Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on November 2, 1929 · Page 18
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 18

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 2, 1929
Page 18
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f , * ,« - -v« v ^/n^.)fl^^^^^ ,y^ w , ' ; M "', '' "$ »^ , * •" • ' ' ' - ^| THE AtTOOttA M'lRROR—SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 2, ii iif - - •"-—* Now that the point of hiring alhle'es , hns been brought up, hasn't tho ! thought struck you that quite a nurn- j ber of the athletes who'd tile for d«;\r old Rutgers, free of charge, have | just a little better fata coming to them than thnl? A wave of talk about commercialism and subsidization swept over Ihe j country following thn publication o^ j tho Cnrnegie Foundation report. It was agreed by all hands thnt tho foundation hud discovered nothing new; practices of proselyting had been common for years. And out of i It all, what docs thu athlete get? ! For tho honor of helping to ''" I"" stadium for the gamu with dear old ! Whoozls, ha Is awarded the privlti'.-;o of smashing haggugo mornings iin(1 evenings. Or. 11 inuy b<; peeling spuds In Iho frn.t huuso. Again, It may bo minding bnMea or Making furnaces. Seventy-five Ihou.Mnnd people come to watch him play his'hi.-urt out against dear old Whnrjzls. Il« gels a lot of cheers; his numo «nd pi.-rli.ips his picture In the papers If ln-'s good. II he IB very, very good, tin in chunun for tho All-America. Koincl lines lie Is injured beyond repair, 11' he IM, that's Just too bud. Everybody U very worry. The athleti! slanrl.s really lo <llo for tho dear old sclirinl, in i-'-lnrn for which HID dear nld school given him a great big hand. Jeff Biirrus, former Wisconsin star and Oxford scholar, besides being one of tliu wpecicrt—a IimUjaH player with an Intellect—is one of those who rises to ask "How corneV". The foot- hull player IN made a part of a big Industry. During tho season most of his time Is taken with football; now and then an example of combination football player and star st.udoiit comes to light, but there Inn't a big crowd of tliese. BurruM himself, In his senior year at Wisconsin, H uttered a nervous and physical breakdown trying to play three garni.'! at unco— student activities, fuol.ball and studios. Either tho football star must let his .studies ride or place his mind and body under it, Kuvera Ktraln trying to keep both going. If tho university is lo uso the young man as a gladiator I'or a row yearn, why not mako it up to him In home Hubstantial way'/ That I« Urn f|ucs- tlon Burrus asks, and does it scum unfair? Besides receiving a salary for their valuable service oi' dying for dear old What' its-name, shouldn't the player bo reimbursed with some sort of scholarship as recompense for tho time lost and Iho chances taken? Otherwise football Is a nice big commercial game for everybody but thn young man who gets out there and dies, tree ot charge, to 1111 tho stadium. DIH YOU KNOW THAT— Red Grange and his brother Oarland play together now for tho Chicago Bears. . . . When Stanislaus Loayza saw a Him In his homo town o( Iqulgue, Chile, featuring Jack Dumpscy in the ring, he decided ho'd he a battler like that, too. . . . He- lore that ho had been a jnukny. . . . Prlmo Camera wears slnu HI shoes. . , . Ono of thu founders of Davis & Elkina collogo was Former U. H. Senator Stephen B. Elkina. . . . Hln widow, Mrs. Hallio Davis Elkins, moro than 70 years old, is one of the team'a strongest supporters. . . . Ham Wakeman, Cornell's tackle and captain. IH being spoken of nicely by All- Amorlca scouts. ... So Is Morris Bodwenger, Tulano guard. . . . Russell Saunders and .lesso Hill of tho Trojans aro being carefully watched. Among other things, the Carnegie foundation report on college athletieu took a rather healthy haymaker at tho tendency of tho press to shower "demoralizing pvibllcity" on youthful football talent. It was charged that such attention as wrltcups and pictures often resulted In tho swelling of tho young athlete's skull. The report deplored that these young men bo exploited only in order that young reporters bo enabled to mako a living. Maybo Iho gentlemen who wrote tin; report aro correct. It is perhaps true that lads like. Cagle, Marstci-s, and tho others, after ending a. 1 glowing story of their exploits on the. gridiron, walk around thn campus without speaking to anybody. Whether or not wo have the slightest doubt about this, maybe we should try to be a little more sedate in our news writing. Starting with the Yale-Army game of recent date, let us offer a pattern for thu young reporter to copy—a style that Is not intended to mako any of the athletes' huads blow up and burst. Hera la how Ihu lend paragraph should read: "Yale defeated Army today by u score of 21 to 13. By a mere coincidence, perhaps, all of Yale's points •were scored by a sophomore halfback, whose name, if we remember rightly, was Master Alblu Booth." There, in your first paragraph you have told the story of the game, and properly squelched thu player who per- Homilly made all of Yale's points. I'Jjiylnjr It DOU-II. Leal thu story become sensational, the second and succeeding paragraphs should not extol this