present three vacancies in' the Annapolis Naval Academy from this Congressional District. Entrance examinations will be h'e'ld at .Cairo and East St. Louis on Feb. 18th next Boys between the ages of sixteen and twenty years who have .completed or about completed the regular high school courses and are in good physi- 'cal condition are eligible to these appointments. , . . Those appointed will enter the Naval Academy'in June and will he given free an excellent three years' course • of education- and will graduate with the rank of ensgn in the navy. During the course of training at Annapolis, the government allows a reasonable amount to each- cadet for expense money. Unless I can find suitable applicants who wish these appointment's and carj pass the entrance examinations, the vacancies will be filled by th'e president from other parts of the'coun- try. •''•'. . Those wishing to take this exami-. nation • for the Naval Academy will please 'advise me at once and give me their full name and the date of their birth. Infcrins.tion as to'.the time, place and character of the examination will then be Navy Department. forwarded by the Respectfully, E. E. .Denison. HQLDEN HOSPITAL •Miss Pauline Potter, who underwent an operation for appendicitis, was re moved to her home in bowell Thursday. Mrs. -Chas. Marten was removed to her home yesterday, having sufficiently recovered operation. Mrs. Eurila Faleonnier of Highland underwent an operation at Holden Hospital, Saturday. Mrs. Emma Young -of Makanda successfully underwent an operation at the hospital here Saturday. : Miss Mattie Walker was removed to her home at Walnut St. and Normal Ave. Friday. -Mrs. Paul Nava, a patient here, expects to return to her home at Herrin -within a few days. She is much improved. Miss Marie Johnson, accompanied by her father, arrived yesterday from her borne in Eddyville, Ky. She will undergo an operation here. Miss Delia TJodd of Cairo, is 'improving from an operation. Her sister, Mrs. Mat\' Schilla, of - Cairo, accompanied her here. . Miss Mae Hayes, of the Normal faculty, who underwent an operation for appendicitis recently, is'improved and investigation into the death of .John Ryan, : a Murphysboro Davis livery stable employe, was not indicted. Witnesses 'at-tfe coroner's Jury said Dr. Bair had- delivered Ryan a bottle of "dope" the morning of the day-before his death. Dr. Bair may now continue to prescribe. ' Two Alleged Rapes. Theodore Watson, 1C years old, orphan of DeSoto, was 'indicted for as'- sault to rape a 13 year old DeSoto girl. At the time of the crime it was MISSION CIRCLE TO MEET THIS EVENING was. removed to the A. F. Hooker home on West Jackson street, today! Mrs.Minnie Samson, a Marion school ^ teaoher, ivbt> underwent an, operation for appendicitis here, was removed to her home in Herrin Friday. told how Watson had taken the girl towards home from church New year's night had chocked her down, it was alleged, and carried her to the rear of a garage near her home. Walter Williams, ... s f this city, ne- gro, was indicted for attempting to rape Lillian Watkins, a -white girl and 1C wear old b.(" 1 -x .. Williams, it"... ' v lid,entered the Watbins home when the hushand was away, posed as a fortune teller and chocked 'the young wife after insulting her. - ' • •.. Dope Thief Indicted. • Harry Morgan, alleged dope fiend, was indicted for burglary. Sentence Harry Morgan entered a' plea of guilty to breaking into the Dr. W. A. Brandon office in -Carbondale. He was indicted for burglary, entence will be passed later. The court appointed attorneys ' to defend other prisoners who will stand trial later. Othei; pleas of guilty may be made .after they have consulted with'their attorneys. RIGiNTER-CfflJRCH HERE Ministers' Conclave Marks : , Beginning of Activity in •Campaign--.— Representatives of Five Counties to be Here. ., . • A conference that will.jnark the/beginning- in Jackson county of'the part, its pa'storg and churches -will have in the nation-wide progra^n the many denominations are projecting through •their Inter-Church World' Movement, Will ;be .held on Thursday, Jan. 22, at the Roberts Hotel in Carbondale, be- feinning at 11:30 a. m. and closing at 4 P- m. There will be a conference luncheon at 12:30 o'clock for those who will have part in the survey work that is to be undertaken, in the near future. Uniticg in this sectional conference will 'be representatives from the neighboring counties of Jackson, Williamson, Perry, Franklin "'and Randolph. This'is one