Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 24
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 24

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 24
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.-·P«9« A-24-^INDEPENDENT «·«·· ·«*· ·"»·· Mass'Hard Sell' Set for Show Biz By WILLIAM GLOVER AsuclJted Pr«i Orxix Writer · NEW YORK W) -- The| mass merchandising and pro- .motion, methods .used to sell all kinds,:of. consumer products are now going to be put to work in a national show business campaign. · The venture is the Ameri"can. Musical .which plaVs Theater Club, to' tour four stage productions annually to at least 25 cities. , : Financing it ;a"re RKO-Gen- era! Inc., a subsidiary of General Tire Rubber G e o r g e ;.Steinbrenner, HI, "Cleveland shipowner; Jackson . Parriott, Baltimore cbntrac- ' ior, and Stanley Gordon, New ,York businessman.. e * * * JUST HOW. much . money has been'posted was hot.dis- closed, but Martin Tahse, head of the Tahse Corp. thatiNew. Haven,.'. Philadelphia, will sponsor the club ' saia|Pittsburgh,?Prbvldehce, Roch$500,000 is to be spent on ester, St. Louis, Toronto, promotional devices and each Washington and Wilmington. Ishpw would ··'··· cost' ' ·""---' '$300,000.- =i ; . · - · ·-.,-..· big business. "Musical comedy is the American .theater's distinctive theatrical- creation,"; Tahse declared, "but there has never been a iong-range program to preserve and revive notable works." The first exhibit, '.'Briga- doori," is to", open in New York next fall. The' rest of the schedule reiiiairis .to be set, but some. communities will get "Funny Girl," which is, '.already touring . under Tahse's existing setup. The first-year. itinerary. Is to;include Baltimore,' Boston, Chicago, : . Cincinnati,. 'Cleveland, Columbus, Dayton, Detroit, Duluth, Hartford, Indianapolis, Louisville,' .Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, '.'We've proved that there is : big cro sswipuntty. audience about Twenty-one .more .cities : are contemplated the second year. · ^.^ . * ,* TAHSE SAro the venture ijjtager-foriHve entertainment, 1 ! * ' ; ' . ·successes. . years has been, touring bus- editions of Broadway ' "We just have to ifeach them with modern busi- 'jiess .methods instead of limp 1 A 4jig along in antiquated fash ' " · " - : ' , ·:.'· \ Test-marketing, ..tie-in 'pro- ;rew out of his success at ndependent production. : "The Broadway theater,.for iie most part, is'surely not organized to take advantage of the dynamic cultural growth across the country," le'added. "Although Broadway, remains the fountainhead of "creative genius, its notions, nail and saturation automated · direct business methods are. not record- IN *:'.*'· .* EXCHANGE for sub- Ascribing, customers .can buy ·tickets at reduced rites and Twill receive ;bonus 'benefits ^similar to those that have ·tnade book and .record clubs Hill (ML WEST COAST THEATRES. FIRST CLASS--GO FOX geared to the national indus- are' to - be employed try which the theater has :n a'goal.i"6f-;attractog K ^''" m "" ),000 (members^trie first ir at $10 each:'. .'_;' THE LIVING THEATER iia h Very Appealing Mixture By GEORGE ERES Magnolia .Theater," which postponed opening -the third play in jts current series, until it could find the right combination of play and players, probably has. come up with appear at Caltech's Beckmah Auditorium, Pasadena, March 12. Other events there: Dyan Thomas' " U n d e r Milk- wood" by the Regional Touring-Theater, April 1', 2; lones- the right mixture: Lyle Talbot Bald soprano," by the Santa and thp nnmedv "T.nv*» anrl »x ij «-»:.· m.~-.