Independent from Long Beach, California on March 10, 1966 · Page 23
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Independent from Long Beach, California · Page 23

Long Beach, California
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 10, 1966
Page 23
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PROTESTING, DELAYED-ACTION STYLE While somi .groups :' protest the Viet: Nam war, . '?;'. . V , ' .' . - ·· , "··'·"' · ,the nuclear bomb and traffic conditions, the Pro- vcrastinators Club of America Wednesday demon- ' ··; --AF wmphoto strated in Philadelphia. Picketing, of all things, the War of 1812. One of the demonstrators said many thjngs ^^ be much ^^ put off for later, "such as war." Ask. Fund !£Vi . : . , . I. :· · %· Slate Office Site ... I. P-T Stall Bureau S A C R A M E N T O -An amendment budgeting $150, 000 next fiscal year to purchase ; a state · office 1 building site in Long Beach has been introduced by Assemblyman ceived assurances of support from top-level Brown administration ' spokesmen. Penn Statibn Is Being; Wrecked -'.' ·.·'. ·:"'· . .· · ·'·'' ' C? . With a Grand Lot of Commotion By HENRIETTA LEITH NEW YORK CW--Old railroad stations never die, they just fade away--usually into railroad museums. But probably no old railroad station ever took longer to fade away than the grand old Joseph M. Kennick, D^Long pile known' as Penn Station. Beach. . . · · , . . · . · - . Kennick said he has re And seldom, if ever,, has a structure gone down with so many souvenir hunters at the heels of the demolition crews, For over two years now, Previously, the state Gen-jPennsylvania Station has been Services Department; coming down and a new Mad- jhia, · eventually to be installed in the park. » * t t S T I L L ANOTHER was given to Cooper Union College in Manhattan. '.-A. "burial estate" in Rockville,: Md.," aiked. for. 13 of the (Columns' and, eagles (onf for.'original col onies) to b'e J set, up as the backdrop for an -annual festival, and, historical drama celebrating the sig'ning of the Declaration of Independence A Long Island doctor wants four, of. the eagles for four wanted hanging lamps an Brackets, an advertising exe utive asked for "a small wai ing room bench, a marble ser. tion of the information booi . any decorative section masonry." A Brooklyn lady .would lik a piece of stone relief scul lure up to 100 pounds, but i: dicated she'could be satisfii with almost anything th would remind her of Pen Station. One writer wanted decora tions for a basement hobl room with "a railroad motii j h a d h ' t intended to ask forjison Square Garden Center- ernpty.-.bases in his °».rden-A Connecticut builder offere .Long Beach-purchase funds the :fourth "Garden" in tne empty, because vandals stole to take off the railroad , u n t i , ]aten |Cit . s history _ has b een ris:' 4 " 6 statues off ^ ° ases - | land ^. a11 the ! TM" S Z" S ll ., ,. " ..- , · · ,, · · · · » * · . « . - . ,, ng fixtures ' l i g h t poles, a At one- time, the targeting. _ _ nTHFP Rpn it FS TS have exlerior concrete corni work, all interior wroug date was mund G. 1970-71. Gov. Ed- Brown's current submission. The preserve.the memory--frpm s is expected to ticket stamp to a s'toh'e eagli budget set a tentative acquisition date of 1967-68. , * * * * THE KENNICK b u d g e t augmentation, submitted to 5 the Assembly w a y s and i means subcommittee, ; taken under subcommittee pass on it next week. Kennick predicted the pro posal will win legislative ap : proval. He said the : -site-acqui : sition fund also will cover preliminary planning. : . Kennick, noting that Long j Beach is California's fifth largest city, declared: "Much, much 'State office space is leased in Long Beach." These offices presumably would be transfered into the new central-state office b u i l d i n g when it is built. * * * THE LONG BEACH .legislator said he anticipates cort- struction will begin sometime within the next two years.-' Long Beach, with a population of 372,600, is the largest municipality in C a l i f b.'rh.i a without a central-state office building. The present state tentative schedule calls for erecting a MEANWHILE^ the letters poiir in, from-railroading associations, museums, Individuals, all asking for a memento of Penn Station before it vanishes completely. The souvenir, hunters are hot after anything that would from : an artures" $2.75 million I.nng Beach building in 1969-70, though Long Beach lawmakers are likely to push for an earlie construction start. YOU'RE SO RIGHT, when you turn to Classified Adver tising to sell appliances. Dia HE 2-5959 now to start you 8d. a _ e, 'arrivals and' de- blackboard to OTHER REQUESTS leen more modest. A lady on Long Island iron work. Flexibility Sought in Latin Aid RIO DE JANEIRO MR-- razil plans to push for great' flexibility in Alliance for regress financing at the m- ual meeting of the Inter merlcan Economic end Seal Council in Buenos Aires ter this month. Brazil's proposals include Imination of the require- ents that U.S. aid funds be pent in the United