The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri on January 23, 1908 · Page 7
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The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune from Chillicothe, Missouri · Page 7

Chillicothe, Missouri
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 23, 1908
Page 7
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!:•-,••.. - - - ••• •-'llIlMlt * ,/h | 'J f <«the St. Louis <dob, Democrat says: h""tt»rlir M. Mothw.H. know,, Charli" UlC •""'"' ^ '' ' klall "»' a trict Court for ,| ivu , V( . ,-,,"„ ,£ wife. S UM ,, B. Mo,hu,:i, alleging desertion. " 'Oklahoma Charlie" ls p. m .<. "larly well known to ,!„ .,. arlv . day antler, of Oklahoma, beinr the pioneer newsboy of H,,- eapi IS <al col >'- attempt is being f |!,,,l.. made to break the will H'* uncle., who ,|,.-d recent K Missouri, I,,,, |, f, fll s ,„„'„, Umate nephew on, ,„ dividing a estate." " " Mtly s,,, ,,, MA( i SIMPLE PRESCRIPTION PREVENTS KIDNEY DISEASES. Mix Thi. Pr e «cription at Home as it i* Splendid for Urinary Trouble and Rheumatism. •More people succumb eacl \.ar to some form of kidney iron !'l. than any other cause'. Th, •Ablest | u ,ni of kidney derange 'i develop., j,,t,, H,join's s'-.-'se. dial,,!,, ,„ ,(,.,,,, 1 either o) ||,,,, ,!,.„,,„,. ^ revival meeting was commcn- at (itace M. K. church. South, last luesday nijfht. ()n ace ' f the sickness of ihe pastor, Key.'man M. I-'. Johnson. Kcv. Ramsey ,/ Inplclt is filling the pulpit "ihjs week. Corn is Mill being ,leliv,-red at Hal-- at jX cents a bushel. "V. is visJtj,, K wil |, ,,,., r*. Nose Jlerriford. U '" ''""• •'>''<' wife spent Sun- |w '" k J-.. Mr. Mercer, who bought !h< King farm, has taken posses H« comes ,,•,,„, \\',. s ,,. r|| "I'm of attorneys, w |, (l '"in in pro. i, dints wWchh.-|i ; ,shr«,U K l,( .obp-al. the will of his father, (lie late <„,„,.„ B. llothu.-M, at King. ton. I lie dispatch (iut: neerrs j,, ^ . injf that Mothwell j.. m j n g J,, break his uncle's will ||c u ., s the son of ( I!. li,,|hwe|], the famous stocknnn .,f \eitb-- ton, by the first Mrs. Mot| m ell. H€» takes c\ceptj<in to his father's having left a valuable farm »o the Methodist church ,,f r ,. membering |hj m , his litst bo,n|; >UIIl( son, in his will. While here Both well t,,i,| friends that he had marn'.-d an In- '' "M"'<"lcd Ihe s U ||, |. i " '">' '' seek Ihe best , u , ,], < ntion possible. ( ',,i|s|,lt V'd lust class ph\-ician. ••'i' "t medicines al.m, 1 here ai, manv ,,| t |., s - H. '"" every ,!„„,.. ' dian woman. NdRTHWE"STrMONROE. North's c!»t Monroe. Jan. 15.— Special ( orrespond,-nc«-)~ .\| r . and Mrs. W. I). Smith of Ohio • re. her. vi-jtm K their daiiRhter, Mrs. John Robinson and other *'li"h can be treated at !i.,m •>•""!',, " «vH-kiiounam-h,,i 1 "' -"lie ,,| (hes,- .„,!, .,. ),,,, •'"''"• l'-''iii m the region ,„ kidiie\s. weak bladder, fr,,),,,.,, '• "I"'* ially at "•aiding and ,.||,er urinary trot '•I' -. try the following "'"'' 'eim-dy : Huid |-\irac '"' " ""e hall ounce. Com OIK- ounce, ('.mi S.