Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona on June 1, 1960 · Page 2
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Tucson Daily Citizen from Tucson, Arizona · Page 2

Tucson, Arizona
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 1, 1960
Page 2
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PAGE XnlertO u wrond etttr mttu* Port Ol!!tt. Tot»on. Aruonj T U C S O N D A I L Y CITIZEN WEDNESDAY EVENING, JUNE I, I960 ARCHBISHOP STUNNED Cleric's Home May Become Bookie Stall By EDDY GILMORE LONDON--WV-The archbishop of Canterbury lookedj stunned last night when he learned a proposed new law' could let race track bookies operate in his ecclesiastical home. The archbishop, Dr. Geoffrey Fisher, is the Church of' England's top prelate. His home is historic Lambeth Palace, where a lot of other people also live. He received the news in the House of Lords, which was de-| baling the government's new betting bill. One provision would allow betting runners to operate in factories "or other premises where people work." 'What is meant by the word jremises?" asked the archbishop. "Lambeth Palace has at least 2 distinct households, including cottages, where people work. Is each cottage a separate premise, or is the whole thing one prem- se?" Gathering his white robe about him, he continued: "Have I any means left to in- --AP Wlrephoto ENOUGH HORSE PLAY Victor Brazinslcas of the Anti-Cruelty Society ponders problem of how to remove Tommy, a peddler's horse, from basement of stable on Chicago's West Side. Tomny fomehow fel lor walked down steps through small opening. Efforts will be renewed today to get Tommy back on the first floor. Horse 'Has It Made', But Not For Very Long By GERSON YALOWTTZ CHICAGO--ay-Tommy, a waif of the slums who strained for years in the bitter world of push carts and peddlers' wagons, at last has found idyllic contentment Away from the tensions of modern living. Tommy dwells alone, master of his house, dining and chinking at leisure. Serving Arizona LEGAL RESERVE TITLE INSURING fscrtwt · Truifi ficrew Colftdioni * MAIN OWCl tTONf AT AlAMtDA * UiUlM MM I. fNIDWAT Cruel fate, alas, mocks him. Tommy is a horse. Sometime j Monday night he either fell or walked down a stairway into a I basement under his stable. He won't leave. And whether Tommy approves or not, the anti-cruelty society is going to rescue him. J. J. Shaffer, director of the society, said workers will cut through a six-inch layer of concrete today and either walk Tommy u? a ramp or hoist away with a winch. Shaffer first heard about 12- year-old Tommy in a telephone call from Julius Pekovsky, a fruit peddler who owns the animal. "You've got to come out here right away," Pekovsky cried, "there's a horse in the cellar and he won't come out." Society workers who went to the scene said the animal apparently backed away from a water trough, tumbled through rotten board covering a stairwell and ended up in the cellar. The more romantic maintain Tommy sashshayed downstairs himself. At any rate, Tommy refuses to come out. , "The horse is not suffering, j he's just in a heck of a spot," I observed Shaffer yesterday. That's a man's point of view, of course. Tommy has plenty of hay, lots of water and though the concrete ceiling gives him only *n inch of headroom, there's space all around. "Our biggest worry is panic," said Shaffer as he made plans for the big lift. "We don't know how the horse might react when heavy machinery starts hammering on the floor over his head. "We'll have several men on hand to restrain him and a veterinarian in case the horse becomes injured." "That horse It eating like king and doing nothing down there," said Shaffer. "I guess he figures it't better than pulling a cart" sure that persons living in the palace do not start being betting agents?" Lord Bathurst, lord in waiting to Queen Elizabeth II, replied: "You can rest assured that, provided nobody resorts to any of your premises at Lambeth Palace to loiter there for the purpose of betting, no offense is committed." A puzzled frown clouded the archbishop's features: "That's not at all the answer I wanted," he said. "There may be 40 people in one place. Cannot they loiter among them' selves?" Bathurst answered: "If one should go off to a licensed betting office with a bet- tjjig slip, it will be quite all right, provided he has cot been staying in one particular premise in Lambeth Palace for the purpose of collecting bets." The archbishop shook his head, more puzzled