Independent from Long Beach, California on March 30, 1962 · Page 3
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 3

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Friday, March 30, 1962
Page 3
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\\ 11 I · BOB wais Bill Talks Bill Out of a Spot A policeman is resourceful, just like a Boy Scout. Matter of fact, r Q U i nn said Thursday night he! probably more so. Therefore, when Signal Hill Police Chief Stovall got -will try to find East'CoastJ his arm caught in thc wall the other day, he was equal to the occasion, j ' sn j ps to carry food and other J j essential supplies to hi* is- Yes, got his arm caught in th» wall. Don't laugh. It could happen to anyone. Bill has a new house in Signal Hill, but he didn't like the position of one of the electric outlets. So he was moving it. In order to rewire it, he had to put his arm into the wall and reach down and pull up the wiring. Thai's what he did. Howsoever, first thing you know his hand and whole arm was stuck. lie was alone in the house, too. so it wouldn't do him any good to scream for help. Even if his dignity would have tolerated that thought. When you get a problem like that. the best thing to do is to talk it over. "Bill." he said (he always calls himself by his first name). "Bill, whatever fou do. don't panic." He didn't cither. He briefly considered whacking out most of the tiled wall with a hammer held in his other hand. hut. fortunately, he £t his arm loose before he had tn resort to desperation measure';. It just goes to show what you ran WELLS seen on his wife's shoulder. Loren grabbed him by the l?s and started for the patio door. The grasshopper, shrugged, gave up the leg and hopped somewhat limpingly but none the less avidly back toward the pretty lady. McCannon seized him anew, opened the patio door and threw him out. The grasshopper beat him back into the mom. After another thrilling chase. Loicn cornered him again. This time he took the hopper out on the patio before releasing him. The door locked behind him. It was wet out, so he determinedly hammered and shouted for his wife to open up. She was a little slow, because she wasn't sure the screams didn't mean the hopper had won. Brown Raps Nixon on'AicF to. Bi rchcrs (Continued from Page A - 1 ) to two John Birch congress-land still his a cash balance in (Edgar lliestand andithe ^ · · · · ·' they w i n j ,, |TT , Nri ms opp()ncnl ,s and tnal fond-wringing anil down-grad- Roussclot "insists he has a j j n R o f t i, t . state, as he put it, personal commitment of sup- Umwn said the Republicans port from Richard Nixon." claimed fiscal policies arc dis- · lands, already threatened byl "So let's put the question'couraging economic growth. I shortages because of the two-|t o hi m (Nixon) plainly, llrown' He answered this way: , veeks-old West Coast mari-, S aid. "Are you for Rous-j "in 19GI. personal income , time strike. Isclot or aren't you? Until you j,, California was $45 fi billion !· Honolulu Asks East ,i ! tor Ships ','· SAN FRANCISCO CD -.Hawaii Gov. William I'.| The governor arrived in San Francisco Thursday morning you publicly repudiate ROUJ dispute about the posibility of releasing strikebound ships '.to carry food to the islands. Quinn held separate con- answer that question, until to talk with representatives selot and urge his defeat in of both sides in the shipping the primary. your whole posi- --an all-time high; civilian em ployment was ovrrfi.l million --an all-time high: retail sale» were Jil.'J billion -- another lion on the Birch Society ! ror(m i; farm income was $.1.18 mains suspect." ; billion--thr highest in our his · · · · ;tory." REPEATING HIS "apoldgy". Looking at the thiee-yrar the water · fcrcnccs with J. Paul St. Surc.jfor Nixon's numerous rrfrr-| rrcim |. |,P · president of the Pacific Mari- ences last week in Long Beachipmgram and said that in 1W.J '"'time Association which rep-to the Kennedys as "caipct-j r i K ht on schedule, "we wil resents the 12 struck shipping baggers." Brown added to his] s tart punching a hole througl lines, and with Morris Wcis-apology: "And I will go far-jihcTvhachapU to carry wate berger, secretary of the Sail |.