-'i-saparii!.,. t|,re simple mgndi, m •btaine, prescripti-.n phai can mis then oimd are harmless an<l can be .. I shaking w<-ll in ., bottle. Th M '"' adults is a teaspo, (l ,iu •i each meal and again .,; be, i latives Mrs. HjcU wh >een conlimd to her bed with llemiiat N m [or ill,, t... i - ,,..,„». 01, p., i ., week»•. s r< port, .! t., he no hi tier. Mr. and Mr-. |-d. Toner and Mrs. Lena I «• wen- shopping i Hreckenri'lge Tuesday. Hobert Hicks shipped a car •ad of hogs to Kansas City Wede*day, and T. R. I.e. a" car of .Hie, Wednesday. James (lark was in Kansas ty last \vr«-k with cattle. Isaac Hryand and wife time. 'III. re , d\ knowi no better general tcmr iheumatism either, b, cause u act d. upon It , le |"'tes MI ,|le kiilne til. \ am I „, Fonday evening at th«- home of wedding of Mr. illivan of Carroll count v and is« Helen K<-rris of this county w Aolemni2e,i at St. Coluniban's ttholic church Tuesday morn- ij at Hig1» MUM. I'ather \Mlis 'iriating. 'Hie attendants were iss Nellie 1-erris and Mi. W. |. Miv.m. An elegant wedding dinner \\n- ved at the home of th<- brid< 's rents. Mr. and Mr«. H. F. IVr , West of the city. I'he couple will return to Car 1 county this exciting when y will reside. PICKS FOLK*TO WIN rank I 1 . Walsh ,,| Kansas CJH. nocralic politicians and lawv • is at the Jetietson hot. < ..ueiiior I'olk will s,,( liis candidacy for || jted Stales S. nate.and will ca 'Kansas City oy,i William he by a In^ majority m || eral election, says the S tis ( dob, I lemoci at I'll.' ll^bt between the two i !»dy ^r.nxing warm and is inn even tiling els,-, with th ihle exception of Judge Wa! s crusade against the Sumla I'li'T and -.train from the b|.,o, 'lie poi-ouons uric acid ,uid wast, '"alter which if not eliminate "•mam in the hi |. ,|e,.,mpos •""I -'Hie about the joint-, an muscular tissues causing the m told Buffering and deformity rheumatism. Markache is nature'- l:fx m^' the sufferer th, kid "e.vs are not acting properly "'lake care of your kidn. y . . now the physician's advic, 't,, |,j patients. AVALON*NEWS. Avalon, Jan. Jj.--( Special Cor !es,K,ndence.)--(||, a rles Palmer «nd wife and Miss Doll,,- Heuston and Hen Mroyh-, dro\,- over from Chillicolhe Sunday. si. ( ,a,s "l'"il"llo|,aM-sol,|at fro,,,., , ., 111 '5 "'Us a poim.l. M r . Mauml- l( '' ll ' 1 - '"'"Kin the Mill,.,- store at \ \ a Ion. SAMPSEL'NEWS. J. OAK ORO"VE. " ( "'<>ve, Mo., Jan. u. ( Sp '"•respondence)—The f y , ••'"KK passing,.,. , rajn (in t| \\ abash, set fire to a . . ' ** *'»v »IVM .Monday evening and burned '••"He nek of hay belonging t < '"Ties Ilerriford. Mr. Herrifor ';'" ; " ""»»• at the time, I,,, tiwned out and 'Iher slacks. ' '• "' J"'»es deserves a Carileg, n<dal ^ hilc a number of young peo •'«• "ere skating „„ Dayton lak. s »»'lay morning. Mr. |,, m , s .„„ llil1 ( "rrespondence) ( |, a ,|, Mast an,| wile \j-jte,| al j_ ( Smith's Snndav. '•• V Hoeralh is sawing woo m ibis viciniiy. Janus l.atiniore is hauling hog lllls Week. Ulll ;'i<l l-ari re. Marie ),,!,„ """. l-vcrcft Morgan and Myr 1 Charlie I toucher 1 •Monday night. • /. Johnson shipped con """ Sampsel, Saturday. Willard l.arimorc is \itll ho m e f ( ,|k s . '''"• Party at Wilson's Thursdaj gbt u.'is well attended. All re>"it a good lime. 