little Albiu Booth as the wonder of thu eastern gridiron. or tot phenom, or again thu football discovery of the uge. Instead, tho piece should be modeled along these lines; "Young Booth's play might have been termed by observers welting tho sensational as somewhat above thu ordinary Inasmuch as he was allowed to score ull of Yale's points. Thuso who place too much emphasis on Uoolh's deeds, however, must overlook the fact that he entered thu game fresh in the. second period, when the Army team was very tired after the exertion entailed in rolling up a lead of 13 points. "Fatigue is something we cannot successfully combat. With the Army team tired out, Booth's niui-ch along the Held was easy enough. Of course. ha had to dodge several times when making runs of eight to Ml yards, and he sidestepped—".squirmed" as the yellow press calls it—not a little. That tho Army was tired, however, in beyond, doubt, und that Booth was fortunate that such it condition existed hardly n'eeds to be explained. "Tho Yale supporters cheered Booth 1 * exploits vigorously, probably overlooking the fact that he is still u. meru sophomore, and that greater stars than he can, ever hope to become huvis worn, the colors of Old Ell." But wait! Wo cannot go un with this. Already we have begun lo compare Booth with the great gridmen of Yale'a other days. And ull he did was beat the Army single-handed I Let us abandon this demoralizing publicity. The Tuliinu Terror. Uoach Bill Alexander Is a. man of , few words, but when lie speaks more than moths fly out. After Ihe recent J Tulane-Georgla Tech yanie in which the Golden Tornado's tuil wu.s Iwisted ! by the New Orleans IMU Couch Uill | said; "Billy Banker Is a great player—an All-America, back if ever there was one." | Tileae words about the Tulane cap- | and httllback sound sweeter cocu- Ing from B111 because thn Tornado coach has a few All-America potentialities himself In Mizell, Thomason and Dimliip. With stars in the east such as Booth, Cagle, Marstcrs, Wittmor, and so on, and backs In the south such as Gene McRver of Tennessee, Crabtree of Florida, the aforementioned backs and u couple of others, this All-America Job of selection is going to be nobody's entertainment. About Those, Hods. When Sidney Well, new owner of the Cincinnati Keds, bought Bob Meustl and Harry Iteilrminn, there was considerable tittering up the sleeves by some iif the veteran baseball observers. However, 14 Ijeginn tn nppear that Mr, Well has sonner very definite Ideas about a ball chnb, sind they're not all tor the end book"Don't get the JoVa." )ie said, In an Interview with Tom Swope of the Cincinnati Post, "thai we arc preparing to make the Cincinnati club a home for the old men of the diamond. "My Idea, of a ball club Is one composed of speedy yowngsters who can hit. Such lads. thoui;h, are difficult to obtain, »nd while vA- are hunting for them we arc taking «n a few players who may have passed their peak, but who also can hit and give the club some power which will'be very handy. "Dan Howlcy recommended Mcusel and Heilmann. ITe should know what these fellows are capable of doing, as ho served with them in tlic American league for the last three seasons." The addition of Meu.sel and Hollmann gives Cincinnati SHvanson, Walker. Allen, Webb, Hcllmarcn, Mouse! Crabtree, Calrighn.ii and n. couple of other scrapping for outfield berths. The, Crllr, Report. As to reports that J6vlal John M"c- Gro,w WU.H trying to get HUghcy Ctflx Irom the Reds, Well said: "My answer to any proposition for Crll/. would be Ihnt the Cincinnati management Is attempting to build up Its team, not tear It down. We might be persuaded to part with Crltz, but I doubt If any club would give us what wo consider adequate rt'dompenfle for him." Tin; 7'Jirono, Tho. light-heavyweight title, loft hanging on tho wall by Mr. Loughran, has been causing a lot of people no end of worry, for pecuniary rcasonn. The other day Iho New York comnils- nlon nominated four gladiators to fight It out for the clmmplonshlp—Maxey Hoscnblaam, Yale Okuin, Ixmis Scozza and George Courtney. Joe Sekyra says Rasonbloom should have It, as, if he (Sekyra) had defeated Maxcy, he would have claimed the title all over the place and made earnest efforts tp cash In on It. Fighters don't often do that—we mean, acknowledge their conquerors to be the champs. However, Joe adds that he thinks he could smear 'Maxey in another brawl. When considering All-America possibilities don't overlook the names of Yuniwlcli, Ijvibratovle.h and Stepano- vlch. H will help you to decide vlch Is vlnh. In Neted of Ready Cash? Here's Help—See Money to Loan Ads LEGAL NOTICES S^^XSX*^^NXNX*-~'N/W*w f**rv\, COUNTY ADVERTISEMENT 1020 CONCRETE PIP E Scaled proposals for Concrc Ic Pipe us he- low specified will be received by the County Controller nt his office In the Court House, Hoillrlnysburg, Pennsylvania, until 1J.OO o'clock a. ni,, November 8, 1820, and will lie opened In the office of the County Commissioners at the same h our. nid.i shall be for furnishing and delivering f o. I). Wllllamsburg, Penn'a.. Three Hun- Ircd and Twenty-four (324) lineal feet or i-lKhty-one (SI) sections of TUIrly (30) Inch Ui-lnforccd Concrete Pipe In Four (4) foot eiiBlhs, Th» above listed pipe shall meet Ire Pennsylvania State HlKllway Specifications in all its details. Each bidder will state date nf delivery. A certified check In the «mount of twcn- y-Ilve (2!