-ors Union of the Pacific and Anyway, he got back in. So did the | chicf negotiator for the three; striking unions. accomplish when advice. you fnllow gixicl 1 told the foregoing story iust to illustrate that busy men in public life, have their little domestic problems, also. If you don't believe me yet, you will after I tell you what happened lo Long lieach Assistant City Manager Loren McCannon. Loren was at home thc other night, after dinner, comfortably ensconced in a favorite d.iydrc-am about lowering taxes and increasing services, when his wife scre.imed, "(Jet him off me." l.orrn looked nroiind and th?re wns thc biggest grasshopper lie had evrr grasshopper. He finally got him out, but it docs point up a moral: Stay away from grasshoppers after dinner. I'ost-Civil War IS'oli: A group of Long Beach City Collece students who spent a recent weekend in Palm Springs were somewhat embarrassed by the treatment accorded one of their number, Louis Kando, a student from The Congo. They were invited to a Palm Springs country club hy n member, hut Louis was turned away because he is Negro. His reaction was one of surprise rather than anger: "As far as most people in my country are concerned, racial discrimination came to an end with the end ot the Civil War. I, too, was under this impression until I learned about conditions in this country shortly he- fore I left home." Louis is taking a pre-medicil course and plans to become a doctor. He has a straicht-A scholastic record--except lor physical cd. ther. Former President F.iscn- ,,, you :m ,| t ( tlip other prea hower has said he will come urban arras of the South." to California this year to| . . . . campaign for Richard Nixon. I will join with all other Cali- m .IK*. e««. nu«. u* u iwt INDEPENDENT--P««jt A-J IN' 195S, he said, tens of thousands of youngsters were i AITER HIS meeting with!f"TMans in honoring thc for- on half .d.i y sc i ll)( )l sessions 'Wcisbergcr the g o v e r n o r ' 1 TM * President and according; an( , .. we bcpan bu i| Uin( , (}(m said- i h i m thc trlbulc that IS dlle !new classrooms a and! i . ,,· ··· · . TM,,^il'im, and will welcome him to hirin ., nnnn new teichors i the samrTs n that o? PMA i°"r ««« regardless of what! w " ^1, 1,"h m [^ nevt'l'n! Fath^party 3 separately feclsi brin!:s mm herc -" years the total effor! of tlicj " that to try to release a strike-l Since his presidential de-' pa , t SO years" ; bound vessel and supply il! fcat - sald nrmvn - N'"'". 11 " On the controversy o f j with striking men would ilam-l hecn almost rntircly irre-; w h c , h r r S( liool-bond issues! age their positions. Isponsible and frequently con-j shmlM ,,,, nn ,,,,. Jllne ,, r Nl ,.| "Mr. Wcisberger told mci'""' 1 !" 01 " " f . ll " ln " h '." hl . s! vember b.illot. Drown said t h e ' that if we can provide trans- attacks on the national -·"·; hj ., hcs , administrators m pub lie education insist t h a t th*- U K C A t J C U T IT. H A N D S I M I X V X A blacl: eye came r;irly in the season for -1-ycar- nld linnv l.inillrv of C'hillicntlie. M". He wns pliyinj: pi^l.iil--sluw.iiiK balls behind the rosu- lar caii'licr--wln-ti he canplit no in the ryr. Hc\ Mill a follower of the- garni 1 , anil ho chr\v; pun. just like sumo of tin- In^ learners. Airm;m K i l l n l l»v I N m r r Lino , .1 n«n ministration. pollution by other than PMA. . . . . , , . i vessels thc striking unions! issues must be on the JunelFl.i. Ml -- n will not interfere." ! "'CAN HEMF.MIIER a time hallnt to keep pace with school! killed and tin. FC,I IS' A I K IOKCF. BASH. .1 B.I'J airplane bring tnurd a u m a n was into us hangar struck a high- \\i-tf sen- voltage power lin\ The plane was barking into Term. Jack Paar Kclunis iN T i»lil lo Sleepers NEW YORK l,n -Paar Thursday night .lack work in Hie fall. gave The dimple-chinned Paat the nighttime back to the had tears in his eyes at least Before bowing out of the He said he had appeaIcd: Rrca , cr disunity over our m(1IO thousands of children lus ""' " t " 1 "- l ' x| twice to President Kennedylpo^jp,. in ncrlin, the Congo. |, nt k to part-time education?" 11;IX " '" "' llls ""V- for a Taft-liartlcy injunction.',,,. n(llcr ,. risis ar( ._,, { \^ n (lp a s k r t j ' "I II.IM- scni f t m r luid;:rK So far. the President has donc,m r | lar[ j rs'ixon's. . . . . ,m ill,, legislatme," Iltn'.vn n o t h i n g , however. Quinn; Llhclj N j x o n an " a pp r c n . nilOW.V SAII) the adinims-isaid, ".ind .ill four luxe been added. ! ( j a u t h o r (whf)) camr K ick tr.nion has kept its promise!soundly in balance. lh.