'Hie saw mill lllivv ,,„ , ( . wjs Mast's farm, will soon n.ov,. ,,, visiii,,, |s Mrs. C.ertrude I.e. p, r and son, Lawrence, returned i ri , m || ras ner l-'rida\. Mr. and Mrs. \. \\ . C-- IV etis of 1 • I'. Mills is on th,- sick list. U'ss I.anra Moucher was in impsej Monday. I'rotracted meeting is still be K held at .\M. ( Hive church. BED FORD "NEWS NOTES. """""I. Mo., Jan. .-I. (Spe ( orrespomlem e ) '(he Ke\ lone Comedy Co. closed a le U " lljl »-' "'^Kemenl lure \\ ,, -<li'> night and left for \\ h,., I Mrs. (ieorg-c Alexander enter ; in hoiio were skali,, R '' "'he,, they si nick an ai A "' 1 '' i "" 1 l "" 1 ' went Jn. Here Mr l' r "»'«-'l himself a hen, by .e^irl up oitl of || u . wa " rr '""i 1 Assistance arrived j-'or- lak e was not dee h"" i i.nii.i* EDIS... PHONOGHAPH VICTOR No use to send in the Hennett. )''•• "'"' Mrs. J. ,.. Krook^ Stm- a. Mrs. Johnny Hoyt visitt-d Mrs. >lln "".vl, Sr., \Vedti.-sdav \V.II Dowell delivered hogs j n ale Saturday. es , s visiti , Mrs. M. j. McKerrovv '""' l ''»-v escaped with nothing 'i'>re than a ducking. ''lie ' hillicothc llcdford Tele- l>1 "" lr ( "" llt ' I< ' a meeting at the f.sidence of |' ;U Slattery. Mo,,lay evening. Miss Jennie Waugh of Oklaho "a, is s|)ending the week with her "iisin, Miss Coldie dates. Man Israel arrived home from \ansas last Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Pound of ••adville spent Sunday with Mr. "'I Mrs. Charles Herrifonl. 1 ,,,,„ ..successlul • S^ope ami wife of Wheel UT "' t>f »''h«Kil at the IHack school Sunday at M.l'.l lead's.! "" lth '" f ^"''"Rhill. Slewait, Sunday. •Misses Margan-t Childs an< fa\me Smith of Chillicolhe ,y lT , "est.of Mi S s I'.SM,. Israel. Sim av. 'is week. Miss Carrie Hoyt called ull "* Adda an.l Ida IVrry Sunday aflernonn. M- J. McKerrow is sawing wood in this vicinity. MT. OLIVE NEWS. Ml. Olive, (Jan. Jr.—(Si,,,,...,. < : "n;e.spondence.)—Juanitta, "Jh" l'«lle daughter of M r . and Mrs Albert Haines, has been very sick. Miss Fmihe Allen has return- e'lhome after closing asuccessful. mm wmm DATE NAMED BY COUNCIL LAST NIGHT. The V«riout Voting Alto Designated at Mettiag Held Monday Night At a special meeting of the citr council held Tuesday eYe that body named Tuesday, •nary 2 S th, as the day for the dec- ion to test the sense of the voter* 'f Chillicothe in regard to the • cal option nuestion. Following are the places d«s- Mr,, Mr-. Henry Cr avens of Chilli- t«ii»fd Saturday her daughters, Misses Man, :"id Mary. Th plasantly spent evening was in music am Barnes. A delicious luncheon was s< rv,,| by the hostess. 1 lie Kcv. X'cighbors (Hied hi-. M'l"'ititmenl Sunday morning | Mlt eturned to Ceiitenai y Sunday. Baiter H. Smith is i-,,iidnrlin K Here (he !;ti'-sf '. Sun. ,,f \|,- ter. (iovcrnor I',ilk has ||, lute backing of no newnpape ansas <,'ity. The Kansas City is lukewarm since Police mi(»si»»ner K'o/ellc xvas fired I'osTis out for Hill Stone." I*. Akcrs oi Jackson town- is advertising a public sale f held Wednesday, Jan. ay. Akers and family will move klahoma. u MI \ l.0}.;e cr..\\,| ,,f \,,ini" t,, ,„ *"K | 'I Irom here attended th.- |...