Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania on May 2, 1930 · Page 19
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Altoona Mirror from Altoona, Pennsylvania · Page 19

Altoona, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, May 2, 1930
Page 19
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IWAR BATTLE „„, lwMi, May ft. — * he twllA—clty of Peshawar. At r «as*—was outwardly «at«n way, but 60 filled with suspicion, JIB* ana revbluttonary rtutwnngs it Itt <|ulei merely emphasize* the danger of renewed rioting, fighting of last week has not forgotten either by the troops 'ng the streets or by the natives , ^.v,. t city which narrowly escaped an i?wiy Of Woodshed and sabotage. sfj vfhe city was especially tense In view gfk'df «WS cal> issued by native leaders for i hartal (a cessation of work similar U»" a Strike) to start tomorrow in j Memory Of the persons killed In the lighting. . "* fhe Bresence of strong guards, how- *Msf, W48 believed likely to diminish tfte dattger of agitation for serious up- ttWngs. *he correspondent, who arrived here from Rawlpindl, found many talkative hitlve leaders circulating among the crowds In the streets and around the bazaars, but the.natives were not re- ftpondlng wholeheartedly to the efforts Of agitators. Many of them refused to talk of the rioting and paid little attention to a small stone memorial erected In a central space to commemorate the deaths of April 23. Two native congressmen stood proudlly on guard over the memorial. The first description of the fighting except for brief government dispatches was given the United Press correspondent by half a dozen sources. All agreed that an ever-increasing crowd paraded the city until stopped by police. olice.P however, were few and the crowd threatened when leaders were arrested. Military and civil headquarters ordered armored cars and the crowd surrounded one of the cars, knocking down and'killing a dispatch rider. The bazaar became riotous. . A native crawled under the armored car and severed Its gasoline pipe. The oil was Ignited and the man shot down. His death Increased excitement. Arrival of the military halted the rioting after about six hours. ...... Stories plainly showed that many of the demonstrators did not know Why they were fighting, or the significance of the movement. Peshawar natives have never been politically minded but usually ready to join in a flghti A small party of congress supporters, mostly Hindus, took the lead in accusing authorities of dealing brutally with the mob, but there were many natives and others quick to praise restraint of the soldiers and the tactfulness of police. STREAM SURVEY WORK WILL BE CONTINUED HARRISBURG. May 2.—It was an- 'ndunced today by the Pennsylvania state health department that plans are now under way** 0 " resuming the activ- ^tjes of th» s>< v el°P-urvey corps of the fo,nitar/"^ s ^* as mu c to determine the J*aV'(liU" 1 P ro vements aatershed of the It •'•Rukden's plans t;rn part of the group of -French instrhe first sources visers go through, thertc is being 'con- thing of an internatione length of in China. The aviatilic water sup- Nanking are dependenf-ecreatlonal ac- American and Germaively extended. American air nfail pilohplete worlt on out many ChinemS pil on the Clarion Shansi air school, at Tit., cold, weather structed by CgBnnaiX'ifiH. ••• On the com-; -<rofTt"'m that section the f.KtA move to northeastern Penn- .».\ania to make a foot-traverse of ' "the upper tributaries of the Delaware river for the purpose of protecting the great recreational area located in that part of the' commonwealth. The work jrlll be continuous throughout the summer months. LIBERAL TRADE-IN i ALLOWANCE : On This New -1930- Model 93 MAJESTIC RADIO Mode] 83 illustrated $ I46 •OO Lens lubes Sold Udiuplete with Majestic Hatched tube*. (167.50 Here'f an opportunity for you to dispose of that old Radio regardless of make or size. J. E. SPENCE Electric Store 4310 13th Ave. Phone 4191 at Wurld'« Leading uud iftuilu» bvtucvu 2 If. 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