>) dollars shall Accompany each ild as a guarantee that the contract will be signed within ten (10) day* from the date if the award. All bids sh.'lll lie scaled and narked "Prcrpnsala 'or Concrete Pipe" and \ddresscd to the County Controller, Blair County, Court Hfiusc, Hollldays&iirg, Penn'a. The Commissioners reserve the- right to •eject any or all bids. By order of the Commissioners of Blair County this 1st day of November. 1929. M. T. BER.INGER, County Controller. BEST POWER PLAY GOES OFF TACKLE Hy SOI. MKTKGKK Coach "Bill" Stobes, making 1 his debut at Wittenberg thlH fall, packs into his big game with Cincinnati this Saturday an extremely strong off tackle play. Note it carefully, as it is one of the strongest plays of all football. No. 5 starts ere the ball Is snapped and thus gets ahead of No. 1, who receives the ball. No. 5 swings out as though lo talto the end. Instead, he cuts inside of him, thus hiding back 2 and lineman 3, who thereby smash Into the defensive end In a rather unexpected manner. A neat piece of timing, all this. Wing back 4 and his right end box the defensive left tackle, leaving No. 5 and lineman 7 to lead the runner, who starts for end but cuts inside oC him lo cross the line behind his two interferers. Note that end 0 merely jolts his tackle and then cuts through to help in tho interference. . (Copyright, 1929, Publishers .Syndicate.) SPEAKING OF IRT BY FRANK GETTY «y J'MIANK GETTY. SporlH for All. Tho college world Id on the lookout for Ural signs of genuine reaction to the recent bulletin issued by the Carnegif! Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. The period of Indignation, Idle curiosity and grading admission of the truth of the Foundation's charges has passed. Now Is the time for all good (college) men to come to the aid of sport. Whnt will be tho result of the reiv ommendatlon thai colleges dispense with paid coaches and glorified athletes and get back to the true spirit of sportsmanship and sports for all? AVIilrnliig tint Horizon. Tho rttsult probably will be more far-reaching than the more cynical of the present clay critics believe. It is unlikely that colleges and universities would agroo to do away with their football spectacles which assist HO gruiitly in keeping alumni In touch with thu alma muter and tho school trcusury in touch with thu nlumnl pofl(i!tbooli3. put w« can retain our gridiron .spectacles iind high powered college elevens and .still have a wldcn- GREEN MAY WORRY HARVARD DEFENSE lly SOI. MKT/.CiKlt. Again we have deception. It's the .standard trick of foul bull wherever you see it played. At Cambridge this afternoon Harvard entertains Dartmouth, H game that will unquestionably dccidu whether or not the Horween swan song as u couch is to bo a cry of victory or a dirge. Onu play tho Massachusetts lads will have to slop in Ibis one. Mursters, No. 1 und the Oreen's bust back, stands idly by us the ball is passed to No. '^, No. 2 turns to his right and runs us though circlini; Harvard's left end, handing the ball to Mai'Hters as he passes him. Tho 1'aUe to the right tends to draw the defense In that direction. U ulso takes enough time to let linemen 5 and 6 and backs 3 and 4 to swing u round to the left to lead Mar^lcrs on liia short end run. When Dartmouth has u lineman at the No. 5 position able lo tuUu out the defensive right end alone the play is a whiz bung, as three men then lead flic rumn-r past Ihe line. .(Copyright, 48^'J, Publlalnrs S Ing of the aports horizon, a more general participation in sport by all student, instead oC a highly trained (highly paid?) few. Throughout the Carnegie Foundation's report one could not help but fed the contrast between sports in this country und in England, where the background is broader and ICSH emphasis is placed on winning. The English are ahead of us in this, there's no denying It. The 1'rpHidcnt'M Leadership. There must be some directing genius In the- change, and It is reasonable to agree with the Foundation's committee that the colleger president should be the man. After drawing up an effective indictment of recruiting und subsidizing of American college athletes, .the authors of. the famous "Bulletin No. 23" declare: "This much is certain: The university oc college, that, under capable leadership, makus up Ha collecllve mind to cast out these practices can do so. Whal Is needed Is constancy of purpose and patience in the face of opposition from those whose self- interest, falso pride, and mistaken loyalties make their recession difficult. "Experience shows that, of all who lire, involved in these, evils, the man who is most likely to succeed in.up- rooting them is the, college pvcuident Chance of Success. "H Is his duty to coordinate opinion and direct the progress of an institution. If neighboring presidents are Uke-mlnded, his task is a little lightened, but under no circumstances which we have been able to discover is it impossible even if ho stands alone. "It cannot be easy. But such are the position and the powers of the American college president that, oncu having Informed himself of the fact, and being possessed of the requisite ability and courage, ho will succeed." STA(UJ AT TICiKllTOWN. PRINCETON, N. J., Nov. 