Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas on August 5, 1972 · Page 11
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Northwest Arkansas Times from Fayetteville, Arkansas · Page 11

Fayetteville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 5, 1972
Page 11
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DENNIS THE MENACE OUR BEST MODEL, REJUVSNA.TOH, MA-kSSA WiSUOOK GOTTA GO TO IffiOKWia DAY!* FRANCES DRAKE Northweif Arkarwo* T1MIS, Sal,, Aug. 3, 1»71 , AMKANIA* , " : . .· . · · .11 IB ·HUM LESTER' L. COLEMAN, M. D. Heart Revival Principles Easy , IIIHIIIlllliilllllllUlfllilinillllllUilllNniillllitlU^ FOR A «UA WO M1KT5 QUAIL AMD VIREHS, AWWTVOU SBrTWff A BTT HAWKISH, T»Mt -TOM MS HEWS FOR VOU, / IT TO THE BOY SCOUTS, ./ GRIMES. A -- -- x t aims? n's THE MARINE COMINfi OUT IN MC,:BUZ \MHftT IN THUNDER DID W6 TELL SNUFFY A BALD FflC6 ME" LIKE THftT PER? DID VE OVANT MBtOtELL HIM I WUZ. FLRTBROKE AS)' MV DADBURN STINGY WIFE WOULDN'T EVEN LGNDM6 'NOT ME '·· NOT , SNUFFV-- I GOT fiTERRlBLE SPLlTTlN'HEflDACHE CflRD SAME'S FIXIM'TO START IT CRAVES A PANOER BRAWP , , irseew FO'DIRDSEEDFO' ] V OSJ TV. IT COSTS 5 TIMES AS MUCH, BUT WE BETTER. Qlf 1T- OR--- -IT'tLZOOM UPTO ROCK'J LAKID OM It AfJ AH'DSEBTH' -^ DAVWHEM ) YO'PGIVEIW 4. TO BLACKMAIL, ) BAWSV--' DOQPATCH.V THAT /8-K-/. BUZZARD Look In the section In which your birthday comes, and find what your outlook is, according to the stars. · '·:' -. AMES (Mar. 21-to Apr. 20) ' S . t e l l ' a r . influences warn agalnst'carelessness with finances, recklessness in the dis- pefsemeht,of energies, L o o k within yourself for some of the ans'werb you seek ·-- Instead ol asking, others.: TAURUS (Apr; 21 to May 20 . More than casual attention to tasks will bo needed on Mon day. Pattern your efforts after those,who always seem to sue coed, and profit by the experl ence of your own past effective m'Bthods.i v. ' : . . . ' : . : GEMINI (M.ay/22 to, June 21) , If 4he way v you haye ' b e e n haridlihg matters has not been as ''result-getting as possible take time to study another pro cedure, try 'another tack. CANCER (June 22 to July 23) A good ^ay|, Successful 60 qijalnlances m a y lend'you · hafld, but 'do'hot-count On them alone. ..Use your own analytics mind and penetrating insight i planning and carrying o u t - a c tivities. LEO (July 24 to Aug. 23) Be acquisitive but not gras ping. Even though returns ffom your endeavors", may not'be Im mediate, do not become .dlscou raged. You have much to gal: now. - - · VIRGO (Aug. ' 2 4 to Sept. 23) Reject suggestions based o misguided 1 thinking, even th^y.Va'r'e-cleverly presented.- B dis'orimtnatirig In determinin real values; ^ " LIBRA (Sept. 24 to Oct. 23) '' As with' Virgo, do not fall 1 fo any proposition which, no ma ter how superficially glamormi would, in the long run, caua you to .violate integrity or sa rlflcti prlrtoiples. SCORPIO '(Oct. 24 to Nov. 22! Not too much planetary help ere but, by applying all your Mis and talents in areas where icy will count the most, you an do a bang-up job. Just be ireful to avoid extremes. AGITTAMUS (Nov. 23 to Dec. 1) Some complex situations in- icated. Here Is a day for you capitalize on your excellent oreslght and judgment. With hem, you can unravel even the most intricate of problems. CAPRICORN (Dec, -ll to Jan. 0 ) . - - . - . . . . . Make no commitments: now unless certain of your ability to ulfill them. A.present:tenden- cy toward OveropUmiM 'could ead you beyond your depth,' AQUARIUS (Jan. 21 to Feb, ii.. Use your fine ability to -find he ''just right" answers to un usual situations. Your sense of iming and knowledge.of how 0 successfully display y o u r wares highly stimulated. PISCES (Feb,'2Q to;'Mar. 20) If you give important matters first and full attention, other activities will easily fall into place. Have no doubt as to the ultimate attainment of worthwhile goals. YOU BORN TODAY are innately enthusiastic, .outgoing, always looking tor the best that life has to offer, The Leo- jorn are extremely ambitious, full of lively incentive and .extremely progressive In their thinking and methods. You are a perfectionist, top, and ·»your work is always highly Individ- dualized but, in the pursuit of this individuality you are likely to acquire an overpowering arrogance, refusing to take orders from anyone and brooking no criticism or 'interference. Try to be more ^flexible, more adaptable to the/Tiers.prialities With whom you deal. The person with a sudden heart attack has', the greatest chance for recovery If someone knows some of the fundamental principles |n heart resuscitation. The basic principles are simple, They'can be taught to all people In all age groups. Many lives can be saved by training. The American College of Physicians has embarked on a program to teach as many people as possible 'the simple rules of resuscitation, The c6Ilege believes that hos pita s should train all personnel to handle heart emergencies Mouth - to-mouth respiration massage of the heart, and ways to pound the. chest to .start the heart rhythm going', again are all part of the program. I 4 ,-INJWE HOUR .The training" program Is aim cd at "all citizens and to groupi