\ s|| I" ' ;<l ' "-n-ii Saturday m k -| I \-i\ ,,ne reported a jolly tnm 1 mtoii Saturday nndi: "i !,,,n '< In- twenlieth birth,j.u 1 a\ .rue Kerns is , ,, !n ,. •ter .1 s, \ el'e attack , ,f ci.. Miss I aura Miller i- , here room with la -up],.. Frnesi i.iabam oi Hal. >itnr,la\ . \ cuing in io v \ (l A number from h, ,, ..; lairv l',a\ milhi \ s. , .,. , ''on.lav \\ ill Kein and u u, . ;„ • •'V \\ilb l-'iank l'.ainh.,r Miss Keti ! 11 r room this week elass here. .\h. Smith iad a class here twenty years K' '• •orge Kickcrson of Sheridan \.voming, who has been visit-' «»K I'ts sister. Mrs. AM,.,,, return- eil home \\edncsday. SAMPSElTROUTE a. • .llnpsel, Route _• (,,„ _,, • Special C'orrespondence). C; *m Hills is sj.-k with piicumon "'s -laughter, (ierlrnde, return """ Kansas ( lt> |. |l( | ;iv ,,, , ; , '•ne of him. Mi. and M,s. Morgan rein,-,., '"'Ill I'alloilslinr.r I.',-,,(.,.. I M III \ l 'the week at tin- home Vv illiam Coherlv. Mrs. O. Y. 1.air and Mrs. Adam Mill<T of Chillicothe visited at the '"'Hie of John Slewat. Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. (ieorge Veomans spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs, John Ycomans. Mat McMride ami Miss Dora Murray called on Miss J,,|ja Johnson, Sunday. Miss Mate visited Chilli '"the relatives, last week. Miss Lucy Fit/patrick spent Saturday night with Mj ss Kate ^lattery. 1'iospcrous ranchman of ()kla- '""'la, was visiting relatives here this Week. "i«l. January 15. at the resi- l| »«•••• "I Robert \\illianis, Jose- Irene, the -ix months old M r . Mrs •Miss Clarice Could came home from Mearhille Sunday, where she was the "(ioddesss of Liberty" i" the play Saturday night, given l>) the members of the M. E. hran. Interment was madi riiursdav morninjr i,, ln ,. reim t,-i v. Miss Minnie Starkey entertained a number of friends Sunday at home of her sister, Mrs. Chas. Ml ,1. 'int of in tow n, i.'klless. Willie Riechart \ nnday evening. MRS. WM.!MITH DEAD. Widow of Former Well Known Resident of Grand River Township Pawed Away at Hale. Hale, Mo.. Jan. a.— (Special om>pondence)—Mrs. .William K'eece « iibson is yer\ ill tt.ick oi pneumonia. Miss I.ida Miller returned i '•< i home in • iallatin. Miss lieilie I'at , \| ;lr j,. j,,,,, ii and Messrs. lv\ere|| Moig.,, ill.od and llarr lollllson \vere gnesls of " •uclier. Monday evening, •Mrs. Flj/aheih |:,,,icher is ,on l'"ed to her bed with an ana, I "» la grippe. NEWS FROM NORVILLE. Norxille. Jan. Ji. (Special Cor lespondenc,.)- 'Ibe Walters bro Ihers are loading a car with corn Mrs. liilmuu Jones, who has been sick for some time, is now petting aloiiR nicely. Mr. Clay McVey is here visit ing his brother John for a few days. The Hcrriford Urothcrs are Theodore Israel gave a party •aturday evening in honor of his ' s « birthday. An orchestr;. ^"inposcd ,.f Homer Israel violin M. IMoyd Snnimervdle. mandolin '"I Miss I.ucy iMt/patrickat the 'Kan, furnished s,,nie excellent nusic tbroug-hont the evening. ' •freshlllenls were served at late l'"'ir and the K ,,,. st . n . lnill ..,| ,,, their homes after wishing their I"'si many happy re,urns. Those |-rese|||; Misses Alma Summer . \.ile >latter\ ,|i rtha kaxloi. -Mayme Smilh. Maggie Ch"j|,|s. K'uby Coberly. | K'atili Hie rivival m.