'J.—The presence of A. Alonzn Stagg, coach of the University of Chicago eleven, in Princeton today evokes u multitude ot memories of u Yale athlete who in point of general proficiency, sterling manhood and utter sportsmanship stands among the elite of all times. Alimzo Stagg wore the blue of Yale in a heroic age, of football, un' uge when it was man to man, when what an individual really was counted in the iirst as well as the last analysis. It was a day when a good end had to prove was good against another end. And it was tactile, guard to guard, to bead, list to list. ANOTHER STK1>. Pop Warner at Leland Stanford goes one step farther than moat coaches by labeling his reserve und freshmen backs with the names of the opposing team's most dangerous players. Saunders and Mustek of Southern California were impersonated in .scrimmage by Marks and Allen of the Crimson second team. LEGAL NOTICES EXECUTOR'S NOTICE The Estate of Harriet Hashbargcr, late at Altoona, Pa., deceased. Letters Testamentary on the above Estate, have been granted by Register of Blair HELP WANTED—MALE CONTRACTING—REPAIRING SALE—FURNITURE EXPERIENCED MEAT BONER; ALSO sausage helper. Apply In person to AI- toona Packing Co. IF YOU NEED $100. 5500 OR $1,000 TO County, to tho undersigned. All those owing i pay your bills, buy new clothes, furniture, said Estate to make prompt payment and etc., I'll show you a new, easy way to make those having claims against the same will It as my/ local representative. No cxper* present them In due form for settlement. CHARLES J. McCULLOUQH, Executor, Second National Bank Building, AKoona, Pa. .... repn lence or capital required. Albert Mills, 4232 Monmouth, Cincinnati O. ACTIVE, AMBITIOUS MAN OR WOMAN wanted to sell and deliver famous Watklns Products to steady users in Altoona. Per- NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR CHARTER j ma "° 0nt ""/'ft* connection for right party. In the Court of Common Pleas of Blair Average weekly earnings of $35 to $50. Ex- County, Pennsylvania. ! Perience unnecessary,. Write H. J. Bordeaux, Notice is hereby given that an application will be made to the Court of Common Pleas if Blair County, Pennsylvania, on the 18th day of November, A. D. 1929, at ten o'clock a. m., under the Act of Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania entitled "An Act to provide for the Incorporation and regulation of Certain corporations, "approved April 20, 1874, and of the supplements .hereto, for the charter of an intended cor- loratlon of ,the First Class to he called the •ITALIAN-AMERICAN WOMEN CITIZENS POLITICAL CLUB," the character and ob- Icct ut which Is to unite In a social organ- zatlan women ot Italian birth and those of Italian descent residing In the City of Altoona and also In the County of Blair; to oster and promote a love for, and a tnowledgfi of those fundamental principles ipon which the American Government is >ased; to educate women of Italian birth and those of Italian descent residing In the City of Altoona and also In the County of Blair to a higher appreciation of their re- ntlon to the National, State and Municipal Government; to encourage them In an ac- Ive participation In the nomination and elec- _lon of honest and Icnpable officials; and to rnlsn funds by dues ond assessments to pay for the necessary expenses to maintain the mild Corporation; and to do any and all lets necessary for these purposes to have and to enjoy all the rights, benefits and privileges of the said Act of Assembly and ts supplements. Thn proposed' Charter is low on flln In the Prothonotary's office. ANGELO A. BANTELLA, Solicitor. FEDERAL DISTRIBUTORS GET BIO money! No capital or experience needed. Vrlte Federal Pure Food Co., 2301 Archer, Chicago. PUBLIC SALE Tho Central Trust Company, guardian of ,'arl E. Dlffcnderfer, by virtue of an order of Court of Blair County to No. 33 Oct. Term, 3929, will expose to public outcry Saturday, November 23rd, 1929 at 2 p, m., he following described real estate (vacant). Situate In Antls Township, Blair County, Pennsylvania. Beginning at stones on land <it heirs of Geo. B. English; thence N. 88!4 legrees cast along line of land of English iclrs 02 perches to a stone corner; thence S. 31 % degrees east along line along other and.i ot said English heirs 44 perches to a stone corner of lands of Absolom Cralne heirs; thence N. 8414 degrees west along Ine of land of said Cralne heirs 60.3 perches :o a stone corner; thence N. 40 degrees west ulong line of said Cralne 38 perches to place of beginning. Containing 12 acres. Terms of Sale—20 per cent when property Is sold and balance upon confirmation of Iced. (This ground Is situate in Higgles Gap, and\ In good state of cultivation.) CENTRAL TRUST CO., Guardian. 