Including Boy Scouts, Glr Scouts, life guards, public utlli ties employees, policemen, fire men, ambulance personnel, an members of. the armed forces The procedures can* be taugh to anybody in one hour of con centraled work, Dr. Regent Groom, Of the Un verslty of Oklahoma, says It an interesting commentary _ this country that students Ca go through high school and co lege learning how to dissect frog without being taught any thing about such-a vital soci need. I have for years In m columns advocated makit every automobile 'on,the hig ways a', potential life -savin ambulance. A simple kit ca rl«d in each car can be used I * "flood Samaritan" who s'.opi an accident to save livc» or prevent the disaster of n«- ect,, j , Young people are remarkably dept at learning the basic rules life-saving .'and artificial re- tiscitatlon, The rewards *r» mitless to anyone who,has had e experience of 'saving a life. Courses are available to (he ubllo through hospitals. Red ross units, the VMCA and WCA, health agencies, unl- ersltles/and .medical ichool i. The art of resuioitatlon, one* arned, remalni a ipeoial poi- esslon throughout one's life- me. HERNIA REPAIR A group · of surgeons nave een trying · new technique for 10 repair of 'some types of ernlas of the groin. At the Cedars of Lebanon Jospttsl in Los Angeles a "One- Jay hernia repair operation" ias been extensively studied in more than 1,000 patients during he past 13 years. , The surgery Is performed under local anesthesia,' /Almost mmediately after the operation, atlents actually walk one mila hrough the hospital corridors without any unusual pain. ' After 24 hours the skin sutures, or stitches, are removed and most patients can £9 h o m e / S o m e ' even drive horn* and begin activity Immediately. This is a fascinating concept because the rising costs' of hospital care make longer stays pocket^palnful. It will be in- terestlng to know what the relic- tion of general surgeons all over America i« to this concept. B. JAY BECKER On Contract Bridge (Top Record Holder to Misters' Individual ·Championship Play) North dealer. North- South vulnerable. NORTH 4A.887S VQ10S :' jn**.. vevaaz J 83 J10B84 *Q103 , »a* *J 107642 KOCTH , .QO *KQ3 The bidding: Norti £Mt .1* . fun ' Sotrti West 'HNT 7 NT Opening lead-- jack Of clubs. AA_,._^ ,.A..r»x Crossword By Eugene Sbeffer J'LU NEVER SPAK TO ANOTHER MM! DO VOL 6UPPOSS- TAWME WILL Lu ' w ca IU S z 1 IN TUB KITCHEN/ BUTPON'rtX? IT OUT NTH6 6TREBU3/ ACROSS 1. Health resorts 'S.Aged Football play 1Z. Young ' horse 13. Frightening sound . I4.5redlci*al plant IS.Tryotrt 17. Father IB. Vestige 19. Regard Zi, Com- ' 56. Biblical .weed 51* Erodes 58.T6ogl« 59. George Bernard DOWN 1, Go away (eolloa..) Jerome 24. Chicken ZS. Cautious ZXVencb river 30. Near ship's stern 33, Mature 34. Cast a ballot 4LRod'l companion, 4S,Tree cutter 48. Cylindrical £0. On the sheltered ride fit Telephone ·worker 54, Ancient weight M. Animal's foot Aimce tint* «f MhtlAnt 2Z ntn. lafSBB WBK1 HHWS1 8. Glue S.Ssttaage lO.Pslnfnl II. Appear Ift 20. Molt 32. Origin heavily 3. Actor: Robert-4. Viscous 5. Kimono sish 25, Pallid 28. Past Assume you're r . leads a club Wheri dummy comes down, you see exactly nine tricks- in hearts, diamonds and clubs-- Snd'fthat, you mUst, therefor make four 1 spade tricks to lane the 'grand slam. There are various and sundry sways Of playing the spades sue cessfully--depending on ho they are divided--and your on and only problem is to find the best way in the'present case. TO meet' the challenge--ani before tackling the spades--yo learn as much as possible bout how th« unseen cards are livided, To start with, you pro- eed to essh the'A-K-Q of clubs. As it happens, Bast shows out on the third round, *0 you mentally chalk up the fact thtt Vest started With " flV* clubs nd East with two. Next you cash the A-K-Q ot carts,-choosing hearts becaust ou have more of them lhan diamonds.' Th'ls probe for further information likewise proves illuminating, tor you learn ;hat West started with flv* nearts and East with two, - HOt on t h e scent, you now play three rounds of diamonds and your investigative efforts are fully rewarded when you learn that West started with precisely .two diamonds--which in turn means that he'started with one spade. So, as a result of .your detective Work and by forcing East- West to reveal their distribution, you are able to Insure the contract by cashing'the ace of spades and finessing the jack with a 100 per cent assuranca that: it will win, Perhaps you may regard all this as a circuitous venture into the unknown, and .somewhat laborious, but how often do you get a chance to make a grand slam by dint of first-rate d«tec- tiv* work? -. RQNYTAIL 'game 7. Finished 28. Withered Sl.Entmy 3 2. Tiny child 34. Holding ···device . .38. Drifts Ml . Water 40.EnttesU« geess 4 3. Renown 44. cuartes Lamb 45. Cord MH R 30, Dora 37. Roman highway St. Distance mcasores state 48. Ibsen heroine 49. Actor: John-- Answer ioyeetetday'i jpuzde. «rst« SS, Female sheep "Donald-wanted logo bowling and I wanted to iMthU , so " TIMES Classified Ads Get Fast Results, Try 'em. Just Dial 442-6242.

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