-etinjfs at M|t. '•live are still in prr, S ress. Re V . <arl Davis is heinjj assisted hy '•is brother. Rev. Mail Davis, of WHEE~UNG~rrElf~S. \M'eeli.,g, Jan. ^i.—(Special Church. Miss Roberta Meat and L<n» Xagle of Chillicothe visited with friends here Friday night. Miss Nina Collins of Linn«ii» » the guest of W. K. Beat and wife. Mrs. T. P. Snyder was in Chit- licothe Friday. Miss Harriet (Hawker spent Saturday and Sunday with horn* folks. Mrs. A. F. Carter and son, Rna- I. of Chillicothe visited W. E. Heat and wife last week. s of Chillicothe Im i" < "belly, Maggie Slatle, y iat.-s. Ft'lie I'in-, 11, (irac, Wall'ers. l.uc |.'it/p {k |riek. Jl .-, i I'.ale, Itessie Israel, l.nln I'.at, Messrs. Theodore Israel, (I. I ). Jin, Slew-art. Karl |s,ael. 'harhe Stewart. l-'r:,nk Hill. Vale •sier. Itavler Kent, \\ j|| \\ .,,,., nal>er. Cleve |<jssiek, John Ho 'en. Flo\d Summ.-rvill, , |olm. rank and Mike Slaltcn, '|, sse '»'•'. Homer Israel, Howard "iith. John Israel. Jonas \\ ; ,|. rs. Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Israel. FAIRVIEW* ITEMS. Fairview, Jan. j|. orresjMHidence)- Will (.; o ir a ,,d "lily spent Tuesday in Avalon ie gue.sls of Mr. and Mrs. Chas •I.. Miss (Jracc IToyt spent Tut-say night with Mr. and Mrs Jno ens left l-'riday for a week's visit with relatives in Hates county M's. R. A. Ward ot Chula was _"'«• K'tiest of A. Hawker and family Saturday and Sunday. l>r. and Mrs. W. A. Swope vis- it<M| "• '•'• "ead and family Simla v. Clifton Ridings ,,f Hamilton •MIS here last week in the iiitcn "i 'If- Masonic lodge. Miss Maude Hyler went I'-ncklin Sanrday for a few day visit with friends. Homer Warren transacted bu mess iii Chillicothe Friday. l.onis Could of Chillicothe wa th'- KIM-SI of his parents Tuesday Judge Re.-yes of Illinois is her looking after his real estate ii terests. .1 Fell ,,f near ('hillieothe vis ''"' 'I' !'•• Hendrix and wife las iVcek. I rank Warmi of Oklahoma ny was heiv last week transact iik' business. John Harvey of Meadville was I . Ishmael. ,.._. __ AOMI.MHTIMTOB-8 NOTICB- -Nolle. 1. h *n»by given, thai of AdBilBtotat on raa on of /l>. Waltt-r .Williams. in (own Wednesday. W. 1C. Heat and wife entertained a number of young folks at their beautiful country home Friday nijfht. The M. K. Church will be dedi oyt. I he M. E. Chur Mr. and Mrs. Barnhart visited catal February 9. foi B —»»»«i»nfc 9«JU f*0tfl •iu.-Ht«u to «xhlbli th«m for I" th» Administrator within on* nrtfr the date of Kald letter* or n.ay lm pi-ooludeil from »ny of Kald HHttte. and If HUC not «-xhlbnpd within two inn datn of iliin pubHi be forever barred, Thlii of .iHiiuai-y, (90S LUTHER WILLIAM8. , . . AmlnlHtrator. Innertlon Jan. 3 v <t. SCHOOL REPORT. The ^ following is a report of < >ak (.rove hchooUty the month ;; female Average daily attendance jn Knrollment, Total . Total number of day*' attend- nice by all pupils f ar thf m0llth Ntimber attending every day & The following pupita were in §*. endance every day: Mary Gate., 'ictor O»borne, Wm. ami Scott Vorbcck, Cora and Mina WUh alph Winans and Norman Y an«. Respectfully, E. B. Cunip,

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