11. W. CULP, Attorney. ' NOTICE In the matter of the paving ot 27th Avenue, between llth and lUth streets, In the CItj of Altoona, Notice is ncrcby given to all parties In interest that the City Engineer, aa required by Ordinance, has prepared a schedule, showing the cost and expense of the foregoing Improvement, by an equal assessment of the property In proportion to the number of feet Lite game fronts on the line of said Improvement, uml that the said Engineer will exhibit said schedule at the Council Chamber, in City Hall, A ltoon a, Pa., on the 14th day of November, A. D, 1029, at 10 o'clock a., m. H. J. BAUM, City Engineer. NOTICE In the matter of the sewer In Dth Street, Junlata, between 10th Alley and 12th Avenue, In the City of Altoona. ' Notice Is hereby given to all parties in Interest that the City Engineer, as required by Ordinance, has prepared a schedule, showing the cost and expense ot the foregoing Improvement, by an equal assessment of the property In proportion to the number of feet the same fronts on the line of said Improvement, and that the said Engineer will exhibit Maid schedulo at tho Council Chamber, in City Hall, Altoona, Pa., on the 14th day of November, A. D. 1D2D, at 10 o'clock a. m. H. J. BAUM, C'.ty Engineer, PUBLIC SALE .- PUBLIC SALE Of the following personal property of Robert Stephcnson for the benefit of creditors: 1 1920 special model Studcbakcr Scdafi. 1 one-half sack Cement Mixer. Said sale to take place at Wilt's Service Station, 4th Avenue and 7th Street, Junluta, Saturday, November 18, 1929, at 2 o'clock p. m. Terms of Bale—Cash when property is struck down. RUTH FORSHT, Assignee for benefit of creditors. IN MEMORIAM. IN SAD BUT LOVING REMEMBRANCE of our dear son and brother, Ralph L. Snyder, who departed this Hie one year ago, Nov. 3, 1028. Gone but never to be forgotten by his mother und sister. MORTICIAN. No Charge) for Use ot Memorial Chapel Funeral Director 1421 Eighth Ave. Phone 7SS2, PERSONALS SULPHUR VAPOR BATHS AND JIAS- sagc. Dr. Kruso system. Dial 2-7035 for appointment. Mrs. Chas. U. t'uancr. LE MUR PERMANENT STEAM WAVE, $5, with scttlnr! marcel 35c. Manicure 35c. Finger wava 50c. Dial 4213. TAKE ADVANTAGE OF OUR SPECIAL tuition far students starting tills week. Curry School of Beauty Culture, 1224 13th Ave, Dial 2-3505. HALLOWE'EN SUITS FOR RENT, 50C UP; also masks and faces. 113 3rd St. RADIO—DEPT. OF COMMERCE OFFICIAL says: "Young man, study radio." Surluus shortage. You can study during your spare time. Write International Correspondence Schools, Room 41, Qoldschmld Bldg. LOST—FOUND LOST OR TAKEN FROM CAR, A PHYSI- clun's Boston bug, containing medicine cases and other equipment. 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SALESMAN — EXCELLENT PERMANENT position capable salesmen sell retail trade In Pennsylvania. Liberal commissions, payable acceptance orders, also monthly advance against commissions, repeat orders. Unusual opportunity. Sales Mgr., .Cass Bldg., Detroit, Mich. $20 DAILY SELLING O.HENRY OUARAN- tced line shorts, underwear, pajamas, neckwear, hosiery. Free outfit. O.Henry Shirt Co., Greensboro, N. C. SPECIALTY SALESMEN EXPERIENCED • In retail meat Industry to handle new specialty on commission basis. An unusual opportunity for the right man. Give details first letter. Vaughan Co., 740 N. Franklin, Chicago. WHEN A MAN Builds or remodels his home he wants A modern up-to-date warm air heating system. Call and we will show you the Front Rank Steel Warm Air Furnace, which will bring comfort and satisfaction. J. W. SHOENFELT Dial 2-8145. 881 irth St. Concrete and Cinder Call East Side Coal & Supply Co. •812-Sth St. Dial 8176. ROOFING We npplji In all kinds. Old roofs coated and guaranteed 10 years. Woomer & Glarth. Phone 4981. GUARANTEED CARPENTER .REPAIRS done on short notice. Also garages. Reasonable rates. D. E. Salsglver. Dial 2-0162. Sheet Metal Work Kooning—Spouting—Metal Celllnga H. SABATHNE &SON 708 Eighth Ave. Pla) 0512. PAINTING—PAPERING PAINTING AND PAPER HANGING— First class work by experienced men. Estimates cheerfully furnished. J. B. White, 217 E. Crawford Ave. Dial 2-6092. S. A. HIT E Dependable House Painting. Wall Paper of Distinction. 2510-14 Seventb Ave. ASHES, RUBBAGE, PAPER AND GARB- age hauled from restaurants -and stores especially. Dial 2-5807. LONG DISTANCE MOVING, PADDED van. Storage, separate booths. Fireproof Bldg. Rlne'fl, B19 3rd Ave. Dial 6510—2-1281. MOVING—LOCAL AND LONG DISTANCE, with largest padded vans in city. Piano moving, crating furniture and storage In fireproof building. J. H. McKee, office 825 l'9th St. ' Dial 2-6016. MOVING—MOTOR VAN SERVICE TO ANY' point, Local and long distance. Moving by padded vans. Also' trucks on contract. Filer's Transfer, 1808 4th Ave. Dial 2-8739. Office phone 7779. LOCAL 'AND LONG DISTANCE HAULING with largest padded van. Reasonable rates. W. R, Bryan, 104 E. 3rd Ave. Dial 6910. «> KILLINGER — LOCAL AND LONG Distance moving. Experienced piano work. Contract hauling by day or hour. Dial 2-0716. PIANO TUNING PIANOS AND RADIOS REPAIRED AND tuned. Your old victroja, piano or radio accepted as part payment on new players or electric radios. Any old records or rolls you are tired of, bring in and pay lOc additional and get a new one. Keystono Piano and Radio Exchange, Dial 3-9736, 803 Chestnut Ave. i YOUR CHILD WILL NEVER LEARN HAR- mony on an out of tune piano. For expert work, Dial Laughlln 2-4859. 20 yrs. ex. INSTRUCTION PRIVATE SCHOOL OF ORAL EXPRES- slon. Trail lesson free. Dial 3-9921. U. S. GOVERNMENT JOBS—$1,260-$3,400 year. Men-women, 18-50. Steady work. Vacation. Common education usually sufficient. 