*~.. A«.:I and the comedy, "Love and Kisses." The show in Morgan c u s t Av«., opens · tonight Hall, 835. Lo- --AP WlrteMl* TEMPTATION WAS TOO GREAT Four-year-old Alan Nagab", "the'National Easter .Seal child, reached Weclnes- · day for the obvious--the famous nose of comedian " J i m m y Durante. The nose-clutching episode took place at the White House where Alain, of Honolulu, presented a sheet of 1966 seals to President Johnson. Joan Bennett* Schriozz, LBJ Push h a s a l w a y s Agnes Moorehead w i l l . t o unlearn a Scottish accent cp's "The .Lesson" and "The through March 27. Monica Group Theater,. April 23. "MIDDLE OF the Night," t'o play the Artful Dodger, and Scott Hougland of England, who plays the title, role. The show is at 8:30 p.m. Saturdays and 2 p.m. S u n d a y s TORRANCE'S F b o t l i g t Theater, 3331 Torrance Blvd., continues its Friday and Sat- and as Talbot by Paddy Chayefsky, will be ur d ay n j g ht s h o w i n g s of presented by the Jewish.Corn- done all right munity Center Players at 8:30 ·f nV TWrnoMrtliQ _'^- ·»»_-.,,!. in l ofi '_.*.*! IT «*· p.m. March 19, 20 and 27 at the center, 2601 Grand Ave. j f o r Magnolia, t h e r e should |be no problem with audience appeal.- | I n addition to Talbot, who likes to get be- fore'live audi- ence.s a s a change f r o m :iis television and s c r e e n chores which keep him busy most of the,year, the cast includes s o m e people' who always·· turned in fine, performances; Pat Brown Ed Rice, for instance. ; For good treasure, Magno- Thurber's "The Male Animal," hrough.March 19. The closing night's performance has been PEG I. and and ,a girl (younger than his own daughter) w h o - f a l l in dye, is .directed by Ai Ran- lia has cast Pegi Boucher in dall. The cast includes Mary- Show Times Here are starting times of features in Long Beach theaters as listed 'by theater, managers: PALACE 'Counterfeit Traitor," 10, 3:21. "Arizona RaWers." 12:10. "I'll Take Sweden," ^, ?; K1VOLI "Ugly Dachshund," 7:C5. 10:«. "Win- 1h« -Pooh," *:«. "Clrcui Wo/ld," ·.·a. "Sholoun," 333 Enl Qctifl BNl.lertBmh \WEST COAST ; OPEN NOON MatauewooD] 1:57, 7:13. 12:29. STATE Telcmark," 3:15, "Bridce on the River I 10:50. - ' \ TOWNE Inside Dalsv Clover," 8:JS. · - - WllD," 4:30, II. puimmer IN A PAKWAMUUJGAN HWOOCTWN] 4275AtlulicA»., lOMB \ CREST / OPEN « P.M. tfeMHKOiOHf PANAVISIOir I F1IOW WAMKER WtOS. I · EXCITING CO-HIT- ELVIS PRESLEY -IN 'HUtUM SCARUNT w-- EXCITING CO-HIT---i I ELVIS PRESLEY I -IN I I "HMUM SCARUM" [ Jerry LtwEt -- T*nv CurtEi "dOEING BOEING" IN COLOR PLUS STEVE MCQUEEN "THE CINCINNATI KID" IN COLOR ····'i \ BELMONT / \ MFmoflt SMtn · 6E. HQQf. '/ OPEN f:15 »E5T ACTOK -- KOD STEIBE* "THE PAWNBROKER" "$LENDER U THREAD" r«HXT · A n n e lincrtff OPEN t:IS 1 1 ACADEMY 1O NOMINATIONS "SHIP OF FOOLS" "CAT BALLOU" IN CO LOU mLflOWE* ^(iiillu liu) |p TB 7-llif THI IHiniCAKIIATIQI OF (HILf" DOYtNir NOKWXLK HEMLTA, Biixir Tl Mill "HEIOEt OF mtVMK" "NHEIC THE IPIII ARE" WA Mill VER" IUI1AT III KEW TO UK" NEW AVEIUI, liwur IHJIOZ DtlST ·OHWAU, Imilk HUE II MHIV KID" RSOONOO IEACH "THE PAWHItCKEIt" . "THE HILL" AHAHltM IRIOXHIIttT PR I M4I "MADE IK MRIt" "DO IOT BIITUM" By ROBERT BECKMAN , , Melodyland producers Sam- Luce, 'who appeared with ny Lewis and Danny Dare ouldn't have made a better hoice than ."Never Too Late" o close out the winter stage eries. The hilarious, cleverly-writ- eh comedy is what Melody- ande'rs .heeded. "·Their bonus: Andy Devine aid Joan Bennett. Vliss Bennett, in the. same how in Miami, takes a bit onger tlian the others .to familiarize himself with the big oval stage, but when he's really needed, he's . ready. Remodeling :. of ; an , upstairs room into a", nursery .brings such items