than ever. Bathurst explained that the same law applies to Lambeth Palace as to a factory, workshop or canteen. "It will be quite all right," said his lordship, "so long as a runner or -igent does not stay at one since--for instance, does not regularly occupy a particular table at the canteen." "I give up," said the archbishop. The betting bill under discussion has yet to become law. STONf AT ff NNINGTOW Look Slim Feel Slim Summer Fothiont For the Chubby Figure by TRIM-TEENS You're a real doN in thete new exciting tummer f athiont detigned for the fuller figure. Try them and look tlim, cod and elegant for tummer. In cotton and Amelf tizet, Ift to 14Mt. 7.98 to 11.98 M»t "J" Sfcee-- Seceii*? Near Won't Follow Father WHITEFIELD, England-UPI- Brian Allen, 23, married Angeles Carrillo and promised his bride he would not foHow in his father's footsteps. His father is Britain's chief hangman. Tornadoes Roar Over West Texas DALLAS, Tex. --(ft-- Tornadoes roared over West Texas last night while giant hail stones smashed windows in some towns and rains of more than three inches caused flooding in Bonham, in north central Texas. Jim Morris of Monahans said residents of that West Texas city spotted at least' nine tornadoes about 9 p.m. None touched ground. The city was hit by hailstones as big as baseballs, he said, and winds gusted at 95 m.p.h. Hail smashed windows in cars and buildings. At Wink, just northwest of Monahans, hail and violent winds knocked out telephone service and filled the streets' with rubble, said Deputy Sheriff Earl Hill of Wink- were smashed by the hail and roofs were damaged. A 90-mmute rain dropped 3.25 inches of water on Bonham, 60 miles north of Dallas, sanding creeks out of banks. Water rose shoulder deep in the western part of the city. Several inches of water covered the floors in about 30 homes and two small food stores. Flooding also occurred at Greenville where a sudden downpour dropped about 4 inches of rain in 45 minutes in the south part of the northeast Texas city which.is 30 miles south of Bonham. Lightning started a fire in a duplex, and it destroyed one side of the residential building. High water blocked streets on Greenville's east side for a time. The only rainfall reported to the weather bureau before 6 pjn. yesterday was .28 inch at Alpine, .04 at-Palhart and a heavy rain at Paropa. The violent weather hit after a day in which temperatures soared Texas. Most other readings were in or near the 90s. Galveston had the low maximum for the day, an 84. Radar early today showed a lint of thunderstorms.extending from 10 miles east of Bonham to Terrell to Hillsboro. But the weather bureau said the storms were dissipating. ler County. Hundreds of windows j to 105 at Presidio in far west BOATS MOTORS TRAILERS NtWANOUHD ^·^c^dukr.fcwe* . r i Complete site, Mmm* r**, mt storije. THUNDERBIRD vuoxivw ocwtci Join the 100 million Americans who read 111 Abner daily. You'll find him on the Citizen's comic page. 1196 OW« SIVINTH DECADE--1960' rUCSON'S STCHI OF FRIENDLY SfRVKr "I never carry a lot of CASH but I'm always prepared with the exact change--I carry a Bank of Tucson Checkbook!" And *he ·aveg, ag you can, too,--with the LOWEST SERVICE CHARGES IN TUCSON! Jk-VKKPtrX AT CONGRESS STRKKT FREE'!:;.'PmiNG ac account murea o by fWtrol Deposit Insurance Corp. V v? sea or air, Fabrics for Traveling Easy-to-care-for fabrics for your summer vacation... adds zeit to your whole appearance... easy to sew-simple to make. ARC Flume d'Or, 100% docron* polyetter in prints... a perfect in between weight for ihirtwoift or dretsy ityiet. Wathoble, no ironing needed, create retittant. 43' wide. 1.98yd. Galey and Lord Shagbark... a mott vertatile fabric. Moke into 2-piece, 1-piece dreuet, or tkirtt, playclothet, etc. Wath 'n wear cotton, lovely tummer colon and block and white. 45' wide. 1.69yd. Dumori woven teenucker of 100% cotton. Excellent weight for dreuet, tuitt, playclothei. Cool, critp in pink, green, brown, grey, red, maize, blue. 36' wide. 98 c yd. Soap 'n Water Sheer Whim in checkt. An all-docron fabric. Colon turquoite, beige, 1.98yd. fabric. 45" wide. Dumori omkroidofod Ruf-lm . * . 100% cotton with 0 Mt+fi look* CxcoHont for snMttt * » · MK|tlinH MtMt Of HO IfOfMfkO,, In freth, cri*p tummer coiort. 36' wide. 2.98yd Vttit our Pattern Dept. Latett Vogue, McCoH and SfmpriQty potrornt. Main rtoor GeteJi Dwrf Main Mew ,STOMi AT PWMMftTQM. SHOP MONDAYS FRIDAYS 'TIL 9 P.M. 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