25 coached free. Full particulars free. Write immediately. Franklin Institute, Dept. 287-H, Rochester, N. Y. ORTHOPHONIC VICTROLA AND 33 REC- ords, originally cost $235. Call evenings at 423 E. Walton Ave. Phone 2-76dQ. HARNESS GIVEN TO THE FIRST FARM- er or farmer's uon In each county to represent us and take orders for Ms amazing new kind of harness. No work, no obllga- •tlons, not a penny to Invest—merely use thin harness on your team, Introduce It—and send U3 the orders that result. Big pay. Commissions In advance. Write quickly for Information on this astonishing offer. Jan. M, Walsh Co., 123 Wisconsin Ave., Milwaukee, WIs, AGENTS—SHOE SOLES FOR TEN CENTS. Spreads on with knife like butter. Waterproof, pliable and wears llltc leather. Write for big money making proposition and no cost sample. Universal Laboratories, Inc., SOS, De« Hollies, Iowa, SALESMEN—GET LATEST OUTFIT FREE; many brand 1 new items; illustrated business stationery, sales-books, tags, blotters, etc. Big com. Merchants Ass'n., Insurance Center Bldg., Chicago. SALESMEN — WONDERFUL SIDE LINE. 40% commission paid daily. Sells all merchants. Pocket outflt free. Wllloms, 2130ER Gladys, Chicago. DISTRIBUTOR TO REPRESENT US AT Altoona. Must have route selling retail stores. Brownlccriup Guaranteed Potato Chips always repeat. . Big profits, Brownie- crisp, 4015 Armltagc, Chicago, MAKE ?50-|100. BCHWER'S POPULAR Box 22 Christmas Cards. And other original novelties. Altogether different. No In- vnstmcnt. Write Charley Schwor, Dept. N-16, WestHeld, Mass. UNPARALLELED OPPORTUNITY, NEW Uniform Apparel lines, serves thousand occupations. No competition. Highest commissions. Gorgeous outfit. Gold medal, Dc-pt. 113, 116 Fifth Ave., Now York. SINGLE FLAT TOP DESK, $10; SINGER sewing machine, $15; both in good condition. Inquire 300 24X11 St. Dial 4878. INSURANCE IN OLD-LINE, RELIABLE ' stock companies. Louis Lclx, Union Bank Bldg. FIVE TUBE FRESHMAN CABINET BAT- tery radio set. Will sell cheap,. Dial 2-0223. FOR SALE—DELCO LIGHT PLANT, ONLY used a short time. 1500 watt capacity, 4 cylinder motor, large storage batteries, can be seen 'tn operation at Sunny Mead—tho Caum dairy farm In Singing valley. Reason for selling, 'Penn Central light now available. Apply Caum Dairy . Farm, Sinking valley. 1 UPRIGHT PIANO FOR SALE CHEAP, Becker Bros. make. Inquire 715 19th St. Dial 2-8377. FOR SALE—12 GAUGfc DOUBLE BARREL shotgun. Price $20. Inquire 1513 4th Ave. \ GARLAND COMBINATION STOVE, GOOD condition, $35.- Address 310 E. 22nd St. Phone 2-5329. PORCH CHAIRS RESEATED — RUSH style chair seating, chair caning of all kinds. Also rag rug and carpet weaving. Work called for and delivered. Weaving Works, 2119 Bth Ave. Dial 2-8513. ?550 KIMBAI.L PLAYER PIANO, $145. This piano was stored with us and can be bought from the owner or through us. ?350 Wcser Bros, upright. This piano Is practically new. $165. Terms $1.50 a week. $650 Leonard & Co. Player Piano. Case is In perfect condition. Player fully guaranteed. Music rolls and bench. $335. Terms $2 a week. F. A. NORTH CO., 1112 llth Street. WANTED—POSITION AS CLERK OR stockman or light delivery by young man 21 years old. Has hud experience in shoe store. Write 600B-L, Minor. Situation Wanted—Female WANTED—WASHINGS TO DO AT 11V own home. Coll und I will come to sec you. 3206 Pine Ave. - CARPETS AND BUGS CLEANED TO LOOK IlKe new. Monarch Carpet Cleaning Works, Telephone 4B84 for quick service. We Recommend The Altoona t Sanitary Laundry For Prompt Service and Good Work Telephone 8468. O'Goofty buys the Wull Street crash i.s directly traceable to Bulletin aa. O'Gufty, however, suya the recent British proposal to let Phil Scott light Jiu'lc Shin-key for the heavyweight rhum- pionuhip i>J the world had a great deal to do with it. WANTED—EXPERIENCKD MEAT BONER; also night shipper. Apply In person, Al- tuona Packing Co. SALESMEN TO SELL BEAUTIFUL AND artistic fireplaces to home owners and builders. Salary und commission. Dealers wanted In every county In the stale. Standard Really Co., 1013 Bridge St. A PAYING POSITION OPEN TO REPRE- uentalive of chttraclc-r. Take orders bhocs-ho&li'ry dlrevt lo wearer. Good Income. Permanent. Write nuw for free book "Gelling Ahead." Tunntrs Shoe Mfg. Co., 2U6-11 C St., Boston, KEYSTONE Armature Works 1814-16 Union Avenue, Altoona. Pboue Vi-6742. Armature Winding Uotoi Repairing, Winding Fields, Colin, H-k-cirlc Magnets, Motors, Generators. Elevators. WorJtu. RECONDITIONED NO. S UNDERWOOD typewriters, guaranteed, $40. New Royal Portables In attractive colors. B. F. BARR, 1827 llth Ave. CHINA Dinnerware, all china, Greatly Reduceo:. MRS. M. W. BOOR 830 fith Ave. SPENCER CORSETS AND ABDOMINAL supports for dropped stomach, floating kidneys, rupture, maternity and sprains. Mrs. Laura Valentine, Dial 2-1395. 