-ie has ,,,,.,ke shook lokyo Meanwh.le. a federal judge , ( , C a l l f o r n i a lo face his sev- lo give senior citi/enr a higher.not been nm- penny of deficit r i m t y IhurMl.iy. There in Honolulu ordered a widcj cnt |, an d fj n a | crisis." llrown standard of living; that nooth-'spending and n'U one penny no tepmis v a r i e t y of strike-affected t u r n p d_amid the fallout--to er state in America produces^" '»'«' MM ¥ S in lliree e.irs .damages. cargo unloaded from the a r c c it a tion of how his admin- more new jobs every year 1 "I intend tn f i n i s h the wotk ert r. Kennedy, former Vice American P r e s i d e n t ''ner j M r a t J n r l r . ls "honored its nor a better system of" uncnvjI have begun. I certainly do nothing to indicate that he u n - PrcMdcnt Richard M. Nixon. President Cleveland. T, ( L.vii TOKYO i,V-A mild r a r l h and ^ e e w r r ^ i.isiMlurs or sleepers. three times during the Mping|l.ite night show. Paar took| THE ORDER, made at thcl After almost five years, thc of the one hour and 45-. his last few hard jabs at the; r equest of seven Honolulu often controversial television minute show for presentation! news media with which he husincss firms, was expected .star left thc National Brond- starting at 11:15 p.m.. EST. jfought an almost running to be followed by more recasting Co. 'Tonight" show. Taped and live plaudits battle from the time he took quests from other firms with He plans lo begin a weekly were showered upon Paar over the program in July cargo aboard thc President TV show on Ihe same net- from such as Ally. Gen. Rob- 1057. Cleveland. _ promises, accepted the chal- ployment anil disability in-lnot intend t» leave it to R i ( h - dersiands Callfornia or its t r r - llcngcs of a dynamic society"!.surancc; that thc first arimm-iard Nixon. He shown us mendnus growth chaHenges." Westinghouse Th« lollo«il9 ptictt include deli.try, iiittollatieil Old quuTonrtc. TK following pticei lncl»d« a Itodt el 10 ytan er eldtr. frictt · ill b« rrdiicrd lot ntwtr Itodf-iti. Tnc looctt Irtmi ert ooil- eblt. Ne iitttrtit for 10 doyk L 1 I1-H.-H. ISt: «ilri{iril»r »it!i 7J-lt. FriHir, ntn 4 "VAQQ itti ilctiti md criipir. Etutllnl iitirlcr ml Intir- I i || uu lor. Miiil BMCI2IIW. In eslirs I I W U-C8.-II. Flmlly Rilii(itilif milk SO-lb. Frinir, litti door ttetitl. Pink nl). RLBIO . 148' Fiett-lill Cinttr dtiwir rtlrijrntot witk Itir itpirjli tenpttilgtt compittmtnli. W(llin[houit'i linut. Utiti R»6 MRWI. till S12S.C9 518 88 Built-in Range Display (Complete) Wrili»?kouie'l finctl fcronte oten and ro.g. lop »ilK three beautify) walnut cabinet!. Occupies r« % «««eR IV. Floor diiplay o.i^inollj «"· TOO» Model UMAS 4 Thit MM. lit) Walk '« Dry Combination ii om aperi ilightlf med machtMt is Wettin^houte'i CM^%«« limit. Ninetr-dar gvarantee. Model ' 1 OH WDS. Ori 3 i»oll, S595. NOW 2'Cyel* Lauddremaf Automatic Wathrr vith Suds Water S«f«r. Automatic Electric Dryer with three temperature control. 115 to In. Model ICAIO and DGIJO. IOTH 1 318 14-cu.-ft. 2-door Automatic Defrosting Freeier and Refrigerator with cold Injection. 1962 Multi-ipeed, 4-cycle Laundromat Washer with self ·cleaning S l Q O lint ciccfor. Model LGC 305W I 7O 88 lint ejector. Model LGC 305W 13-cu.-ft. 2-Door Automatic Defrosting Freeier and Refrigerator, Roll-out ihelvcs, 103-lb. Frceier, with full width-full depth thcNes. RNB 13. Other Wcifinghouse product! nave been priced fo sell ouf in March, at well at the appliancei and furniture of 120 officr manufacturert. Af WARDS fho purchrtsc of nn appliance will lower the prices on furnifure, carpeting, and bedding. As the volume of your purchase goes up--the marlup comes down. IJiiii L-nii fonn ll/illi Co»/((/r/icT al a family store 1855 Pacific Ave., Long Beach HE 7-0893 OPEN MONDAY AND FRIDAY 'TIL 9 P.M. SHOP TONIGHT TILL 9 .A .\ N () II .N C I X C Thc Merry M i Les ;incl Gay SpriIcs C O L L E C T I O N SATUUDAV. UAKCII :il Miss Jano Strolitz A . B . b E. F'pt . :. 1. 5.00 , ?, 3. 6.00 \ t % , ( ."·» I ro-Ti . -·;· ··". ' in trr. 7 r r ' v " ,"-";· : :-i:i,'H-!.-. ::: r - - - ··- PINE AT BROADWAY. HE 6-9341. MRS.: WCM.. Ffil.. 9:2S A.M 7 P.M. ' · ? " * M..5:30 P.M.

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