of a series of-sectional conferences being, held in January throughout the entire southern part of Illinois. FRENCH CABINET RESIGNS - CLEMENCEAU President Pdincare Calls Upon Alexander Miller and; Governqr'of Alsace,to Form NewMinistry—Will Answer Today. BASKET BALL FIVE Egypt's Publishers Organize Against , High: Prices MR. AND MRS. WINCHESTER ENTERTAIN Mr. -and Mrs. Crate Winchester .of West College street entertained at dinner Sunday, the following g.uests: Misses Kate Chapman. Grace Goddard, Lura . Bell, Lula Rdyce, Ruth ' Parker and Ethel Marten. BAPTIST MISSIONARY SOCIETY TO MEET AT MRS. BARROW'S The.Baptist Missionary Society will i meet at the home of Mrs. J.W.Barrow on West Walnut street at 2:30 o'clock A temporary organization of Southern Illinois newspaper and printing es- ablishmeut. owners took form, of a >ermanent organization at a meeting ^esterday afternoon .at the ' Roberts ?otel. The meeting was called by the Williamson County Newspaper and Winters' Club. Permanent .officials-of he Southern Illinois organization, rhich was yesterday named" Egyptian Winters' Cooperative Club, elected re:. Hal Trovillion, Herrin News, resident; W. S. Stafford, Marion, secretary. To meet the increased prices' of material entering into newspaper., making and printing-business by team work and cooperative buying is the purpose of the organization. • Committees appointed were: By-laws, W. A. Gurley, Zeigler; L. O. Trigg,' Eldorado; W. G. Evans, Mounds. Caucus committee of county, representa-' lives, L. B. ;Sheley, Jackson;- Hi L,. Frier, Franklin; W. .S. Stafford, Williamson;. Thomas O'Kane, Alexander; Walter Speckman, Massae; W. G. Evans; Pulaski. , The next meeting will be held here a month .-from yesterday, Feb. 15. Representing - newspapers and job ^shops were Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Paisley, of the Republican, Marion; Clyde Sullivan, Bulletin, Cairo; L. B. Shele'y, Republican-Era, Murphysboro; C. E. Coddington, Herald, Carterville; Hal Trovillion.. News, Herrin; H. L. Frier, Republican, Benton; W. S. and B.: E.' .Hill, Herald, Carbondale; Walter W. Sims, Progress, Christopher; W. G. Evans, News, Mounds; L. O. Trigg; Journal, Eldorado; W. E. .Speckman, Journal, Metropolis; M.' A. Gurley News, Zeigler; Joseph F. McGuire an Mrs, J. T. Galbraith, Free Press, Car bondale. Representing job shops Geo. B. Walker, Cairo; George Host field, Murphysboro, and W. S. Stafford of Marion. " ' • ' •PARIS,'January 18.—Th'e cabinet of Premier Cleme'nceau' resigned today; President Poincare tonight asked Alexander ^Millerand, Governor of 'Alsace, for a new cabinet. M. Millerand will give ,his answer at noon: tomorrow. ' The outgoing; ministry Bas been in office since November 16, 1917. M. Millerand 'was first called to the Elysee Palace at 4:30 p. m., where he remained ten minutes with President Poincare. He then conferred.with President-Elect Deschanel, M. Clemenceau and Leon Bourgeois, President of the National Assembly, at their >egi- dehces. He returned, to the Elysee Palace at 7 o'clock^at-which time M. Poincare iform'ally requested him to form a cabinet to succeed that of M. Clemenceau. • ' M. Millerand promised to give his decision between- 11 o'clock and noon tomorrow. Cape Girardeau Myc; i; 0iiifc". Plays Normal m Tww, Games—Missouri 'Teachers Strong Fast Teain— Local Squad Plays Gootf Defensive but Poor,£~Of* fensive Game. Basket Ball Players Converged Into Track Team Whenv They Are Forced to Hike- Five Miles at 3 O'cloil In the Moriiiiig to Catch: Train. The Normal, basket ball team lost. both of its games with the Cape Gir- Representatives of Portrait Firm in Convention Here A large number of representatives of a portrait companyitaet in a convention .and get-together meeting- at .the Roberts, Hotel Vher| •yesterday. .Su> jects and plans 'for work of the representatives of the company"were taken up and discussed at the meeting following-a--dinner;. More than fifty, as-signed to Southern Illinois, 1 attended the convention yesterday. • ' " i deau Normal Friday and Saturday r .