2 HORSEPOWER MOTOR, A C CURRENT, In good condition. Dial 2-6021. USED FORDSON TRACTOR WITH PLOWS. Mechanical condition O. K. W. S. Suckling, Ilollldaysburg. Phone 652. SHEEPSKIN COAT, SIziTla. VERY REA- sonable. Also girl's coat, brown lur trim, $5. Inquire 1201 16th Ave. ONE REPOSSESSED GENERAL ELECTRIC refrigerator. G-55, all steel model. T**j In use two months. Can be purchased at a saving. J. E. Spcncc Electric Co.. 1310 12th Ave. COAL MINE, NOW LOADING 100 TONS per day, places for 60 men. Can easily increase output ;•) 500 tons In short time. Good coal, favorable labor conditions. Electric motor, electric fan, gel/ drainage, long siding, mine car3. mules, fully equipped and going. $6,000. Fred B. Moudy, P. O. Box 474. Portage, Fa. Dealing in ine kind of real estate or personal property you wish to buy or sell. Specializing la the sale ot coal mliies and industrial plants, USED CABINET EtEATEK, IN GOOD condition. W. W. BABCOCK, 1312 12th Ave. BIRDSEYB MAPLE BEDROOM SUITE and brass bed. Good condition. Dial USED FURNITURE See our stock before buying. Greatest values tn city. QUALITY FURNITURE CO., 905-07 Sth Ave. Dial 2-8356. ONE BEAUTIFUL WALNUT SUITE, CON- slsttng of full vanity, chest of drawers, large dresser and bow-end-bed. This suite was out two months. Regular pflce $250. We offer it for $139; " pLAYCOMB FURNITURE CO., 910 Chestnut Ave. WOLF FURNITURE CO. OFFER^ UN- usual good bargains In their trade-In department on credit. Leather bed-davenport, $25; odd living room rockers, $5 up; dining room table, $8; dining room chairs, $2 ea. See and hear the new Victor Radio at Wolf's. W. S. AARON, 1429 12th AVE: Used Furniture Dept.—Worth While Prices. Sellers kitchen cabinet, fully equipped. Very special. 3-burner oil stove with high shelf, $8; large oak heating stove, like new, $28. Don't buy a radio till you hear the new Temple. "OR SALE—5 ROOMS OF FURNITURE. No reasonable offer turned down. Must bo sold at once on account of death. Inquire 1312 19th St. SALE—HORSES & CATTLE FOR SALE—PIGS, 6 TO 10 WEEKS OLD Inquire at tho Blair County Home. FOR SALE—DOGS-PETS PIGEONS—A LOFT OF FRENCH CAR imux. Good workers. No reasonable ol- fer refused. Dial 2-1862. READING THE CLASSIFIED OFFERS each day makes getting the things that you want merest ptay. COAL GWIN COAL CO. OFFERS OWIN SPECIAL coal and Miller coal, attractive prices. 1911 Margaret Ave. Phone 2-0401. .., McGuire Special And All Grades Of Coal. 91510th Street. Phone 6378. Only Dealer at 4th St. Handling Genuine Keystone i Madison Coal Honest Weight Coal Co. J. W. STINB, Mgr. BURN LAUREL RUN LUMP COAL. HIGH in heat, low In ash. No clinkers. $3.75 ton delivered. Office only at 227 6th Ave. Phone 2-4380. BURN PAGE COAL Get Out 1 Weiffh Bill G. F. Eichenlaub Coal Co. riione Rural 21R23 BLANDBURG COAL AND SUPPLY CO. Export Coal $4.25 Madison Egg Prcpaied $4.00 Madlsoa 4 in. Lump ...$•1.00 Driver collects. Dial 2-5298. BEST GRADES OF MOUNTAIN COAL— Special on Page and Rusty, coal. Coal guaranteed. L. R. Gephart, Dial 5900. , DOUGHERTY, RUST'S LUMP, C PRIME coal. Best grade. Pick mined. 53.75 ton in 2-ton lots or more. Dial 6067. ALL KINDS OF MOUNTAIN COAL, $3.75 per ton, 1% or more. AH other kinds of hauling. Dial 5773. RUSTY LUMP, McNELIS, ' BLANDBURG, Dysart Loudon, $3.85 single ton; Madison, $4.25; Greensburg, $4.50; Vj ton $2.25. Dial 2-7105. A. L. GARMAN, WHOLESALE AND RE- tall dealer of Klondyke coal. Ask your truck driver or Dial 2-0887. MOUNTAIN COAL—ALL KINDS. RUSTY Lump, 1, 2, 4 ton lots, $3.75, $4.00, $4.25. Put In same day. Dial 5880. COAL! COAL! COAL! Loudon coal for 10 days at $3.75 per ton. All other mountain coal at reasonable prices. Dial 2-4817. ALL KINDS OF MOUNTAIN COAL, $3.75 and up. Kindling wood and general hauling. Dial 2-8407. K. Zach. WE BURN WHITBRED'S KLINKERLESS coal with Joy and pleasure. We operate mines, buy direct, get full measure. Holds fire. Harry H, Figart. Dial 9083. SEALFON COAL CO. • Quality coal, honest weight. 2209 Union Ave. Dial 8908 or 5210. ALL KINDS OF MOUNTAIN COAL, $3.75 and up. Also kindling wood. Prompt delivery. Dial 2-6927. PEOPLE'S COAL CO. 730 4th STREET. PHONE 2-7777. HARD COAL, EGG, BTOVB AND NUT, $11.75. KEYSTONE MADISON SCREEN AND EGG PREPARED. $4.00. MILLER RUSTY LUMP AND DYSART, $3.75. COLLECT ON SERVICE BTJEL CO. TELEPHONES 2-3501 OR 2-0818 ONE OR MORE TONS; HARD COAL, EGG, OR NUT $11.75 MADISON SCREENED LUMP $3.90 MADISON, EGG AND NUT $3.90 MILLER SPECIAL. MINE RUN DRIVER COLLECTS IN ALL CASE! 2 DAYS REQUIRED TO DELIVER. COAL! COAL! COAL! Loudon, Page and McNeils. Special rusty Baker and Delaney Black Diamond, $3.7fi per ton, A. S. McGraw, 2318 7th Ave. Dial 2-3824. MONEY TO LOAN If You Need MONEY IN A HURRYI Call—Phone—or Write I Loans up to $300 Strictly private—quick and courteous. BENEFICIAL LOAN SOCIETY Room 1, Second Floor 1300 Eleventh AVe., Cor. 13tb St. Entrance ,'on 13th St., ALTOONA, PA. Telephone Dial 2—4-8-7-0 Open 8:30 to 6—Saturday 8:30 to 1. —LICENSED BY THE STATE- HOOD TO $3,500 ON IMPROVED PROP- crty. Apply 2011 Pine Ave. Dial 2-7853. You Are Entitled To QUICK—COURTEOUS—PRIVATE SERVICE Our's is Just that on LOANS up to ?300 Come In—phone—or write! AMERICAN LOAN CO. Room 308 Grant Building Third Floor 1412 Eleventh Avenue ALTOONA, PA. Telephone Dial 2—6-9-6-2 Open 8:30 to 5—Saturday 6:30 to i —LICENSED BY THE STATE— $2.500 TO LOAN ON IMPROVED PROP- erty In amounts to suu borrower, a Nevln Dlvely. Lawyer, 1321 llth Ave. MONEY TO LOAN $9.700—on Improved property in amounts to suit borrower—$9,700. WALTER /. HENRY. Jommerce Bldg. Phone 8200. MONEY TO LOAN ia v\7 Jidda Realtor—Insurance Union Bank Bldg. tolal 2-7925* BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY FOR