States nd that at least half of U.S. nanced goods be shipped in merican-flag ships. Planning Minister Roberto !ampos, architect of Brazil's conomic stabilization pro ram, will head the Brazilian elegation. t t t t BRAZILIAN sources doubt he United States will sup tort the first proposal but lope for acceptance of the econd. "With the war in Viet Nam mtting the squeeze on U.S. hipping, there just aren't nough ships to go around," me official said. American-flag ships are also more expensive. By permitting a large share of aid cargoes to be carried in foreign bottoms its ultimate cost would be reduced, the Brazil ans argue. Delegation sources say that while they .don't expect.the United States to permit complete flexibility in the spend- ng of-its foreign aid, it may at least allow part of it to be spent within Latin--America. F a s t e r disbursement -of authorized loans is also advocated. A report says . that more than $2 billion in auth orized.-Alliance for Progress loans have not yet been spent. SMC*, uiit, Tiwn., w.r. i* w« INDEPENDENT--Pag« A-25 ALL STORES OPEN EVERY NIGHT MON THRU SAT enneuf WAYS FIRST OUAUTY ** ALWAYS FIRST QUALITY M · * A telephone company executive asked for "a ragged floor plan, a piece of brass, or even some aged document." He wanted 'it, he explained, for - an octogenarian friend who as a young engineer had worked on the station. AIL STORES OPEN EVERY NIGHT MON THRU SAT whole gate. And some of them ·criow'exactly which.gate they want; ·But ithei ra'ilroad hasn't aced iip-yet--though it musl oon--to'the'job of deciding who will get what, how they will get it, and where they'l ind it. The only thing the PRR is sure of at the moment is tha f they want it, they can have t for nothing, but they'll hav :o pay for moving it. * * * * AND IN THE case .'of a 5,00'0-pound eagle'with a six- 'oot wing spread, or one of those huge metal gates that once opened to let the streams of passengers pour down onto the platforms, paying for moving it could turn out to be a major financial transaction. Most of the eagles, which once perched atop the massive columns, already have been allocated. One sits atop the Hicksville Station of the Long Island Railroad, because a community group and the LIRR got together and pushed f o r i t . . - . · · · ' - . Four others , are in t h e j hands of the Fairmpunt Park Art Association in Philadel- PLEASE RETURN THEM TO PEHHETS We are interested in your needs 1017 Obispo Ave. SEneva 8-5008 "With a Real Home Atmosphere" As:carefully as Penney checks quality in all merchandise, in this particular case these radios do not measure up to our rigid quality control standards. . These sets also passed the normal industry tests, Now we find a technical problem which might resder the product unsafe in a limited number of situations. The problem has been completely corrected »i the factory.and all the radios now meet our high Penncrest standards for quality and value. BUT...we're concerned about these 4 models which have been sold to date, H yo* tart MM ·! tto tow Modal Mnbtn sUwi dbtn, slop ·siH Hw radio «nd rotvrn it to Putty's nd wo «fl ozchufi it for · MW corretttd modtl. (yooll lind Iko nodol Mnrimr OB HM If you can't come to the store, please phone us and we'll make oth*ramm(em*nts to exchange your radio. We're jealous about our reputation of "Always First Quality". We want to kwp it thatway! . AT YOUR NEAREST RENNEY'S 1UENA PAUK LON6 IEACH COMPTON LOS ALTOS POWNIY TORRANCI mm MARCH 10TM THRU 12TM ONLY PENNCREST APPLIANCES REDUCED! full 1-year over-the-counter- replacement guarantee! Penney's will replace any Penncrest appliance within one year of purchase dote, free of charge, If it proves to be defective as to material or workmanship. Return the defective appliance to us. You'll receive a new one. This guarantee does not ' apply to damage from accident, misuse or abuse, Hp^/ur^r^*! Nl "rC^irr---_ * CAN-OPENER, KNIFE SHARPENER r*«. 16.88, · jm QO v- "«w J£l^^ ' V ' U U, cncN'yt) itl Fully automatic. Removes lid; sharpens knivei. In white, yellow, turquoise, sandalwood, Save now! SPRAY, STEAM, DRY IRON BUY e.g. 10.44, No jpill, no iplash...iproy at any Itm- perature. Uses tap wattr.vjhurnb con* trolj 17 steam vents. 1 '- 10-CUP ELECTRIC PERCOLATOR 99 chargt) I . :uT \'. · vlrl. HANDY 4-SL1CE TOASTER IA I ^m charge iH Stainless steel means delicious coffee Toasts up to 4 slices at a time, 'Stlec- and easy carel Automatic. Brew-view tronic 1 . ..light or dork shade. Removable handle, no-drip spout. crumb tray. Valuel TEFLON'-COATED DELUXE SKILLET r.g. 19.22, · *r QQ now · f\*' I ^»y charge iti Roasts, fries, bakes, broils, braisesl Thermo control, pilot light. Jmmersible-- remove control. Compare! AT At- 1- OF THBaC CORDLESS ELECTRIC SLICING KNIFE 19" reg. 21.88, now No D*w $5 ·BUENA PARK · COMPTON · DOWNEY Twin hollow-ground stainl«« ste«l blade i do the work. Safety on-off iwitch. 5 rechargeable batteries, / STOlRBBl · LOS ALTOS · NORWALK · TORRANCE · GARDEN GROVE c LONG BEACH

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