[ The Missouri pedagogues' aad a strong,.. fast team, outplaying the local 'five-.The game Friday night was won 38;. to 22 and Saturday's game, 22 to 12. . The winners took the'Normal from:-. the (beginning of each game by their--' strong offensive playing, the weak".. •"spot" of the Normal boys, although; playing a good defensive game, it : j was the lack of strong offensive plajr- ' ing which caused their defeat. The- Normal boys couldn't pass'the bal^. said Coach Lodge. Speaking of the return trip of the- 'team Coach Lodge said the boys yent as a basket ball team .but turned into . a track squad when they -were force*;' to walk' five miles from East Cape to- catch a train : . They, made the hiker "at 3 o'clock in the morning. " Foll9wing was the squad' taken teOape: Doolin, Meyers, Brooks J? M. Allen, c. Allen, Roberson and Carson. The Normal will play on the locai: floor this week end against Ewing Col— • feg.e. the street. .... | Several meetings of those interested I have >been held in the last few weeks, I and the work begun today as a result,! speaks, well for the progressiveness] 'of the .business men;'who are spending.! a .considerable amount of money to make th'eir part of the 'square attractive at night.—Mt. Vernon Register. Mrs. Robert Atkins, who spent last • week in Carterville,' has returned home. . She: will return to Carterville soon, because of the serious illness of her sister,. -Mrs. -Dosy : Bedell.' Important Matters to Service Men Up at American Legion Tonight: '. The local American Legion post. >ill hold its first meeting since its.-.organization at the Elks Club tonight: at 8 o'clock. It is announced severaF matters of interest -to ex-service men. ' will come;up' at the meeting this evening. Former service men who' hav«* not yet become members of the post: are urged to attend the meeting tonight.: " . -''.-• The Young Woma'n's Mission Circle ."of the Christian church will meet at 730 o'clock this evening at the home of Miss Lois Farley on South Washing. ton avenue. The following program has been arranged : ; Devotional-rr-jYIiss Ruby Robertson. "Songs of the Heathen-' Village"— Miss Kate Hinchcliff. Piano duet—Misses Aleene Batson and Lillian Floyd. -.'.'.'. • Report of missionary work at recent World Students' Convention at. Des Moines, la.—Miss Bernice' Huffman. J . Talk—Miss Helen Smith. Business session. Social hour. To Ciean Diamonds. clllst is "• fine < l from cutting diamonds. . I is ensm-ly nsp ,i i,. v .-jewelers, ehieflv for cleaning diamonds. It may be pro'- "I" " ny JCWelry Store ' ™ rt ' ° n Us m P • ,, use - °°" quite satisfnctory way to clean dia- a we am" a little ammd ' and appjy this cleans- t<?the tomorrow afternoon. Program. Scripture reading—Mrs. E. D. Wahl. Prayer—Miss Martha Buck. Subject, "The Battalions of Life,' : | led by Mrs. Stewart Chandler. Vocal solo—Miss Alice Barrow. Discussion of topic. j • Piano solo—'Miss Louise Pratt. Current topics! Business. • • •" The newly electe'd bfflcers will have charge of the meeting: Mrs. E; D. Wahl, Foreign. President. Mrs. Laura Quails, Secretary./ Mrs. Stewart Chandler, Treasurer. Mr.'and Mrs. Willard Pace Wall] of Murphysboro were guests yesterday bf Attorney anfl Mrs. Loyd Brad-. ley. •; ' '" . .":.'-. MT. VERNON TO HAVE "WHITE WAY' Mt. Vernon is to have a • "white way,'' the progressive business men o the east side of the square having de oicled to illuminate- their street in an unusual and very effective manner. A white meta; ceiling is being pro vicled.for the wooden awning-over the sidewalk.wbich extends the full length .of that side of the square, and on this ceiling, which will act as a very effective reflector,- seventeen ' 200-watt lights with twelve-inch globes are to be installed. Work was commenced today, 'and will be rushed to completion, and when finished' Mt:. Vernon will have*a, "white way" which will, rival in brilliancy if it cannot in extent, • those of the metropolises. . Christ Tompray of the Jefferso'n and George Newsome of the Plaza are said, to be the original promoters of the projeet,:and have been ably seconded by David Miller, in securing the cooperation of _ all the merchants aioug Your Business Partner It is a. good bank's duty. to. assist' its clients m the solution of .their problems -whether Ihty be'lhe problemspf a merchant or a farmer. Both arerbusinessmeh. Jn fuifiHijpg .this moral obligation, we! like to consider cur 'organization as your business partner — interested in your success.and'eager to forward y ( our : plans. Counsel If you wish sound advice in seeking credit making _ invest ments, or even the more personal problems of, -your business you wi 1 1 be welcomed here. Ypu-will find a talk with our officers helpful. injad ? itionio 't"osecommonlyattrib- and 1S - a raark ° f on* appreciation for >'.•:-*£<': ' • «sL:' :; show you the many practical benefits you receive through placing it "here. Carbondale National

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