onstage 'as. a gold bath'tub and a eold commode. Gravel-voiced Devine and The latter figures prominent- he^ still beautiful Miss Ben-;, ;,, subsequent situations. nett waste no time in letting' heir audience know they are n Anaheim to' do justice to Sumner Arthur Long's New ¥brk laugh riot. As. the 'town's middle-aged umberyara owner, H a r r y Lamb'ert, Devirie conies' on strong v to. (establish the fact his'househbld, his family anc his business are neatly · nestled, in : . the; rut he desires:. A few insinuations by his daughter, 'played, by Irene Kane of television's "Love o: Life" fame, and son-in-law John Luce, cause not a ripple in the paunchy lumberman's well-ordered life. * * * » BUT .WHEN his wife-- Miss B e h n e 1 1-- - announ ces she's pregnant, Devine finds his world crumbling and the audience's laughter turns to guffaws. * * - * -« MISS BENNETT, who previously measured the distance-she walks and runs.- in this show.. in ; thisi-lype of theater at three miles,. gets in her roadwork early before her "pregnancy I"'*' ' ' · · ' · ' · ' ' · Devine, Miss Kane am Luce, along with Henry Hunter and Norm'a Larkin -- as the town doctor arid wife -get their share ; of exercis thereafter, .'as action filter onstage from; all directions. Ch arles Bell . doejs 'a gopt job in the role of a "-favor minded mayor. · · ' . - ', The show ; has no borin moments and is -good toni for those .who..haven't. honest ly laughed aloud^-rmayb since D e v i n e - played i "Showboat" in his first visi to the Anaheim stage. E THE MAGNOLIA THEATRE B 1 (35 Uciut Avenu* Rtwmrtio.. 432-4921 Opening Tonight!-- on Stage LYLE TALBOT · jrof-flT aiwQVi scmn ana IT · ' IN ' : "LOVE AND KISSES" with' Pat Brown "A Hilarious Family Comedy" -·LIMITED ENGAGEMENT-Make. Your Reservations Now! · CLUBS INVITED Call 432-4921 nun. and Sunday 1 P.M. · Fri. nd Sar. 1:30 P.M. · lOFF-BROflDWAY THEATRE WSySmSM ,^^^^^^f^^*m**^^^^*^^*^r^^^^^--~^^^---- ' « f i L i m b nt i*m t T Ch*khov' "UNCLE VANYA" faster heals * -· ·-·: -- . :·· . U WASHINGTON (M -- Pres- y lent .Johnson, with assists h ram Jimmy Durante and a 4- ci ear-old H a w a i i a n b o y , la auhched the 1966 Easter Seal u ampaign Wednesday. n .Durante, national chairman tl f the fund drive for the na- :pnal Society for Crippled T Children and Adults,- visited t1 phnson with Alan Nagao of · Honolulu, the 1966 Easter Seal hild. . . . TJ While Durante held the ir 'oungster, who has one arti- il icial leg as a result of the " irth defect, Johnson listened attentively as Alan sang "Old dacDonald Iiad a farm." The sunny-faced youngster lecame so · engrossed in his singing that Johnson had to remind him of the reason for heir get-together. . . . Th'e President, reaching onto lis desk, picked up a sheet of Easter Seals and said: "Are these for me? Are you going .to give these to me?" Thus. reminded, Alan made the formal ' presentation. The boy -represents some 200,001 crippled children and adults who receive medical care from the Easter. Seal society. The boy was bom withi,his right leg ending in', mid-thigh, webbing joining the fingers on his right hand, and a cleft lobe oh his right ear. He s the youngest of three children of Mr. .and Mrs, Eddy Nagao, and the only one-with a handicap. .. . · · TUP OPPflTITIINITV frir a 1 ni-« vjrr Ul\l upil 1 X .lur t business of your own is in the Classified section today. Check it now. · n n w v «-rin ·ROXY EMI i^H_l_T_i ·! in W.' OCEAN HE MWl OPEN KKIU*. , J IIG HITS PETER OTOOCH-3AHES MASON ELI WALLACH-- COLOR CHEAT "LORD JIM" S. HAY DEN-- Y. DtCARLO-- CDIir SfiKkTnf MMoVAtell Film V I N C E N T - PRTCE-- CtlH- 'TABOOS of the WORLD 1 AGE 3 TO 22 YEARS KIDS WANTED TO AUDITION FOR NEW TV SHOWS Se* Independent and Press-' Telegram Wednesday Theater Paijn or coll for Information of . . . 