SALE—A TRUCK AND CAKE! ROUTS. Inquire at 2938 Walnut Ave, GASOLINE AND. SERVICE STATION, ALIi equipment, 7 acres ground, house and all buildings, .Excellent opportunity. On Wm. Penn highway at forks of road near Geesey- tovm. Will sell reasonably, Qeo. Ltngcn- feltcr, 330 Mulberry St., Holbg., Pa. Phon» 608. _, RESTAURANT EQUIPPED FOR BUST- ness. Will runt room and fixtures or will sell fixtures. No reasonable offer refused. Also storeroom for rent, llth and 12th Aves. and 17th St. Dial 2-1882. STORE IN LEWISTOWN, HANDLING fancy groceries. Opportunity for meats. Good reason for selling. Write • 1914-D, Mirror. FOR SALE—IrtGH PRESSURE 16 H. P. Guyser boiler and engine and sawmill. Both In good shape. C. B. Hoover, WDllams- burg, Pa., R, D. 1. FOR SALE—CORNER GROCERY STORE, best location in city. Also sell real estate. Write 1035-D, Mirror, Business and Office Equipment .O^XVxWVX^W'w'W'N^WNX*^^/^ Altoona Plate Glass . New and iecond hand store fixtures, icelesa soda fountains, automobile glass. See our second •hand show cases. 725 Green Ave. Dial 8886 or 2-7300 COMPLETE KITCHEN OUTFIT, SUIT. able for a restaurant A-l condition. Sell together or separate. Dial 2-OB74. BOARDING WIDOW HAS ROOM AND BOARD FOR •' or 4 men In refined home. • Dial 2-2579. RENT—Unfurnished Rooms 2 ROOMS, KITCHENETTE, BATH. ?20 PER month. 3 rooms, bath, newly painted, papered, ?22 per month. Heat, Janitor service furnished. Dial 2-7588. 6X0 4th St. LADIES OR GENTLEMEN. DAY OR week, all conveniences. Rent $2,50 wk. up. Inq. 901 Chestnut Ave. Dial 2-4886. FOR RENT—LARGE FRONT ROOK, SUIT- able for 1 or 2 gentlemen. 1703 li'.th Ave, Dial 7525, Apt. 3. SHOPMEN—CAN GET WARM ROOM AND good board at 872 17th St, Reduced rates. Mrs. Esther Hlmes. THREE FURNISHHD ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, all. conveniences. Inquire 1619 17th Ave. Dial 2-7901. NICELY FURNISHED BEDROOM, SIT- tlng and use of. bath. Suitable for two persons. Inquire 1422 6th Ave. FURNISHED BEDROOM, SITTING ROOM kitchen and bath. Rent reasonable to middle aged couple. Inquire 1422 6th Av«* 408 3rd AVE—FURNISHED APTS. OF X or 3 rooms, hot water heat, private entrance, water in kitchen. 1221 llth AVE.—LARGE PLEASANT front room, kitchenette, furnished S$<" housekeeping, all conveniences. 'Adults, i ^affl^ 1204 llth AVE..— HALF BLOCK F«D>f- Penn-Altn, furnished room in home of two. Gentleman only. Dial 2-6320. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping. Hot, cold.water In kitchen. Private entrance. Dial 5018. NEWLY FURNISHED, LIGHT. AIRY rooms, all conveniences; well Heated. Pric» $3 up. 1502 or 1S02% 13th St. COMFORTABLE, NICELY FURNISHED sleeping rooms. Reasonable rent. Conveniences and use of phone. Inquire 1407 12th St, or Dial 2-4953. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS, WATER IN kitchen, all conveniences. ' For Information, Dial 6371. FURNISHED ROOM ' IN PRIVATE FAM- ily, all conveniences. Inquire at 222T Broad Ave. TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT housekeeping, second floor, all conveniences. Inquire 856 17th St. LARGE, WELL FURNISHED FRONT room In modern home. Splendid section; roflned business man Reference. Inquire 2627 Broad Ave. Dial 4772. < ROOMS FOR LODGING AND ALSO LIGHT housekeeping. Light, heat, gas. Rent Reasonable. Free parking. Inquire 1411 Sth Ave. FURNISHED ROOMS, WITH ALL CON- venlences. Reasonable rent. Inqulra 1807% 20th Ave. WARM, WELL FURNISHED ROOM, IN private family. Breakfast it desired. Inquire 2300 Broad Ave. 1502 7th AVE.—NICELY FURNISHED front room with alcove far light housekeeping, Opp. Junior High school. Dial 2-0450. 2 ROOMS, FURNISHED COMPLETE FOR light housekeeping, all modern conveniences. References. Children objectionable Inquire 801 Chestnut Ave. 1330 12th AVE., OPPOSITE GABLE'S, FUR. nlshed for light housekeeping. Dial 2-9340. EAST SIDE—FURNISHED KITCHEN ANQ ' a " 2 FURNISHED ROOMS IN ™, home, all conveniences, Including water MM W k Che ak t l nut e Ave. Rent ^ rea3onab "'TWO FURNISHED ROOMS FOR LIGHT ^housekeeping, all conveniences. Inqulr* FURNISHED APARTMENTS •^ " ~"v'V>^<V^^^sxw^xxV~ v LAKEMONT—FIRST FLOOR OF DUPLEX 4 rooms and bath. Laundry, yard, electrlo WB ".i n - Also secon d floor of same duplex, partially furnished. Dial 1723 FOR RENT Apartment In Llyswen Large new, completely furnished—laundry, garage, etc. Dial 2-6072 for full particulars/ NICELY FURNISHED APARTMENT IN good residential section. Inquire Mrs. D. E. North, 210-1 W. Chestnut Ave. COMPLETELY FURNISHED APTS.—2 TO 5 rooms, private bath. Maid service dally to bachelors. Inquire 608 10th St. COMPLETELY FURNISHED HOUSEKEEP- ing modern apartment building. Automatic water heating plant, same temperature day and night. Electric range, electrlo Refrigeration. Week or month. Also ons .urnlshed apartment with conveniences, 1 block from trolley station ut LskemoBt, $20 per month. Dial 2-1862. See these cozy apartments at 1818 lltb Ave. MODERN FIRST FLOOR APT . 4 ROOMS bath, newly furnished, papered and palnt- i a , 1 , so . f o. rn - 3 -f°°"i house, bath. Inquire ^ ^Ist pt., Apt. 5. Unfurnished Apartments COZY APARTMENT, Ave., aiicoiid floor, rches. Heat and a] 67 or 5621. JUNIATA 1 rooms. ' oat convenlenc «-

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