426-6493 the. story about the never- ending parent, teen-ager'b'at- a Christinas disc for the last Yule trade and is scheduled to do some rock and roll numbers. "Those are the ones that really sell," she says. LOS ANGELES Repertory Unlimited takes drama back its. start--with -where it got T. S. Eliot's MARYLEE KOOLISH ee Gatov, .Ellman Kpoiish, Julie Jacobsen,' 'Sarah Ca'sh- Pegi is an up-and-coming man,, Joyce Bloom, . L a r r y young Long Beach singer who Deight, J u d y Fabish, Ellie recording contract. She Doemberg, Anna Chapirson sold out . . . Compton Little Theater, 123 N. R o s e , has Take Her,- She's Mine," in rehearsal but parts are still open for a girl singer who accompanies herself on a guitar and a young man. The show will open April 22 . . . T h e Theater Arts Department of Immaculate H e a r t College, 2021 Western Aye., Lps'Ah- :The work, about a widower geles, will open "The ypy- Philip Chapirson and Frieda Feuer. * ·* * * ACTORS CIRCLE, 29 39th age" by Georges Schehade, Friday for a four-day run. » * » * ' _ . - _ "BAAL," the Brccht play currently at South Coast Repertory Co., 2815 Villa Way, Newport Beach, is doing good business, the theater reports. The p l a y requires . the largest cast in the theater group's history--some two dozen--with many company ( . Place, continues "Night of the "Love and Kisses" will play Auk," Friday a n d Saturday Sundays nights through March 26. The repertory group's next two offerings will be "The Enchanted" and "The Fantas- ticks." 'Murder in the Cathedral" to e given Friday in First Bap- ist Church, Eighth and West- SOUTHEAST Theater Guild actors taking two and three roles. Show plays at 8:30 p.m. Thursday through S u n d a y through March 20. o * *. * , ' .MARILYN ADAMS, w h o plays : the nurse in the : Off- Broadway Theater, 211 Lima Ave., production of .Chek- roduction of Lionel Bart's; ; hov's "Uncle Vanya" is mak- "Oliver" continuing at 5owney Auditorium; Third wreland, Los Angeles, with and Brookshire, Downey, fea- rederick Hoffman as Becket. he company will tour South- rn California with , a series jf 50 e n g a g e m e n t s in hurches and colleges scheduled. HAROLD NELSON stepped nto the role of Henri -in Community Pl?«hnnse's current "Holiday, for L o v e r s ' when the- originally H e n r i taken by flu. Nelson pr y i o u s 1 y peared at Com' t m u n i t y . 'Captain's Par-! __ ad.ise." He's" NELSON s t u d i e d a t UCLA and L.A. State.and las filled numerous roles for ^vmtington Park Civic Theater. tures a cou P le of SIMON SCOTT ports. They're Simon Mac- Pherson.of .Scotland, who· hac ing her Long Beach debut. Her credits include roles in 'Desire Under the Elms," 'Rain," "Desperate H o u r s " and "Riders to the Sea." Vanya" plays T h u r s d a y through Saturday nights, clos- ng April 2. . * * *' * THE CALL BOARD--Tryouts will be held at 2:3(Vp.m. Sunday at Community Playhouse, 5021 E. Anaheim St., for "Suds In Your Eye": to open in April. Dan Baurac will direct. Twenty-three c h a r- acters will be c a s t ' f o r the Jack Kirkland comedy set,in Mrs. Feeley's San Diego junk yard. , . with college and community drama groups staging one-act plays. Awards are presented j-, ole , s ham , for the best production and · jest individual performances Jolly News! Beatles to Tour U.S. Again King Gole Widow Sues Company Over Album . L O S ANGELES (DPI) ,--jutation as ' a n .'artist would be Marie Cole, widow of singer harmed by. "the album: Nat King Cole, and Capitol' 10C ° le di ^ of cancer Feb.' 15, . , , , - , , ,, 1965, at the age of 45. Records Inc. have filed a Su- S A N T A A N A COLLEGE . . . . . . · t c t holds its a n n u a l FootlightP erlor Court suit against Snt- Festival M a r c h 28-April I, ton Records Sales. Inc. and. its, head, Sales Inc. Robert Ely the, to prevent t h e m an album. from using likeness on Trxxin^w /ITDTV T LONDON (UPI)-T (MXDEM GKOVF "HUE 11 PiKIS" "CIHCIIIMTI KID" WILMINGTON IHAHADA (tmttlti Lt(ll) rE M4J1 "»T 111 nun Err 1 "SEVEN WOMII" HDIO ITfl«» (*U Still SCO TI i-itll "IMIIDE SUil E L O V C n " "KIKE nr" TOUKAHCE UIITi* AUTIIU I I I t Cm J15 "MD[ II UHl" "IKI TKOUIIE W I T K H1IRI" It Xlrili »l!a*i, FlrtlflM Ull-llrl "KM, Mil, N t D wrmO" "TEtMII OTTEI" PARAKOUIir, (4TII Pin«1, Mt 1-411! "RED HIE 7(10" "LADIHIIt il'l" (UKDOWI, 111 H, Wllillllll, Wblflli "IH««I" "1 IU»E» AMIIST '·: MIRLI" "II IBT IISTUII" "UP r«OM THE HACK" les will tour the United States; in late August and early Sep-| tember, it w a s announced Wednesday. They will perform in 14 cities, including New York, Chicago and San Francisco. "Another likely but not certain city will be Washington w h e r e the Beatles played t h e i r first U.S. concert on' Feb. 11, 1964," a spokesman said. The complaint filed charged' that Sutton produced an al-'j bum, "Nat King Cole's Golden Hits" that was of "poor quality" with a "cheap" cov-, ier. . · | The suit accused Sutton of' . ]unfair competition and al Beat 'leged t h a t Sutton acq'uiredj the film p r i n t s and sound tracks from a ]951 recording Cole made for television. The! suit' also claimed Cole's rep-! Ttwofr. Wtlfc |«* M*w Uek Op**«:lS -- HEE I ANN-MARGIE! LOUIS JOURDAH ED1E ADAMS PlK -- SBE EOWASOa . IfcgilEEH-jlOSIKSOH.-lWIiGlffi Curliin I:H P.M. OMMUN«Tr PLAYHOUSE «E t-K3l -- 5«1 E. ANAHEIM "HOLIDAY FOR LOVERS" ·THURS,, 7:45-52.05; FBI,, 8:3»--S2.50; SAT,, $2.90 *********** TWO HITCHCOCK THXIUERS 4******** ATLANTIC J I'MARNIE" and $ £30 i"" m J "THE BIRDS" " CWl !·.+******** . ART $ James SItwK) · Mmreea O'Hara "RARE BRE5D" "WHERE THE SPIES ARE" DAVID NIVEN FredWARING and The Pennsylvahian* Long Beach Honkioal Awfitorian TONIGHT AM ttrtmmtt Only! AI! Sertj Rncrrs* TWnhs ?4.M · HM · J3JO · t3.00 · J2.5» Mill Offers: Hf ·pWjr's Music Ci., 135 E. Third St., Lltf I«KN, Cllilirnii-Pione: KE 7-3781 Ticltts ik» in »lt it: AH Wallicht Music Stirts, $. Calif. Mtiic Ct.-S37 S). HIM. HdllMutiil Ajtneiei. STATE ME.KtAI.Mt. TOWNE «H*nwnicmN. 6A 2-1231 RIVOLI m IHK MUM urn OPEN NOON . All Color I Action! KIRK DOUGUS "HEROES OF TELEMARK" "BRIDGE OK.THE P1IVER KWAI" OPEN t P.M. Adult EnttrlilnnHrill All C«lor! NATALIE WOOD "INSIDE DAISf CLOVER" "HOW TO MURDER VOUR WIFE" OPEN! P.M. All Cilor! ' WAIT DISNEY'S UOIY DASHSHtlND "CIRCUS. WORLD" CHILDREN UNDER 12/frte/ S*9W STAI1S IT 6:5« T H E A T R E S All Cl tl t AEMCIl JIIIX D O U 5 U S ··Hlf.orj «F TiLtHAT.K" "InlDCE Cl THE BIV'F] KT.'ll' All Tlinr! "THE m««T" UBf II A C«IE SI,SI Pir PALO ERDI-AMD SPXINO Mill [lUftlllnwll ILL CILI1I IATALIE Will "IISIH IA1IT CLOVER" "1UKHT 11 DEW TIRK" All CILIM ' 'VIVA Lit VIIM "WHO'S Kltllll THE STIRE" 51,51 ftr 1IT TIME TOaiTtHH AVTHHEDll nmmnn ^TE 46«3S. All Cilir ( Kill PC IOUELAI "HEI9E1 CF T£LEMA«K" "lllliE 0» THE JKitt Eittililieiili KTALIE WOOI "IKIIIE IAIST CLOVEK" "U19tT IK IEW.T»"K" ·U PINE AVE. 3 SMASH HITS PHONE OPEN MS A.M. Tuemiv WMd I'LL TAKE SWEDEN" IATAL1E WOID "IllUt JAIST iLIVEl" II IIW TOIK Wllium HilMn-- LHH P*fn»r -- . - if CALLING YOUNG FOLKS MATINEE -- SATURDAY *· 3 lig Hifl * All Seals SOc * Docri Open 1 1 130 "HERCULES" "QUICK GUN" ''1,001 ARABIAN NIGHTS" ' HOB I T f l l l H "The Pawn Broker" .,.. "DARLING"

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